Myriam van Nazareth

Revelation by the Mistress of all souls to Myriam, April 8, 2019:

"To every human soul I say this: Let your heart take root in My Heart so deeply that the tree growing from this root can get so tall that you cannot ever again overlook it in the garden of your soul. Then you will remain merged with Me every single moment of your life, get to be motivated by the sight of My blossoms, to eat My fruits, allow its luscious foliage to provide you shelter against the showers and storms from the world, and be reminded constantly of Me, My dispositions and My desires through the scent emanating from the tree, which will immerse your whole garden in the atmosphere of the Heavens themselves.

How is a soul to let her hart take root deeply in My Heart? By longing, every single moment of her life, exclusively for unity with Me and for an impeccable following of My inner dispositions, which have got the potential to guide her to the Heart of the Christ in the most infallible way. It is these longings which bring about the perfect and lasting merger between the soul’s heart and My soil, and which turn the garden of the soul into a parcel of land in God’s Kingdom on earth. Yes, the soul’s craving to achieve a merger with Me and My dispositions is a golden key with which the soul will be able to open up the effects of Christ’s Works of Redemption within her, and to fully accomplish the purpose for which God has sent her into the world. This turns the soul into a mirror that helps reflect God’s Light through creation and has got the potential to help render much darkness ineffective.

I give you these words today, in the run-up to the days of the great Passion, because they may help the souls wake up to their vocation to follow Jesus, including the loving embrace of the crosses of life, in order that God’s Law of true Love may be fulfilled".

Right at the bottom the underlying teaching is followed by a Revelation given by the Mistress of all souls to Myriam on July 16, 2020, concerning the depth of the formula of total surrender Totus Tuus, Maria.

When in 1997 the Queen of Heaven called Her Myriam to lead a life at Her service She immediately expressed Her request that Myriam should surrender herself and even the minutest details of her journey through life to Her so as to lead a life in accordance with the principle She had allowed the world to know as early as the 18th century, through Saint Grignion de Montfort: Totus Tuus ego sum, Maria, et omnia mea Tua sunt (I am all Yours, Mary, and all that is mine, is Yours).

As of the first moment when She called Myriam the Holy Virgin made it clear She wanted Myriam to practice an absolutely stainless surrender and self-denial so as to be able to accomplish the extraordinary Plan She had with Myriam through the purest possible merger from Heart to heart. As the indispensable condition for this Plan to be fruitful She pinpointed the necessity that Myriam should deny herself completely and make herself so little in every possible respect that She – the Holy Virgin – would be able to take up all the room in Myriam’s being and in every detail of Myriam’s life. Thus the basic law governing the relationship between Myriam and Mary was established: It was to be a relationship between a servant and a Mistress who would henceforth direct every detail of Her servant’s life, all of her actions, thoughts, feelings and wishes.

Ever since Myriam has been expected to live a very strict Totus Tuus principle. By the condition She set as to the way Myriam was to live her vocation the Holy Virgin made it perfectly clear how She would actually want every human soul to act towards Her, as only this type of relationship is able to guarantee the greatest fruitfulness of a human soul at the service of God’s Works and Plans. Man’s free will is inevitably defiled by the constant influences from worldly life and the imperfection of a human soul’s wisdom. The Holy Virgin was given to the human souls as a Golden Bridge across which Divine Light can be guided into the soul in the most efficient way possible. For this Bridge not to defeat its purpose the soul must make herself as little as possible and must learn to blindly, whole-heartedly and trustingly accept the Bridge as the Mistress of her inner life. Besides, this is exactly the disposition which makes Mary’s capacity as the Mistress of all souls yield its full effect.

The Holy Virgin was called upon by God to play an everlasting role as the Commander of the battle waged by Divine Light against the darkness. The primary mission in every human soul’s life is to dedicate herself for the entire duration of her life as a tool enabling God to accomplish His Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation. This is why the total, unconditional and life-long surrender of every soul in every detail of her life and on every inch of her path through life is the only logical way for her to really fulfil her mission as a tool for the completion of God’s Works.

The soul’s surrender to the Holy Virgin begins with an act of consecration. True consecration to Mary is a sacred covenant by virtue of which the human soul solemnly declares towards Mary her desire to be Mary’s possession with all her life and her entire being. If this declaration is sincerely practiced in all concrete situations of everyday life there actually is total, unconditional and life-long consecration to Mary and the soul is in the deepest possible sense Mary’s possession. The Holy Virgin is then her Heavenly Mistress, the Channel through which all of the soul’s works, trials and inner dispositions are offered to God for the preparation of graces of Light for the battle against all darkness in the world and for the establishment of God’s Kingdom of Love and Peace on earth.

