Teaching dictated by the Mistress of all souls on October 1, 2019

Myriam van Nazareth

"With reference to My basic manifesto entitled Mary’s Temple I want to imprint the following words on the souls’ hearts, conveying through them the true nature of total, unconditional, life-long consecration to Me which is truly practiced in everyday life, so as to help them understand consecration as it is actually intended and thus to assist them in making the step of consecrating themselves to Me a truly informed decision.

Every soul is on earth for one purpose only: to make her entire life, her entire being, all her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, desires and all her inner dispositions tools for the accomplishment of the Works and Plans God wants to complete in creation.

To the extent to which a soul accomplishes this mission while sincerely aspiring to help accomplish God’s Works and Plans Eternal Bliss will be made accessible to her after her life on earth will be over, as this is also the extent to which the soul gives proof of her desire to take sides with God forever.

God’s creation is the object of an uninterrupted battle between the Light (God) and the darkness (Satan, who aims at destroying God’s Works and at preventing the completion of His Plans). Every human soul is directly involved with this battle, for Satan wants to prevent every soul from returning to God.

God provided total consecration to Me, the Queen of Heaven and earth and Mother of the Son of God, the Christ and Redeemer, as the golden path to the greatest fruitfulness of spiritual life for the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works. He provided it to be so on account of the fact He had entrusted Me with the command over the hosts of the Light in the constant war against the darkness. To the extent to which I have the soul with her entire life, her entire being, all her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, desires and all her inner dispositions at My undivided direct disposal I will be enabled to offer all of this to God along with My absolutely perfect Love and the merits of My immaculately sinless life, which God considered to be perfect. From all of this He prepares the graces of sanctification and of the direct preparation for the fulfilment of His Promise that I, the Woman, the Immaculate Conception, will in His hour crush all of Satan’s works under My feet and thereby ring in the establishment of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, God’s Kingdom on earth.

This means the soul should only consecrate herself to Me after she has duly realized the tremendous importance and the huge consequences of entering into this sacred covenant, and after she has reached the firm resolution to be My servant with heart and soul, and to regard and treat Me as her Mistress and Guide on her path through life.

Many misunderstandings are circulating among the Christians as to the concept of consecration. Many Christians consecrate themselves to Me on the assumption this consecration will automatically open up the door to Eternal Bliss for them. Thereby they are ignoring God’s Decree which states that Eternal Bliss is only the fruit of the soul’s active, voluntary, spontaneous, sincere and steady dedication with her entire life, her entire being and all her inner dispositions with the firm intention and the deliberate desire to help complete God’s Works and Plans through this very dedication. Saying a prayer of consecration to Me yet not practicing it in daily life does not yield any fruits nor any merits.

The soul who consecrates herself to Me yet fails to actually live as a consecrated soul is like a man who wants to give the impression of being a soldier by putting on a uniform. A uniform can have a certain appeal with people and can give the person wearing it the feeling he actually means something, due to the fact his uniform may lead his fellow man to regarding him as a person invested with a special mission: national defence. However, numerous are the soldiers who lose this feeling as soon as they are being called upon to actually start out on front duty. The call to actually put their lives at stake, the insecurity as to what is awaiting them, and the prospect of potential danger, sufferings and hardship put a lot of them off. Nevertheless one is not a soldier by putting on a uniform, but only through performing active service.

In a similar way one is not consecrated to Me by saying a prayer of consecration but only by truly living like a soul consecrated to Me. Consecration to Me that is actually practiced is nothing other than active front service, as the soul who actually practices her consecration by committing her entire life and her entire being to it will in the most active way partake in the uninterrupted war between the Light and the darkness. This soul is inevitably going to experience Satan’s assaults in the front line, among other things through all kinds of opposition from fellow people and through trials which God will allow on account of the fact that, through the way the soul will be dealing with those, she will get the opportunity to demonstrate in how far as she is actually willing to make the satisfaction of her own needs take second place to fulfilling the Law of True Love.

As the soul who consecrates herself totally to Me and actually practices this consecration is in the true sense of the word giving up her life for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth she is, in the eyes of God, leading a fruitful life and acquiring the merits which may guarantee her access to Eternal Bliss. The greatest sacrifice a soul on earth can make is giving up her life for the benefit of her fellow creatures. This is exactly what a soul is doing if she consecrates herself totally to Me and practices this consecration to the utmost, for a perfectly practiced consecration to Me means living in unconditional self-denial, in which the soul is willing to squeeze herself out under all and any circumstances for the well-being of her fellow creatures and with a view to advancing the completion of God’s Works and Plans.

This makes perfectly practiced consecration to Me nothing short of the perfect following of Christ, who gave His life so that every soul of good will might receive Eternal Life. I remind you that a soul of good will is a soul who allows her free will, her own desires, to merge completely with God’s Will and desires, in other words a soul who regards God and her fellow creatures as much more important than herself and the interests and needs she purportedly has.

Therefore a life of total, unconditional, life-long consecration to Me which is truly practiced constantly day after day is in he deepest sense of the word the golden path to the fulfilment of the mission and vocation in life every soul is created with: It is the pre-eminent way of an active, voluntary, spontaneous, sincere, unconditional, self-denying and uninterrupted commitment for the fulfilment of God’s Works and Plans, insofar as it is practiced with the purposeful intention that the whole of creation might, also through one’s own constant application, be elevated to a higher level of well-being and God’s Kingdom on earth might be established.

