In February 2023 the Queen of Heaven inspired
an additional chapter to the present basic teaching.
The new chapter will be added sectionwise as chapter 2.


Definition of the most basic concept of the
Science of Divine Life

inspired by the Mistress of all souls

to Myriam van Nazareth


1. The Mistress of all souls defines 'True Love'
2. The components of True Love
3. True Love as a gauge for the state of grace
4. Emergency appeal concerning the unbridled violations of the Law of
True Love
5. Raising the souls’ awareness as to the true implications of violating
the Law of True Love


The whole of the teachings by the Holy Virgin Mary in Her all-encompassing God-given capacity as the Mistress of all souls is referred to by Her as the Science of Divine Life. The absolutely most fundamental concept around which everything in Her teachings revolves is true Love, which is the very essence of God Himself, the guiding force proceeding from God, which is to keep His creation alive and in the most viable harmony.

The souls do not always understand true Love the way it was meant by God. That is why in the article before you the Queen of Heaven has us shed some light on the essence of the meaning of this concept.

In September 2013 the Holy Virgin Mary gave the following extensive, rather profound definition to the concept of true Love:

True Love is the essence, the actual nature of Divine Life. It is the disposition in which all of the soul’s actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations are whole-heartedly, voluntarily and spontaneously geared to:

1. enhancing in every fellow creature and in a perfectly unselfish, disinterested and unconditional way this creature’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical vital strength and its spiritual, mental, emotional and physical sense of well-being, and to maintaining and defending the unscathed dignity of every fellow creature as a work of God; and

2. making a maximum contribution to the accomplishment and completion of God’s Plans and Works on earth, in other words: to the fulfilment of His Law, whereby making this contribution is pursued with absolute preference over satisfying one’s own needs and desires.

Living in true Love is living in such a way that the soul, through all of her actions, omission, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, all of her inner dispositions and the aura enveloping her entire being, conveys:

  • Light
  • warmth
  • feelings of security
  • inner peace
  • brightfulness
  • hope
  • relief
  • encouragement
  • trust, confidence
  • vital strength
  • zest for life
  • feelings of meaningfulness with respect to life as such
  • enhanced feelings of individual dignity, and
  • the intuitive certainty of God’s proximity

onto the journey through life to be made by every single fellow being Divine Providence guides onto her own path, no matter for how long or in what form such encounters present themselves, and that she harbours nothing but positive feelings and thoughts towards these fellow creatures and wishes the latter nothing but happiness and bloom on every level of their being and in all situations of their lives.


In the definition the Mistress of all souls gave to the souls in September 2013 with respect to 'living in true Love' She mentioned fourteen components, in fact fourteen dispositions which can be brought about, maintained or promoted in fellow creatures to the extent to which a human soul with whom these fellow creatures come into contact practices true Love and actually makes this tangible through her way of being. The Queen of Heaven clarifies these fourteen components in order to deepen the souls’ understanding of true Love as a core characteristic of God Himself and as the Basic Law of Divine Life, the Life of a human soul who actually is like a true reflection of God’s Heart.

The following are the dispositions and experiences any human soul ought to be arousing and promoting in any fellow creature she encounters, irrespective of the duration of the encounter:

1. Light. The Light is the pre-eminent symbol of the very Being and all characteristics of God Himself, of everything opposed to the darkness, which expresses the being, the nature and all characteristics of Satan and sin.

A soul that shines towards all of her fellow creatures a Light which spontaneously emanates from her heart is thereby fulfilling her basic mission in life, which consists of a faithful following of the dispositions of Jesus Christ Himself (who is called 'the Light of the world').

Quite a few years ago already the Queen of Heaven referred to brightfulness or light-heartedness as the 'Light of the soul': A brightful or light-hearted soul seems to shine a Light all around her. It is important to understand that a brightful mood has got nothing to do with laughing exuberantly or frequently. True light-heartedness is a disposition which is alive in a soul who radiates innerly owing to the fact she experiences true peace with her life. Peace with one’s life is a disposition experienced by a soul who agrees with everything Divine Providence has in store for her. A soul in this disposition is prone to transferring this inner harmony with God to her fellow creature in any encounter with this creature. It is as if any fellow creature that comes into contact with this soul is radiated by sunlight, whereas a creature that comes into contact with a soul who lacks this inner Light or possesses it only to a minor degree, will likely feel as though a cloud has just come over it, threatening its own Light. A soul who bears but little Light, if any at all, will be likely to make all her fellow creatures feel burdened or encumbered, due to the fact that such a soul fails to transfer to her fellow creatures the invigorating power of true Love.

The Light is the very essence of God’s nature. God consists of nothing but absolutely perfect Love. Therefore the Light a soul manages to radiate all around her is stronger in proportion as this soul practices true Love more actively, spontaneously and in complete denial of her own needs and desires. As long as a soul fails to let her heart be fully and spontaneously governed by a Light that is sufficiently strong her Love towards her fellow creatures will remain faulty. A soul that truly loves will not make a fellow creature feel as if a dark cloud were overshadowing the latter’s path through life, on the contrary, she will have on her fellow creature an effect comparable to the experience of seeing the sun rise after a dreary period of rain.

Transferring Light to a fellow creature has also got to do with sincerity and Love of the Truth. A human soul who truly loves will not lie to her fellow creature, nor deceive the latter in any way. On a large scale the effects produced by the darkness through lies, deception and deceit become unambiguously clear in political regimes that try to maintain themselves, their ideology and their actions through propaganda based on shameless lies and sedition. Sedition is the act of inciting fellow people to violence or to any form of negative attitudes and behaviour to the detriment of certain fellow people, groups of people or states. Sedition is therefore one of the darkest expressions of lack of Love: It is often geared to creating in large numbers of souls an attitude based on which these souls more easily resort to persecuting and even killing fellow people or fellow creatures in general. Propaganda in association with the sedition which often accompanies it constitutes one of the major weapons operated by Satan against the flow of true Love through the network of creation.

2. Warmth. One day the Heavenly Mistress said that meekness determines the degree of warmth emanating from a soul. A soul who treats her fellow creatures with meekness and tenderness, through her actions but also through the form, the content and the tone of her words, envelops these fellow creatures in warmth.

Any form of aggression, both in actions (beating or kicking a fellow creature or torturing or maltreating it in any way whatsoever) and in words (yelling at a fellow creature) from a heart that is cold or harbours hate, disdain or any kind of negative disposition, transfers cold to the fellow creature on which it is focused. A creature that comes into contact with a human soul who is not a bearer of warmth will experience this contact as cold and dark. Inversely a soul who radiates warmth around her will likely generate in her fellow creatures an experience of warmth. Wherever true Love prevails darkness and cold are dispelled from creatures, which will experience this as feelings of relaxation, serenity, well-being, a general good feeling both physically and spiritually, comparable to the experience generated by a walk under a soft spring sun in a landscape that uplifts the walker on every level of his being.

One day the Queen of Heaven said a human soul who beats or kicks a fellow creature, spits on the latter or purposely causes the latter physical suffering in any way whatsoever will at least temporarily, in some cases irreversibly, extinguish the inner fire living in this creature. In the eyes of God this constitutes a serious violation of the Basic Law of God which governs all of creation: the Law of True Love. In the eyes of God torture or ill treatment of fellow creatures is among the most serious forms of direct violation, even murder, of Love. By torturing or maltreating a fellow creature in any way whatsoever the guilty soul violates the creature’s dignity as well as her own dignity as works designed by the God of Love.

According to the Queen of Heaven and earth a human soul who tortures or maltreats a fellow creature denies the signature God has left inside of her, in other words the sign denoting her origin in God’s Heart, and voluntarily tears herself loose from the circuit of Love, thereby deliberately surrendering herself to rendering service to the darkness. The Heavenly Queen refers to torture and maltreatment of fellow creatures as open signs of the soul’s opposing Love as a Divine power which tries to freely govern all Life and all relations and encounters between all of God’s creatures. In so doing the guilty soul makes herself a servant of the kingdom of the darkness on earth and a terrorist who contributes to systematically undermining and devastating the Kingdom of true Love in creation as intended by God.

To what extent warmth in heart and soul is connected with true Love appears from the fact that, for example, a soul is able to feel warmth when thinking of a fellow creature that used to mean a lot to her but that, by death or due to a long separation, is no longer actively present on her path through life. Basically this warmth is nothing else but a matter of reliving the flow of Love which used to stream between this soul and the said creature when the latter was still alive or was still on the soul’s path through life.

In this world cold is often transferred by human souls to fellow creatures through hurting words, tactless behaviour or tactless words, slander, vilification, demonization and any kind of insensitive actions and words. All of these forms of acting and speaking proceed from hearts that are lacking in Love. They flow from human souls to fellow people as well as to animals. In this respect the Heavenly Mistress refers to ways of acting, often thoughtlessly, by which human souls violate the Law of true Love towards fellow people as well as towards animals: Often people perform actions through which they scare fellow creatures, make them restless or anxious, deliberately startle them, etcetera. She points to the fact that souls in a disposition of true Love are constantly aiming at maintaining or creating in their fellow creatures feelings of the greatest possible well-being, and that therefore, for instance, they will avoid making movements or noises which may instil fear in animals, etcetera. A very frequently committed violation in this regard is lighting fireworks.

A sign of sincere Love, for instance, is shown by a human soul who makes efforts to get to know certain animals (domestic animals, but also others) sufficiently to discover if they get scared by certain noises, movements etcetera, and who then makes sure to avoid such noises, movements etcetera, whenever these animals are near. By acting in such a way this human soul shows God she respects every living being and sincerely wants the latter to be able to feel good.

3. Feelings of security. Feeling secure is an experience a creature can make when it is in contact with a human soul who harbours no negative feeling whatsoever towards it. In a private revelation the Mistress of all souls once said to Myriam: "You might regard feelings of security as a bed on which the soul can unwind".

The opposite of feelings of security is a feeling of being threatened. Feeling secure is a fruit of true Love: A creature can only feel secure when it feels surrounded by sincere Love. Feeling threatened, on the contrary, is a fruit of lack of Love. This feeling arises when a creature experiences little or no sincere Love or if for whatever reason it is not able to assimilate true Love. For instance, a living being that has been maltreated for a longer period of time or that has experienced a severe emotional shock can for a certain time – sometimes for the entire remainder of its life – experience a certain impairment of its ability to perceive true Love sufficiently strongly to truly feel secure. It is a well-known fact to what extent prisoners can be the captives of feelings of being threatened or feelings of fear for a long time after their being dismissed or liberated from POW camps, concentration camps, forced labour camps, penal colonies or gulags in which they have been the victims of a regime of terror and maltreatment. Equally well-known is the severe emotional disruption animals can be victims of after they have been maltreated or have frequently experienced all kinds of lack of Love.

Procuring feelings of security is like representing God towards a fellow creature, for God is the pre-eminent force to instil a state of perfect security in living beings. Inversely a soul who is responsible for feelings of being threatened is guilty of disrupting junctions and channels of Love in the network of creation made by God. This soul has temporarily cut through the channels through which one or more fellow creatures could have felt God’s Presence and Love flow into them, and has temporarily switched off this creature’s or these creatures’ faith in this Presence and this Love. Not seldom such 'failures' appear irreparable for years or even permanently, and seem to plunge the victims into a darkness they often seem unable to get rid of.

The transfer of sincere Love to a fellow creature often begins with instilling in this fellow creature feelings of security as soon as the human soul encounters the latter. The soul can do this by acting and speaking softly and in a sincere loving way, thus enabling the fellow creature to feel at ease in her presence. Only in such an atmosphere of peace and serenity will true Love be able to flow unrestrainedly and will the creatures involved be able to entertain contacts which truly contribute to the fulfilment of the goals God wants to accomplish in creation.

4. Inner peace. Peace has got two meanings. The world knows this concept first and foremost as denoting a situation in which no war is waged between states or no open conflicts exist between organisations, communities, groups or individual people. In the true spiritual sense, however, the Queen of Heaven refers to Peace (mark the fact She insists the word to be capitalized) to denote the situation in which a human heart is free from inner struggle, resistance or opposition to the developments in life, being aware that also the things which are experienced as unpleasant are allowed by God because they are useful towards the achievement of His goals.

Peace of heart in a human soul in fact results from the latter drawing unimpededly on the Heart of God, owing to the fact this soul has voluntarily and spontaneously rid herself of dark inclinations to such an extent that the flow of Divine Life has been enabled to enter into her heart unrestrainedly. In this disposition the soul, in a manner of speaking, no longer experiences any impediments to having flow to her fellow creatures feelings which enable the latter to feel the proximity of God Himself. In a manner of speaking, the soul who arouses in her fellow creatures feelings of Peace creates an atmosphere in which these creatures begin to feel free from any influence which may interfere with their inner rest and serenity. In the state of true Peace of heart the living being (usually unconsciously) feels in perfect harmony with God, who is the Basic Force governing all of creation to the extent the human souls give Him the opportunity to do so.

A soul who practices true Love is able to arouse this disposition of the heart (the so-called Peace of heart) in her fellow creatures. The Heavenly Mistress points out that the state of inner Peace can also be aroused in animals, as animals (especially those belonging to so-called 'higher species' such as dogs, cats, horses, dolphins, to name but a few...), possess the faculty of being able, without the use of rational thinking or reasoning, to collaborate intuitively with the Plan God harbours with regard to their life, and that therefore they will not easily protest against the course of events in their life, unless a journey through life is imposed on them in any unnatural way, making them feel intuitively that this alternative journey is not in accordance with God’s intentions. This is the case with animals that are maltreated, neglected or are in any way whatsoever confronted with human souls who are living in violation of God’s Law of True Love. Such human souls deprive all fellow creatures (animals included) of inner Peace and thereby make themselves culprits of the disruption of Plans God wants to develop through these fellow creatures.

