Myriam van Nazareth
"I give you a brief outline of the essence of the sacred contract between the soul and Me, the Queen of Heaven and earth:

Total consecration to the Queen of Heaven and earth is a sacred covenant which God provided for the single purpose of actively engaging souls in accomplishing His Works on earth, in order that they may be able to fulfil their mission in life – which consists in leading their lives as useful and reliable tools through which God wants to complete His Works of Love – in the most fruitful way possible.

Through the covenant of total consecration to Me a soul puts herself voluntarily, totally, unconditionally and for the entire duration of her life at My disposal, in order that under My inner guidance and at any given point of time in her life every detail of her behaviour, all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations may be purposely, actively, wilfully and whole-heartedly offered to the Triune God in combination with My perfectly stainless Love and through Me, the Mistress of the sacred covenant, as an offering that has been sanctified by virtue of My intermediary and has thereby obtained full strength as a weapon for the invalidation of darkness.

Through the sacred contract between the soul and Me a soul can in the most powerful way possible help unlock the fruits of the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ for the benefit of all creation, and she can do so to the extent to which she actually honours the contract by actively practicing, every moment of her life, every detail of her behaviour and of her inner dispositions, every situation, every event, every contact and encounter with any fellow creature as well as all her dealings with God, with Me and with all of God’s Works and Plans aimed at fighting all and any darkness, chaos, misery and injustice in the world, provided she does so with a sincere, unconditional, self-denying Love which does not pursue any personal interest, and driven by a deliberate desire to make the greatest possible contributions to the preparation of the establishment of God’s Kingdom of true Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice in and between all creatures.

For the purpose of preparing the establishment of His Kingdom on earth God had sent His Son Jesus Christ in the world as the Messiah, the Man-God and Redeemer. It is every soul’s duty to contribute to the final unlocking of the Works of Christ in all of creation, for God only considers His Works to be complete to the extent to which He is enabled to carry the latter out through the voluntary collaboration of human souls. That is why the Redeemer, while hanging on the Cross, gave Me, His virginal and immaculate Mother Mary, to the souls, and the souls to Me, as the seed form which was to proceed the sacred covenant of total consecration of souls to Me as soon to be provided for by God, as He provided for Me to be the Commander of the hosts of the Light for the final disruption of all works wrought by the darkness in the world". (Holy Virgin Mary to Myriam, June 8, 2021, feast of Mary as the Seat of Wisdom)


1. Why consecration to Mary?
2. What justifies total consecration to Mary? –
From the rebellious angels to the Woman holding and crushing the serpent
under Her foot –
Justification of the sacred contract of consecration to Mary in fifteen points
3. Outline of the sacred contract of consecration to MARY
4. Refutation addressed to all forces which controvert the total
consecration to Mary
5. About Mary’s nature
6. Depth of the sacred contract of consecration to MARY
    6.1. The three questions to precede consecrating oneself to Mary
    6.2. ’Son, behold thy Mother’ as the key to completing the effects
of the Work of Redemption
    6.3. Total consecration as a marriage to Mary
    6.4. Total consecration as the most active participation in the
accomplishment of God’s Works
    6.5. Total consecration as the perfection of being a Christian
    6.6. Total consecration as a source of inner transformation
    6.7. Total consecration as a source of profound meaning
    6.8. Total consecration as a purpose and a goal in life
    6.9. Total consecration blossoms on the crosses of life
    6.10. Total consecration as one of the major Divine Mysteries
    6.11. Mary’s power as a factor in total consecration
    6.12. The Kingdom of Mary
7. Basic dispositions for a concrete practice of total consecration
    7.1. Self-denying Love and willingness to serve spontaneously
    7.2. Desire for the fulfilment of God’s Law
    7.3. Sincere awareness of one’s own insignificance
    7.4. Willingness of total surrender to Mary
    7.5. Utter flexibility
    7.6. Aspiring for a more in-depth experience of life
    7.7. Aspiring for spiritualization
    7.8. Confidence in God’s actions and His Providence
8. The Kingdom of blossoms that will never wilt
In conclusion

In 2006 the Holy Virgin Mary inspired Her Myriam a basic manifesto for total consecration of the soul and her life to Her, by the title of Mary’s Temple. The said manifesto was intended as a fundamental guideline for every soul who is willing to enter into the life-long covenant of total consecration to Mary. The Holy Virgin calls this covenant the sacred contract of consecration.

As of the Pentecostal season of 2020 the present text was gradually inspired with the intention of taking souls to a more in-depth understanding of the true meaning and the tremendous value of the sacred contract of total, unconditional and life-long consecration to the Queen of Heaven and earth and of the profound nature and the unique meaning of living as a soul consecrated to Her, both for the soul herself and for the Plan of Salvation God is trying to accomplish through human souls for the benefit of all creation.

Every soul is on earth for one purpose only: She is designed by God as an element within the great network of creation for the purpose of contributing to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. Indeed, God prefers to implement His Plans and Works through human souls: He makes use of human behaviour, of words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations proceeding from and harboured by man. The only factor which determines to what extent God’s Works and Plans are actually accomplished, and when, is man’s free will.

This is why the world as we see it around us is not a reflection of God’s Heart nor of His intentions, but the mere fruit of the way in which human souls use their free will. Everything that proceeds from human souls and is a bearer of darkness calls down darkness upon the world. Inversely, everything that is a bearer of Light and Love helps open up the effects of the Love God keeps trying to inject into His creation uninterruptedly, thereby helping to make this Love more tangible, effective and fruitful. The desire to maximize this fruitfulness gave rise, in God’s Heart, to the concept of the contract of total consecration to Mary, His chosen and most sublime Daughter, elevated above all living beings, the Immaculate Conception, the Holy Virgin, the Mother of the Divine Redeemer and Messiah, and Mistress of all souls, the One who, after a stainlessly holy and sinless life on earth, was assumed into Heaven body and soul and was crowned there as the Queen of Heaven and earth.

By virtue of a Divine Decree Mary is the Queen of all souls, yet this capacity will only develop its full effect to the extent to which the soul actually consecrates herself to Mary and practices this consecration most deeply in all and any details of her life. A deeply experienced and truly practiced consecration of the soul to Mary as the Queen and Mistress of all souls incorporates the soul to the highest possible degree into the chain of God’s Works of Salvation, because then every single detail of the soul’s life gets the opportunity to develop a very particular, more sublime force within this chain.

True, deeply practiced consecration to Mary enables Mary to reinforce everything that is going on within the soul and that is proceeding from the soul, by Her perfect Love, thus increasing the strength of all of this infinitely. To the extent to which the soul truly enables Mary to be the real Mistress of her life and of her entire being she will actually be guided and inspired by Her to commit acts and harbour dispositions, thoughts and feelings which are true bearers of Love and Light and therefore of Divine Life. It seems like the world is bogged down in a swamp of endless misery and darkness with thousands of different faces. The reason for this is the fact vast streams of Divine Life are oozing out of the network of creation and are lost through the leaks sprung by the countless millions of elements of darkness that are injected into all of creation by human hearts day after day. All is interconnected. No action, no omission, no thought, no feeling and no desire from any human soul will ever fail to produce its effects on the network of creation as a whole, either positive or negative.

Thus a human soul can, in a manner of speaking, further ’enhance’ God’s perfect Love by adding to it her personal desire that this Love may make God’s Presence tangible to her fellow creatures, of whatever kind, and that, in so doing, these fellow creatures may get to partake in the salvific effects of this Presence. Here we once again see that which the Mistress of all souls keeps pointing out: To God the human soul’s free will is inviolable and sacred, and it is by using this free will in accordance with God’s expectations that the human soul becomes truly fruitful in accomplishing her life-long mission within God’s Plan of Salvation.

The human souls must return to the deepest possible practice of true Love. Not God is the One who should be doing something about the misery and darkness of this world, but the human souls, individually inside their own hearts. There is no way to accomplish this more efficiently and with the greatest possible fruitfulness than the way of total consecration to Mary.

A human soul’s total consecration to Mary is a covenant of unlimited surrender to the Holy Virgin for the sole purpose of helping advance the final victory of the Light over the darkness, in order that God might be able to accomplish His Plan for the establishment of His Kingdom of eternal perfect Love, Peace, happiness and Justice within and among all creatures on earth.

So all of this is not a matter of Divine intervention, it is a matter of all human souls actively practicing true Love in order that God’s Plan of Salvation might be accomplished by virtue of the Divine Decree providing that everything must be accomplished through a flawless merger between, on the one hand, human souls’ sincere desire and persistent commitment, and on the other hand the Will of God.

1. Why consecration to Mary?

The final victory of the Light over the darkness is symbolized perfectly in the image of Mary as the Woman pressing Her foot down on the serpent: The Queen of Heaven and earth has dominated Satan all along, as of Her Immaculate Conception through Her totally sinless life up to the hour in which Satan, while visibly lying underneath Her foot, will confess before all of creation that She has defeated him once and for all and that God and His Works are more powerful than all the works wrought by the darkness. In this respect we must be well aware of the fact Mary Herself is the greatest, most sublime Work of wonder whose effects are more perfect than those of any other Work ever wrought by God, because most of these Works fail to yield the fullness of their effects due to the interference from any human will that is less totally merged with the Will of God than Mary’s Will was, and is.

The Woman is the Mother of Christ, who is Eternal Love. She was called by God to command the Heavenly hosts in the battle against the darkness and, in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, to assist in the inner conversion of all souls who voluntarily surrender to Her (i.e. to the One who gave birth to the Light for the world!) in total, unconditional consecration, in order that, according to the degree of their own active collaboration, they may be able to help complete the unlocking of the effects from the Christ’s Works of Redemption within themselves.

This victory is already an established fact, it is a Divine Decree and will therefore with absolute certainty also be visibly accomplished, in the hour in which the human souls will have produced sufficient amounts of true Love to be able to voluntarily deliver the darkness to the Light. God expects every soul to unite with the Christ and the Woman – who has got full powers to act within the individual souls as the Executor of His Will – in a persistent and final choice in favour of the Light, which is nothing but true Love.

True Love is the only way towards fully incapacitating the effects of the darkness in this world. This is why total consecration to Mary is nothing short of the most sublime way, far preferred by God to any other way, towards the perfection of the soul as to unfolding and experiencing true Love for the purpose of fulfilling God’s Plan of Salvation. Let us keep in mind that, among all human souls, Mary is the only embodiment of absolutely perfect and never failing self-denying Love for God and for all of His Works, and that She is therefore the perfect example of a human soul’s total victory over all darkness.

A soul’s total consecration to Mary is fully fruitful only if it is based on the foundation of a soul’s unrestricted self-surrender to the Holy Virgin, and through Her to God.

Total consecration to Mary, if it is intensely practiced in daily life, is one of the very highest forms of true Love, because it is always accompanied by an unselfish surrender of oneself, and the totally consecrated soul is to the highest possible extent not focused on satisfying her own needs but, in all and any aspects of life makes it first priority to rather aspire for the highest possible satisfaction of the One who is the Mistress of the sacred covenant of consecration and who, in every possible respect, is the Bridge to God and therefore the perfect tool to make anything She is given by human souls perfectly active for the fulfilment of God’s Plan of Salvation.

