"Present these words to all souls who fail to well and properly understand the actual sense and purpose and the deep truth underlying My capacity as Mistress of all souls.

My title as Mistress of all souls fully refers to the true role and vocation of each human soul in these Last Times: the soul’s vocation and role as a tool in God’s hand at the service of the accomplishment and unlocking of God’s Works in His creation, and of His Plan of Salvation.

The ultimate purpose of God’s Plan of Salvation is the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, happiness and Justice in and between all creatures on earth, and the final termination of all misery, chaos, suffering, unhappiness and injustice in and between all creatures.

According to the Will of God the Divine Plan of Salvation, which was designed by God Himself, is to be accomplished and unlocked concretely through the active commitment of the human souls in collaboration with Divine Grace and with all interventions from His Providence.

I, Mary, the Immaculate Conception and Mother of Jesus Christ, have received from God the guidance of this accomplishment and unlocking. This is why I am automatically the Leader of all human souls, as all human souls’ true mission in life and their very reason to be lies only in their personal contributions to this accomplishment and unlocking.

I exercise this guidance through inner inspirations, through My teachings in the Science of Divine Life, through My interventions geared at the souls’ inner education and training and the optimization of their spiritual fruitfulness for God’s Plan of Salvation, and through My so poorly understood role in the release and the unfolding of Divine Grace within and between the creatures".

(Holy Virgin Mary, Mistress of all souls, to Myriam on March 26, 2021)

In December 2020 the Mistress of all souls inspires the following


Myriam van Nazareth
By order of the Queen of Heaven and earth Myriam van Nazareth makes the following solemn statement as the foundation, or in a manner of speaking the declaration of principle, of the entire Maria Domina Animarum Work: "I vouch with all my being for the truth and the authentic celestial origin of every single word published in all writings authored by Myriam van Nazareth and through the Maria Domina Animarum website".

This statement finds its origins in the fact that:

   1. In 1997 Myriam was called by the Queen of Heaven to make the vow that, from that day onward, Myriam’s entire life would be led exclusively at the service of the Holy Virgin Mary, who as of November 2005 makes Herself known by the title of Mistress of all souls, but who has constantly been conveying teachings and prayers to the souls through Myriam since the spring of 1997;

   2. Therefore Myriam strictly writes not one single word which was not inspired or dictated by the Heavenly Queen, and of which the publication was not previously ordered and/or explicitly allowed by Mary personally, strictly at the point of time requested by Mary. Myriam is fully aware of the fact that, within the framework of this Work, every word which would not be written and published upon the personal inspiration and by the personal order of the Queen of Heaven Herself but on Myriam’s personal intiative, would constitute a source of condemnation to Myriam herself, as God cannot allow that a soul would announce any personal thoughts or opinions in the most sacred name of Mary;

   3. Therefore Myriam does not regard one single word contained in the writings as a personal work nor as a personal merit, but exclusively as a Work wrought by Mary, the Mother of God and Mistress of all souls. Through all the writings by Myriam it is not Myriam who is speaking, but Mary Herself. Mary is the true Source and Author of all Myriam writings and the only Mistress of the Work. These writings and this Work are too holy for any human intellect to be able to create them.

By Mary’s order Myriam announces the doctrine and theses through which the Mistress of all souls is trying to accomplish Her Mission for the Last Times by the overarching name of Science of Divine Life. The Heavenly Mistress establishes the implementation of Her theses fully on the sacred covenant of total, unconditional and lifelong consecration of the souls to Her as the golden way to God’s Heart and to the completion of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, which will be the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls.

This is why Mary has me present the following schematic outline to the souls:

What does total consecration to Mary derive its justification from?

from the rebellious angels to the Woman
with Her foot on the serpent:
Justification of the sacred contract of consecration to Mary

   1. The history of the human souls is a history of constant struggle between the Light and the darkness. This struggle had its roots in the rebellion of Lucifer, who was then still the highest ranking among the angels: Lucifer tore himself loose from his service to God, was backed up by a number of other angels, and together these rebellious angels were expelled from Heaven. From that moment onwards Lucifer (literally 'bearer of Light') was called Satan (literally 'the rebellious one, the opponent') or the evil one (embodiment of the darkness, the latter term to be understood as everything which is not a bearer of the fullness of Divine Love and therefore as everything which counteracts or thwarts Divine Law).

   2. The first pair of human souls was created perfectly holy. The sanctity of both first human souls was based on their perfect unity with the Heart of God. They were to be the foundation for the construction God intended His creation to be, as He had predestined creation to be the terrestrial reflection of His celestial Kingdom.

   3. Satan obtained God’s permission to try the human souls. God granted this permission on account of the fact He had given the human souls an inviolable free will in order that they should be able to opt perfectly freely and unforcedly in favour of either God or the darkness.