Let us consider the following situation as depicted to Myriam by the Heavenly Mistress: If a human soul approaches an animal while harbouring in her heart the intention to stroke the animal, to speak to it in a loving tone or to give it food or water in a sincerely loving mood this animal will feel a growing reassurance as to the fact this human soul has no intention of harming it. The animal’s heart is enveloped in a growing experience of Peace and security. The animal (unknowingly, of course) feels the Presence of God, finds rest, and feels like being part of this human soul’s heart. In a manner of speaking, in this human soul it feels an ally towards the fulfilment of the mission God has provided for it and which it has unknowingly been trying to accomplish. In this context let us be aware of how much in this situation Love is flowing: The flow from the human soul towards the animal is accompanied and reinforced by a flow of Love from God towards this soul as well as towards this animal, so much so that a circuit of Love comes about between God and both creatures. Both the human soul and the animal will (usually unwittingly) experience this as a 'good feeling' of serenity, an experience pointing to the fact both creatures are closely connected to God during their mutual communication.

Peace of heart is a disposition which is always the fruit of a (knowing or unknowing) harmony with God’s intentions. The Heavenly Queen points out that even animals desire the experience of harmony with human souls because they (unknowingly) perceive such a situation as a necessary foundation to accomplish that for which they are in the world, for also an animal is not on earth for no reason, it is on earth for a very specific purpose within the framework of the fulfilment of the Plan God is trying to accomplish for the benefit of His creation. This is exactly why in the past the Heavenly Mistress frequently said an animal is not an object, but a tool which needs to be enabled to be used by God in His attemps to obtain a sound development for His Plan of Salvation. This 'sound development' is only possible to the extent to which every creature (including every animal) is enabled to live its life in accordance with God’s intentions and thus in a living environment which is completely governed by the Divine Law of Love. First and foremost the human soul is responsible for the extent to which this is possible.

5. Brightfulness and joy. The fruitfulness of a human life in the eyes of God is determined by the richness of the soul’s emotional life, in the sense that many souls hardly make positive contributions to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans due to the fact they mainly live on the basis of a thinking and reasoning intellect. Such souls suffer from a lack of emotional depth. The true value of a human life for God consists of a rich harvest of deeply experienced moments of self-denying Love. A soul who approaches her fellow creatures from a sensitive heart and in full sincerity will easily arouse in these creatures dispositions of joy. Interacting with a fellow creature on the basis of dispositions of sincere Love contributes to relieving this fellow creature’s life and to adding colour and taste to it.

The disposition of true joy expresses the atmosphere of life God wanted to see in all of His creation from the outset, yet this atmosphere is only alive to the extent to which human souls allow true Love to flow towards all their fellow creatures without any impediment. A soul in the disposition of true Love considers it a goal in life to give joy to each and every fellow creature she encounters on her journey through life, no matter how long or how brief the encounter may be. The soul who adopts this style of living will soon discover that she will be able to experience all the more joy herself in proportion as she is able to tangibly increase her fellow creatures’ feelings of joy. A soul who will not allow herself to be motivated by sincere Love will not experience this and will rather be indifferent to her fellow creatures’ feelings: neither their joy nor their sadness will really touch her.

To the extent to which a human soul opens herself up to an unrestrained connection with God and the flow of His Love, with every action of sincere Love she performs for the benefit of a fellow creature she can learn to feel the joy she thereby arouses within this creature, and she can also learn to feel this very joy inside her own heart like a fire which can only proceed from the Heart of God Himself. Such an experience creates a feeling of profound connection between the soul, the fellow creature concerned and God. In such an experience the soul will be able to find within herself the unmistakable sign for the fact that, like the Heavenly Mistress once taught, God truly rejoices over every unrestrained and pure flow of Love between creatures and over the feelings of connection that come about or are reinforced by this flow.

As each life on earth is accompanied by trials of the most various nature one of the most powerful sources of joy for each living being consists of the experience of being helped, supported and assisted by a fellow creature (see in this respect also entry nr. 7 a bit further down below). A creature’s experience of a fellow creature showing itself willing and ready to provide whole-hearted help with the bearing of some cross is one of the most powerful ways to forge creatures together and reinforce the flow of Love from God through creation.

6. Hope. The Mistress of all souls defines true hope as the ability to expect the best possible outcome for anything to such an extent that one is actually constantly living as if one were already experiencing the state of perfect bliss, as if it were but a mere matter of time before all misery and all trials of life are behind one. It is the ability of living in the solid conviction that in the Heart of God everything is already completed, i.e. in the conviction that Divine Justice has already dealt with any lack of harmony in creation and that, therefore, the uninterrupted battle against the darkness in life has already been won once and for all. Therefore true hope is a matter of perfect trust in the perfection of Divine Love and in the fact this Love is dispelling from creation all and any effects of the works of the darkness.

A soul who practices true Love is constantly trying to arouse true hope in all her fellow creatures in all contacts with them. It might seem as if true hope can only be experienced by human souls, not by animals. Nevertheless the Heavenly Mistress points to the fact true hope is a matter of perfect trust, not only trust in one’s fellow person and in the good nature and favourable outcome of situations, as meant in point 9 (see further), but also in the following sense:

Also animals can, through positive conduct and a tangible positive attitude in a human soul towards them, become convinced of the fact they have got nothing to fear from their situation in life, that their relationship with this human is being fulfilled in an atmosphere of Light and Peace, and they can thereby experience feelings of inner rest, serenity, relaxation, and feelings of security. For animals this experience is a form of hope, a situation in which they feel no reason to fear any harm. This experience can allow an animal which, due to some dark experiences, had become fearful, anxious or aggressive, to find a new inner Peace and become attached to certain human souls (sometimes to any human soul). Such attachment is a token of trust and therefore of the absence of feelings of being threatened. This is made possible by the fact that, within this animal, the flow of Love has been repaired through experiences which no longer give rise to automatically expecting new negative experiences. Basically this experience is similar to true hope.

If a creature experiences being approached by a human soul driven by true Love it will more easily bloom and be enabled to fulfil its mission in life exactly the way God expects this creature to do, and therefore it will be enabled to develop the characteristics it has been given by God in a greater freedom. Thus a human soul who deals with her fellow creatures in positive ways is contributing to the promotion and repair of harmony within creation and in so doing, to the implementation of God’s Plans and Works in creation.

The Mother of God points to a frequent form of lack of Love consisting of many human souls not managing to help counter difficult situations by speaking words of trust and confidence to their fellow person, thus waking up new hope within the latter. A human soul who is going through a rough patch can, through the way a fellow person behaves or speaks, either completely get blocked in her heart or mind, or she can find means to repair the flow of hope inside herself. The force that brings about such repair is Love. A human soul who gives new hope in all sincerity is actually helping to heal inside her tormented or suffering fellow creature the ability to restore the flow of God unrestrainedly inside itself and to derive from this the strength to overcome its difficulties and lead or resume a (spiritually) more fruitful life. Inversely, a soul who fails to let Love flow towards her fellow person who is going through difficult times may contribute to the rise of a disposition of despair or despondency and thereby counteract a work of God, viz. God’s intention to deploy this fellow person to help promote the flow of Love through creation.

7. Relief and alleviation. God organized His creation so as to be a system in which all creatures live within an all-embracing network consisting of all mutual relations, contacts and communications between all creatures. Day after day many billions of contacts and elements of communication take place among all living beings. God provided that, to the extent to which all of these mutual contacts, relations and communications between creatures are governed by the Basic Law of creation, the Law of True Love, the state of perfect equilibrium, perfect harmony as set by Him can be preserved. In order to obtain this, all of these contacts, relations and communications must be carried by a sincere desire on the part of human souls to provide help, support and service to each and every fellow creature they encounter.

Due to the fact that as a consequence of the original sin committed by the first human souls life in the world is full of trials and burdens, all the help, support and service rendered by a human soul for the benefit of all of her fellow creatures can be referred to as 'assisting this fellow creature in carrying its cross', in other words: contributing to this fellow creature better being able to bear the difficulties of life because a human soul is working on its path through life in a positive way. This is what is understood by 'providing relief' or 'alleviating one’s fellow creature’s burden'. A soul who sincerely loves finds it important to assist all her fellow creatures in coping with the difficulties of their lives. This can be done in many ways. Towards an animal this can even be as simple as putting food or water at its disposal. The animal will experience this all the more as a 'relief' if this act is founded on tangible Love, as it will then not only experience being relieved in a physical need (hunger and/or thirst) but also being relieved 'morally' (if being provided with food and/or water is accompanied by the additional ray of Light contained in a loving word, a stroke, any kind of action or behaviour through which the animal gets to feel itself being taken up into the caring human’s heart). The Queen of Heaven points out that such moments mean a great deal more to God than most human souls realize.

The opposite of 'providing relief' is 'adding to the burden of the fellow creature’s cross', by making the fellow creature’s life more difficult through certain acts, words or situations that give rise to this creature experiencing additional burdens, misery, suffering or darkness. In the eyes of God this is sinful behaviour because it makes it harder for the fellow creature to fulfil the mission it is called to fulfil in its life. What exactly this mission, this purpose of each individual creature’s life is, is a secret known only to God, a secret no human soul is to be able to fully assess. This is why it is so important that on every single occasion every human soul interacts with each and every fellow creature in such a way as not to increase this creature’s burdens in life unnecessarily but, on the contrary, to see to it that this creature is enabled to regard the human soul as a positive element on its journey through life.

The Queen of Heaven and earth emphasizes the fact that after her departure from life on earth, in the hour in which her life is to be judged by God, every human soul will get to see the full significance (whether positive or negative) of every single action, word, thought and feeling she has ever produced or harboured regarding a fellow creature, and that in that hour many of these seemingly futile moments of contact with any fellow creature will prove to have been way more significant to God than the soul could ever have suspected. Blessed is the soul who takes this knowledge into account while she is still alive, as only during her life on earth the soul gets opportunities to make a positive difference (after her life on earth has come to an end she is deprived of any further opportunities to do so).

8. Encouragement. Courage is the disposition in which a creature musters the determination to go through a situation or through circumstances it experiences as being difficult or cumbersome, by tapping into its vital strength in such a way this situation or these circumstances are experienced as less threatening, less of an obstacle or less negative. A soul who truly loves her fellow creatures will, in any contact with the latter, go to any lengths to 'encourage' them, in other words: Based on her sincere Love she will allow a warmth and a Light to flow towards each and every fellow creature, from which the latter gets to derive the courage to rise above certain difficulties or burdens in its life.

The opposite of 'encouraging', providing courage, is 'discouraging'. Discouraging a fellow creature is acting or speaking in such a way as to make it lose the impetus to tackle its life’s problems in a fruitful way. By discouraging a fellow creature a human soul robs this creature of its vital strength and increases the extent to which it experiences its trials as burdens or threats, even as enemies of its happiness. Discouragement undermines a creature’s drive to accomplish its mission in life. This is why in the eyes of God it is a sin when a human soul deprives a fellow creature of its courage. Discouraging a fellow creature sows darkness into the latter’s heart. Darkness is the antipole of Light and thereby of Life itself. Life as a gift from God derives its strength from Love, which is the fuel with which God maintains His creation and brings it to full bloom. Discouragement is therefore a work of darkness which thwarts God’s Works and serves the plans of God’s opponent.

Discouraging a fellow creature is a work of darkness. It is one of the elements of the strategy through which Satan undermines human souls in their vigour at the service of God. Satan knows that every human soul is called first and foremost to allow her entire being, all her forces and her entire life to be used by God as tools for the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works in creation. This is why, through the most various temptations, he goes to any lengths to rob human souls of the courage to face up to the trials of life and to complete with perseverance the sometimes rather hard journey through life as a worthy and useful weapon in the hands of God. Satan poisons human souls against their fellow creatures in order that the latter might lose heart and they, themselves, might also gain experiences which affect their own courage. This is how Satan tries to decimate the hosts of the Light for the purpose of preventing God’s Works on earth from getting completed and paving the way for the darkness to establish its own power in creation. Woe betide the human soul who promotes such development by being a scourge and a cloud of darkness to her fellow creatures.

9. Trust or confidence. Basically trust is a disposition of inner rest and security as to a positive outcome of the things of life, in spite of any difficulties accompanying these things. Trust is based on being sure that God is taking care of everything, that His Providence is governing all kinds of things and that, even if the journey is rather hard, the final objective is guaranteed to be achieved, provided the soul will accept the road just the way it is. Trust is therefore the disposition which enables the soul to not let herself be thrown off balance by trials, nor to start doubting or hesitating in those moments when her actions or efforts seem to yield little or nothing at all. Trust as an element of practicing the Law of True Love has yet another meaning:

A human soul who radiates Love, Light, softness and inner serenity can thereby arouse trust in her fellow creatures. This trust is the disposition through which these fellow creatures become certain this human soul is favourably disposed toward them and therefore does not constitute a menace to their general well-being. Thus trust on the part of the fellow creature is based on its feeling certain that the human soul approaching it has no intention of harming it.

To God it is very important that a soul should arouse trust in all fellow creatures she encounters because the soul who manages to arouse trust is thereby contributing to her fellow creatures becoming inclined to extending some of their trust to other human souls as well. An animal which is maltreated by a certain human soul, especially if this occurs frequently, can thereby fall prey to a disposition in which it becomes distrustful towards every human being. Many years ago already the Heavenly Mistress explained that this disposition tends to be extended further in the sphere of the invisible, and as an example She referred to the 'innate' or 'natural' shyness demonstrated by many wild animals towards humans.

