Teaching by the Mistress of all souls
about the key role of total consecration to Mary in the Last Times

Myriam van Nazareth

In the Lenten season of 2020 the Mistress of all souls ordained the three following excerpts from former Revelations to be inserted as an introduction to the present teaching:

On July 26, 2007, the Mistress said:

"In the hour in which God’s Kingdom on earth will be established the demons will spontaneously prostrate themselves at My feet, for in that hour the effects of My power will be absolute and complete, owing to the fact the human souls will have received the perfect state of grace. I say 'received' because mankind is not going to sanctify itself merely on its own merit: It will enjoy a concession on the part of Divine Mercy like it will not have experienced one since Jesus’ Sacrifice on the Cross.
This concession will be evoked in God’s Heart by the impeccably experienced total consecration of a small number of souls to Me, the total self-sacrifice and self-denial of souls leading their lives in Marian slavery by virtue of My having chosen them to serve Me, and an unswerving and persistent apostolate serving the profession and distribution of the fullness of God’s Truth.
This is why it is of paramount importance that in these Last Times My revelations about the real nature, capacity, glory and power of Mary as the Mistress of all souls should be proclaimed and My teachings about the ways to sanctity should be obeyed and complied with in the most perfect surrender. (...)".
(The Heavenly Mistress points to the fact that by 'souls leading their lives in Marian slavery by virtue of My having chosen them to serve Me' She refers to the souls in whose hearts She has kindled the desire to serve Her totally, dedicating their entire being and their entire life to this service. 'Being chosen by Mary' is therefore not a matter of passive experience, it is in the deepest sense of the word the beginning of a life of active self-denying commitment).

On March 16, 2010, the Mistress spoke the following words:

"My vocation in these Last Times is this: replacing the ill weeds of darkness, ignorance, confusion, deception and lies by the flowers of Light, knowledge of God’s Truth, and the uncovering of the countless lies which make the souls in this era ineffective. Believe in Me, and let Me be the Gardener supporting the seeds in their growth into Heavenly fruits".

On September 12, 2011, the Mistress said:

"I am Mary, the Treasury of a new spring, the One who has come to impress the seal of the Cross of Redemption on every soul who will embrace God’s Plan for the Last Times.
This is the Plan of Eternal Love: that in every soul the Cross of Redemption is born anew as a result of the soul taking Me into her home, Me, the Mistress of all souls, the One who was called to help complete all fruitfulness".
(The Heavenly Mistress reminds the souls that 'taking Mary into their homes' means nothing less than consecrating themselves totally to Her and thus merging their entire being and their entire life with Mary, who thereby becomes their Mistress in the most extensive sense of the word).

God has been furnishing powerful proof of His Love for the human soul. One of the most powerful instances would surely be the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, aiming to provide ransom for the Redemption of human souls from the effects of the original sin, in order that souls who would be willing to loyally comply with the Divine Law of Love would get the opportunity to inherit Eternal Bliss in spite of the evidence provided by the first souls for man’s being disloyal to God’s Law.

A second convincing piece of proof of God’s perfect Love for the human soul is furnished by the Divine Law stating that God will prefer implementing His Laws and Decrees to the extent to which He sees unambiguous and sincere signs from human souls pointing to the fact they long for Him to actually do so.

God’s Laws aim to achieving nothing but the very best for all of His creatures. Specifically regarding the human souls the purpose is for them to achieve Eternal Bliss after their physical lives on earth have come to an end. Regarding the non human living beings (especially the animals) it would mean that they, too, might experience well-being and happiness, through the influences they experience from human souls in proportion as the latter are able to let an increasingly pure Love flow towards their fellow creatures because of an increasing degree of sanctity. This is why God’s Laws are geared exclusively to exercising perfect Love, because true Love is the bearer of all Life. True Love is the only force yielding Eternal Life, and the only force that is able to guarantee that the Laws of Life will be fully unlocked in physical life on earth, thus yielding a perfect bloom and harmony within each living being and among all living beings in their mutual relationships and contacts. All of this is given a special dimension as soon as the human soul starts to collaborate voluntarily and spontaneously towards materializing it.

