Revelation granted by the Mistress of all souls

to Myriam van Nazareth

intended for profound consideration

On Mary’s feast as Health of the sick, August 26, 2017, the Mistress of all souls gave the following teaching, which She soon allowed to be published.

(the text of this revelation has yet to be translated into English; in October 2017 it was followed by an important annex, the English version of which is published right below).

On October 14, 2017, the Mistress of all souls spoke the following words to Myriam and requested them to be annexed to the above meditation:

"Many souls allow themselves plenty of time to even begin to consider no longer to give priority to satisfying that which they experience as their personal needs instead of dedicating themselves fully to making active contributions to the accomplishment of God’s Works. Among these souls there are even those who purposely refer to Divine Mercy, going on the assumption the latter is indubitably going to give them the opportunity to make amends in purgatory for anything they have failed to do while on earth.

I must emphatically point out, however, that there is a major difference in effect between human actions performed during one’s lifetime on earth and those in purgatory: Actions which are performed, and thoughts which are harboured, while the soul is still living in a physical body on earth, can contribute to the flow of Love through creation and thus truly help advance the accomplishment of God’s Works; reparation which is made no sooner than in purgatory, however, no longer contributes directly to the flow of Love within the network of creation and no longer helps accomplish God’s Works in a direct way, its only purpose is to make a contribution to repairing their violations against the balance within creation, thus merely helping to make amends for the Divine Law of true Love having been violated. Therefore:

  • to God making amends by a human soul while the latter is still on earth is very much more valuable than making amends while in purgatory after the soul has neglected to do so during her life on earth;
  • only Love which is actively practiced while the soul is still living on earth proves to God that the soul is actually willing to dedicate herself to making contributions to the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works and that she indeed loves God; making amends while in purgatory because the soul has neglected to do so while she was still alive, does not prove to God that the soul is driven by unselfish Love. The soul that has put off actions and feelings of Love until after the hour of her judgment has indeed, through her putting them off, demonstrated the fact that she has made pursuing the satisfaction of her own needs the main goal of her life, instead of pursuing a self-denying service to God".

Souls, remember that God keeps the date and time when He is going to call you back to Him a secret. He does so out of His perfect Love which is eager to give you opportunities, day after day, hour after hour, second after second, to prove Him you are driven spontaneously, whole-heartedly and of your own free will to decide in favour of Him and His Works and to put your own needs and seeming needs behind His interests, the way Jesus Christ taught you through His life. The sole purpose of your life on earth is to serve as tools within His Plan of Salvation, promoting the flow of Love, for Love is the factor which is to accomplish the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. The soul who, while on earth, neglects to make this contribution, fails to accomplish the fruitfulness God expects from her".