Important preliminary

Private Revelation by the Mistress of all souls to Myriam

during contemplative prayer on August 17, 2015

MOST BLESSED VIRGIN MARY: "Through the years very few souls have understood the real purpose of My Myriam’s vocation.

Your vocation is the fruit of a mystery which is very closely related to the present era, which is the era of the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. By virtue of the graces reserved for these special days of My glorification before God(*) I will now allow you to announce the true purpose of My Myriam’s vocation in My very words:

My Myriam’s vocation is in no way geared to individual souls and their individual needs, it is directly geared to advancing the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation for creation as a whole, and is therefore fully focused on teaching the basic law of creation: the Law of True Love in all of its components, properties and mysteries.

The adversary of the Light of Divine Truth has left no stone unturned to thwart the Work I want and I am to accomplish through My Myriam and to try and direct this Heavenly Work of teaching into channels I had never intended for it. Your vocation has therefore been ill understood by many, and has been abused on quite a few occasions.

This is why, between the Easter seasons of 2012 and 2013, I have gradually and irreversibly withdrawn you from all and any worldly contacts, for this vocation can only fully develop in the contact between My Heart and yours, in the most intimate spheres of your soul, where I have sown, and keep sowing, the seeds which can blossom only when worldly clouds are prevented from blocking the beams sent from My Heart to yours.

This is also why, in 2012, I terminated the phase preceding the time when I was to withdraw you once and for all, by the unique inspiration of The Brooklets of Salvation, for let Me emphatically point out this:

My Myriam’s vocation is fully geared to teaching True Love and the ways how to implement it so as to resemble the image the Creator has been harbouring from the beginning as to what every human soul should be like. God’s Plan of Salvation can be accomplished only to the extent to which the human souls consciously, spontaneously and unconditionally live true Love towards each element of creation, i.e. towards their fellow people as well as the animals, even towards the environment.

Your leading a life in complete seclusion has enabled me to start guiding this Work’s ultimate purpose towards its perfection, a process which began to take its intended shape with The Brooklets of Salvation and has ever since been fully unfolding in the unique inspirations which I am currently pouring out into you and which I will let you release to the souls in God’s time.

Announce these words as a token of My power over the darkness".

(*) The Mistress of all souls at some point referred to the days between Her feasts of August 15 and August 22 as 'the days of My Glorification'.

(Here ends the Revelation of August 17, 2015)



In 1997 the Mother of God called upon a soul in Flanders (the Dutch speaking part of Belgium), to whom She was soon to give the name Myriam, to lead a life at Her exclusive service. At the initial stage after being called Myriam was trained by the Most Holy Virgin to be a mystical channel.

The Maria Domina Animarum Work was born fairly shortly after the calling, yet for a longer period of time it developed rather silently, with the focus of the mission entrusted to Myriam by the Queen of Heaven gradually shifting.

Especially as of 2005, when the Holy Virgin announced Herself for the first time as the Mistress of all souls, the Apostolate became first and foremost an Apostolate of teaching. Eventually, on May 1, 2008, the Maria Domina Animarum Work went online for the first time – from Germany. In Lent 2011 finally, according to the instructions given by the Mistress of all souls and under Her strict guidance, the Apostolate was fully restructured.

The teachings conveyed by the Queen of Heaven through Her Myriam revolve around the teaching of the Science of Divine Life, as well as around the provision of in-depth knowledge of the true nature, the true glory and the yet so inadequately known power the Mother of God is invested with.

The Mistress of all souls especially expresses Her will to stay closely in touch with the souls in Her invitations to establish a Chain of Light, to establish meetings of prayer, and in the letters of reply (the latter having been discontinued in the meantime, in order for Myriam to be able to lead a life with a little worldly interference as possible). However, She emphatically requests that the souls should immerse themselves in each of the various categories of Myriam’s writings, because they are all very closely connected among themselves, thus constituting a perfectly coherent system.