We can picture God’s Law as a key. In this image the human soul’s free will is the hand that is to turn this key in the lock of God’s Heart, in which the Eternal Treasures are. Without the human soul’s free will God’s treasures and their fruits will not visibly ripen in the soul’s life nor in life on earth in general. One of the clearest invitations God ever addressed to the human souls with a view to motivating them towards a voluntary concrete contribution to executing and unlocking His Works – i.e. to opening the Treasury of His Heart – lies in the holy covenant He instituted and which goes by the name of consecration to Mary.

The first call – somewhat veiled at the time – made by God to the souls inviting them to lead their lives in total consecration to Mary was spoken by the mouth of the dying Man-God Jesus Christ from the Cross on Mount Golgotha, saying: "Woman, behold Thy son; son, behold thy Mother". The mistress of all souls explained earlier that the aforementioned call held nothing short of an invitation to the human souls to lead their lives in closest unity with Her. As the 'Mother' in the unique fullness of grace – the fullness She possesses as the only human soul in the history of salvation – She was invested by God with the ability to guide and to 'nourish' souls (with spiritual nourishment) and to 'educate' them in a perfect way in the spirit of Christ (a mission which She would take upon Her in the fullest sense of the word many centuries later in Her capacity as Mistress of all souls). Through several saints and mystics throughout the ages after Jesus’ death on the Cross the Holy Virgin began to remind souls step by step of the holy covenant of total consecration to Her, and to mould the latter. In our times She is teaching the full value of it as well as the ways holding the greatest guarantee of fruitfulness in an unveiled way.

Total consecration to Mary is nothing short of the golden path for souls to actively integrate their entire lives in the most fruitful way possible with the system through which God prepares the graces by which the Christ’s Works of Redemption can be unlocked in individual souls. Consecration means: voluntarily and actively offering to God that which one consecrates, with the intention and the sincere desire that, by consecrating, it may be fully used for the concrete accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans aiming at the establishment of His Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures on this very earth, thus turning the material world into a reflection of the immaterial Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace in Heaven.

Like the word says, total consecration is a holy covenant through which a human soul offers up to God, without the slightest restrictions, everything, every aspect of her being, of her inner dispositions, of her life, of her desires, expectations and views, of all of her contacts and relationships with fellow creatures and with God Himself, truly everything which has got anything to to with her, in an active way and with a sincere desire for the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works. Jesus Himself wished for the souls to intensely merge with Mary in order that She might envelop the holy covenant the soul will enter into through total consecration to God in the fullness of Her absolutely perfect and most pure Love and that She might also help transform the souls innerly so that the latter might start to resemble Her ever more closely.

To the extent to which a soul looks more like Mary she looks more like the only soul who, by Her Immaculate Conception and by Her perfectly sinless life, was completely free from any trace of darkness and who held a total power over all darkness in all situations and circumstances of life: no sins by action or omission, no negative words, no dark thoughts, no negative feelings towards any fellow creature nor towards any provision conceived by Divine Providence regarding Her life, and not one single desire which was not aiming at the advancement of the completion of God’s Works.

Living in a disposition of total consecration is only possible to the extent to which a soul is willing to have herself and her life integrated with God’s Plans and Works sincerely, unconditionally and without any limitations. Thus a soul who believes she has consecrated herself to Mary yet fails to actually focus her life totally on God’s Works and Plans is in no way truly consecrated. A soul is not consecrated to Mary by simply having said a prayer of consecration, but only to the extent she is living very closely connected to Mary in every detail of her life and of her inner dispositions, in loyal following of Her dispositions (true self-denying Love, purity of heart, genuinely aiming at keeping herself free from all darkness in her feelings, thoughts, desires and actions. Living in total consecration to Mary is therefore living in faithful application of Divine Law and persistent following of Christ, i.e. in unlimited acceptance of the trials and crosses of life and in a disposition of sincere humility and of a self-denying Love which she will purposely and meticulously shield from any dark influence, so in a disposition of sincere longing to refrain from serving the darkness in any possible respect through thoughts, feelings, actions, as well as by passing up occasions to spread Light and Love.