A well-known phenomenon is the fact wild animals tend to flee en masse wherever humans appear. The Queen of Heaven points out that this finds its origin in the fact that humans, through hunting and poaching, have for centuries already been arousing a 'natural' mistrust in animals towards man. The Heavenly Mistress calls this 'natural inclination' a very serious sign for the degree to which the human soul has been guilty of violating the Law of Love, and a supernatural proof of the fact that such situations are able to create in creatures certain inclinations that were never intended by God. The fact that also animals which have not (yet) personally been threatened by humans display such 'flight behaviour' testifies to the degree to which all creatures are interconnected through the network of creation: Every action on the part of a fellow creature produces its effects within the entire network. Thus a seemingly futile negative action, committed on a small scale, can produce much more negative consequences both for the guilty soul herself and for the whole of creation than the guilty soul could ever suspect.

The Heavenly Mistress emphasizes the fact that, therefore, it should be regarded as one of the major missions of every human soul to behave in such a way and to fill her heart with so much Light and genuine Love that every fellow creature justifiably gets to develop a sincere trust in mankind as a whole. She points out that this is an absolute necessity in order for God’s Works in the world to be accomplished, in other words in order for the souls to be able to help render all and any works wrought by the darkness in this world and all and any of their effects ineffective.

10. Vital strength. The Creator of all Life is God. God is the only Source of Life, which is the very characteristic of every creature. Vital strength is the extent to which the force which makes a living being live, produces its effects inside this being. The strength provided by God is influenced (altered) to a large extent by the most various forces which impact a creature from the outside, i.e. from the world. Thus the vital strength is to a large extent either preserved and nourished or deceased by the degree of Love a creature experiences on the part of the world surrounding it.

A human soul who practices a genuine Love is driven by the desire to enhance within her fellow creatures the vital strength in their souls (or in the case of animals: in their vital principles), in their minds, hearts and bodies. Basically this vital strength is Love. Love is a Divine force and can therefore not be destroyed, yet its effects within a creature can be curbed by the force directly opposed to Love, viz. the darkness, sin. A human soul who approaches her fellow creatures from a heart filled with darkness blocks within these creatures the flow of vital strength. Inversely a human soul who approaches her fellow creatures from a heart filled with sincere Love will, in a manner of speaking, inject an additional dose of strength into the flow of vital strength inside these fellow creatures. The reason is that this soul is fully engaged in making her fellow creatures partake in the flow of vital strength she herself receives from God. In this disposition a perfectly unimpeded circuit of Love is born between the soul, her fellow creatures and God Himself. This circuit is nothing else but an unimpeded flow of vital strength from which the fellow creatures get to draw an additional force as from an extra reservoir to fulfil the mission in life provided for them by God.

Thus a creature can display a lack of vital strength due to the influence from a negatively disposed human soul. God does not make the creature concerned responsible for this, but the human soul who has contributed to this development: This human soul has violated the Law of Love and, in so doing, has contributed to one or more fellow creatures being relatively less able to help complete the Plan God is harbouring for creation, for this human soul has contributed to blocking off the flow of Life given by God.

Everything emanating from a human soul can produce its effects well beyond the boundaries of life. Therefore a soul who is truly an active bearer of true Love can through her behaviour contribute to her fellow creatures remaining better equipped for anything which might rob them of their vital strength even after this soul has departed this life. 'Living by positive memories' has got everything to do with the Life-giving strength a creature derives from every 'encounter' with true Love. The warmth a human soul is able to feel in her heart whenever she thinks back and remembers a fellow creature (whether human or animal) which once was very important to her, is basically nothing else but the fact this soul is reliving the mutual flow of Love which used to circulate between her and this creature while the latter was still alive.

11. Zest for life. The zest for life is closely related to the vital strength. The zest for life is the extent to which a living being feels driven to allow the vital strength God is sending its way to fully unfold. To use an image: Vital strength could be pictured as a vehicle in good working order and with a fuel tank filled to the brim, whereas the zest for life would be that which induces the driver to press the accelerator in order to make the vehicle move and to keep it running. Without the driver’s motivation to do so the vehicle will not move an inch, in spite of its being perfectly able to drive.

It should be stressed that it will depend on the living being’s free will to what extent the vital strength will or will not actually be used for the accomplishment of the intentions God harbours with respect to its life on earth. A creature can very well seem to 'sparkle with zest for life' without ever committing its vital strength to the fulfilment of God’s expectations. This is the case if the creature (here we are talking about a human soul in particular) lets itself be motivated first and foremost by the desire to commit evil and seems to derive an extra load of energy from pursuing this. The vital strength is a gift from God, yet it can also be used entirely at the service of the darkness.

Within the framework of practicing true Love it is important to note that a human soul can decrease in her fellow creatures the zest, the desire to live, or can even destroy it altogether. Animals, but also humans, that are frequently ill treated can fall prey either to aggressive attitudes towards their environment or to depression, a state in which they no longer show any desire to live. Animals and children that are frequently treated without Love often display a loss of interest in toys, in communicating and playing with fellow creatures, etcetera.

Human souls who treat fellow creatures without Love rob these fellow creatures of the sun (the light and warmth) in their lives, as a result of which these creatures no longer find joy in playing or communicating. This is due to the fact a creature that is maltreated (or neglected!) is no longer able to undividedly experience the world surrounding it as a source of Love, Light, warmth, joy, safety and security, but is haunted by expectations of menace, calamity, suffering, misery, darkness, cold, insecurity and hostility. In this creature the vital strength gets blocked to such an extent that its entire emotional world is gradually (often at least partially unknowingly, as is usually the case with animals and children) dominated by the oppressing notion and expectation that it is even abandoned by God (the Source of all Love!) and is not considered worthy of experiencing Love, joy and warmth.

Before, the Heavenly Mistress made reference to neglect. Neglect (of fellow people or animals) has an element of lack of interest in the fate and the needs of a fellow creature, an element of lack of empathy, and an element of indifference. Indifference is already in itself a matter of lacking Love and lacking a feeling of being connected with fellow creatures. A creature that is neglected by a human soul who was intended by Divine Providence to care for this fellow creature feels cut off from all Love and gets bogged down in the belief it is apparently not worthy of being loved and cared for. This is why, in the eyes of God, the soul who neglects fellow creatures commits a serious sin, as she cuts off channels of Love provided by God within His creation and of which God expects this soul to nourish them actively, spontaneously, voluntarily and persistently with pure Love and pure feelings. A soul who neglects fellow creatures is thereby sending a signal to God saying 'I do not feel any connection with the network of Your creation, and my fellow creatures’ fate is immaterial to me'. This attitude towards life constitutes a profound violation of the Law of True Love.

There are not many forms of dispositions of the heart through which a human soul could demonstrate towards God a greater lack of Love than through acts of neglecting a fellow creature. Neglect is a serious injustice towards the creatures that are made victims of it. By neglecting a fellow creature towards whom she has 'signed' a covenant of Love and care before God a human soul denies this fellow creature a share in her life. Thus any flow of Love from this soul into this fellow creature is prevented. This becomes noticeable, for instance, in situations in which a human soul neglects her children, her companion in life and/or her domestic animals or pets, i.e. she leaves them to fend and care for themselves and is not interested in providing for their needs, assisting them in any suffering or alleviating such suffering: It is immaterial to her whether her fellow creatures do suffer or not.

The Queen of Heaven makes reference to yet another situation of neglect, which is but rarely recognized as such yet, in the eyes of God, discloses a lack of Love: housing a domestic animal outdoors in a run, a cage or a pen providing little shelter against any weather condition, with little direct contact and therefore in a situation devoid of bonding and characterized by a lack of flowing Love, sympathy and respect for a living being that was made by God and provided by Him to be part of a covenant of care under the custody of a human soul. Such a situation can affect the zest for life in the animal involved, as in the latter the channels provided by God for the flow of Life and Love are largely rendered ineffective or blocked off altogether. Not one single creature, i.e. not one single human nor one single animal, was created for the purpose of leading a life without Love, without signs of interest and connectedness on the part of human souls, as every human soul’s mission in life consists of making God’s Presence felt towards the whole of creation, and God is the Source of absolutely perfect Love.

12. Feelings of meaningfulness with respect to life as such. This is another element closely related to vital strength and zest for life. A human soul who robs a fellow creature of its zest for life is thereby also gradually arousing within this fellow creature the feeling that life has no meaning and no purpose. A journey through life which is frequently overshadowed by darkness which is brought upon this journey through one or more human souls will at some point of time be experienced by the creature involved as 'not – or no longer, respectively – worth while being continued'.

Usually human souls tend to ask themselves questions about the meaning of life. Animals do not do this, yet, as the Heavenly Mistress already explained in the past, unconsciously they are not less sensitive to similar experiences, especially animals belonging to a species possessing a more developed emotional system and a 'higher intelligence'. Most creatures, both many humans and virtually all animals, are not actually aware of the real meaning and purpose of life. Nevertheless, thus the Queen of Heaven, both human souls and animals are able to sense this purpose somewhere deep inside their being and 'know' they are only on earth for the purpose of fulfilling their role in the framework of the developments within the network of creation and of accomplishing the Works of God on earth.

Inside every individual creature this unconscious 'sensing' works as a driving force. In difficult situations and during developments in which life seems to lose its colour and its Light, every creature can get caught in an unconscious kind of feeling oppressed, a feeling of 'having lost one’s bearings on its journey through life', a feeling as if life is going nowhere and is completely devoid of any purpose, goal or destination. A human soul can become aware of this loss of bearings, an animal cannot, but every creature experiences such a phase somewhat similarly as a major brake on the natural drive to live, to act, to interact with fellow creatures.

The Mother of God gives the example of human souls who are frequently treated unlovingly, as is the case with prisoners who are subjected to maltreatment, torture or any kind of hardship whatsoever, in which a prisoner after some time judges remaining alive to be pointless and drags himself through the days depressed and listlessly. In many cases this situation remains unchanged even a long time after captivity has ended, not seldom for the entire duration of life.

A similar disposition can also occur outside the context of captivity, in souls who, due to circumstances they judge as being oppressive, hopeless and filled with darkness, develop an inclination towards committing suicide or no longer show any motivation to make the best of their days. Animals can experience similar dispositions, yet they do so more unconsciously and react to these dispositions with signs of a lack of vital strength and of zest for life. This is especially the case in animals subjected to a prolonged captivity and a treatment which is characterized by a relative lack of Love, and even more so in animals that are really abused or maltreated. These dispositions are the bitter fruits that are sowed by human souls who do not practice the Law of True Love.

This is why, as the Queen of Heaven explains, the God of perfect Justice regards it as a regular sin if a human soul gives rise to one or more fellow creatures no longer finding any meaning in their lives, thus delivering them to feelings of hopelessness and desperation. In a manner of speaking in these fellow creatures the flow of God’s Love comes to a standstill. This results in their giving the impression as if they are no longer alive, but merely 'vegetating', in other words: as if they are dragging themselves through the days mechanically, devoid of real feelings, like robots. A creature in such disposition seems to have lost the ability to play an active role as a tool of God promoting the blooming of the network of creation.

13. Enhanced feelings of individual dignity. The Mistress of all souls repeatedly taught about the dignity every creature (every human soul and every animal) possesses on account of the fact it proceeds directly from the Heart of God, where every creature is designed, where its path through life and its role within the network of creation are prepared, and where the creature is invested with Life. Thus every creature derives its dignity from the fact that, in a manner of speaking, it is a bearer of the signature of its Creator, the 'certificate' that is provided with the name of its Divine Maker and in which, so to speak, the Maker states for what purpose He has sent the creature into the world, viz. as a tool for the fulfilment of an infallible and therefore absolutely perfect Divine Plan.

The Heavenly Mistress compares the dignity of each creature on account of its origin in the Heart of God with a diamond which is invaluable because it was made by God and has been cut in a way that makes sense within the Great Plan God has been harbouring and has been trying to accomplish for the benefit of all creation, and She emphatically points to the fact that, by virtue of a Divine Mystery, this accomplishment is to come through the active, voluntary, spontaneous and persistent collaboration on the part of each and every human soul, and that on a secondary level also every animal has got a role to fulfil for the purpose of bringing about this accomplishment.

Each individual creature has got an inviolable dignity on account of the value it possesses as an edifice made by God. This value of each creature, and therefore its dignity, is in no way impacted by individual characteristics (appearance, race, colour of skin, sex, etcetera), because God pursues a specific purpose with all of this: Each creature must complete its life on earth with these specific characteristics so as to fulfil its role within the development of the entire network using precisely these characteristics. This is why, in the eyes of God, any discrimination on account of race, colour of skin, sex, physical appearance, etcetera, is sinful, because every discrimination shows opposition to God’s Decree as well as elevation of oneself to a status of judge over one’s fellow creatures.

A soul who practices true Love aspires to perfectly maintain and defend the dignity of each fellow creature, and if possible to promote any fellow creature’s feeling of self-esteem, and will do so through the way she is and through the way she deals with her fellow creatures.

Maintaining and defending a fellow creature’s dignity means: respecting the fellow creature just the way it is, and seeing to it that also others may be inclined to show a similar respect for this fellow creature. This is not only something every parent and every educator ought to do, but the duty of every human soul towards every fellow creature. A fellow creature’s dignity can be taken down through abuse, maltreatment, mockery, humiliation and any form of torture or torment.

Many human souls fail to recognize the fact that animals, too, are sensitive to being mocked. Many animals sense very accurately whether a human takes them seriously or not, and sense exactly what disposition of the heart prevails in a human that is laughing or smiling in their direction. Let us not forget that every human soul shares the responsibility for the emotional development of every animal she encounters and that this emotional development is not insignificant, for the latter is a factor which helps determine the extent to which an animal will be able to keep functioning as a channel of Love, also towards human souls. In the human soul this ability to sense the disposition of the heart of her fellow creatures was largely lost since the original sin. However, every human soul can 'reactivate' this ability, or bring it to a renewed bloom, by a sincere desire to practice and to spread true Love.