We can picture this ’making active’ as being the situation in which the Heavenly Queen enables that of which She is given full disposal by the human souls consecrated to Her, to merge with Her infinitely perfect Love, thus multiplying the value of it to an unknown degree. The power of Her Love is unlimited owing to the fact Her entire being is oriented towards God alone and Her Heart is fully merged with the Heart of God, yet the extent to which Her Love is enabled to produce the fullness of its effects is determined by the degree to which the soul who lets her own Love merge with the Heavenly Mistress’ Love in her turn also focuses purely on God: A soul who gears her thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations totally to the accomplishment of God’s Law of true Love will develop a Love with a high degree of purity, i.e. a Love which highly reflects the dispositions of God Himself, in other words perfectly self-denying Love, thus enabling the exchanges between her heart and the Heart of her Heavenly Mistress to take place with only minor loss or delay, if any at all.

Such a soul thus yield ’raw materials’ which can be deployed more rapidly and better for the purpose of accomplishing God’s Works on earth, and on account of the smooth merger between her heart and her Mistress’ Heart her entire behaviour, all of her prayers and sacrifices etcetera are bearers of a fire blazing up ever more highly. Because of the lower degree of ’pollution’ or ’soiling’ the ’raw materials’ made available by this soul can be ennobled and refined by the Queen of Heaven to a much higher extent. The degree to which a soul merges with Mary without restrictions very largely determines the value of this soul’s life as a contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation because God knows that the contribution made by Mary Herself towards the value of the covenant of consecration is automatically perfect, but that the degree to which the consecrated soul commits her free will to accomplishing His Works can vary a very great deal (in certain cases it is practically inexistent). Mary’s power to complete the effects of God’s Plan of Salvation would in itself be unlimited, but the actual desire of the human souls consecrated to Her to actually help accomplish God’s Works is often very weak.

To God the value of a human soul’s practicing true Love is unsurpassed. The reason why total consecration to Mary which is practiced whole-heartedly and truly consistently is such a great thing in the eyes of God is because in so doing the soul surrenders herself totally, with all her being and all her life, to a Being she cannot even see or hear. During her life on earth she hardly derives any tangible benefits from this surrender, but nevertheless she allows this Being to influence her entire journey through life and to satisfy certain needs. If she does not, the soul is not even consecrated to Mary in effect.

2. What justifies total consecration to Mary?
From the rebellious angels to the Woman holding and crushing the serpent under Her foot:

Justification of the sacred contract of consecration to Mary
in fifteen points

1. The history of the human souls is a history of constant struggle between the Light and the darkness. This struggle had its origins in the rebellion of Lucifer, who was then still the highest ranking among the angels: Lucifer tore himself loose from the service to God, got himself a following among the angels, and together these rebellious angels were expelled from Heaven. From that moment onward Lucifer (literally meaning ’bearer of Light’) was called Satan (literally meaning ’the rebellious one, the opponent’), the embodiment of the darkness. Darkness is understood to mean everything which does not bear within itself the fullness of Divine Love and thereby counteracts God’s Law.

2. The first pair of human souls was created perfectly holy. The sanctity of both these souls was based on their perfect unity of hearts with God. They were to constitute the foundation of the construction God intended His creation to be, a creation which He conceived to be the reflection of His Kingdom on earth.

3. Satan was granted God’s permission to tempt the human souls. God granted this permission because He had given the human souls an inviolable free will, in order for them to be able to freely and spontaneously opt in favour of either God or the darkness.

4. The first human souls gave in to the first temptation by Satan to violate God’s Law, as Satan wanted to pull all human souls away from God in an attempt to prevent God’s Plans and Works on earth from ever getting accomplished. Indeed it was known to him that God wants to accomplish all of His Works and Plans through the free and spontaneous commitment of the human souls on earth. This first occasion of human souls giving in to a temptation by the darkness was referred to as the original sin.

5. The original sin inflicted a deep wound upon the human souls, which, in a manner of speaking, would leave a scar in all human souls who would be inhabiting the earth from that moment onward. This wound was forever to remain a weak spot, which would make the souls vulnerable to the development of the most various dark dispositions. This is why every human life on earth is also a mission inherited by the soul concerned to bring her inner dispositions into full accordance with God’s Law and thus render the original sin within herself ineffective.

6. The original sin constituted an obstacle preventing an automatic return of the soul to God in the Eternal Bliss of Heaven, because a wounded soul is no longer a mirror of the stainless sanctity God had provided all human souls to possess.

7. God provided proof of the absolute perfection of His Love by conceiving for the human souls the Mystery of Redemption, in spite of the fact they had not proven altogether faithful. This Mystery would consist herein, that God would send His Son Jesus Christ into the world for the purpose of undoing the effects of the original sin in every soul who would be willing to live in full accordance with God’s Law of perfect Love. Jesus Christ was to do this along three ways: teaching God’s law, performing miracles as proof of God’s Love, and an all-embracing Suffering in His entire being (physically, emotionally and spiritually), followed by the death of the Cross (symbolizing the death of matter, i.e. all things of the world) and the Resurrection (symbolizing the rising of the soul that is perfectly loyal to God, for a rebirth in the Light, and also symbolizing the final and total victory of God over all darkness). The ultimate purpose of the Redeemer’s mission was the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, which would revert creation to its original state as a reflection of the Eternal Kingdom in the Heavens.

8. During His last moments on the Cross Jesus Christ entrusted His perfectly and immaculately holy Mother Mary to the human souls, and the human souls to Her, by virtue of His holy words Woman, behold Thy son; son behold thy Mother – and from that hour the disciple took her into his own home.

9. Mary, the Mother of the Christ and Redeemer, derived this unique privilege and this unique mission from Her Immaculate Conception, which made Her the only human soul to be exempt from the original sin, from Her perfectly holy and sinless life, through which She had been living in perfect accordance with Divine Law in all and any details and aspects of Her life, and from Her unique privilege of being the Mother of Christ who was the only created human soul ever to have been granted by God to partake in a full mystical unity of hearts with the Christ, the One who was to be the true Teacher for the souls through the Christian Doctrine.

10. As of Her Immaculate Conception God provided Mary to be the Commander of all souls who would be fighting for the Light and against the darkness, in preparation for the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, happiness and Justice on earth. This capacity as the Commander of the so-called hosts of the Light was granted to Mary on account of Her immaculate and never violated sanctity, which also makes Her the perfect example of the flawless accordance between a created soul and the dispositions of God Himself, who is the Source, Embodiment and Destination of absolutely perfect and infinite Love. As the Mother of Christ enjoying a mystical unity of hearts with Him Mary is regarded as the One who is more one with the Christ and His Doctrine than any other human soul.

11. By virtue of Her capacities as the only created human soul who embodies the perfect reflection of the dispositions of God Himself and of the absolutely perfect fulfilment of Divine Law, as well as by virtue of the word spoken by the Divine Messiah on the Cross, as referred to in point 8, Mary is rightly the Mistress of all souls, i.e. the perfect inner Guide, Teacher and Bridge to the Heart of God Himself, with which She Herself has merged in a mystical way (a unique phenomenon known as the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary). Her title as ’Mistress’ is derived from the unique, unlimited power She has received on account of the perfect unity of Her Will with the Will of God Himself.

12. As the Mistress of all souls the Mother of Christ unites within Herself all capacities, the fullness of the power and this Wisdom She needs to help transform each soul innerly for a reversion to the state of the human soul devoid of the effects from the original sin, thus helping to unlock the effects of the Mystery of Redemption accomplished by the Christ for the benefit of all creation in order that the rebirth of God’s Kingdom on earth might be unlocked, the latter being the state creation was in prior to the original sin. She can accomplish this mission only to the extent to which human souls surrender to Her with all their being and all their lives in a most sacred covenant of total, unconditional and eternal consecration.

13. To the extent to which the human soul effectively manages to concretely implement this covenant by completely gearing all actions, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations and desires of her life to an unconditional and all-encompassing service to Mary, the latter can, by virtue of the power granted to Her, perfectly unlock all of this and incorporate it into all sacrifices God needs to complete His Works and Plans (the accomplishment of the Law of Love and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth).

Thus the soul consecrated to Mary gets the most sublime and the most valuable chance to accomplish every soul’s mission in life in the most fruitful way possible, a mission being nothing short of living a life as a tool at the service of God’s Works and Plans (and therefore at the service of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth) and as a complement to the Christ’s Works of Redemption, for this is exactly what the holy apostle Paul meant when he wrote that the soul is expected to ’complement’ whatever is lacking in the Sufferings of the Christ (that which Saint Paul says in reference to himself is assumed to apply equally to any human soul): By virtue of the Divine Law of the human soul’s necessary collaboration with everything God is doing for the benefit of creation His perfect Works are always ’lacking’ in the field of the human soul’s voluntary commitment as long as the latter has not yet engaged in a one hundred per cent service to God.

14. God Himself provided for Mary to be the Golden Key to help unlock this entire system by helping to conclude the wedding between the Will of God and the human soul’s free will within the framework of the covenant or contract of total consecration of the soul to Mary. Mary Herself is not the final destination here (God alone is the final destination of all things), She is the Golden Key chosen by God Himself to unlock all His Works and Plans, including the Works of Redemption wrought by His Messiah and eventually the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

15. By virtue of a Divine Promise Mary will be shown by the almighty Triune God to all of creation as the Woman with Her foot pressing upon the serpent’s head, as the Great Sign denoting the victory of the immaculately holy human soul exercising a total power over Satan and all of his works and plans of darkness, and thereby the victory of God and of the celestial marriage between the free will of human souls and His Divine Will over all darkness (all works and plans which, from the beginning, have been trying to thwart His Works and Plans and to turn all of creation into a realm of chaos, suffering, misery, hopelessness, injustice, lie, deception, torture, hate and death).

This is how the Queen of Heaven motivates the total consecration to Her as the foundation of Her Maria Domina Animarum Work and as God’s favourite Bridge to His Heart and to the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

3. Outline of the sacred contract of consecration to MARY

★ Consecration to Mary = the most complete offering of the soul to the Holy Virgin Mary, who is in command of the ultimate preparation for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth through all sacrifices and offerings entrusted to Her by human souls within the framework of total consecration.

Under the guidance of Mary, the only One among all created souls that led her entire life without any sin and was therefore chosen by God to be the Mistress of the hosts of the Light, God wants to expel Satan from the world and to establish His Kingdom, for which Jesus Christ cast the first seeds through His life, His Sufferings, His death on the Cross and His Resurrection. Therefore Mary, by virtue of Her having fulfilled Divine Law to perfection, is God’s Sign denoting the victory of the Light over the darkness. Mary tries to accomplish this by the joint fruit of Her invincible power together with the active voluntary commitment of human souls. That is why, in these Last Times more than ever, She emphatically requests the total consecration of souls who are prepared and willing to lead their lives as Her unconditional servants. To point out the fact She needs a truly total surrender of souls to Her She refers to such souls as ’slaves of Her Love’. In this context She refers to Her brief teaching entitled The soul as ’slave of Mary’s Love’.