Completing the unlocking of the effects of Jesus Christ’s Works of Redemption is nothing other than completing God’s Plan of Salvation for all souls. The Divine Plan of Salvation is based fully on Jesus Christ’s Works of Redemption, which are to be 'completed' by each individual soul through loving acceptance and consecration of all crosses and trials of their own lives, exactly like Jesus Himself accepted all hardship, all trials and crosses of His life as the Man-God in unlimited, unconditional Love, including the total sacrifice of His life on the Cross on Mount Golgotha, in full awareness of the unfathomable Passion He was to go through prior to His Crucifixion without His being in the least guilty of anything.

The disposition of the Christ’s Heart was one of living and dying in a state of total consecration: unconditional self-denying Love, total surrender to God’s Plan of Salvation for the whole of creation whereas He Himself had nothing whatsoever to gain by it, complete acceptance of God’s provisions for His life, and perfect obedience to Divine Law without ever resisting the role He was to fulfil for the benefit of all creation by virtue of this Law. The very same is expected of every soul who enters into the holy covenant of total consecration to Mary. In this tremendous mission the soul will experience concrete support, protection and inner guidance to the extent she truly believes in the unique power, position and role fulfilled by the Mother of God as her Mother, Guide and Mistress on her journey to the Heart of Christ, where the fullness of the treasure of her Redemption, which lies hidden in this Heart, will be unlocked for her benefit – thus the incredible Promise made by God Himself.

The initial chief angel Lucifer was banned from Heaven because He refused to submit unconditionally and totally to his Lord and Master, the God and Creator of all life, and to devote himself with all of his actions and all of his inner dispositions to the fulfilment of the Divine Law of true Love. This means the dispositions of Lucifer’s heart were no longer compatible with the atmosphere of perfect, unconditional Love characteristic of the Kingdom of Heaven. As of his being banned his name would be 'Satan', which literally means 'adversary, he who rebels'. Satan rebelled against God’s Law of Love with his entire being. In the actual sense of the word all angels are totally consecrated to God, and Satan was initially an angel, who broke his covenant of total consecration. He swore the oath he was going to go to any length to counteract and/or to keep delaying the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation and, if possible, to destroy any effects produced by it, or at least defile them to such an extent as to prevent them from ever serving God’s Plans. Having regard to the fact God prefers to elaborate and implement all His Works and Plans through human hands, hearts, minds and the human free will Satan’s oath means concretely that he will relentlessly keep attacking and counteracting the human souls, poisoning their hearts and turning their free will away from God.

Here we see the exact opposite in the mission cherished by the Mother of God: She was called upon to provide inner guidance to souls who are whole-heartedly willing to surrender to God and to the fulfilment of His Law, and to support them by Her powerful protection against the storms Satan will stir up in his endeavours to make the souls stumble on their journey to God, and wherever possible to either block their path altogether or to reconstruct it into a completely different direction. This is the actual meaning of Mary’s role as the Commander of the hosts of the Light in the war against the darkness. To that end God granted Her the Immaculate Conception, and to that very same end She devoted Her entire free will undividedly to leading a sinless life at the service of the final victory of the Light, a victory which began with Her Immaculate Conception and was sealed with the perfect Sufferings, the Death on the Cross and the Resurrection of Her Divine Son, the Redeemer Jesus Christ.

Now, in these very times which are known by the name of 'Last Times', the battle between the Light and the darkness has reached its final stage. This is why God provided for these Last Times to witness the total consecration to Mary as the preferential way to the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation, and for the ardent consecration of ever increasing numbers of souls to Her to crown this Plan. For this consecration to be really useful for unlocking the Christ’s perfect Works of Redemption in souls this consecration must be concretely and unconditionally experienced in pure hearts filled with true, self-denying Love, in a spirit of stainless acceptance of the crosses and trials of life, and with the soul, the heart, the mind and the body being unconditionally focused on serving God’s Works through an unconditional self-denying service to all fellow creatures. It is of paramount importance that the soul who is consecrated to Mary should be well aware of her merely being a tiny cogwheel within the giant network of creation, that she should totally, unconditionally and whole-heartedly accept and approach Mary as her Mistress, and that she should unconditionally subordinate her own needs, views and expectations to the needs and expectations of God, as the fulfilment of the latter constitutes the absolutely necessary condition for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth and thus for a world filled with unconditional Love and Peace among all creatures, and consequently for the birth of true happiness.

