Teaching by the Mistress of all souls
about the judgment passed by God and life beyond it

Myriam van Nazareth

In late September 2019 the Mistress of all souls spoke the following words, which by Her order were inserted into the present teaching as an introduction:

"Before the throne of the Divine Judge many tears are shed.

Among the souls who have practiced true Love to the greatest possible extent many tears of profound delight are shed on account of the experience of the unimaginable Love enwrapping them straight from God’s Heart. Their tears mark the beginning of the everlasting delight proceeding from God’s Presence, which they are going to perceive unrestrainedly henceforth, an experience of happiness and bliss which infinitely exceeds all worldly joys.

Among the souls who have not or but rarely practiced true Love many tears flow on account of the tearing pains they experience when seeing, and sully becoming aware of, the full Truth about the Sorrows they have inflicted upon God and their fellow creatures during their lives. Their tears mark the beginning of tremendous torments of remorse which will be either temporary or everlasting.

The unimaginable depth of the experiences bestowed upon a soul in the hour when judgment is passed on her life before the Countenance of her Maker, her God, proceeds from a double source: Firstly the fact in that hour she gets to see the full Truth about the way God Himself, in His absolutely perfect vision and understanding has been seeing and experiencing the soul’s every moment as of her birth until her death, her fruitfulness – or lack of it – for the accomplishment of His Works and Plans, and secondly the fact that in that hour, the soul sees and feels all of this without the slightest restraint, as she then no longer sees and feels through human eyes and through a human heart but through the eyes and Heart of God Himself".

(The Holy Virgin Mary, to whom we owe a gratitude beyond words for the revelations She so graciously bestowed upon the souls on facts concerning topics which hitherto were largely veiled in such great mystery, as these revelations provide the opportunity as well as the motivation to much better and much more intentionally prepare for the moment of your final transition and the state of life beyond it. This state must be prepared during the years, days and hours when you are still experiencing physical life. The verdict is irreversible as soon as God in His infallible Wisdom calls out your name for the great encounter before His throne).


1. On the 'value' of life
2. The judgment passed on one’s earthly life
3. Purgatory
4. Heaven
5. Hell
6. Final consideration – raising the souls’ awareness

1. On the 'value' of life

The Mistress of all souls already taught on any number of occasions that the human soul is on earth for one single purpose only: to lead a life at the service of God’s Works and thus as a tool through which God wants to accomplish His Works. God’s Works and Plans are achievements of Love intended to restore the face creation possessed prior to the moment in which the first human souls committed the original sin and thereby the first violation against the Law of true Love, thus violating the perfect sanctity of creation. As a consequence of this violation the perfect balance within creation was disrupted for the first time. Creation the way it was when it came out of God’s hands was perfectly holy because it was organized in perfect accordance with God’s Law of true Love. The original sin, the first sin of disobedience towards a Divine commandment, brought the first effects of darkness upon creation. The very essence of every human soul’s mission in life lies in her being invited to lead a life at the service of restoring this disrupted balance. This can be achieved only through a consistent and impeccable practice of true Love, i.e. of a Love that completely denies the soul’s own personal interests and is geared totally to the greatest possible accomplishment of all fellow creatures’ well-being and to the greatest possible satisfaction of God’s expectations, which serve but one goal: the resurrection of His Kingdom on earth.

Basically every human life is an event consisting of uninterrupted sequences of elements and through which, in a manner of speaking, a positive and a negative account keep running simultaneously: Man does, thinks, says, feels, wants or aspires things which influence the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans in a positive way, and he does, thinks, says, feels, wants or aspires things which influence the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans in a negative way. He also omits to do some things he actually ought to be doing. Thus every human life shows an ongoing balance sheet of good and evil, or of good and bad. Man can do evil but can, when doing it, also be influenced by people he looks up to for some reason or another. Society as a whole, too, can be morally responsible: Society, both in the large and in a more local sense – i.e. differing from one place to another – is marked by a general atmosphere and general dispositions regarding all and any possible situations, events, patterns of behaviour etcetera. All of this sends man into certain directions and contributes to shaping his personality and the dispositions of his spiritual life.

Then in comes man’s own decision, the use of his own free will: Man sees, hears and learns all kinds of things, but how will he be dealing with these? Does he commit sins because he sees others displaying them as 'customary behaviour', or does he do so because he himself regards this behaviour as right or proper? Moreover God considers the degree to which a soul has or has not learned what God desires, and the degree to which he or she is able to feel Love and is ready and willing to make Love part of his or her own being.

Every human soul is created with her own free will, which is inviolable. This means that God will not interfere in the way a human soul uses her free will: She must be able to decide perfectly freely how she is going to deal with every detail crossing her path through life. God provided it this way because He wants to be able to judge the soul according to the extent to which she shows a spontaneous willingness to live in perfect harmony with His Law of true Love. On account of the voluntary violation of Divine Law Eternal Bliss in Heaven as provided by God when He created the first human souls to be enjoyed by all souls, was suspended: Henceforth the human soul was no longer to have access to Heaven.

This was the logical result of the fact the state of being in Heaven is a state characterized by an absolutely perfect Love. The first human souls lost this perfection as of the moment when they committed the original sin. That is why God designed His Mystery of Redemption, which provided for His Son Jesus Christ to come into the world as the Man-God, so as to sustain absolutely perfect sufferings in a physical body, sufferings which would outweigh the effects of the original sin (the fact Heaven had become inaccessible to the human souls). God’s condition for a soul to get to reap the fruits of the Mystery of Redemption was this, that the soul was to live a life in the best possible following of Christ, i.e.: practicing true Love in her entire behaviour and in all her inner dispositions, and lovingly accepting all trials of life, while actively desiring them to become useful as raw material for the preparation of graces in the struggle against the effects wrought in all creation by the darkness.

Eternal Bliss in Heaven is a state which the soul having completed her life on earth will be able to enter into only as soon as she has in any possible respect achieved a disposition which is in perfect harmony with the Law of true Love. The Mistress of all souls once said Eternal Bliss in Heaven can be compared to a fire of absolutely perfect and ardent Love, and that the human soul is not able to stand this fire as long as she herself has not become a fire of ardent Love. The soul can get the fire of ardent Love burning inside herself as soon as she has cleansed herself of all and any traces of darkness – from all and any worldly influences on her dispositions – and focuses her entire inner life spontaneously, unconditionally, uninterruptedly and in perfect self-denial on the Heart of God, with genuine determination and filled with the all-pervasive desire to serve God and His Works and Plans, including the desire to render unconditional service to all fellow creatures, which, as a matter of fact, are also works of construction made by God. This means that the soul should totally and unconditionally detach from all selfishness, from any inclination to self-centeredness, from any inclination to focus on her own interests.

This disposition is what is referred to as 'sanctity'. Sanctity is the disposition of the soul who, through all her behaviour and all her inner dispositions, is able to help generate salvation for all creation. This means that the soul in the state of sanctity meets God’s expectations towards her in all and any respects, so much so that she is making the contribution God expects her to make towards the accomplishment of His Plan of Salvation for the benefit of creation, and is thereby truly accomplishing her mission in life, that for which she has received her life from God. This is what the soul is doing by using her talents, gift and abilities in such a way that they are engaged entirely for the purpose of promoting the flow of true Love through creation as well as by dealing with her weaknesses in such a way that they, too, are put to use for her personal perfection in the practice of true Love.

God allows weaknesses in the soul in order that the latter might use them as constant sources of motivation towards perfecting her inner dispositions in the image of Her Creator and of the Christ, through a process which is referred to as 'growth of the soul'. The growth of the soul is a process through which the soul continuously replaces inner darkness by Light by making efforts to spontaneously, unconditionally and incessantly bring each and every detail of her life, of her behaviour and of her inner dispositions into perfect harmony with God’s Law of true Love. Therefore the soul’s growth is essentially the process of her sanctification.

In proportion as the soul manages to complete her growth, her process of sanctification, she gets closer to the dispositions of God’s Heart, inasmuch as this is at all possible for the created soul. God does not judge the soul by visible results but by her sincere will and dedication to practice His Law of true Love as perfectly as possible in every detail of her life and to spontaneously, voluntarily and whole-heartedly practice this Law in all her inner dispositions. The soul’s sanctity is therefore not a state of being which can be judged by human eyes, but a state only God is able to judge by all He can see and feel in the soul’s heart of hearts, because there, in the hidden spheres of the soul’s life, is determined to what extent the soul is or is not going to voluntarily meet the requirements of God’s Law of true Love.

God does not judge the 'value' of a soul within the framework of His Plan of Salvation according to the results this soul would appear to be gaining with her fellow persons, as such results are greatly dependent on the extent to which these fellow persons are receptive to good things, as well as on the extent to which these fellow persons themselves are willing to do, think and feel what is right. Therefore God judges the value and spiritual fruitfulness of a soul by her own dedication and efforts to practice and spread Love, and even if a soul does not seem to succeed in making her Love fruitful in her fellow people God will think highly of her in the way of contributions to His Plan of Salvation if He finds in her a great, genuine, sincere and self-denying Love. Similarly God will not condemn a soul any more or less for her heavy sins in proportion to the number of other souls in whom He may find similar or equally heavy sins: Each sin is judged strictly individually, and the judgment will not be any less severe if her sins have been committed by yet millions of other souls than if she were the only one in the whole world to ever have sinned so gravely. God does not compare souls among each other, He considers and judges them individually, as if each one of them were all alone in the world. So to God it does not matter if a soul spreads more Light or more darkness when compared to millions of other souls, He simply sees the value mark each individual soul would deserve to get.

