The Most Blessed Virgin Mary
reveals the greatest Divine Mystery of the end times:

Mary’s Glory and Mission as the


Manifesto written for the Christians of the
Last Times
upon MARY’S instruction

Myriam van Nazareth

Dedicated to MARY, the Dawn of God’s Kingdom on Earth,
the Blessed Morning Star, the Herald of the Eternal Spring


  1. Origins of the Mistress of all souls in the History of Salvation
  2. The Foundations of the Revelation of Mary as Mistress of all souls
  3. The Era of the Revelation of Mary as Mistress of all souls
  4. Resistance against the revelations of Mary as Mistress of all souls
  5. Mary’s position within Christianity
  6. What does Mary’s vocation as the Mistress of all souls consist of?
  7. What does the Mistress of all souls expect from you?
  8. Final consideration: The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth
"I am the Dawn of God’s Kingdom on Earth. I am proclaiming the eternal sun-drenched summer’s day, the eternity in which the Light of Christ will beam into the remotest corners of creation". (MARY – 22 December 2007)

"The hour has come for the number of souls who will come to know Me as Mistress of all souls to increase, as this title crowns My God-given eternal Mission. You are to reveal this title in the publication of a text which, under My guidance, will be unfolded in your heart. You will experience so much light that this publication will truly be filled with God’s grace. Therefore you are to use My very words. This task is part of the great offensive the Light is launching against the darkness" (MARY to Myriam – 13 December 2007)

The objectives of this manifesto inspired by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary are as follows: that Her title as Mistress of all souls might be made known to souls, and that the irrefutable truth on which this title – which is to be revealed for the first time in our days – is based, might be established.

On 22 May 2007, Myriam van Nazareth received a vision by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary in which the heavenly Queen revealed Herself in Her amazing supernatural beauty. During the apparition, the images changed from the delightfully beautiful female figure into those of a heavenly garden, equally unrivalled in beauty. The following words, spoken by THE MOST HOLY TRINITY, accompanied the vision:

"Behold the Mistress of all souls. Her Soul is to be a garden in eternal bloom as a symbol of Divine Life. Her greatness is to remain unfathomed, for She is to possess splendours hitherto unknown. Her power over all creation is to be unique and Her holiness perfect. She is to enjoy the fullness of Our delight. For the inhabitants of heavenly paradise We shall make of Her an object of praise, for those dwelling in the places of perdition She shall be a sign of fear and defeat, and for the inhabitants of the earth, a model for imitation. To Her shall be due, service and praise. Holiness and light She will radiate, and in the fullness of time Her magnificence shall be seen and Her might shall be known even in the remotest parts of creation".

(I see a spring of water rise up in the garden, and the voice now continues to address me directly:)

"Reflect upon the very core of your Mistress’ being: She bears within Herself the spring of Our Divine Life which never runs dry and which is at Her unlimited disposal. She is to allow the water of Divine Life to pour out as She pleases over the souls of those who wish to partake of Her holiness and to harvest the fruits of Her garden. This water is to prepare the earth for the establishment of Our Kingdom, and the foundations of hell shall tremble underneath Her feet. Souls, drink from this spring which We have opened up in Her for all eternity". (THE MOST HOLY TRINITY – 22 May 2007)

At the time when I was blessed with this extraordinary revelation, I had already been acquainted with Mary as "Mistress of all souls" from the day She had first shown Herself to me by that title. It was on 26 November 2005 that the Queen of Heaven and earth spoke to me as follows:

"It is God’s will that from this hour I should be known to humanity by the title of Mistress of all souls". (MARY – 26 November 2005)

Mary made it clear that within the realm of revelations pertaining to Herself and Her qualities, this marked the beginning of an entirely new era, for She further added:

"Through this title, Mistress of all souls, shall be made known the sovereign power which God has given Me over souls, as a result of which I will be His reflection in human hearts. I rule over hearts that are totally consecrated to Me. I exercise My power unobtrusively because so far, the world was not ready to recognize My sovereign power. I have called you and I am instructing you with a view to enabling My power to emerge from the shadows". (MARY – 26 November 2005).

1. Origins of the Mistress of all souls in the History of Salvation

Already in the book of Genesis, the very beginning of the Bible, God reveals 'the Woman' as the eternal great enemy of the serpent that had tempted the first human souls into committing the original sin. The original sin was the transgression committed by our first parents, at the instigation of the serpent (the devil), in the terrestrial paradise. It consisted of a breach of the commandment God had given the first souls. This first sin was a sin of disobedience and pride. Through it, man broke the sacred covenant that God had made with him. This sin was described as 'original sin' because its effects were to be passed on from generation to generation (*): all souls conceived after the first couple were to receive, from the very moment of their conception, a 'mark', as a permanent testimony towards God of the first human souls' disobedience and pride.

(*) in the source language of this book (Dutch), the term for 'original sin' is 'erfzonde', which, literally translated, would mean 'sin which is inherited throughout the generations'.

Pride and disobedience were the very first faults of Satan himself: Lucifer (later known as Satan) who was, at first, the highest ranking among the angels, lost his holiness by starting to focus his original Love for God on himself. Love turned into self-love, egoism and thus pride, for Lucifer proceeded to giving Love of self pride of place over everything else (even over Love for God) to such a degree that it could be termed 'self-deification'. This is how the sin of pride that led to disobedience evolved: Lucifer refused to recognize God as his Lord any longer and instead began to regard Him as an obstacle to the fulfilment of his own desires – desires for nothing less than the conquest of the entire Kingdom of God with the goal of transforming it into a kingdom of subjugation of everything to himself (the devil). God’s Kingdom being one of perfect Love, perfect Peace and perfect harmony, could no longer contain Lucifer and his following – countless angels infected with his spirit of hatred, conflict, disorder, disobedience, pride and lust for power.

The rebellious angels were banished from heaven and were to be known henceforth as 'devils'. They built and expanded their own kingdom by tempting human souls to follow their lead in disobeying God. It began with original sin, which, over the centuries, was to be followed by all other sins committed by mankind. As a consequence of original sin, the human soul sustained a wound, which, in turn, made man susceptible to further temptations. In other words, this wounding has left the soul incapable of fully absorbing and assimilating the stream of Love from God’s Heart, at the same time leaving the wounded soul open to the rapid diffusion of the tempter’s venom.

Man, having been the cause of Lucifer’s rebellion against God, was, from the outset, an object of hatred for Satan and his followers. The Almighty had communicated to the angels His intention of creating man, a being by nature ranked just below the angels, yet destined to enjoy the privilege of sanctification after the image of God. To this end, God was to be sent into the world in the shape of the Second Person of the Trinity in order to lift human nature up towards Divine Life. God proclaimed to the angels that the Son of God would be born as the Man-God in the flesh of a human woman. They were then shown the blueprint of the soul of the One who was to be known as 'the Woman'. They were further informed that power and dominion over the whole of creation (human souls and angels) were going to be bestowed upon Her.

When God had decided on the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Divinity – the Christ (the Anointed One) or Messiah (the One sent by God), who was to redeem human souls of good will from the deadly effects of sin – He proclaimed the following decree to the angels (as revealed to Myriam van Nazareth in May 2007):

"The fullness of time having been accomplished, We, the God of all creation, have ordained Our coming into the world as Man-God, in order to dwell there in the flesh for a period of time determined according to Our wisdom. We shall retain Our Divinity, and simultaneously take on the full consciousness of all human faculties. To this end we shall entrust Ourselves to the holy womb of 'Mer-jam', the ocean of power and holiness, chosen by Us for all time. Provided Our messenger receives Her consent to offer Her immaculate flesh for the accomplishment of Our divine purpose, Our development into 'the Man' shall begin in this flesh. We will embrace the flesh in order to sanctify it in all its weakness by Our freely willed self-sacrifice. Through this self-sacrifice we will save humanity from the eternal darkness it has brought down upon itself. For the allotted period, we will not permit Our Divinity, which is to remain inherent to Our Being, to hinder the experience of possessing the human nature. Thus, by Our example, We shall show the souls the true way of completing within themselves Our works of salvation and sanctification; for as their free will is inviolate, so, in accordance with the Law of Our justice, salvation would be incomplete were it imposed on them without their acceptance and voluntary contribution. The foundation for this acceptance and contribution shall be provided by the One We have chosen for the most intimate union with Ourselves in flesh and spirit and destined to be the true Queen of all creation for all eternity". (THE MOST HOLY TRINITY – May 2007)

This announcement of the Incarnation of the Son of God also served as an introduction to all the angels of the One who was to bear Him in Her flesh – 'the Woman' (the most blessed Virgin Mary). On 8 December 2006 Mary revealed to Myriam van Nazareth the words spoken by God in the hour in which Her soul was created:

"Behold the human soul in her original state of holiness, restored and crowned with the fire of Our Divinity. She is to be the Woman. We are creating Her from fire of Our fire. The profound essence of all We have created and are still to create, shall reside within Her in its most eminent perfection. She is to have power over all things created, to possess fullness of Life and the ability to fathom Our mysteries. She – the Great Sign – will confound and humiliate darkness, for Light shall dwell in Her and flow from Her heart. All that is animate shall glorify Her feet, for beneath Her feet all works of darkness will turn to dust. Live and reign, fire of Our fire, for The Great I AM is to come into You. He is to dwell in You and You in Him. Your name shall be Marjam: Ocean of divine power, divine riches and divine glory". (THE MOST HOLY TRINITY – 8 December 2006)

In May 2007 the Mistress of all souls gave further revelations to Myriam van Nazareth in the following proclamation made by the Most Holy Trinity about Her newly created soul:

"Princes and servants of the Eternal Kingdom, behold the One who was destined by Us to be, in the Last Times preceding the fullness of time, Queen and Mistress over all inhabitants of the heavenly spheres, over all souls We are yet to create and over all places these souls will inhabit and all states of being they will experience. She shall represent Our power over all things animate and inanimate, over all that is alive and all that is not alive. Now kneel before your Mistress, just as all souls shall kneel before Her for all eternity". (THE MOST HOLY TRINITY – May 2007)

Under Lucifer’s leadership and inspiration, this divine invitation became the cause for the proud, power-hungry and rebellious angels’ definitive separation from God. They refused to acknowledge as their Mistress a human woman to whom total, unconditional and everlasting obedience was due. Yet God’s decree was to stand firm for all eternity. Centuries later, Mary’s soul was to be conceived in an immaculate state, free from the original sin and thus perfectly holy, in order that She might be a worthy Tabernacle from which Christ would be born as the Man-God. After a life free from any fault, sin, transgression or omission with regard to God’s Law, Mary was assumed into heaven, body and soul. There the Almighty, in accordance with His divine decree, crowned Her in the presence of the entire celestial court. On 22 August 2006, Mary revealed to Myriam van Nazareth the following proclamation made by the Most Holy Trinity at Her coronation as Queen and Mistress of the whole of creation. The Triune God proclaimed these words to all saints prostrated at Mary’s feet:

"It is Our Will that in this hour the following proclamation be made to all inhabitants of the celestial spheres, of the earth, of the place of purification and of hell: In accordance with Our age-old decree this soul, MARY, the Immaculate Mother of the Word, is to receive the throne, the crown and the sceptre of unique power over all of creation. She shall sovereignly rule all souls and inanimate creation. She is endowed with Our incontestable will and elements of Our inviolable power and She is to rule in Our most holy Name. Her words shall be as laws binding Heaven, earth and everything beneath the earth. Her power is rooted in Our divinity and She is to dispose of it freely and with all sovereignty. This is owing to the incomparable merits She has gained in the accomplishment of Her God-given mission and the perfect use She has made of the wealth of graces and privileges drawn from the source of Our Divine Life with which Her soul alone is endowed.
It is Our will that all souls shall serve Her eternally, giving Her obedience and glory. She is to possess absolute power to command all angels and all souls in Heaven, on earth and in the underworld. She is to enjoy their total subservience and obedience. Nothing in Our creation, animate or inanimate, will be able to resist either Her power or any of Her commands, whatever their nature or content. She will be known as 'Mistress of all creation' because We place all things created beneath Her feet. Into Her hands we lay the completion of Our plans for the salvation of souls, the fruits of which have been made available by the Son of God. Owing to the fullness of grace present in Her, She shall rule and govern with sovereign power and infallible wisdom. Second only to Our Divinity, She is to be the object of the highest honour.
As Queen over all creation and Mistress of all souls She is to fulfil the role of satisfying Divine Justice through mediation, reparation and completion. To enable Her to do this, all the treasures from the source of Divine Life, as well as all souls, shall be completely at Her disposal. She is to possess every power over the design, the effects and outcome of Our Divine Providence. Every act of obedience, veneration, honour and service shown to Her is to be deemed an act of obedience, veneration, honour and service towards Us directly, the Divinity. Anything that She is deprived of is to be deemed a deprivation to Our divinity, for this Soul is Our representative towards all souls. The foundation for the completion of Our Plan of Salvation has been accomplished in the coronation of this Soul. Not a single one of Her wishes shall remain unfulfilled, and all things present and future shall be subjected to Her irresistible power. Such is the decree of Our incontestable Divine Will". (MOST HOLY TRINITY – 22 August 2006)

I was shown in a vision how at the moment Mary enters heaven, all the angels and saints prostrate themselves at Her feet. Resembling a vast ocean, they remain prostrated at Her feet throughout the Holy Trinity’s proclamation. After the coronation, all the inhabitants of the celestial spheres move past Mary’s throne in a seemingly never-ending procession, prostrating themselves at Her feet as a sign of their personal submission to Her. They offer various oaths of faithfulness and obedience to Her as their Queen and Mistress. The archangel Michael, as the supreme prince of the angels, prostrates himself nine times at Her feet, swearing a special oath to Her on behalf of the nine angelic choirs. During these celestial festivities, the fullness of knowledge of all the ages and regarding all souls is revealed to Mary. In a divine vision She sees all the souls spanning all the ages – billions of angels, human souls and demons – over whom, by virtue of God’s authority, She is henceforth going to be able to exercise Her power as Mistress of all creation. The vast extent of Mary’s Kingdom (i.e. God’s Kingdom, in which She is to implement God’s decrees), and of the unparalleled power that goes with it, are shown to Her as the greatest signs of Love God has ever given to a soul – granted to Her because of Her perfectly holy life. She is, moreover, commissioned to shape souls according to Her own pattern.

In May 2007, in the wake of the accounts of Her coronation by God before the celestial court, Mary related to Myriam the following with regard to the peerless magnificence of the heavenly Queen:

"In the latest revelations which I have given you for the sake of bringing My true nature to light, revelations entitled 'Rebirth of the Earthly Paradise' (this volume of over two hundred pages has not been translated into English yet) you have been shown in words and images how, following My Assumption into heaven, the Most Holy Trinity had richly rewarded Me for My life in perfect harmony with Divine Law by crowning Me Queen and Mistress over all creation. One of the first delights I enjoyed in My celestial Life consisted of lengthy visions, granted to Me during and immediately after the coronation, in which millions and millions of angels and saints prostrated themselves at My feet in ardent veneration of My power, My magnificence and My glory as Queen and Mistress of all souls. During these visions I saw the many billions of souls God had ever created and was yet to create and about whom I received perfect knowledge and over whom I would be able to exercise a sovereign power.
Whilst hearing in an endlessly resounding echo the Almighty’s voice saying: 'Mary, behold Your servants', I saw with the eyes of My soul the greatness, the boundlessness, the very nature and foundations of My power and all that was to flow from it. I was shown that My every word spoken about a soul, my every sign, hint or nod regarding a soul and my every wish uttered in relation to a soul would obtain the force of law and be entered into the book of Divine Justice as a decree demanding complete satisfaction. I was shown that every single soul should, at a given point in time, kneel down at My feet so that each soul will have been at My feet at least once. It was revealed to Me that each and every soul was to be so totally in My power that by a simple 'yes' or 'no' from Me, their whole life and history might be completely changed. This is the profound meaning of the revelation I gave the world before: that I distribute God’s graces to each according to My will, at the time, for the duration and to the extent I desire to do so. (...) This power in its immensity, is but a part of the eternally increasing stream of bliss and delights enjoyed by My soul, because – in everything – My soul’s only goal and motivation was the accomplishment of the Law of God. Every soul can – whilst still on earth – multiply her eternal beatitudes by declaring her belief, and recognizing totally and unconditionally, that I, who also represent divine power towards creation, am the Mistress of all souls". (MARY – May 2007)

After Adam and Eve had committed the original sin, the earthly paradise was lost; human souls no longer lived in a state of perfect grace and holiness, in a perfect 'tidal flow' and merger between the Heart of God and souls. The breaking of the sacred covenant – which was to enable souls to live in the earthly paradise as an extension of God’s kingdom – gave rise to the need for reparation. Souls were henceforth to experience suffering in their flesh and in their state of mind. The Christ would come in the fullness of time to sanctify (make fruitful) this suffering by covering it with the seal of His divine Blood. God most certainly had a response to the devil regarding the downfall of earthly paradise: the Woman who had already been introduced to all the angels (at that time still including Lucifer and his following) was Herself to be the Rebirth of earthly paradise. (This response of God is extensively covered in the volume entitled Rebirth of the Earthly Paradise by Myriam van Nazareth, May 2007 - which has not yet been translated into English).

Let us therefore look upon the Most Blessed Virgin Mary as the great figurehead of souls and as God’s shattering answer to the devils. In the present manifesto Mary wants to provide souls with the evidence of the foundations of Her vocation in these Last Times to be Mistress of all souls. It is of major importance for souls to realize that God Himself has given Her this title and calling, and that now the time has come for Mary to come out of the shadows in which She has remained for centuries – in accordance with God’s Plan and Her wishes.