Every human soul can set small examples which, however, are significant in the eyes of God, by approaching her fellow creatures (humans or animals) without any exception and without being biased or prejudiced in any way, with a heart filled with spontaneous, selfless and respectful Love. Violating the dignity of a fellow creature can be done through many ill-considered actions which, in the eyes of God, are tantamount to sins or to vices because they bear testimony to the fact the soul is disregarding or at least hardly recognizing His Works in a fellow creature.

Let us also keep in mind that a soul who artificially brings a fellow creature to act in a certain way, i.e. at a time when this creature is not actually ready or willing to spontaneously perform this action on its own initiative, is already compromising this fellow creature’s dignity. Moreover such incitation is based on selfishness, it disregards the fellow creature’s needs as well as that which this fellow creature is at that given point of time ready or willing to do or not.

It is even worse if the incitation springs from the intention to ridicule the fellow creature in one way or another for the purpose of having fun at its expense or of entertaining anyone else by it. Naturally this rule does not only apply with respect to animals, it equally applies with respect to fellow humans. This is the rule of thumb: When dealing with a fellow creature the soul must never forget that she is dealing with a Work designed and implemented by God and that, therefore, the way in which she deals with every fellow creature helps determine the bloom of a sound network of creation. This is why every human soul bears a great responsibility: In the hour of her demise God judges every human soul also according to the extent to which she has contributed to the bloom of the network of creation or to which, on the contrary, she has caused this network harm.

Defending a fellow creature’s dignity in the eyes of a fellow human is like cleansing the mirror of God’s Presence in this fellow creature. Inversely, robbing a fellow creature of its dignity is done, for example, by neglecting, abusing, torturing this fellow creature, or in any way whatsoever tormenting it, raping, deeply humiliating, mocking, devastating it psychologically or emotionally, or separating it from God.

14. The intuitive certainty of God’s proximity. Blessed is the soul who treats all her fellow creatures such that this soul’s way of being and the way she interacts with them makes these creatures feel the proximity of God Himself more markedly. A soul can convey to fellow creatures the feeling God Himself is very near, to the extent to which this soul reflects the true nature of God Himself. What is the true nature of God?

God’s Being is characterized by unrestrained, disinterested, serving Love and an all-pervasive desire to convey good feelings to any living being and to promote or to help restore the latter’s well-being, and all of this in such a way and to such an extent that, as a consequence, this being experiences a healing effect on any level on which healing is needed, particularly in its emotional life, the center in which the flow of God’s Love and of the Love towards all its fellow creatures needs to be maintained as well as to be kept pure. When a creature feels this effect emanating from a human soul it unconsciously feels how God Himself is working through this human soul and how He is deploying this soul as a bridge between Him and her surroundings, in order to pervade these surroundings with His Love, His Light and all of His boons.

God provides every creature’s germ of life with an element which is drawn to Him (usually unconsciously). One day the Queen of Heaven compared this element to a small iron ball which is attracted to the Big Magnet that is God. Through this image She explained that God has provided for every creature to long for Him. Usually this happens unconsciously. This also explains why a creature can feel so good in the presence of a human soul whose inner dispositions reflect the dispositions of God Himself as truly and genuinely as possible, God being the Source and the Motor of all Love. On the contrary, a soul whose practicing true Love is fairly weak will not be likely to arouse in her fellow creatures any good feelings, or to put it more precisely: she will not lift the feelings of her fellow creatures.


So far the in-depth presentation of the fourteen elements of which, according to the Queen of Heaven and earth, true Love consists. Moreover She emphasizes the necessity of every human soul being fully aware of the following points:

1. True Love is selfless and disinterested. As long as a human soul allows her actions, words, thoughts, feelings and aspirations to be even in the slightest motivated by the desire to get anything in return for herself (even only to appear more important or 'better' in the eyes of the fellow creature), her Love is stained and therefore not true Love.

2. True Love is unconditional. As long as a human soul believes to be doing something 'good' for her fellow creature, yet attaches certain conditions to her actions towards this fellow creature (like 'I am doing this for you, but only under circumstances which suit me personally', etcetera), her 'Love' is no longer true Love, which considerably decreases the value of her 'good deeds' in the eyes of God.

3. True Love must be practiced spontaneously, voluntarily and whole-heartedly. If a human soul does something good for a fellow creature because a fellow human has pushed her towards doing it, has ordered her to do it, or if she does it only out of fear she might lose face if she fails to do it or others might appreciate her less if she fails to do it, the 'good deed' is not entirely performed whole-heartedly, not of her own accord and therefore not spontaneously. In this case also there is no true Love.

4. True Love is geared explicitly to EVERY fellow creature. A human soul who does something good for a fellow creature every once in a while can indeed be judged favourably by God because of it. Nevertheless true Love in the deeper sense of the word is not a matter of separate, occasional 'good' deeds, but a regular attitude towards life and a regular inner disposition and thus a way of being. This means the soul is only in the true sense of the word practicing true Love insofar as her entire behaviour, all her words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations and desires are in all situations and in all encounters and contacts geared totally to improving the well-being of ALL her fellow creatures, and not only of one or a few fellow creatures of her own choice. God creates every single being out of His absolutely perfect and undivided Love. This means He does not harbour a 'smaller' Love towards one creature than towards another.

This is why every human soul also owes an undivided Love towards every fellow creature. Humans or animals are so often despised and excluded from any Love on account of certain characteristics which seemingly make them less attractive to the eye than certain other creatures. In the eyes of God this is a serious failure in the field of practicing the Law of True Love, which is the Basic Law and therefore serves as the main rule that is to be abided by to preserve the harmony within the entire network of creation and to help restore it wherever necessary.


True Love manifests the essence of God Himself, and therefore of Divine Life. Every transgression against the practice of true Love is a transgression against the very disposition which characterizes God Himself and is therefore not conducive to the development of the Plans and Works He tries to accomplish in His creation through the human souls, or even counteracts these Plans and Works.

This 'not being conducive to' or 'counteracting' is what we refer to as sin. Sin is therefore any action, word, thought, feeling, aspiration or desire through which a human soul is serving the plans and works of the darkness.

Many years ago already the Mistress of all souls pointed out that, basically, sin is every violation of true Love, whereas She defines vice as every shortcoming as to the practice of true Love. See the subtle difference: A shortcoming is an imperfection as to the way true Love is experienced or practiced, or refers to an experience or practice which are not fit or are unlikely to help promote the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works. That which man considers to be a 'bad habit' is usually a vice. A violation, however, is in the actual sense of the word a transgression against Divine Law.

The darkness is everything which deviates from true Love, which constitutes an obstacle to the development of true Love or goes against such development, and thus impedes within the soul the completion of her Redemption, sanctification and Eternal Bliss and contributes to slowing down the full accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation and of His Works, or decreases the effects thereof. Therefore the darkness is the whole of all works through which Satan tries to destroy any Work of God and tries to undermine or to render ineffective Love and the fullness of the Truth, or through deceiving human souls tries to manipulate these in such a way that they actually serve and promote his goals.

On December 15, 2021, the Mistress of all souls gave Her Myriam the following thesis as an essential incentive to proceed to an in-depth self-examination for every soul as to her state of grace and, if appropriate, with a view to speaking a confession covering her entire life:

"Darkness is caused and served by any action, omission, word, thought, feeling, aspiration and desire through which a human soul causes, or helps increase, suffering, harm, damage, pain, sorrow, misery or discord within or between any fellow creature – whether fellow person or animal. A human soul gets to pay for this darkness insofar as she has purposely and actively caused and served this darkness or has purposely and actively contributed to maintaining or increasing it.

The souls should never forget that Satan swore the oath that he would try to destroy, render ineffective or at the very least severely damage all and any of God’s Plans and Works, or else through manipulating the human souls to make these Plans and Works change direction to such an extent as to make them serve his plans of destruction. They should also bear in mind that Satan tries to accomplish this through human souls, who were God’s confidents, with a view to hurting God as badly as possible.

Very numerous are the souls, also among the Christians, who hardly, if at all, realize the extent to which they are being manipulated by Satan to become unworthy of their vocation as tools in God’s hand or to greatly neglect this vocation, and in so doing to help accomplish the works and plans of the great enemy of God. In a very large majority of the cases they do so by inflicting misery and harm upon fellow people, and even more (sometimes unawarely) upon animals. Be very well aware of the fact that each and every living creature is the fruit of a design which is born in God’s Heart and which is in the world because it serves His Works and Plans in ways unknown to you.

Every human soul who harms a fellow creature or makes it suffer in whatever way is, in so doing, turning against God Himself, who perceives all and any experiences made by any living being up to the minutest detail and who suffers by each and every experience which is not a perfect bearer of the very Love He keeps sending through creation as the only force that maintains true Life, keeps it healthy and constitutes a living testimony of the Presence and actions of God Himself.

Satan abuses your ignorance, your lack of awareness and your blindness shamelessly, and eagerly makes use of any violation against true Love to bind souls to himself for all eternity. Do understand very well what this means, and thus do understand very well why I was sent to you all for the purpose of teaching the Science of Divine Life as an unparalleled system of loving fire intended to make the fog lift before your veiled eyes.

Never forget that the value of your life on earth is measured and judged by God according to the degree to which you serve and support the entire network of His creation and every fellow creature His Providence arranges for you to encounter in the course of your life, even if such encounters are only of a short duration, and to which you help improve the quality of life, the well-being and inner peace of your fellow creatures, all of this while sincerely and spontaneously considering the needs of every fellow creature to be more important than your own putative needs, being well aware of the fact you can serve and love God Himself in every one of your fellow creatures".

On November 26, 2021 the Queen of Heaven had already spoken the following words:

"Every bit of suffering endured in this world, whether by a human being or by an animal, pleads against the human souls, who by selfishness, materialism, indifference and insensitivity keep violating the Divine Law of Love on a very large scale and, in so doing, keep injecting tremendous amounts of darkness into the network of creation. This unbridled darkness gives rise to all of the misery and suffering in the world, as well as to a general atmosphere of discord, dissatisfaction, insecurity, uncertainty and despair, which are the bitter fruits of sin, as these dispositions enhance the power of Satan over the world and over many human hearts day after day and victimize all things alive.

The unbridled violations by human souls against God’s Law of true Love are responsible for countless living beings all over the world not finding true Peace, true feelings of security and a feeling of genuine well-being, all of which would prevail if God were given the opportunity to have His Love produce its full effects in the world without these effects being greatly darkened by billions of occasions on which human souls opt in favour of serving the darkness in the most various ways day after day. This is how man creates his own hell on earth, and how he takes his uncontrollably growing inner discord out on countless fellow creatures.

All of this incessantly scourges God and drives Him out of His own creation. You can see the fruits from this seed of darkness ripen all around you day after day.

God had created and intended the human souls to be reflections of the disposition of His own Heart: the disposition of an unconditional, self-denying, serving Love. Every human soul who causes suffering, harm, damage, pain or sorrow to any fellow person or any non human being or inflicts misery, fear or despair on a fellow being puts her own vocation as a reflection of God’s disposition and therefore as a channel of true Love to shame. I was sent to you for the purpose of reminding you of the Promise made by Christ, the Promise of God’s Kingdom of true Love, Peace, happiness and Justice on earth. This Promise has been fulfilled by God already, yet the human souls are to make the effects of the Promise visible by no longer abusing Love in their fellow creatures. True happiness is only harvested wherever true Love is sowed, in a disposition of rendering unconditional service and practicing self-denial".

On December 21, 2021, the Heavenly Queen again spoke to Myriam as follows:

"On many occasions already I said that the major indicator for a life which is fruitful in the eyes of God and valuable for the implementation of His Plans in favour of the whole of creation is the extent to which a human soul experiences and practices true Love towards all of her fellow creatures and directly towards God and His Works and Plans.

Love is only 'true' Love insofar as the soul puts herself as well as the needs and interests she thinks she has behind those of her fellow creatures and insofar as she feels the spontaneous inclination to serve, help and support every fellow creature. So here you see two basic pillars on which Love must be built: self-denial and the willingness to render service.

I tell you that this is the reason why nearly all sins proceed from souls failing to maintain the strength of both of these pillars in the disposition of their own heart. You might refer to this double failure as the two strokes making Satan’s signature:

As of his rebellion against God Satan based his entire disposition and all of his plans and works on protest and a spirit of opposition, as well as on selfishness and self-elevation, and ever since he has been trying to make these dispositions take root in all human souls.

Protest and a spirit of opposition very often manifest themselves as inner discord, dissatisfaction and frustration. The soul opposes any trial, any setback, any sign denoting the fact her personal expectations, ideas and visions on a great many things do not get fulfilled. This dissatisfaction is very often taken out on fellow creatures: fellow people and animals get maltreated, tortured, tormented, robbed of their dignity, stolen from, intentionally harmed or damaged, and in certain cases killed or at least severely undermined in the very core of their vital principle or their spiritual life by hate, resentment, grudge or rancour, vengefulness and being denied all forgiveness.

Selfishness and self-elevation urge a soul to regard fellow creatures as competitors, obstacles, as beings that are not worthy of living and who have allegedly stolen anything they appear to have from others – mainly to the disadvantage of the one who is harbouring a negative attitude towards them – in any possible unlawful or unjustified manner. Based on this view the soul elevates herself above her fellow creatures, usurps everything which, in fact, belongs to her fellow creatures, even makes herself a god over her fellow creatures and thus justifies all of her actions towards her fellow creatures, even if these actions are carriers of darkness. This disposition also brings souls to harming and abusing fellow creatures and to undermine the latter by producing destructive flows of jealousy and negative desires in any possible form.

This is how souls are turned into reflections of the dispositions of Satan himself, in whom no seed of Love can ever again mature and who turn into sources of misery, suffering, sorrow and the most various forms of harm, injustice and undermining of all zest for life and vital strength in their fellow creatures. Consider My definition of true Love and all of its constituents and you will notice how Satan tries to lead souls towards the exact opposites of the disposition of true Love, in order that they might deny and violate the Divine Law in all aspects of life.