The crucified Jesus Himself gave the Holy Virgin to the souls and the souls to the Holy Virgin. Thus Mary was given the unique role of being a Bridge between God and the souls. The Sufferings, Death and Resurrection of the Christ were intended to be the key by means of which each human soul who would completely merge her free will with the Will of God would be able to open up the gates of Heaven for herself. The Passion of Jesus has not infused Redemption into each soul as an acquired right, for God does not impose anything. A soul must of her own free will open up Redemption within herself. The Heavenly Queen depicted this by referring to Jesus’ Works of Redemption as seeds which must be watered actively by each individual soul in order for them to germinate. In another image She referred to Jesus’ Works of Redemption as the key to Eternal Bliss, which must be turned actively, intentionally and voluntarily by each human soul if the latter is to actually enter into Heaven. This is why the Holy Virgin rightfully said She was called upon to be a Heavenly Guide helping to open up the Christ’s Works of Redemption in every soul who was going to surrender completely to Her guidance and would be willing to actively and voluntarily collaborate with this Guidance. If a soul actually collaborates with full commitment there is a regular Totus Tuus consecration and both following things are met to the fullest:

  • the soul’s mission in life (her actual vocation) as a tool for the accomplishment of God’s Works and His Plan of Salvation;
  • Jesus’ desire that each soul should sincerely consider Mary to be her Mother, and thereby to be her Heavenly Guard and Guide or Leader.

Having regard to the fact Mary was destined by God to be the Commander of the Hosts of the Light in the constant battle against the darkness the soul who enters into the sacred covenant of total, unconditional and life-long consecration to Mary and who lives this covenant her whole life long in the strictest possible way in all situations of everyday life thereby solemnly pledges to accept and unconditionally serve Mary as her Mistress to whom she belongs for the entire duration of her life and without any restraint. Only within the framework of such total surrender (Totus Tuus, Maria) will the human soul in the most profound sense of the word be ready for the life-long service at the front in the war against the darkness. Consecration to Mary according to the Totus Tuus principle is a life of active, intentional and voluntary battle against the darkness, both in the soul’s own life and in the world at large.

The Holy Virgin once said to Myriam that the soul may picture her initial act of consecration as opening the temple of the soul to Mary. In the middle of the temple there is a throne, which will more often than not be occupied by the soul herself with the intention of directing her own life according to her own views, desires and expectations. When pronouncing the initial act of consecration the soul opens up her temple doors, allows Mary to enter, and allows Her to stroll towards the throne. As soon as the soul demonstrates her sincere surrender Mary will actually mount the throne in her temple and become the inner celestial Guide who is going to proclaim God’s Law in the soul as the basic guideline for all days to come.

To the extent to which the soul actually surrenders to Mary in all aspects of everyday life Mary becomes the true Mistress of her inner life. In this disposition of the heart the soul actually lives the Totus Tuus principle. Her free will is not violated, nor will it ever be forced into a different direction by Mary: The soul begins to long spontaneously to do, say, think, feel and aspire for nothing but the things that are likely to serve Mary, whom she now regards and perceives as her Mistress, in the accomplishment of Her most sublime vocation, which is to result in nothing short of the final victory of the Light over the darkness.

This final victory is what we know to be the hour in which The Woman (Mary) is going to crush the serpent’s head. The Woman with Her foot on the serpent symbolizes the complete victory of the Light over all works of darkness. This final victory is known also as the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and will ring in the actual and final establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. According to God’s Law the Holy Virgin is to reap this final victory through open and voluntary professions by souls who put their entire lives at Her service with a view to defeating the darkness through Totus Tuus consecration to Her. To that end Mary must have full and unrestrained disposition of the souls consecrated to Her, including all experiences of their lives, in order that She might be able to unite all this with the Christ’s Redemptive Works by virtue of Her absolutely perfect Love.

In the Totus Tuus consecration to Mary the soul accomplishes to the fullest extent the biblical word by the apostle Saint Paul who wrote the soul is called upon to 'complete that which is lacking in the Sufferings of Christ'. The only thing 'lacking' in these Sufferings is turning the key or watering the seeds. Thus God provided it to be: The human soul should openly show her intention to partake voluntarily in the victory of the Light over the darkness and therefore in the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. If the soul who is consecrated to Mary unrestrainedly and unconditionally offers every detail of her life, all events, situations, contacts with fellow creatures, all her trials and crosses and all her inner dispositions and reactions to the experiences she gathers during her journey through life, and she does so in the most humble disposition of consecration, clothed in sincere acceptance and self-denying Love and in a sincere longing to make a truly fruitful contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation she is in the deepest sense of the word a soldier in the Hosts of the Light and she is going to partake in the fruits from the holy war against the darkness.

This is the principle in all its simplicity and yet in its extraordinary Heavenly power: The earthly servant lives every detail of her life in the most intensive way in the closest unity of her inner life with her Heavenly Mistress, who, by virtue of this intensive and voluntary merger, will be able to actively offer all these experiences towards the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation.