In order to gain a better understanding of the roots underlying the Maria Domina Animarum Work, it is useful to consider the following text:


Announcement made by the Most Holy Trinity
at Mary’s Coronation
as Queen and Mistress of the whole creation

Myriam van Nazareth

August 22

Feast of Mary as the

Queen of Heaven and earth and Mistress of all souls

the vision received by Myriam on August 22, 2006
of Mary’s Coronation
and the words God spoke on that occasion

On 22 August 2006, Mary revealed to Myriam van Nazareth the following announcement made by the most Holy Trinity at Her coronation as Queen and Mistress of the whole of creation. The triune God proclaimed these words to the saints who were lying prostrated at Mary’s feet:

"It is Our Will that in this hour the following proclamation be made to all inhabitants of the celestial spheres, of the earth, of the place of purification and of hell: In accordance with Our age-old decree this soul, MARY, the Immaculate Mother of the Word, is to receive the throne, the crown and the sceptre of unique power over all of creation. She shall sovereignly rule all souls and inanimate creation. She is endowed with Our incontestable will and elements of Our inviolable power and She is to rule in Our most holy Name. Her words shall be as laws binding Heaven, earth and everything beneath the earth. Her power is rooted in Our divinity and She is to dispose of it freely and with all sovereignty. This is owing to the incomparable merits She has gained in the accomplishment of Her God-given mission and the perfect use She has made of the wealth of graces and privileges drawn from the source of Our Divine Life with which Her soul alone is endowed.
It is Our will that all souls shall serve Her eternally, giving Her obedience and glory. She is to possess absolute power to command all angels and all souls in Heaven, on earth and in the underworld. She is to enjoy their total subservience and obedience. Nothing in Our creation, animate or inanimate, will be able to resist either Her power or any of Her commands, whatever their nature or content. She will be known as 'Mistress of all creation' because We place all things created beneath Her feet. Into Her hands we lay the completion of Our plans for the salvation of souls, the fruits of which have been made available by the Son of God. Owing to the fullness of grace present in Her, She shall rule and govern with sovereign power and infallible wisdom. Second only to Our Divinity, She is to be the object of the highest honour.
As Queen over all creation and Mistress of all souls She is to fulfil the role of satisfying Divine Justice through mediation, reparation and completion. To enable Her to do this, all the treasures from the source of Divine Life, as well as all souls, shall be completely at Her disposal. She is to possess every power over the design, the effects and outcome of Our Divine Providence. Every act of obedience, veneration, honour and service shown to Her is to be deemed an act of obedience, veneration, honour and service towards Us directly, the Divinity. Anything that She is deprived of is to be deemed a deprivation to Our divinity, for this Soul is Our representative towards all souls. The foundation for the completion of Our Plan of Salvation has been accomplished in the coronation of this Soul. Not a single one of Her wishes shall remain unfulfilled, and all things present and future shall be subjected to Her irresistible power. Such is the decree of Our incontestable Divine Will". (MOST HOLY TRINITY – 22 August 2006)



A brief introduction

Myriam van Nazareth

On Saturday 26 November 2005 the Holy Virgin Mary for the first time presented Herself as the 'Mistress of all souls' through Myriam van Nazareth, by speaking the words:

"It is God’s will that from this hour I should be known to humanity as the Mistress of all Souls. (...) As the Mistress of all souls I want to prepare the hearts for the Kingdom My Son preached on earth and of which He planted the standard in the earth. This standard was His Cross. Thus it is My aspiration to inject the souls with the true Divine Life. My power will reshape that which is in ruins, for I am the Bridge between Heaven and earth".(...).

In this 'capacity to end all capacities' (as the Mistress of all souls) it is Mary’s vocation in these Last Times to shape God’s final victory over the darkness, like She explained in Her Revelation of Tuesday 30 May 2006:

"God (...) has given Me all the power needed to humiliate and defeat Satan, the source of all ruin for souls, totally and definitively. He has chosen Me to be the Mistress of all souls so that I might carry out – in these Last Times – the last preparatory phase for the foundation of Christ’s Kingdom on earth. All this is the work of God Himself".

In order to complete this Work, the Mistress of all souls now invites the souls to consecrate themselves and their entire lives totally and unconditionally to Her, and to let themselves be moulded and taught in accordance with the Science of Divine Life. Mary tries to accomplish all of this within the framework of a Work through which She brings together all souls in a Chain of Light based on perfect solidarity, true Love and unshakable hope and encouragement.