2. The Foundations of the Revelation of Mary as Mistress of all souls

Mary’s position and role has hitherto primarily been understood as that of Mediatrix of all Graces and as Advocate before God. Apart from that, Christians fairly generally recognize Mary to be 'merely' a rather special saint with a somewhat servile role: Mother of Good Counsel, Help of Christians, Refuge of Sinners, Comfort of the Afflicted... The 'revolutionary' aspect of Mary’s revelations about Her being the 'Mistress of all souls' lies in the fact that now souls suddenly come to know Her as Mistress, i.e. as One who has the power to rule and to guide souls. Some cannot quite come to terms with this and are overcome by the feeling that a 'different' Mary has appeared, an 'unknown' one who does not really fit in with the image they had always had of Her. This is what Mary Herself says about this:

"Many souls are barely able to regard Me as their Mistress. The mighty, reigning Mary does not correspond to their image of the little, lowly, quiet and withdrawn servant. Tell these souls that Mary was and remains the same through the ages but that I was not able to wear My robe of power as long as I was still on earth.
During My life on earth I was the Redeemer’s right hand in the accomplishment of the Mystery of Redemption. However, the Saviour’s Resurrection marked the beginning of My role in supporting the sanctification of the redeemed (...). Only once My Son had ascended into heaven certain aspects of My power started to come to light: When the disciples began to call on Me as their support, their refuge and their Mistress with real – albeit still hidden – power over the early Church. A few profoundly enlightened souls were, even in those days, literally at My feet because the Light of the divine Spirit had conveyed to them an initial understanding of My true being. Throughout future centuries certain saints and mystics – by the grace of this same Holy Spirit – enjoyed the privilege of contemplating some aspects and gaining some in-depth understanding of My true being.
It is only in these times that the glory, the real power and the true nature of Mary will gradually be unveiled with candour and clarity: for through you I am now revealing Myself to mankind as the Mistress of all souls. Indeed, this is the dawn of great times. The Woman is stepping into the light because the Holy Spirit is now announcing the hour in which Her true majesty, Her eternal power, Her incomparable holiness and Her true calling are to be disclosed to the slumbering souls. From the shadows of ignorance of blinded souls now steps forward the Woman, clothed in the robe of power, so as to ascend the throne assigned to Her, the most powerful Mistress of all souls, to sit at the Right Hand of the Christ, who will be judging the souls". (MARY – 23 August 2006)

In some souls this 'new' image of Mary may provoke a state of doubt or even disbelief and resistance regarding these revelations. I will address this further in section 4.

From the very outset Mary has been revealing Herself through Myriam as a figure whose role and goal far exceed those which are known to most Christians. In the writings of Myriam van Nazareth, the Blessed Virgin Mary appears as a teacher and leader whose unequivocal aim is to follow God’s calling and to implement His Plans and Decrees. She is to do this by lifting Christians out of their superficial experience of faith and by teaching them how to cooperate in their active transformation into 'durable stones' for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. When studying the texts that Myriam van Nazareth has over the years (starting in the late nineties of the twentieth century) produced under Mary’s inspiration, one discovers a solid, sound and logical system: elements of knowledge that confirm and complement each other whilst containing many previously concealed aspects. On the one hand, the 'novelty' consists of Mary’s revealing through Myriam hitherto virtually unknown spiritual mysteries and information (pertaining to the soul and spiritual life, to God, to Mary, to the strategies of the darkness, etc.). What is 'new' on the other hand is the considerable amount of 'dormant' knowledge of Christian teaching Mary is bringing to the fore, often casting upon it a totally renewed light from different and unusual perspectives (explaining for instance the cause and effect regarding virtues and vices and all that draws a soul closer to or further from God). Mary Herself refers to this treasure of knowledge as the Science of Divine Life:

"The words as well as the teachings and understandings that I convey to you, requesting you to put the greater part into writing, are concepts which in their entirety constitute the Science of Divine Life. This is the science concerning the soul with her capacity to lead a life in conformity with her Creator". (MARY – 25 October 2007)

The Science of Divine Life can also be regarded as an accumulation of information about God’s truth, His plans and works containing also the full truth about Mary. Even from Myriam van Nazareth’s very first writings it transpired that the Blessed Virgin Mary is aiming for the extension and deepening of existing Marian knowledge within the Church, so that the person of Mary might continue to move ever further out of the shadows. As a result of this, souls are now able to learn how to make use of Mary’s unknown qualities and privileges, Her glory and power for the benefit of their own full development. This they can achieve by way of living a total, unconditional and eternal consecration to Her which in turn would enable them to gain full benefit from the priceless works of Christ for their own salvation and sanctification. It is precisely because of all that is new in all these writings that Mary could say:

"I have called you to bear witness to the complete truth about Mary, the powerful Mistress of all souls, the mightiest among created souls. Your calling to be the apostle of the Mistress of all souls is unique". (MARY – 27 May 2006)

How should souls deal with this 'new' image whereby Mary is presented to them as a bastion of power, a torrent of wisdom and an inexhaustible source of knowledge and learning about so many things previously hidden from the souls? Mary was Herself always characterised by humility. This is why during Her life on earth She insisted that those called to record God’s only truth should not lift the veil He had placed over Her. They would incidentally not have been in the position to do so, for at that time, the Holy Spirit had largely concealed Mary’s true greatness. Mary revealed to me that John, the apostle and evangelist, was (apart from Saint Joseph) the only one during Her days on earth who possessed a fairly profound awareness of Her great dignity. Here is an extract from Mary’s words:

"Even as Jesus was telling His disciples about Me before they first met Me, John experienced regular rapture. His soul was extraordinarily sensitive for all things divine and thus, a special outpouring of grace prepared him for a more in-depth understanding of my true nature. This is what he perceived with the eyes of his soul when he saw Me: the 'divinized' soul in her perfection. He experienced profound delight over becoming aware of the fact a human soul is able to absorb divine beauty to the point of overflowing. Yet the Almighty still kept the fullness of My beauty concealed for as long as I dwelt on earth. The reason for this was twofold. Firstly, the full radiance of My inmost, divinized being would have given rise to confusion in the young Church that needed to be built up around My Son Jesus Christ. The first disciples would have been incapable of soundly evaluating the unique beauty of the Messiah’s Mother’s soul. Secondly, no human soul would have been able to survive the full experience of My radiance. John was so pure that My beauty could be revealed to him to a greater extent and that he in turn was more fully receptive to it". (MARY – 16 August 2006)

Mary received Her unique power from the following sources:

  1. From the Heart of God. Mary’s unique power is based on a singular divine privilege. This is evident from the revelations noted in section 1.

  2. From Her immeasurable merits. Mary led an earthly life of unfathomable physical and spiritual suffering, of continuous sacrifice, penance and mortification of all senses and needs. Her immaculately holy and perfectly sinless life was like a constant prayer. All of this obtained for Her an unparalleled right of participation in God’s power. The foremost expression of this is given in Her eternal role as Mediatrix and Advocate.

  3. From Her perfect union with the Divine Will. All of Mary’s wishes and strivings were (and are for all eternity) identical to those of God Himself, so that in all Her actions, words, thoughts and feelings She accomplished God’s works. See below for further insights from revelations given on 19 December 2007.

Mary reveals that She is the only creature whom God has clothed with a wide range of components of His power.

What does Mary’s unique power consist of?

  1. As Queen and Mistress of the angels, Mary has been entrusted with the leadership role in the battle against the darkness. The angels are the pure spirits that God created for His service and for the guidance and protection of human souls. As I previously indicated, God had introduced Mary to the angels as their future Mistress even before Her soul was actually conceived. She is thus Leader of all of God’s Works in terms of guidance and protection of human souls. This role bestows on Mary an inestimable power over mankind. In Her revelations, Mary Herself discloses that all of Her words spoken to the angels are considered to be equal to God’s very commands and decrees, for the angels themselves regard Mary as the indisputable Representative of God’s power to all creatures.

  2. As Mediatrix of all graces, Mary enjoys an unparalleled power over the life of all souls. Graces are gifts from God that render human life on earth possible or enable it to be more fruitful. From God Mary received the key to the treasury of His graces. Thus She has an unlimited right of disposal over the use of these treasures: She has control over decisions as to which graces each soul is to receive, as well as the form, the point of time, the manner, the duration and the extent to which these graces are to be, or will be, given. By virtue of this quality, Mary has changed the lives of countless millions of souls who through Her mediation have received benefits and blessings (healings of body and soul as well as numerous other miracles).

  3. As Advocate with God, Mary, through Her every word, exerts an incomparable power over the Heart of God. Advocacy (intercession) is an action whereby a soul brings pleas before God on behalf of another soul, so that the latter’s sins, mistakes or neglects can be wholly or partially expiated. God allows Himself to be moved to change His judgment over a soul, not because His judgment might have been flawed – divine judgment is infallible and thus irreproachable – but because His Heart can be set on fire by a soul 'putting in a good word' for another. Mary’s role as Advocate is particularly evident in the hour of judgment that each soul must face upon completion of her earthly life. In several of Her revelations Mary describes Her advocacy as a 'matching-up' of Her perfect Love with the sinful soul’s relative inability to truly love. The immeasurable fire of Her Love causes many traces of sin to melt away before the throne of God. The power of Her advocacy can be viewed as a kind of omnipotence as Her love is so perfect, so absolutely complete, that God cannot refuse to grant Her a single wish. For this reason Mary has explained in Her revelations that in God’s eyes She is omnipotent 'in the order of grace' (that is, not by nature – for only God is omnipotent by nature; thus Mary is omnipotent by Divine proxy. The true meaning of the words describing Mary as 'full of grace' is this: She possesses such fullness of divine grace that nothing is lacking nor will ever be lacking in Her).

  4. Mary participates in aspects of God’s power. As Co-Redemptrix, She has obtained a part in redemptive power and as Spouse of the Holy Spirit, She has a part in sanctifying power. It is through unparalleled mysteries that God has imparted to Mary a phenomenal and far-reaching merger (union) between Her being and the Divine Persons. Mary clarifies as follows:

"I am not a goddess, I am a created soul. Yet, in the order of grace, God had equipped My soul with a 'structure' and with characteristics that set Me apart considerably from human nature. So what was it that enabled Me to act in a human way during My earthly life? It was the necessity of living in a human body. The Creator had animated My body and spirit with a nature that was nevertheless sufficiently human to allow Me to lead a normal life in a physical body with patterns of behaviour which could still be recognized as human. Yet the fire that possessed and invigorated My whole body and behaviour was of divine origin and unsurpassed in purity and Love. God had engendered a similar event in My body with the conception of Jesus. The only difference was that Jesus’ soul is divine in the order of nature whilst Mine is a created soul, 'divinized' in the order of grace. I am now disclosing these truths to you so that humanity might comprehend why it is that My very nature justifies the fact that I am the one incontestable Mistress of all souls". (MARY – 16 July 2006)

In another revelation Mary states:

"God has always wanted Me to be a link between Himself and souls. In Me there is a blending of both natures: the human and the divine. In Jesus, too, both these natures had blended with each other whilst He was still on earth. However, in eternity He is in the natural order Divine. Within My being is represented the elevation of the human soul towards her Creator: the human nature that can obtain for itself ever more divine qualities, scaling ever-greater heights of holiness. From the moment of My conception holiness has dwelt within Me in full maturity. Yet My nature is that of a created soul. Thus – as was foreseen by God – I am the ideal stairway to the throne of God. In proportion as a soul ascends along the numerous steps of this stairway, I obtain for her the outpouring of healing graces which are infinite in variety". (MARY – 31 August 2006)

Mary later reveals the following:

"My glory and power were to be complete at the time of My coronation and yet to keep increasing eternally and incessantly. God announced to the angels that My power was to be forever unique among all creatures. He called Me 'Queen over all creation' and issued the Divine Decree that this was to be proclaimed to all inhabitants of Heaven, earth, purgatory and hell. The true essence of the undertaking was this: He was actually crowning the 'divine' attributes in a soul, as an unmistakable sign that He had created in this Woman an embodiment of One who had accomplished the highest attainable merger with Divinity. 'Queen' was the title of My glory, 'Mistress' the title of My power. Mistress of all souls is the absolute crowning of My attribute as Queen over all creation. I am Queen over everything as a sign of the highest possible accomplishment of divine attributes in Me alone among creatures, and I am Mistress over everything as an expression of the highest power in which I am enwrapped". (MARY – 22 December 2006)

A few weeks later Mary would point out:

"I have become one with the attributes of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and each of the Divine Persons has poured Himself out into Me to the fullest extent that is possible in the marriage between God and a created soul. The Father has created Me in the glory of the Immaculate Conception, the Son has merged with Me in My womb, and the Holy Spirit has completed the Incarnation within Me through a perfect marriage with Me in soul, heart, spirit and body. I am the Tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity (...). Wherein lies the difference between My nature and God’s nature? The difference is that God has no beginning, deriving His existence from Himself, whereas I most certainly have a beginning, one that has been given Me by the Creator-God. God’s existence is independent of anything outside of Himself, I on the other hand, have come into being from God. God’s glory exists in itself and has originated from Himself, My glory is 'divinized' and thus equally infinite, but My glory has a beginning: it has arisen in God’s thoughts and received its germ in My Immaculate Conception". (MARY – 10 January 2007)

Mary has played a unique part in the Redemption of souls throughout the centuries. This immeasurable merit has greatly contributed to the unattainably sublime position God has imparted to Her. There have nevertheless been many who voiced their objection to Her title of 'Co-Redemptrix'. Mary’s considerations on this subject were phrased as follows:

"Even now hostile voices make themselves heard when the subject of Mary as Co-Redemptrix is raised. I wish to emphasize that these voices are inspired by Satan, who tries to cloud the souls’ understanding and perception of the fullness of God’s truth. The key to the mystery of divine Redemption, which needed to be unlocked in the great Plan of Salvation, was to be turned by a human hand. This has been ordained by Divine Decree from the very beginning. Without My 'Yes' - My word of consent to be the Mother of the Christ - there could have been no Redemption, for according to God’s Law, it would then not have been perfect. God’s Law demands that everything occurring between heaven and earth, everything that is in the interest of souls, must be realized with their co-operation. Precisely this is the profound essence of the New Covenant. There would have been no New Covenant at all without human contribution. It is for this reason that Jesus needed to redeem human souls in a human body and that the key to open this Covenant had to be turned by the hand of a woman. Thus, without My 'Yes' there could have been no Redemption. This is why I am fully Co-Redemptrix of souls". (MARY – 4 April 2007)

The unity between God and Mary therefore reaches the utmost limit of that which is conceivably possible for a created soul. Mary has a part in the redemptive and sanctifying power of God. What about the creative power of God? The creative power lies with the Eternal Father. However, for the Last Times, the times destined for the ultimate triumph of 'the Woman' over the serpent (Satan), God has endowed Mary with a re-creative power: She possesses the unlimited power to 'create life anew', in other words, to bring about fundamental conversion, transformation, and radical healing. She has been granted the eternal right to exercise this power in a sovereign way, which means in an autonomous manner and in accordance with Her own will. Mary enjoys this privilege owing to Her Immaculate Conception and Her eternal freedom from sin. She could not possess the attribute of Mistress were She unable to exercise this power at Her own discretion. A soul that never commits sin lives in perfect conformity with the Divine Will. Mary says the following on this subject:

"The absolute infinity and boundlessness of My power arises from the total union of My Will with the Divine Will: that which I desire corresponds exactly to that which God desires. How then, could God ever refuse Me that which He Himself desires? Every act of My will springs from the source of the Divine Will. This is why I am clothed in the fullness of power. God alone is the source of power and I am the One who implements this power in the order of grace. This has been the desire of the Almighty, so that I, as Representative of all created souls, might fully affirm the holy covenant as a sacred bond between God and souls in the merger of the Divine Will with the will of the created soul. It is in Me and through Me that God fashions His Law, which ordains that nothing should be altered in creation without the full and free co-operation between God and souls. This decree stems from the sacredness of the free will of souls. This free will of the soul has been perfectly sanctified in Me, for not a single act of My will can ever deviate from the Will of God". (MARY – 19 December 2007).

Thus Mary has forever derived Her power from a Divine Decree. How can this be justified? Mary Herself says:

"Each soul can exercise power over the Heart of God according to the degree of her holiness. The holier a soul, the greater the conformity of her desires with the desires of God and consequently the greater the power of her prayers and intercessions. The basic sources of My unique power lay herein:
  1. My holiness was perfect from the moment of My Immaculate Conception and for this reason My will was identical to God’s Will.

  2. God has accomplished many extraordinary mysteries in Me that have raised Me infinitely high above 'ordinary' human nature.

  3. God has created Me with the intention that I should be Queen of heaven and earth and Mistress over everything. He has placed all things under My feet, for all eternity". (MARY – 4 April 2006)

Considering that Mary’s enjoying Her most sublime position and power is a purely God-given privilege, and considering that God’s Decrees are infallible and that He Himself has described these times as the times in which – with a view to accomplishing of His plans – it is necessary to reveal Mary in the fullness of Her nature, souls should now accept, acknowledge and serve Mary as the Mistress of all souls.