Yes, Satan and his darkness are the exact opposite of true Love, and every trace of darkness which gets the opportunity to produce its effects through actions, words, thougths, feelings, aspirations and desires of a human soul by causing harm or suffering to a fellow creature or by undermining its zest for life and its vital strength in any way whatsoever serves Satan and his works and plans of destruction, misery, chaos and injustice, and obstructs or slows down the effects of the Law of true Love in all creation.

Every action, every omission, every word, thought, feeling, aspiration of desire through which a human soul practices sincere, self-denying and serving Love towards a fellow creature brings Light and warmth into the entire network of creation, and this Light and warmth thus come back to the soul with whom they originated in the form of peace and happiness. Inversely, every action, every omission, every word, thought, feeling, aspiration of desire through which a human soul brings suffering, harm, damage and misery towards a fellow creature brings darkness and cold into the entire network of creation, and this darkness and cold also come back to the soul with whom they originated in the form of dissatisfaction, inner discord and unhappiness. May every soul make this truth the prevailing guideline for every single detail of her behaviour and of her entire inner life".


Subsequently upon Her Revelations within the framework of true Love on December 23 and 24 the Holy Virgin Mary dictated to Myriam the following emergency appeal to the souls:

"Write down My following words as an Emergency appeal from the Mother of God to the human souls concerning the darkness ruling the world as a result of the unbridled violations against God’s Law of true Love.

This appeal is My Christmas offensive to obtain a rebirth of the Light in the human souls.

For several years now I have been pointing out that our Triune God sees, hears, feels and senses in His own Divine Being every single detail of every single action, word, thought, feeling, aspiration, desire, experience of joy as well as of suffering, pain, sorrow, fear and any other inner experience of each and every one of His creatures – i.e. of every human soul as well as of every animal – in absolute perfection and without the slightest restriction.

This ability to sense everything in absolute perfection, without the slightest restriction or impediment and up to the slightest detail was granted to Me as well, owing to the Mystery of the perfect union of My will with the Will of God and to the perfect mystical merger of My Heart with His, which the Most High granted Me, the Mother of His Son and the Bride of the Holy Spirit as a unique prerogative.

I urge all souls to become aware of the depth, the extent and the effects of this ability: It means that absolutely nothing of the billions of violations committed in this world day after day against the Law of true Love ever escapes Us. We experience everything, every single detail, of the ineffable sufferings countless human souls inflict upon fellow people and animals day after day all over the world, every single detail of the unimaginably numerous expressions of intentional and unintentional service on the part of countless human souls towards the works and plans of the darkness, which turns the human souls into sources of unspeakable torment for their God, whereas the human soul, at the moment when she was created, enjoyed such exceptional confidence on God’s part and is only in the world for the purpose of being the hands, the heart, the mind and the mouth through which the Divine Creator keeps trying to establish His Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice in the world.

Every living being – i.e. every human soul and every animal – is conceived, designed, in the Heart of the Most High. Every living being is marked – not visibly to you humans – with His Divine signature as a hallmark testifying of the fact the origin of its germ of life lies in the Source of Eternal Love. It is this signature which links every living being up with the Heart of its Maker forever. Every violation of this germ of life through suffering or debasement inflicted upon a living being – whether human soul or animal – by a human soul constitutes a direct injury to the Heart of the Most High and to My own Heart, and also constitutes a violation of the sanctity of life. Life is a state which can only proceed from God. Therefore all life is and remains the exclusive property of its Divine Creator in time – i.e. during the living being’s temporary stay on earth – as well as for all eternity, because the Divine Creator is the only Source and Destination of all life.

Day after day in this world on billions of occasions living beings are being subjected to the most various forms of suffering and of being robbed of their dignity, which constitutes an unspeakable insult to our God as well as an unspeakable blemish upon the human soul as the perpetrator, having regard to the fact the latter was intended to be a reflection of God’s Presence and of His actions of perfect Love throughout creation. Sin has been covering the earth with a thick layer of pitch black darkness, which makes the effects from Satan’s works of deception and blinding towards the human souls ever more powerful, thus enabling sin to keep multiplying itself incessantly. More and more human souls and animals are made victims of the most incredible forms of lack of Love, of indifference, of insensitivity, of selfishness and greed, and ever more human souls are prey to inner discord and dissatisfaction which keeps separating them ever more dramatically from their God and thus from a sincere experience and practice of true Love. Day after day God experiences the situation on earth so authentically that it appears to Him if if He Himself were beaten, kicked, mocked, lied to, robbed, humiliated, robbed of His dignity and even murdered billions of times all over the world, for all of this is experienced billions of times each single day in the germ of life of countless living beings through the hands, feet, mouths, hearts and minds of innumerable human souls.

I urge all human souls to reflect very urgently, very deeply and in all sincerity upon the course of their life as of their childhood until now, their true inner dispositions, their attitude towards all fellow creatures their God has been allowing to touch their path through life for the purpose of increasing their spiritual bloom and securing their eternal future, which is meant to be an Eternal Summer yet due to the unbridled violations of true Love towards fellow creatures and towards God Himself is transformed by human souls themselves into the concrete threat of an everlasting winter.

Not God is the One who takes the Promise of an Eternal Summer away from you, but the automatic effects produced by the absolutely perfect Divine Law, which are already noticeable in the form of an incessantly increasing chaos throughout creation and which – not visibly to you – take a tremendous toll due to the unspeakable numbers of souls who damn themselves. Yes, a soul to whom selfishness and the need to appear important and powerful are actually genuine idols does not reap the fruits of the Promise the one and only God has provided for every soul who serves the infallible Law of true Love in all situations, events and encounters of her life on earth. God made His creation a perfectly harmonious network between all of His creatures. Countless violations against self-denying, serving Love by human souls to the detriment of fellow creatures – fellow people as well as animals, for every creature is an edifice made by God for an infallible purpose and incorporated by Him into the network of creation for a perfect purpose – have been damaging and darkening the network very seriously.

There is a way back, but you are not going to find this way in the fulfilment of worldly works and plans, and even less in all attempts to make fellow creatures suffer for the most various expectations you once had or still have yet were never fulfilled. Souls, do wake up to the madness of such dispositions and inclinations, which are the chains of a bondage towards the darkness which will last forever if the soul fails to dramatically experience a heart-felt genuine remorse over the suffering she has caused or is causing to fellow creatures and if she also fails to make up for these sufferings by turning around once and for all towards a spontaneous practice of self-denying serving Love towards all of her fellow creatures, putting all and any personal interests and needs she has or she believes she has yet which for the greater part are mere sources from which she draw to nourish pseudo lights. Be well aware of the fact these pseudo light are definitely going to be extinguished in the hour of your earthly death.

This is the only way towards repairing the network of creation. Do love every fellow creature more than you love yourself, and you will save both you own eternal future and lead all of creation towards a rebirth in a Kingdom which is no longer ruled by Satan, but by the only true God. Satan is the source of all misery, suffering, chaos, bad luck, unhappiness, injustice, inner discord, fear, despair and hopelessness. The only true God is the Source of true Love, Peace, happiness, Justice, and feelings of complete security in and between all creatures.

God cannot deliver the world from its misery without your intensive, active collaboration and an impeccable practice of self-denying Love towards all of your fellow creatures, for in the beginning of the world already He gave evidence for His absolutely perfect Love through His decree by virtue of which He would do nothing without the sincere, full, unconditional collaboration from the human soul in a perfect unity of will and of aspirations with Himself. Ever since the original sin was committed He has not been able to find much of such unity. The human souls have caused all suffering, misery and chaos in creation, they have maintained all of this, and have been enhancing it day after day. In a similar way the human soul will have to deliver creation from this suffering, misery and chaos by giving God the opportunity to enable His Plans of perfect Love to fully produce their effects in order to heal the world from the severe cancer the souls have been calling down upon it by denying the Law of true Love on account of all the darkness they keep inflicting upon their fellow creatures.

Without a great number of human souls longing for God undividedly ruling over the world the latter cannot be cured from this cancer, for the only medicine against this cancer is an impeccably flowing Love throughout the entire network of creation.

Every soul who beats or torments a fellow creature is also beating and tormenting God in this fellow creature, and is receiving these beats and torments back in the very core of her own being, and thus in eternity is herself the great loser.

How could a soul who casts the seed of misery, suffering, fear and hopelessness all over her fellow creatures ever become happy herself while, due to the Law of Justice, she reaps the fruits of this seed within herself after this seed has been mutiplying many times over? Indeed, everything goes around through the network of creation endlessly, and no soul can send a fellow creature through hell without harvesting the same hell herself, both in time and in eternity. He who nourishes a demon, will get many demons looking for him and claiming the same nourishment.

Divine Law expects every human soul to practice a clean, self-denying, serving, caring and cherishing Love towards every fellow creature, in order that the entire network of creation may be and remain a constant holy cycle of the fire of Divine Love. Every soul who beats, torments, terrorizes, robs, neglects a fellow creature or takes the latter’s dignity away from it, is also doing all of this to God Himself, and in so doing, is giving before the Eternal Judge a double testimony of her unwillingness to contribute to the establishment of a holy Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, happiness and Justice, as well as of her overt choice in favour of enhancing the power of the darkness with all of its fruits of suffering, misery, chaos and injustice all over the world.

A soul who, in any way whatsoever, maltreats fellow creatures, overtly testifies before God to the fact she does not value true Love and all happiness that comes with it, and in so doing overtly invites the most various kinds of misery to come down upon all of creation as well as upon her own life.

A double testimony, indeed: God Himself feels all of this in His own Being, along with the name of the soul who is at the origin of it, and moreover all of this is entered into the book of life of every living being the soul concerned has made a victim of her darkness, so that, when this creature dies, God can read the darkness inflicted upon the latter in its book of life, along with the name of the perpetrator. What soul would ever want to appear before her God with an undeniable double testimony for her having opted in favour of serving the darkness?

What soul can sow darkness into a network of which she is a part herself, and nevertheless expect to become happy herself by doing it, while all her own darkness will with infallible certainly strike back at her in a multiplied magnitude?

This law is based on perfect Divine Wisdom, as God gives every human soul the company of fellow creatures – both fellow people and animals – for the purpose of enhancing her joy and as channels for the enhancement of her own spiritual bloom, for every fellow creature is a channel in the flow of Divine Love and possesses its own characteristics, features and abilities through which it can contribute to the development, the instruction and bloom of the whole system.

As God expects of every human soul her own personal life-long contribution to the rebirth of the Light in all hearts and thereby to the establishment of His Kingdom on earth and the final expulsion of all darkness, suffering, misery, chaos and injustice from the world the moment for this rebirth to take place will be determined purely by the sincere desire of every human soul for the complete fulfilment of God’s Law of true Love. I can make but one single promise to mankind, and to this end I am now addressing each one of you personally:

As of this moment give yourself sincerely and unconditionally to every fellow creature in true Love, rendering service, in a fully self-denying willingness to help and to care, putting your own purported needs and interests behind those of this fellow creature, based on, and driven by, a constant and persevering will to be a pure channel of Light, warmth and security to every single fellow creature, and in so doing consider every fellow creature – both fellow person and animal – to be a brother or sister in God, a companion on your journey to Eternal Life, a channel of Love God has brought on your way, and you will harvest true happiness even while still on earth, but even much more so after this life. During your journey through life the darkness will keep trying to win you over to serve its own plans and works, for without you the darkness cannot do a thing. However, the soul who proves towards God day after day that she sincerely wishes to fulfil His Law of true Love towards all of her fellow creatures will receive His powerful shield against every attempt Satan makes to use her for the accomplishment of his dark works, plans and desires. This soul will also be equipped by God with the unimaginable power of an increasing inner Peace.

Do not look for ways to compensate your daily trials by tormenting or harming any fellow creatures, but accept these trials for what they actually are: keys to the Kingdom of perfect Eternal Bliss and to the Kingdom of perfect Love on earth. On the contrary, make yourself perfectly one with the Heart and the aspirations harboured by the Christ, and you will harvest true happiness in abundance. Every soul who will try to completely fulfil the Divine Law of true Love in her life will sow no other seed than the seed which yields fruits of Light and warmth, of Love and Peace, of happiness and Justice. Every violation of the Law of true Love destroys this seed and replaces it by seed of misery, suffering, chaos, injustice, fear and hopelessness and enhances the power of the one who has made countless human souls his slaves for the purpose of using them to make invisible and ineffective everything God is trying to bring to bloom in the world. The seed of self-denying Love carries within itself the Divine Plan for the growth of Paradise. However, the seed of suffering and torment, of selfishness and self-elevation, of materialism and the pursuit of profits and of godlessness is a carrier of the fruits of mastery of the world by Satan. It is well known to you that a world in the claws of Satan is a world torn apart by misery, suffering, chaos, threats, fear, insecurity and an oppressing discord.

As of this moment be worthy of your holy vocation as tools for the accomplishment of God’s Works, and you will see the gates open themselves to a life of which you cannot even begin to suspect the beauties". (here ends the emergency appeal launched by the Mistress of all souls on December 23-24, 2021)


Between the night of December 23-24 and December 31 the Mistress of all souls, in subsequent steps, inspired the following extension to Her Revelations concerning True Love:

"I want to shed some more light on the true implications of violating the Divine Law of True Love and I do this in the form of ten points providing an enhancement of the awareness of the human souls in this context.

I want to make clear most emphatically that a lot more souls are lost than many are willing to admit, and that what we are dealing with here is self-damnation by repeated violations against this Divine Law, through indifference and insensitivity as to the well-being of fellow creatures and through dispositions which make the human soul a living mockery of the vocation in life she was sent into the world with by God: the vocation of imparting to each and every fellow creature, even through her mere presence, the soothing, encouraging and peace bringing experience of a prevailing presence of Love itself, in a disposition of serving self-denial.

