High priority words spoken by the Holy Virgin Mary
on September 2, 2021

to Myriam van Nazareth

"The world has very seriously fallen prey to countless expressions of misery, suffering, chaos, injustice, war, dissatisfaction, inner strife, maltreatment, abuse and exploitation, all of this as a consequence of the innumerable sins committed by all human souls of all times against God’s Basic Law of true Love.

God’s Heart suffers beyond description by all this darkness, which has turned His creation into a realm which has very greatly succumbed to the power of Satan due to the fact the human souls have been using their free will a lot more often in favour of accomplishing the works and plans of the darkness than of serving the Works and Plans of God.

Jesus Christ was sent into the world for the purpose of imprinting the lessons of God’s Law on the human hearts and of enduring His Sufferings and Death on the Cross to bear testimony to the devastating power of lovingly accepted and lovingly endured suffering over all darkness, in order that God’s Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, Justice and Happiness among all creatures might permanently be established on earth, a Kingdom in which the effects of all darkness, of all the sins committed by mankind, would be erased.

God will only consider His Works and Plans to be completed insofar as human souls will purposely, actively, voluntarily, spontaneously and unconditionally collaborate towards accomplishing them. Every human soul is on earth solely for the purpose of making her hands, her mouth, her mind, her heart and her will available as tools through which God wants to accomplish His Works and Plans on earth. This is why God is relying on each one of you to help Him deliver the world from its darkness.

God’s Kingdom cannot be established on earth, and all misery, suffering, chaos, injustice, war, inner strife, maltreatment, abuse and exploitation and the consequences of all of this can therefore not be expelled from the world unless without any further delay as many human souls as possible are determined to do their utmost to accomplish the following desires of their God through all of their behaviour and through their deepest, most secret inner dispositions, because indeed, even in your deepest, most secret thoughts, feelings and desires, without you even noticing it, you often serve the works of the darkness, thereby further thickening the massive pitch dark clouds which prevent the sun of God’s Love from enhancing the atmosphere of living in the world.

To each individual soul personally I address the following very urgent recommendation which I want to refer to as the twelve commandments for the human soul aspiring to become perfect:

Little lamb of Christ,

1. Decisively put an end to any form of physical, psychological or emotional torture or torment of fellow people and animals. Day after day this keeps casting billions of blemishes on mankind, which God intended to be a reflection of His own perfectly loving Heart.

2. Spontaneously and in any situation, under any circumstances, in any event and in any encounter, treat every fellow creature (fellow person as well as animal) with sincere tender Love, sensitivity and tact, taking into account any weaknesses and vulnerabilities of every single fellow creature, for every creature has got feelings, and is connected with the Heart of God, which feels absolutely everything.
At any given moment be well aware of the fact that therefore God Himself feels absolutely everything you do, say, think and feel to or with respect to any fellow creature, both in the negative and in the positive sense, and that therefore anything you do, say, think or feel you are also doing, saying, thinking or feeling towards God Himself.

3. Decisively put an end to any form of interaction with, or attitude towards, any fellow creature (fellow person as well as animal) through which the dignity of this creature as a work of God invested with a specific and meaningful mission and role in life within the framework of creation for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation is compromised, decreased, disregarded, ridiculed or destroyed.
Keep well in mind that God pursues a very specific purpose and harbours a specific plan with the specific nature of each one of His creatures, and that every lack of accepting the singularity of a fellow creature will therefore counteract God’s Plan with His creation, a Plan which aims at achieving nothing but a perfect harmony and perfectly peaceful cohabitation among all creatures and thus a world filled with perfect Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice.
Every time you contribute to a fellow person or an animal having to live in unworthy or disgraceful conditions you are promoting a work of darkness which counteracts God’s intentions with regard to His creation. Day after day and all over the world the darkness makes exploits countless situations in which the dignity of fellow creatures is seriously compromised, and it does so for the purpose of steadily increasing the distance, the gap, between mankind and God, which produces its effects in a noticeable bloom of abominable hotbeds of misery.

4. Decisively put an end to any discrimination and contempt towards fellow people of a different race, a different colour of skin, a different language or a different culture. God regards not one human soul as inferior to any other.

