invitation and teaching by the Mistress of all souls

through Myriam van Nazareth

Since time immemorial the month of May has been dedicated to Mary as the Mother of God. May is symbolic for full spring, and therefore for the most various signs of new life in nature, with a new potential to bloom. As Mother of the Son of God Mary adds the deepest possible spiritual meaning to his symbol, as the Christ was, and is, the Embodiment of Divine Life, Life in its full potential to bloom for the soul and all her inner processes and dispositions.

Just like in nature summer will not come without spring the Christ as Embodiment of spiritual summer can not come without Mary as Embodiment of spiritual spring. For quite a number of years the Mistress of all souls has been teaching about Eternal Spring as the disposition of the soul who, by persistently trying to practice the most perfect possible true Love and all virtues, leads an inner life which, in the eyes of God, is very fruitful for the accomplishment of His Works and Plans.

Mary was, and is, the perfect Embodiment of Eternal Spring on account of the fact the blossom of Her soul would never wither owing to Her perfectly sinless life. A soul who lives by the persistent will never to violate God’s Law of true Love is like an imperishable paradise of sanctity and virtue and yields a rich harvest for God’s Kingdom. The spring blossoms are the heralds of the summer fruits. Thus the Christ was born a Man as the Divine Fruit from the immaculately holy Blossom that was Mary.

May as the month dedicated to Mary invites souls to consecrate themselves to Mary, the Blossom that is already bearing the richest summer fruits inside of Her. Consecration is a victim of large-scale misunderstandings, as might appear from the very profound explanations the Mistress of al souls inspired through the texts constituting the menu item entitled Consecration to Mary This is why the Holy Virgin keeps stressing that:

consecration to the Holy Virgin Mary is not tantamount to merely speaking a prayer of consecration, but is a sacred covenant by virtue of which a human soul lays her entire being, all her doings, her entire inner life, all events which cross her path through life and all of her contacts and relationships with all fellow creatures down at Mary’s feet from the very bottom of her heart, and within which Mary is regarded as the Mistress and inner Guide of the soul consecrated to Her, throughout this soul’s life, and the consecrated soul consecrates every second of her life and her entire behaviour, her entire inner life and all that proceeds from her in a solemn way to her Heavenly Mistress for the explicit purpose and with the explicit desire that Mary should actively, and in perfect unity with the immaculately holy dispositions of Her own Heart, put all of this towards accomplishing God’s Plan for the benefit of the salvation of all creation.

By her consecration, in a manner of speaking the soul consecrated to Mary turns into a constantly flowing brook, by which the water drops of her entire inner life are constantly being fed towards the Heart of her Heavenly Mistress. As the soul thus turns into a supply brook from which the Queen of Heaven must be able to draw water within the framework of Her eternal capacity as the Mediatrix of Graces and as a stream of crystal clear water which is incessantly pouring itself out into the Ocean that is God Himself it is absolutely vital that the water of inner life flowing out of the soul consecrated to Mary should be as pure as possible.

What makes the water of inner life of the soul consecrated to Mary pure? It is the practice of self-denying Love for God and for all fellow creatures. Love as an ingredient of every detail of inner life and of all of a consecrated soul’s doings is the only thing that adds meaning to her consecration. Love is the only ingredient from which the Heavenly Mistress is able to make the raw materials from which God can prepare His graces. This is what makes the consecration of a soul who lacks true self-denying Love fairly useless: This consecration does not turn the soul concerned into a garden in full spring, and it has very little value for the Heavenly Mistress.

The Mistress of all souls points to the fact that one of the greatest flaws and defiling factors in the life of a consecrated soul lies in an inner life which is darkened by a lack of forgiveness and conciliation. Not for no reason, as early as 2006 the Queen of Heaven dictated Her Prayer Plan for the month of November for the purpose of practicing forgiveness and conciliation, (in the menu item entitled Prayers) and announced in a Revelation of October 31, 2006, that the soul should sincerely forgive and reconcile with all her fellow people in order to be spiritually fruitful.

This is why the Mistress of all souls emphatically invites the souls to experience the month of May from a heart filled with a disposition of sincere forgiveness and conciliation towards all their fellow creatures, without any discord nor any other dark disposition in their hearts, in order to really allow the springtime in their spiritual life to get unlocked. No tribute to Mary in the month of May makes any sense or has any value if it proceeds from a defiled heart. Of every soul who is willing to surrender to Mary by consecrating herself in this month of May the Queen of Heaven expects that she should first and foremost get all things straightened out with all her fellow creatures and that she should also realize that consecration to Mary is a sacred covenant within which the soul is expected to commit herself actively for the entire duration of her life for the purpose of serving the Queen of Heaven and earth in every single detail of her life and in all her inner dispositions.

A life at the all-encompassing service of the Mistress of all souls is intended to be a life of making active contributions to the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. This Kingdom cannot be built with any other bricks but those of true self-denying Love, the cement of a determined will to serve in all humility, and the water of a perfect purity of the heart. Do give Mary these bricks, this cement and this water every moment of every day and night through active commitment, and in your soul spring will make itself felt. At the feet of the embodied Eternal Spring everything becomes fruitful and fragrant, including all trials. The degree of sincere self-denying Love for God, for Mary and for all fellow creatures is the only thing which determines whether consecration to Mary is at all useful and fruitful. To the extent to which this Love is faulty or lacking the soul will first and foremost be deceiving herself by consecrating herself to Mary, and will automatically be deceiving all of her fellow creatures, the One she is calling her Mistress, and God Himself in the process.

Myriam, April 30, 2020, on the eve of Mary’s month of May.