Ever since the Holy Virgin called Her Myriam to a life at Her exclusive service She has been requesting Myriam to provide every writing She would inspire within the framework of Her very comprehensive teachings with the holy heading TOTUS TUUS, MARIA! As early as in the springtime of 1997 the Mistress of all souls explained the motive for Her request as follows:

  • Through this heading Myriam would make a repetitive statement of total surrender to Mary;
  • This heading would be nothing short of the signature the Heavenly Queen Herself would provide the writing with as a token denoting the fact the writing is not Myriam’s property but the property of Mary Herself, and that it has originated directly in Her Heart;
  • The heading would serve as a sealing of the text by the Author Herself (i.e. the Holy Virgin), and therefore as a Heavenly blessing for a greater fruitfulness to be yielded by the text in God’s Time, in the places destined by God and in the souls who would unrestrainedly open up to the graces contained in the text;
  • This heading would bear witness to the works The Woman is leaving to the souls through every single text, in preparation of the souls for their complete surrender within the framework of a holy contribution to The Woman’s Triumph and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, in order that the effects of the Works wrought by the Christ might be opened up in as many souls as possible.

During the Christmas Octave of 2018 the Mistress of all souls gave the following Revelation to Myriam as to the use of the Totus Tuus Maria profession:

"In truth I tell you how powerful a weapon is contained in the profession 'Totus Tuus, Maria!'. Whenever a soul pronounces or writes this profession with a heart testifying of a sincere submission, desire for rendering service and true Love towards Me and all My capacities the following things take place simultaneously:

  • This soul prostrates herself at My feet straight from her heart and thereby prepares a flash of lightning splitting clouds of darkness;
  • In so doing she joins the angelic hosts at My feet and brings glory to the greatest Wonder wrought by the creating, redeeming and sanctifying God;
  • She glorifies My power over her and over the implementation of the Works of the Light in these last Times;
  • She professes Me as the One chosen by God to open up the effects of His Plan of Salvation in each soul who opens up to receiving these effects voluntarily and collaborates with them voluntarily, intentionally and actively;
  • She humiliates the demons and helps weaken the effects of their works. To the following of Satan the profession 'Totus Tuus, Maria!', spoken or written from a sincere heart, is an intense torture and will somewhere in this world weaken the harmful or devastating effects of one or more works of darkness.

Let me tell you herewith that the devastating power developed by the darkness in this world is made possible partly by the poor extent to which souls surrender themselves totally to Me. I am the last link provided by God Himself to complete the chain which is to suffocate the works of the darkness in these Last Times. It is my vocation, in my capacity as the souls’ Heavenly Mistress, to help open up souls who surrender to Me totally, unconditionally and for the entire duration of their lives, to the highest possible sanctity and fruitfulness for God’s Works. In the full, unconditional and actually practiced surrender to Me as the Mistress of the Heavenly Hosts lies the absolute crowning of the Christ’s Works of Redemption. 'Totus Tuus, Maria!' is a profession carrying a unique power, which in an extraordinary way is invested by God with the threefold force on which the final defeat of the darkness will be based: It is a profession of Love, humility and self-denying acceptance of all trials of life. These are the pre-eminent dispositions sanctifying the soul and which are to bring the seed of God’s Kingdom on earth to bloom, for they are also the three major dispositions characteristic of the Man-God Himself".

Myriam, during the Christmas Octave 2018

Revelation by the Mistress of all souls, July 16, 2020:

"The formula of total surrender Totus Tuus, Maria is a solemn statement through which a soul enters into, or renews, a sacred covenant with Me, by virtue of which she submits herself totally, voluntarily, unconditionally and undividedly to Me for a life at My service with a view to contributing to the accomplishment of God's Plan of Salvation and all His Works. In so doing she commits herself to entrust her entire life in all of its details, her entire behaviour, all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations completely, unconditionally and without the slightest resistance to My inner guidance on the basis of a constant aspiration to merge her inner dispositions totally with Mine. The soul is enabled to learn about My own dispositions through My public teachings as well as through My personal inner guidance within her to the extent she allows Me to teach and guide her through her total self-denial and submission.

To God speaking this formula is a serious statement. Therefore it should not be spoken lightly. The formula misses its effects altogether if the soul is oriented towards her own person instead of aspiring to serve Me, but in that case the formula also makes the soul guilty of failing to substantiate the sacred covenant of total surrender to My guidance by the disposition of the heart which is necessary to lead a life that is fruitful for the fulfilment of her mission in life. This mission is none other than allowing God to use her constantly as a tool. As a soul who consecrates herself totally to Me she is called upon to fulfil her mission in life in an ardent service to Me, who am the Golden Bridge between the souls and God Himself".