To express it simply: If God judges a hundred souls, the highest possible mark is 100 and the lowest is 0, and each one of these souls has been spreading such amounts of darkness that the 'best one' among them would not even get a better mark than 10 out of 100, God will not regard this 'best one of them all' as holy on account of the mere fact she appears to be 'the best' of them all: To Him this 'best one' of them has also seriously failed her mission in life at the service of God’s Works. This is why the Mistress of all souls emphasizes the necessity that every human soul should live her earthly life strictly focused on the extent to which she herself is individually practicing and spreading true Love and is therefore doing God’s Works or not, and that she should not fall for the temptation of comparing herself to any fellow person: Firstly not one single human soul is able to judge and fathom herself entirely the way God can and does, secondly not one single human soul knows the depths of her fellow persons’ spiritual life, and thirdly in the hour when judgment is passed on her earthly life every soul stands strictly individually before God, and her sins, faults and shortcomings are in no way justified by the fact there are yet other souls, as numerous as they might ever be, who have committed the very same, or very similar, or equallly serious sins, faults and shortcomings.

2. The judgment passed on one’s earthly life

The requirements of God’s Plan of Salvation at any specific point of time, as well as various factors hidden in God’s Wisdom, determine the moment when God, the Lord of all life, will allow a human soul’s earthly life to end. God initiates a human being’s natural death by gradually detaching the currents of life from the physical body, so that the former contract into the soul. As soon as these currents of life fall below a certain threshold the body loses its vital strength and dying sets in. Immediately after this process has finished the soul is brought before the throne of God, where, as it were, in a mere flash the film of her life on earth is shown to her and the soul is granted the grace of seeing all details, even the seemingly most futile ones, of her entire life through the eyes of God. This means the soul gets to see, hear and understand every single action, word, thought, feeling and desire of her past life in the light of God’s Truth.

Of every single one of her thoughts, feelings and desires harboured at any given point of her past life she gets to see the positive or negative value in the eyes of God, and she gets to see all of this in a mere flash. Thus within a few moments the soul gets to see for herself the value, the significance, her life on earth has really had. This means she gets to learn in all details what she has meant for God (for the accomplishment of His Works) while she was on earth, in what ways, how often, by what, to what extent etcetera she has offended or hurt God, has given Him joy, has been a source of delight to Him, has promoted His Plans and Works or, inversely, has counteracted them.

All of this, often many millions of elements making a human life, are displayed before the soul in an infallible way, completely and perfectly, in mere moments. In the meantime God teaches the soul the entire Law of His Justice and the fullness of Truth to the extent this knowledge is necessary for a complete and flawless judgment on her past life. As during those mere moments the soul has gotten to see herself through the eyes of God she then knows exactly what shape she is in, spiritually speaking. The Most Holy Virgin Mary may cover certain flaws with Her infinite Love and use Her power of intercession inasmuch as the Law of Divine Justice justifies Her doing so. This means, for instance: Mary is not able to relieve a soul of the punishment the latter deserves on account of a murder she once committed yet never confessed if this soul fails to show remorse.

If, however, in the moments during which Divine judgment is passed on her life, the soul prostrates herself at Mary’s feet and implores Her intercession in a disposition of genuine repentance (i.e. of repentance which is not based on the mere hope of being acquitted of debts, but on the genuine awareness of the fact she has harmed God and His Works), Mary may be able to obtain for this soul a remission of (part of) her punishment. This is owing to the fact this soul has both shown remorse and has proven willing to debase herself before Mary, who in that hour also represents the perfect Love of God Himself and is an embodiment of perfect docility towards Divine Law (as She has never ever committed even the smallest of sins and is therefore the only perfectly holy soul ever to have lived in the entire history of God’s creation). The Mistress of all souls showed me this in visions, it is an extraordinarily impressive picture to see, which testifies to Her unimaginable power.

Basically the soul judges herself: She knows perfectly what state she is in, and she accepts that which is coming to her. Three destinations are possible. Two of them are final (Heaven and hell), one (purgatory) is not: Purgatory always ends with the soul entering Paradise.

Further elements of knowledge regarding the events occurring in the hour when a soul’s past life is judged were taught by the Queen of Heaven in the teaching entitled The longing of Eternal Love.

The assessment of every detail of a human being’s life is measured by that which the specific detail has yielded within the framework of God’s Works. To what extent has any action, word, thought, feeling, desire or aspiration promoted or, inversely, hampered the soul’s development? Life as a whole thus presents itself to the soul in the form of, so to speak, an overall figure. However, this does not tell the whole story yet: God would not be God if judgment were merely a matter of calculation. A multitude of supplementary factors influences the final overall evaluation of the past life even in that hour, among other things:

  • Mary’s intercession;
  • any prayers, sacrifices and Holy Masses that have been offered whole-heartedly and duly ardently in favour of this soul;
  • the total, profoundly practiced consecration of this soul’s relatives to Mary;
  • the extent to which the soul appearing before the throne of the Divine Judge gives evidence of a genuine remorse;
  • the depth of this soul’s faith in God’s Love and in His Works;
  • the extent to which this soul actually longs for God’s Presence;
  • the extent to which this soul is whole-heartedly ready and willing to forgive fellow creatures that in some way or another have caused her harm or pain or of whom she believes they have caused her harm or pain (a soul who dies in a disposition of vengefulness or of lack of forgiveness cannot be forgiven by God herself).

Even after the overall evaluation of the past life has been linked up with the aforementioned additional factors the soul is yet given a free choice to opt either in favour of God or against God. One day the Mistress of all souls informed me that there are souls who, although strictly speaking they should be damned according to Divine Law, were nevertheless saved from hell through an extraordinarily powerful intercession on Mary’s part and nonetheless did not opt in favour of God. These souls literally damn themselves. God always respects a soul’s free will. He does not even impose salvation for all eternity. If, however, on the basis of all aforementioned factors it is not possible for a soul to ever achieve perfect Love this soul can in no way be saved.

On August 17, 2007 the Queen of Heaven also pointed out in this respect:

"Even if a soul appears for the judgment on her past life in an irreparable state of disgrace she is not punished by God but is automatically referred to eternal darkness by virtue of the effects of the eternal Law. Even in that hour Divine Mercy grants her the opportunity to opt in favour of Love. In the true sense of the word God does not punish any soul. It is the soul who is able to damn herself. The same goes for serious disruptions in nature: They are not punishments by God, but logical effects of sin. It is man who is destroying himself by giving in to the inspirations from the darkness. Man need not fear God, only himself".

On November 17, 2018 the Mistress of all souls gave Myriam a special private revelation in which She underlined the personal dedication of each individual soul as the determining factor for her eternal destination:

"Let Me set something straight regarding the expression souls sometimes use by saying: 'I do not want to go to hell'.

This expression only makes sense in one single respect, viz. if the one who uses it sincerely means to say 'I do not want to live in such a way that, by virtue of the Law of Divine Justice, I would be condemning myself'. However, with this expression the hearts are always conveying to Me the message saying: 'I do not want God to send me to hell'.

This is totally absurd. God does not send one single soul to hell. The soul is always condemning herself, by designing her behaviour and the dispositions of her heart in such a way that God’s Law of Justice automatically turns itself against her. The Law of Justice intends to maintain the balance within creation and to restore it whenever necessary. Any violation of true Love automatically activates the Law of Justice. God Himself does not take any decisions in this respect, His infallible Law produces its effects by itself, for the protection of all creation against the effects of each and every injection of darkness by violations against the Law of true Love.

Whether a soul will be going to hell or not is only this soul’s own responsibility. Only the soul herself is able to either produce this effect or prevent it. She can only prevent it by radically, impeccably and unconditionally practicing the Law of true, self-denying Love in all and any details of her behaviour, her words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations. The soul’s dispositions of heart towards God, towards all fellow creatures and towards every event and situation of life is the only factor which determines whether the soul is condemning herself or not. The expression 'I do not want to go to hell', without radically practicing true Love, is as pointless as driving into an abyss at high speed while yelling 'I do not want to go down and smash against the rocks', without ever harbouring even the slightest intention to press the brake.

Similarly the expression 'I want to go to Heaven' is often used with the wrong disposition of the heart.

This expression only makes sense if the one who uses it in all sincerity means to say 'I want to live in such a way that the balance of my life on earth is in perfect harmony with the Law of true Love and I will in every possible respect have made a positive difference for God’s Plan of Salvation, for God’s Works and for the well-being of all fellow creatures I have found on my path through life'.

However, in some souls the expression 'I want to go to Heaven' actually conveys the conviction God should take them up into Heaven without their giving it a moment’s thought that the eternal destination of a soul is only determined by this soul’s commitment and dedication to practice the Divine Law of true Love spontaneously, persistently and unconditionally in all details of her life and in all dispositions of her heart, including her most hidden and secret inner dispositions.