   4. The first human souls gave in to the first temptation by Satan to violate God’s Law, as Satan was intent on tearing all human souls away from God, in order that God’s Works and Plans on earth might never get accomplished. Indeed he was aware of God’s view that all of His Works and Plans should be completed with the free collaboration and commitment on the part of the human souls on earth. This first occasion on which both first human souls acted upon an inspiration from the darkness was referred to as the original sin.

   5. The original sin inflicted a deep wound upon the human souls, which, in a manner of speaking, would leave a scar in all human souls who would ever inhabit the earth. This wound would forever remain a tender spot, wich made the souls vulnerable to the development of the most various dark dispositions. This is why every human life on earth also constitutes for the soul concerned a mission requiring that she should achieve full accordance between her inner dispositions and God’s Law and thus render the effects of the original sin ineffective within herself.

   6. The original sin constituted an obstacle to the soul’s automatically returning to God in Eternal Bliss in Heaven, because a distorted soul is no longer a reflection of the stainless sanctity God had intended all human souls to possess.

   7. God proved the absolutely perfect nature of His Love by designing the Mystery of Redemption for the benefit of the human souls (despite the fact the latter had proven not to have remained perfectly loyal to Him). This Mystery was to consist herein that God would send His Son Jesus Christ into the world with a view to canceling out the effects of the original sin in every soul who would be willing to return to perfect harmony with God’s Law of perfect Love. Jesus Christ was to accomplish this along three ways: through teaching Divine Law, through working miracles in evidence of God’s Love, and through an all-encompassing Suffering in His entire being (physically, emotionally and spiritually), followed by a death on the Cross (symbolizing the death of matter and thus of all worldly aspects of life) and the Resurrection (symbolizing the resurrection of the soul who is perfectly loyal to God, a rebirth into the Light, and also symbolizing the final and total victory of God over all darkness). The eventual purpose of the Saviour’s Mission was the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, which would bring creation back to its original state as a reflection of Eternal Kingdom in the Heavens.

   8. During His last moments on the Cross Jesus Christ entrusted His perfectly and immaculately holy Mother Mary to the human souls and the latter to Her, by virtue of the holy words Woman, behold Thy son; son, behold thy Mother" – and from that hour the disciple took Her into his home.

   9. Mary, the Mother of the Christ and Redeemer, derived this unique privilege and this unique Mission from Her Immaculate Conception, by virtue of which She was perfectly exempt from the original sin, by virtue of Her perfectly holy and sinless life, which preserved Her in a state of perfect accordance with Divine Law in every single detail of Her entire life, and by virtue of Her unique privilege of being the Mother of the Christ and the only created human soul to have been granted by God to partake in a perfect mystical unity with the Heart of the Christ, who was the One to be regarded as the only genuine Teacher of the souls through teaching the Christian doctrine.

   10. As early as in the hour of Her Immaculate Conception Mary had been predestined by God to be the Leader, the Commander, of all souls who would take sides with the Light against the darkness, in preparation for the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, happiness and justice on earth. Mary was granted this capacity as the Leader of the so-called Hosts of the Light on the merits of Her immaculate and undamaged sanctity, which also makes Her the perfect example of stainless similarity of a created soul with the dispositions of God Himself, who is essentially the Source, the Embodiment and the Destination of absolutely perfect and infinite Love. As the Mother of the Christ endowed with the privilege of a mystical merger of Her Heart with Him Mary is considered to be the One who is more perfectly one with the Christ and His doctrine than any other created soul ever was or ever will be.

   11. On account of Her capacity as the only created human soul who is the embodiment of the perfect reflection of the dispositions of God Himself and of the absolutely perfect fulfilment of Divine Law, as well as on account of the word spoken by the Divine Messiah on the Cross as referred to in point 8 Mary justifiably is the Mistress of all souls, i.e. the perfect inner Guide, Teacher and Bridge to the Heart of God Himself, the Heart with which She was mystically merged (a unique phenomenon which is known by the designation of United Hearts of Jesus and Mary). She derives Her title as 'Mistress' from the unique unlimited power given to Her on the basis of the perfect merger of Her will with the will of God Himself.

   12. As Mistress of all souls the Mother of Christ unites within Herself all characteristics, the fullness of power and wisdom She needs to asist every soul in the latter’s inner transformation in preparation of her returning to the state of the human soul without the effects of the original sin, and to help bring to fruition the effects generated by the Mystery of Redemption wrought by the Christ for the benefit of all creation with a view to a rebirth of God’s Kingdom on earth, i.e. the state creation was in prior to the original sin. She can fulfil this Mission only to the extent human souls surrender their entire being and their entire life to Her in a most sacred covenant of total unconditional and everlasting consecration.

   13. To the extent to which the human soul actually gives substance to this covenant by focusing all actions, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations and desires of her life on an unconditional and all-encompassing service to Mary, the Queen of Heaven, by virtue of the power given to Her, will be able to make all of this fruitful and truly incorporate it into the whole of all sacrifices God needs in order to complete His Works and Plans (the completion of the Law of Love and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth).