In these Last Times God presents MARY to the souls in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. Her vocation as such is this: to sanctify the souls from within to such an extent as to enable them to complete the Works of Jesus Christ within themselves and, under Mary’s guidance, to achieve the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth. Mary wants to do this by eliminating all ignorance as to the various elements of God’s Plan of Salvation, and by teaching the souls the Science of Divine Life. Therefore, consecrate yourself totally, unconditionally and eternally to Mary as the Mistress for all souls.



The deepest of all questions, and the one which is indubitably the most frequently asked, is this: What is actually the purpose of human life?

Each soul on earth is to achieve two purposes for God’s benefit:

  1. contributing to the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth;

  2. accomplishing true sanctity within herself through the following of Christ.

Both these purposes are very closely linked, and together they determine the accomplishment of the Plan of Salvation God has provided for all human souls.

The extent to which a soul succeeds in sanctifying herself, determines her 'value' or use within God’s Plan of Salvation, because in proportion as a soul grows in sanctity, she becomes a purer mirror of the capacities of God Himself, and her will becomes increasingly one with God’s Will. Therefore her intentions, her longings and aspirations, and all her actions, are so much wrapped in God’s Will that it seems as if anything which emanates from this soul, actually emanates from God Himself. That is why the holy soul develops so much strength within the framework of God’s Works. To an absolutely perfect degree this applies to Mary, Mother of Christ and Queen of Heaven and earth. Therefore She was elevated by God to be the Mistress of all souls, in which capacity She first revealed Herself to mankind in 2005 through Myriam van Nazareth.

Mary is like a Mirror of God. In Her, sanctity has reached the absolute summit of that which could possibly be attained by a created soul. Therefore She is for all souls the Golden Path to God’s Heart. In His Plan of Salvation God foresaw the possibility for souls to consecrate themselves totally to Mary. By total consecration to Mary the soul surrenders herself, all her inner dispositions, everything she does, and her entire life with everything that happens in the course of it, to Mary, so that She might be enabled to 'process' all these things and to enrich them with the infinite liberating and sanctifying power of Her perfect Love. This means that God has given Her an exceptional power to command all and any services rendered by souls. Thus Mary is in a position to rule unrestrictedly over the souls who consecrate themselves totally to Her and who actively live this consecration in everyday life. The only two restrictions as to the concrete execution of the power wielded by the Mistress of all souls reside in:

  • any unwillingness of the soul to give herself up completely for the benefit of God’s Works;

  • any restrictions which may be imposed by virtue of the Law of Divine Justice.

The entire being and entire life of the soul who has consecrated herself to Mary, turn into raw material for the creation of graces for mankind as a whole, for the sake of accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation. Mary accomplishes this 'transformation' or 'processing' through Her mediation of graces, Her intercession with Divine Justice, and through 're-creating' or remoulding souls in a process of thorough transformation.

God’s Plan of Salvation has provided that Mary, as the Mistress of all souls, shall in these Last Times wield an unlimited power as the Leader of angels and human souls in the battle of Divine Light against the darkness (the forces of evil). In Her Revelations to Myriam van Nazareth Mary explains why Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls has not been revealed to mankind any sooner.

In this most sublime capacity Mary’s mission in these Last Times is geared to completing, within each individual soul, the Redemption of mankind accomplished by Jesus Christ, to the extent to which a soul sacrifices her free will to Mary as a token of her desire to give her full collaboration to these heavenly Works.

On October 11, 2008, Mary defined sanctity as follows, through Her Myriam:

"My dearest souls, God sends Me to you to teach you the Science of Divine Life. Divine Life is life in perfect harmony with Divine Law, life in true sanctity. Sanctity, 'holiness', is a state of the soul who is able to bestow 'hail', or salvation, upon creation, through anything she does and says, even through her most hidden thoughts, feelings and wishes".

