Revelation by the Mistress of all souls on


October 2021

"My Maria Domina Animarum Work is intended to bring forward the full accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation with His Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice He desires so ardently to get established on earth.

In execution of the Mission entrusted to Me by God I want to achieve this by training human souls to perfect the way they commit their inner dispositions, their entire inner world of feelings, thoughts and desires, their entire behaviour and all their interactions with all of their fellow creatures and with God’s Works to fulfilling the Divine Law and thereby yield a maximum fruitfulness for the accomplishment and unlocking of God’s Plan of Salvation.

The 'Divine Law' is understood to mean the Law expecting true self-denying Love on the part of human souls towards all of their fellow creatures and towards God, in an unconditional and all-embracing self-denying service to God, both directly and indirectly through rendering service to all their fellow creatures – that are all designed inside His Heart and are the channels through which He seeks to perform His Works – and in submission to all provisions of God and in loving acceptance of all decrees of His infallible Providence, including the trials of daily life allowed by God to occur, all of this in a state of faithful following of Jesus Christ.

Divine Law is geared totally to the full accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation with which He aims to revert His creation to the state it was in prior to original sin, a state of life characterized by a perfect Love, Peace and harmony within and among all creatures, and by a spontaneous orientation of human hearts towards the fulfilment of Divine Law.

All of this through the golden way proposed by God Himself, the way of total consecration of the soul with her entire being and every detail of her life to Me, who am the only eternally sinless soul, conceived immaculately and therefore exempt from original sin, because I was elevated by God to be the Queen of Heaven and earth and made the Commander of God’s hosts, the host of the One who is the perfect Light, the fullness of Truth and Eternal Love, the only Source of all Life and the Destination of all animate creatures after their lives in the material bodies they have received from God have come to an end.

In proportion as greater numbers of human souls will spontaneously and persistently make this contribution they are expected to make based on a lasting inner desire for the fulfilment of Divine Law, and will explicitly offer up to God this inner conversion as well as all and any fruits maturing on the soil of such conversion for the benefit of God’s Kingdom to Me and under My inner guidance, the Works of Redemption wrought by My Divine Son Jesus Christ will continue to be unlocked ever further within the individual souls and the effects of this unlocking will be felt more purely and unequivocally throughout the world.

I was called upon by God to fulfil a Mission for the entire duration of time, a unique Mission in My capacity as the Golden Key to be operated for unlocking the fruits of the Mystery of Redemption within individual souls for the ultimate purpose of establishing God’s Kingdom on earth, both within the individual creatures and in their mutual interactions.

The responsibility for developing and unlocking this unique Plan of absolutely perfect Divine Love lies with the human souls.

The Mystery of Redemption should be regarded as a Divine Treasury of which the unlocking is to be finalized through Me in the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart, albeit strictly in the most intimate collaboration with My offspring, i.e. with all human souls who entrust themselves to Me totally and unconditionally within the framework of the sacred covenant of total consecration.

In the all-embracing formation of human souls guiding them towards the accomplishment of a perfect surrender and service to Me within the framework of the sacred covenant of total, unconditional and lifelong consecration to Me in all details of their lives and of their inner dispositions the true vocation of each and every human soul shall be confirmed: the vocation to lead a life of all-embracing service to God’s Works and to the final unlocking of all effects of His Plan of Salvation.

He made this Plan of Salvation visible to the world in the life of His Divine Son Jesus Christ. Within this Plan He allotted to Me a unique role as the perfectly sinless Representative of the created human souls in an absolutely immaculate fulfilment of Divine Law and in a mystical unity, sealed by God Himself, between My Heart and the Heart of His Son, the Man-God, Messiah and Redeemer. To that end He provided for His Divine Son to be born in the flesh of Me for the purpose of accomplishing His Redemptive Mission, as I had been prepared by Him to be the Tabernacle of the New Covenant and to have the ability of remaining perfectly one with the Christ owing to My completely fulfilling Divine Law.

This is why the covenant of flawlessly practiced total consecration to Me is the greatest, absolutely perfectly sacred contract through which the soul can realize and seal her will to duly merge with the Christ, for in her total consecration to Me, who by virtue of having led My life in perfect fulfilment of Divine Law was made by God the Mistress of all souls the soul professes both her faith in the possibility for the created human soul to actually live in the image of God and her longing to help make God’s greatest desire come true in her own being and her own life: the desire that the human soul should turn into His very image.

This is why I phrase the ultimate goal and purpose of My Maria Domina Animarum Work as follows: providing human souls with the ways to grow in the image of their God through leading inner lives which are totally geared to a complete unlocking of all effects of the infallible Works of their Redeemer Jesus Christ, who, while crowning His Works of Redemption, entrusted the souls to the custody of the One who was His physical Mother and who by virtue of a unique Divine Provision had remained perfectly and eternally merged with His own Heart.

I was provided by God to be the created link between the human soul and her God, and the immaculate Sign and Embodiment of the created soul’s purposely opting for such complete fulfilment of Divine Law that she actually lived as a reflection of her Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. With a view to restoring to life within the human souls this ideal, which was a reality prior to original sin, I gave birth to My Maria Domina Animarum Work for the purpose of teaching and motivating the human souls, in order that the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ may receive their final and most sublime glorification".

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