The expression 'I want to go to Heaven' is therefore only meaningful inasmuch as the soul practices God’s Law of true Love by her own spontaneous and genuinely motivated commitment. This expression is totally pointless if the soul using it is actually referring to her expectation of God taking her up into Heaven some day".

As early as in a Revelation on September 20, 2009, the Queen of Heaven pointed to the active practice of Love as being the key to Eternal Life in Heaven:

"Blessed is the soul of whom God, in the hour in which judgment is passed on her life, can establish that she has used her life on earth to enrich the lives of fellow people and animals with her Love. Blessed the soul to whom He will say: 'Many lives of human souls and animals have been better off for having had you on their paths through life'. Blessed are those who have sown Love and willing sacrifices, for they shall harvest Heavenly gardens and the sweet fruits of eternal Bliss".

Eternal Life, eternal Bliss, is not something obvious. Not only has it got to be 'earned', on top of this the soul must 'be able to stand it'. I will elaborate on this a bit further down.

A soul is not lost before the hour in which judgment is passed on her life. Until that hour the soul gets a chance to opt in favour of the Light every single moment. Therefore we must never forget that many of our prayers, consecrated trials and sacrifices produce their greatest effect in the hour in which judgment is passed on the soul for whose benefit we offer them (sometimes many years earlier).

We must be perfectly aware of the fact the soul is not on earth for the purpose of earthly life as such, but for Eternal Life. This allows us to better understand one should not too easily believe that prayers and sacrifices are offered in vain. What eventually matters to God is that 'somewhere along the line during her preparation for Eternal Life', i.e. at some point between her physical birth and the judgment to be passed on her life on earth after physical death, the soul gets to understand true Light and the truth about her mistakes and then actually begins to whole-heartedly act accordingly.

The extent to which the soul is productive within God’s Plans and Works will greatly influence her degree of inner Peace. The soul can constantly feel dissatisfied and restless on account of her conscience, this great mechanism controlling the soul’s spiritual processes and her state of development within God’s Plan of Salvation, unremittingly sending signals to the effect of "you’re in need of a change of course, for this is not the way if you are to reach your destination". The soul not always 'hears' these signals in plain words, they usually come to her in secret code. To the extent the soul orients her life towards God she will be able to decode this code faster. In most souls, however, these secret signals start a mechanism which we know as 'inner restlessness'. This is basically not about God torturing the soul, it is a self-protective mechanism, a gift 'from Above'. Conscience is probably God’s greatest gift to every human soul, for it contains the signpost to the gate of Eternal Salvation. In a way it contains God’s Code of Law, as well as a compass of which the needle invariably points to God’s Heart owing to the immense power of attraction exercised by God’s Love, which we could compare to a giant magnet.

As mentioned before the soul, after having completed her life on earth, actually judges herself. In that hour the Divine Judge has granted her the ability to see her past life in every single detail exactly the way God has been seeing it all along. This enables the soul to see for herself what merits she has been earning and what deviations from the Law of true Love she is harbouring in that very hour. She can see the balance sheet of her past life with, in a manner of speaking, the mark her life has earned in God’s eyes. One might consider this balance sheet to be the infallible outcome of a Divine mathematical programme which is applied to the soul’s entire behaviour in all of its details and all of the soul’s inner dispositions, according to this behaviour’s and these dispositions’ positive or negative value, respectively, in view of God’s Plan of Salvation. Thus, in a manner of speaking, the soul is shown a mark between 0 and 100, e.g. 87.12 if on average she has led a very fruitful life spiritually, or 15.10 if she has predominantly been leaning towards dark dispositions and dark elements of behaviour, etcetera. Very bad marks may make it impossible for the soul to make up for them in purgatory. In that case there is no option for the soul but to lose Eternal Life. I will elaborate on this a bit later.

Very high marks may sometimes make it possible for the soul to be admitted into Heaven right away, because in such a case Divine Mercy may bridge the gap between the soul’s score on the one hand and absolute perfection (mark = 100) on the other hand, without God’s Plan of Salvation and the equilibrium within creation being disrupted.

If a soul sees a mark of which, owing to the in-depth vision God has just granted her of her past life, she understands it is situated in the 'twilight zone' (in other words: that the soul is carrying too many traces of darkness within herself to make it justifiable for Divine Mercy to fully bridge the gap) she knows there is no way she can be admitted into Heaven before she will have been through a thorough and often long lasting purification in purgatory, where she will have to make up for her shortcomings in the way of practicing Love by the torments of pure Love and the associated perfect remorse.

A soul’s eternal destination is in no way determined only by something which, in the eyes of man, would appear to be a cold mathematical calculation; Divine Mercy and the intercession by the Queen of Heaven play a great part as well. We should never forget, however, that the mark denoting the value of a soul’s past life is determined eventually by the degree and the purity of the Love the soul has practiced through her entire behaviour, all her thoughts, feelings and aspirations in every single moment and in all and any situations of her life and in all an any reactions to the events and situations of her life and to all of her fellow creatures.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance that the soul should stay focused on practicing true Love every moment of her life, including in her deepest inner dispositions. A continuous negative attitude towards her own life and towards her fellow creatures covers all that living inside the soul and all that emanates from her in darkness. Even if the soul in this disposition should not commit any concrete crimes, the balance of her life would nevertheless be negative, because her heart is actually enveloped in darkness and is therefore not fit as a channel for a smooth flow of God’s Love towards her fellow creatures. It is important that every soul should be aware of this, for the darkness blinds countless souls to such an extent as to prevent them from ever seeing this truth. The fact a human being has never visibly committed a murder or has never visibly harmed any fellow creature does not necessarily make her life fruitful or holy in the eyes of God: The soul can bring lots of darkness down on creation from a heart that secretly harbours very impure feelings, thus making herself a possible source of harm and devastation nobody need ever actually see.

As early as June 29, 2007, the Mistress said to Myriam in a Revelation:

"Keep in mind that Love is the essence of Divine Life and that also the Divine trace God provides every creature with is nothing but a fruit from this Love. This is why the soul, in the hour when judgment is passed on her life, regards each and every transgression she has ever committed against any fellow creature, whether human or animal, as a transgression against God Himself. In the hour of her judgment every sin, every repeatedly committed vice, every omission, every impurity in her actions, words, thoughts, feelings and desires are experienced by the soul as a pain due to the fact she then sees them the way they really are: as injuries inflicted upon God’s Heart. Every sin is the fruit of a lack of Love, sometimes long lasting, sometimes for the time of a brief temptation.

Everything which, in the course of a human life, deviates from God’s Law, which is first and foremost the Law of Love, is in the hour of her judgment regarded by the soul against the background of the fullness of God’s Truth, which is infused into the soul right before she is granted to see the film of her entire past life on earth.

Because of this she sees her past life within one second exactly the way God Himself has seen and experienced it, with all of His joys, sorrows and disappointments on their account based on the extent to which the judged life was, or was not, in accordance with God’s perfect Law and with His Plan of Salvation for all souls. I remind you of the Gospel in which Jesus says that everything one has or has not done for the least of one’s fellow persons one has actually done, or not, for Him. I also remind you of the words by which He points out He will judge a person by the fact the latter has, or has not given Him food, drink, clothing, has or has not visited Him, etcetera. In the hour when judgment is passed on a soul’s life all these words are fulfilled.

In that hour the soul sees every detail of her past life in such a way that in the film of her life she does not see the fellow person or the animal she has interacted with but the trace of God which was present in these creatures: a soul if the fellow creature as a human being, a vital principle if the fellow creature was an animal, all of this composed of Divine Love, Wisdom and intelligence and used as a tool of Divine Providence for the purpose of perfecting the soul.

Thus the soul does see the effects all her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and omissions have produced either for the benefit or to the detriment of God’s Plans and Works, God’s property in the fellow creature, and the equilibrium of creation as a whole.

Owing to the fact the soul now gets to see and feel everything the way God has seen and felt it, armed with the knowledge of the full Truth about all elements of the Plan of Salvation and the connection between human actions, God’s Plan of Salvation and the balance or disruption within creation, the soul then acquires a knowledge and understanding of her own deepest dispositions and she is enabled to make her own accurate, truthful and unprejudiced judgment about the value her past life has had for God’s Works and Plans. This judgment is in perfect accordance with the judgment of God Himself. Thus the soul is actually judging or condemning herself and knows perfectly whether she is worthy of getting access to Paradise or will rather need a period of purification in purgatory or even deserve eternal damnation.

Thus the soul perfectly understands this judgment is in perfect accordance with the perfectly just Decrees of Divine Law. This does not mean the sentence of eternal damnation would not be devastating. When on the basis of this consideration the soul understands she is not ready to enter God’s Paradise immediately she accepts this in pain yet understanding she would suffer tremendous pains if she were to be granted access to Heaven in a state of unfinished purification. The awareness of her being imperfect in Love would scorch her. Hence she would not partake in the effects of Eternal Bliss. Yet other factors have a part in the outcome of the judgment passed on a human soul’s life. I intend to teach the souls about those later".