1. When Lucifer, then a high-ranking angel of God, rebelled against God and was banned from Heaven along with his following he swore the oath that he was going to fight God incessantly and on any possible occasion and that he was going to undermine and distort all of His Works and Plans to the utmost and render them ineffective and actually destroy them wherever possible.

God created the human soul as the crown upon His Works. This is why Lucifer – henceforth to be called Satan – began waging an everlasting war against God through the human souls. This means: Henceforth Satan was going to go to any length to poison the human souls against God by blinding, deceiving and inspiring them in such ways as to make them help him implement his works and plans aiming at the destruction and distortion of God’s Works and Plans.

Through the ages Satan managed to turn countless human souls into great enemies of God (sometimes without being fully aware of it) and to make them completely deny their vocation to make God’s Love and the effects of His Presence felt by all creatures. This is how many millions of human souls were transformed from representatives of Divine Love into representatives of the most various dark dispositions instilled by Satan. As of the original sin the fulfilment of Divine Law by the human souls soon began to grow weaker and the works and plans of the darkness began to determine the atmosphere of life among all creatures. This is how Divine Love in creation increasingly made way for aggression, predatory behaviour, struggle, inner discord, selfishness and many other expressions of the prevailing presence of Satan himself.

Every violation against God’s Law of True Love is inspired by Satan, to be sure, but nevertheless the perpetrating human soul is not free of guilt, for every soul has received from God the ability to unconditionally and sincerely love all her fellow creatures.

Loving spontaneously is the most natural emotion, it is the greatest and most fundamental natural law the Creator has provided every human soul with and which will be practiced spontaneously by the human soul under all and any circumstances and in any encounter with a fellow creature.

The darkness incessantly tries to inspire to souls pseudo reasons which allegedly justify causing damage, harming and suffering to fellow creatures. Selfishness and self-elevation become dispositions which give direction to all behaviour and all the entire inner life of countless human souls.

Each and every one of Satan’s inspirations is nothing but a deception through which the darkness tries to separate souls from God forever and through which the darkness wants to inflict suffering and destruction upon God’s creation by the hands, minds and hearts of human souls. Every act of maltreatment or any other expression of lack of Love on the part of a human soul towards any fellow creature is part of a carefully deliberated plan of Satan aiming at making creation a hell on earth for as many creatures as possible. The perpetrators themselves not necessarily experience this hell personally as long as they are on earth – unless in certain cases in the form of a vague inner discord, which manifests itself through some struggle inside their conscience, among others – but they will experience it with an infallible certainty afterwards, to the extent to which they fail to make amends for their violations by practicing a sincere Love towards their fellow creatures and towards God Himself. Even though sometimes it would seem a soul who violates true Love goes unpunished this is only an illusion created by the fact God will give every soul new opportunities (not seldom lots of them) to return to Him and to true Love in their hearts spontaneously and on their own initiative.

However, in all seriousness and in truth I am warning all human souls: Eternal damnation does exist, and it comes to a great many more souls than many are willing to admit or to believe. Damnation is the bitter fruit from the seed of all lack of Love, insensitivity, indifference, shallowness, lack of empathy with all fellow creatures and lack of feeling and respect for the dignity of all fellow creatures, and thereby of carelessly damaging or harming the sacred network of creation.

2. As but very few souls are aware of this, whereas it is of the utmost importance to get to know God’s being and to learn to understand how He works in His creation I have said, and I repeat once again: God does not miss one single violation against Love towards a fellow creature. He feels everything in His own being: every positive as well as every negative action, word, feeling, thought or desire, every neglect, every maltreatment, every instance of humiliation, every discrimination, every instance of taking a creature’s dignity. In any wrong – i.e. dark – way of interacting with a fellow creature Love itself is affected, and so is therefore the very being of God, for God consists of nothing but pure Love and is the Source and the Motor of Love. Love is the essence and the fuel of Life itself. God creates through Love, redeems through Love, sanctifies through Love, heals through Love.

Every action, word, feeling, thought and desire produces its effects, which eventually return to God Himself, because in creation everything keeps circulating. That is why not one single action, word, feeling, thought, aspiration or desire proceeding from a human soul fails to produce certain effects. Nothing concerns only the soul from whom it proceeds. Everything goes around, similar to pollen which is transferred by the wind, by an insect or a bird from a flower to any other place where it will produce some effect, or similar to water in a brook or a river, which transports plant material from the bank to other places to produce its effects there.

Every violation against true Love manifests itself first and foremost in material life on earth, to be sure, but also produces a purely spiritual effect: God Himself is affected, debased, tormented..., and exactly this spiritual effect is, ever since the original sin was committed, no longer perceived spontaneously by the human soul.

Many years ago already I pointed to the fact that life in this world is like an iceberg: The major part of it you do not even see. Only a small portion can be perceived through the senses. This is why most souls fail to notice that their actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations produce a far greater effect in this major part of reality they are not able to see, among others in the very being of God Himself and in the general atmosphere covering and pervading this world.

Everything which comes about anywhere in creation ends up with God, because He pervades absolutely everything. Every detail of all things created is linked up with Him directly and, through Him, is also linked up with everything else. Not one single detail in creation is separated from every other detail. This is why everything has got effects on everything else. Therefore I emphasize that nothing is hidden from God, not even the slightest negative or dark feeling, the slightest negative or dark thought or desire. This is the essence of God’s omniscience. Without this ability God would not be able to render infallible judgments as to the state of grace a soul is in and the extent to which every soul has or has not done the right things during her life, even in the most secret elements of her inner life.

3. Satan pursues but one single goal: to fight, hinder, desecrate, distort, counteract, slow down, make ineffective, defile Works and Plans of God and make them change directions, and if possible destroy them altogether. To achieve this goal he prefers to make use of the human souls. God, too, when it comes to accomplishing and unlocking Works and Plans on earth, prefers to collaborate with the human souls, but He does so because He wants to give them the opportunity to increase their merits: A human soul who proves she commits her free will entirely to the accomplishment of the Will of God Himself will, in so doing, acquire maximum merits for Eternal Life on account of her contributing to the accomplishment of God’s goals. A human soul who is totally dedicated to helping accomplish God’s goals is a totally reliable tool in God’s hands. God does not let this go unrewarded.

Satan, however, prefers to have his works and plans accomplished by the human souls because he knows nothing will hit God harder than establishing that a human soul, being a member of the species He intended to be a crown upon His creation, becomes unfaithful to Him by serving the interests of the darkness. Satan is not in a position to harm God directly, but nevertheless he tries to do this indirectly by inspiring human souls to commit the most various violations against the most sacred Divine Law, by virtue of which every human soul is expected to treat every fellow creature on the basis of an unconditional self-denying, caring and serving Love. You might not always see this in the practice of everyday life in the world, but this is most definitely what God expects of every soul.

So Satan urges every human soul to proceed to violating the Divine Law of True Love in all situations, under all circumstances, in all events and encounters of life. He does this so fiercely and so incessantly that for many souls violations against Love become like an addiction: The same violation is repeated constantly for a long time, sometimes for the entire duration of the perpetrator’s life, like with an addiction. You can notice this in countless instances of maltreatment toward a fellow person or an animal, of alcohol or drugs abuse, of theft or of other forms of crime.

In many cases the perpetrating soul gets addicted to her own dark inclinations. Basically in such cases there is always a certain degree of being possessed, as Satan has got the opportunity to have his own inclinations take root in these souls so deeply that the latter keep clinging to the inclinations that have been instilled in their hearts. For instance, a human soul will pick a certain fellow person or animal, which then remains the victim of being maltreated by this soul sometimes for years. Do see how Satan goes about his business: He inspires the soul to elevate herself above a fellow person or an animal, this fellow creature is regarded as inferior, as an object on which all frustration, all inner discord, all hate and other dark inclinations are taken out. In proportion as the 'victim' is maltreated more often and more violently the perpetrator starts to look down upon the victim with more contempt, for three reasons:

Satan inspires the perpetrator the delusive feeling the victim is more and more at his mercy, and thus inspires the perpetrator feelings of power which are likely to grow into a regular fever and start suffocating the perpetrator slowly without the latter even noticing it.

Secondly Satan inspires the perpetrator the impression that, as seemingly nothing is putting a stop to the maltreatment, there is no power that could ever touch him. This is where Satan puts the noose around the perpetrator’s neck, for this is where he gradually leads the latter to his eternal slavery towards the darkness. A soul who truly believes in God’s existence, in His Presence and His Works of Love, will never proceed to aggression, neglect, debasement or to robbing fellow creatures of their dignity. The fact a soul is doing this constitutes a strong indication for the fact a serious obstruction between her being and the Heart of God has taken root inside of her. This obstruction can be disentangled only by an active turnaround towards true Love as the only force driving the soul’s inner life.

Thirdly the perpetrator gradually and increasingly becomes the victim of the struggle inside his own conscience, due to the fact God is trying to wake his conscience up to his ever increasing deviation from the sacred Law of True Love. Usually the perpetrator fails to recognize in his increasing inner discord the voice of God inside his own conscience and often uses his inner struggle as a cause of increasing contempt for his victim, for in feverish attempts to justify his continuous darkness before his own conscience he now even begins to regard his victim as the one who is guilty of his behaviour, as if the victim, by being the way it is, were challenging him to proceed to maltreatment. Taking all inner discord out on the victim starts to live a life of its own.

In this disposition the soul is ruled totally by the darkness. This can easily be explained: As soon as a soul does not let herself be governed exclusively by a spontaneous practice of self-denying Love she becomes ever less receptive to the inspirations from the Holy Spirit and the inspirations from the darkness get the opportunity to assume the rule over her inner life. The darkness will then manipulate all thinking, the soul’s way of viewing the world and her view of life so totally that the soul lets herself believe her own behaviour and dispositions are a natural reaction to the difficulties and restrictions imposed upon her by life.

Even is such cases where the perpetrator one day becomes aware of the fact he is being abused by Satan and consequently drastically abandons his dark inclinations in a spirit of genuine remorse, the struggle within his own conscience generally keeps pursuing him for the entire remainder of his life. The 'former' perpetrator is here experiencing the effects of the inner struggle between his regained orientation towards God’s Law and the attempts by Satan to make him return to his sinful inclinations or, if this does not seem to work at all, at least distort him morally over these dark pages in the book of his past. Addictions, including these towards dark inclinations, seldom get purified without at least leaving certain traces behind in a soul. Only a very strict and spontaneous life-long practice of true Love towards all fellow creatures can prevent this soul from losing her fruitfulness for God for the rest of her life. Satan knows this, and souls he has managed to turn against fellow creatures for a long time will be severely attacked by him so as to make sure they will certainly not be healed of their dark inclinations.

4. Many souls hold the view that God is unjust, due to the fact a great many violations against the Law of True Love are not visibly punished right away, resulting in the fact that a great deal of darkness seemingly gets the opportunity to go on unrestrained for years. Souls can see this, for instance, in political regimes which violate human dignity for years on end and on a very large scale, in criminals who keep piling up their crimes for years, in countless humans who, for years on end, maltreat, beat, torture, abuse or treat as worthless fellow persons and/or animals. In truth I tell you that not one single action, feeling, thought or desire filled with darkness and victimizing fellow creatures is ignored or overlooked by God. However, Divine Justice compensates the majority of such cases only AFTER the perpetrator’s life on earth has ended. The reason for this is that every human soul gets many chances to fulfil the Law of True Love spontaneously. This is why countless human souls believe they can endlessly keep violating Love and still go unpunished.

I warn about this deception, which is the fruit of a direct inspiration from Satan, who uses this as a means to give souls he has been able to abuse to create and enhance suffering, misery, chaos or injustice a false sense of security, so as to prevent this soul from ever realizing she is in violation against God Himself, and so as to convince this soul of the 'fact' there is no God and that, therefore, there is no monitoring of human actions, speech, thinking, feeling and desiring. A soul who falls for this deception goes on the assumption that everything ends with this life on earth and that, consequently, it does not matter a bit what she does with her life, and that there is no reason why she should not elevate herself above her fellow creatures. In God’s eyes this disposition is tantamount to a total denial of the Law of Love. Therefore it is an open pitfall set up by Satan for the purpose of leading souls towards eternal damnation.

This is why I emphasize the truth that every soul is most definitely held fully accountable for every action, every word, every feeling, every thought, every desire, every aspiration and every omission which was ever harboured by her or has ever proceeded from her in the course of her life, if not already during the perpetrator’s life on earth, then certainly in the hour when judgment is passed on her life by the Divine Judge.

5. A great many violations against true Love, mainly in the form of maltreatment, torment and torture of fellow creatures (fellow persons and animals) result from a major inner discord in the perpetrator’s heart. This is an expression of opposition against the decisions made by God as to this soul’s life in order that, through dealing with all situations, events and trials on her journey through life in the right way the soul may acquire the highest possible fruitfulness for accomplishing God’s Plans and Works. Especially in trials a soul is able to prove to God that under all and any circumstances she is willing to have her entire behaviour and inner life guided exclusively by the most sacred Divine Law of True Love.

No power is stronger in the struggle against the rule by the darkness over the world and over individual human souls than the power generated by carrying the crosses and enduring the trials of life in the very disposition of Jesus Christ the Redeemer: total self-denying Love, perfect unconditional acceptance, an all-pervasive desire for making contributions to the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, and banning all selfishness as well as the need to look after one’s own well-being as a priority: Accepting the trials of life in this disposition is knowingly sacrificing one’s own well-being for the purpose of enabling all of creation to be better off for it, for the eventual purpose pursued by a soul in this disposition lies in bringing forward the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth and thus the death of the rule of the darkness in this world, even if this means sacrificing one’s own visions about what 'a pleasant life' should look like.

