Special Revelation by the Mistress of all souls
during the night of October 3-4, 2021

to Myriam van Nazareth

"God intended His creation to be a network of Love, in which each single element – each individual human soul, each individual animal, even each element of vegetation – is to fulfil a specific role and, on the basis of its specific nature, qualities, capacities and features, possesses a unique value and serves a specific purpose which, by virtue of the flow of perfect Love from God’s Heart through all of creation, enables it to contribute to moulding and maintaining a world which was to be a reflection of God’s Heart, and to make this contribution in perfect harmony with every other creature.

This is why every single creature possesses a unique inviolable dignity, which it derives from its origin in the Heart of God, where it was designed in implementation of His Law of true Love, the Divine Law which aims at creating a perfect Peace and harmony among all creatures on the basis of perfect Love, service and care on the part of the human soul – who was intended to be the crown upon creation – towards every one of her fellow creatures.

Among all creatures I am the One who never, not even on one single occasion, violated God’s Law of true Love. That is why I am the Queen of creatures, the One who was given the privilege of feeling every single sensation of every single creature in My own being for all eternity, owing to the fact that within Me God’s Law of true Love had been given the opportunity to produce its full effects in absolute perfection.

It is My desire that on October 4, the day on which the world celebrates World Animal Day, the souls should commemorate Me in My capacity as Queen of creation". (Holy Virgin Mary, during the night of October 3-4, 2021)

The Holy Virgin makes reference to the following passages inspired by Her earlier:

"In the Mistress of all virtues, the immaculate, stainless Mistress of all souls, God has shown to all of creation a Mirror of His Heart, which is the Sun, the Source of Eternal Summer". (from the meditation entitled The undulating fields of God’s Kingdom, June 2013 – not translated into English as yet)

"I was the only creature ever to have enjoyed the unique privilege of having full knowledge, ever since the day of My birth, of every single creature of all times. Of every single human being, every single animal, every single being that had ever lived or was yet to live on earth, I knew all inner dispositions. I was endowed with this ability because God had predestined Me to be the Mistress of all creatures. (...) As all dispositions of every single creature are known to Me I am in a position to judge of what use creatures may be for each other, all of this with a view to accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls". (from the Revelations by the Mistress of all souls, Revelation of September 11, 2007))