On April 24, 2018, the Mistress of all souls gave to Myriam the following most significant Revelation about the judgment passed on a human soul’s life:

"In the hour when judgment is passed on a human soul’s past life the latter is confronted with the truth that absolutely nothing, not one single detail, ever escapes God.

You could compare God to an infallible X-ray machine that looks straight through everything and is able to take extremely detailed and sharp images.

I told you earlier that in the center of each and every living being’s soul or vital principle (the latter if the living being is an animal) God has deposited a 'logbook', in which even the tiniest details are irrevocably recorded – and in the context of the present words we will refer to the human soul:

  • every event in the person’s life as of the moment of birth until the moment of physical death;
  • every action ever committed as well as every omission, every failure to act, combined with the exact feelings, thoughts and desires which were alive within the person’s heart at the moment when every single action was committed;
  • every spoken word combined with the feelings, thoughts and desires which were harboured in the very moment the word was spoken;
  • every thought, every feeling, every desire, every inner disposition in every single moment of life, as of the person’s birth until physical death. All of this includes everything which goes on in the secret spheres within the soul every single moment of every day and night, even if no concrete thoughts, words or actions are active, in other words even in those moments man sometimes refers to as 'idle moments'.

In the hour of judgment God reads all of this infallibly, irrevocably and in every single detail from the logbook of the soul He is judging.

One day the Mistress of all souls, while referring to this 'logbook', revealed a most remarkable element within the framework of God’s omniscience: She pointed out nothing escapes God as a Judge, and corroborated this thesis by showing that even every animal returns into God’s Heart after its physical death and that the dead animal’s vital principle is to God like an open book: In a manner of speaking this vital principle contains the film of the animal’s past life. Everything the animal has been through, every single one of its experiences and feelings in relation to human beings with whom it has been in contact, even if but for a mere second, and everything it has 'read' from the thoughts and feelings of human beings, all of this lies stored inside the animal’s vital principle. For instance, if an animal was abused or ill treated by a human, the abuse or maltreatment is stored ('printed') in its vital principle along with the source through which it has suffered this treatment. This way an animal that has suffered maltreatment, has been cursed or has met its death in any way whatsoever through any human being at a moment or in any way not intended or decreed by God, is a silent witness of everything it has been through as well as of the name(s) of the culprit(s). This information is entered by God into the concerned human soul’s (souls’) book(s) of life, and the latter will be confronted with it in the hour of judgment on their lives to the extent they have failed to confess their sin remorsefully and to make amends through practicing impeccable Love.

Through the aforementioned Revelation the Queen of Heaven explicitly pointed to the fact also the way in which a human soul interacts with animals plays a part in the judgment as to the degree to which this soul has or has not practiced true Love, and that also any failure to practice Love towards animals is regarded by God as an explicit transgression against His Plan of Life for all creation. This way a dead animal is a silent witness about all the good things, all the Love it has received from human souls, as well as about the names of his benefactors.

In the hour when judgment is passed on a soul’s life God reads with an absolutely perfect accuracy each and every inner disposition living within the soul at the moment when her life on earth is ending.

Every act, omission, negligence, word, thought, feeling, desire, aspiration and inner disposition of every single moment of a soul’s entire life bears a certain mark, a certain value so to speak, according to the usefulness or the harm, respectively, all of this brings to God’s Plans and Works, to creation as a whole and to the lives of all fellow creatures as a whole, to the lives and the inner bloom of the individual fellow creatures which were directly involved with every action, feeling, thought, etcetera, and according to the extent to which all of this enables, or fails to enable, God’s Laws to produce their effects in the fellow creatures concerned and in creation as a whole, and to produce these effects in an impeccable way and in accordance with His intentions.

Also the inner dispositions living inside a soul at the moment of her transition from physical life into the hour of her judgment before God are bearers of a certain mark, a certain value, for they, too, show God exactly what level of spiritual development the soul is at and to what extent she has maintained and developed her ability and her free will to strictly abide by His Laws and to contribute to the accomplishment of His Works and Plans.

At the moment of her transition from physical life the whole of this information is contained in the 'logbook' of the soul’s life and of her inner dispositions. God reads and analyzes all of this infallibly and up to the minutest detail in a split second, and bases his judgment on this infallible analysis combined with the justified influences from the Love and the intercession by the Queen of all creatures and with any other influences which may enable His Mercy to add important nuances to His judgment to the advantage of the soul who is being judged.

This does in no way mean that a judgment God renders on the basis of the Laws of His Justice could even in the slightest be faulty or wrong or unjustified; it simply means His Love is so perfect that He has provided for factors which may even moderate an in itself infallible judgment to the benefit of the soul He is judging. These factors are the mechanisms He has invested with the ability to bring His Mercy into force. The most powerful of these factors are:

  1. My intercession, which should be regarded as the power of My absolutely perfect Love which, within the limits put into place by the Laws of Divine Justice, can cancel out certain elements of darkness. These limits are determined first and foremost by the dispositions God can find within the soul at the moment when she appears before the throne from which He is about to pronounce judgment on her life, particularly by the extent to which this soul’s free will is intentionally and actively geared to being one with His Will;
  2. the degree of genuine remorse God can find within the soul;
  3. the extent to which the soul has made up for any of her violations of the Law of true Love through her behaviour, her thoughts, feelings and desires concerning God’s Plans and Works and all her fellow creatures, particularly concerning any creatures she may have harmed or may have wanted to harm through any of her actions, omissions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires or any inner disposition whatsoever.

God pursues but one purpose: that the balance within His creation may be maintained. In order to achieve this any trace of darkness must be outweighed in one way or another. This must be done first and foremost by the guilty soul herself, through purposeful actions, thoughts and feelings of sincere, self denying Love for God, His Works, all fellow creatures and creation as a whole. The factors that are able to activate His Mercy are also effects of compensatory true Love. Only the interventions of true Love are able to help pay off debts which have not been cancelled out by the compensatory effects of Divine Justice. This is why in the hour of each judgment rendered on some soul’s life the Law of Divine Justice will invariably be activated and why Divine Mercy will produce its complementary effects to the extent to which, due to the gravity of the debt of the soul under judgment, Divine Justice can or cannot allow this".

A soul who keeps holding on to dark dispositions under the delusion that in the hour when judgment is passed on her life she will get to choose to enter Heaven is reasoning on the basis of a serious deception inspired to her by Satan, who aims at blinding her in order that she might keep serving his plans. Be aware of the fact this deception is based on a disposition of selfishness: The soul keeps harming God’s Plans and Works as well as her fellow creatures while going on the assumption she will nevertheless be able to preserve her free ticket to Eternal Bliss. We should be very well aware of the fact a soul who keeps holding on to her own behaviour and her own dispositions for the entire duration of her life in spite of knowing she is causing harm to her fellow creatures and to God Himself will, when her life is judged, not be able to produce any arguments which might be able to obtain her the gift of Eternal Bliss. She has been putting off doing what is right for the entire duration of her life. Neither Divine Mercy nor the power of Mary’s intercession will be able to make up for this, for if this were the case God would be handing His own creation over to the whims of the darkness, which would mean that not God but Satan would be almighty. A soul who keeps putting off doing what is right is judged by God as a soul who does not love God, nor His Works nor her fellow creatures, but who on the contrary, is calculating: Ultimately she is not working towards the accomplishment of God’s Works but is merely living for her own sake.

All of this makes it quite clear to what extent of blindness a soul falls prey if she fails to start practicing true Love uncompromisingly in her entire behaviour and in all her inner dispositions. In this respect the Mistress of all souls said in a private revelation:

"Souls, do wake up and notice the smoke screens that are being put up all around you, the chains you are being shackled in, and who is doing all of this to you: It is the one who knows what price you are one day going to pay for this delusion, this conceitedness. Eternal slavery towards the darkness is a cross which cannot be compared to any cross you could ever be allowed to carry while living on earth".

In the following sections we will briefly look into the revelations the Queen of Heaven has granted with reference to the states of being the soul can experience after God has, on the basis of His Law of Divine Justice, pronounced His judgment as to her life which has just ended.

3. Purgatory

As long as the soul is still harbouring a bit of Love which can be cleansed and through which the soul can still be brought to sanctification (even if this may often be possible only after a prolonged period of purification), she will still have an opportunity of working up to her perfection in purgatory. If, however, all Love inside the soul appears to be dead and no sparkle for God is left burning, Divine Life within this soul is extinguished. Such a soul cannot be saved, as her lack of Love cuts her loose from God altogether. Thus it becomes clear how it is that a soul in hell is lost forever. This soul has sidelined herself as far as Redemption is concerned. As long as the soul has not completely killed the germ of her sanctification by allowing an excess of darkness to enter her actions, thoughts, feelings, aspirations and all of her inner dispositions, in short by completely blocking the flow of Love God is trying to lead through creation also by her and/or by defiling this flow through the dark dispositions of her heart she will yet be able to purify her inner dispositions and the effects of her sins, faults and shortcomings in the state of being we refer to as purgatory.