★ By living as a soul consecrated to Mary in full awareness the soul gives to the Queen of Heaven and earth:

  • her entire life, past, present and future, all experiences of her daily life (including the seemingly most futile ones);
  • all her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, desires, sufferings, inconveniences, pains, sorrows, burdens, fears, trials, moments of sickness, moments of fatigue, wounds, insecurities, doubts, and her free will: The soul that is truly consecrated to Mary allows her will to merge with the Will of Mary, which means concretely that she aspires to strictly and faithfully follow all teachings, instructions, invitations and every piece of advice extended by the Mistress of the sacred covenant;
  • all her being: soul, mind, heart and body, everything that is going on inside of her and all her weaknesses, talents, abilities, inclinations, and her entire personality;
  • all her relations and every element of interaction with fellow creatures, her entire lifeworld, including all her possessions and articles of daily use. In concrete terms this means the soul accepts everything Divine Providence allows to happen to any aspect of her life, and that she does not consider herself to be the owner of anything (including her own children, domestic animals and objects) but merely to be a custodian God has provided for, for in the life of a soul who is totally consecrated to Mary the soul herself is merely a servant, whereas the Triune God is the true Master and Mary is the true Mistress in representation of God. Every relationship between a soul and a fellow creature is like a covenant of some sort towards God, which entails responsibilities because the soul is expected to concretely implement any relationship with any fellow creature through nothing but self-denying Love, respect and rendering service;
  • all of her prayers, offerings, sacrifices, acts of contrition, mortifications.

★ Mary can use all the aforementioned elements for the accomplishment of Her mission for the salvation of souls, a mission which, ultimately, aims at nothing but the full accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. Within the souls who serve Her unreservedly She helps unlock a process of sanctification, purification and conversion. Thus She collaborates with these souls in constructing the foundation for a new world: God’s Kingdom of perfect and unconditional Love, Peace, happiness and Justice on earth within and between all creatures, through turning all darkness into Light, all hate into Love, all illness and death of souls into a rebirth for true Life, Divine Life, bearing resemblance to the image of the dispositions of God’s Heart.

To use an image: With the initial act of consecration Mary receives the soul in Her womb, She bears and nourishes her, and then gives birth to her as a fruit of Her Work to lead a life at Her service. Spiritually the soul is then entirely Mary’s possession and is supposed to be unreservedly willing to allow Her to use the soul’s life as She pleases, i.e. to influence it to the soul’s best interest.

★ An absolute condition for the accomplishment of Mary’s Works is the constant consecration of the soul, of all her experiences and all her physical, psychological and emotional dispositions to Mary, every moment of every day. To the extent to which the soul fails to do so, she also fails to fully use the exquisite opportunities offered to her to lead a perfectly fruitful life.

★ In these Last Times Mary is revealing Herself through Myriam van Nazareth as the Mistress of all souls, who is working towards the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of the souls and who, to this end, asks three things of the souls consecrated to Her:

  • an ardent Love for God, for Her and for all fellow creatures
  • accepting and consecrating all crosses on their journey through life
  • total obedience and submission to Her

The more souls consecrate themselves totally to Mary, actually practice this consecration in everyday life, and meet the three aforementioned requests, the sooner and the more thoroughly Mary will be able to implement the fullness of Her power for the final destruction of all evil and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

★ Consecration to Mary is a sacred covenant between Mary and the soul

A soul who consecrates herself to Mary assumes major responsibilities:

  1. Consecration must be total, unconditional and everlasting. As long as the soul withholds anything from Mary (by wanting to keep controlling or organizing it herself) there is no actual consecration. A soul is either consecrated to Mary in all and any aspects of her life, or she is not consecrated at all, there is no such thing as a partial consecration or as a ’consecration’ according to rules determined by the soul herself.
  2. Consecration means acknowledging that Mary is and remains the only and sovereign Mistress of the soul’s entire being and entire life. In the soul’s life Mary, as the Mistress of the sacred covenant, represents God Himself in everything, She is, in a manner of speaking, the Ambassador to the King.
  3. Consecration presupposes a sincere vow to practice the consecration by word and deed, every moment of one’s life, and to strictly meet all obligations residing with a consecrated soul. Do not ever insult Mary and God by any shallowness or carelessness in fulfilling the covenant.
  4. The soul consecrated to Mary takes the vow to live in strict accordance with the provisions of the Doctrine of Christ and with faith in the dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church.
  5. The soul consecrated to Mary pledges to live every moment of her life being aware of the fact Mary is the Mistress of all of the consecrated soul’s being, including her body, feelings and thoughts, and to scrupulously preserve the purity of her entire being. The soul must never forget that, as a soul consecrated to Mary, she is a soldier of Mary and therefore directly committed to partake in the battle against evil. A soul consecrates herself to Mary with the intention and desire to provide a life-long direct, total and unconditional service as a soldier in the war between the Light and the darkness, being perfectly well aware that, committing herself and her entire life, she is a mere tool at the service of the accomplishment of God’s Works of Love under the command of the Mistress of the celestial hosts. However, a soul consecrated to Mary is not able to fight any darkness which is still rampant in herself. This means the soul who is consecrated to Mary is only valuable as a ’soldier for the Light’ to the extent to which she becomes herself a model of Light, Love and purity.

★ The soul who is consecrated to Mary lives by, for, with and in Mary alone

  • BY Mary: By consecrating herself to Mary the soul is born again of Her, and from that moment onward she is to actually behave accordingly, so as to testify with all her being to the holy capacities of her ’spiritual Mother’;
  • FOR Mary: The soul’s entire life and being are totally at the service of the Queen of Heaven and earth. We must never forget that among all created souls Mary is the only absolute opposite of the darkness, and that therefore everything which is not given to Mary will easily and unrestrainedly help promote the works of the darkness;
  • WITH Mary: The soul who is consecrated to Mary is supposed to involve Mary with everything that is part of her daily life, as though she were inseparable from Her in all aspects of her life, including her deepest thoughts, feelings and desires. Actually there should be no difference between Mary’s being and the soul consecrated to Her, in that the consecrated soul should become very well aware of the fact her Heavenly Mistress is constantly trying to act, to speak, think, feel and desire through her. In proportion as the merger between Mary and Her servant gets the chance to produce its full effects in the practice of daily life the sacred covenant of total consecration becomes more fruitful, for then it is Mary Herself who is acting, speaking, thinking, feeling and desiring within and through the soul;
  • IN Mary: By making efforts towards perfecting herself in all virtues the soul enables Mary to mould, shape, remodel and transform her to such an extent that she starts ’merging’ with Mary to an ever greater degree.

★ God predestined Mary to be the Mistress of all souls, and gave Her full powers over all mankind, in order that She might be able to use the full extent of this power to paralyze the works of the darkness and all effects produced by them in creation, and to do so through inner transformations of the souls consecrated to Her. This is one of the main reasons why God desires ardently for as many souls as possible to consecrate themselves to Mary, for She can only deploy the fullness of Her unlimited power according to the numbers of souls who truly totally and unconditionally surrender to Her.

Total consecration as the perfect surrender of oneself to Mary is the greatest tribute a soul can ever pay to the Mistress of all souls and thereby also to God Himself. This is why the Queen of Heaven launches a call for the total consecration of each and every soul to Her and for souls to teach their fellow persons in order that they, too, might get to know the necessity and the benefits of themselves consecrating to Mary and that they might with faith and confidence long for the final victory of God in creation through His Golden Bridge: the Mother of the Christ.

★ The ultimate goal of total consecration to Mary: bringing Salvation and the blessing of deliverance to all mankind, the final disruption of all darkness in all of creation through the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, and the highest degree of sanctification for every soul who will put her entire life and all her being totally, unconditionally and for the entire duration of her life at the service of the Queen of Heaven. The sanctification of a soul who puts her life unconditionally and totally at the service of the Holy Virgin is a direct result of the attitude in life which is a prerequisite to follow Mary in an impeccable way: A soul who, in all and any aspects of her life, sincerely aims at leading a life as an image of Her Heavenly Mistress will begin to look like Her to such an extent as to spontaneously develop herself the dispositions which will tend to steadily enhance her own sanctity. Following Mary faithfully in every respect is not an easy life, but it is most certainly a life lived in the immediate Presence of God and under the tangible protection and inner guidance of the Heavenly Mistress.

★ The only limit to the concrete implementation of Mary’s power outside of the Heavens resides in the Law of Divine Justice:

In these Last Times God wishes for as many human souls as possible on earth to actually and voluntarily take the vow that they are willing to belong to Mary with all their being, all their lives and the offering of all their burdens and trials, so as to be at the undivided service of God and His Light against evil, the darkness, without the slightest resistance and with sincere Love. Moreover God wishes that that these souls should firmly believe that Mary is elevated by God Himself to be the Mistress of all souls, the indisputable Commander in this battle against the darkness and a Guide to any soul’s personal perfection, unlocking the Redemption and sanctification in individual souls, and the Representative of Divine power towards the souls, in order to guide the latter by virtue of all of this to the perfect merger with Christ.

This thesis could be considered to be the basic programme of Truth, for the publication and defence I myself, Myriam, vouch with my life on account of the fact the Queen of Heaven Herself dictated this thesis to me and explained it as being God’s Truth.

It is useful to draw attention to the fact the Queen of Heaven once pointed to the fact that many souls commit the error of regarding Her as little more than some kind of folklore figure, a creature one only remembers whenever help from Heaven is wanted or needed for certain worldly needs to be satisfied. In this respect she stressed the fact the souls should be much more aware of the fact that, in reality, She fully represents God’s Presence and Works, as in the order of grace God fully and unrestrainedly lives inside of Her and that therefore She is the perfect Bridge between God and the souls.

At Candlemas 2008 the Mistress of all souls spoke very revealing words, which She requested to be registered by the name of:

4. Refutation addressed to all forces which controvert the total consecration to Mary

"Currently forces and movements are at work, insinuating that total consecration to Mary, leading a life at Mary’s service and advocating the recognition of Mary’s sublimity would be nothing short of a deception and a heresy. Such forces and movements avail themselves of the slyness of Satan himself to provide pseudo evidence for the fact that leading a life centered around Mary would be a dangerous deception which makes the soul stray from the doctrines of the true Church of Jesus Christ. I want to point out the fact these forces and movements base their alleged arguments on the major deception that the total following of Mary would turn souls away from the Christ. How could this ever be possible, having regard to the fact God Himself has made My Heart one with the Heart of Jesus and has invested Me with the fullness of the Holy Spirit?

The Most High predestined Me to be the Golden Bridge to the Heart of God, to true Divine Life. How is someone to reach the other side of the river if he tears down the bridge? You see, the water which separates the souls from God is thundering and lashing, for it is the water of sin and temptation, of deceit and deception, of the lies and wiles of Satan. This water is incessantly in a state of storm, so that no soul is able to survive in it for very long. The other side of the river, the Kingdom of Divine Life, can therefore not be reached swimming in any risk-free manner; the soul can only reach God crossing a bridge. Many bridges are feigned to the souls, but they are shaky bridges of death. Only one bridge is solid and steady over the tempestuous water: the Bridge of My Heart.