5. One of the major enemies of your own spiritual life as well as of the world as a whole is the lack of empathy, indifference to the fate, the experiences and the feelings of your fellow creatures (fellow people as well as animals). One of the main missions of every human soul consists herein that she should perfect herself in the field of empathizing with the feelings of her fellow creatures.
Constantly try to imagine how you would experience the fate or the living conditions of any fellow creature (fellow person or animal) if they were your own fate or living conditions, and you will develop a sound inclination to leaving no stone unturned to help fight or prevent any inconvenience, any suffering, any form of lack or want in the lives of your fellow creatures.
This will truly turn you into a channel of happiness, of security and tangible Presence of Divine Love to every creature and can make it possible for faith in the human soul as a light from God’s Heart and as a channel of sincere Love to be restored. Any fear and distrust experienced by creatures (people and animals) towards the human soul is a serious blemish cast on human nature.

6. Decisively put an end to every inclination to make satisfying your own (purported) needs and interests a priority over the needs and interests of fellow creatures (fellow people as well as animals) the course of life leads towards your path through life. God watches every single encounter between each human soul and each fellow creature on her day to day journey with the greatest attention and judges the value and fruitfulness of each human life according to the degree of self-denying Love the soul invests in every one of these encounters and the feelings of either happiness and Peace or of injury she thereby inflicts upon the fellow creature as well as according to the way and extent all of this influences this fellow creature’s further development.

7. In any situation and under any circumstances of life set greater store by the values which never perish, the interests of Eternal Life, i.e. everything which directly relates to the fulfilment of Divine Law of true Love, than by the material things of life (material goods and interests, and money and other sources of material enrichment).
Every emphasis on the satisfaction of material needs and interests open the way to the most various forms of selfishness, jealousy, greed and neglect of the needs of fellow creatures, and is therefore directly opposite to the true sense and purpose of life on earth.

8. Decisively put an end to any form of arrogance, pride, elevation of yourself above any fellow creature (fellow person or animal) and any pursuit of recognition and of appearing to be special or important. Spontaneously regard any fellow creature as being greater, as being more important than yourself, being well aware that God is alive in any of your fellow creatures as well. Constantly remind yourself of the word spoken by Jesus "whatever you did (or failed to do) for one of these least brothers of Mine, you did (or failed to do) for Me". In order to be perfect, do regard 'brothers of Mine' as being any creature (human or animal), for every single creature, without exception, was once conceived in God’s Heart.

9. As of today live every moment of the day in the awareness of God’s Presence and actions in creation and in your own life. A gigantic amount of suffering and misery has taken root in the world through the inclination of countless souls to live, think, feel and desire in such ways as if there were no God. The many totalitarian systems in the political history of the world have been made possible by their emphasizing man and his material interests as the central elements of life, thereby giving birth to all the makings of societies in which God had no place.
Also decisively put an end to the inclination to blame God for everything which is not going the way you would want it to go in your own life as well as in the world at large. All of this is not God’s fault, it is due solely to the billions of occasions on which day after day human souls all over the world have been using their free will in ways never intended nor desired by God, ways which, on the contrary, cause Him very serious grief and shamelessly defy His perfect Love.

10. Do no longer allow yourself to easily slip into any negative moods towards a fellow creature (whether fellow person or animal). In any fellow creature first and foremost look for positive points and invest the greatest possible Love in any encounter with any fellow creature, and you will render lots of darkness ineffective, for within you every inclination towards resentment, vengefulness and all kinds of negative attitudes towards fellow creatures will no longer get a chance to bloom. Thus you will truly become a channel for the flow of God’s restorative and healing Love through creation.

11. Day after day learn how to become ever more open to the countless wonders of life you can find in every fellow person, in every animal, in every element of vegetation and nature, for in all of this are hidden innumerable signs of God’s Love for His creation. In the process, be aware that all which makes the world appear ugly, sick or distorted and is not uplifting for your soul or heart does not originate with God but is due to any number of human interferences with His perfect Works.

12. Do aim at becoming perfect as to spontaneously respecting nature and the environment to the utmost. Do not make any contributions to violating the harmony between elements of vegetation nor to polluting the air, water or soil, nor to carelessly killing animals. Thus, do not be an instrument promoting the culture of death and annihilation, rather be an instrument promoting the culture of Life, of construction, restoration and healing. Remain perfectly well aware of the fact the only lasting healing and restorative force in creation is self-denying Love, which does not set boundaries according to the nature of the fellow creature towards which it is practiced.

Those are the twelve commandments for the human soul aiming for perfection. Do realize that many virtues and vices I have not explicitly mentioned in this directive are nevertheless implicitly contained in it. According to the degree of openness of the soul to My guidance the Holy Spirit will in any situation, event or encounter make her feel the degree of Light or darkness working within and through them.

