Appeal by the Holy Virgin Mary to the souls
March 2020

inspired to Myriam van Nazareth

on the occasion of the current corona virus pandemic

The Queen of Heaven points out that the present appeal, although She launches it within the framework of the current situation marked by the corona virus pandemic, possesses a general validity pertaining to any emergency situation.

"God made His creation as a network of creatures living side by side in a state of perfect harmony.

A similar perfect harmony was intended to rule the inner life of every creature’s physical body as well, as it was to be ruled by God’s perfect Laws of life.

The original sin committed by the first human souls caused the perfect harmony among the creatures as well as inside the individual physical bodies to be disrupted.

This disruption expresses itself in various forms, among others by diseases.

An epidemic is therefore not merely a biological phenomenon. In truth I tell you that the biological factor is merely the top of an iceberg of which the larger part remains invisible to the senses and not perceptible by scientific measuring, due to the fact it does not find its origins in physical but in spiritual factors.

This is why I emphatically call the souls to fight against the current expression of a disrupted harmony within creation by spiritual means. I am referring not merely to prayer but to much more far-reaching means.

You see, prayer is ultimately based on the expectation that God Himself is going to revert the situation for which one is praying. Therefore prayer is still largely passive in nature. However, God expects the human souls to give evidence of a truly active commitment, which is not only based on prayer but first and foremost on a profound turnaround in the dispositions of the hearts, meaning a profound, spontaneous, unconditional, persistent and comprehensive practice of Love towards God, towards all His Works and Plans including nature, the environment and all fellow creatures, for all of these are Works out of God’s hand. Indeed, every disruption in creation is a direct result of violations against true Love. This is why every disruption in creation, including every epidemic, can only be reverted permanently by an intense practice of true Love by the human souls towards all of their fellow creatures on a global scale.

Souls, regard prayer as a disposition of heart in which you actively practice self-detachment and detachment from the spirit of the world, and do practice this disposition to the utmost and up to its highest level: the level on which the soul is spontaneously and persistently leading a life of self-denying Love. Do live for one another and for the promotion of one anothers’ well-being, and praticing whole-hearted preference over the satisfaction of the needs and interests you believe you have, and you will bring so much Light upon creation that the springs of darkness in this world will dry up. Drying up these springs means paralyzing the power of the darkness over this world and over the minds and hearts of human souls. The result of this would be nothing less than pushing back all chaos, all misery, all suffering, all injustice, all disease and illness.

Do reflect on all of this very seriously, and do now show your Creator that you are worthy of His Legacy of Eternal Bliss after this life and of a life of perfect Peace and happiness here on earth. Only then, and to the extent to which you whole-heartedly desire to act upon the present appeal, will God be able to pour out the power of His merciful Love upon His creation permanently, in order for the darkness to be dissolved in the omnipotence of the Light, for the Law of Divine Justice requires the full collaboration from the human souls with the Plans of their Creator.

Now do show you are truly children of God, living signs of God’s Presence in the form of true, self-denying Love, and the misery and suffering of the world will be put to shame once and for all".