Purgatory is a state of being the soul, after her life on earth has ended, is in by virtue of the judgment rendered by God concerning her life immediately after her last moment in a physical body on earth – taking into account the factors mentioned before. The soul is to go through this state of being if she appears to have failed to practice true Love to the degree necessary to promote her own sanctification and to help accomplish God’s Plan of Salvation and to apply true Love to the same degree in all aspects of her life and to spread it all around themselves.

We should not look at the past life as a whole (was this a 'good person' or not?), but in all single aspects of life. A human life consists of millions of situations (many of them lasting only for mere seconds, e.g. a brief thought or feeling that suddenly pops up). Every single one of these situations and the associated elements of the soul’s conduct and reactions is judged by God. As far as the elements of conduct are concerned we should be aware of the fact a number of them are indeed obvious (you can see what someone does, or hear what he says), but a great many of them remain hidden inside (every thought, feeling, every secret aspiration: all of this is seen by God alone – because of His all-encompassing awareness of every single thing that is going on inside every single one of His creatures – and all of them are taken into account for the judgment God renders on the soul’s past life).

Therefore a soul may appear to have led a virtuous life when considered in general and may have made fair progress in practicing true unselfish Love, and may yet be under the obligation to make amends before Divine Justice on account of a great number of moments in which she has fallen short of Love in actions, words, thoughts, feelings and aspirations, if this soul has not sufficiently made up for this through acts of charity, prayer, Confession, remorse, expiation, mortifications, whole-heartedly consecrated sacrifices, etcetera. There is no way any human being could ever render an accurate judgment on all these details, only God knows them all and knows the exact positive or negative value of every single detail of a human being’s life for His Plan of Salvation.

In purgatory the soul is cleansed in a threefold inner 'fire': the fire of her remorse, the fire of her Love, and the fire of her desire. As after her death the soul has been allowed to behold and experience the fullness of Divine Truth in the hour of her judgment she now knows true, perfectly pure Love (i.e. Love which is not affected by the effects of human weaknesses), and she is consumed by the sorrows over the missteps and mistakes of her past life. She understands now how much pain she has caused God and Mary and regrets this with an intensity which is at least a hundred times greater than remorse is on earth. This is due to the fact that perception from her heart is now no longer clouded or veiled by worldly influences.

So when God ends the life of a soul on earth the life this soul has lived, as well as the disposition she was in at the moment of her transition, are judged by Him. Basically this judgment boils down to the fact that God measures the extent of Love He can find in this soul and which the latter has practiced in all sincerity and in a disposition of self-denial (i.e. exempt of any self-interest) towards all her fellow creatures (human and animal alike, even the natural environment), and has done so on the basis of a genuine urge to serve the Works of God. This extent of Love is the factor which determines where the soul will be going to for eternity. Many souls will have to go through a certain time of cleansing (= purification). This period of purification is referred to as 'the soul’s stay in purgatory'. The 'fire' in which purification is done can be pictured as a threefold fire:

  • a fire of Love
  • a fire of remorse
  • a fire of desire

1. A fire of Love:
The soul’s true Life consists of Love. Love is the actual force which makes a human soul live. It is the soul’s fuel. Without Love the soul is like a car without fuel: Nothing moves, the car will not get going. If in the course of her life a soul fails to give sufficient Love (in her actions, words, even in thoughts and feelings concerning her fellow creatures) God will find in her a 'lack of vital strength'. The soul must possess a certain extent of Love and vital strength in order to be able to enter Eternal Paradise. This is owing to the fact the soul in whom too little pure Love is active would not at all be able to stand life in Heaven, because under such circumstances she would not be able to 'absorb' the fullness of the powerful immaculate Love emanating from God, from Mary and from the fully purified inhabitants of Heaven. The contrast with her own 'impurity' is then too big, and the flows of the purest Love would have upon her the effect as if she were set on fire, not a fire which enables her to partake in the delights of Eternal Bliss but a fire which would actually 'burn' her. Therefore it should be considered a sort of 'protective measure' from Divine Providence that a soul who, for reasons of lack of Love, is relatively 'impure', should first and foremost need a purification in the purgatory of true Love before being able to enter Heaven.

2. A fire of remorse:
In the hour of death the soul appears before God for the purpose of being judged by Him. The Queen of Heaven also attends the event. Here God displays a tremendous act of mercy. In a flash He shows the soul every detail of her past life the way He has seen and experienced these details. Thereby the soul gets the opportunity to see herself the way she has really been, what missteps, sins, omissions and vices she has committed while on earth and why God has regarded them as such. This means: The soul gets an unparalleled lesson in understanding God’s Laws. Thus she gets to know the fullness of God’s Truth on the things concerning her, and on the basis of this new knowledge she perfectly understands the state she is truly in, and what lies ahead of her.

If the soul has to go through the process of purification in purgatory she experiences the entire process against the background of the 'film' she has seen of her own life and of the sufferings she may have caused God through her missteps, sins, omissions and vices. As the whole time she is perfectly aware of exactly what kind of suffering God has been through on her account and as in God’s and Mary’s Presence the soul has been privileged to experience the overwhelming Heavenly Love, she is now feeling pain over her imperfection. This pain is what we refer to as 'remorse'.

Remorse is the disposition in which the soul is burning with the awareness of one or more elements in which she has not lived up to her vocation of spontaneously and voluntarily spreading pure Love, because this awareness reminds her of the fact she has failed to give to God and to certain fellow creatures the Love that was due to the latter according to God’s Law, that she has put Love to shame in God and certain fellow creatures, or that she has caused harm to fellow creatures and/or to any of God’s Plans and Works and has thereby drifted off from Eternal Love.

The soul feels remorse over everything by which she has caused God sorrow because it was all a matter of being lacking in Love and she has now understood it is Love that turns the soul into a reflection of God. In purgatory this remorse burns inside the soul like a purifying fire. We can picture the fire of remorse as a fire which consumes the soul on account of her becoming deeply aware of the extent to which she has failed to fulfil her role as a tool for the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans.

The Mistress of all souls points to the fact the pain of remorse experienced by a soul in purgatory is so indescribable that no soul on earth could possibly imagine its intensity. This is because in the hour when judgment was passed on her life the soul in purgatory has received a Divine grace enabling her to perceive every single occasion of her life on which she has in any way whatsoever deviated from a perfect practice of Divine law (first and foremost the Law of self-denying Love) the absolutely perfect way God sees everything. Therefore she experiences every shortcoming a very great deal more intensely than the soul on earth usually does. This does mean that the soul on earth tends to underestimate the true extent and significance of her behaviour and her dispositions. Blessed is the soul who, as soon as she has received the grace of this knowledge, keeps taking it into account every second of her life from that moment onward. This can motivate the soul to become much more aware of her behaviour and her dispositions and to begin to realise what pain she causes God by every violation of His Law.

3. A fire of desire:
Because after her life on earth the soul knows exactly what true celestial Love feels like and she is also aware of the fact that, as soon as she will be sufficiently purified to imbibe the fulness of this true celestial Love (as she will then have come a fair bit closer to God) she will be allowed to enter Heaven, she keeps longing incessantly for the everlasting proximity of God and Mary. In a manner of speaking this fire consumes the soul, because the permanent memory of God’s and Mary’s true, immaculate and delightful Love she has been enabled to experience in the hour of her death is now exercising an all-pervasive power over her.

You can picture it like this: God has provided this threefold fire in purgatory for the purpose of gradually washing out all traces of any missteps, sins, omissions and vices a soul may have committed while living on earth. It is important for the soul in purgatory to be able to develop true Love within herself as strongly as possible, for the extent to which, through this fire, she will long more ardently for the expiation of her missteps, sins, omissions and vices as well as for her Love to become truly perfect, will greatly determine how soon she is going to gain access to Heaven. Through this system God proves how important, how vital, Love is to Him. Only Love determines the value of a life, only Love determines the access to Eternal Bliss as well as the point of time when it will occur, and to God it is decisive that the soul herself should spontaneously, voluntarily and purposely practice and experience true Love.

In a Revelation of July 8, 2007 the Mistress of all souls said:

"The soul in purgatory knows the fullness of truth and knows for a fact that her expiation will come to an end. There is no uncertainty whatsoever on this score. In the eyes of the souls on earth it might seem that therefore suffering in purgatory would be much less heavy. This is not so. Yes, the soul in purgatory does rejoice over her entry into Paradise, which awaits her with certainty, yet she experiences every second of her purification against the background of her greatly extended knowledge of Divine Truth and, therefore, keeps looking at herself the way God sees her: as a soul who has violated the sacred covenant of Love with her Creator and has defiled herself in the process. She sees herself as a diamond with a stain or a dirt mark here and there. As since the hour in which her life has been judged she knows how valuable the diamond of the soul is in the eyes of God she regards this impurity as something horrible. (...)

The remorse experienced by a soul in purgatory is perfect on account of the fact that ever since the hour of her judgment she can see sin as what it really is, and on account of the fact her ability to love has also been cleansed by her encounter with God and with Me. In the hour in which judgment is passed on the soul’s life the latter experiences an explosion in the center of her being. Also the doomed soul goes through the same experience, yet she refuses to allow this experience to actually sink in, and she only believes in the darkness. This is due to the fact the doomed soul, because of the multitude and the nature of her sins, is no longer able to ingest this extraordinary wave of true Love".