I give you the basic rule, which I most emphatically request you to strictly abide by:

Live your life in such a way that at any moment, in any situation, under any circumstances and in any encounter with any fellow creature on your path through life, whether human or animal, you can be a source of light, warmth, feelings of security, inner peace and happiness, so that, thus fulfilling the very first mission God gives to every human soul in her life, you are able to make the Presence and actions of the God of perfect Love felt by any fellow creature.

To the extent to which you manage to do so spontaneously and with perseverance you will call Light down upon your own eternal salvation as well as upon all of creation, and your entire life will become a stone in the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Your are here on earth for no other purpose than to fulfil this basic rule.

For the compliance with these twelve commandments to truly contribute to breaking the shameful power of the darkness in this world and in countless human souls I most emphatically and most urgently recommend every human soul to make the very best of any trial, any inconvenience, any sickness, any suffering and any cross she has experienced and has had to endure so far, is experiencing at this very moment, or is yet to experience, in the sense that:

  • she should accept these wholeheartedly,
  • she should consecrate these to Me in a genuine desire that they might be used as building materials for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth,
  • and insofar as she should have rebelled against them, that she should yet consecrate these to Me in sincere remorse over her former opposition and with sincere Love, being well aware that God pursues a specific goal with the trials contained in every human life: God does not cause any trials, but He can allow them to occur insofar as they are able to help accomplish His Plans and Works of Love in creation. They can do this only to the extent to which they are accepted and endured in the spirit of Jesus Christ Himself: without any resistance, in self-denial, and in the sincere desire that they may serve for the disruption of the power of the darkness in the world. This is exactly why the Christ Himself accepted, endured and offered His Sufferings and His Death on the Cross without the slightest resistance and with perfect Love.

I give the present Revelation to the souls as an extension to My Revelation of August 16, 2020 so that it may deepen the latter’s content, because the state of the world makes it necessary for Me to do so".


By order of the Mistress of all souls the words of August 16, 2020 and the matching introduction are repeated hereinafter:

Revelation about the philosophy of life desired by God,
and therefore
Basic message conveyed by Maria Domina Animarum

Through this Work, which was born directly from Her Heart and is nourished exclusively by this very Heart, the Holy Virgin Mary wants to teach and to educate the human souls with a view to helping them complete their quest for true happiness on earth in the most fruitful way possible, both for their own Eternal Salvation and for the advancement of the final establishment of God’s Kingdom of true Love and true Peace among all creatures.

On August 16, 2020, the Heavenly Mistress spoke to Myriam the following words as an extension to Her very important ongoing appeals with respect to maintaining the dignity of all creatures:

"Not one single force generates a more powerful effect dispelling all darkness from the world and breaking the effects of its works than glorifying God.

The greatest glorification is brought to God by spontaneously and constantly practicing self-denying Love towards all fellow creatures. Each creature is a work designed in God’s Hart. Therefore each creature – each human soul, each animal, each element in animate nature – is a bearer of the signature of God Himself. This Divine signature constitutes each creature’s innate dignity.
This is why each violation of a creature’s dignity – particularly the dignity of a human soul and that of an animal – constitutes a serious insult to God and therefore a source of profound darkness which, on every single occasion when such violation is committed by a human soul, enhances all misery, chaos, injustice, general discord and sufferings in the whole world.

The dignity of human souls and animals is violated to the highest degree by maltreatment, torture, violence, abuse, intolerance, humiliation and any form of torment directed against or inflicted upon any creature – human or animal – and by discrimination against a fellow person based on the latter’s race, gender, level of education, culture of living, religious beliefs, outward appearance and personal characteristics.

This is why through My Maria Domina Animarum Work I want to send an unequivocal signal for God’s strictly condemning any form of racism, discrimination, maltreatment, torture, humiliation and purposeful thwarting of the quality of any fellow person’s and any animal’s life.

In truth I teach the souls that God does not discriminate against any human soul. His one and only criterion for judging each soul is the extent to which the latter makes every single moment of her life fruitful towards the fulfilment of His Plan of Salvation. This fruitfulness is determined exclusively by the extent to which the soul practices self-denying Love for all her fellow creatures and for God and His Works.

This is the major message I want to convey through My Maria Domina Animarum Work to all souls. The golden path towards the greatest bloom of the inner dispositions that are necessary to make this message flourish all over the world is the path of total, unconditional and lifelong consecration of every human soul to Me, because a life of total service to Me is the pre-eminent way to belong to God only and to experience and accomplish nothing but His Works of Love and to spread these Works through all of creation".

By order of the Queen of Heaven we here refer to The true purpose of Maria Domina Animarum