through Myriam van Nazareth


on Saturday after the feast of Christ the King

"It would be pleasing to the Most High if My capacity as the celestial Queen Mother were to receive a special commemoration.

It is My desire that you do so on the Saturday following the feast of Christ the King, i.e. on the day preceding the beginning of the Advent season, the period I have referred to as the journey towards the Birth of the Light of the world.

I am automatically the Queen Mother because I am the Mother of the Man-God, the Son of God who is by nature the King of creation and who was sent into the world by the Eternal Father to be born of Me in the flesh.

In spite of this fact no day has been assigned to this capacity as yet. To do this whole-heartedly from now on constitutes a tribute to the King and signals the darkness the souls’ resolve to opt in favour of the true Light.

Make this known, along with the brief teaching I want to inspire you in this respect". (Mary, the Mistress of all souls and Queen Mother, to Myriam on November 22, 2021).

As the Queen of Heaven and earth Herself indicates there is basically nothing new to Her title as the Queen Mother: Mary’s capacity as the Mother of God, the Mother of the incarnated Christ, automatically makes Her the Queen Mother, and a human soul acknowledging this openly deals a telling blow to Satan. Except for Mary not one single human soul in the entire history of salvation ever wanted to defeat Satan every single moment of her life and actually did it time and time again, in spite of the countless attacks the latter kept launching against her in an endeavour to cause the soul to fall.

Among all human souls the Holy Virgin Mary was the only one to achieve the highest possible degree of resembling the image of God. Owing to the fact She achieved the completest possible merger with the dispositions harboured by God Himself it became possible for the Holy Virgin to carry the One who by nature is the King of creation. She carried Him in a womb which was so perfect as to be a stainlessly holy tabernacle ready to contain Divinity. The Eternal Father even prepared Her physical body for this, and in a manner of speaking Her being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit invested this predestined tabernacle with the gold which also turned Her into a chalice ready to carry the Blood of the Man-God.

The Mistress of all souls has been pointing out repeatedly that every praise to Her or to Her capacities generates a tremendous power against the darkness. This is so because She is God’s greatest and most perfect Work of wonder. Glorifying and praising Mary, Her capacities, Her perfections, Her sanctity and Her unique power, as well as professing Her unique relationship and mystical union with the Christ offers unique elements of worship to God Himself: The Maker’s perfections are glorified best in the perfections He realizes in His greatest Work of wonder.

In Mary God created a being that not only was perfect but also has remained perfect, i.e. She never even in the slightest nor in any way, be it ever so trivial, allowed Her elements of perfection to be corrupted, not even for a single moment. Thus the reflection of God’s perfect beauties were kept perfectly intact in Mary, in spite of the extraordinarily heavy assaults She had to endure from Satan all her life, as he kept unleashing His fury in trying to violate the perfectly holy aspects of Her being.

Mary’s capacity as the Queen Mother says a lot about Her unique status within the Kingdom of God:

In the history of the world in a kingdom the queen mother was the woman who gave birth to the king and who usually already played a unique role within the kingdom before the king was born. In a similar way the Holy Virgin Mary was in every respect the precursor of the King who, as the Man-God, came into the world for the purpose of preparing the rebirth of God’s Kingdom on earth. As the Mother of the Divine King Mary was the one who enabled the King to implement all aspects of His Divine Mission for the benefit of all mankind:

  • Without the Mother of God He could not be the Teacher of God’s Law.
  • Without Her He could not visibly demonstrate God’s beneficence and Love in the form of miracles.
  • Without Her He could not establish for all times the true Church and the Sacraments as points of contact between God and the souls.
  • Above all: Without Her He could not accomplish Redemption. Therefore She already rightfully was the Co-Redemptrix of human souls as of Her word of consent to be the Mother of Christ, a function She would confirm in countless ways throughout Her life. Mary’s share in the Redemption of souls was rooted in Her mystical unity with the Heart of Christ, a unity God had provided in His infallible Wisdom but which She Herself was to unlock actively through Her flawless perseverance in fulfilling the Divine Law of true Love and through Her absolutely total victory over every temptation to violate this Law.

Thus we can see the Heavenly Queen Mother in an uninterrupted interaction with the Divine King: Divine and human nature in a constant flawless and most pure merger, thus satisfying the major condition required by God for a Divine Work on earth to be unlocked and to be fruitful: the condition of a complete, unrestrained collaboration between the Will of God and the will of a human soul, a perfectly identical orientation of hearts between God and a human soul.

As the Queen Mother Mary was furnished by God as a tabernacle ready to give birth to the Divine King: She received the unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception, and from that moment onward faced the tremendous challenge of keeping this tabernacle perfectly pure, i.e. maintaining it in a disposition which would be and remain perfectly suited to carry the Divine King.