Total consecration to Mary is a journey across the Bridge of My Heart. The teachings concerning a total following of Mary, as I convey them through My Myriam, are not incompatible with the doctrine of total following of Jesus Christ, quite the contrary: The teachings concerning the true following of Mary are teachings of true hope, teachings of solid faith in the possibility for the human soul to be totally immersed in God and Divine Life. God made Me, Mary, the great sign for the rise of the created soul to God’s Heart and for complete sanctification.

I challenge My opponent to demonstrate to Me how this path could in any way deviate from the Way, the Truth and the Life? How can a soul who makes Mary the center of her life and tries to follow Her completely end up anywhere else but in the center of God’s Heart? Does this focus not lead to the most absolute and total unity with Jesus Christ?

Lambs of Christ, be alert to any force which is hostile to Me, Mary, for it first and foremost leads you away from God Himself. Any force or movement that brands souls as heretical on account of their having made Mary the center of their entire behaviour for no other purpose but to give up their lives for the Works of God’s Kingdom and the accomplishment of God’s Plans is a force surging from the abyss of darkness. Do not listen to the serpent imitating the nightingale, for its singing denies and wounds Christ even while pronouncing His holy name".

Several years later the Mistress of all souls offered the following lines of reflection concerning the failure to recognize the total consecration to Her as a treasure of gold:

Souls take offence at so many things because they fail to recognize these things as the goldmine they actually are. Total consecration to Mary is such a goldmine, and so are all the teachings referred to as the Science of Divine Life. However, because both of these require a soul to accept all trials and crosses of life with Love and without any resistance many souls soon abort this so extraordinarily gracious journey. It is no use trying to make souls feel happy... Blessed are those who eagerly drink the Light instead of putting on sunglasses and then complaining everything on their path through life remains so dull, so colourless and so dark. Satan leaves no stone unturned to blind souls to the things which are likely to yield for them the most sublime graces and to inspire them fear of anything that requires some special effort on their part.

This is what the incontestable traits of the signature of the darkness look like: that which has got genuinely celestial origins is hidden from the souls, so that the latter only recognize the things of the world as the ’only full reality’, souls are infected with such a degree of selfishness that they will certainly not be motivated to accept any suffering for the benefit of fellow creatures, let alone for the benefit of a God they cannot even see or hear, and Love is killed within them in the most various ways in order that they may drift away as far as possible from God’s Law. The soul who is unable to get on top of all of this will never recognize the celestial origin of teachings that preach total consecration to Mary and emphasize the absolute necessity of enduring the trials of life with Love, without resisting them and while harbouring total self denial.

5. About Mary’s nature

The greatest incentive for a soul to surrender totally to the Holy Virgin Mary for a life of total, unconditional consecration through which all of the soul’s actions and inner dispositions are put at Her service unrestrainedly can no doubt be found in a more profound knowledge of Mary’s nature. What would be more suited as an incentive for the soul to surrender to the mother of God than knowledge which is able to convince her of the greatness of the One who by virtue of the covenant of total consecration will become, be and remain the incontestable Mistress of her entire being?

In September 2006 the Mistress of all souls spoke the following words to be reflected upon:

"God’s only Truth is a sun which beams all through creation. Its light makes life possible. every beam is an element of this truth; all the beams originate in the very same source: the Source of life, Eternal Truth, Divine Light. One beam cannot exist without the others. Each and every single beam is a carrier of the fullness of Truth, in a similar way as each particle of the Holy Eucharist is a carrier of the fullness of Divinity. Be well aware (...) that one of these beams is the knowledge of My true nature, the Truth about Mary, the powerful Mistress of all souls, God’s chosen Daughter, the Proxy of the Most Holy Trinity. The sunbeams of God’s Truth reach the souls in an ever less pure state, for Satan, the source of all untruth, chaos, confusion and deception, is blowing clouds of dust all over the earth".

The Holy Virgin Mary was born and lived Her life on earth as a created human soul in a body which made Her perfectly recognizable as a human being. The deep essence of Her being, however, was very unlike the ’common’ human being in one specific point: She possessed the Immaculate Conception, the perfectly unviolated nature of the soul which made Her a mirror of sanctity that came as close to the nature of God Himself as is at all possible for a created soul. This is why the Mistress of all souls once said to Myriam She was ’human by nature’ yet, in a manner of speaking, ’divinized in the order of grace’.

By ’divinization’ the Holy Virgin understands the total accomplishment of the image of God in human nature, the merger with the Source of all Life, God Himself, to the greatest extent possible for a created soul to achieve. The more the soul absorbs God’s Will into her heart and is determined with all her strength to make that Will the only driving force of her life the more will she merge with God Himself. Therefore ’divinization’ is not about a human being becoming God or ’like God’, but about a situation in which the germ of sanctity received by the human soul has achieved the highest possible bloom within this soul, i.e. the highest bloom this germ could ever reach within a creature.

If the Holy Virgin says Her soul is ’divinized in the order of grace’ She means God created the nature of Her soul so perfectly and, by virtue of the unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception, enabled this soul to be so perfectly and unrestrainedly effective and fruitful within the framework of God’s Works that Her nature within God’s Plan of Salvation and within Her relationship with the elements of creation is like a reflection of, and produces effects that are similar to, the traits of God Himself, all while emanating from a creature that is not divine but human by nature.

In December 2005 She spoke the following words concerning Her ’divinized’ being:

"(...) My Immaculate Conception and My unviolated state of sinlessness. Both of these elements made My nature a reflection of God’s ideal view of ’being and living in His image’: I am a creature, and therefore not Divine by nature. However, God ’divinized’ Me in the order of grace. This means He granted Me the unique privilege of coming so close to His nature that, although I have no part of His Divine being and nature, I am nevertheless invested with powers which come with these characteristics".

In July 2006 She phrased it as follows:

"As a counterpart to the damaged fruit from the tree in the Garden of Eden God showed creation the divinized, inviolable fruit of the Immaculate Conception".

In September 2006 the Holy Archangel Michael spoke to Myriam, referring to the Holy Virgin as ’the Daughter of man’, which reminds of a parallel with Jesus being called ’the Son of man’. Mary Herself then elaborated on this as follows:

"By calling Me ’the Daughter of man’ the Archangel Michael is referring to the divinized germ from which My being proceeded. My soul was created differently from the other human souls. My soul was created from the Source of Life, with the incorporation of elements of the Divine nature which could not be separated from the human nature of the soul, just like you cannot separate milk from water once both substances have been mixed: You still see, taste and smell milk, and the mixture behaves like milk in any respect. Thus My soul was received in the germ of a human body. Every human soul that is created is invested with human nature. This means she receives all features characteristic of ’human nature’ as bearers. These features consist of the characteristics God provided for the human being to possess, yet they are moulded by all kinds of changes through influences from the state of grace of mankind as a whole. The state of the physical body is further determined by hereditary influences, which in their turn interact with the soul’s spiritual characteristics to shape the individual’s nature. The greatest of changes is the one proceeding from the original sin. By not allowing My soul to be influenced by the state of grace of all mankind the Creator was able to bar a great many disfiguring human traits from My soul. Hence from Her inception My soul was the bearer of an exceptionally great part of pure, immaculately holy, even pristine Divine characteristics.

This is what the Archangel is referring to by calling his Mistress ’the Daughter of man’: the One who was born in the flesh of a human being in a unique ’divinized’ state and thus became ’Daughter of man’ while being the bearer of a unique share of Divine traits, secure from any weakening and defiling influence, because She was predestined to experience the very deepest contact, the perfect merger, with the fullness of the Divinity of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was the Son of man because, being God, He was born of a human being to lead a life in a physical body. I am the Daughter of man because I proceeded from the Source of Divine power in the purest possible way, and was born in the flesh with a minimum of human features, just sufficient so as to remain recognizably human. My nature is human, yet I am invested with Divinity to such an extraordinary degree that on the level of the higher abilities of the soul, the heart and the mind I could be regarded as ’Daughter of God, physically born of a human being’.

The term ’Daughter of man’ refers to a unique merger of, on the one hand, Divine influences in a pristine form, and on the other hand the necessary minimum of features of a female human being, perfect or ’divinized’ up to and including certain physical traits. That is why I am perfectly holy. ’Holy’ is understood to mean ’in perfect accordance with God’s ultimate goals in the field of salvation’. A perfectly holy soul is a soul in whom the goals of God’s Plan of Salvation are accomplished up to perfection. Such a soul is to such an extent devoid of the obstacles of humanity that she comes ever closer to the characteristics of God Himself. In the true saints this state is realized in the course of their life on earth. In Me this state was realized already before I was born in the flesh, and all characteristics of Divinity kept unfolding themselves within Me in proportion as all the mysteries of Divine perfection budded and developed within Me ever further.

This development was able to proceed within My soul extremely fast because the inhibiting effects of the original sin were not active within Me. All this helps to explain why the nature of Divinity, which is unfathomable, can to some degree be understood more easily through knowledge of My nature. That which cannot be grasped in God because, in a manner of speaking, it slips away into infinity, can only just be grasped very basically in My nature owing to some points of common ground with human nature. Nevertheless this knowledge was not revealed so far, and it will be understood only by souls of whom I want that they should really come closer to Me. All knowledge of great mysteries brings the soul responsibilities. These responsibilities can only not harm a soul if the latter uses the knowledge for the purpose of developing in the field of Love, submission and total consecration, even when suffering, and therefore in a disposition of holiness or in accordance with the goals of Salvation. (...)"

The next day the Queen of Heaven continued the above words by explaining:

"As the meaning of the words I spoke last night will remain veiled even to many of My servants I will elaborate on them using an image. The Daughter of man is not God, but She is the bearer of characteristics of the highest possible divinization. if you look at an illuminated space you can see the effects of the light, whereas the light itself remains beyond reach. When you see the beautiful rainbow projected as by magic upon the floor through a prism through which the sunlight is shining, you can see the different elements of which the sunlight is composed, but the light itself can still not be grasped. Not only does the deep essence or nature of the light remain hidden, it is also not possible without the prism to find out this light is composed of a number of different colours. In a similar way you can also feel the warmth of the sunlight without being able to fathom the source of all this and the nature of this warmth in all its depth. It is never possible to solve all questions about the deep nature of it, for eventually the understanding of it will fail because it is intangible, immaterial, a mystery which is an invisible addition from the hand of God. The same goes for My nature: I make the Divine more tangible for the souls without it being possible to explain the deepest secrets of My nature by any human means. (...)".