Ultimately the purpose of purgatory lies only in perfecting the soul in true Love through the understanding she has been granted in the hour of her judgment as regards true Love and every detail of her life in which she has failed to practice true Love. This understanding, based on the fact the soul is allowed to see her past life through the eyes of God, suscites within her a deep pain over every lack of Love in her past life. This pain is what generates the purification. It is a loving pain, due to the understanding of the fact the soul, through her sins and vices, has torn herself loose from God and is therefore not yet able to return to Him.

The soul who has not allowed the seeds of Christ’s suffering to ripen inside herself remains a barren landscape. Only the gardens of those souls are added to Eternal Paradise, which in the hour when judgment is passed on their lives display a bloom which, according to Divine Wisdom, is sufficient to allow further blooming into a piece of Paradise. This blooming can be completed in purgatory, yet blessed is the soul who focuses her entire life on achieving full bloom while still on earth, for only this soul proves to God that she has truly valued and appreciated His Love, and only the Love practiced on earth actually brings Light down upon the whole of creation. The bloom in purgatory yields no more fruit for the benefit of God’s Plan of Salvation. Therefore such bloom is, in a manner of speaking, selfish: It only leads to the soul’s own eventual maturity, which is no longer offered for the sake of increasing the well-being of all fellow creatures.

4. Heaven

On June 11, 2021 the Mistress of all souls gave the following Revelation on the state of being in Heaven, and ordained the insertion of said Revelation in the present writing:

"Heaven is the immaterial state of being characterized by Eternal Bliss and of the absolute lack of any perception of want, as provided by God for the soul after her having completed material life on earth if this soul has fulfilled the mission with which she was sent into the world.

Every soul’s mission in life consists of:

  1. making the greatest possible contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans of Love in the world. The soul can make the contribution expected of her only to the extent she will practice God’s Law of true Love in all details of her life, in everything she does or does not do, in all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations, in all her relationships, contacts and encounters with any fellow creature whose path through life Divine Providence allows to cross her own path;
  2. voluntarily, spontaneously, purposely, actively and persistently banning any form of darkness from her entire behaviour, from all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations, relations, contacts and encounters with any fellow creature whose path through life Divine Providence allows to cross her own path. Darkness is everything which is unable to serve God’s Works and Plans or which harms, defiles, distorts, abuses, counteracts these Works and Plans, slows down their accomplishment or tries to destroy them, and thus gives rise to, maintains and/or increases misery, chaos, adversity, strife, injustice, indifference, torment, deprivation of dignity, destruction, or situations which lead to physical death, spiritual death or the extinction of Love".

The only purpose of each soul’s life in a physical body on earth lies in fulfilling her mission in life at the service of the accomplishment of God’s Works. God always tries to accomplish His Works and Plans through human souls; to that end He needs to get the opportunity to avail Himself of the souls’ hands, mouths, minds, hearts and all of their inner dispositions. He can only do this to the extent to which a soul voluntarily and actively applies her free will at the service of God’s Works and Plans. In order to do this the soul must fill all of her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, wishes and aspirations with true Love and accomplish or harbour them in perfect self-denial, unconditional acceptance of everything she finds on her path, and she needs to keep her entire inner life free of any darkness, of any negative dispositions.

To the extent to which the soul manages to do so and to which she perseveres in all her aspirations to always, under any circumstances, be a source and a channel of Love and Light, she acquires the merits which will yield her Eternal Bliss in Heaven. Eternal Life in Heaven is not self-evident: Heaven is a state of being of absolutely perfect Love similar to a life in an absolutely perfect imperishable paradise with infinite delights. Absolute Love can be compared with a fire which consumes everything that is not compatible with stainless Love.

The Heavenly Mistress points out that all delights of Eternal Bliss are fruits of the intense and absolutely unlimited experience of the fullness of Love. A human soul can get a foretaste of this in the intense inner peace and joy which can arise in a heart that whole-heartedly loves a fellow creature and through this experience automatically opens itself up to an unrestrained influx of Divine Life and to a smoother flow of Love inside her own world. True Love is a Divine medicine which renders any darkness ineffective in a heart that orients itself spontaneously and unrestrainedly towards God and the accomplishment of His Works. In the state of being of Heaven the soul experiences Love, Peace and joy in their absolutely most sublime degree, as in this state of being she is no longer subject to the limitations of material life with all its influences from the darkness, suffering and grief. In Heaven the soul experiences the state of being characterized by a flawless flow of perfect Divine Love. Every element of the soul’s perception in Heaven is characterized by the fact everything there is pervaded with this perfect Love.

Thus the soul must prepare for Eternal Bliss while she is still living on earth. God wishes the soul not to pursue meriting Heaven as a goal in itself, but to aspire to generate the highest possible degrees of Love and Light in order to make fruitful contributions to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans. She can only do so by intensely, spontaneously, sincerely, purposely and actively practicing true self-denying Love, motivated only by the desire that her own life may make a positive contribution to increasing the happiness and well-being of all fellow creatures and to the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation. The soul who lives this way will automatically gain Eternal Bliss.

If the soul lives for the purpose of meriting Heaven she is being selfish: In that case she is not driven by the desire that all her fellow creatures may harvest a greater happiness and well-being and that God’s Plan of Salvation – and thus the victory of Eternal Love over all darkness – may be fully accomplished, but rather that her own Bliss may be secured. Even if the soul should fill every moment of her life with acts of Love she will not gain any merits if she performs them for the purpose of being allowed access to Heaven herself. God does not merely judge the acts as such, He judges the dispositions on the basis of which these acts are accomplished. In other words: Genuinely, unrestrainedly and unconditionally practicing true Love is the only standard by which the human soul’s destination after her life on earth is measured.

The golden path to Eternal Bliss in Heaven is the one on which the soul regards true Love as:

  • the Source of every single detail of her life and of all her inner dispositions, viz. the soul must be thoroughly aware of the fact that God is the Source of everything and that all living things can only find their origin with Him;
  • the Carrier of every detail of her life and of all her inner dispositions, viz. the soul must be thoroughly aware of the fact that true Love is the only thing that makes everything meaningful, and that without true Love everything is empty and devoid of all substance. This is why the Mistress of all souls says that a great many Christians make their lives totally unfruitful because of the shallowness of their experiences and perceptions: They pile up actions, prayers and Sacraments on the basis of dispositions which barely carry any true Love and nevertheless go on the assumption that the quantities of their actions, prayers and Sacraments will gain them Eternal Life, yet in the hour when judgment is passed on their life God is justly going to say to them "I have never heard from you", because the only thing that really reaches His Heart, true Love, has been lacking in all of their doings altogether;
  • the Destination of every detail of her life and of all her inner dispositions, viz. the soul must be thoroughly aware of the fact that God is the true Destination, the only actual goal of everything, and that every soul should long to return to Him to live in His tangible Presence forever, in the absolutely unrestrained experience of perfect Love.

The soul must totally cleanse herself of her own free will of every violation against the Divine Law of Love if she is to be compatible with the fire of Love in Heaven. Therefore the soul can only live in Heaven if she has accomplished perfect Love inside herself. Sanctity is a measure of the extent to which a soul has accomplished, developed and practiced true Love. In Her earlier revelations and teachings the Mistress of all souls already pointed out that 'holiness' or 'sanctity' should not be understood as an absolute but as a relative state.

This means there are countless degrees of 'sanctity'. Sanctity is the state in which a soul is able to help bring salvation upon creation through all of her actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations and the disposition of her inner life. In concrete terms this means a soul is holier in proportion as she is a greater bearer of true Love and she is able to let this true Love flow in a pure state – i.e. in a state in which she is, in a manner of speaking, a stainless mirror of God’s Heart – to all her fellow creatures. Thus a soul is never absolutely holy while living on earth (because she will automatically in various respects deviate from the ideal, which consists in practicing a perfect accordance with the Law of true Love), but she can achieve a great variety of degrees of relative sanctity.

The more a soul’s relative sanctity resembles the degree of perfection – in other words: absolute sanctity – in the hour in which she leaves her physical body (i.e. in the hour of death), the less will she be in need of purification, for the more she is already 'compatible' with the fire of absolutely perfect Love in Heaven. Once the Mistress of all souls showed Her Myriam the following difference: A soul who, in the hour of her death, is laden with heavy darkness, will during the judgment pronounced on her past life and thus during the encounter with God and Mary experience a tremendous shock, as she will hardly be able to bear the Presence of the absolute holiness surrounding God and the Queen of Heaven – in other words: the intense fire of Their Love – and she will feel like she is about to be scorched completely. Inversely a soul who, during the hour when judgment is passed on her life, is in a progressed state of development and practice of true Love, will experience this encounter with the Divine Judge and the Queen of Heaven as an unspeakable delight in which they are immersed as if in waves from a blissful summer sun. In a manner of speaking this soul already experiences a high degree of compatibility with the dispositions of the Hearts of God and the Queen of Heaven Themselves.