Accepting and approaching Mary as Mistress means the soul consecrated to Her makes uninterrupted efforts to meticulously imitate the dispositions of Her Heart (which are a perfect reflection of the dispositions of Christ’s Heart!), meaning the soul allows these dispositions to rule her own heart so thoroughly and so unconditionally she is in a position to start living, thinking, feeling, desiring, acting and speaking ever more spontaneously from the very Heart of Mary Herself, and that, consequently, she starts avoiding and loathing ever more spontaneously everything which is a bearer of darkness or which may potentially counteract or defile the fulfilment of God’s Law of true Love and the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. By accepting and approaching Mary unconditionally as her Mistress, by the rock-solid belief God Himself has given Mary the power and mission to actually fulfilling this mission and role, and by conscientiously trying to strictly following the dispositions of Mary’s Heart the soul who is totally consecrated to Mary pays the highest possible tribute to the Work of Redemption wrought for her benefit by the Christ.

Mary was predestined by God to give birth to Jesus Christ in a physical body and to raise Him before the people’s very eyes in Her capacity as a mother. This situation already contained a first tremendous test of faith for all people who, in the Israel of over two thousand years ago, crossed Jesus’ and Mary’s paths through life: All they saw was two 'people' of flesh and blood who, however, were secretly the embodiments of an unparalleled sanctity: In truth Jesus was Divinity incarnated, whereas His Mother Mary was, in truth, the (only) Immaculate Conception. Many people failed to sense the unique mystery which made these 'people' the greatest milestones in the history of salvation. After Jesus had begun performing His miracles Their fellow people began to experience the height of their inner struggle in the field of believing a great deal more was present here than the physical 'people' they were able to see. Those who gave themselves to Jesus did so through faith in a superhuman reality which could not be proven: they were aware of the fact it was actually the Son of God in the shape of a human being who was acting, speaking, thinking, feeling and living here.

As to Mary, the Revelations granted by the Mistress of all souls teach us that but very few people – in the first place the holy apostle and evangelist John – recognized Her without the slightest doubt as the Mother of God, as a dazzling Light which made every dark force in Her surroundings tremble and shake because She emanated a holiness and a power which had never before been experienced to be emanated by any created human soul on earth. What was to remain hidden for a long time yet – because God’s Plan had provided for it to be so – was the fact Mary was to play a unique role in unlocking God’s Plan of Salvation by way of crowning the Christ’s Works of Redemption, which in themselves were perfect but which – by virtue of the Divine Law requiring the active participation of human souls’ free will – must be unlocked in every individual human soul, i.e. which must be enabled to actually produce their full effects. The Christ’s Works of Redemption are the true treasuries filled with gold, which are to be opened by the sincere and active free will of every individual human soul. The custodian of the golden key to these treasuries and in the meantime the infallible Guide and Protector on the way to these treasuries is Mary.

Mary being the Guide and Protector on the way to the golden treasures which are provided for by God and are made accessible by the Works of Redemption wrought by Christ, makes us wonder: Where are these treasuries? They are standing in the deep core of every human heart. Mary, as the Mother of the Redeemer and thereby, in a manner of speaking, the Queen-Mother of the Kingdom of Heaven, is therefore the royal Guide and Protector on the journey every soul is called to make during her life: the journey to the depths of her own heart, where she must discover who and how she actually is and what should be corrected inside of her for her life to achieve the full fruitfulness God expects her to achieve, a fruitfulness which denotes she is actually accomplishing her true mission in life at the service of God’s Works.