The words spoken by the Holy Virgin in December of the same year cast some extra light on this phenomenon:

"My Immaculate Conception was the first overwhelming testimony of the Light against the darkness. It was announced to the angels even before man was created, but the depth of the mystery was not revealed to them just yet. My Immaculate Conception marked the very beginning of the Mystery of Salvation, the great Plan of Redemption. First and foremost a human soul had to be filled completely with the Divine Light and thus be kept free from all darkness perfectly and for all eternity, in order that from this Ocean of Divine Light [Mary], which was already simultaneously human and, in a manner of speaking, divinized, the Light of the world Jesus Christ would be able to accomplish Redemption. In My Immaculate Conception I was the ’divinized’ human being, of Me was born God incarnate. Thus the perfect marriage between God and the human being was begun within Me, it was accomplished in Jesus incarnate, and it will forever be confirmed in Me as the Mistress of all souls.

Every soul encounters three milestones on her journey to the accomplishment of Divine Life: creation, redemption and sanctification. Within Me these three milestones were already perfectly merged in My Immaculate Conception. My Immaculate Conception contained the absolute accomplishment of the soul. Therefore one might say that within Me Divine Life was already completed before I was even born in a physical body. That is why I did not need to lead a life for the purpose of accomplishing the goal to which every soul is created: to partake in the accomplishment of God’s Plan with her.

My life on earth served but one purpose: that I should give birth to the Redeemer, in order that all souls, through accepting the second step – Redemption – and collaborating towards it might be able to grow towards the third, which is sanctification. In My Immaculate Conception the Most High gave Me everything that was necessary to complete My unique mission in life. However, I was to seal this Myself through My word of consent to the Archangel Gabriel. ’May it be done to Me according to your word’ were the words by which I signed the sacred contract which was to enable the treasury of My Immaculate Conception to yield its full potential. My word of consent was the act through which I allowed My soul, which was divinized to such a high degree, to fully merge with the potential contained in My physical body to suffer for the Salvation of souls. I could have led the life of a queen, I was immaculately conceived, perfectly holy, and therefore even put beyond the necessity of being redeemed. Millions and more millions of angels had been laid down at My feet like slaves. I had received power over everything, animate and inanimate. However, through My word of consent, just like Jesus would do later, I accepted the life of a servant".

In January 2007 I was granted a brief yet wonderful and impressive vision, in which I saw angels lying prostrated at Mary’s feet while clearly audibly repeating the words: "Sancta, sancta, sancta es Maria, Dei Genitrix et Domina Animarum" ("three times holy are You, Mary, Mother of God and Mistress of all souls"). After the vision Mary spoke the following words:

"The angels call Me ’three times holy’, and thereby refer to the divinized nature of My being: I was made one with the dispositions of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and each of the three Divine Persons poured Themselves out into Me until the very limits of that which is possible in the marriage between God and a created soul. The Father made Me in the glory of the Immaculate Conception, the Son merged with Me in My womb, and the Holy Spirit accomplished the Incarnation of Jesus within Me through a complete marriage with Me in soul, heart, mind and body. I am the Tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity, and therefore ’three times holy’.

What is the difference between My nature and the nature of God Himself? It lies in the fact that God has no beginning but is self-existent, whereas I Myself do have a beginning, and that this beginning was given to Me by the generating God. God did not come into existence by anything outside of Him, whereas I Myself came into existence by God. God’s Glory is self-existent, whereas My Glory is ’divinized’ and therefore also infinite, but it does have a beginning: It was born in God’s thoughts and received its seed in My Immaculate Conception".

In May 2007 the Mother of God once again granted a striking explanation:

"Once again I emphatically point to the fact I was called by God to complement the Mission of Jesus in the Church militant, i.e.: to complete the Redemption and sanctification of souls in the Last Times. While hanging on the Cross Jesus entrusted the souls to Me with a view to completing, i.e. unlocking, His Works. Divine nature incarnate started the Work of Salvation, the ’divinized’ human nature is to complete it within the individual soul, i.e. unlock it, for God’s great Triumph will consist herein, that created human nature totally defeats the darkness, humiliates it and subjects it. That is why God elevated Me to be the Mistress of all souls".

In a vision granted in April 2008 the Mistress of all souls showed me two roses, of which She said one represented God and the other one Herself. Yet both roses seemed identical in appearance until She enabled me to contemplate them on what She called ’a deeper level of reality’, and I was able to see the one rose remained visible in itself, whereas the other one was connected to the soil, which, however, seemed transparent, as though this soil were not of a material nature. Mary then spoke as follows:

"You see, God made Me an identical copy of Himself. There is no difference as to the effects of Our characteristics and traits, the only difference is the deep nature of Our being: God in all His Glory and perfection is self-existent, whereas I am connected to the soil of God’s Heart. Do understand this correctly: My entire being is a bearer of the characteristics and traits of God because it proceeds from God and has incorporated the fullness of Divine Life through the work of grace, and has done so unconditionally and forever. That is the true, deep meaning of the words ’Mary, full of grace’: I am FILLED COMPLETELY with everything which emanates from God, not by nature but through My perfect bond with the deepest being of God Himself. That is why both roses are identical: The rose representing My being consists of the nourishment from God’s Heart to the absolutely highest degree possible for a created soul. My rose is divinized, its nature and components are bearers of Divine characteristics with the exception of the Divine origin: My rose needs the perfect bond with God’s Heart to be able to keep these divinized characteristics producing their effects".

In August 2006 Mary very aptly said:

"In My being is represented the rise of the human soul towards her Creator: human nature which is able to acquire ever more characteristics of the Divine while rising to the very summits of sanctity. Within Me sanctity was achieved to absolute perfection as of My Immaculate Conception, and yet My nature is that of the created soul. This makes Me the ideal staircase to God’s throne, a staircase provided by God Himself".

As early as in February of that same year the Queen of Heaven had already announced:

"I am the only human soul who, as of her conception and for all eternity, never was anything short of perfect. This is why it is in full accordance with God’s Law that in the Last Times I should be the Mistress of all souls".

One day the Mistress of all souls showed the true nature of Her being in relation to God in the following image: If we regard the Kingdom of God as a state, God would be the head of state and Mary the ambassador representing God and His Kingdom towards the human souls.

In conclusion of the present chapter on Mary’s nature the Mistress of all souls points to the following:

In several of Her inspirations the Queen of Heaven already emphasized the fact God brands something of Himself into each and every creature. This ’something’ is, in a manner of speaking, the signature of the One who designed this creature which actually is a work of God. Based on this reality one could consider the Science of Divine Life to be the entire system of teachings through which a soul is able to get to know God better owing to a more profound knowledge of spiritual life as a work of God. The soul can acquire a deeper knowledge of God through deepening her knowledge of God’s Works. For the same reason a more profound knowledge of the deeper nature of Mary as God’s greatest Work of wonder is a golden bridge towards the true nature of God Himself and towards a deeper understanding and a deeper knowledge of that nature.

If one constantly bears this in mind one will more easily be able to motivate oneself to keep trying to imitate Mary in all and any details of life, being well aware that in so doing one will also get to better imitate the deep nature of God Himself.

Likewise the Mistress of all souls points out that a deep practice and experience of the total consecration to Her, if, and to the extent to which, the latter is genuinely alive within the soul, is nothing else but a concrete everyday practice of Divine Law. This is exactly why a genuine total consecration to Mary, practiced in every detail of life, is the golden path of a lifelong all-embracing service to God’s Works.

6. Depth of the sacred contract of consecration to MARY

The Mistress of all souls refers to the following twelve points to be reflected upon and provided by way of motivations towards a profound awareness of the necessity and the value of the sacred contract of consecration between the soul and Her. The points are numbered for practical purposes. However, the numbers do not indicate any order of importance.

6.1. The three questions to precede consecrating oneself to Mary

Many souls consecrate themselves to Mary very lightly, for reasons which have little, if anything, to do with any sincere desire to dedicate their lives to furthering the accomplishment of God’s Works for the establishment of His Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, happiness and justice on earth. Consecration is often entered into through an initial prayer of consecration, which the soul expects to yield some special personal favour in one way or another, preferably during her life on earth and if possible also in the form of an automatic access to Eternal Bliss after this life, and/or based on the expectation that ’being consecrated to Mary’ will in some way or another make the soul look special in the eyes of her fellow people.

This initial prayer of consecration is then regarded as the sealing of ’being consecrated to Mary’, so much so that the soul, having offered this initial prayer, considers her consecration to be an established fact and does not even begin actually practicing it by remaining focused on the Holy Virgin and on the accomplishment of God’s Works of Love in her entire inner life, in all her behaviour, totally and in all and any details throughout her life. All of this means that countless souls live in a delusion of being consecrated to Mary while never actually adding any substance to this consecration. In the eyes of God this is a ’dead’ covenant, similar to a dead branch which bears no fruits.

Many souls would not even think of ever consecrating themselves to Mary if they were fully aware of the fact true consecration will not necessarily yield them any worldly favours but, on the contrary, will entail for them a very serious responsibility towards God. This is why, in the eyes of God, the dedication with which a soul actually practices consecration to Mary day after day provides a major indication for the extent to which this soul takes her mission in life as a tool at the service of God’s Works seriously and to which she truly lives for the accomplishment of God’s interests. To the Holy Virgin every alleged consecration to Her which is not lived in day to day practice is a source of deep sorrow.

In November 2006 the Mistress of all souls invited the souls to immerse themselves in some serious reflection:

"Total consecration is a goal in life and a way of adding substance to life which should not be taken lightly, for it is a covenant which is directly related to the great covenant God has concluded with His people through the redeeming Sufferings of Jesus. Total consecration is a covenant through which the soul states her willingness to be made an active party to the accomplishment of the New Covenant, totally, unconditionally and eternally. The soul who wants to consecrate herself to Me should first and foremost be asking herself three questions:

  1. Am I willing to sacrifice my life in all of its details to God’s and Mary’s needs, and thus to lead a life accepting all and any crosses and trials without any protest or resistance?
  2. Am I willing to acknowledge Mary as my uncontested Mistress and to serve Her in a disposition of total surrender, self-denial and blind submission in all and any elements of my behaviour?
  3. Have I got any wishes and habits which I am not willing to divest myself of? As long as the answer to this question is not an undivided ’no’ the soul should pray to Me to obtain the grace of developing a willingness to allow her life and her views of life to be transformed totally according to My will and as I see fit. As long as she is not ready to accept this she can not be consecrated to Me, for the Mistress of all souls can only work with servants who will obey Her every beck and call, any time and in any way whatsoever.

Life as a soul who is totally consecrated to Mary can be compared with life the way God originally expected the human souls to live: a life which is geared totally to the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works.

Since the institution of the New Covenant this is more than ever a life at the exclusive service of God’s Plan of Salvation for the completion of Redemption in all souls. The soul who is willing to lay her own wishes and habits underneath My feet will soon notice that she is not losing anything, yet on the contrary is harvesting oceans of happiness and brightfulness, and afterwards an eternity of indescribable Bliss in Heaven".

6.2. ’Son, behold thy Mother’ as the key to completing the effects of the Work of Redemption

The Mistress of all souls already pointed out in several writings that, in fact, the Mystery of total consecration to Her came into being at the moment when Jesus, while hanging on the Cross, spoke the words Woman, behold Thy son; son, behold thy Mother. With these words He emphasized His wish that the human souls of all times would, after His departure to the Father, regard His Mother also as their own Mother and Refuge, and He put them under Her custody. As the Mother of Christ was more totally merged with Him than any other human soul She was far more suitable than any other soul to guide souls towards the unity of hearts with the Christ.