3. The Era of the Revelation of Mary as Mistress of all souls

"A unique era in the history of salvation has now dawned for the souls, for the writings and revelations I inspire you contain truths which were hitherto undisclosed and the purpose of which is to reveal the fullness of truth about Me, the Mistress of all souls by divine proxy. Thus the Almighty has ushered in the last phase of opening up God’s Kingdom for the souls". (MARY – 2 August 2007)

Despite Mary’s wish to remain in the shadows, the Most High has – from the beginning – nurtured the plan to clothe Her with a majesty and power unique among all creatures of all time, which was to be revealed only once His time to do so had come. Mary wants to demonstrate that this time has now indeed arrived. At this point I refer you to Her corresponding words:

In these Last Times the Most High desires that the unlimited power of Mary, the Immaculate Conception, as the Mistress of all souls be unveiled. He wants to reveal the power I exercise over human souls as well as over Satan and His following". (MARY – 15 December 2005)

Each time throughout the history of salvation unfamiliar aspects and elements of Divine Truth were revealed, souls have queried why God, instead of concealing for many centuries certain elements of knowledge before suddenly making them known to His age-old creation, did not disclose the fullness of His truth from the outset. This question can never be answered in a completely satisfactory way, as God’s decisions regarding the most suitable timings for certain changes are in themselves a mystery springing solely from His infallible wisdom. Souls must, however, understand that blind faith is particularly meritorious, so that it can then be said that no soul would attain true salvation and healing if the Holy Spirit were to infuse the totality of the Divine Mysteries and Divine Life into souls all at once. Anyhow, not every soul is sufficiently receptive to incorporate such sublime knowledge into their life and to draw on it in everyday living. God expects a soul that has gained knowledge of great truths, to amend his or her life accordingly. Thus, more profound knowledge of God’s mysteries (the 'Science of Divine Life') calls for greater responsibility towards God and creation on the part of the soul who has acquired this knowledge.

If God decrees that now the hour has come in which Mary’s unique nature (as well as the extraordinary extent of Her eternal mission) has to be gradually revealed because His plan for the Redemption of souls cannot be fully completed unless this new development is achieved, He will expect souls to accept this as an infallible act of Divine Providence. This is why Mary says:

"The hour has come for My power in and through souls to be glorified. Such has been decreed in the framework of God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls". (MARY – 20 March 2006)

God is patient. Mary points out that as Mistress of all souls She is called to bring to fulfilment a holy covenant with souls which has been alive in the Heart of God for many centuries already, which has been sealed by the crucified Christ, and which must now be brought to its completion:

"The crucified Jesus gave Me to the souls and this most holy bequest is eternal and enduring. The hour has now come in which the Most High desires to teach the souls what the angels have already known and accepted for many centuries: that I am also their Mistress. This fact was actually the cause of the battle between the Light and the darkness, for many angels became rebellious as they were unable to accept the Woman’s reign over them". (MARY – 1 April 2006)

The information about Mary as Mistress of all souls, based on many hitherto unknown aspects of Mary’s nature, was never disclosed before because God’s time for such revelation had not yet arrived and He had been keeping it for the very last times, which have now come. Mary explains this as follows:

"See how the God of Love takes ever greater pains to approach human souls, indeed, how He incites them to contribute ever more actively to the accomplishment of His Works of Redemption. Notice how during the first centuries of time – the age of the Old Covenant – the Eternal Father embodied the lawgiving as well as the executive force in creation. He announced His laws and commandments through the prophets. When the fullness of time for the salvation of humanity had arrived, He sent into the world His Son, who became the Representative of God’s executive force and completed this mission as Man-God, so that the human soul might have a role model with which she could identify, recognizing in this model her own nature.
Now, especially since the time of My apparitions to Saint Catherine Labouré, the Heavenly Father has begun to bring Me, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, ever more emphatically into the foreground, so that eventually I might be made known through you as the powerful Mistress of all souls – a title which expresses My ultimate destination. For these Last Times, the Eternal Father has clothed Me – a human soul by nature – with executive powers. Initially God personally announced His Acts of volition, with the New Covenant He strictly defined and executed them through Son, God and Man merged into One, united with My body and Heart, and in these very last times He reigns concretely through the crown of His works: Mary, the Daughter of man, a human soul raised to unattainable heights. The Almighty has been pleased to lay special powers into My hands and to let me exercise this power over all souls in My capacity as the powerful Mistress of all souls, My most sublime attribute for the Last Times". (MARY – 14 December 2006)

Some souls have a hard time arranging their lives according to divine expectations based on an inviolable bond with a creature (Mary) with whom they are not adequately familiar. Who is Mary really and why is She so special? The Holy Scripture says very little about Her, for reasons already explained in this writing. After the Old Covenant, souls were to come to know Christ as the Son of God and the Voice of the only Truth. The full revelation about the Mother of God as Mistress of all souls would have sown considerable confusion into minds that – even then – had to fight such a tough battle against the traces of inflexible Jewish thinking. Therefore it need not surprise anyone that Mary is at this time revealing Herself, Her soul and Her attributes in a manner that is truly unique in the history of salvation. She had already begun this process of gradual disclosure in previous writings by Myriam van Nazareth, such as the Storm Writings and Mary’s Temple.

However Mary first set forth this process systematically in the book Rebirth of Earthly Paradise, Strolls through Mary’s Soul, Pleasure Garden of the Holy Spirit, which is an in-depth elaboration of visions and revelations spanning a fairly extensive sequence of days. The latter occurred alongside continuous (and presently still continuing) revelations of Mary as Mistress of all souls, and uncovers many secrets about Mary’s inner being. This book is in many respects ideal for kindling the fire that is so necessary for souls to be truly motivated for a total abandonment or surrender to Mary as Mistress, so that Her works, which are the works of God, can be completed for the purpose of establishing God’s Kingdom on earth. The Revelations of the Mistress of all souls complement these sublime truths by laying open many mysteries concerning the essence of Mary’s soul and Her unique glory and power. Why have these treasures not been disclosed earlier?

"Every genuine revelation crosses the earth when God’s time for it to do so has come". (MARY – 28 March 2006)

The nature of Mary’s soul, her quality and capacities are so sublime that had they been revealed in their entirety, no soul would have been able to cope with this. Mary says:

"I have told you that you, as the apostle of My power, were going to see the radiance of your Mistress’ glory shine far beyond the imaginable. To the souls I say only this: God is waiting for the hour which in His eternal wisdom appears to be best suited for the accomplishment of His Decrees. In that hour souls will see their Mistress and Queen the way She really is. The amazement of souls will be greater still than that of the angels when the latter perceived My glory, beauty and power for the first time. Do know that even the angels still discover on a daily basis attributes of their Mistress that are novel and unknown to them. Should the fullness of My being have been revealed to them in one single moment, even they would not have been able to cope with such delight". (MARY – 13 July 2006)

Mary makes the following statements regarding the unique character of Her revelations as Mistress of all souls and the spreading of these revelations in these days:

"Souls rarely recognize the signs of their own era, just as they seldom comprehend the real scope and effects, and the true depth, of the Works God reveals to humanity in their own days. As the Mistress of all souls, I have made you the principal witness of the ramifications of an extraordinary phase in the history of salvation of mankind. From now on I am revealing, through you, truths, mysteries and plans which the Almighty has reserved for these times specifically. No saint, no prophet has ever seen these things the way that I am unfolding them before your inner eye, because God’s time for this had not yet come. This is the time of the great revelations about Mary and Her true being, a time that coincides with the final preparations for the definitive defeat of Satan in God’s creation.
There is currently not one soul that is able to fathom the significance of the things I am bringing to fulfilment in you in these days. These works are unique in the history of salvation. This grace is unfathomable. Pray to the Holy Spirit for light for the souls I am leading to the springs whose water I am guiding through the garden of your heart, for these souls have not yet understood that they are witnesses to extraordinarily great matters. I am the Great Sign, the Woman who is letting the light of dawn shine when the souls' night is drawing to a close. In Me are assembled inestimable richness, treasures of divine mysteries and oceans of ever increasing glories. And through you, apostle of the Mistress of all souls and of the power of God’s Elect for all times, I have begun the accomplishment of the last phase of divine revelation for the total deliverance of mankind from the suffocating grip of the night: the revelation of the true attributes, capacities, glory and power of Mary, Mistress of all souls.
Through you I am revealing to the souls the regulations for their navigation through the wilderness of confusion, deception and ignorance of souls. I give them the sure route to true holiness which God had determined for the souls for all times yet which had become unattainable as a consequence of the original sin. Now the Creator is completing the circle of His works: He created My soul with the unique Immaculate Conception, He sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world in order to bring about salvation, He poured out His Holy Spirit over the Church, and He is now showing the souls the path leading to the feet of the Immaculate One whose true greatness He has been keeping concealed until these very last times because the fulfilment of time for the Revelation of revelations had not yet begun.

He has now decreed that the hour for revealing the fullness of His plans has struck. And He unveils to the souls their true Mistress who, as a result of Her eternally enduring merits and owing to Her Immaculate Conception and the fullness of power bestowed on Her in the hour of Her coronation, now arises as a Sovereign – the Sovereign who is to lead the souls to the full achievement of sanctification, to the acquisition of wisdom and towards a more profound knowledge of His great Works and Plans, so that by their 'fiat' at the feet of the Mistress of all souls and through the radiance of their surrender, Her power may shine out for Her final victory down upon the prince of lies, of deception and delusion. People of Christ, arise and wake up to the greatness of the things that I am fulfilling in you and for your benefit. The hour of truth has now come". (MARY – 8 January 2007)

Thus we are currently living the era in which God’s Plan of Salvation is to be fulfilled. Souls are themselves responsible for how rapidly everything is ready to come to fulfilment. What is expected from them is – in the first instance – a total, profoundly lived consecration to Mary, so that She in turn can accomplish that to which She was called for the salvation of souls. The time has now come for us to take Her teachings and revelations as Mistress of all souls to heart. Let us be attentive to the three admonitions Jesus has announced through Myriam in this respect:

"Tell My lambs that My Mother has for these Last Times received an unlimited power to reign over all souls with incontestable God-given authority, to perfectly reconcile human souls with Divinity and to reign over the great adversary of the souls to the point of his ultimately being crushed under Her anointed feet. Mary is the sovereign Mistress of mankind. She lacks nothing for the accomplishment of Her mission to purify mankind from evil. Serve Her with your whole life and death. Inside of you She is unfolding a plan which human souls cannot grasp". (JESUS – 21 December 2006)

"My Mother reigns in souls with Our power and wisdom. Everything She does and says has a meaning that must remain hidden from human eyes. The grace of each revelation on this subject has been earned by Me on the Cross and complemented by Her through Her persistent perfection. The ramifications of these things have been reserved for these very last times. Souls, wake up!". (JESUS – 7 February 2007)

"She (= Mary) wants to transform every soul into nourishment for My Divine Heart. This is the profound essence of the re-creating power that has been given to My Mother for all eternity. Souls, be obedient to Her in every word She gives you. Study Her words until they have turned into your flesh and blood, for in these words lies the key which can open up eternal bliss for each and every one of you, the key to true self-perception". (JESUS – 28 November 2007)

4. Resistance against the revelations of Mary as Mistress of all souls

At present, the revelations by and about Mary as Mistress of all souls are still – somewhat inevitably – liable to controversy and criticism. As Mary Herself indicates, the reason for this is that they contain awe-inspiring truths which have hitherto never been revealed and thus do not (as yet) fit completely into the theological thinking of our time. For this reason at this point some souls will not understand the revelations of Mary as Mistress of all souls, whilst others are not yet capable of evaluating them correctly, and others still are not yet able to accept them. Mary Herself describes all criticism of these revelations as "acts of defying Divine Justice". This is manifest in Mary’s word of warning to those who call into question Her capacity as Mistress of all souls and Her revelations in this regard:

"There are erring souls who hold the view that total devotion to Me as Mistress of all souls is an aberration. To these souls I say this: God has for all time ordained a Plan for the salvation of all souls in order that they may be freed from their sins and return to Him in a renewed state of grace. The Most High has placed this Plan of Salvation into My hands, so that it may be carried out in all souls under My direction. For this purpose He has put at My disposal His wisdom and power. He has united My soul, the only human soul in an immaculate state, with a human body, so that I might be able to bear the Christ, the Saviour, the Herald of God’s truth, and give birth to Him as Man in absolute purity. He has raised Me to unfathomable heights above all of creation. He has given Me all the power needed to humiliate and defeat Satan, the source of all ruin for the souls, totally and finally. He has chosen Me to be the Mistress of all souls so that I might carry out – in these Last Times – the last preparatory phase for the establishment of Christ’s Kingdom on earth. All this is the work of God Himself.
Now that Divine Mercy has heralded the disclosure of My glory and power as the Mistress of all souls, this incomprehensible expression of God’s Love is being attacked and vilified by impure hearts and tongues that serve the darkness, and the latter do so because this disclosure is being implemented through a human soul by order of the Mistress of all souls, God’s Representative of souls. I point out to each soul which calumniates total surrender and submission to Me in My capacity as Mistress of all souls, that they are convicting themselves in the face of God’s Decrees – which, after all, are presents of unmerited Love – and are thus defying Divine Justice. Those who believe and state that the most profound veneration and total obedience shown at the feet of the Mistress of all souls is an expression of aberration or even of sacrilege towards the most Holy Trinity, I invite most urgently to think about the consequences of this disposition. To these souls I say emphatically that the soul who refuses to humble herself at My feet will be called to account for this omission before the throne of God’s justice. I repeat that it was the Most High Himself who has elevated Me, Mary, the Immaculate Conception and Co-Redemptrix of souls, and designated Me as Implementer of His power in these Last Times. To this end He desires that all souls honour, obey and serve Me as the powerful Mistress of all souls". (MARY – 30 May 2006)

Let it be clear that any opposition or disbelief in relation to Mary’s revelations as the Mistress of all souls hinders the accomplishment of God’s Plan.Mary wishes to emphasize this through the following words:

"Tell the souls that the failure to recognize Mary, the Mistress of all souls, the Co-Redemptrix with Christ, is tantamount to a misjudgment of God’s Plans and Works. Souls cannot be freed from their misery as long as they do not accept God’s Decree owing to which I have been divinely pre-destined to be their Mistress, Queen over all creatures, God’s representative towards the souls and bridge between heaven and earth". (MARY – 13 June 2006)

One of the major causes of the opposition to the announcement of Mary’s capacity as Mistress of all souls is that some souls doubt that facts revealed in these times (as opposed to those already taught by Jesus Himself as Man-God on earth) could be based on Divine Truth. I have already indicated that God has His own time for all events and developments. God’s Eternal Truth consists of countless elements. For as long as a particular element of Eternal Truth has not been disclosed or been able to be disclosed or explained to mankind, one is dealing with 'mystery'. The unique sublimity and nature of the Blessed Virgin Mary is an example of divine mystery. Mary’s capacity as Mistress of all souls is the highest aspect and the absolute centre of this mystery because it represents the crowning of Mary’s eternal mission. Thus, in order that God’s Plans and Works might yield the fruits He had intended for them they must be accomplished at specific points in time, in accordance with the developments in creation and with everything Divine Providence deems necessary for the souls or for specific souls, as the case may be. So the time has now come for greater quantities of knowledge about Mary, which were hitherto veiled, to be made known. It is precisely this information, the object of these writings, that Mary is bringing to fruition in and through Her Myriam. Mary’s ongoing revelations in Her capacity as Mistress of all souls form, as it were, a crown within the collection of texts, because She Herself regards them as a milestone in the history of salvation (see the message of 6 November 2007 in point 6 below). In reply to doubts harboured by souls with regard to the authenticity of Her revelations as the Mistress of all souls, Mary says this:

"I have already told you repeatedly that many souls will find it difficult to accept and recognize that in these times revelations are seeing the light which have never before been part of the treasury of Christian doctrinal teaching, and that these souls will stubbornly contest My revelations as Mistress of all souls, claiming that, if such knowledge were to stem from Divine Truth, it would have been revealed many centuries ago. To these souls I say this: Jesus said that He had not come to abolish the law but to fulfil it. In the same way I have been called to announce the completion of the revelation of truth because God’s hour for this has now come". (MARY – 4 July 2007)

Mary had been giving the following warning on this score:

"It is part and parcel of your mission in life to instruct souls about Mary’s true position within God’s Plan. To this end, knowledge will be revealed to you that has remained undisclosed for centuries. This also will provoke much disbelief and suspicion". (MARY – 7 April 2006)

Another major reason for misgivings about the veracity of these unique revelations is undoubtedly their mystical origin as a result of which many aspects of the revelations are currently just not 'visible' to everybody. Doubting souls are invited to carefully consider Mary’s words in the following revelations:

"Whoever refuses to accept the full truth about Mary, inevitably also refuses God’s deepest expression of Love for the souls. The soul who, upon receiving the revelations about Mary’s overwhelming power, is touched not by the fire of joy and the light of hope but rather by the darkness of disbelief and the coldness of jealousy towards Me, is allowing herself to be led by forces which are not performing God’s Works". (MARY – 25 May 2007)

"I, Mary, the Mother of Christ, Who came to proclaim the only truth of God, am the source of all your words, writings and actions. Why then should these give rise to doubts of any kind? You are eating and drinking from My heart, I have taught you everything. Whoever takes exception to you also takes exception to Me. God’s only truth is eternally valid. Only the traditional, original teachings and precepts of Christ bear within themselves the true nourishment. His words have been completed – at specific moments in time predetermined by God – by revelations of previously unknown elements of eternal truth. My apostle has not been called to proclaim pseudo truths that are tailor-made catering for the needs of human standards". (MARY – 28 May 2006)

A further important reason for opposition and disbelief in relation to the revelation of Mary’s capacity as Mistress of all souls is this: that this truth can cause considerable harm to Satan. Satan and his entire following had already sworn an oath prior to Mary’s Immaculate Conception – that they would destroy all the Works of God and 'the Woman' as well as their followers. God’s power (and thus also the power of Mary, who is equipped with divine power for the execution of God’s Plan of Salvation) will most certainly prevent this from happening. Has Jesus not promised that the powers of the underworld would never prevail over His Church (and also God’s Truth)? This promise means therefore that Mary’s revelation as the Mistress of all souls must be recognized and accepted at a specific point in time. As a result of the eternal oath the darkness has sworn against Mary and the promise that Mary’s foot will crush the head of Satan, the prince of darkness has set himself the goal of resolutely undermining and audaciously stalling for as long as possible Mary’s revelation in Her most eminent and sublime capacity as Mistress of all souls. Mary explains the reason for this in simple terms:

"Satan’s resistance is proportionate to the damage he fears. The Revelations of the Mistress of all souls are downright devastating for him". (MARY – 13 January 2007)

Mary expands her line of reasoning to the point of showing Myriam in a vision how, at Her command, a demon throws himself at Her feet making the following confession (this is a brief extract from a longer revelation from March 2007):

"It pains us to have to see the angels’ blind subservience to the Woman. However, to see human souls kneeling at Her feet is unspeakable torture for us, for each voluntary submission to the Woman on the part of a human soul increases the effects of Her boundless power. To hear a human soul greet Her in profound self-abasement as 'Mistress' infuriates us. That is why Her recognition by many human souls in Her capacity as 'Mistress of all souls' would signify our absolute end. If ever the hour comes in which human souls comprehend and recognize that this Woman is their Mistress, Her power will split hell and we will all be forced to remain prostrated at Her feet for all eternity… Therefore I confess: this Woman is the sovereign Mistress over all that is living. She has unlimited power also over us demons. In the hour in which human souls recognize this and live accordingly, the whole of creation will tremble and be shaken to its foundations, and our reign will be over". (DEMON NOT MENTIONED BY NAME, SPEAKING AT MARY’S COMMAND – March 2007)

We must understand the meaning of this correctly: In proportion as souls come to recognize, accept and commit to the fullness of Mary’s power, and in proportion as the number of souls who do so, increases, the concrete effects of Her power over the souls can be multiplied, and the forces of darkness be tamed. It must be perfectly clear that these words are not to be seen as false utterances made by a follower of the prince of lies (Satan), but as a declaration made at Mary’s command and thus under Her power. This confession gives expression to an irrevocable truth: The greater the number of souls who give themselves completely to Mary, the more mankind will be led onto the path of Light, Love and holy virtue, thus automatically and systematically taming the power of sin and consequently the works of Satan.