In the spiritual sense 'heart' is understood to mean: the feelings, the whole of the abilities which enable man in his pure state of being to know God’s wishes and to perceive the 'vibrations' of God’s Love, both those which emanate directly from God’s Heart and those God conferred to His creatures (humans, animals and plant life). The heart is the center where all feelings are processed. It is where the soul receives the flows of Love God keeps sending her way, where she absorbs this Love to nourish her entire being with it, where she guides her own process of sanctification by connecting Love with her free will while making the latter tune into God’s interests, and from where she passes the flows of Love on to her fellow creatures through serving them, through charity, a tender gesture, a kind and encouraging word, a sincere smile, genuine brightfulness and a genuine charism which envelops her fellow creatures in Light, security, warmth and confidence.

We can also picture the 'heart' as the part of the soul’s inner life which is related to feelings that are devoid of any interference from the reasoning and calculating mind. This is how we should understand the words spoken by the Mistress of all souls when She stresses true consecration to Her is not a matter of the mind but a matter of the heart: There is no such thing as true consecration if the soul merely connects herself with Mary through reasoning and calculating, or as is the case with some souls: through certain expectations (the expectation consecration is automatically going to yield Eternal Bliss, or even that consecration will automatically open up the door to being granted mystical experiences, etcetera). True consecration is entirely a matter of feeling connected with Mary spontaneously and of being focused on Her through self-denying Love. A soul will never be able to experience a regular merger with the Queen of Heaven through reasoning, pondering and calculating, but only through pure feelings and desires which are geared exclusively to fulfilling God’s Law and which are devoid of any attachment to her own desires and expectations.

A lot of souls hardly know the true dispositions of their heart, or do not know them at all, which makes them very easy targets for infection by defilement, darkness, temptation, vice and sin. Moreover many souls are so intensely attached to themselves and to the image they so ardently pursue to present to their fellow person’s eyes that they are even unable to shed their dark dispositions and their own views after they have been made aware of the fact they are insufficiently or not at all focused on God, on the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans and on the fulfilment of the Law of true Love.

Mary is the royal Guide on the journey of discovery to a human soul’s heart to the extent the latter enables Her to actually be the soul’s Guide. She can fulfil this role only to the extent to which She is accepted, regarded and followed unconditionally as the soul’s Mistress, because She accomplishes Her unique mission by Divine proxy and She guides the soul only to the atmosphere of living which is necessary to be able to develop the desire, the Love and the purity required to merge with the Heart of the Redeemer and thus to accomplish living in the image of God.

A soul who, of her own free will, with sincere commitment and a sincere desire for the final and total victory of God’s Law of true Love in all of creation, in a spirit of total acceptance of God’s Decrees and in self-denying service to all her fellow creatures, and in a spirit of true Love, aspires to achieve a complete merger with the Heart of the Queen of Heaven, will find out that She, in turn, is going to pour Herself out into her. This is when the sacred covenant of total, unconditional consecration of the soul to the Mother of God will begin to take shape and everything the soul is offering to Mary – viz. every aspect and element of her daily life and everything that is going on in her inner life – gets a tremendously great additional dimension. We might put it this way that, from that moment onward, the vital capital the soul has received from God will start to yield copious interests. Consequently the soul then gets the opportunity to make her inner life, all of her experiences and the way in which she reacts to these experiences get an ever more far-reaching impact: She radiates an ever more powerful light of true Love, and her entire behaviour, all of her thoughts, feelings, desires, and all of her prayers, make an ever greater ransom for the release of graces for the benefit of all creation. This entire process can be reinforced to an inconceivable degree if the soul leads her life in closest unity with the Queen of Heaven. The most intimate form of living in unity with the Queen of Heaven is a life of total, unconditional and life-long consecration to Her. This life will become increasingly fruitful in proportion as the soul and Mary’s Heart start flowing into one another more spontaneously and more completely.