Many souls get into a state of inner discord over the trials of life because they feel harmed, put at a disadvantage, ignored, misunderstood or not loved by God. This view testifies to a lack of understanding as to the the actual use of trials in a human soul’s life. These souls consider God’s decisions concerning their life to be manifestations of God not wanting to make their own expectations and views come true, and therefore regard them as evidence for God’s lack of interest in them and lack of Love for them. They try to make up for this by causing suffering to fellow creatures and, in so doing, feeling themselves superior and more powerful than these fellow creatures.

God does not cause any trials, however He allows them to occur because they are invitations to the soul in order that the latter, through dealing with difficult or less pleasant situations in life, might be able to prove that in spite of these trials she harbours a rock-solid faith in God and that in His following She is prepared to practice nothing but self-denying and serving Love under all and any circumstances.

If trials are not caused by God, then how do they at all occur in a human life? Trials can be provoked by the behaviour of fellow creatures. They can also be caused as effects of the Divine Law of Justice, i.e. as effects of the general darkness in the world and the ensuing imbalance in creation. Trials can even be caused by Satan, who can definitely attack human souls and the course of events in their lives directly.

God allows many of the trials to occur because they can become powerful factors bringing the establishment of God’s Kingdom of True Love and Peace on earth forward. Indeed, if large numbers of human souls were to react to their trials from a disposition of true Love and sincere acceptance, being well aware of the fact that their trials enable them in the deepest sense of the word to contribute to unlocking the fruits of the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ, and in the sincere desire that their trials may be used as weapons against the darkness, this would give rise to a worldwide explosion of Light which would develop the force of a nuclear bomb against the works and plans of the darkness. However, in order to achieve this a large number of human souls must be willing to live strictly in accordance with the dispositions of the Heart of the Christ, who by virtue of His perfect Love and acceptance was able to turn His Sufferings and His Death on the Cross into a death sentence against the darkness.

This is exactly where things go wrong, for very many souls are lacking sincere Love for God and His Works and Plans and even a genuine faith in God and in His Works and Plans. Moreover countless souls allowed themselves to be greatly deceived by the darkness as to God’s intentions, the deep purpose and meaning of life and the consequences of their actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations.

Many souls fail to take into account that even their most profound, most hidden and most secret inner dispositions impact all of creation and that they will one day be judged for all eternity because of all of their dispositions, including the ones they have been trying so hard to hide or to conceal.

This is why a great many souls regard the trials and crosses of their life as an injustice, as burdens imposed upon them. If such conviction is globally and on a large scale combined with a lack of true faith you get a world full of human souls who (from a worldly perspective) only want the best for themselves, to the detriment of all of their fellow creatures, and who have got no qualms about taking out on fellow creatures the trials and crosses they consider to have been dumped upon them. They regard life as a struggle for transient well-being and as a callous competition aiming at ensuring one’s own (temporary) well-being, which is then sought for in purely worldly situations and developments.

The dissatisfied soul will look for fellow creatures to blame for her trials, and through all kinds of delusive reasoning and delusive views she will think she can find God Himself to blame for all of them, as well as fellow creatures and the general atmosphere and situation of the world. Because this soul is unable to either touch God Himself directly or the general state of things in the world, she will turn against certain 'tangible' fellow creatures she considers to be sufficiently weak so as to be able to dominate them. This is how maltreatment of children, of partners in life, of animals, etcetera, is born.

6. But few souls are aware of the fact that every violation against God’s Law of True Love weakens the state of creation as a whole and darkens and worsens the atmosphere of life in the world at large. True Love is the bearer and the essence of Divine Life. This is why every violation of true Love lowers the quality of life in every creature. Therefore you can say that every violation committed by a human soul against the Love towards any fellow creature – whether a fellow person or an animal – in the true sense of the word takes a bit of Life away from every creature. This is how you should understand it when it is said that illness and death have entered into creation through sin, for every sin is a violation of true Love. Every sin and every vice damages, harms or weakens the flow of true Love through creation in one or in more than one point within the network. Light is replaced by darkness, warmth in the hearts is replaced by coldness, hope by despair, joy by sadness, vital strength and zest for living by weakening, languor and discouragement.

This is why every individual human soul’s responsibility for the well-being of all creatures and for the atmosphere of life in the world is so great: Everything that goes on in every human soul and everything that proceeds from every human soul affects all creatures as well as the entire atmosphere of life in the world. A human soul who experiences all situations, events and encounters of her life in a disposition of sincere, self-denying and serving Love is for the rest of her life a point of Light in the network of creation and therefore also injects Light and warmth into everything which touches her path through life as well as into every fellow creature she comes into contact with, whether briefly or for a longer period of time. On the other hand a human soul who is a bearer of darkness and harms or torments fellow creatures is like a dark spot in the network, a spot which transforms all Light and warmth passing through her into darkness and coldness. This soul becomes a source of suffering, misery, chaos, injustice, feelings of insecurity, fear, sorrow and inner discord, and helps to weaken and even destroy the faith of fellow persons in a loving God.

7. Through every inspiration to proceed to a violation of the Law of True Love Satan tries to use souls as tools to damage and destroy various manifestations of God’s Works:

● Love itself. I pointed out in the past to what great extent the maltreatment of fellow creatures undermines the latter’s ability to love others in their turn. Maltreatment can close down many abilities in the victim – both human and animal – due to the fact the victim suffers traumas in its emotional life, which plays a central role in the bloom of the soul or of the vital principle, respectively. Through the experience that darkness (which in some cases may be heavy and/or of longer duration) has entered into the vital principle and has caused damage and suffering there and has thrown the victim’s entire being off balance the victim begins to increasingly close its inner life to the world outside, making the victim less receptive to Love – including the Love God Himself tries to send its way – and will in its turn be ever less able to love its fellow creatures, even if the latter have never caused any suffering. By giving rise to such situation the perpetrator directly damages the flow of Divine Love through creation.

The great tragedy is this, that the soul who commits heavy violations against true Love towards a fellow creature – whether fellow person or animal – e.g. maltreatment, in so doing destroys a channel through which God is trying to provide her with Love, vital strength and joy, for every creature which is guided towards a human soul’s path by Divine Providence is fulfilling a role as a channel of God’s Love towards this soul. Therefore it need not surprise you that a human soul who frequently maltreats a fellow creature with which she entertains long or frequent contacts, e.g. spouse, child, domestic animal or animal with which she has a working relationship, usually never again finds inner peace, not even for a moment: This soul increasingly shuts herself off from God and from the flow of His Love and destroys in one or more fellow creatures the ability to feel God’s Presence in their lives.

● Faith. A human soul who is a frequent victim of heavy violations committed by a fellow person against Love towards her can thereby lose all faith in the Presence and actions of a loving God. This occurs frequently on a small scale all over the world, but also on a large scale within the framework of political regimes which operate a system of terror through which in the course of a number of years many thousands of human souls are subjected to torture and imprisonment in degrading conditions. In such regimes faith itself is systematically murdered. Numerous victims of such regimes lose each and every tie with God and therefore with Love as a disposition meant to rule life in every one of its aspects.

● Hope. Hope is the disposition in which a human soul is able to come to terms with unpleasant experiences and situations by learning to regard them in her heart as experiences and situations that are going to pass and which, owing to God’s Presence and actions, will with certainly end in a situation which will benefit many, including the hoping soul herself. Longstanding and frequent violations against Love can kill all hope by making the victim notice that apparently nothing is changing for the better and that therefore there can be no God who would care about him and his suffering.

In the broad sense of the word hope is actually not strictly reserved to the human soul, in the sense that also a frequently maltreated animal can fall prey to a disposition in which it does not expect anything from life but being maltreated again and again. The human soul who provokes such expectations in a fellow creature – whether human or animal – wakes up God’s wrath to a far greater degree than she will ever be able to imagine, as hope is the disposition which helps determine to what extent a creature can feel convinced the Light is always going to defeat the darkness. Taking a fellow creature’s hope by subjecting it to a prolonged experience of suffering causing it to lose faith in the Light is, in the eyes of God, an open profession by the perpetrator of the latter’s inherent will that the darkness may have the final say in all things, and of the view of life believing that true power in creation lies with the darkness (i.e. with Satan) instead of with the Light (i.e. God).

A creature that is frequently and/or to a serious degree a victim of maltreatment or of any other form of darkness proceeding from a human soul is, in a manner of speaking, innerly 'reprogrammed' from a being that by nature lives in the conviction that everything is made and guided by a loving God into a being that seems to experience evidence for the fact it is not worthy of Love and it has received its life for the sole purpose of suffering by the whims of a human soul who has received from God the permission and the power to terrorise fellow creatures, or the creature concerned in particular, capriciously. This situation results from a serious violation of true Love and calls down the fullness of Divine Justice upon the perpetrator.

● Innocence. Innocence is the characteristic of the soul in the state God intended her to be in, in which the soul is not aware of the existence of the darkness and therefore does not take into account the possibility that a fellow creature can interact with her or with any other fellow creature or treat her or any other fellow creature, or think or feel about her or about any other fellow creature from dispositions which contain other elements than pure, true Love. Innocence is the disposition of the young human soul and of the animal as long as these creatures have not noticed in their surroundings any signs from which she/it has been learning about the existence of the darkness and its works.

Innocence is the characteristic God wanted to preserve in the human soul when He decreed His prohibition to eat fruits from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. By violating this prohibition the first human souls opened themselves up to acquiring knowledge about evil, which was born already in Satan and his following among the rebellious angels. If they had not violated the Divine decree they would have preserved their pure connection with God and therefore with perfect Love as the only force in creation.

A soul who causes suffering or damage to a fellow creature will wake up or enhance in this fellow creature the awareness of the existence and effects of evil. For instance, as long as a child or an animal has never been the victim of maltreatment by a human soul, it will by nature not expect of any human soul anything other than good things, because it is not yet aware of the possibility that a human soul could behave in any other way than through actions filled with Love or actions which at least do not give rise to the assumption this human soul might harbour any intention of inflicting harm or suffering.

As soon as maltreatment compromises a creature’s innocence there is therefore also a breach of the confidence that every fellow creature is automatically driven by the Holy Spirit. The victim is in a brutal way made aware of the force which is the opposite of God and true Love – the darkness – to such an extent that in the victim’s inner experience, outside the latter’s will, the said force is suddenly elevated to become the force which has got the power over the victim’s life and its feelings of well-being and happiness. Suddenly the victim’s inner life comes into conflict with the image of God every creature possesses by nature.

● God’s teachings through fellow creatures. In My great teaching The Brooklets of Salvation I already pointed out that God uses even the animals as tools to teach human souls lessons to perfect them in all kinds of virtues. Every creature in the network of creation is able to teach fellow creatures certain things and thus to promote these fellow creatures’ ability to making ever greater or ever more valuable contributions to the bloom of the network as a whole. Especially in the human soul the ability to make ever greater contributions must be developed for the entire duration of her life. This is why Divine Providence leads towards every human soul’s path through life fellow creatures which are likely to assist this soul in increasing the bloom of her abilities which may help determine the degree of fruitfulness of her life. A human soul can learn a lot of things – including on the spiritual level, in the practice of true virtue and true self-denying Love – from every fellow creature on her path through life: parents, children, teachers, domestic animals, etcetera.

8. Do see how many human souls and animals have lost all faith in man, because they have been maltreated by human souls. In a maltreated creature the flow of true Love and thus the spontaneous perception of God’s Presence is broken. A soul who violates true Love breaks her fellow creature’s faith in the human soul, not only in the perpetrator but often gradually in the human soul in general, which, in a manner of speaking, makes it very hard to take this specific element of God’s Plan seriously: the one that says the human soul was intended to represent perfect Divine Love.

To the perpetrator this is utterly disgraceful, as the human soul has got the sacred vocation to represent God and His perfect Love, i.e.: to help make God and His perfect Love felt within every heart. The loss of confidence can become noticeable in a human soul who, or an animal which, when encountering the human soul through whom it has been frequently or seriously maltreated, displays signs indicating that she, or it, expects the maltreatment to keep being repeated. Such a disposition can also begin to develop towards yet other fellow creatures, with which the victim never before experienced any bad treatment. In the victim the ability to maintain a sound openness to all human souls can be seriously harmed, thus damaging a major element of God’s Works in this creature.

Essentially this loss of confidence is nothing else but a conviction, nourished by a repeated experience of lack of Love, that fellow creatures do not make God’s Presence felt, but Satan’s. This is utterly disgraceful to the perpetrator, and on top of this the frequent lack of Love in all the world causes very serious impediments in the flow of Love through the entire network. The more creatures in the world lose their confidence in the human soul the stronger the atmosphere of life within which God is felt as the great absent one will become more prevalent, meaning that God will increasingly be regarded as one who has left His entire creation between the claws of Satan and who, consequently, does not appear to have the Love as well as the power to make this injustice end.

In My earlier teachings concerning the relationships between the human souls and the animals I pointed out what a disgrace it is to the human soul that in open nature animals on a great scale take flight when a human appears. This, too, is a frequent expression of loss of confidence in animals towards the human soul, whereas the latter was called upon to make the Presence and actions of God Himself, who is perfect Eternal Love, felt by all of creation. The human soul has been managing to bring this situation about by very frequent actions which in the animal kingdom have generated an unwritten law, according to which the human soul is an untrustworthy fellow creature, a constant threat, and therefore essentially a creature which makes the Presence and actions of the darkness felt. Man has brought this about first and foremost through hunting and poaching.