On August 12, 2006, the Mistress of all souls had already said:

"A holy soul is a soul who has assimilated God’s Truth, and truly experiences and lives it in the very depth of her being. She discovers Eternal Truth and gradually begins to see through it, like one would get to the core of a flower by removing petal after petal, so that the core becomes more and more visible. The petals of a flower are then the elements of Truth, the elements constituting sanctity, virtues, the ingredients of true Love, indeed, the 'ingredients' of God’s Being".
Mary refers to sanctification as an expedition to the very Being of God, who can most definitely never be thoroughly fathomed, yet during this journey opens up a source of endless delights. On this expedition the soul gradually learns to see herself for what she actually is, meaning that, in point of fact, she learns to actually see herself the way God Himself sees her. She discovers the dangers threatening the process of sanctification, the causes and nature of sin, the soul’s own weaknesses, God’s expectations towards the soul (both in general and towards each individual soul according to the latter’s specific vocation), and the way to the soul’s deliverance. This is exactly the learning material the 'Science of Divine Life' consists of.

True sanctity is perfect freedom of the soul, detachment from the most various attachments except one: the attachment to GOD. Exactly this experience of being completely taken up into God’s Heart, sets the soul free from her feelings of fear and helplessness. She can aim for becoming one with the Heart of God through perfecting herself in all virtues.

The more the soul enters into unity with God’s Heart, the more she is set free from the (usually unconscious) feeling of being a prisoner of life itself. This feeling is brought about by the attachments to all worldly things and influences: needs the soul can hardly, or not at all, resist, but also – among others – curiosity, and all memories of the soul’s personal past, in brief: everything which ties the soul’s actions, thoughts and feelings up to matter, viz. the signals her own body transmits, all sensory perceptions regarding the world she lives in, and all events of her entire life. The soul cannot simultaneously engage in material AND non-material things (spirituality, everything related to God and His Works, and to the development of spiritual life). One of the goals of the Mistress of all souls lies in awakening within the soul the understanding and the longing to fully opt for a life of serving the non-material (i.e.: serving God, not mammon).

Precisely the growing knowledge of God’s Truth leads the soul to her deliverance, step by step. However, this knowledge the Christian souls have of their magnificent faith – the Doctrine of Christ as the only foundation of God’s Truth – has become very hazy. Consequently, many souls do not feel free, but confused and burdened. They do not succeed in freeing themselves from their slavery towards matter. That is why God reveals Mary as the Mistress of all souls, to teach the souls the Science of Divine Life, the paths to the entire inner freedom, and countless unknown or forgotten elements of God’s Truth, and to transform them thoroughly from within, under Her unlimited power, which, prior to these revelations, were hardly known to their full extent. Mary, the Mistress of all souls, is given to us by God as the One to guide this process of inner transformation and as a Teacher on the way to true sanctity, and therefore to the complete fulfilment of the vocation of each soul, which is: to lead a fruitful life within the framework of the fulfilment of God’s Works and Plans. Thereby the soul completes Christ’s Work of Redemption within herself. Thus true happiness is gradually made accessible to the soul – while the latter is still on earth. Let us take the hand God extends to us in the Mistress of all souls, the Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth, our Precursor of perfect inner peace and of unwithering happiness.

In 1997 Mary called upon Myriam to enter a path of mystical union with Her, which was to culminate in the service as the 'apostle of the Mistress of all souls'. Through this instrument Mary has been teaching the souls for a number of years the mystical knowledge which, for the first time in 2007, She referred to as the Science of Divine Life, 'the science of the soul and her abilities to live in the image of her Creator'. She does so through an extensive volume of writings: books, more concise teachings, prayers, and a great many revelations, in which Mary opens up the very depths of spiritual life, geared to guiding the souls towards the fulfillment of their vocation as children of God. The Science of Divine Life teaches the souls a great many things which can be useful to the Christian in his/her daily life: What goes on within souls, and why; what exactly does God expect of the souls; how can each soul make full use of her 'luggage' (talents, but also trials etc.) during her journey through life; what does total consecration to Mary hold in store for the souls, and how is it that this consecration constitutes the golden way to follow Christ, and a great many other things. An ever increasing variety of elements of Divine Truth is brought to the souls step by step. Therefore we can say that the teachings and revelations by the Mistress of all souls make the springtime sun rise above the souls. They aim at founding Eternal Spring within each individual soul. This is what they bring the souls:

  • the light of true hope;

  • the warmth of Mary’s perfect, Heavenly Love;

  • the beauty of new blossoms within the soul;

  • new fruitfulness for the soul’s inner life.