Why is the darkness successful in impeding the propagation of these revelations (within a given span of time) and in making them appear to be false, given that they originate from – and are desired by – God?

"Satan makes use both of the souls’ ignorance as to God’s Truth and of the ease with which they can be led astray due to this ignorance. Thus he leads souls to believe in, and proclaim, those things that serve his plans. In this way he also directs souls to vehemently opposing to My words. If you announce the truth that I have communicated to you, he will make every effort to pillory your words. Were he not to do this, your words would cause him great damage. Be aware therefore that Satan will stir many up against you and incite them to spread the lie that the revelations recorded by you are implausible or even prompted by the devil. Did Jesus not say in the Gospels that Satan’s kingdom cannot endure if Satan destroys his own works, such as if he were to give a soul the power and command to drive out a devil? How then could you possibly be serving the devil by glorifying his great opponent, Mary, the Mistress of all souls, and by proclaiming Her splendour with such fervour?" (MARY – 20 May 2006)

Moreover, Mary warns that everyone who refuses to accept the truth about Mary, or disputes it, contributes to harming the Works of God:

"(...) Others, however, will show fierce rebellion and opposition against these revelations and will leave no stone unturned to portray both them, and indeed you, as questionable. (…) Whoever disputes Mary’s power and all signs, expressions and evidence of this power, is pulling Satan’s plough. This plough does not make fields fertile, rather it breaks them open, mixes the soil with poison and brings masses of stones to the surface so as to make the soil impenetrable to the sunlight of Love and wisdom and to the rain of grace. These revelations will increasingly turn you into a target of Satan’s anger. Against Me, he is powerless". (MARY – 13 September 2006)

This is how Mary highlights for the souls the far-reaching consequences of opposition to the revelations:

"Many will rebel in various ways against the revelations about My power. I say to the souls that it would not be inappropriate to consider that every opposition to the revelations of previously undisclosed information about the splendours, the unique capacities and the power of Mary, is tantamount, on the one hand, to repudiating a Work of the Holy Spirit, who has chosen this hour for the ultimate and crowning phase of the exaltation of His Immaculate Bride, and on the other, to a failure to recognize God’s entire Work of creation. The Most High has, after all, created everything and predestined Me to be the absolute and unsurpassable crown on all created things. He has clothed Me with the fullness of perfection. In Me, all the elements of creation are, as it were, accumulated and brought to their respective perfection. Whoever denies My greatness, denies with it all aspects of the perfection God has provided His creation with, and thus also denies the power of God Himself". (MARY – 25 August 2006)

In conclusion, the Queen of heaven and earth invites souls to consider that the revelation of hitherto unknown mysteries regarding Her nature is not only the truth, but also the herald of a decisive phase in the battle against the darkness:

"Some souls are confused as to My role in the Last Times and to the truth contained in the related revelations. These souls are being led by dark influences into the error of thinking that the Mistress of all souls stands in the way of Christ’s eternal mission as Saviour and Source of Salvation. This opinion is being awakened in these souls by Satan so as to make My role as Mistress of all souls appear to be implausible. He does this because, with justification, he fears that the rays of My power will be more resplendent than ever before in the era into which we have now entered. This era began at the hour when God had chosen for Me to be revealed as Mistress of all souls. Yes, I repeat emphatically that I Myself have appointed My prophet to reveal Me as the Mistress of all souls because God has decreed that the time to do so has now come". (MARY – 13 December 2007)

5. Mary’s position within Christianity

Just like all teachings Mary gives to the souls through Her Myriam van Nazareth, the Revelations of the Mistress of all souls focus on Mary. This does not mean that all these writings consider Jesus Christ as a background figure subordinate to Mary. What it does mean, is that the vocation of Myriam van Nazareth consists of proclaiming the Truth about Mary. The greatness of Jesus Christ has evidently been extensively documented in spiritual literature. On Mary’s greatness, however, quite a few chapters have not yet been written. Mary has called Her Myriam to write some of these chapters, under Her strict control and exclusive inspiration. Within the revelation of the unique nature, qualities, frame of mind, inner dispositions, role and vocation of the Most Blessed Virgin, the Revelation of Mary’s capacity as the Mistress of all souls constitutes so vast a milestone – which greatly extends the knowledge about the Most Blessed Virgin Mary – that some souls may come under the impression that Myriam van Nazareth is neglecting Jesus Christ. These souls have not understood the mission Mary has entrusted to Her Myriam.

The Christian faith contains God’s only Eternal Truth. In the centre of it we find Jesus Christ. Rightly so, for Jesus was sent into the world to announce the New Covenant between God and the souls through His words and through the example of His most holy life, and to seal this Covenant with His Blood. The New Covenant involves the souls with God’s Works in the most intimate way possible. In order to demonstrate this, Jesus did not come into the world as the immaterial God but as a human figure. If the most holy, New and Everlasting Covenant between God and the souls was sealed by Christ and perpetuated by His Church, where then, are we to situate Mary as the Mistress of all souls, and what is Her position and Her role within God’s Plan of Salvation for all souls?

Of each soul it is expected that she should attempt to accomplish, i.e. to actually bring to fruition, the New Covenant within herself. This means: that, by leading a life as holy as possible, she should make efforts to strictly follow the Doctrine of Christ and His lifestyle of accomplishing redemption through accepted and sacrificed sufferings and self-sacrificing service to God and to all fellow creatures. The golden rule is this: One should aspire for full unity with the Works of Christ, in one’s own life. That is why Saint Paul defines as the Christian’s obligation: "to fill up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions, in one’s own flesh". The afflictions and all Works of Christ are perfect, yet every soul is to make full use of the merits thereof in her own life, by leading a life in the state of grace (i.e.: a virtuous life). Where do we find Mary in all this?

Mary, as the Mistress of all souls, does in no way minimize the role of Jesus Christ, She fills this role up, and completes God’s Works within the individual souls. Just like "filling up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions" does not detract anything from the perfect nature of God’s Works, Mary’s vocation as the Mistress of all souls does not detract anything from the perfect nature of God’s Works. Let us consider the following images:

  1. Behold the water flowing from a spring through a brook to a pond.

    In this image:

    Christ = the Spring; Mary = the Brook; the souls = the pond

    God creates the water of grace, Mary lets it flow towards the souls.

  2. Behold the earth bathing in the sunlight. In this image:

    Christ = the Sun; Mary = the rays of the sun; the souls = the earth.

    God sends His light and warmth (His vital force) to the souls through Mary. Through Mary the force of Divine Life reaches the souls.

Both these images have in common, that they show Mary as an indispensable Bridge between the Divine and the souls. Mary’s vocation is that of the Bearer (Conveyor) of Divine Life towards the souls. On top of this, She performs the unique role as the Transformer of this force, so that the souls may be enabled to assimilate it. In section 6 I will go further into Mary’s key function within the execution of God’s Works. From the images depicted above it may be clear that Mary, as the Mistress of all souls, brings the completion of the Works of Christ. Those who believe the Mistress of all souls is but a mere concept creating confusion and aiming at eclipsing Christ, are therefore erring.

Let me put it very clearly: Without the Works of Jesus Christ the Revelation of Mary as the Mistress of all souls would have lacked every foundation, for the Mistress of all souls is coming to complete (i.e. bring to actual fruition with the individual soul’s active contribution) what has been enabled by Jesus Christ. God is the Creator of the New Covenant and of the Divine Plan of Salvation; Mary has been appointed by God and clothed by Him with a unique power to act, by virtue of a Divine Proxy, as the Implementer of the final phase of this Plan of Salvation. This also explains why Mary’s greatness and true nature could remain hidden throughout Her life on earth and the subsequent centuries (or rather: had to remain hidden, on account of the necessity of maintaining the required order of all steps within God’s Plan of Salvation).

Consider the following words spoken by Mary Herself:

"Mary, the powerful Mistress of all souls, is not some heretic substitute for Jesus Christ, the Light of the world: She is predestined by God to be the Completion of the Plan of Salvation and Redemption rung in by Jesus Christ as the Man-God and for the benefit of which He sealed the Covenant with mankind while dying on the Cross. When the crucified Jesus spoke His words: "Woman, behold Your son; son, this is your Mother", He actually disclosed the hidden core of the Divine Plan of Salvation and Redemption which had destined Me many centuries back to be the Mistress, the Leader and the Guide of all souls. My role as the Mistress of all souls consists of the guidance and the in-depth development, i.e. inner bloom, of the souls on the path to sanctification, which is the completion of the redemption wrought by Jesus and the way to the establishing of God’s Kingdom on earth.

This is the image the souls should bear in mind: Jesus Christ is the Source of Light, I am the Mistress of Light. This means the Light flows from God, yet I have been given the sovereign and unlimited disposal of the unfolding of the Light within the souls. How, then, could I ever be a Competitor, an Obstacle, to Jesus? Dear souls, do understand this correctly: Through a Divine Mystery the Heart of Jesus and My Heart were made one, in order that the Source and the Stream, Origin and Completion, might direct Divine Light along perfectly Divine paths towards the intended destination: the establishment of God’s Kingdom in the souls, who are destined to become the true images of God. As the Mistress of all souls I bear the key which is necessary to awaken and unfold perfect bliss within the souls". (MARY – 13 December 2007)

With respect to the beginning and the true nature of Her role within the accomplishment of the Works of Christ (or put in general terms: God’s Works) Mary gives the following remarkable explanation:

"Few souls have ever understood that by speaking from the Cross the words 'Son, behold your Mother', Jesus essentially provided the souls with the key to the fulfilment of His Work of Redemption. God has wanted to provide three ways to deliver mankind from the dominance of Satan, who, by inspiring the original sin, has managed to reduce mankind of all times to slavery towards him. The first way was the one of Jesus’ Suffering and Death on the Cross, the second way was to be the continuous inspirations from the Holy Spirit, and the third way the total consecration of the souls to Me, Mary. In the Mistress of all souls God invested His power and His wisdom. Through Her the fruits from the Tree of Life, the crucified Jesus, are brought to maturity within the souls, and are constantly nourished by the fruits of Her unity with the Holy Spirit. In the souls, Mary crowns the redemption and sanctification, by reshaping them in accordance with Her understanding, which fits in perfectly with God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls, the Divine Plan of which She was made the Implementer endowed with God-given powers.

That is why She was elevated to be the incontestable sovereign Mistress of all souls, and She has received complete power over them so as to be in a position to rule, govern and guide them in the times of the final battle against the darkness. Through Me, mankind will be purified and opened up to the true Light of Christ, and be led to her final liberation, to the extent to which it opens up its door to Me of its own free will. In order to truly achieve their deliverance, it is necessary for the souls to unshakably believe in three things:

  1. the redeeming power of Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross, and of all crosses and trials within the framework of their own daily lives;

  2. the inspiring power of the Holy Spirit: His power to breathe new life into the sinful soul;

  3. the predestination of Mary as the Mistress of all souls, and Her infinite power to deliver all mankind and each individual soul from the dominance of the darkness". (MARY – 13 July 2006)

Let us bear in mind that the Mission of Christ – the Redemption of souls – would have been impossible without Mary. Her "May be done unto Me according to your word" opened up the door to the Incarnation of Christ in Her womb. This is what the Mother of God said in this respect:

"God chose Me to begin the implementation of His Plan of Salvation through My consent which made the Incarnation of the Saviour possible. He also gave Me the power to complete it by bringing the invaluable legacy of Jesus to fruition within souls. I am the Queen and Mistress of the Last Times, the Guide for every life’s journey, the Tabernacle of the power of God Himself". (MARY – 26 December 2006)

As soon as Christ was conceived in Mary’s womb as the Man-God, a situation arose which was unique in the history of Salvation: A creature was united with the Most Holy Trinity and was to lead a life in unity of Heart and even of mystical Sufferings with the Man-God. Therefore Mary’s capacity as the Co-Redemptrix of souls is an incontestable truth. During Her entire life on earth Mary would have the Works and accomplishments of Christ perfectly pervade innumerable souls owing to Her own inner dispositions, Her sacrificed trials and Her merits, by completely opening these souls up to Divine grace. Thereby She performed works of completing redemption, sanctification and reshaping of these souls for years (all of this is demonstrated extensively, among others, in The Rebirth of Earthly Paradise (this book has not been translated into English yet). Mary’s key role in completing God’s Works within the souls is made clear, among others, in the words "The Mistress of all souls is the completion of God’s Works" (29 November 2006), and furthermore in the following words:

"God provided a Plan for the Salvation of all human souls throughout the ages, so that they might be saved from their sins and be able to return to Him in a state of grace. This Plan of Salvation was put into My hands by the Most High, in order to be implemented in all souls under My leadership. To that end He endowed Me with His wisdom and His power. My soul was the only human soul ever to incarnate immaculately in a physical body in order for Me to be able to bear the Christ, the Redeemer, the Announcer of God’s Truth, and to give birth to Him as a Man in perfect purity. He elevated Me unattainably high above all creatures. He gave Me all power to totally and infinitely humiliate and defeat Satan, the source of ruin for all souls. He predestined Me to be the Mistress of all souls, in order to shape, in these Last Times, the last phase of the preparation for the establishment of the Kingdom of Christ on earth. All this is the Work of God Himself". (MARY – 30 May 2006)

We must never forget that the New Covenant between God and the souls is based on a law of collaboration: God wants to perform everything with the souls and in agreement with them. Mary is the Bridge between Heaven and earth, that represents God towards the souls and leads His graces towards them, and endeavours to bring the souls to God:

"As the Mistress of all souls I want to prepare the hearts for the Kingdom My Son preached on earth and of which He planted the standard in the earth. This standard was His Cross. Thus I want to inject the souls with the true Divine Life. My power will reshape that which is in ruins, for I am the Bridge between Heaven and earth". (MARY – 26 November 2005).

Mary points out how She was elected to be the stepping stone for the coming of Jesus as Man-God, and how She was also elected to be the one to complete His Works within the souls:

"God would have been able to break the effects of the original sin by Himself, yet He explicitly foresaw that a human soul was to corroborate this victory through Her collaboration in every aspect of the battle. That is why He made Me the Mother of Christ, while preserving My virginity. Thus a Woman would be the direct foundation of the Work of Redemption to be performed by the incarnated Son of God. As the Mistress of all souls I continue to fulfil this role the Most High Himself elected for Me, for all times". (MARY – 13 June 2006)

Souls who choose to ignore Mary’s key role within the framework of God’s Works of Salvation, cut themselves off from God’s Truth and ignore the actual extent of His Decrees, the validity of which is eternal:

"I call upon the souls to open up their hearts to the fullness of Truth, and consequently also to the fullness of Truth about Me, which is now being proclaimed for the first time in history, to an understanding of the indeterminable extent of the original sin and all of its consequences, of the works of destruction wrought by Satan and by his willing following – which not only consists of the fallen angels but also of souls that are still on earth – and of the refusal to acknowledge My true capacity. The Most High now reveals Me in the fullness of My glory and power as the umpteenth act of His boundless Mercy, so that souls might be able to use their free will to make the right choice (...) God is now revealing Me as the Mistress of all souls to complete the Works of Jesus Christ within the souls". (MARY – 21 January 2007)

Thus one of the major points of opposition, one of the major arguments in the hands of those criticizing the position of Mary within God’s Plan of Salvation as the Mistress of all souls, is fully invalidated. For reasons lacking every basis of truth, even among the Christians forces are at work which prove hostile towards Mary. Some souls seem not to be able to deal with the concept of Mary possessing and exercising power. The reproaches they make against the souls who surrender their entire being and their entire life to Mary in total consecration (or, like Mary Herself regularly calls it: in 'slavery' towards Her Love), usually vary from 'fanatic worship' to 'sectarian behaviour', 'heresy' and even 'idolatry'. This attitude is absolutely devoid of any sense and is based on sheer ignorance, sometimes partly on a lack of willingness to face the Truth.