A life of total consecration to Me expresses the desire to put one’s own life, one’s own interests, the needs one feels, including any recognition of oneself in the eyes of one’s fellow person behind the needs of God and those of all fellow creatures. This is why consecration to Me can be fully and persistently practiced only to the extent to which the soul lives on the basis of true Love. This is exactly why a life of sincerely practiced total consecration to Me opens up the gates to Eternal Bliss: God measures the merits and the fruitfulness of each human life by the extent to which the soul has sown her path through life and the field of her spiritual life with the seeds of true Love.

The soul who sows true Love and sprinkles this seed her whole life long with the water of all trials and crosses (the tears over all emotional and physical sufferings, no matter if she has actually shed them or not, and the 'drops of sweat' from efforts made), will experience the ripening of a lush harvest, which I will offer to our God in the golden baskets of My celestial Love in order that He might prepare from it the bread of Redemption and sanctification. In order to secure this harvest the soul must keep her field and the path through her life free from the vermin of the darkness and the whirling winds from the world, and do so by committing her entire being to accomplishing this. She will only be able to do this insofar as she actually puts her field and her path through life under My rule and guidance and as her heart remains focused on God’s interests and His Law of True Love.

All of this explains why our God refers to the total consecration to the Daughter of His predilection as a sacred covenant: It is a covenant, a contract, which the soul enters into with Me with the intention that the Triune God, Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier, the Source of the Light of Eternal Truth and Wisdom and the never extinguishing Fire of Eternal Love, should be the sole Beneficiary to reap all fruits yielded under this covenant. With these fruits God builds the foundation of His Kingdom on earth and prepares the final victory of Love over Satan and his works of chaos, suffering, misery and injustice, a Kingdom which will be heralded by the visible victory of the Woman, the Mistress of every covenant of consecration, over Satan and the effects of all his works.

I, Mary, the Immaculate Conception, am for all times the only perfectly sinless soul. This is why God has preserved for Me the privilege of embodying the victory of the perfectly holy human soul over the darkness in the hour of Mary’s Triumph. This is also why He made total consecration to Me the model for living in active and exclusive service to the completion of God’s Works on earth and why He entrusted to Me the ability to rule over all souls. By virtue of this ability I am the Mistress, the Commander and the Guide of every soul who actively, purposely and sincerely takes sides with the Light and opts against the darkness, and is therefore ready and willing to partake in the battle against the darkness. I was appointed by God to be the Leader of the hosts of the Light. A life as a soul consecrated to Me is therefore a life as a soldier at the front where the war between the Light and the darkness is being fought. Through Me the soldier is recruited, trained and instructed.

Total consecration to Me is a major covenant with serious implications. That is why I most emphatically request that the soul should not enter into this covenant lightly and that she should take the step to enter into a consecration to Me only after having truly and genuinely felt the readiness and willingness to lead her entire life in complete self-denial at My service and with a view to contributing to the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works. The soul who is not willing to commit herself fully to the fulfilment of God’s Promise of the establishment of His Kingdom of Love and Peace on earth can not be a soldier of Mary, for breaking this most beautiful and most sacred of all covenants at the service of our God is the greatest insult the soul can direct against God, as in so doing she demonstrates the fact she considers God’s eternal interests – and hence also the interests of all her fellow creatures – to be subordinate to the transient interests she thinks she herself has got, and that she is not interested in the great gift of the golden path to the fulfilment of the true purpose of her life.

I also point out that a consecration to Me which is based on feelings of pride or arrogance or is entered into in the expectation that it will automatically save the soul for Eternal Life is totally unfruitful and consequently of no use to God. True consecration to Me is indeed a special election, yet not in the sense that God would regard the soul He calls for consecration to Me as better or more special than any other soul. The election is this, that the soul who is called gets the opportunity to apply herself in a special way for the benefit of accomplishing God’s Plans and Works. However, this soul is to live up to it, and this will inevitably be accompanied by trials, as truly practiced consecration to Me is tantamount to a life spent on the front line, where Light and darkness touch each other and wage the most fierce battles. A life of true consecration is a life in which, in a manner of speaking, the soul throws herself with her entire being between the enemy and her own Mistress and her God in order to defend Them (i.e. Their honour and Their Works), even if it should cost her her own life (i.e. even if it means she has got to disregard her own needs and interests if her Mistress should want her to). In this sense the perfectly practiced consecration to Me is a life at the summit of obedience and leads the soul towards acting upon God’s invitation to express the absolute opposite of the original sin.

A soul who is consecrated to Me yet fails to satisfy the covenant of consecration is like a soldier who is deserting. To God it is an insult if a soul appears not to be willing to give up her life for the fulfilment of the Law of Love, as true Love is the greatest thing which, ever since the establishment of creation, has been flowing from the Heart of God to all creatures, because without true Love all life in creation would extinguish in a split second. True Love is the Source of all life, of all Redemption, of all sanctification, of all repair and all healing, and of all happiness including the soul’s Eternal Bliss in Heaven.

May every soul who is faced with the option of consecrating herself to Me, only put on the uniform of the hosts of Mary after she has truly understood about the consequences of this step for herself, for God and for all of creation, and about what will be expected of her. The weapon, the gun of the soldier of Mary is true Love. The soldier can only make concrete contributions to winning the war insofar as he is able and willing to handle this gun and as he keeps it in perfect working order. Always and everywhere the soldier of Mary represents his Mistress and Queen, and through Her his God. Whoever represents the Queen of Heaven and God Himself will not surrender by putting out his uniform, on the contrary, he will defend the honour of True Love, which may be regarded as the flag of God’s Kingdom on earth".

These exceptionally gracious words were given by the Mistress of all souls to the souls through Myriam at the beginning of Her Rosary month, October of 2019.