Thus the soul consecrated to Mary is given the most sublime and most valuable chance to fulfil every soul’s mission in life in the most fruitful possible way, a mission which consists of nothing less than leading a life as a tool at the service of God’s Works and Plans (and thus of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth) and as a complement to the Works of Redemption wrought by the Christ, for this is exactly what the apostle Saint Paul meant by his words that the soul is expected to 'fill up' what is lacking in the afflictions of the Christ (for that which Saint Paul says with reference to himself is obviously expected of every human soul): By virtue of God’s Law saying that the human soul’s collaboration with all Works wrought by God for the benefit of creation is imperative, His perfect Works are always 'lacking' in the contribution made by the human soul’s free will as long as the latter has not yet put herself fully at His service.

   14. God Himself destined Mary to be the golden key through which this whole system can be opened up by assisting human souls in merging their free will with the will of God within the framework of the covenant or contract of the soul’s total consecration to Mary. Mary Herself is not the endpoint in all of this (only God is the endpoint of everything), but She is the golden key chosen by God Himself serving the disclosure of the effects of all of His Works and Plans, including the Works of Redemption wrought by His Messiah and eventually the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

   15. By virtue of a Divine Promise Mary is to be displayed by the almighty Triune God for all creation to see, as the Woman pressing Her foot on the serpent’s head, as the great sign denoting the victory of the stainlessly holy created human soul exerting a total power over Satan and all his works and plans of darkness, and thus of the victory of God and of the marriage God wants the human souls' free will to conclude with His own will, over all darkness (all works and plans which from the outset have been trying to thwart His Works and Plans and to transform all of creation into a realm of chaos, suffering, misery, pointlessness, injustice, lies, deception, torment, hatred and death).

This is how the Queen of Heaven motivates total consecration to Her as the proper foundation of Her Maria Domina Animarum Work and as God’s preferred Bridge to His Heart and to the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

Purpose and meaning of Mary’s capacity as Mistress of all souls:

On November 26, 2005 the Holy Virgin Mary pronounced this title for the very first time, saying to Myriam: "It is God’s Will that in this hour I should be made known to mankind as the Mistress of all souls". A bit later She added: "Calling Me by this title deals a telling blow to Satan".

'Domina' (Mistress) fully refers to Mary’s position and role as 'the Woman', the One who was designated by God to be the Leader, the Commander of the celestial hosts in the battle against the darkness aimed at the final accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth as the crowning event of the unlocking, within the souls, of the fruits proceeding from the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ.

This is the background for the proclaimed Promise of the 'Triumph of the Immaculate Heart' or the 'Triumph of the Woman', respectively, symbolized in the image of the Holy Virgin pressing Her foot upon the serpent (i.e. Satan and all of the works of darkness wrought by him).

As early as in the Roman era the Latin word 'domina' referred to 'the woman/mistress of the house', which in the title Domina Animarum refers to the Mistress of the house (the temple) of the soul and thereby also to the sacred covenant of total consecration of a soul to Mary, within which context the soul recognizes, follows and serves Her as the unconditional Mistress and inner Guide of her entire being and her entire journey through life.

The notion of Mistress of all souls also points to the fact the Holy Virgin Mary is not only the unconditional Mistress of the angels and of all human souls but also the unconditional Mistress of all the demons, the One who is invested with an unlimited power over all and any sources and channels of darkness (evil, sin) in proportion as the human souls actively collaborate with Her.

The Holy Virgin derives this capacity exclusively from the unique position and role allotted to Her by God Himself within the framework of the implementation of His Plan of Salvation, for which purpose He gave Her an unlimited power so as to defeat the darkness totally and to help unlock the Works of the Christ within each soul who is willing to put her entire life and her entire being at the service of a self-denying fulfilment of God’s Law. This power has got its roots in the perfect unity of God’s Will and the Will of Mary.

The Mistress of all souls Herself indicated the right perspective necessary for the sacred covenant of total consecration to Her to truly be the golden path to God’s Heart:

Ad Sanctam Trinitatem per Mariam.
Ut adveniat Regnum Deum, adveniat Regnum Mariae.



(To the Holy Trinity through Mary.
For the Kingdom of God to come, may the Reign of Mary come.

"I am the unwithering Flower of Divine Life, the Queen of Heaven and earth. All worldly things, all sin and temptation are underneath My feet. I am the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of the Christ. In Me is the Fullness of Grace. That is why I am the Mistress of all souls, the God-given Guide to the Way, the Truth and the Life". (Pentecost Revelation to Myriam, 2016)

In the summer of 2021 the Heavenly Mistress ordained the release of a book to which She gave the title The Gate of God’s Kingdom. This book contains an extraordinary line of arguments She had been inspiring for years, through which She demonstrated the celestial source of all texts She circulates through Her Maria Domina Animarum Work as well as the urgent necessity of total consecration to Her in the present Last Times. Studying the book referred to is highly recommended. You can find it here.

We also refer to the texts The true purpose of Maria Domina Animarum and Core message of the Mistress of all souls.

Myriam, December 2020