Revelation and vision granted by the Holy Virgin MARY
on April 19, 2008

to Myriam van Nazareth

"Look at the image that I will show you in your heart. It fully expresses My capacity as the Mistress of all souls. I will burn this image into your heart for all eternity".

The image that is now shown to me for quite some time is so beautiful that I can only deeply regret not to be more talented in drawing: To be able to fully capture it would mean to deliver an enchanting picture of the Mistress of all Souls and to open the souls to the meaning and impact of the very essence of Mary in this most sublime capacity. Upon Mary’s request I will now describe the image as I have seen it:

In the lower part of the image I can see the curvature of a ball, which is the globe.

On the globe stands a golden throne. On its back-rest I see a lily-shaped shield clearly displaying the letters MDA (Maria Domina Animarum, = Mary Mistress of all Souls).

On the throne I can see Mary sitting. She wears a white dress and a robe of a magnificent heavenly blue colour, a much more beautiful blue colour than any shade of blue I have ever seen on earth. Across Her head I see a shiny gold-coloured belt (a girdle of approximately 5 cm, i.e. 2 inches, wide), dropping along both sides of Her head, in such a way that both extremities fall outside the arm-rests of the throne and touch the globe.

Mary holds a golden sceptre in Her right hand, which is covered with precious stones of various colours. Her left hand is casually resting on the left arm-rest. Eight of Her fingers are decorated with precious stones of various colours. (Each precious stone is of a different colour: the seven colours of the rainbow, one besides the other, plus one which radiates a blinding golden light). The coloured rays from each precious stone spread like light beams in all directions and in front of Mary’s feet, all over the globe.

On Mary’s head, on top of the golden belt, there is a crown, which is covered with precious stones of various colours.

In the upper part of the image, above Mary, I can see Divinity in the form of a blinding white light, similar to a radiating sun of a dazzling brightness. In the centre of the light I see a cross, from which drops of blood come down. From this 'sun' a wide beam of blinding white light emerges, coming down in Mary’s direction. Halfway between the 'sun' and Mary’s head, this beam of dazzling light is transformed into the Holy Spirit whom I can see in the form of a white dove; as if this Dove were a prism, the white light seems to be broken up within this Dove into the seven colours of the rainbow, and then radiates like a seven-coloured beam of light downwards, where it becomes increasingly wide in proportion as it approaches Mary’s head. When touching Mary’s head, the beam is exactly as wide as Her head, so that it seems as if Her head were wrapped in the rainbow.

Mary’s Heart seems like a sun of blinding light.

At both sides of Mary I can see vast numbers of angels, lying deeply prostrated with their heads towards Mary. It appears as though these angels were all 'hovering in the air', not touching the ground.

Mary’s right foot rests on a demon’s face. This demon is lying on the ground, with his head towards Mary, yet turned to the left (the right cheek touching the ground), so that the toes of Mary’s right foot are resting on his left cheek.

Mary’s left foot is resting on the globe. In front of Her left foot three demon-like figures lie prostrated, looking at Mary’s foot with a frightened look in their eyes. Underneath these three devils the ground appears to be open. I can see the flames of hell.

To Mary’s right, between the angels and the ground there is a haze, in which I can see some figures lying prostrated as well. This haze represents purgatory. The haze is illuminated by some golden rays from one of the precious stones on Mary’s hand.


Mary explains this breath-taking vision while I am seeing it. Here is the meaning of the symbols as explained by the Mistress of all souls:

  • God has no definite shape. He is pure Light. In the centre there is the Cross of His Son with the Blood through which He has opened the gateway to all graces for the souls.

  • The Divine Mysteries become operative through the Holy Spirit. The breaking up of Divine Light (which is the bearer of Divine Life) within the Holy Spirit symbolizes the fact that God’s Spirit showers graces upon the souls in such a way that the latter are able to 'absorb' them.

  • Mary’s head is, as it were, covered in the rainbow of graces. This symbolizes Her unique privilege of being full of grace, which has never been granted to any creature but Mary. This fullness of grace elevates Mary to the unique position in which She is enabled to wield elements of God’s executive power over all creatures: She is covered with Divine Light, meaning that She is the Bearer of the fullness of Divine Life and is thus in complete unity with God’s Will. This makes Mary’s power complete: Every single expression of Her will is regarded by God as being an expression of His own Will and must thus be accepted and obeyed as such by all creatures, because it actually IS God’s Will.

  • Mary is sitting on a golden throne. This symbolizes the fact She is elevated to be the Queen of everything that is below God. (the golden colour is the Divine colour, the colour of perfect sanctity and of the most sublime dignity). Besides the Queen of Heaven Mary is also the Seat of Wisdom, the Throne of the Holy Spirit, so to speak.