A long time ago already the Mistress of all souls said She would never claim a soul would be unable to reap the fruits of being a true Christian without consecrating herself to Her. What She has been doing, however, is demonstrating through all of Her many teachings that the great value of total consecration to Her mainly lies in the following:

  1. The way of total consecration to Mary which is practiced and experienced in all aspects of daily life and in the fullness of the soul’s inner dispositions was established by God Himself as the golden path to His Heart. This is why this path is invested with extraordinary graces. These graces produce their effects in two fields, one of them being for the benefit of the soul’s salvation, and the other by stepping up the process of unlocking the effects of God’s Plan of Salvation for creation as a whole, and therefore advancing the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth;
  2. The way of total consecration to Mary which is practiced and experienced in all aspects of daily life and in the fullness of the soul’s inner dispositions is thereby a bearer of the highest possible tribute to the Triune God as the Creator, the Redeemer and the Sanctifier. Contrary to the blatant lie started by the prince of darkness – saying that total consecration to Mary is in violation, or incompatible for that matter, with Christian faith in that it leads souls away from Christ, or that total Marian consecration would be a heresy (some dare refer to it as a kind of idolatry) – total consecration to the Mother of God does lead the souls who are intimately and sincerely close to Her straight into the Heart of Jesus Christ with the highest possible efficiency, and it does so by intensively providing the souls with means to help them transform themselves and by teaching them so intensively that, more so than through any other way, they are enabled to merge very purposely, voluntarily and spontaneously with the Redeemer’s inner dispositions, so much so that the offering of their own inner dispositions and of all aspects of their day-to-day experiences can become perfectly one with the all-embracing Sacrifice of the suffering Christ. This is why no single way of being a Christian enables the soul more to 'complement that which is lacking in the Sufferings of the Christ' (viz. the purposeful, spontaneous, voluntary and unconditional merger of the soul’s own crosses with the cross-bearing and the crucified Christ) than the true and pure practice of total consecration to the Mother of the Divine Redeemer.

One day the Mistress of all souls stated that a soul who opts into total consecration to Her as the ultimate way to the completion of Divine Life in her own inner life is thereby expressing a profession of faith vis-à-vis the total marriage, the complete merger, of human nature with God, as it was perfect in Mary as of Her Immaculate Conception. The soul who is determined to follow Mary to this most sublime degree pays the highest tribute to God, for He considers it to be the highest tribute to His greatest Work of Wonder, since in the eyes of God, Mary, on account of Her Immaculate Conception as well as of Her voluntary refusal to give in to any temptation to even the slightest trace of darkness in her inner life, is the most absolute accomplishment of how God conceives the ideal human soul to be: the created human soul as perfectly pure, i.e. completely free from any dark inclinations, from any contamination by the darkness, and totally filled with nothing but the purest, most dazzling light.

Mary is the absolute fulfilment of God’s desire that the human soul should be a perfect reflection of His Heart, a stainless embodiment of His perfect Love and of His Light which does not cast shadows, in other words: of His Light which pervades everything and does not leave as little as the smallest fraction of an inch to be covered with shadow or darkness. To God, total consecration to this unique Embodiment of His ideal conception is tantamount to rendering the most sublime veneration and glorification in His own honour, in honour of His omnipotence (which has found its perfect expression in this 'miraculous Being') and of His Law of Love. Indeed, the fullness of Love is nothing other than a total humiliation of the darkness, which is the absolute opposite of Love.

For a few centuries the Holy Virgin has been launching increasingly urgent calls for souls to enter into consecration to Her. Eventually, to top these calls off She made Herself known in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. Quite a few times She referred to this capacity as the all-embracing capacity for the completion of Her ultimate mission: the mission of assisting in the sanctification and unlocking the process of sanctification in souls in the very last times. In this context, for a number of years She has been inspiring very profound teachings explaining very clearly how the souls ought to shape this total consecration to Her and why exactly in that form, and which provide rock-solid arguments showing why total consecration to Her is the golden path to the most fruitful fulfilment of every soul’s mission in life (her true vocation and purpose in life). Most strikingly She presented the souls with an image in which She depicted Jesus as the Sun and Herself as the One carrying the beams of the Sun to the very core of the souls. She referred to this as the seal on the New Covenant between God and the souls, because without Her intermediary the souls tend to make much less efficient use of the actual warmth of Christ where it matters to bring the seed of their sanctification to maturity.