In this respect I once again emphasize a phenomenon which is little known and also recognized far too little: Due to the fact that all creation constitutes a network within which every creature is connected with every other creature both every manifestation of lack of Love and every loving action, thought, feeling, aspiration and desire on the part of every human soul towards an animal is also unconsciously sensed by every other animal and 'incorporated' into every animal’s pattern of behaviour. Because of this the many billions of contacts lacking Love on the part of human souls towards animals throughout the centuries have resulted in general faith in the human soul being severely shocked throughout the animal kingdom.

All of this has allowed the world to get drifted away very far from the initial situation in Paradise on earth, where humans and animals lived together in perfect Love, Peace and harmony and even understood one another flawlessly from heart to heart. God wants to guide His creation back to such a situation: the messianic age, the condition of life in the Kingdom of God on earth, a perfect reflection of God’s Heart in the material world.

9. Every violation against true Love towards a fellow creature testifies of a lack of respect for this fellow creature. If you are aware of the fact the human soul can not only sin with her hands but also with her mouth and even through her deepest thoughts, feelings or desires, this means a soul can even harm a fellow creature by harbouring negative feelings towards this fellow creature, even if she never speaks about this feeling nor has it follow by any visibly negative actions towards this fellow creature. Even the most secret, hidden feeling, thought or desire towards a fellow creature can be caught by the latter in the very core of its vital principle or soul and subsequently produce some effect there, and God Himself perceives every dark feeling, thought or desire as an influence which is able to cause damage to the flow of His Love through the network of creation at one or even a multitude of points.

Every human soul owes respect to every fellow creature (fellow person or animal) because every creature is like an edifice designed in the Heart of God and is the way it is and not different because it was designed exactly the way in which it has got a very specific and unique role to play for the purpose of helping to accomplish God’s Plans and Works. A human soul who does not respect a fellow creature is therefore in violation against the Wisdom of God Himself. Failing to respect a fellow creature means failing to feel due appreciation for it, and in a further degree it means regarding this fellow creature as worthless, contemptible and despicable. The soul inflicts all of this upon God Himself, due to the close connection between God and each of His creatures.

In the eyes of God lack of respect towards a fellow creature is tantamount to opposing a Divine decision through which this fellow creature has received its specific characteristics. This is why every act of discrimination is a form of not accepting a Work of God. Fellow people are discriminated against because they have got (or have not got) a certain colour of skin, are members of a different race, are of a different gender, adhere to a different faith, live within a different culture, speak a different language or have or have not got specific physical traits, etcetera. Animals, too, are made objects of mockery or bad treatment because of certain physical characteristics, are allotted a certain commercial value or are not.

All of this means that the human soul who discriminates gets calculating as to the degree of Love she is ready to give to a fellow creature. Certain fellow creatures or categories of fellow creatures are, in a manner of speaking, 'rejected' in the process, because human souls judge them to be 'unworthy'. The discriminating human soul thus becomes a sentencing and condemning God and exposes herself to a very strict judgment by God towards herself, meaning that this soul is actually reducing her rights to obtain God’s forgiving Mercy as to her own transgressions and therefore her own real imperfections (as opposed to the perceived or putative imperfections on account of which she herself has been sentencing her fellow creatures and has mercilessly been exposing the latter to much suffering).

Every form of discrimination constitutes an insult to God: Having regard to the fact God leaves His signature in every one of His creatures a soul who discriminates against a fellow creature discriminates against God Himself by regarding and treating this edifice wrought by His hands as inferior, unworthy, ludicrous, contemptible, etcetera. By discriminating against a fellow creature a soul expresses towards God her feeling that she does not judge this fellow creature worthy of receiving undivided Love, and she justifies this unwillingness to love this fellow creature unconditionally by referring to certain characteristics of this creature (race, outward appearance, gender, language, etcetera), which, however, it has received from God Himself for reasons originating with His infallible Wisdom. God has not made two creatures identical, and thereby pursues the intention that human souls might bring each other to spiritual perfection by dealing with every possible characteristic of a fellow creature in unconditional Love, acceptance and tolerance. There is no way a soul will ever discover God in a fellow creature she judges as inferior because of outward appearances.

10. Every creature of a somewhat higher level of experience – i.e. human souls and the 'higher' (in a manner of speaking 'most intelligent') animal species – was designed by God is such a way it will try to process (greatly unconsciously) every experience on its journey through life by linking this experience up, deep inside itself, with Love. Love is indeed the essence and the fuel of Life, that which 'adds Life' to each and every experience. Inasmuch as this 'linking up' seems to 'fail', for instance because the creature’s ability to love and to radiate Love has gotten severely damaged, this creature can fall prey to depressions, listlessness, lack of zest for life or of vital strength, feelings of pointlessness and a lasting inability to see or expect good things to come out of any situation or any fellow creature. Due to the failure to link the experience up with Love the said experience is, to the creature concerned, no bearer of Life.

You can, for instance, see this phenomenon at work in the fact you will be all the more able to remember an experience in proportion as you 'charged' it with feelings at the time when you were going through it. Experiences the soul links up mentally and emotionally with some great joy, or inversely with a great sadness, are impressed upon her memory much more vividly. The extent to which a human soul lives more from her emotional experience than merely intellectually will also determine the extent to which true Love gets the opportunity to flow all through her experiences. True Love is the great factor which determines what value an experience can get for a soul’s spiritual bloom.

A creature will not be able to link up an experience with Love so as to subsequently incorporate this experience as a product of True Life if the experience itself is laden with darkness – which actually is tantamount to: laden with a lack of Love – which has been generated by a human soul. Look at the effects produced by maltreatment in a creature: A child or an animal that was maltreated loses its zest for living, it will not play anymore, it no longer feels part of the play of other children or animals in its vicinity, it loses its interest in food, in toys, etcetera, as if in this child or this animal that which enables a living being to add meaning and sense to objects, to events, situations and contacts in its life is broken. This child or this animal is no longer able to link its experiences up with the feelings of true Love, and it seems as if it is no longer able to 'ingest Life': True Life gets ever more undernourished in this creature, and it no longer finds any joy in anything. It feels cut off from everything and tends to retreat ever more deeply into the isolated world of its own inner perception, into an inner life which is filled ever more thoroughly with darkness. The Light of Hope and the warmth of Love seem to be extinguished.

This fully shows how much the degree to which true Love flows towards and through a creature without any impediment is also the degree to which this creature is well and truly alive. Nothing but true Love is the fuel and the essence of Life. A creature that is prey to severe manifestations of lack of Love on the part of one or several human souls seems to wither away innerly or to die altogether. It only lives mechanically, without any active sense of belonging or commitment, totally devoid of Life.

This tremendously increases the sinfulness of maltreatment: In the eyes of God few sins are greater than the ones by which a human soul extinguishes the Light and the warmth in any fellow creature – whether fellow person or animal – for through such sins this creature loses all (conscious or unconscious) perception of God’s Presence and actions, i.e. of an atmosphere of life which is dominated by the essential characteristic of God Himself: True Love. Few sins can be more serious than sins which cut a creature loose from God, in other words: sins which extinguish the experience of God’s Presence in the heart, in the inner life of a creature, for thus this creature sustains damage in its ability to remain spontaneously receptive and open to everything God wants to pour out into this creature, i.e. the gifts of His Love in all its various forms which inspirit 'Life' into the creature.

Concluding reflection

God designed His creation as a system within which all components – i.e. all creatures – were to live together in perfect harmony. As the human souls were charged with the custody of creation right from the outset harmony among the creatures was to be maintained through the human souls in the first place, by their experiencing and applying God’s Law of True Love.

God injects Life into His creation by sending continuous flows of Love all through the network. With the human soul as the custodian of creation lies the responsibility for spreading these flows around flawlessly. This is why I tell you in truth that countless aberrations in the animal kingdom, in the mutual behaviour between animals among themselves and from animals towards man found their origin in the fact that countless human souls have failed to let Love flow without any impediments, and even more markedly in the fact that countless human souls have been inflicting suffering and misery upon fellow creatures.

The flow of Love is determined by the extent to which the human soul upholds God’s Law, by refraining from aberrations which are known as sins and vices. Each sin and each vice is a violation against the Law of True Love. As a whole the countless violations against God’s Law have been immersing the world in a state of chaos, misery, suffering, unhappiness and injustice, a state you are currently sensing more than ever.

The only way back to the original harmony within creation is the way of a flawless practice of a spontaneous, active and unconditionally applied self-denying, serving, caring Love on the part of every single human soul towards every fellow person and every animal. The suffering caused by human souls to fellow humans and animals day after day all over the world cries out to Heaven and in God’s eyes is like a thick pitch black layer of clouds which has moved in front of the sun of His perfect Love so as to prevent its beams from reaching creation. This darkness is generated constantly inside of countless human hearts from which fellow creatures are treated without Love, in cold-heartedness, indifference, lack of respect.

Not one single creature is sent into the world by God for the purpose of suffering by any direct and purposeful intervention on the part of a human soul. That nevertheless day after day such suffering and misery are generated by human souls on such a scale to the detriment of fellow creatures, is a thing which fills the Heart of our God with ineffable abhorrence. Billions of times each and every day the Heart of God Himself is wounded by acts of disgrace and dark thoughts and feelings directed against fellow creatures by the hearts of human souls, in whom He had put such great trust. Through this massive darkness the human soul has been arousing in the world an atmosphere of life which utterly denies the very being and essence of God and insults Him most deeply, for large-scale maltreatment, torture and other forms of purposeful and knowingly inflicted suffering and misery have been transforming creation from the paradise God intended it to be into a hell on earth for countless creatures.

Sin in all its hideousness and to its unfathomable extent has come into the world, and is preserved there, yes is nourished and increased further day after day, because countless human souls fail to use their free will to orient their lives in accordance with God’s Basic Law, the Law of True Love, but instead orient it in accordance with their own views and expectations as to what life on earth should look and be like. Innumerable human souls allow themselves to be driven by selfishness, arrogance, pride, addiction to seeming important, addiction to the fulfilment of transitory worldly needs and the all-pervasive inclination bred by all of this: the inclination to regard their fellow creatures – fellow persons and animals – as competitors, as beings who are in the world for the sole purpose of serving or enriching them personally and who, for the remaining part, are regarded as nothing more than obstacles they want to oppress and to get rid of if at all possible, and on whom they consequently let out their inner discord in ways which they try to keep as secret and hidden as possible and which are only characteristic of Satan himself.

These souls aspire for things they want to obtain in spite of the fact these things are unable to be of service to God nor to their own Eternal Life, and they allow themselves to be blinded by the darkness to such a degree as not only to envelop their fellow creatures in the deepest darkness, but also to rationalize and justify for themselves their ignominies in order to be able to keep them alive. This is how Satan recruits his slaves on earth, and their numbers keep increasing by the day.

The major derailment in the world was caused by selfishness, indifference, and by a philosophy of life according to which God only exists inasmuch as He can serve man, whereas in reality the human soul is only on earth for the purpose of helping accomplish and unlock the Works of God. God is not there for man, man is there for God, and he is expected to also be there constantly for all his fellow creatures, with a heart that ought to be a reflection of the Heart that created him and that pursues but one single goal: that man may be deserving to inherit an Eternal Life in Bliss and in the Love of God.

Accomplishing and unlocking God’s Works and Plans requires a flawless and unconditional practice of a perfectly self-denying, serving, caring Love on the part of ALL fellow creatures. What God finds in countless human souls in this world, is a state of mind which demonstrates an overt choice in favour of serving Satan, who has sworn an oath pledging he was going to turn God’s creation of Love, Peace and happiness into a hell on earth. How long then will the all-devouring monster of misery, suffering and destruction keep finding human souls who are willing to grant him the opportunity to keep turning the world into a reflection of his kingdom of everlasting torments?

Souls, do wake up, for the soul who is called by God to return to Him and whose heart is then found in a disposition making her a demon to her fellow creatures, or even to one single fellow creature, thereby proves to the Divine Judge that she has opted in favour of a nightmare which will never end. This is how the Law of Divine Justice decrees it to be: No soul is to inherit Eternal Bliss after she herself has been building a hell on earth for one or more of her fellow creatures".

(here ends the teaching/instruction granted by Mary, the Queen of Heaven and earth, as dictated to Myriam in the days around Christmas of 2021)

♥ ♥ ♥

True Love is discussed in many of the teachings, often rather profoundly and extensively. Some of the most striking examples would be these:

Quite a few years ago the Holy Virgin spoke the following very meaningful words on this account:
"True Love actually consists of all and any efforts made with the intention of promoting the happiness of each and every fellow creature (both humans and animals)".

Furthermore She once inpired the words: "True Love is the ability to live in perfect accordance with God’s Will in every possible respect".

Equally well pinpointed were these words She once used to express the very core of this concept: "True Love is the Love that is not stained by selfishness nor by worldly influences, worldly desires or worldly passion. It is fully and exclusively oriented towards furthering the well-being of one’s fellow being as well as of God Himself. Indeed, as a matter of fact true Love also consists of the aspiration to help accomplish God’s Law and His Works without the slightest reserve and unconditionally".

In The longing of Eternal Love written in November 2018 Mary said: "True Love determines the content of everything which lives in a soul and everything which proceeds from her. A soul that is falling short of practicing true Love leads an empty life, she hardly makes any contribution to the fulfilment of God’s Plan of Salvation and therefore, in the eyes of God, leads an unfruitful life".

In January 2020 the Queen of Heaven again elaborated on the essential role played by true Love as to the bloom of spiritual life, in Her teaching entitled True happiness as perfume from the flower of true Love.

True Love as the axis around which the bloom of all spiritual life revolves is also a core topic in all teachings constituting the menu item entitled God and the animals, as well as as of the various ongoing appeals addressed to the souls by the Queen of Heaven as of 2019.

In April 2023 the Heavenly Mistress inspired the brief teaching The harvest of life, which clearly shows how the Law of True Love is to be practiced concretely in order to make life spiritually fruitful.

Myriam, at the service of the Mistress of all souls