This is also why She is rightly the Mistress of all souls, ’Mistress’ to be understood as the capacity overarching all Her unique capacities as an inner Guide, an inner Teacher, a protecting and nourishing Mother and an inner Leader and Mistress of the entire being and the entire journey through life of the soul who surrenders to Her unconditionally, totally and for the entire duration of her life, in a covenant of total consecration which is actually practiced in every detail of life up to the most profound and the most secret inner dispositions.

In July 2006 the Heavenly Mistress said in this respect:

"Few souls have ever understood that by speaking His words ’Son, behold thy Mother’, while hanging on the Cross, Jesus was actually providing the key to unlocking His Works of Redemption. God wanted to redeem mankind from the rule of Satan along three ways, as the latter had managed to enslave mankind of all times through inspiring the original sin. The first way was that of Jesus’ Suffering and Death on the Cross, the second was to be the constant action of the Holy Spirit, and the third the total consecration of souls to Me, Mary".

6.3. Total consecration as a marriage to Mary

The power of the Mistress of all souls is deployed first and foremost in the souls who surrender to Her unrestrainedly. Consecration that is entered into on the basis of a genuine faith filled with Light ushers the soul into the atmosphere of celestial things. But very few souls truly grasp the value of this encounter. In a way total consecration to Mary is like a marriage concluded between the soul and the Queen of Heaven, provided the soul will subsequently bring the act of consecration into everyday practice with perseverance: The soul promises eternal faithfulness, Love and surrender to the Bride of the Holy Spirit for a life lived at Her service and with Her together. The value, significance and importance of this situation can in no way be overrated. A marriage to Mary must truly be understood in the deepest possible sense of the word: as a merger, as actually becoming one.

To further develop the image of marriage: Total consecration to Mary is a marriage of which God hopes it will yield a numerous offspring. The children are the beams of Light and Love which are sent across creation with each action, each word, each thought, each feeling and each aspiration born within the context of total and unconditional surrender to Mary. This is why it can be said that a deeply experienced total consecration to Mary adds a very profound meaning and sense to every detail of the life of the soul consecrated to Her. Nothing of all things which the soul gives to Mary within such a context will ever be lost. All of it is incorporated into the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation in the most active way possible.

This is why the Queen of Heaven and earth is the Mediatrix of salvation and why it is impossible to overestimate Her role within the concrete fulfilment of the history of salvation.

True consecration is offering oneself totally to Mary, so totally that the soul only eats of the fruits from Her Heart, which are fruits of immaculate Love and therefore of Divine Life. As long as a soul is lacking in complete self-denial she is still at least in part eating the fruits from her own heart, which are automatically defiled. True sanctification can only be realized to the extent to which the soul eats Mary’s fruits. In the figurative sense this is done, to begin with, by ingesting Her words (teachings, which are known by the name of Science of Divine Life) and incorporating them completely into one’s own soul, so that, somewhere along the line, one begins to yield nothing but seeds from these fruits because the soul is changing into a mirror of the reborn Paradise that is Mary.

Indeed, Mary was intended by God to be the embodiment of the reborn Paradise on earth: Paradise on earth was the state of life experienced by the first human souls, a state which was lost when these souls broke their unity of hearts with God by committing an action which God had forbidden (the original sin). Mary was not only immaculately conceived, i.e. conceived without the effects from the original sin, moreover She was the only human soul to live Her entire life on earth in an impeccable unity of hearts with God and would on that account forever be a living mirror of God’s Heart, a living Paradise.

In a manner of speaking every soul who goes to any length to turn her heart into a mirror of Mary’s Heart enters into communion with Her, in a way that is tantamount to living in a state of celestial marriage with the Bride of the Holy Spirit, which will also give this soul a special share in ’conceiving spiritual children of Light’.

6.4. Total consecration as the most active participation in the accomplishment of God’s Works

In April 2006 the Mistress of all souls spoke as follows:

"As consecration is first and foremost a matter of surrendering totally to God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls the essence of total consecration to Me consists of the soul’s all-encompassing offering of herself in all her sufferings and trials to Me as the One who is able to sanctify these sufferings and trials and to incorporate them into God’s Plan of Salvation in order that they might be as fruitful as possible within the framework of this Plan".

In June 2006 Mary emphasized:

"Every soul who offers herself to Me in total consecration gives herself to the Light as a token against the darkness".

In November 2007 came the following words:

"Souls, I have taught you repeatedly that God’s Works for the benefit of the souls only produce their effects if, and to the extent to which, the souls will show God they desire these effects to be produced. The golden way of showing this desire is the soul’s total consecration of her entire being with all of her dispositions and her entire journey through life to Me. By her consecrating herself to Me and the day to day practice of such consecration the soul puts herself under My guidance, My rule and My protection, so that the graces from the Sources of God’s Love are enabled to flow to the souls in their most ennobled form so as to actually guide them towards their Redemption and sanctification".

A consecration to Mary which is genuinely practiced unlocks new doors to God, through which He is able to allow His graces to flow all over the soul and all of creation. Total consecration to Mary is like a solid brick in the foundation of the implementation of His Plan of Salvation, which aims at nothing but the outpouring of true permanent Peace into the hearts and, in a manner of speaking, introducing the souls to the front yard of Paradise. This is exactly why a soul must not consecrate herself to Mary as a spur of the moment thing, but carefully considered on the basis of a steady Love for Mary, for all creation and for God’s Works and Plans. Without a steady Love and a solid sense of self-denial consecration is never actually practiced and is tantamount to entering into a contract which, immediately after signing it, is torn up or simply not abode by.

Failure to abide by a worldly contract is prosecutable. Failure to abide by the sacred covenant of consecration is a breach of a Heavenly contract and makes a soul guilty before Divine Justice. Through consecration the soul has committed herself to a total, lifelong and unconditional active dedication to the accomplishment of God’s Works. If she fails to practice it in daily life she is not a reliable tool in the eyes of God. She is then like a rusty nail which breaks at the first attempt to use it: unreliable and useless.

One day the Queen of Heaven said to Myriam privately:

"True consecration is not practiced by words but through the deep dispositions of the soul who lives all aspects of life in a spontaneous, purposeful and voluntary close connection with My Heart and is motivated by a sincere desire to serve God’s Works through ALL of her action, words and inner dispositions".

Once the Mistress of all souls said that the Gospel words spoken by Jesus: No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends are nowhere fulfilled more clearly and more emphatically than in a soul’s deeply and sincerely practicing total consecration to Her. If a soul gives up her entire life to Mary, and to the extent she actually longs to do so sincerely and unconditionally, she is actually granting Mary the power to be the sovereign Mistress of every detail of her life and of every element of her being, which means this soul explicitly agrees to giving up her entire life and proclaims her willingness to accept that it may be done to her as the Queen of Heaven deems the most useful and the most valuable with a view to the soul’s being and life becoming an active element for the unlocking of God’s Plan of Salvation.

6.5. Total consecration as the perfection of being a Christian

The following extremely important words date back to March 2009 and demonstrate that the unparalleled importance of total consecration to Mary is based fully on the unity of hearts between Mary and Christ and the fact Her mission consists of unlocking the Works of Redemption wrought by the Christ in the souls who truly surrender to Her totally:

"In the experience of total consecration to Me the soul enters into perfect marriage with the perfection of God’s Works, and proves to her Creator her faith in the fact that also she, through the fullness of her participation, is able to fully blossom. In Jesus Christ the incarnated Divinity accomplishes the soul’s Redemption. In Me, Mary’s absolutely sanctified human nature accompanies the individual soul on her way to the supreme accomplishment of Redemption: the soul’s development after the image of her God. That is how the Most High wanted it, and that is the purpose for which Jesus, while dying on the Cross, gave the souls to Me and Me to the souls. God provided it such that Redemption should be laid into the soul like a locked treasure chest. Thus the soul is the bearer of an invaluable treasure, which, however, can be put to full use only if the soul makes an active personal contribution. As long as the soul fails to open the chest by a personal active contribution, she is the bearer of a richness which is actually of no use to her.

The soul can indeed obtain the culmination of her Redemption through an exclusive following of Christ, but I invite the souls to consider:

  1. that by virtue of a Divine Decree Christ and Mary are One at Heart;
  2. that I was given to the souls as the example of perfect sanctification of human nature;
  3. that entering into a holy covenant of total consecration to Me, the Mistress of all souls by virtue of Divine proxy, and living daily life in accordance with this covenant, is tantamount to the soul’s agreement towards God as to her perfect surrender to the greatest, the most sublime and the most perfectly unfolded among His Works: Mary, in order to be shaped by Her after His image.

Dear souls, do understand this correctly: you can obtain perfect Redemption and sanctification through strict following of Jesus Christ alone. However, God has given you Mary as overwhelming proof of His Love, because in Me He wanted to set a great and everlasting example of the perfect path from human nature leading to the perfect image of God, to the fullest possible extent for created nature.

Dear souls, do understand that total consecration to Me is not an obstacle to the complete following of Christ, on the contrary, it absolutely crowns this following. Like God’s Works are perfect in themselves but give God a great deal more satisfaction if they are recognized, glorified and truly put to use by souls, the Work of Redemption is perfect in itself but gives God a great deal more satisfaction if the souls, while going through their process of growth and bloom, of Redemption and sanctification, also recognize and truly make use of the additional growth factor God has given them in Me, and thus give His Works their highest possible glorification. Never forget that the Most High has brought together in Me, Mary, all elements and aspects of perfection which have ever come out of His hand, and that on account thereof, I represent the fullness of His Works of creation, Redemption and sanctification. That is why, in these last times, I am being made known as the Mistress of all souls, for the time of the perfect glorification of God’s Works has now come".

A human soul’s perfect surrender to Mary is anything but a denial of her being a Christian, i.e. of her ’belonging to Christ and following Him completely’, on the contrary: The soul who puts herself totally and unconditionally at Mary’s service thereby opens up to herself the way to the most perfect merger with Christ a human soul can ever hope to achieve. To the extent to which a soul unites herself more with Mary’s Heart and to which all of her inner dispositions and her entire behaviour begin to resemble Mary’s more closely, God will recognize this soul more like a reflection of His own Being, which has reached the highest possible perfection in Mary.

6.6. Total consecration as a source of inner transformation

The Holy Virgin makes a commitment before God to the effect that She will go to any length to help transform every soul who totally surrenders to Her and who is genuinely determined to practice the sacred covenant of total consecration in everyday life. She aims at achieving an inner transformation to the degree it proves necessary for the soul to be able to yield the greatest possible fruits for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation.

In July 2006 the Heavenly Mistress spoke as follows:

"The soul who can find the Love to surrender to Me totally in total consecration of all her life and all her being, and to practice and experience this consecration in all depth, will notice that she will soon be able to establish a closer contact with the Source of true Life. In this soul unparalleled expressions and experiences of Love will be unlocked and her life will get an entirely new meaning, on account of the fact the harmony between this soul and God’s Will will be restored. The souls must be reverted to the human soul’s original state of perfect grace: the state prior to the original sin, the state of original sanctity, being one with God’s Will and therefore perfect in Love and a bearer of true Divine Life".