With good cause She once said the announcement of Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls and of all teachings She is entrusting to the souls in this very capacity is so great, so overwhelming and so filled with Divine power and glory that some souls will be caught heavily by God’s adversary as soon as they get to know about it. She added: "May this reinforce in the souls the awareness of the kind of weapon against the darkness the Most High has turned Me into in My capacity as Mistress of all souls. I am not a substitute for Christ, on the contrary, I point to His Divinity by showing the souls what God has got in store for a soul who surrenders to Christ totally the way I did Myself. No single soul was ever more thoroughly one with the Redeemer than I was. Into Me God poured out everything a created soul is able to contain and to bear".

In these Last Times God lets proclaim Mary, the perfectly holy Tabernacle that enjoyed the prerogative of carrying the Man-God into the world, as the Mistress of all souls endowed with an all-encompassing power to teach souls so profoundly and to help them transform themselves so thoroughly that the souls who actually surrender themselves to Her whole-heartedly and appear to be truly willing to regard all aspects of their daily experiences as well as of their inner lives as sacrifices their incontestable Mistress can offer to God as raw material for the completion of the Construction referred to as 'God’s Plan of Salvation', are in the true sense of the word educated by their Heavenly Mistress – the Commander of the hosts of the Light – to learn how to put the secrets of sanctification into practice. In concrete terms this means that Mary has been given the power to most intensively help souls who surrender to Her in total consecration to work themselves up to ever higher levels of sanctity, sanctity being the absolute completion of a soul’s maturation into a fruit of which the ingredients exercise a double action:

  1. they constitute a high quality nourishment to unlock the effects of God’s Works and Plans;
  2. to the forces of darkness they constitute a source of deadly poison.

Mary’s capacity as the Mistress of all souls is the absolute crowning of God’s intention that the Masterpiece of His hands may be regarded by the souls as the great example of complete sanctification of a created soul and therefore of every soul’s ability to keep the darkness at bay, as well as of His intention that this very Masterpiece might more than ever be accepted and recognized as an infallible Guide for the souls in their own development towards an inner life which is able to render the darkness permanently ineffective. Mary is God’s ultimate weapon in the battle against the darkness. The soul who consecrates herself totally to Her and thereby connects her entire life and her entire being most intimately with Her, gets – in a manner of speaking – to make use of this powerful weapon, or in other words: The soul who actually experiences and applies her being totally consecrated to Mary in every detail of her life will develop a much more powerful punch against the darkness.

The darkness has found in this world countless souls who are willing to accomplish works of darkness and who have allowed their inner dispositions to get heavily contaminated by dark thoughts, feelings and desires. Consequently the world is oppressed by a thick layer of darkness, which not only shows through a high degree of criminal behaviour but also through a prevailing atmosphere of oppression, insecurity, threats, discouragement, and a very great lack of Love in all interactions from human souls with their fellow creatures. God’s eventual goal to obtain a creation which is a perfect reflection of the atmosphere of the perfect Love and Peace of the Heavens, seems further away than ever.

We are currently living the Last Times, the Times provided by God as the ultimate preparation of the establishment of His Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures on earth. Due to the incomparably lamentable state of disgrace of mankind and the unrestrained violations against the Law of Love (which, in our present times, is violated on billions of occasions worldwide every single day) the power exerted by the darkness over mankind seems to be greater than ever. Yet the victory of the Light over the darkness is a Divine Promise. God leaves no single Promise unfulfilled. If He should leave one of His Promises unfulfilled He would actually be allowing the darkness to be the goddess of creation and He, who IS true Love, would, in a manner of speaking, be rendering His own Works ineffective. Not fulfilling the Divine Promise of the final victory of the Light over the darkness would be tantamount to God, the Creator of everything, kneeling down before the darkness, which is embodied by the one who, being a servant, opposed his Divine Master and swore the oath he would drag all human souls – who are also created by God and therefore are also servants of God – along into the rebellion against their Divine Lord and Master, and therefore against the Source of all Life and Love.