Just like the King Jesus Christ the Heavenly Queen Mother stainlessly embodies the fullness of God’s Law. In no respect could She ever allow Herself to deviate even in the slightest from this Law, nor could She ever depart from the dispositions harboured by the Christ. But just like any other human soul the Mother of God also possessed Her own inviolable free will. Her unique merit lies herein that She did not want to permit Herself to commit any violation against God’s Law nor any departure from the dispositions of the Divine King, in all and any details of Her life. She wanted to remain perfectly one with God’s Law, God’s Heart, God’s intentions, because Her Love for God, for His Works and Plans and for His Kingdom was absolutely perfect and was to remain perfect for all eternity. Her Heart was so totally geared to the accomplishment of God’s Kingdom on earth that She literally sacrificed Her entire being and Her entire life for the purpose of helping to make God’s dream come true.

Thus Mary became the Mother of God. She gave birth to the Divine King and began a life with Him, pursuing one single goal and harbouring one single purpose: the accomplishment of the Works of Redemption in order that the Kingdom of God might be enabled to take root in many human souls. Her entire life She lived in dispositions She meticulously managed to make the most fruitful possible frame to accompany the Works of Redemption to be wrought by the Divine King. In a way She Herself explicitly desired to keep hidden the Queen Mother became a silent support to the King, who would keep finding in Her as the only soul a mirror of the Kingdom from which He had been sent into the world. The Queen Mother would acquire a power She would never ever use for Her own benefit yet only for the purpose of accomplishing the Mission for which She had offered Her entire being and Her entire life up to God.

In many old kingdoms or empires the king or the emperor was regarded as a representative of Divine authority and even as a ruler sent by God. The queen mother thereby also enjoyed an authority which, in the eyes of the subjects, had its roots in God Himself. Her words were therefore usually unconditionally regarded by the subjects as being invested with the very authority the king possessed, for they did not see any difference between her will and the will of the king, and no subject of the kingdom would have dared doubt that the words, recommendations and advices spoken by the queen mother expressed the vision harboured by the king himself. Nevertheless the queen mother would not of her own accord assume the government of the kingdom, unless she was necessitated to do so by any circumstances.

In a similar way also the Heavenly Queen Mother never laid claim to ruling the Kingdom of God on earth. She keeps emphasizing that not She is the one to be worshipped, but God and His perfect Works within Her, and that She is not served on Her own account but that the ones who surrender to Her do so for the purpose of helping Her fully accomplish Her Mission for the benefit of God’s Kingdom on earth. Nevertheless Her power is absolutely unlimited, for the King will not deny any of Her wishes, just like in the old kingdoms the king considered it to be self-evident that not a single one of his mother’s desires would go unfulfilled. Also the Mother of God’s roles as the Advocate and the Mediatrix are closely linked to Her role as the Queen Mother, who is the bridge between the subjects of the Kingdom and their King.

A kingdom does not exist for its own sake, but ultimately for the well-being of its subjects. The same goes for the Kingdom of God. It is against this background that the position and the role of the Heavenly Queen Mother must be understood. In earthly kingdoms on the occasion of royal audiences and the proclamation of special decrees the queen mother often used to have a place on a throne next to the king’s throne as an expression of her special role in the kingdom, so that it was plain to see for every subject that she was in a position enabling her to influence the king’s actions and his entire policy. The king assigned this special place to her because he knew the visibly high status of his mother inside the kingdom might very well add to the charisma of the kingdom and be likely to promote the confidence and prestige of the dynasty and the kingdom in the subjects’ eyes.

In the kingdoms of the world the queen mother usually automatically had custody over the education of the king’s children, which enhanced her influence upon the dispositions and views on the basis of which the kingdom was likely to develop in later generations. In a similar way Mary, the Heavenly Queen Mother, received the custody over the inner guidance of God’s children. The Divine King entrusted this function to Her through a solemn decree He proclaimed from the Throne of Redemption – the Cross of Golgotha – while this Throne was elevated high above the Kingdom, as an expression of the bond between the Throne, the King and the celestial roots of the Kingdom. Furthermore this function of the Heavenly Queen Mother perfectly expresses Her all-encompassing capacity as the Mistress of all souls.

In the kingdoms in all of the history of the world subjects often sooner turned to the queen mother in their hours of need than to the king directly, because they knew they would most likely achieve more through her intermediary: In such cases the king would not merely favour his subjects but would also be acting on the basis of his respect for the position of his mother in the kingdom and in recognition of the fact she was the one who had made his government possible in the first place. This is why among the subjects the queen mother used to enjoy a reputation of unlimited power and prestige.