Therefore the teachings and revelations given by the Mistress of all souls can be regarded as signposts to an entirely new life: a life in true hope, in true Love, in true faith, in confidence, in true peace of heart, and therefore in happiness. The soul who assimilates the teachings given by the Mistress of all souls, really comes home in the haven of inner peace Jesus has opened up to the souls with whom God is pleased. A soul with whom God is pleased, is a soul whose objective it is, to unite her will with the Will of God. The Will of God is the Source of all Life.

As the Mistress of all souls, Mary IS the Signpost pointing to this Spring, because She is the eternal Tabernacle bearing Jesus Christ, the Midday Sun. Therefore Mary is the Dawn, the Promise of Eternal Spring. She wants to share Her own eternal springtime sun with each soul, through the teachings, revelations and prayers She inspires to Myriam in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls.

Therefore, in this capacity Mary is now given to the souls as the final Means of Rescue for mankind, which is withering under the burden of evil, disbelief and modernism. In and through Mary, God replies with the major weapons of:

  • making the souls aware of their true nature and inner disposition, of the strategies of evil, the ways of sin and the countless temptations from worldly life;

  • transferring a much deeper knowledge of Divine Truth (the Science of Divine Life);

  • returning to the traditional roots of Divine Law.

The unique significance and purpose of the Maria Domina Animarum Work consists herein, that it was created by Mary Herself for the purpose of distributing the aforementioned Divine weapons among the souls, and deploying them, for the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth.



(from a letter of reply by our Apostolate to a soul in England)

Note: It must be pointed out that this letter was written a number of years ago. In the meantime the Queen of Heaven no longer encourages letters to be written to Her MDA Work, on account of the mystical nature of the Work and the necessity of Myriam’s living and working in an atmosphere of persistent retreat.

Dear souls in Jesus and Mary,

We take great joy in the observation that also in England the revelations and teachings given by the Mistress of all souls through Myriam van Nazareth are being read. We take this as an encouragement for us to continue spreading these texts in English as well.

There is no shrine in honour of the Mistress of all souls, other than the place in Belgium where Myriam lives. Whereas, however, the Most Holy Virgin has requested Myriam to lead a hidden life, no visits there are possible either.

'Myriam van Nazareth' actually means 'MARY of Nazareth'. In 1998 the Most Holy Virgin Herself gave Her (Aramaic) name to Myriam, thereby expressing Her intention that Myriam was henceforth to be "a copy of Her Heart". In the figurative sense and in a manner of speaking Myriam possesses the Heart of the Mother of God. It is Mary who 'moves' the heart and mind of Myriam to everything Myriam writes and says! Myriam was given this name by the Mother of God, because all of Myriam’s works are inspired by Mary and, consequently, are entirely produced on Mary’s behalf.

Mary said as early as 1998 that She wanted to transform Myriam so completely into 'Mary' (hence the spiritual name 'Myriam van Nazareth', which actually symbolizes the mystical union), that She would be enabled, so to speak, to extend Her own earthly life and works in Myriam and through Myriam. As She expressed it: "I want you as free as possible from any stain, for a mirror only reflects the light to the extent to which it is clean and spotless; through you I want to radiate God’s Light to the souls". Only later did Myriam understand the words the Most Holy Virgin then spoke: She intended to use Myriam as the channel through which She would announce Herself to mankind as the Mistress of all souls. This is a mystery beyond all human comprehension and which can barely be expressed in words. After 2000 years Mary steps out of the shade to reveal Herself as the One She really is.

Some thoughts of St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort (1673-1716) can be found back in the texts of Myriam, and receive a truly unusual in-depth elaboration. Concepts such as 'slave' or 'slavery', by which the total surrender to Mary is indicated, or the 'divinization' of Mary, can already be found in the writings of this great saint.

Many souls will not be able to actually relate to these thoughts, and will therefore be inclined to reject these texts entirely or in part. What was the fate of St. Grignion de Montfort? Everywhere he sang the praises of Mary, and he was repaid by being chased from EVERY parish, throughout his life. Like a tramp he was reduced to roaming all over France, because he announced great truths about Mary. Yet after he died his theology took an eminent impact on the theology of the Church. Consequently, should it really be considered unusual if Myriam and the Myriam van Nazareth apostolic work were to be rejected by many inside the Church?