As to ignorance: To remedy this, Mary gives Her teachings (especially the present Manifesto). As to unwillingness: This can only be remedied by purifying one’s own frame of mind towards a total openness to the boons of God’s Love. Mary’s unique position as the One elevated beyond reach is indeed an invaluable Divine gift to mankind. Mary cannot stand in Jesus’ way, nor take His place, nor can any soul justly claim that a daily spiritual experience focusing on a total consecration to Mary as the Mistress of all souls would be an aberration, because God Himself has allowed Mary to unite with Him to the very highest extent possible for a creature. Mary Herself says in this respect:

"In Me the perfect mystical Marriage was entered into between Divinity and a human soul. The Most High bore witness thereto towards the angels, even before I was conceived as a human being. He did this again on the occasion of My Immaculate Conception, at the Incarnation of My Son in My womb, at My Assumption into Heaven – body and soul, at My Coronation as the Queen of Heaven and earth, and He will repeat this once again when He will present Me to the souls as the Woman who has been their Mistress for all times and will remain their Mistress for all eternity. The soul who is willed to partake in Divine Life in the way foreseen by the Most High, must therefore prepare for this union by enabling Me to take her up in Me altogether and, in My turn, to rule and live in her totally. This is My prerogative as the Mistress and Queen, and as God’s Representative, Bearer and Implementer of His power". (MARY – 21 March 2006)

Later Mary would emphatically state:

"At the Incarnation of Jesus in My motherly womb I, who was predestined to become the Tabernacle of God, was truly united with Christ". (MARY – 15 October 2006)

A few days earlier Mary had already stressed Her union with Jesus by saying:

"I have born within Me the Sacrament of Sacraments, and completely merged with It: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Redeemer and Light of the world. Dear souls, look at Me. I have received in My entire being the fullness of Divine Life. I partake in God’s Love, sanctity, power and glory". (MARY – 9 October 2006)

Mary shows Herself as the Tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity, as the Arc in which God lives in His fullness, so that She is totally pervaded by Divinity:

"The Most High has made Me as a Tabernacle for Himself through My Immaculate Conception. He sealed this Tabernacle three times:
  1. The 1st seal was My Divine Motherhood, the unique privilege of total union with Divinity in My motherly womb while preserving My virginity;

  2. The 2nd seal was My capacity as the Co-Redemptrix during the Passion of Christ, during which I, as the only soul, was perfectly and absolutely one with the perfect sacrifice of the Sufferings of the Man-God in His Work of Redemption;

  3. The 3rd seal was My Coronation as the Queen of the whole of creation, and the completion of My being clothed with Divine powers as the Mistress of all souls.

Through these three seals the Most High has enabled the Tabernacle called 'Mary' to share in a unique way in the fullness of Divine Life". (MARY – 1 January 2007)

As a matter of fact Mary Herself explains the deep sense of total consecration to Mary through the following thesis:

"God does not impose anything. The souls merely share in Divine graces to the extent to which they accept and assimilate these of their own free will. Therefore Jesus’ Act of Redemption in His Sufferings and Death on the Cross is not an accomplished event, but merely seed which must ripen in every individual soul to develop into a flower. Whether a soul is truly redeemed, depends on her own contribution. First she must make the free choice to follow Jesus Christ in everything. In order to be truly liberated, sanctified, it is not sufficient to have the war won for her, she must have participated in this war herself in order to defeat the enemy deep within her. For a similar reason a soul cannot call herself consecrated to Mary on account of simply having pronounced a prayer of consecration, even if she repeats this prayer daily. The soul only becomes consecrated to Me as soon as she has freely and deliberately decided to make the journey of her life with Me, to follow and imitate Me in everything and to serve Me in total self-denial". (MARY – 23 January 2007)

The most striking definition Mary gives of Her relationship towards Jesus Christ is probably contained in the following revelation:

"God’s Kingdom on earth can be compared with a tree. I Myself am the soil in which the tree is planted. I am full of all Divine qualities, nutrients and ingredients necessary to enable the tree to take root in Me. The tree itself is Jesus Christ. From the tree blossoms and fruits spring, which could not exist if it were not for the tree. Understand this image correctly: the 'Tree called Jesus' is not nourished from the 'Soil called Mary', but by virtue of a Divine Decree it has chosen to take root in My soil as a token towards the souls: In Me they can find all the nourishment they need to bring the germ of their sanctity (the blossoms and fruits) to maturity, as well as the characteristics and qualities that are able to turn them into images of God. The Tree 'Jesus' grows and blossoms of His own force, because His trunk contains the fullness of Divine Life and thus bears the full germ of fruitfulness. His relationship to My soil is not a relationship of DEPENDENCE, but a relationship of UNITY OF GOAL: the 'Tree Jesus' only blossoms from My soil because He has been willed to unite with Me, because this serves God’s Plan, for the great goal – the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth – must be accomplished in the spotless unity between God and the souls. Now then, I represent the souls towards God, as I represent God towards them. See, I am the Bridge between the Creator and His creation. The Creator has created the soil of My soul, and has soaked this soil so thoroughly in Himself that it was fit to bear the Tree of Divine Life for the nourishment of all souls". (MARY – 26 December 2007)

The crown upon the refutation of all criticism as to the recognition and acknowledgment of Mary as the adequate Implementer of the Works of Christ would certainly be the following revelation:

"There are souls who take offence at your publishing Truths about Me. They try to back up their thesis about these revelations being aberrations by stating that Christianity is a Doctrine in which Jesus Christ ought to be the centre. To those souls I, Mary, say: Never have I, nor has My servant Myriam, the apostle of the Mistress of all souls, claimed that Jesus is not the centre of Christian Doctrine or of God’s Plan of Salvation. Why do these souls judge it to be a sacrilege or an aberration or a heresy when My servant reveals her Mistress to them in all Her greatness and glory? Let these souls reflect upon this:
  1. Through a unique miracle, a unique Mystery, God made Me, Mary, One with the Son of God, who was born of Me in the flesh and thereby enabled Me to share totally and perfectly in Divine Life.

  2. God Himself clothed Me with His power, His Mysteries and an extensive range of His features, except one which makes Him unique for all eternity: the feature that He has no beginning. God is infinite in the most absolute sense of the word. I, on the contrary, was created by Him at a given point of time, and thus do have a beginning. In the effects, in the order of grace, however, I am clothed with the fullness of His power, because He has united Himself perfectly with Me. God possesses omnipotence by nature. I possess it also, in the order of grace, meaning: because omnipotence in effect was granted to Me by God Himself for the purpose of executing My Mission and within the framework of eternal glory. Between God and Me, Mary, there exists a perfect, total mystical marriage.

  3. God has made Me the sovereign Mistress, Administrator and Implementer of His Plan of Salvation for all souls. Jesus Christ is like a sun, I am like the beams of this sun, the effect of His Source of Light. Could one detract from the sun’s glory by praising its beams?

  4. In her work of revealing, My servant acts by order of, and in obedience and submission to, Mary, who was elevated by God to be the Mistress of everything created, the Woman ruling as the Representative of God’s Law, placed at the right hand of Jesus Christ, and seated in His Divine Justice in the hour of judgment". (MARY – 16 July 2006)

The unity between Mary and Jesus Christ in the order of grace can not be denied. This unity has been known for quite a long time, whereas 'the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary' is a well-known concept. The only difference is this, that the concrete effects of this unity reach very much deeper than was suspected so far. This is what makes the Revelations of Mary as the Mistress of all souls the foundation for a considerable widening of the experience of being a Christian. Praise and glory be to God, who in these overwhelming Revelations of Mary as the Mistress of all souls bestows an invaluable gift upon the souls of these times: In the total surrender to Mary as the Mistress of all souls unknown paths towards the accomplishment of redemption and sanctification open up to the souls. In the next section we will explore the content of God’s Plan with and through Mary in the Last Times, in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls.

6. What does Mary’s vocation as the Mistress of all souls consist of?

According to a Divine Law, God 'wants to need' the souls’ voluntary collaboration for the accomplishment of all His Works. Without man’s voluntary collaboration God does not do anything, because every Divine intervention in the course of events as well as in the developments in the world without the voluntary collaboration from human souls would mean that God were imposing His Will upon souls. God gave every soul a free will, and He respects this free will without any restriction. Now then, for the souls to apply their free will in the most fruitful way possible in the accomplishment of God’s Works, after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden it was necessary that man should be taught by God on the matter of Divine Law.

Therefore God, through His prophet and instrument Moses, gave mankind the Ten Commandments. Thereby the Old Covenant between God and the souls was founded. When, after a history of centuries of human sins, the hour had come for the Incarnation of God’s Son Jesus Christ from the immaculately conceived Virgin Mary, Christ announced the fulfilment of the Covenant with the souls. He taught them God’s Truth, and through His own Life and Sufferings set them the example of Redemption through unconditional Love and sacrificed Suffering.

Thus was laid the foundation of the New Covenant, which was sealed by the institution of the Sacraments, the founding of the Church of Christ, the Death on the Cross, the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ, the first Descent of the Holy Spirit, and a second testimony of God’s intention to glorify the human soul in Mary’s Assumption into Heaven, body and soul. Jesus accomplished Redemption. His Death on the Cross, however, is merely the key in the keyhole of heaven’s gate. Each individual soul must turn this key herself in order to open heaven’s gate for herself, yet can only do this effectively in perfect surrender and consecration to Mary, for this is what She says on the subject:

"This is a time of revelations about the scope of My power. This is necessary for the souls to know that I am truly God’s Proxy for the accomplishment of His Plans in these very last times. Through His Coming on earth and all Works He performed while on earth, Jesus inserted the key into the keyhole. It is My Mission to help the souls turn this key and thus to unfold for the souls the panorama of a totally new creation". (MARY – 26 January 2007)

In order to be able to do this in a fruitful way, the soul must know how to live in accordance with God’s Will, God’s Law and God’s Plans. This knowledge was passed on by Jesus, yet the soul is weak, as well as blind to many aspects of the Truth. That is why she is in need of tangible guidance and support in the application of this sacred knowledge in her daily life. To that end Jesus gave Mary to the souls while He was dying on the Cross. As the souls’ Representative and God’s Proxy, Mary possesses an unlimited wisdom, knowledge and power to guide every soul that is full of good intentions to the completion of her redemption and sanctification, and thereby to accomplish God’s Plan for the founding of His Kingdom on earth. This is why, even before Her Conception, Mary was predestined by God to be the Mistress of all souls, and to be revealed in this capacity. The hour for this revelation has now come. Jesus Christ was sent into the world to dismantle the culture of darkness and to replace it by the culture of Light.

Indeed, through its unleashed sinfulness mankind has been drinking the dispositions of God’s counterpart for ages. Jesus announced the coming of God’s Kingdom on earth: the promise of the Kingdom of Light, Peace and Love. We may look at it this way: that Jesus cast the seeds of the culture of Light into the soil from which the souls must draw their spiritual nourishment. From the Cross He referred to Mary as the One who was to gain custody of the souls for the New Covenant to reach the fruitfulness it was predestined to reach. So it is Mary’s mission to guide the souls and to teach them the ways to assimilate and make good use of the seed of Light. In other words: What Jesus started for the benefit of all souls through His Life and His Death on the Cross, Mary is to complete within the individual soul, through the latter’s active cooperation. This is how Mary Herself announces this mission:

"In the order of grace, Mary is the Bearer of glorious features of the Most Holy Trinity: I am the Bridge between God and the souls, the Mistress clothed with the fullness of power, the Love and wisdom of God for the accomplishment of Her ultimate mission: to help complete, in the very last times, redemption and sanctification within souls. To that end the Father prepared Me, the Son cleared the way through His Cross, and the Holy Spirit concluded with Me the absolutely perfect mystical marriage. The Father created the Law, the Son taught it, the Spirit opened up the souls to the understanding of the Law, and Mary, the Mistress of all souls, was elevated by virtue of a Divine Decree to be the Implementer of the Law in the last times". (MARY – 7 August 2007)

Mary’s function within God’s Plan of Salvation can be better understood if we keep in mind the following image: if we regard God’s Works for the benefit of souls as a treasury, Mary as the Mistress of all souls would be the key to this treasury: She is the golden Tool to be used to open up all treasures God has prepared for our souls. This image need not surprise us, if we remember that it is already said of Mary as the Mediatrix of all graces that She distributes the treasures from the treasury of graces among the souls according to the spiritual needs of every soul, in other words: with a view to enabling each soul to accomplish her own specific mission in life. This means that Mary was granted unlimited access to the Divine Treasuries, and that Her entire being and all Her merits act like a key designed to open them.

In the meantime it should be clear that God has raised Mary so far above all things created for one purpose: that She should be able to accomplish the Works of His Son Jesus Christ within the souls (to work on them, shape them and guide them so as to enable them to make the best possible use of these Works within themselves – each soul according to her own abilities, dispositions and mission in life), to work towards this ultimate goal: the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, for that was the purpose of creation before it was contaminated by sin and was thereby conquered by the spirit of darkness. The whole of Divine Works aiming at founding God’s Kingdom within the souls, is referred to as the 'Divine Plan of Salvation'. It comprises the battle waged throughout the ages against the darkness, which 'unlawfully' appropriates souls. It is an unremitting struggle for the redemption and sanctification of souls. It is for a reason that already in the first weeks of Her Revelations as the Mistress of all souls Mary said:

"I am the Implementer of God’s Plan of Salvation. That is why God, more than ever before, now expects the Church militant to recognize and invoke Me as the Mistress of all souls. For Me to be referred to in this capacity, is a humiliation for Satan. A soul’s total submission to Mary makes him mad with sheer powerlessness. Tell the souls that each time they invoke Me with Love and in the deepest veneration as 'powerful Mistress of all souls', I command the devil to prostrate himself at My feet". (MARY – 11 December 2005)

In order to bring God’s Plan of Salvation to completion, it is therefore necessary that the souls should consecrate themselves totally to Mary, so that She may have them at Her full disposal:

"See, I gave birth to Christ for the world. He came into the world. The time has come in which the world is to come to Christ, following Him heart and soul. To this end, I, who was predestined by God to be the Mistress of the Last Times and the Implementer of the last stage of His Plan of Salvation, must now be served to the utmost". (MARY – 26 December 2006)

God does not impose His boons. The souls must make their desire for deliverance from sin and misery known, by surrendering in all their works and trials to Mary, who was predestined by God to precede the souls on the way to God’s Kingdom on earth:

"Through all these Revelations God is speaking the following words to the souls: 'Souls in the Church militant, behold your Mistress, clothed with Our power and wisdom. It is She who is to usher you into Our Kingdom on earth. It is She who will humiliate and paralyze the enemies of Our Kingdom underneath Her feet. Do know Mary in the fullness of Her capacities, and follow Her in the deepest faith and confidence. Live and die for Her, for She is clothed with the Seal of God'." (MARY – 17 February 2007)

We have used the term 'Mary’s Kingdom' before. Mary used this expression as well, in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. This is the real meaning:

"What is Mary’s Kingdom? It is nothing else but God’s Kingdom on earth, yet by the expression 'Mary’s Kingdom' the Most High wants to point the hearts to the fullness of His Truth in these very last times: God’s Kingdom will be founded by Her who has received all power to represent God in His Works in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. The outcome of Her accomplishments will be God’s Kingdom on earth, for that is the completion of God’s Plan, of which one of the main components consists of the completion of the revelation of My greatness as God’s Masterpiece". (MARY – 3 February 2007)

What does Mary’s ultimate vocation consist of? What functions has God called Her to, particularly in these last times? Mary’s vocation has always been the one of the caring Mother, the quiet Refuge who is able to reconcile the souls with God and to draw their hearts nearer to God. However, from the outset God destined Her to yet much deeper things. Now the time has come for the Revelation which will allow Her to step out of the shade and show Her real glory. Mary’s mission as the Mistress of all souls is that of the Implementer of the final phase of God’s Plan of Salvation. To that end She was invested with Divine proxies. Essentially Mary’s vocation for the Last Times can be defined by listing the following four elements: By virtue of Divine Proxy She was predestined to be the Teacher and Guide, the Mistress of Divine Providence, the Reformer and the Leader for all souls.

1) Teacher and Guide. On June 1, 2006, Mary said that the Redemption by Christ must be crowned by the sanctification through the Holy Spirit, and that She Herself is the Guide who is to lead the souls through each of the necessary stages. Through the Revelations Mary gives to the souls in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, She wants to prepare the souls for their full collaboration with the development of the abilities to be sanctified, the Creator has provided each one of them with. Mary’s teachings contain unique Truths, never unveiled before, about Divine Mysteries, Mysteries about the deep nature of the soul, about the unparalleled nature and power of Mary, insights into the deep nature of all virtues and vices, ways to a deeper self-knowledge and to the discovery of the deep nature and the deeper goals of God’s Plan of Salvation and of the strategies deployed by the darkness for the purpose of undermining God’s Plan of Salvation in and between souls. Mary shows souls the way to true happiness, by unveiling numerous misconceptions and aberrations, and through teachings concerning all elements of God’s Truth and the deep meaning of the Doctrine of Christ. As the Mistress of all souls Mary is called to guide the souls to a deep and right understanding of the true Christian experience of the path of life. The following is one of Mary’s elaborations on this subject:

"The Truth is Light. I was sent by God to reveal the Truth in these last times, providing an unparalleled depth and clarity, because the fullness of time to do so has now come. I am God’s Morning Star. The fullness of Truth is in Me. The fullness of Light is in Me. In the order of grace, the fullness of power is in Me. In the order of grace the fullness of wisdom is in Me. Everything has been revealed to Me by God’s Spirit. Creation has not got any secrets for Me. That is why I am sent to the souls as the Dawn breaking the darkness". (MARY – 20 October 2007)

Teachings on the fullness of Truth bring unveiling of all darkness, of all aberration. That is why both following revelations provide a good summary as to what the Mistress of all souls means to the souls in Her capacity as a Teacher and Guide:

"My Son Jesus said He had come to bring the sword. He meant that His Mission, which was to spread true Divine Light over the souls, was going to result in thoroughly waking up the darkness in its many forms. The same may be said about My Mission in the last times, as the Mistress of all souls: I, too, am bringing the sword. My Mission is unleashing an offensive of the Light against the darkness, like the world has not seen one since Jesus. Throughout all writings I sow in your heart, I announce the Science of Divine Life. This Science brings nothing short of a systematic unveiling of all darkness and of all its strategies and pitfalls. The Science of Divine Life aims at waking all souls up:
  • to God’s Laws,
  • to the expectations God harbours for all souls,
  • to the true sense of life,
  • to the unremitting struggle between Light and darkness,
  • to My exceptional role within the framework of this struggle, and
  • to the unknown depths of their own being.