Let us consider the unique roots of Mary’s role within the Kingdom of God: She is both the Mother of the Man-God and the Bride of the Holy Spirit, who is the third Person of Divinity. In this image we could regard the Holy Spirit as the Embodiment of Divine Law and of the dispositions of the Heart, the Wisdom and the Intelligence of Divinity Itself. Her royal status would be sealed once and for all in the hour when She was assumed into Heaven in conclusion of Her life on earth, when the Most Holy Trinity crowned Her in the Heavens to be the Queen and Mistress over everything under God.

In the kingdoms of the earth already the only purpose and goal of the position, capacities and role enjoyed by the queen mother lay in providing assistance to the subjects so as to help them get rooted more firmly in the law governing the kingdom. In so doing she would play a largely hidden key role in consolidating and maintaining the kingdom and the dynasty. Similarly the Heavenly Queen Mother fully serves the fulfilment of God’s Plan of Salvation. She does not consider Herself to be the center of the Kingdom but a servant thereof, the One whose everlasting Mission consists in completely unlocking the Kingdom’s true destination, i.e. helping to turn creation in the deepest sense of the word into a reflection of the Kingdom of Heaven, in a manner of speaking the extension of the Kingdom of Heaven in the material side of creation. The subjects of the Kingdom are expected to regard Her as the perfect auxiliary they very badly need in order to be moulded in such a way as to be able to render optimum service to the Kingdom. The King has even provided for the subjects having no better, no more fruitful way to serve Him, Divine Law and the Kingdom of God than through rendering an all-encompassing, unconditional and active service to the Queen Mother.

Even in the old kingdoms of the earth no king would have forgiven it lightly if advice and words extended and spoken by the queen mother would not be acted upon by a subject, for he would have regarded this as a personal insult to him and to the kingdom. In a similar way the Divine King is appalled if human souls fail to take the role, position and interventions of the Heavenly Queen Mother seriously. Such an attitude does not only offend God in His most sublime Work of wonder, it also favours the works of the darkness, for the Mother of God was designated by God to be the Leader, the Commander, of the Hosts of the Light, and thus Satan regards Her as his direct opponent in representation of God.

Particularly a queen mother is to satisfy the three following conditions:

  • She must possess a dignity and a charisma which enable the subjects of the kingdom to actually and genuinely regard her as a figurehead within the kingdom, as a person they can take seriously as a key figure within the day to day developments in the kingdom. The Heavenly Queen Mother fully meets this condition. Her dignity is based on a unique degree of sanctity, which has given Her an unparalleled share in the dispositions harboured by God Himself;
  • Her personality must, in a manner if speaking, embody the Law and the values ruling the Kingdom. The Heavenly Queen Mother met this condition as of Her Immaculate Conception and throughout Her life on earth by never allowing any deviation from Divine Law to enter Her entire behaviour and all Her inner life. Her will was so totally merged with the Will of God that She can fully be regarded as a living embodiment of the Law of God’s Kingdom and of all the values this Kingdom is built upon in Heaven and it must be built upon when it will be established on earth as well;
  • She must live and innerly be oriented in such a way as to be able to persistently make positive contributions to the development and the blooming of the kingdom and of the well-being of the subjects. The Heavenly Queen Mother has been meeting this requirement ever since Her days on earth through Her unique role and Her unique power within the developments of God’s Plan of Salvation and the relationships with the souls of the Church militant God provided Her to entertain from the very beginning.
    This is fully expressed in Her all-embracing, overarching capacity as the Mistress of all souls, through which She is enabled to wield an unlimited power within the inner life of every soul who is whole-heartedly willing to surrender to Her totally, unconditionally, with all her being and in every detail of her journey through life. Moreover She has received the power to continue Her actions for the benefit of the souls in the hour in which God renders His judgment on the soul’s past life: On the basis of the perfect unity between Mary’s will and God’s Will and of Her being totally geared to fulfilling Divine Law the Queen Mother has been making a huge difference for the eternal destination of innumerable souls, insofar as, and provided, this proved at all possible against the background of the inner dispositions of the souls concerned.

The Holy Virgin does not for Her own sake request for Her capacity as the Heavenly Queen Mother to be commemorated, She does so out of Love for the One who, when She gave Her consent to be the Mother of the Divine King, invested Her with this unique capacity, which would enable Her to offer Herself up for an all-encompassing collaboration towards the Redemption of souls who would be willing to, in their turn, offer their lives up for the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works of Love, of which the fruits are never limited to life in the physical world. This Heavenly invitation contains the umpteenth weapon given to the souls to help them free themselves from the tyranny of the darkness which has been preventing the world from rising as an extension of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Myriam, November 2021