If in the hour when judgment is passed on her life a soul shows a balance sheet (as demonstrated earlier the Mistress of all souls once phrased it as follows: "If the soul is carrying a logbook") in which a number of red figures (= debts towards the Law of true Love) are written, she will feel very well herself that her inner disposition is not yet fully compatible with the atmosphere of Heaven in the Paradise in which Eternal Summer rules. She will then herself feel the necessity of being submitted to a certain degree of purification in purgatory. This purification in purgatory can be fully completed only as soon as the soul has achieved a perfect degree of true Love. If the soul should pass over from purgatory to Heaven any sooner than the hour in which the traces of her deviating from true Love have been burned completely in the threefold fire mentioned before, she would, so to speak, come into conflict with herself. The fire of Divine Love would, in a manner of speaking, 'consume' her.

On July 1, 2021 the Queen of Heaven and earth spoke to Myriam the following words, which She ordains to be inserted into the underlying writing as a synoptic thesis concerning the right of access to Eternal Bliss:

"No soul ever enters Heaven without having led a life of continuously practicing self-denying Love, in perfect acceptance of everything that touches her path through life, actively fertilizing all and any trials by a genuine desire to accomplish God’s Works and in a disposition of abhorring any trace of darkness in her heart and in her own desires. Each and every deviation between the soul’s actual dispositions at any point of time in the course of her life on earth on the one hand and the state of perfectly satisfying the aforementioned conditions on the other hand must be bridged by the soul in the state of being of purgatory before she can gain access to Heaven".

5. Hell

Many souls receive the call from the Divine Judge to return to Him (i.e. the death of the physical body, followed by the judgment pronounced by God on her past life) in an hour in which the 'logbook' recording all of her inner dispositions and all details of their past life shows so many and such serious red figures that they are not even able to get their transgressions against the Law of Divine Love consumed by the triple fire of purgatory. The Mistress of all souls frequently confirmed the fact that the time spent by many souls in purgatory amounts to many years, not seldom even centuries. She also said the time of purification in purgatory should not be calculated by human standards, as it is not time which determines whether a soul is purified or not (in this respect purgatory is clearly different from what the world refers to as a prison, and the time of purification from what the world refers to as a term of imprisonment).

What determines when purification in purgatory is completed, is only the extent to which the soul makes herself perfectly 'compatible' with the fullness of Love more quickly and more thoroughly. If the debt is so great and the soul has allowed her germ of Divine Life to utterly deteriorate by a prolonged and serious lack of her practicing true Love the Law of Divine Justice will judge that this germ of Divine Life can no longer be resuscitated and that, consequently, the soul will never be able to endure the state of Eternal Bliss in Heaven. In this case we are facing the state of life referred to as damnation: The soul condemns herself by robbing her germ of Divine Life of all vital strength naturally contained within it. Damnation is the state of being of the soul that is irrevocably referred to hell.

One day the Queen of Heaven used the following image: In Heaven a garden is prepared for the soul, and the flowers for this garden are sowed with seed prepared from the merits achieved by the soul by the way she lives her life on earth. According to this image one can picture life as a span of time during which the soul tries to acquire the seed of as many varieties of flowers as possible, through a persistent practice of the various virtues. In a manner of speaking the soul’s garden contains the seed of true Love, as Love is made up of all virtues combined. This seed must blossom into flowers, symbolizing the degree of sanctity. In purgatory the soul must yet bring to bloom all seeds which have remained unripened, for the soul is only granted access to Heaven as soon as her garden has turned into a floral paradise. A soul who allows all seeds of true Love to go to waste because of her failing to practice self-denying, unconditional Love in all details of her life on earth will not even be able to bloom in purgatory: She has allowed herself to turn into a wasteland while still living on earth. This soul damns herself for all eternity, for her life on earth ends without her retaining any potential to bloom.

The soul in hell is a soul who has torn herself loose from God’s Love completely and who, in so doing, has killed herself spiritually. The 'dead' soul is no longer able to ingest anything. The Mistress of all souls says a soul in the state of damnation is a soul who has killed within herself the germ of Divine Life. How this happens can be understood by looking at the first being ever to have killed the germ of Divine Life within itself: Lucifer.

Lucifer was the highest-ranking archangel. One day he got caught by haughtiness and wanted to be at least equal to God. When God decreed He was going to create the human soul as the crown upon His creation Lucifer was stricken with envy and started rebellion against God’s Plan. God conceived the Plan to send His Son Jesus Christ into the world and to let Him be born of the Woman (Mary), and He announced to the angels that Mary, too, was to be their superior. Lucifer refused ever to bow to this Woman. He started to give priority to his own desires over God’s. He began to love himself more than he loved God. Because of this frame of mind his heart lost its pure connection with God’s Heart. Thus Lucifer cut himself loose from the perfect flows of Divine Love, and in so doing he gradually lost Divine Life. As a result, he was no longer able to allow Divine Love to flow from his heart to the other angels. Henceforth Lucifer would use his free will entirely for the purpose of satisfying his own purported needs instead of accomplishing God’s Works. By derogation from God’s Law of Love he no longer allowed himself to function as part of God’s Plans and Works and started to give priority to his need for recognition and power over fulfilling the role allotted to him within God’s Plans and Works. The fact of turning one’s back on self-denial and Love for God and for the whole of creation, and thus living on the basis of aspiring for the satisfaction of one’s own interests above all else is what we refer to as 'darkness'.

Characteristic of the dispositions of Lucifer (after his being banned from Heaven he was to be called 'Satan') were therefore disobedience towards Divine Law, selfishness (living more for one’s own sake and for the satisfaction of one’s own visions and views than for the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans), haughtiness, self-elevation, jealousy, an all-pervasive need for power and recognition, renouncing all Love, and an unlimited drive to willingly cause harm and destruction to all Divine Works, including the human soul and all that is a bearer of life. These are exactly the dispositions which Satan tries to transfer to all human souls, in order that the latter, too, should lose all accordance with the Divine Laws and that they, too, should by following Satan himself fall into a state of disgrace. Countless human souls are constantly prey to the never ending temptations to allow darkness to take root within themselves.

If a human soul truly allows Satan’s dispositions to take root within herself by frequently giving in to temptations to act, think, feel, desire and aspire in ways that are bearers of darkness she will damn herself and therefore prepare for herself an eternal dwelling in hell. The soul damns herself by a multitude of actions, thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations and inner dispositions which are unable to help accomplish God’s Plans and Works but, on the contrary, cause them harm or are at least geared to the satisfaction of her own interests, views and expectations instead of being of service to God.

In a private Revelation the Heavenly Mistress once said to Her Myriam:

"Do not wage war against the darkness, rather wage war in favour of the Light. The more Light, i.e. the more true Love you are able to develop inside of you, the more thoroughly the darkness inside of you will automatically be uprooted. This is the only attitude that can save the soul from hell. Hell is the state of being the soul ends up in for all eternity if she has failed to show the persistent will to be fruitful for God’s Works. This fruitfulness is determined exclusively by the extent to which the soul has developed true Love both for all her fellow creatures and for God, God’s Works and Plans and Divine Providence in her own life. This latter aspect of Love also means refraining from resisting or from being dissatisfied about the things God allows to happen in a soul’s life for the purpose of sharpening her in the field of every single virtue.

The soul who merely pursues anything which seemingly promises her an ability to escape damnation, is constantly preoccupied with herself: She is always trying to satisfy her own needs in the field of Eternal Life, and in so doing forgets to commit herself fully to the well-being of her fellow creatures and to the accomplishment of God’s Works. Ultimately there is only one thing of interest to her: 'if only I can avoid being sent to hell'. Basically this soul is only taking care of herself and is failing to fulfil her role at the service of God’s Works".

On September 28, 2021, the Mistress of all souls ordered Myriam to insert Her following words in this place:

"There are souls in whose opinion hell as a place of everlasting torments is not compatible with the existence of the God of perfect Love. Therefore I will give you the following explanation.

Hell as a place of everlasting torments is an everlasting state of being for every human soul who has irreparably violated the Divine Law of true Love.

This state of being results from the Divine Law which provides for all life to be carried, nourished and spread by self-denying Love which is practiced and experienced without any motive of selfishness but motivated by nothing other than the sincere desire that the well-being of all fellow creatures may be promoted and that God’s Works, Plans, desires, expectations and interests may be fully and unconditionally fulfilled, accomplished or satisfied.

The soul who practices and experiences true self-denying Love in all details of her life, in all encounters with any fellow creature and in all of her inner dispositions towards her fellow creatures and towards God Himself, and who allows her entire inner life to be guided by the desire that God’s expectations may be fully met with and that she may be allowed and enabled to contribute to their being met through her committing her entire life to this goal, is a carrier of true Life.

To the extent to which the soul fails to experience and to practice true self-denying Love she will lose true Life, Divine Life inside of herself. The loss of true Life is a source of suffering, misery, chaos, inner strife and unhappiness, for the soul starts cutting herself loose increasingly from God as the only Source of Life.

The loss of true Life inside the soul is merely the result of the soul’s opting in favour of violating God’s Law.

This is why with every violation of Divine Law which she fails to make up for whole-heartedly, sincerely and unconditionally, the soul slips away further and further into the state of decay of true Life, Divine Life inside herself. This state of being is a state of poisoning and inner death of the higher abilities of spiritual life, a state which gives the soul prey to suffering and unhappiness which gradually become irreversible and are therefore everlasting.