God has put Me in command of the battle of the Light against the darkness. I have to prepare the souls of the Light for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. All this expects the souls to make efforts to transcend themselves. The ultimate sense of each soul’s life on earth is nothing else but this: the offering of her entire being and her entire life for the purpose of establishing God’s Kingdom on earth. The hour has come in which the souls must become aware of the fact a fruitful life is a life of unremitting struggle against all superficiality in the experience of being a Christian. I was sent to guide souls towards the depths of their own being. The true service and the true reverence to God and to Me are the ones rendered by the soul working incessantly on her own in-depth bloom and sanctification. The latter are only possible through a never ending crusade against all vices and against the own weaknesses and susceptibility to temptation. Each soul that contests or does not accept the Mission pursued by the Mistress of all souls, denies the sense and purpose of her own life". (MARY – 11 December 2007)

"Jesus said He was sent into the world to bring the sword, and fire. This is also the Mission of the Mistress of all souls: in this capacity I will unleash a battle between those who abhor the fullness of Truth and those who thirst for the fullness of Truth, the true, pure and unlimited Divine Light. My Revelations given in My capacity as the Mistress of all souls will wake up many serpents and make many wolves rise, for through these Revelations I have begun to systematically dismantle and invalidate all untruths, misguidances, aberrations, misconceptions and illusions which have been sown into the souls by forces of darkness throughout the ages, and which in these days have gained an unparalleled fruitfulness, even in the hearts of innumerable souls that consider themselves to be Christians". (MARY – 6 November 2007)

In order to accomplish the Works of Christ within the souls, the Mistress of all souls has got at Her disposal the full powers bestowed on Her by God, and the authority to teach the souls the fullness of Truth. All darkness and ignorance prevent the souls from becoming bearers of Divine Light. What, then, does the teaching by the Mistress of all souls consist of? Besides in-depth analyses of the most various aspects of spiritual life and the unveiling of countless pseudo truths, misconceptions and aberrations prevailing in the hearts and minds of many Christians, the following golden thread keeps coming back in Mary’s teachings: the necessity of an intense experience/practice (in all aspects of the daily path of life) of the combination of Love, suffering and obedience.

On February 15, 2006, Mary said that "the triangle Love - suffering – obedience lays into the soul a golden key to sanctification". Mary makes it clear that the entire Mystery of Redemption is based on these three elements: Love as the bearer of Divine Life, genuinely accepted and consecrated suffering as payment for redemption and salvation, and obedience/submission as a source of reparation towards Divine Justice and as the only way to create perfect concordance between the soul and God’s Will. Let us consider a few of the most striking words spoken in this respect by the Queen of Heaven:

"Love - Suffering – Obedience/Submission. These are also the three elements by which the vast burden of guilt on the souls’ part must be settled before Divine Justice. Love is the essence of all creation, the strength of God Himself. Suffering is the key to total redemption, like Jesus Himself has come to bring into the world. Obedience and submission are the great counterparts of the original sin. The original sin is the biggest wound ever inflicted upon God’s Heart". (MARY – 12 June 2006)

"The three inner experiences as expressed in the holy triangle I have referred to as the foundation of true holiness: Love – obedience/submission – suffering. Whoever considers this triangle deeply, can begin to understand My perfection and the nature of My soul. The soul that really wants to look like Me, must therefore enable Me to shape her into the state of perfection in these three inner experiences and their mutual relation. Each of them is closely connected with both others:

  1. Love with obedience: the submission can only become perfect to the extent to which the Love for the superior being is complete.

  2. Love with suffering: all crosses must be born with Love, otherwise they are of no use to bring the souls redemption and sanctification.

  3. Suffering with obedience: total acceptance of all decrees of Divine Providence is bound to bring the soul suffering and trials.

A continuous and perfect combination of Love, obedience/submission and acceptance of all sufferings and sorrows, turns the soul into a mirror of God’s Will, and thereby into a perfect instrument of God’s Plan of Salvation. To be a mirror of God’s Will means to be a mirror of His driving force and His Light. That is why the growth towards perfection in the combination of, and interaction between, Love, suffering and obedience essentially determines the soul’s purity. It is the perfection in this combination and interaction that has allowed My immaculate nature to yield the highest possible fruitfulness". (MARY – 28 June 2006)

"The most effective key to open up My power is the one in which the blessed elements Love – suffering – obedience/submission are contained". (MARY – 1 November 2007)

"I proclaim the heavenly triangle Love – Obedience – Suffering, because there is no other way for the souls to accomplish sanctity. Jesus preached nothing other than this". (MARY – 4 June 2007)

Another point clearly brought forward in Mary’s teachings is the fact that God does not destroy things (how could the loving God destroy His own creation, bearer of Divine Love and Divine Life?), yet is constantly trying to change everything which is deviating from His Law. That is why Mary is granted the power to re-create, in order for Her to be able to lead this Work and to change (heal) everything which is unable to reach concordance with the Light.

The Mistress of all souls preaches the utmost and unconditional Love for God, for Mary, for all fellow creatures (man and animal) and for the sacrifice. She strongly emphasizes the value of self-sacrifice, purity of heart, of mind, of mouth and of actions. All Revelations are pervaded with the light of hope, encouragement, comfort and trust in the victory of the Light over the darkness. It is clear that the Mistress of all souls wants to eradicate all doubts, any discouragement, and any inner disposition paralyzing and/or defiling the soul, and that She wants to replace these by hope, courage and faith, which are the roots for a rebirth in the soul. Mary emphasizes how much the soul who grows in Love, faith and hope, will discover the light of joy, the warmth of softness and the strength of enthusiasm and zeal as the first fruits to mature within herself.

The Mistress of all souls repeatedly warns against the many chains of the world: all kinds of attachments, ties, habits, memories and fixed patterns of behaviour and of expectations. In the Revelations it is clear that the main goal the Mistress of all souls sets Herself is the sanctification of all souls. The sanctification is the accomplishment of Christ’s Work of Redemption, of God’s Plan of Salvation. Indeed, sanctity means the perfect fruitfulness of the soul for God’s Plans and Works: everything the holy soul does or says, brings salvation upon all souls and reparation for Divine Justice. Thus on June 3, 2006, Mary revealed:

"I give you My Ten Keys for the development of sanctity within the soul in order to turn her into a source of light for the world. The soul can make use of these Ten Keys by following the guidelines I will give for each of these keys. The incorporation of these guidelines into daily life will lead the soul to perfection and enable her to help change the face of the earth. Reflect on the fact that perseverance in living up to these guidelines opens up to the soul the true Way to Eternal Bliss:
  1. Expiation of all traces of sins of one’s entire life (after a sacramental life confession);

  2. Forgiving and reconciling with all fellow persons who have ever harmed, hurt of grieved the soul;

  3. Detachment from one’s own past;

  4. Detachment from worldly influences, habits, needs, ties with the world, materialism, excessive attention for the physical elements of one’s being and of other creatures, all hedonism;

  5. Acceptance of all crosses and trials;

  6. Fighting against one’s own weaknesses and breaking loose from them;

  7. Fighting against all elements of love of self;

  8. Promoting good things, encouraging one’s fellow person in doing the good things, and trying to maintain a positive attitude towards one’s fellow creature under all circumstances;

  9. Promoting peace of heart in oneself as well as in one’s fellow person;

  10. Promoting unity and peace". (MARY – 3 June 2006)

The above Revelation would later become the subject of a separate text inspired by Mary. In Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls Mary is not only a Teacher and a Guide because of Her teachings in words, if possible She is even more a Teacher and a Guide through the unfathomable influence of the way She is, Her attitudes, Her inner features, the overwhelming example of Her life. She makes this clear in an unparalleled way in Rebirth of Earthly Paradise (not yet translated into English). In the Revelations She Herself says in this respect:

"I can remodel souls into reflections of Myself. So many treasures are hidden in the total following of Me. I long so much to be able to pour My own Heart and mind out into My most fervent servants, so that their hands and their words might continue to perform My actions and to speak My words on earth. May they never forget that true Life only blossoms in the shadow of the Cross and at the feet of Her who was made by God the Mistress of all souls, who has enjoyed the privilege to acquire a most extensive power over the Heart of the Most High". (MARY – 7 January 2006)

Following the example of Mary’s life, first of all means leading a life of serving God’s Plans and Works unconditionally:

"True following of Jesus and Mary is giving one’s full and irrevocable consent: 'I have come to do Your will' or 'May be done unto Me according to Your word'. I can obtain a soul infinite graces to the extent she is indeed willing to follow Me by giving her consent in loving acceptance of all her trials. Only that is total consecration to Me: loving acceptance of all trials, in peace of heart, being well aware of the fact that everything passes. Why worry about the things that pass? Only one thing never passes: eternal life, either in darkness or in the Light of God’s Countenance. The soul herself makes this choice by the way she leads her life on earth". (MARY – 25 March 2007)

Because Mary possesses the absolutely perfect sanctity and is equipped with the perfect knowledge of the way to the Light, there is no better way for every soul to reach her own destination (sanctification) than to allow Mary to guide her in the following of Her who even greatly surpasses the angels in sanctity. This is also Mary’s wish:

"It is My aspiration that all souls be transformed into My own image, in order to grow into the image of God Himself. In proportion as the soul’s content begins to resemble more closely the content of My soul, My actual power over Her grows. Consider that in proportion as My power over a soul can be exercised more concretely, the soul’s real freedom increases: the overwhelming power of My Love breaks her loose from the chains of her attachments to worldly influences. The water of My Love drowns in the soul everything that can not survive in Me: vice, temptation, sin, bad habits harmful to the soul, everything incompatible with true Love. In this water a new Life blossoms: flowers of virtue, trees of Divine vitality. Thus the soul is reshaped into a celestial garden full of Divine Life and oxygen flowing from the Holy Spirit. Wherever true Divine Life prevails, all loneliness dies, for the soul that has drunk true Life and keeps longing for it, is completely filled with Me". (MARY – 2 June 2006)

2) Mistress of Divine Providence. The Mistress of all souls is the great Guidepost God has planted on the path of each life. In the Storm Writings (collection of writings by Myriam van Nazareth, not yet translated into English) Mary once inspired Her Myriam the following definition: Divine Providence is the system controlling the concrete implementation of God’s Plan. Divine Providence determines what happens, at what moment, and by or through whom, not by compulsion but by soft incitements from God in the hearts of people who are in a position to play a certain part within a given situation. Mary has received power over this entire system. She Herself phrases it like this:

"I am the Mistress of Providence. I possess the power to redesign the paths of lives through My power over God’s graces". (MARY – 7 January 2006)

We should look at it this way: God’s Wisdom determines the origin, the direction and the destination of the innumerable inspirations flowing from God’s Heart to the souls. Mary fully partakes in Divine Wisdom, and on the basis of Her role as the Mediatrix of all Graces and of the unlimited power She has been granted as the Mistress of all souls, the application of everything flowing from God is at Her free disposal. Mary makes it clear that in practice, She uses this power chiefly over the souls that have consecrated themselves to Her. Among other things, She says in this respect:

"The souls ought to bear in mind that time belongs to God alone. The souls are merely borrowers of time, it is theirs to use. God organizes the use of time through the effects of His Providence. He has made Me the Mistress of Divine Providence. As soon as a soul is willing to give herself to Me, I rule over the actual use of her time". (MARY – 14 November 2006)

Mary defines Her action as the Mistress of Divine Providence as follows:

"Whenever a soul shares a problem with Me, two developments are possible: Either I Myself obtain for her the actual grace of a total solution, or I set forces in motion which may produce situations that serve as signs to the soul, enabling her to know the time has come to make a certain move. That is how I guide souls towards the solution to their problems". (MARY – 20 July 2007)

Mary’s capacity as the Mistress of Divine Providence is based, among others, on Her mystical unity with the Holy Spirit.

Mary’s great power as the Mistress of Divine Providence consists herein, that She is able to direct the path of life of souls surrendering to Her voluntarily, and to do so to a surprisingly great extent. That is why every soul that truly deeply lives her consecration to Mary, can testify that her life shows extraordinary surprising turns, which may even seem impossible. Mary phrases it beautifully as follows:

"I am the Mistress of Divine Providence. The souls that have given themselves to Me and experience their consecration according to the rules and guidelines I have given them, open up for themselves the treasuries of happiness on earth to the extent they grant Me full dominance over their lives. I set Myself the goal to weave for every soul the robe of life best suiting her vocation and her task in life. I am the Weaver, the soul supplies Me with the wool by consecrating all her actions and omissions, thoughts, feelings, words, wishes and free will, and by a fervent struggle against her own weaknesses, vices and unwholesome habits. It is necessary for Me to weave according to My views, for the soul does not know the pattern of the robe I have destined for her. It is also necessary that the soul should not withhold the tiniest bit of fuzz, for in that case I will not be able to complete My task. In other words: I want to see everything, every detail of the soul’s day-to-day experiences laid down at My feet. Blessed the soul who does no longer look back upon all this after she has made her sacrifice to Me, knowing that the Mistress is working a wonder for her benefit". (MARY – 2 August 2007)

Mary’s role as the Mistress of Divine Providence merely aims at making the best possible use of all aspects of every path of life with a view to accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation. That is why She can say:

"All decrees of Divine Providence can be directed by Me to obtain their full fruitfulness. That is why I can bring human souls together, or lead animals towards human souls, in order for all parties involved to continue their lives together. Because the inner constitutions of all creatures are known to Me, I am able to judge what use creatures may have for one another, all this with a view to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls". (MARY – 11 September 2007)

3) Reformer. The Mistress of all souls received from God the power to 're-create' souls, that is: to change, to heal, to model them, and to work on them so thoroughly that they become optimally fit to be fruitful within God’s Plan of Salvation. Mary’s power to transform is a truly unique gift God has given to no other soul but Mary. Already in the early days of Her Revelations as the Mistress of all souls Mary pointed out this privilege:

"God particularly invested Me with the power of reshaping things: I possess the sovereign power to recreate life, in other words: to change or to heal it. So far it has not been revealed as such to mankind that I, Mary, possess this power and that I have received the eternal right to exercise it in a sovereign way, that is: according to My own will. I enjoy this privilege by virtue of My Immaculate Conception and of My eternal sinlessness". (MARY – 7 December 2005)

A little bit later Mary pointed to unknown effects this power can produce for the benefit of souls who are willing to give themselves totally to Her:

"I have been given power to change everything, to re-create or reshape things. That is why I long so much for everything to be consecrated to Me. Whenever something is laid under My feet, it irrevocably changes. That which is in accordance with God’s Plan, is sanctified under My feet. That which is not in accordance with God’s Plan, is destroyed* under My feet. Thus I have the power to provide new Life, and to restrain that which threatens Life. If the souls should understand the power of consecration to Me, they would lay everything down at My feet, including themselves. Then I would be able to really rule over everything, and My realm would soon expand. The souls would then understand that all misery they experience is the fruit of ignorance, arrogance and pride.(...) Give the souls the opportunity to get acquainted with Mary, and teach them that Mary is their Mistress. Only if they know Me, can they really love Me. The true knowledge about Mary will become a testimony against their pride". (MARY – 5 January 2006)
(* By 'destroy' Mary means 'render ineffective, so that it no longer produces effects in favour of the forces of darkness').

It appears from the words above that Mary possesses the power to guide souls intensively on the way to their ultimate destination: to grow after the image of God, by letting themselves be transformed under Mary’s influence. In the following revelation Mary explains why it was necessary for the accomplishment of Her vocation as the Mistress of all souls that She should possess the power of reshaping things:

"I told you that God has invested Me with the fullness of re-creating power. This does not mean that anything made by God would be in need of being re-created. The power to re-create or reshape is the power to make a created element better suited for the accomplishment of God’s eventual goals for the benefit of the element itself and as a gift of Mercy, not because God would not be able to give His creation a final shape from the start, but because it pleases Him if human souls get a share in moulding the works of His hands. Since I have been elevated by God to be the Queen and Mistress of all things created, God’s Proxy towards the souls, He has invested Me with the fullness of the power to make a personal contribution to anything according to My sovereign will and as it pleases Me, and to do so on behalf of the human souls. You see, the Father sent His Son into the world, and did so by 'planting' Him into My womb as the Man-God in a human germ. He wanted to need a female human to participate in His Work of Redemption. God created the human germ, clothed it with the non-created Divinity of His Son, and brought this merger into contact with the power only the woman possesses: the power to take created Life into herself and let it develop within herself. This is already an effect of the re-creating power. My power, however, was unique: the Woman as the God-chosen necessary Transition between the immaterial Divinity and the Divinity in a human body destined to redeem human souls. (...) The souls do not understand what overwhelming expression of power is contained in this unique privilege. Henceforth My power of re-creation was extended also to the purely immaterial: I have the power to completely transform the dispositions of souls, hearts and minds. God knowingly and intentionally creates with all kinds of weaknesses and imperfections, not because His Works would be imperfect, but for two reasons:
  1. Because of the inevitable effects of the original sin, which immediately clothes the created human soul with influences deviating from perfect sanctity;
  2. With the intention that every soul should, through certain actions, aspirations and works, acquire the merits of gaining the victory over her own specific imperfections, so as to reach sanctity through her own contributions.