In July 2008 the following words about total consecration were inspired:

"As soon as the soul sees to it that her free will equals God’s Will in everything, she will inherit the fullness of Divine Life and of true happiness. I have preceded the souls in doing all that. That is why God has given Me to the souls to be their Mistress and their Example. I call upon every soul to consecrate herself totally to Me, so that I might be enabled to perform in her the miracle of miracles: the transformation of her free will into an identical copy of God’s Will, the Source of all sanctity, so that she may achieve the actual goal in life by doing God’s Works like Jesus and I have done them".

In September 2008 the Mistress of all souls underlined Her thesis by making the following statement:

"The golden path out of the darkness towards the Light is the path of total consecration to Me as the Mistress of all souls. When I was born, God gave Me as My mission in life: the preparation of the Realm of the Midday Sun on earth. To that end the Most High made Me the Mistress of all souls. I have the power to remold every soul who longs to be remolded and who is willing to fully collaborate towards achieving this transformation into the image of God. This is the true purpose, the true mission, of every soul on earth. There is no better way, no way more abundantly blessed, to complete this lifelong mission than the way of total consecration to Me as the Mistress of all souls. This means that God invites every soul to completely surrender to Me, so that, by virtue of Divine authority, I may work this wonder in her".

In October 2008 Mary gave yet another image to further clarify Her thesis:

"I am the Gate of the great Temple that is called Christ. Enter into Me by a total consecration to the Mistress of all souls, and you will experience the fullness of Christ (...) That is total consecration to Mary. The soul who is determined to let herself be born again of Me, is in the deepest sense of the word a brother or sister of Jesus Christ".

In January 2009 the Mother of God pointed to an aspect of consecration that is often overlooked:

"Total consecration to Me is the golden key to the dungeon in which the soul locks herself up by every concession she makes to the influences of worldly thinking. Jesus has suffered to unlock every dungeon. I was given to all of you for the purpose of leading you out of the dungeon into the Light of total freedom. Do keep in mind, however, that the dungeon can only be opened up from within: the soul is to turn the key herself, by her genuine and persistent will to truly be Mine".

In May 2009 Mary said:

"Hear My promise: each soul that gives herself to Me totally, unconditionally and eternally, will be endowed through Me with the understanding to consider the trials and burdens on the path of her life in an entirely new light, and with the strength to bear them with a perfectly new fruitfulness: with true hope, unshakable courage, and with a Love of an ever increasing purity.

This will be the sign of My actual rule within a soul: that her trials can no longer enslave her by putting her in the chains of worldly and physical worries, but that she will become the mistress of her trials, because I rule in her, and the infinite fruitfulness of My perfect sanctity will flow into her. The soul that is truly Mine will experience the rebirth of a totally new view of her earthly life".

The Queen of Heaven already pointed out on several occasions that She aspires for each soul that surrenders to Her to be innerly transformed to such an extent that the latter is enabled to resemble Her ever more. She also mentioned that Paradise on earth must not only be regarded as a specific location, something like a very large and magnificent park, but also as a disposition of the soul and the heart: Just like the soul will experience God’s Kingdom on earth like a state of heart in a perfect inner peace and joy and in the absence of all and any traces of darkness, likewise Paradise on earth must be regarded as a special disposition experienced by the first souls owing to the fact they had not yet sinned and were therefore able to experience God’s Presence in an uninhibited manner.

Mary’s soul and Heart most perfectly embody this situation. This is why Mary IS identical to Paradise on earth and to God’s Kingdom. She is the embodiment of the absolute pinnacle of God’s Works of creation. This is the ideal every soul is to aim for, and this is why the path of total consecration to Mary was offered to us. This path should be a way of life which should be actively and purposely practiced in everyday life. What it boils down to, is that every soul who wants to practice true total consecration to Mary is to collaborate with Mary’s intense inner guidance to transform her into a living paradise full of flowers of true Love and of the most various virtues.

6.7. Total consecration as a source of profound meaning

Nobody is able to count the number of souls who find little or no meaning in their daily lives. The experience of relative pointlessness of life is greatly due to a lack of true affinity with God and His Plans, Works and intentions. A soul who, deep down in her heart, has understood that she is only on earth for the purpose of helping accomplish God’s Works and Plans, who also accepts this whole-heartedly, and who is fully aware of the fact her being a Christian invites her to follow Christ also in trials, being well aware that just the trials are bearers of a redeeming value for the individual soul as well as for creation as a whole, will also regard the more difficult moments of life as occasions to make her life useful for God, with a purpose and a goal which are infinitely higher than anything a human being could ever imagine life on earth to have.

In April 2008 Mary spoke the following significant words:

"Every soul is able to make all her sufferings and trials become meaningful, by enabling Me to rule over her totally. This is the magnificent secret of total consecration to Me. I add meaning to that which is seemingly meaningless. My Kingdom is the Kingdom of adding meaning to journeys through life. This adding meaning is the fruit of true Divine Life".

In this respect the Mistress of all souls refers to the entire menu item The purpose of life.

6.8. Total consecration as a purpose and a goal in life

Each human life has got a purpose and a goal, which God has conceived quite differently from the way man usually perceives them to be. Every soul pursues some goal in her life, and usually it is situated somewhere in the field of material life or serves as a point she will be aiming to achieve by all means before her life will get to its end. Usually such goal is highly tainted by the general values which are most appreciated in society or which many consider to be some kind of indicator for the success a human life has or has not had. The real values, however, those that matter to God, are on quite a different level and are altogether related to the accomplishment of His Plans and Works. God wants to accomplish His goals on earth in the closest possible collaboration with the human souls, whom He wants to be able to commit as tools: He tries to accomplish things through human hands, through the words people speak and write, through the thoughts and feelings harboured by human souls, through the way people deal with all their fellow creatures (humans and animals alike) and with the environment in which they get to live, and through all which people consider to be important and are therefore willing to pursue.

As every human soul is given her life on earth solely for the purpose of committing all her being, every detail of her journey through life, every encounter and every contact with fellow creatures and everything going on inside of her as tools God can avail Himself of for the purpose of completing His Plan of Salvation, which, after all, is intended to bring all of creation back to the state of paradise on earth in an atmosphere which is a pure reflection of the atmosphere ruling the Heavens, God measures the success, the usefulness and the value of each human life only according to the degree to which a soul has actually accomplished this mission of rendering positive services to God’s Works and Plans for the entire duration of her life, in other words according to the degree to which a human soul has made either a positive or a negative difference for her fellow creatures. This degree is fully determined by the extent to which the soul has or has not fulfilled the Divine Law of true Love in all details of her life, in all encounters and contacts with her fellow creatures and in her attitude towards God Himself (the degree of her Love and faith, and the degree to which she has actually desired to make active and purely positive contributions to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans).

The golden path to a maximum fruitfulness of a human life for God’s Works and Plans is the path of intensely practiced total consecration to Mary.

In May 2009 the Mistress of all souls spoke as follows:

"Total consecration to the Mistress of all souls, followed by a life at My service, is the golden path to a maximum fruitfulness for the soul, and for the accomplishment of her true goal in life: truly being a child of God, and casting seeds for a harvest of new fruits of Divine Life".

In February 2007 the Queen of Heaven said:

"The soul’s fruitfulness is unlocked by her will, her desire, to increase her ability to love, and by every effort to put this into practice in everyday life".

A beautiful image depicting the fruitfulness of a human life was given by the Mistress of all souls in February 2008:

"Four elements determine a soul’s fruitfulness for the Kingdom of God and for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation: Love, purity, inner peace and obedience. Consider a brook.

Love is the water. It must flow in order to reach its destination and to make and keep as much soil as possible fertile.

Purity refers to the quality of the water and the state of health it is in.

Inner peace is the brook’s bed.

Obedience is the water’s inclination to follow its course in the way predestined by Divine Wisdom".

6.9. Total consecration blossoms on the crosses of life

The life of every human soul on earth basically consists of a virtually uninterrupted sequence of trials. Day after day billions of trials are endured by all human souls populating this world. A major part of these trials remains useless in the way of unlocking the Mystery of Redemption, which is embodied by the Sufferings and Death on the Cross of Jesus Christ. This is where the unparalleled significance of an intensely practiced total consecration to Mary becomes apparent.

Total consecration to Mary was intended exclusively as the golden key to completing the process of sanctification in the soul. However, sanctity can only be achieved along the path drawn for us by Jesus: the way of the Cross, of virtue and surrender, in other words: by accomplishing that which is referred to by the Mistress of all souls as the

triangle of spiritual fruitfulness:


LOVE = the path of virtue

SUFFERING = the path of the Cross

OBEDIENCE = surrender. The crown upon surrender is total consecration to Mary.

Total consecration to Mary is like a remake of Mary’s words: Be it done unto Me according to your word. Through these words Mary put Herself, all Her life and all Her being at the service of the Plan of Redemption. Something quite similar occurs when the soul consecrates herself totally to Mary and actually practices this consecration under all and any circumstances and in all and any situations of her life. Just like it was with Mary a door will open towards a life in which an unsuspected redemptive potential is contained, and therefore a life of trials. The Heavenly Mistress reminds of a parable in which She once compared the Kingdom of God with a wood:

I want to present you this metaphor:

God’s Kingdom is like a gigantic forest with countless trees, which all testify of God’s greatness through their seeds, their blossoms and their fruits. Every time somewhere in the world a sin is committed, a tree falls down. Every tree is a bearer of the strength of Divine Life. Every sin is an obstacle to the flow of Divine Life through creation, and makes a tree lose its vital strength. Since the forest of God’s Kingdom must constantly be cleaned, with every tree that falls down, Divine Providence looks for a soul that may acquire this tree as a gift which she can put to use for her own sanctification, for the accomplishment of the redemption of other souls, for the maintenance of the flow of Divine Life, and for the glorification of God’s sublimity. This gift is called ’trial’ and bears the signature of the Divine Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Each time a soul is confronted with a fallen tree, she will experience it as a cross, a burden. If she fails to do something with it, this burden will continue to weigh upon her. If she accepts the gift through her willingness to do something with it for her own salvation and for the salvation of all creation, it will be as if she were chopping this tree into clogs of fire wood. This will already lighten the burden, because each clog is in itself more easy to handle. However, it will only be truly useful if these clogs of wood are thrown into the oven of the soul. This is done by enveloping a trial in the fire of true Love of God and of all creatures. Furthermore a trial is also made heavier by the elements of sinfulness which have to be expiated through it.

Thus the soul can allow clog after clog, tree after tree of her trials, to burn all up through her Love, surrender and consecration. The result is the production of heat and light, which enables the soul to experience an increasing inner peace and security herself, and to help fight the cold and darkness within other souls. Thus the soul that lives in true surrender to Me will experience how I will kindle the fire of her good will and her surrender with the flames from My own Heart, to turn her into a source of fire which will never extinguish again.