  • Mary wears a golden crown covered with multi-coloured precious stones. The crown is the symbol of royalty, the golden colour symbolizes the Divine, the multi-coloured precious stones once again symbolize the multitude of graces and the fact that God has shared many of His features with Mary, so as to enable Her to act upon Her unique vocation as the Mistress of all souls.

  • The top of the back-rest of Mary’s throne is a shield in the shape of a lily, in which the letters MDA (Maria Domina Animarum, meaning 'Mistress of souls') are engraved, to indicate that the capacity as the Mistress of all souls was granted to Mary on account of Her immaculate purity (symbolized by the lily) and holiness. Absolute purity is the characteristic through which a soul is able to absorb God’s light COMPLETELY and to transfer it to the fullest. This fact applies to Mary exclusively, so that it can be said She is a reflection, a mirror, of God.

  • Mary wears a white dress (symbol of immaculate purity), a heavenly blue robe (symbolizing the fact Her soul is a bearer of an absolutely perfect inner peace, as can only be found in Her and in God Himself; the heavenly blue of a cloudless sky symbolizes the deep peace ruling Mary’s Heart) and across Her head a golden belt (symbol of the fact that Her whole nature is filled with Divine features and effects of Divine grace). This belt is hanging down along both sides of Her body, and touches the globe on both sides of the throne, symbolizing the fact that Mary wants to spread Her glory out over the souls, so as to help them benefit from it for the benefit of their own inner bloom.

  • Mary’s Heart is a sun of blinding golden light: a symbol of the absolutely spotless purity of Mary’s spiritual state, the fact that She is completely filled with holiness and Divine Life, and the fact Her power becomes effective through Her unparalleled Love, so that, in effect, She exerts an unlimited power over God’s Heart as well. (This is why Her Heart is like a golden sun: God wants to confirm herewith that, in a manner of speaking, Mary exerts Divine power by virtue of a Divine Decree, and that She does so through the fullness of Love, which is the driving force of all creation).

  • Mary’s right hand holds a golden sceptre (symbol of Her unlimited power over everything) with multi-coloured precious stones (denoting the fact that this power results from the fullness of grace). Her left hand casually rests on the left arm-rest, denoting the ease with which She bears Her glory and wields Her power over all creatures.

  • Eight of Her fingers are decorated with precious stones. They symbolize Her role as Mediatrix and Distributor of Divine graces. She radiates these graces like rays of coloured light (elements of Divine Life) over all souls. The precious stones spread the seven colours of the rainbow, which as a whole symbolize all Divine graces, plus the golden colour in accomplishment of sanctification. This is why the beam of golden light shines into purgatory: a symbol for the purification of the souls there, as well as a sign for the fact these souls can speed up the accomplishment of their purification through the graces poured down onto them through Mary.

  • Mary’s throne stands on the globe, denoting the fact She is given power over all things created. Her left foot rests on the globe as well, as a sign of Her power over everything in the world.

  • Mary’s right foot rests on a demon. This symbolizes the fact that Satan is in Mary’s power for all eternity. She was superior to him throughout Her life on earth (it takes but one foot to completely subject him to Her). At the end of times She will appear with Satan underneath Her foot, to demonstrate Her power over all souls and Her final victory over all and any dark forces and all works of darkness. The demon’s position of complete submission towards Mary symbolizes yet other things: He is lying on the globe (meaning that he is trying to conquer the whole world), with his head towards Mary (because he focuses all his attention to Her and Her followers as his major enemies and obstacles). Yet his head is turned under Mary’s foot. (She has pressed his head – symbol of his pride – down underneath Her foot. The fact that Mary’s toes are not resting on the skull but on the cheek, denotes the deepest possible humiliation, since the demon is no longer able to move, yet is able to see the foot which is humiliating him so deeply).

  • In front of Mary’s left foot demons lie prostrated, with the flames of hell below them. In this image Mary demonstrates Her unlimited power over all demons, over all forces of darkness. The frightened look in the eyes of the demons looking at Mary’s foot symbolizes the fact they are aware of their being completely at Her mercy. This image also expresses the fact it is well-known to Satan that one day his head is going to be crushed by the feet of the Mistress of all souls.

  • At both sides of Mary’s throne there are seas of angels, prostrated with their heads towards Mary, as a symbol of Her power over all angels. As the Mistress of all souls once said to Myriam, the angels do not worship Her as such, they worship the most sublime Work of God which is embodied in Her, and are subjected to the fullness of Her power by God Himself, on account of Her capacity as the Leader of the angelic hosts which are to defeat all darkness under Her command. This is why Mary embodies the force which executes God’s Plan of Salvation.

The overall picture represents the Queen and Mistress of ALL CREATED THINGS, through the fullness of Divine Grace.

At this point the Queen of Heaven requests that reference be made to Her
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