My power consists herein, that I, as God’s Representative towards the souls, am able to complete in every soul this transformation from imperfections to sanctity, by mere acts of My will, through all kinds of interventions, influences and works. I am the golden Way to sanctity for every soul. That is what God has predestined Me for: God is the male principle, the creating force. In Me He has brought the female principle to absolute perfection: the re-creating force, the power to complete created Life so that it may accomplish within itself the ultimate goal of all Life, which is sanctification". (MARY – 1 October 2006)

Mary tries to elaborate Her power of re-creation in every soul, in the concrete needs of their lives:

"I have received from God the power of re-creation. God creates souls and provides them with a specific package of features and characteristics. The soul is deemed to use this package to grow towards as high a level of sanctity as possible. Many souls acquiesce in their shortcomings, weaknesses and susceptibility to temptation, saying 'this is what I am like, I cannot help not being any different'. Dear souls, that is why God has given you a Mistress clothed with perfect wisdom, perfect Love and unlimited power. Persevere in your imploring Me, for I can completely change all your shortcomings, weaknesses and seductibilities, on the basis of your own firm will and your unremitting efforts out of sheer Love for God, for Me and for your fellow creatures". (MARY – 2 November 2007)

Jesus, too, mentioned Mary’s power to re-create, when speaking about Her while inciting the souls to strictly follow Mary:

"She wants to transform every soul into nourishment for My Divine Heart. That is the deep essence of the power of re-creation My Mother has been invested with for all eternity". (JESUS – 28 November 2007)

One day Mary referred to the Divine origin of Her power to re-create by speaking the following words:

"The Holy Spirit exercises His power of re-creation in a perfect way through Me. He only does this because I am perfectly One with Him. He consumed with Me the Mystical Marriage, and has shared all His goods and His powers with His Bride. He lives and rules as a Divine Person, and also His Bride lives and rules, as the Mistress or Administrator over all His goods and powers". (MARY – 8 June 2006)

4) Leader. God has bestowed upon Mary a unique and eternal power over the souls for this purpose: that She should be able to exercise the leadership in the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation by arousing within each soul the specific abilities they need for an optimum yield within the framework of God’s Works, and by promoting the development of these abilities. As a Leader Mary sends and guides the inspirations from the Holy Spirit along specific paths into and through the individual soul and between souls. While doing this, She must break through one barrier: the soul’s free will, which often constitutes an obstacle to accept and follow this heavenly guidance. In order to be able to make the leadership assigned to Her for the last stage of God’s Plan of Salvation really fruitful, Mary must be able to lead each soul individually. To do so, She must be able to exercise power over each soul’s behaviour, her thoughts and feelings, the words she speaks, and all of her inner dispositions and frames of mind, habits, memories, wishes etcetera. In order for Mary to be able to exercise this power for the soul’s benefit, the latter must genuinely be willing to accept Her as her Mistress, as the one who leads her under all circumstances.

Mary is the Mistress of every individual soul, but for Her to actually implement this position for the soul’s benefit, the latter must totally accept Her position and act upon it. This is what is really meant by total consecration to Mary. Accepting Mary’s position as a Leader, can only be done by consecrating yourself totally to Her and by applying all Her teachings and instructions in your day-to-day life. That is why Mary wants to teach souls through the writings of Her Myriam, and to pour Herself out, through these writings, into each individual heart, so that Mary’s Heart may, so to speak, beat inside of each soul. Mary leads you from within, as soon as you will let Her. This is an invaluable privilege, a heavenly gift like mankind has seldom got one. The following is one of Mary’s explanations in this respect:

"Because mankind has drifted so far off the course God had foreseen for it, serious efforts are needed to get mankind back on track. I gave you the Eternal Truth for you to announce it through writings. I shall keep expanding this knowledge in you". (MARY – 24 May 2006)

"In all the writings I have sown in your heart I have unveiled God’s Truth, the Law of God’s Kingdom, so many Mysteries which have never been made known to human souls before. These seeds possess a germinating power which is not of this world. That is why the forces of darkness take offence at them". (MARY – 2 August 2007)

"For years I have been making you a witness to great Mysteries. Incessantly I keep pouring heavenly seeds into your heart, and while these are maturing within you, you are led from one ecstasy and delight to another, because the infinity of Divine Truth which is contained in them, is unfolding itself in the garden of your own soul. Yes, I am referring to the writings I bring to maturity in your heart in that I use your heart to give birth to them. Such immeasurable treasures have I poured into you when I called upon you for the first time to sacrifice your life to serve Me. As unknown flowers they sprout, and while you are reading the deep Truths in your own heart, you can see their ingredients multiplying themselves endlessly. The words I give birth to under My signature (while speaking these words Mary shows me in ornamental letters my spiritual name Myriam van Nazareth), will keep unfolding themselves eternally like roses opening themselves up petal after petal: The true depth of their meaning is so unfathomable that it keeps multiplying infinitely, so to speak, just like everything which springs forth from the Source of Divine Life". (MARY – 16 November 2007)

A leader is a person who guides others and shows them the way, who paves the tough ways the latter have to go to reach their destination. As the Leader of the souls this is exactly what Mary is: a Figurehead, a Trailblazer, a Forerunner who has the strength or the ability to be the first one to break through the front line. Consider these words, for they express exactly what God’s Plan of Salvation is: a war against all darkness threatening the souls. Mary, as a Leader, must be able to rule over the soul unconditionally, in order to pilot her through all dangers and to make her useful for the battle of life, a never ending battle. The soul must wage the war herself, of her own free will and with loving dedication (hence also without any protest), but she must do so in total surrender, obedience and subservience to Mary, and while following Her inner dispositions and Her heavenly teachings blindly. In the next section we will look into the things Mary expects from each soul.

7. What does the Mistress of all souls expect of you?

The promise God reveals in and through the Mistress of all souls, is the greatest promise since that of Jesus’ Incarnation. The Bible speaks of the messianic era. This is nothing other than the time in which God’s Plan of Salvation is going to be fully accomplished. The accomplishment of the unique mission of the Mistress of all souls comprises nothing less than the completion (in the individual souls) of the highly laudable Works of Christ. Just like every soul is to bring Christ’s Work of Redemption to maturity within herself by carrying the cross of her life in the same frame of mind as Jesus carried the Cross of our Redemption (Love – perfect acceptance of suffering – obedience and longing for God’s Works to be fulfilled), the soul is to bring Mary’s 'reshaping work' to maturity within herself by opening herself up to the full exercise of Mary’s power in her own life. Two things can be unequivocally concluded from the Revelations:

  • Mary has got the urgent wish that the souls should collaborate actively;

  • She reveals the way in which this should happen. We can distinguish five categories:

1) Total, unconditional and everlasting consecration to Mary

Already in the manifesto entitled Mary’s Temple (by Myriam van Nazareth) the Most Blessed Virgin had clear guidelines collected for souls that surrender to Her totally, with their entire being and their entire life. As Mistress of all souls Mary strongly emphasizes the necessity that souls should opt for a life completely at Her service. Only in the soul that is prepared and willing to belong to Her totally, will Mary be able to achieve the miracles of 'reshaping' that are necessary to become completely useful at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation. The following are a few remarkable statements made by the Mistress of all souls, which refer to one of the essential points of Her vocation and are therefore helpful to make more clear what is expected of souls in order to help accomplish God’s Plan of Salvation in the most effective way possible. I will present these revelations to you without any comment, because the words are in themselves treasures from Heaven and hence say it all. Do consider them very carefully:

"Through the grace of total consecration of human souls to Me, the Most High has created a possibility to help compensate the numbers of the fallen angels". (MARY – 11 January 2006)

"Because consecration is in the first place a matter of total surrender to God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls, the essence of total consecration to Me consists of a comprehensive sacrifice of the soul in all her sufferings and trials to Me as the One who has got the power to sanctify these sufferings and trials and incorporate them into God’s Plan of Salvation, so that they may take their right place within this Plan, in order to be as fruitful as possible". (MARY – Good Friday 2006)

"The deep value of total consecration to Me is still too little known to the souls. A soul’s consecration to Me (...) is a holy bond between the soul and Me. This bond is registered in the Book of Life and remains valid forever. It is unbreachable. If, afterwards, the consecrated soul repudiates it, explicitly denies it, or simply does not live by it, the bond does remain in effect, but the soul concerned is considered to be unfaithful to Me". (MARY – 13 June 2006)

"Total consecration to Me must always be geared to uniting with Me so thoroughly that it seems to the soul as if, except for her Mistress, nothing else existed. All her thoughts, all her feelings, all her wishes, all her actions, everything should be focused on Me. The soul should allow Me to partake in every detail of her life, including the most simple things. Only then can My power truly pervade everything and will I be able to lead the soul towards achieving the true peace of heart. Indeed, the soul can, even while still on earth, get a foretaste of heavenly bliss, for if I get the opportunity to rule totally and sovereignly over her and within her, she is carrying within herself the Queen and Mistress of all things created, the One who, apart from God, is the only source of never ending delight for the angels. Do not forget that I am never in the way of the soul’s daily action, on the contrary, if the soul involves Me in all this, she will find Me in everything, and all actions will become for her fountains of joy, because I will be there, invisibly, but right next to her". (MARY – 18 June 2006)

"Every soul that sacrifices herself to Me in total consecration, surrenders to the Light as a sign against the darkness". (MARY – 19 June 2006)

"The soul that can bring up the love to give herself totally to Me in a total consecration of her entire life and her entire being, and to live this consecration very deeply, will experience that soon she will get into more intense contact with the Source of true Life. In this soul unknown effects and experiences of Love will be awakened, and her life will get a totally new sense and meaning, because she will again be in conformity with God’s Will. The souls must be taken back to the original state of the human soul in a perfect state of grace: the state of the soul prior to the original sin, the state of original sanctity, of being one with God’s Will and thereby perfect in the field of Love, and bearer of true Divine Life. My soul has always shared in this Divine state in the degree of the absolute perfection. I will not rest before I have got the opportunity to shape the souls on earth after My own model". (MARY – 7 July 2006)

"When the soul is created, she is ready to achieve perfection. The influences from the world soon disrupt this situation, and often do so very thoroughly. One could phrase it this way: The soul’s book of life is filled with words which no longer fit in with the Plan God harbours with respect to the soul. By total consecration to Me the soul puts the book of her life into My hands. I start rewriting it by closing the soul’s past away in My Heart, and putting her present and future under My power. If the soul deeply lives her consecration to Me and enables Me to do in her everything I want and the way I want it, in the hour of her death the book of her life will be handed over to God directly from My hands, and God will find out I have rewritten the book according to My understanding: Countless words will have been replaced by others, innumerable writing errors will have been corrected, and everything will be written in My handwriting, witness to the enchanting beauty of My hands. Consider this carefully. Be like a book in My hands. Do not resist if I decide to tear the pages containing your personal plans and wishes out of your book, to rip them up to shreds before your very eyes and to replace them by new pages, bearing the title: 'My Mistress’ wishes'. Let your ultimate goal in life always be this: that your book may be agreeable reading to God when He opens it in the hour of your appearance before Him. Also be aware He will only see My enchanting handwriting on the pages dealing with the points in your life in which you have perfectly and totally obeyed Me, without the slightest resistance and with Love". (MARY – 16 July 2006)

"Deeply lived total consecration to Me means: putting oneself and all and any possible influences from the world and Satan under My power". (MARY – 18 October 2006)

"Total consecration is a life goal and a way of living which are not to be considered and passed over lightly, for it is a bond which is directly linked with the great Covenant God has closed with His people through the redeeming Sufferings of Jesus. Total consecration is a bond through which the soul declares herself willing to be totally, unconditionally and eternally involved in the accomplishment of the New Covenant. The soul that wishes to consecrate herself to Me, should ask herself the three following questions first:

  1. Am I willing to sacrifice my life in every detail to the satisfaction of God’s and Mary’s needs, and thus, in order to truly do so under any circumstances, to lead a life of accepting all crosses and trials, without any protest or resistance?
  2. Am I willing to acknowledge Mary as My absolute Mistress, and to serve Her with all the things I do or refrain from doing, in complete self-sacrifice, complete dedication and blind submission?
  3. Have I got wishes and habits I am not prepared to give up? As long as the answer to this is not an undivided 'no', the soul should pray to Me for the grace of being able to let her life and her vision of life be changed completely by Me, according to My will and for My pleasure and actual needs. As long as she is not able to do this, she can not be consecrated to Me, for the Mistress of all souls can only work with servants who are at My beck and call, any time whatsoever and in any way whatsoever. Life as a soul totally consecrated to Mary can be compared with life like God originally expected human souls to lead it: a life totally geared to the accomplishment of God’s Plans and the completion of His Works. Since the conclusion of the New Covenant this is more than ever a life at the exclusive service of God’s Plan of Salvation for the completion of Redemption in all souls. The soul that is willing and prepared to lay her own wishes and habits underneath My feet will soon experience that she is not losing out on anything, yet on the contrary is harvesting oceans of happiness and joy, and subsequently an eternity of indescribable bliss in Heaven". (MARY – 19 November 2006)

"At a certain point in her spiritual development the soul may wonder: 'What can I give God in return for everything He has given me and continues to give me every day?'. The answer God’s Spirit will give the soul, will be this: 'Accept the Cup of Salvation'. This means the greatest gift a soul can give to God consists herein, that she willingly accepts all provisions of Divine Providence in her life, so all trials, thereby drinking the cup of Redemption of souls together with Christ. How great is the soul in God’s eyes when she does so. What can the soul give Me as the gift of gifts? Just the same: accept everything Divine Providence sends onto her path. I am the Mistress of Divine Providence. I long for one thing only: total, undivided, unconditional consecration and surrender to Me. This is nothing other than accepting the Cup of Salvation. Yes, total consecration and surrender to Me is identical with perfect following of Christ". (MARY – 10 January 2007)

"Dear souls, I have repeatedly taught you that God’s Works towards the soul only yield their effects if, and insofar as, the soul testifies to God of her longing for those effects to be produced. The golden way to do so is the soul’s total consecration of her entire being with all of its inner states and the entire path of her life, to Me. Through her consecration to Me, and her daily experience thereof, the soul surrenders to My guidance, rule and protection, so that the graces from the Sources of God’s Love can flow to the souls in their purest form, in order to truly guide them towards their redemption and sanctification". (MARY – 20 November 2007)

2) Total following of Mary. So far the total following of Mary has not been possible in detail, because very little was known about Her life and deeper states of heart and mind. In Her Revelations as the Mistress of all souls, as well as in the book Rebirth of Earthly Paradise (by Myriam van Nazareth), Mary provides deeper insights into Her most sublime and most pure soul. Total following of Mary is therefore the privilege, but also the duty, of the souls to whom, through the writings by Myriam van Nazareth, this elevated knowledge is granted. Total following of Mary is one of the biggest graces a soul could ever obtain. It has got unimaginable consequences for the soul, because the perfect following of the most holy of all souls ever created brings the soul very close to God indeed. Let us listen to the words from the Guide and Leader given to the souls by God Himself:

"Your heart has drawn Me into itself so eagerly that I have been able to fill you abundantly with Myself. Your veneration towards Me soon reached such heights that you have made yourself so little in My Presence that I have been enabled to take up all room within you. That is the key to the complete following of the Mistress of all souls. I Myself have thrown Myself so intensely into the arms of the Most High that He was able to take up all room within Me. He clothed Me totally with Himself. As the Redeemer He has even become one with My motherly womb. The Woman with whom the Incarnated God has wanted to unite, experienced the fullest influx of His strength and His being into Herself. He clothed Me with His power and with the effects of His greatest Mysteries. He gave Me power over all animate creatures and over all inanimate things. He made Me the Mistress over everything, Queen of Heaven and earth". (MARY – 20 March 2006)

"The soul that surrenders to Me totally in an unconditional and everlasting consecration, partakes in My merits and is sanctified. In My following the soul can partake increasingly in the true Divine Life, to the extent to which she really surrenders to Me. The miracle happens in the soul who really longs for it with all her strength. For this are only needed: the willingness to perfect surrender, the detachment from one’s own wishes and worldly needs, and a sincere childlike love for Me". (MARY – 9 October 2006)

3) Accomplishment of the triangle Love-suffering-obedience. I referred to this before. Jesus and Mary set us the example of perfection in the fields of Love, suffering and obedience. It is clear that the souls can only advance the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth to the extent to which they travel along the path of their life in accordance with the model set by Jesus and Mary: living from and for true Love of God and all fellow creatures (man and animal, like Mary clearly pointed out in a number of revelations during the summer of 2007), genuine acceptance and dedication of all trials and crosses on the path of life, and obedience to all teachings provided by the Gospel and by the Mistress of all souls. This is the great mission set for every soul, in every hour of her daily life, on every inch of the path of her life.

4) Daily invocations and prayers. Ever since the beginning of Her Revelation in this capacity the Mistress of all souls made known many invocations that are carriers of a special strength. Some of these were highlighted by Her because they are closely related to the accomplishment of Her vocation (being the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation within the souls). First of all Mary made clear what tremendous power is contained in the title 'Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls':

"Tell the souls that, whenever they invoke Me with Love and the deepest veneration as 'powerful Mistress of all souls', I command the devil to prostrate himself at My feet". (MARY – 11 December 2005)

The first invocation Mary gave to the souls in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, ran as follows: "Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, I trust in You".

Mary assured this invocation works like a key to Her Heart, and is able to obtain the souls many graces.

The greatest promise the Mistress of all souls ever linked with an invocation, is the one pertaining to the words: "Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, obtain for us total forgiveness, purification and rebirth".