Blessed is the soul that is found by God like a fire to which He can entrust tree after tree for the compensation of the sins of the world, for this soul contributes to the purification of creation and to the enhancement of warmth and light within God’s Kingdom on earth. The fire of Love and consecration brings warmth and light upon creation, and together with the tree logs the soul will also be able to commit her own shortcomings and failures to this fire. The ash remaining after the burning process will be scattered in the forest of God’s Kingdom, for it will be a bearer of the seed of Love and good will for the fertilization of souls.

Dear souls, your trials are not useless. Let Me help you become and remain ovens of holy fire, by consecrating all your trials to Me. Now you do not always see what this means yet. Later you will be able to see how many trees you have burned for your God by accepting and consecrating your crosses, and through your Love of God’s Plans and Works".

6.10. Total consecration as one of the major Divine Mysteries

In March 2009 the Heavenly Mistress eleborated further on the Mystery of total consecration to Her:

"The three major Divine Mysteries of the New Covenant are the Mystery of Redemption, the holy sacraments, and the effects of total and unconditional consecration to Me, Mary, the Mother of Christ. I want to present the following image to the souls, so that they may be able to assess more accurately the real value of total consecration to Me.

The Mystery of Redemption could be compared with true Life being injected into the soul.

The sacraments are the channels through which the soul’s vital force is constantly being replenished.

Total consecration to Me is like the implantation of a heart which, as long as the consecration is practiced and applied intensively, keeps circulating the strength of Divine Life throughout the soul’s being day after day, so that each element of human nature can be pervaded by it.

The soul who consecrates herself totally, unconditionally and eternally to Me, who truly practices this consecration as a covenant of total surrender of her entire being and her entire life to Me, and who sanctifies this covenant by a life lived in strictest following of My instructions and teachings – which flow to the souls directly from the Source of Divine Wisdom – is increasingly pervaded by Divine Life day after day.

The effects of total consecration to Me constitute a Divine Mystery through which the Most Holy Trinity wishes to complete the Works of creation, Redemption and sanctification of the soul, i.e.: to lead the Divine Works to their absolute accomplishment within the soul. It is impossible to overrate the value of total consecration to Me. Like every Divine Mystery, also the Mystery of the effects of total consecration to Mary is a source of nourishment and graces for the soul, of which the flows keep multiplying incessantly in order that the soul’s rose may be able to unfold petal after petal, until she comes as close to the dazzling beauty of perfect sanctity as can ever be possible for the created soul.

The soul who consecrates herself totally and unconditionally to Me, drinks from the source of the Immaculate Conception, a unique source of water of total sanctification, water that helps heal the scar inflicted upon the souls by the original sin and thereby gradually decreases within them the vulnerability to temptation, sin and vice. I am the Mistress of all souls because the Most High has given Me the power to reinforce the flow of Divine Life in the soul to such an extent that all layers and elements of the soul’s life are actually filled with them, just like a perfectly healthy blood stream fills each cell of the body with new nutrients, water and oxygen, and purifies it from everything which would turn into poison for the cell in the longer run.

Therefore behold the image, and duly grasp the meaning of it: the Mistress of all souls was meant by God to be a heart for the soul: the heart does not create life, but it spreads life throughout the body, thereby strengthening the latter, and thus stimulating the purification of each cell. That is just what I do in the soul: I spread Divine Life throughout every single chamber within the soul, I strengthen the soul, I increase her vital forces, and I stimulate her purification. I boost the blooming of all of the soul’s faculties, so that the soul’s rose may turn into a regular delight in God’s eyes. That is how I build a paradise of roses, a pleasure garden for the Most Holy Trinity: God’s Kingdom on earth. If the soul consecrates herself to Me, this special heart is planted inside of her. To the extent to which she actually practices this consecration, this heart will beat more intensely and will increase the soul’s vitality. The new Life is poured into the soul who truly believes in the Mystery of Redemption. To the extent to which she makes proper use of the Sacraments this Life receives more nourishment.

For the entire soul to really be pervaded by Divine Life up to her remotest corners, for her to be enabled to reach into the deeper secrets of Divine Life and to be able to make full use of Divine Life for a much more intense sanctification, God provided for the Mystery of the effects of total consecration to Mary, the Masterpiece of creation. Inform the souls that the sanctification of mankind, and thereby also the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, will depend on two factors:

  1. the radical return of souls to the traditional Teachings of Jesus Christ, the deep faith in the values as set by Jesus Himself, and a reverential use of the holy Sacraments in accordance with the traditional rules in this respect;
  2. the total and deeply lived consecration of ever increasing amounts of souls to Mary, the Mistress of all souls by virtue of a Divine Decree, along with the strict observance of the teachings and instructions I provide as the Science of Divine Life.

Dear souls, surrender to Me totally and unconditionally, so that I may be able to use each and every detail of your daily lives as means to integrate you into the battle of the Light against the darkness, for God has foreseen the Mistress of all souls as the Bridge over the tempestuous stream of trials and misery, to the gate of God’s Kingdom of perfect celestial Peace and Love on earth".

6.11. Mary’s power as a factor in total consecration

A soul’s total consecration to Mary is a sacred covenant through which the soul lays all her life and all her being in the hands of the Queen of Heaven and earth, in order that She may control and ennoble it all and combine it with Her own perfect Love so as to turn it into tools for the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans on earth. The Mother of God received from God an unparalleled power to command the hosts of the Light in their battle against the darkness and to induce a thorough inner transformation of every soul who totally submits herself to Her guidance, in order that this soul’s contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans may be optimized to the fullest. It is of the essence that the soul consecrated to Mary should have blind faith in her Mistress’ all-pervasive and all-encompassing power. In the practice of everyday life the signs of this unique power often fail to become apparent. So as to help souls to gain a better understanding of this the Mistress of all souls once used the following image:

The power of the Heavenly Mistress could be pictured as a tigress strolling on a leash: The leash consists of every lack of surrender by human souls to Mary and every lack of actually practiced consecration to Her in day to day life. The greater the number of souls who totally surrender to Mary and actually live their consecration to Her in everyday practice, the thinner the leash gets. The prince of the darkness knows very well that, as soon as the leash disappears altogether, this ’tigress’ is going to tear him up completely.

Satan is completely powerless against Mary. Before this ’tigress’ he is merely like a mouse. Nevertheless he gives human souls the impression he is a roaring and raving mouse. Consequently the soul, who is not able to see him and, moreover, is not able to compare him to Mary on the basis of pure intelligence (having regard to the fact that both beings are invisible to the human senses), will be inclined to regard him as an invincible monster. But in the way of cunning this mouse is second to none in all of creation. Satan has to such a high degree and in so many respects made the world his instrument (due to the countless voluntary choices made by human souls!) that in this day and age a great many souls are getting all desperate, discouraged and weak and losing all hope. Everything seems like a threat, everything seems pointless, and most souls do not even dare expect good or encouraging things to come out of the developments of life.

The strength of the soul consecrated to Mary, of her consecration, and therefore also of her life as a whole lies herein that she will try to reduce the impact of the world on her inner dispositions as much as possible, in order that she might actually get an awe-inspiring tigress for a companion on her path through life, running along with her without any leash, so that the putative monsters along the way may show themselves in the shape they actually possess when compared to the Mistress of all souls: in the shape of powerless mice taking flight. As soon as the ’Tigress’ is enabled to play Her role freely and without any inhibitory interference from the human soul She will be able to rule the soul’s entire journey through life. If, however, the souls keeps Her on the leash the mice will most certainly be roaring and crossing the soul’s path unrestrainedly.

6.12. The Kingdom of Mary

On November 26, 2005, the day on which Mary announced Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls for the first time, She spoke of Her ’Kingdom’ and made it clear that this Kingdom was nothing other than the Kingdom of Christ, the Kingdom of God, and that She Herself, by virtue of a Divine Decree, was going to be the last Executor whose mission consists of shaping as many souls as possible as Her servants for the purpose of becoming useful tools through which God will be able to establish His Kingdom:

"This is how you will help Me construct the foundations of My Kingdom. As the Mistress of all souls I want to prepare the hearts for the Kingdom My Son preached while He was on earth and of which He planted the standard in the earth in the shape of His Cross. This is how I want to bring true Divine Life into the souls. My power will re-create that which is in ruins, for I am the Bridge between Heaven and earth. (...)"

In March 2006 She made the unity between the Kingdom of Mary and the Kingdom of Christ clearer using these words:

"My Kingdom is the Kingdom of the Cross from which My Son Jesus Christ gave all mankind, all souls, to Me".

And a few days later:

"My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God Himself, is at hand, but it is a grace which can be bought only through the greatest sacrifices of total self-denial, submission, suffering and Love".

Once Mary phrased Myriam’s mission at Her service as follows:

"Give Me souls as the soil in which I can establish My Kingdom as the Mistress of all souls, so that I may be able to proclaim God’s Kingdom on earth in My capacity as the Queen of the Last Times".

In January 2006 the Heavenly Mistress spoke the following revealing words: "The foundations of My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God, will be built with bricks of fire, burning temples of Love. In this fire, which originates in My Heart, everything which is not in accordance with God’s Plans will be burned to ashes. New Life will rise from these ashes. (...)

The unity between the Kingdom of Mary and the Kingdom of God was also confirmed by the Queen of Heaven in June 2006:

"At dawn I give My servants the seed I want them to cast in the course of the day. In proportion as they will sow in preparation for the establishment of My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of the one true God, I Myself will in the meantime be tilling their own soil".

In October 2006 another confirmation followed:

"My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God Himself, is not of this world, it is the Kingdom of the more sublime things which usher the soul into Divine Life".

In January 2007 the Heavenly Queen spoke as follows:

"That is the Kingdom of Mary: That which falls into decline under the influences from the world is enriched in the Mistress of all souls through Her perfect sanctity and Her unlimited power within the actions of Divine Justice and Mercy. The fruit is new Life, unrecognizable when compared with the old life. All that is worldly, dark, dying, ill, becomes Heavenly, radiant with Light and vibrant with true Life. That is the deep sense of total consecration. Life never ends for the soul who will live in, with and for Me".

"What is the Kingdom of Mary? It is nothing else but the Kingdom of God on earth, yet by the notion of ’Kingdom of Mary’ the Most High wants to point the hearts towards the fullness of His Truth in these very last times: The Kingdom of God is to be established by the Woman who has received full power to represent God in His Works in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. The outcome of Her accomplishments will be the Kingdom of God on earth, for that is the completion of God’s Plan, of which one of the major components consists of the completion of the revelation of My sublimity as God’s Masterwork".

The right way to consider the notion ’Kingdom of Mary’ can in its fullness be deduced from the complete logo of the Maria Domina Animarum Work:

Ad Sanctam Trinitatem per Mariam. Ut adveniat Regnum Deum, adveniat Regnum Mariae. Ergo: TOTUS TUUS ego sum, MARIA.
(to the Holy Trinity through Mary. For the Kingdom of God to come, may the Reign of Mary come. Therefore: I am Yours totally, Mary)

followed by the slogan:

Total consecration to Mary as the Gate to the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth.

(to be continued soon)