Myriam van Nazareth leads a hidden life. Since 1997 Myriam has been receiving inspirations from the Mother of God. As of 2003 Myriam was allowed to spread these texts among a very small number of persons, which were in those days chosen by the priest who was Myriam’s spiritual director.

In January 2008 the Mother of God announced an 'explosion of Light' as to the spreading of the texts. As of May 2008 these texts are allowed to be spread among all souls, and that is what we are now doing through the homepage, as well as through other channels.

The very essence of Mary’s message is contained in the Dutch language (as Myriam is a Flemish native) in the homepage. The texts continuously appear in German as well, whenever possible in English, and to a minor extent in a few other languages, in complete accordance with the wishes expressed by the Queen of Heaven.

Some 'specific characteristics' of the revelations given by the Mistress of all souls through Myriam van Nazareth:

  • Considerations on the Christian doctrine from a point of view enabling the souls to really find and follow the path of Christian perfection in their everyday lives. In these teachings, each soul is able to recognize herself, her weaknesses etc. Unfortunately most of these unique pearls are still hidden in the many texts that have not yet been translated into English as yet.
    (The rate at which translations are prepared depends on several factors, but is ultimately determined by the Will of the Heavenly Mistress Herself).

  • A unique extension of the knowledge about the glory of Mary within the Divine Plan of Salvation.

  • In one way or another, the texts and prayers have got 'something' which really hits the very depths of the soul. As to the extraordinary mysteries as explored and unfolded in, e.g., The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on Earth, one could say: "For those who really believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not want to believe, no explanation is possible".

Myriam was called upon by Mary to prepare the souls for the delightful thought that they, too, are allowed to drink from the ocean of these celestial delights that are gathered in the Most Holy Virgin. Drop by drop, Myriam is to feed Mary’s words of hope into the hearts, and while Myriam is doing so, Myriam herself experiences once again the ecstasies of the inexpressible contact with the Purest of all souls. Myriam’s heart experiences a great deal of suffering on account of the disbelief of some blinded souls, but is filled with much joy whenever the drink is accepted and is allowed to restore life in abundance.

The revelations given by Mary to Myriam through words and visions, contain nothing less than the key to the Kingdom of God, which is able to disclose true happiness in the hearts, not in the way the world gives it, but in the way God gives it, in all perfection. Each soul who has found the key within her own heart, is to use it, for God’s gifts are meant to convey perfection to the soul so as to make her fit for His Kingdom, which is now announced to us by Mary, and with Her.

United in prayer and in the love for the Mistress of all souls, we cordially remain,

Her Maria Domina Animarum Work

Important for a right perspective on this Work

The Maria Domina Animarum Work takes its roots exclusively in Roman Catholic mysticism.

Through this Work the Most Blessed Virgin Mary intends to contribute to the completion, within the individual soul, of the Redemption bought by Jesus Christ, along the golden path of total consecration of all situations of everyday life to God through the Mother of Christ.

We emphatically disassociate ourselves from all and any forms of esoterism. This Work does not, in any manner or form, propagate any 'cosmic messages', it circulates teachings inspired by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

No possible link between the present website or any content on it on the one hand, and any texts and websites with an esoteric content or design on the other hand, must be regarded as trustworthy, nor does such a link ever come about by the Holy Virgin’s will, nor will any link of such a kind ever be established upon the request of, or with the approval from, the Maria Domina Animarum Work.

We must also warn you about ongoing abuses of our Work’s name in circles which have not got anything whatsoever to do with this Work, as well as about forgeries of our texts and images, circulated by such circles. The latter forgeries are works of darkness intended to harm and vilify this Heavenly Work. The only truth about Maria Domina Animarum and the teachings inspired by the Mistress of all souls are published on this website.

In 2015 the request made by the Mistress of all souls for our website to change names, was finally met also on a technical level:

Ever since, our website is permanently called

By replacing the old name the Queen of Heaven emphasizes the fact that the propagation in Her most sublime of capacities, and not Myriam’s name, is the actual heart of this Work, and in so doing She fully accomplishes Her original intention that Myriam was to serve Her in a withdrawn life.

Maria Domina Animarum is not a work of people, it is purely a Work of the Mother of God.