Mary expounds as follows:

"I want to reveal that each soul who takes the vow to give Me the following invocation 33 times daily for the rest of her life, with Love and due attention:


will in an extraordinary way open up Divine Mercy for herself and her family. Through this invocation I will save souls for Eternal Bliss. I emphatically ensure the souls that, by using this invocation, they will be able to purify themselves from all traces of sin, mistakes, shortcomings, negligence, memories which make them ill, and forms of vice from all of their past and so forth till the hour of their death, and that they will thus be able to experience a rebirth of Me. By repeating the invocation 33 times daily, the soul allows herself to be actively, consciously and willingly incorporated into the accomplishment of Redemption within her.

The fruit of this lifelong daily practice is an extraordinary outpouring of Divine Mercy in the shape of an all-embracing forgiveness. The three additional conditions are:

  1. that the soul should in a loving way regularly use the holy Sacraments;
  2. that she should consecrate herself totally to Me and that she should really live accordingly;
  3. that she should persevere in her efforts to practise all virtues.

Each effort made by the soul to overcome her weaknesses will be so totally and absolutely completed by the invocation that she can thereby obtain the full acquittal from all her debts. Do understand this correctly: Through this invocation I will save souls for eternal bliss". (MARY – 28 February 2007)

Later Mary explained what is to be understood by 'obtain us':

"This daily exercise of prayer should be offered to Me by the soul on her own behalf and on behalf of her family. The graces which can be obtained through it are also effective beyond the boundaries of death". (MARY – 14 June 2007)

Mary also calls upon the souls to all join their forces in daily prayer for the advancement of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth:

"I request My servants to join Me in setting out the garden which will expand to become the centre of God’s Kingdom on earth. I request them to do so by planting three rose bulbs in the soil of their own souls, in the form of three Hail Marys to advance the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. After each Hail Mary they will say:

May God’s Kingdom now be established on earth

(MARY – 20 April 2007)

On the same day the Mistress of all souls reminded the souls to build a chain of Light, as She had already announced earlier:

"The true Church of Christ is the chain of Light I want to forge between all hearts mutually and between each individual heart and Myself. This chain, the true Church, constitutes the foundation of the temple of God’s Kingdom on earth. The cement between the bricks of the souls that are to build this foundation, is the virtue of solidarity. This virtue was very much alive within the young Church throughout the first decades after Jesus’ Ascension. Through all kinds of changes in the mentality of souls a great deal of this was lost. It is My Mission to restore this foundation to life by the Light and the power of God Himself". (MARY – 20 April 2007)

The souls were invited to build a 'chain of Light' for the first time in the Manifesto entitled Mary’s Temple, in January 2006. The appeal on that occasion ran as follows:

"It is of the utmost importance that all souls consecrated to Mary should join hands and build a chain of Light through their fervent prayers, sacrifices and dedicated trials and burdens, in order to restrain evil".

Later, in Her Revelations as the Mistress of all souls, Mary would systematically encourage souls to build the chain of Light, like in these words:

"I call upon the souls to stop criticizing the Church and the ministers of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, and to jointly build a chain of Light to strengthen and encourage each other to pray and make sacrifices for the reconstruction of the only true Church of Christ, the only Custodian of God’s Truth, and for the return of the Sacrifice of Holy Mass to the basic rules My Son has left". (MARY – 9 August 2007)

In the same revelation it also says:

"I call upon you all to build a chain of Light by the way you are, by showing your surroundings that the Light of true Christianity has not gone out altogether and that God is more closely present and more active than ever in the souls who really long to share in His legacy". (MARY – 9 August 2007)

Both following revelations reveal the ultimate purpose of the chain of Light:

"The true messianic era is that of the purified souls, who jointly develop such a powerful chain of Light and of holy cravings that God begins to pour out His Spirit over the souls in a regular snowball effect, like waves of sanctifying graces which will roll over the souls and will make the Light on earth shine ever more brightly, until Jesus and I Myself rule totally in a number of souls that is sufficiently great for God’s Kingdom on earth to be really proclaimed". (MARY – 19 August 2007)

"I long for a chain of Light and fire, Truth and warmth. True solidarity among the souls living according to My guidance will make it possible for the links of this chain to lock together. I Myself will send the fire into the chain: the fire of true Divine Love. All untruth, aberrations and concealed negative feelings will be crushed underneath My feet, until nothing is left in these souls but the hot glow of genuine, unconditional Love". (MARY – 1 December 2007)

The Mistress of all souls testifies to the ultimate purpose of Her vocation through the invitation that souls might repeat the invocation "Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, I deliver all darkness to Your power". She says on this score:

"The words 'I deliver all darkness to Your power' act like a key to the door to the endless treasuries of My power. All darkness is subjected to My power, yet to produce its full effect, My power must be unlocked, it must be awakened". (MARY– 1 November 2007)

Later Mary added the following explanation:

"Make use of My power continuously. It is spread over you like a blanket of Heavenly strength and Heavenly Light which is able to protect you against everything that is not compatible with God’s Plans and Works. Make use frequently of the invocation I have given you:

Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls,
I deliver all darkness to Your power.

This invocation awakens My terrifying power over the darkness like an explosion of Light in a dark night. It makes God’s strength come tangibly alive on the journey through each life which is shrouded in darkness and misery". (MARY – 16 November 2007)

In yet a later revelation Mary points to a direct link between this invocation and the struggle for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth:

"This invocation contains the essence of the vocation of every soul in these Last Times, which is making contributions to the reconquest of the territory of God’s Kingdom that is occupied by the darkness, and the transfer of this territory to My power, since God has entrusted Me with the command in the battle against the darkness". (MARY – 21 December 2007)

Mary wants to guide the souls towards as close a unity and as close a collaboration with Her as possible during their lives. She aims at achieving this, among others, through the invocations that bear the power to support the souls in their total consecration to Her:

"The power of consecration of everything to Me can never be overestimated. Therefore I request the souls to speak to Me the following words with every trial, with every cross, with every pain or disability, and in every sorrow: 'Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, I suffer this for You'.;The souls that actually do this, will learn to experience My Presence in their lives". (MARY – 1 June 2006)

5) Daily battle for the Light and against the darkness. As the Mistress of all souls Mary calls upon the souls to remain alert against anything that constitutes a menace to the salvation of the soul, both within themselves and in their fellow man. The battle against the darkness begins with a battle against the enemy within you. This thesis already constituted the foundation of the book entitled Crusade to the soul (by Myriam van Nazareth). In Her Revelations Mary makes it clear that this daily battle should be waged on the basis of a strong foundation of solidarity among Christians. She repeatedly calls upon the souls for them to enable the rebirth of the inner dispositions of the first Christians during the stage immediately subsequent to Jesus’ Ascension: a mentality of strong solidarity and charity, under which each soul was prepared to go through fire and water for any other soul – and for the young Church as a whole. Moreover Mary makes it clear to the souls that the strong solidarity should even extend to the point where human souls fight this battle along with the angels and with the souls in purgatory, so that the Church as a whole (Church militant, triumphant and suffering) would, under the leadership of the Queen of Heaven and earth, combat all darkness and reconquer God’s Kingdom from the forces that have unlawfully usurped it (each force of darkness, temptation and sin). On this subject Mary says, among other things:

"If God should Himself defeat the darkness without any contribution from man, the victory of the Light would be an imposed victory, a victory and liberation the souls have not asked for of their own free will. That is why the Most High wants to fight this battle against the darkness with full collaboration from the souls, yes, He wants to defeat the darkness through the souls themselves. He has made Me the Example and the Figurehead. In Me the original sin was defeated. In Me every and any venial sin is defeated. Through Me God brought the Light into the world. Through Me Satan will be defeated permanently". (MARY – 13 June 2006)

"The inhabitants of Heaven are constantly connecting to the Church militant, the souls living on earth. A large part of their petitions brought before Me is focused on imploring Me to obtain for mankind graces of perseverance, so that the human souls, too, should not give up the fight for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. God’s Plan of Salvation aims at human souls acquiring eternal bliss. Nevertheless the human souls concern themselves less with it than the angels and saints in Heaven". (MARY – 1 June 2006)

"I repeat that the hour has come in which angels and human souls will jointly and under My rule settle the final battle against the tyranny of the diabolical legions". (MARY – 22 December 2006)

The daily battle for the Light and against the darkness is exactly the true essence of a life in and with Mary and at the service of the Works She accomplishes by virtue of Divine proxy. Life in the strict following of the Mistress of all souls is a life inspired by the same incentive as the one motivating Mary Herself in Her endeavour to bring God’s Plan of Salvation to its completion. Do never forget that – according to the Law of Divine Justice – She is only able (i.e. is only allowed) to crown this mission if She harvests the voluntary contribution of human souls to achieve this. This contribution must be one of total self-sacrifice at the service of God’s major desire: the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. Therefore, by way of conclusion to the present point, consider the following words:

"Holy Saturday is also the day on which the baptismal vows are renewed. Through these vows the soul renounces all works of evil. This is exactly the basis for all consecration to Me: Whoever opts for a life at My service, renounces the works of My opponent, Satan. A soul who is consecrated to Me yet fails to adequately live by this consecration, lives too superficially and will soon get stuck in all kinds of vice". (MARY – Good Friday 2006)

The Mistress of all souls likes to use images referring to nature. The accomplishment of Her great mission in a soul can be compared with the bloom of the eternal spring in which all 'seeds' (= the vital force) in the souls sprout from Mary’s soil. Consider the following image, in which spring can be considered to represent the victory of the Light over the darkness in nature:

"What makes true spring? What awakens new life in the soil created by God? The sun called 'Jesus' and the warm breeze of the Holy Spirit call to life that which is endowed by the Eternal Father with the ability to live. In proportion as the seed of the soul nourishes itself more from the soil of My soul, it unfolds into a flower spreading ever sweeter fragrances, pervaded by My holiness. The true spring of God’s Kingdom on earth will come when under the sun of Christ and the warm breeze of the Holy Spirit the fragrances from My truly faithful servants will spread all over the vast fields of the hearts. Blessed are the souls that understand this image the way it is intended in all its depth". (MARY – 2 September 2007)

8. Final consideration: The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth

"On the basis of My vocation in these very last times the hour has now come in which God wants the souls to get to know their Mistress, Her capacities, Her abilities and Her power. Therefore, go and announce the coming of the Kingdom of Mary, which will be the crowning, the full accomplishment, of God’s Kingdom on earth". (MARY – 29 March 2007)

Since the original sin God’s creation has been shrouded in darkness. Each sin, each vice, makes this darkness thicker and more oppressive. Each act of sincere Love and virtue decreases its weight. Worldly darkness has gained such all-embracing control of the souls, and suffocates them to such an extent, that no soul possesses the strength to let the pure Light shine in her life all by herself. God has shown us the Way to the Truth and Divine Life: JESUS CHRIST. By virtue of a Divine Decree, in these Last Times His Works are completed , i.e. their effect is opened up, within the individual souls by MARY, the Mother of Christ. Through Mary the Light (Christ) came to the souls, through Mary the souls must now go to the Light, so that we may come full circle (by the way: the circle is the symbol of Divine infinity and perfection). Mary is the Morning Sun rising above the realm of the darkness, in order to keep forcing the latter back until the Morning Sun (Mary) merges into the Midday Sun (Jesus Christ) at the height of victory. This is how Mary expresses the fact a unity as well as a constant interaction simultaneously exist between Jesus Christ and Herself:

"He who wants to praise the summer’s day, starts by also praising its dawn. Likewise the soul that wishes to see the Midday Sun Jesus Christ shine in her life, will welcome with delight the Dawn called Mary". (MARY – 7 January 2008)

By these words Mary clearly refers to the title of the present Manifesto, in which the Mistress of all souls is presented the way God has predestined Her to be: as the Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Jesus Christ is the Light. In pursuance of the Divine Decree for these Last Times, the Mistress of all souls now comes to prepare the souls to assimilate the Light, by transforming them internally (through Her reshaping power which heals, transforms and brings into new blossom) and revealing them the deeper aspects of God’s Truth (the Science of Divine Life), so that, through a better assimilation of the Light, the souls:

  • may be able to recognize their own darkness;

  • may be able to recognize the pitfalls and strategies of the darkness;

  • may be able to let Divine Life come to bloom within them.

By fulfilling this mission the Mistress of all souls aims at enabling the souls to bloom in the fullness of the abilities and capacities God has provided them with. The consequence of this bloom is the accomplishment of redemption and sanctification, and the systematic crumbling of the power of all darkness in the world (this darkness being the source of all misery). Through all this the Mistress of all souls aims at the effective establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, which is tantamount to the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls. In that hour the great goal of God Himself will be realized: that His Kingdom will come and His Will is done on earth as it is in Heaven, because Heaven and earth will then together constitute God’s Kingdom, the Kingdom of Light, Love and Peace in reaction to the darkness, hate, indifference and discord which have ruled this world for so many centuries. In that hour the impact of the darkness will be broken under the foot of the Woman who was predestined to crush the serpent’s head.

No human soul is able to do this: it can only happen through the power of God. God Himself can only say Mary will crush the serpent’s head if He has clothed Her with Divine Power. We can therefore safely say that, in this promise, God has confirmed the vocation of the Mistress of all souls. It is expected of the human souls that they should prepare this event during and by the struggle they experience on the path through their own lives. Those who are waiting inactively for the darkness to be humiliated under the power of Mary’s foot, will not partake in this victory.

"Invaluable is the grace associated with a conscious and intentional participation in the final and biggest battle for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation: the battle between the Woman and the serpent, in which the Woman’s dominance will be sealed and proclaimed in the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth and in the rule of the Mistress of all souls over all souls". (MARY – 28 April 2006)

The golden way for the souls to have these major miracles wrought within themselves, is the one of the total, unconditional and everlasting consecration to Mary as the Mistress of all souls.

"As the Mistress of all souls I reveal to you knowledge and Truths which have never been revealed on this scale and in this depth before. I do this because God’s hour to do this has now come. Never before has such light been shed and revealed on the nature and the elements of My power over all souls – angels, human souls and demons. The hour of My great and ultimate glorification is drawing near, the hour in which all souls will see Mary’s true nature". (MARY – 11 September 2006)

The message brought by the Mistress of all souls to mankind, is a message of unparalleled hope: the final victory of the Light over the darkness is very near, and each soul can contribute to the advancement of this victory forward, by strictly obeying Mary’s instructions, which teach the soul:

  • to complete her own redemption and sanctification, under Mary’s guidance;

  • to be taken up into Divine Life by following this path, and

  • to help establish God’s Kingdom in herself, and – through a self-sacrificing charity and solidarity among the Christians – to help establish God’s Kingdom throughout the world.

As the Mistress of all souls Mary is the fully accomplished human soul: perfectly holy, and Bearer of Divine Life in its fullness, thus a perfect image of God. Consider that God has wanted to accomplish His Plan of Salvation in collaboration with the human souls. The great necessary intermediate step was the Incarnation of God’s Son Jesus Christ to open up the gate to Redemption in His capacity as the Man-God. The final act is now imminent, in Mary as the Mistress of all souls, by nature a created human soul. In Her, God now wants to set the ultimate Example: the victory of God’s Plan over the darkness, under the leadership and guidance of a soul that is clothed with the fullness of the Light... The ultimate humiliation of Satan. Blessed are those who take the Mistress into their house, for they will experience God’s Kingdom within themselves.

"The Mistress of all souls has got the power to establish Eternal Spring in the souls. She is the Bearer of the Light of Christ, of the warmth of true Divine Love, and of the seeds of the wide variety of many-coloured flowers of virtue. The soul that surrenders to Me completely, receives within herself true Divine Life. To the extent of her surrender, her trust, her faith, her submission and her willingness to bear her cross in genuine acceptance, I will rule in this soul. The nourishment she will receive from My hands will be the juice of Divine Love. The fire of My Love will consume in the soul everything which belongs to the world. All ill weeds and all chaff will be scorched in her heart, and at My feet she will find true peace, the true happiness of the children of God". (MARY – 20 April 2006)

The children of God are those who love the Truth – the Truth in all its aspects, including those God has chosen not to reveal any sooner than in our days. The Mistress of all souls is the absolute Crown on God’s creation. Therefore, both in Her words and in the nature and the essence of Her being She perfectly bears witness to the fullness of Divine Truth, and out of Love for Her Creator She has allowed Herself to be made one with His Will to pour the Truth into ALL souls.

"Mary, the powerful Mistress of all souls, is the first and the greatest Legacy of the Light of Christ, and She will shine brightly as the Dawn in the most magnificent colours the souls have ever seen. They will see that this Dawn bears within Itself the power and the capacities of the Midday Sun. Thus also they who are unable to stand the full Light of the Midday Sun will become witnesses of God’s power and glory, in a Light which will prepare the eyes of their souls for the fullness of Truth" (MARY – 23 April 2006)


(I am completely Yours, Mary, Mistress of all souls)

For the Mistress of all souls – Her Myriam – January 2008

"Herewith I also reveal to you that it is My wish that
August 22,
the day on which
My Crowing as the Queen of Heaven and earth is commemorated,
should also become
the feast of Mary as the Mistress of all souls"
(MARY – 26 July 2006)

"Countless are those who seemingly idolize My name, yet are not prepared to live by My instructions. In Me they are looking for the One who will relieve their burden, yet they abhor the thought that, in reality, I am their Mistress. Thus it was decreed by the Most High, yet their view of reality is not in accordance with God’s Law. Rare are the souls that accept this reality. Blessed are they, for even during their lives on earth they perceive a reality which every soul will have to acknowledge as from the hour in which judgment is passed over her life". (MARY – 14 August 2006)
In the summer of 2021 the Heavenly Mistress ordained the release of a book to which She gave the title The Gate of God’s Kingdom. This book contains an extraordinary line of arguments She had been inspiring for years, through which She demonstrated the celestial source of all texts She circulates through Her Maria Domina Animarum Work as well as the urgent necessity of total consecration to Her in the present Last Times. In more than one respect the book can be regarded as an extension to The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth. Studying the book referred to is highly recommended. You can find it here.