If in the hour in which the end of her physical life is decreed God finds the soul in such a state of self-inflicted deterioration of the higher abilities He Himself has provided her with and in spite of the many favours, gifts and graces He has bestowed upon her in the course of her life on earth for the purpose of strengthening, nourishing and developing these abilities, He must, by virtue of His infallible and eternally valid Law of true Love, cut her loose from any further influx of His Love, as in that moment she has already herself opted largely in favour of a state of being which is unable to fulfil the Law of Love.

Thereby the soul casts herself into an everlasting state of torment, suffering, unhappiness and death, as within her every trace of Divine Life has died due to lack of nourishment.

This is the state of being in the place of everlasting torment, eternal death, eternal unhappiness, eternal suffering, the state of being of the soul who has forever cut herself loose from fulfilling the Law of true Love, which gives true Life, carries the latter and brings it to the highest bloom. It is the state of being of the soul who has voluntarily opted in favour of not making use of the gifts of God and of not contributing to fulfilling His Law of true Love, and who, in so doing, has herself decided not to help grow all fruits which are brought to maturity through the practice of true Love, nor to nourish her spiritual life with these fruits.

True self-denying Love breeds Life, happiness, Peace, Justice and hope. The freely chosen neglect of true self-denying Love breeds eternal death and never ending misery, suffering, strife, despair and hopelessness".

6. Concluding reflections – Raising the souls’ awareness

As soon as one takes into account that the human soul is only sent into the world for the purpose of leading a life as a tool for the accomplishment of God’s Works and of His Plan of Salvation for the benefit of establishing the Kingdom of God on earth it becomes clear that the eternal destination after life on earth is determined by the extent to which the soul has actually fulfilled this mission for the entire duration of her life, in all details of her journey through life and in all her inner dispositions at every moment of her life.

For a long time the Mistress of all souls has been emphasizing the fact a soul can greatly influence the value of her life for God’s Plan of Salvation by living much more attentively, i.e. by experiencing the events and developments of life less shallowly and less mechanically. By 'living more attentively' Mary understands filling every detail of life with Love that is practiced purposely and actively. The Mistress of all souls points to the fact that many souls, despite the fact they have not committed mortal sins their fellow man might know of, can be damning themselves forever by the most various habits which constantly make them fall short of practicing true Love, and that for similar reasons many other souls make it necessary for themselves to go through a prolonged time of purification in purgatory. The Mistress is here referring to souls who:

  • in their hearts harbour restlessness and discontent about God’s provisions concerning their life, or are constantly guilty of jealousy or envy by way of rebellion against the role, the position and the circumstances and situations God has provided for them personally because these may yield them the greatest degree of salvation. Let us not overlook the fact that discontent was the disposition that served as a basis for Lucifer’s rebellion against God and against the position allotted to him by God;
  • lead a life centered around the satisfaction of their own needs, desires and views and expectations;
  • lead a life which is largely geared to satisfying material needs and pursuing material profits instead of to allowing their spiritual abilities at the service of God to bloom;
  • frequently fall short of practicing self-denying Love towards all their fellow creatures;
  • make a habit of pursuing power and recognition, want to be important in the eyes of their fellow man, and/or harbour haughtiness and pride instead of accepting the fact they were made by God as one single little cogwheel in a giant network consisting of billions of junctions (every single creature being one cogwheel);
  • frequently harbour darkness and negative inner dispositions, which defile many channels of Light and Love towards fellow creatures and which undermine fellow creatures’ faith in a loving God and their hope for a loving God. Among the most frequently occurring sources of self-destruction in the soul we find persistent dispositions of resentment and vengefulness, which are fruits of inner protest and often of a will to cause harm;
  • frequently cause harm to Works of God (among others to fellow creatures, which are themselves works of God, made by Him for the purpose of fulfilling their own individual roles within creation) or deprive fellow creatures of their dignity in any possible way;
  • lead a life centered around their own views and expectations and based on laws of their own making, instead of putting themselves totally and unconditionally at the service of God’s creation in order to fulfil their mission in life as custodians of creation in representation of God and as mirrors of God towards their fellow creatures;
  • are in a habit of protesting against all trials and crosses of life, or feel no peace about them in their hearts, and consequently fail to 'complete what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ', in other words: who fail to make the effects of Christ’s Works of Redemption fruitful in their own lives through lovingly accepting and consecrating their own crosses, and who, in so doing, fail to actually 'unlock' these effects for themselves. This is what God expects every soul to do, for He makes the actual effects of all His Works dependent on the degree to which human souls actively collaborate with these effects;
  • in their heart of hearts do not focus on the accomplishment of God’s Works, and whose lives therefore do not yield any fruits towards the completion of the Divine Plan of Salvation. Among these souls we also find those who are calculating and who, for example, believe they will deserve to gain access to Heaven by merely piling up Sacraments without ever focusing their hearts on bringing self-denying Love to bloom in the concrete situations of life. Even repeatedly speaking Confession covering one’s entire journey through life is unable to ward off damnation with certainty if such Confessions are not supported by the sincere commitment to banning all darkness drastically, for such Confessions are spoken in a spirit of calculation, expecting that by them the soul will be granted Eternal Bliss, and not in a spirit of genuine desire to reconcile with God;

Living in a spirit of calculation constitutes a self-deception of such a dangerous nature that the Mistress of all souls saw fit to speak to Myriam the following words in this respect:

"Every human soul is called upon to represent God and His dispositions of perfect Love towards all of her fellow creatures.

In truth I tell you that one of the major ways of insulting God consists of adopting an attitude of calculation. Calculation is the disposition by which a soul does not spontaneously live according to the Law of Divine Love, but makes all her actions and aspirations dependent on the advantage or loss, respectively, she expects them to yield for her own life and for the satisfaction of the needs she feels she has. Calculation is therefore a fruit of selfishness and is thus in total opposition to the disposition of willingness to serve God’s Works and Plans. Consequently calculation is pre-eminently the disposition preventing a soul from fulfilling the mission and vocation provided for her by God for her one and only life on earth. Calculation therefore separates the soul from God, pushes her towards going her own ways which were never intended by God and which do not yield any fruits for His Works, and thus in the hour when judgment is passed on her life makes a soul stand before God without a single merit.

If calculation totally prevails within a soul’s inner life we see a soul whose dignity gets so heavily deteriorated and who deviates from God’s Law so thoroughly that she appears so irreversibly addicted to the darkness in her entire behaviour and in all her inner dispositions that, if she were to be informed of the day and time when she is going to die, she would be inclined to cling to her very same dark thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations until the day before her expected death, then on the last day would make a Confession covering her entire life, and would after that be convinced she is ready to appear before God with a perfectly clean slate.

In truth I tell you that such a soul, in spite of the Confession she would speak in the final hours of her life, would be condemned by God on account of her disposition of calculation, and that the Divine Judge would motivate His judgment to her as follows:

"Your whole life long you have served yourself, not Me.
You have lived for the satisfaction of what you regarded as your own needs, not from the desire that the Law of true Love might be glorified and that the needs of Eternal Love might be satisfied better because of your contributions to their satisfaction.
You have lived from the desire only to experience things which you would perceive as agreeable to your temporary physical nature, not from a spontaneous self-denial which would make you embrace every experience on your path through life in unity with, and in the same disposition of the heart as, the Christ, My Son carrying the Cross, who because of His Love for your Eternal Salvation shunned no ignominy and no suffering.
You have lived for the benefit of your physical nature, not for the benefit of your Eternal Life".

Such a soul will then only change her dispositions expecting and hoping that she will be able to convince the judging God of her good will to do the right thing. Her heart never harbours any intention to deny herself and to fulfil the Law of true Love. Even the seeming positive aspect of her dispositions in the final hours of her life is an expression of sheer selfishness, which, moreover, tries to hide itself by deception towards her surroundings and even towards God Himself".

If we picture the human soul as a garden, we can say that God provided the soil of every garden with His Law controlling growth and bloom, and that on her journey through life the soul gets both the seeds suited for her garden and the necessary amounts of sunshine (Divine Love), wind (Divine Wisdom and the decrees of His Providence) and rain (trials). The soul’s mission in life consists in her holy duty to till her garden for the entire duration of life granted to her, and to do this in such a way that it is able to yield flowers, wheat and fruits for God’s Kingdom on earth. The tools with which the soil must be tilled are the various forms of purposely practiced true Love. Thus the soul already prepares the garden that will be allotted to her in the hour in which judgment is passed on her life.

The soul is to see to it that she produces the richest possible harvest. If she frequently fails to practice true Love, in the hour of her being judged the soul will appear before the throne of God like a steppe yielding but minor amounts of fruits, or even as a desert if she has throttled all Life within herself by neglecting Love, which is the carrier of all Life. While tilling her soil the soul can have herself assisted by the Queen of Heaven, provided she ardently honours a covenant of consecration to Her. However, eventually the way the soul uses her free will is going to be decisive for the quality of the garden she will be able to return to her God and Judge in the hour in which judgment will be passed on her life.

Myriam, Christmas season 2018