The Divine Promise of the final victory of the Light over the darkness, of the Divine Master over the works of the rebellious servant and his following, was conceived such as to be essentially fulfilled in three stages:

  1. the Christ’s Works of Redemption, which in turn were prepared by the Immaculate Conception of 'the Woman' (Mary), who was to replace the first queen of human souls, Eve, as the eternally and perfectly pure Queen who would be worthy of giving birth to Christ in a physical body, for Redemption was to be accomplished through an all-embracing physical Suffering;
  2. the deadly pressure exerted by the 'Woman'’s foot on the serpent’s head, in other words the total and unlimited humiliation of the darkness, of all the latter’s works and of the effects thereof, by the perfectly immaculate Woman, the only created human soul who, in every possible respect, has been holding the darkness completely in Her power as of the hour of Her Immaculate Conception and for all eternity. The 'Woman'’s foot is to exert and complete this deadly pressure through Divine Grace, which will be released on the basis of the complete merger of Mary’s Immaculate Heart with human souls who have consecrated themselves to Her totally and unconditionally and will have offered their entire lives in the closest intimacy with Her to the Divine Master in reparation of the inconceivable violations of His perfect Law of Love and with a view to unlocking His omnipotence, which was already prepared to complete the Divine Plan of Salvation through the Man-God’s death on the Cross;
  3. Jesus Christ’s final accession to the throne sealing the celestial marriage between His Heart and the human souls who have professed to their desire for an eternally perfect loyalty to the Divine Law, first and foremost those who have surrendered completely to the immaculate Tabernacle who prepared the Works of Redemption through Her life in absolutely perfect fulfilment of the Law of true Love. In this third stage the Divine Promise is going to be completed by opening up the treasury by the complete merger of God’s Will with the free will of the human souls who genuinely desire to live in His image.

The fulfilment of the Divine Promise can be accomplished along the golden path of total consecration to Mary. No path is better suited and more blessed by God Himself as a key than the path of total consecration to Mary. In total consecration to the Queen of Heaven which is genuinely practiced, especially in unlimited acceptance of Mary’s all-encompassing capacity as the Mistress of all souls, the soul, in a manner of speaking, relives Mary’s perfect self-surrender to God. This means the soul who whole-heartedly consecrates herself to Mary in full awareness of the fact that, in so doing, she arouses God’s expectation that she is going to serve His Works with her entire life and her entire being, and who is actually practicing this consecration in every aspect of her life, is actually 'reliving' Mary’s inner life and thus helps release major graces for the benefit of all creation.

Not one single life of any created soul ever pleased God more than the life of Mary. Not one single heart ever fulfilled God’s Law and His expectations more than the Heart of Mary. Every time a human soul gives herself to Mary totally and starts to genuinely, loyally, whole-heartedly, spontaneously and unconditionally imitate Her inner dispositions, God’s Heart is set on fire in much the same way as He experienced during the life of the Mother of His Son. This fire ignites the power to actually open the door in the Divine Treasuries, the lock of which was opened already through the Christ’s Works of Redemption. In proportion as God gets to see this reflection of the inner dispositions prevailing in the created Queen of His creation more often, the intensity with which He is enabled to let the fire of true Love rain down upon creation to burn the works of the darkness will also increase.

The fire which was allowed to rule Mary’s Heart so totally that every single trace of temptation to give in to any dark inspirations got burnt before it even could get the opportunity to damage the golden inner wall of Her Tabernacle, must find within the human souls firewood which is suitable: The free will of ever more human souls is to be prepared for a perfect service to Her, in order that these souls may let themselves be burnt down in their Mistress’ holy fire, which She nourished with Herself for the entire duration of Her life in order that this fire might, in these Last Times, yield the fulfilment of the Works accomplished by Her Divine Son She loves more than anything. He came to light a fire on earth, She, in the fullness of Grace, turned Herself into a torch which was eager to let this fire spread to many hearts. These Last Times are in need of souls who are able to allow this celestial fire to spread so intensely that no storm of darkness can ever extinguish it again. It is every human soul’s duty to offer up her entire life for the advancement of the fulfilment of God’s great Promise. The golden path toward this fulfilment is the path of total consecration to Mary, which – and this is truly vital – is experienced and practiced in a disposition of complete self-denial, at any given point of time and in all possible situations of life, and in any contact of the soul consecrated to Mary with any fellow creature, without any exception.

Myriam, February 2020