August meditation

(Myriam van Nazareth)

Now that, as by an invisible hand, the blossoms of springtime have been laid into the Heart of God so as to be transformed into the fruits of summertime in full accordance with His Laws I cannot but remind myself of the mysterious consideration the Queen of all beauty and delights once gave birth to inside my heart. She pointed out how all of Her writings, up to the seemingly most trivial line it has ever pleased Her to give to the world through my nothingness and which She refers to by the name of Science of Divine Life, basically mirror Her own perfect beauty. The beauty of the Queen and Mistress of all things created is indeed perfect, because Mary is the absolute embodiment of Divine Love. God’s Love is the essence of true Life and is the bearer of God’s seed. The soul in whom true Love is perfect and is maintained in a state of perfection turns into a flower of imperishable beauty. This is how God shows that He is very much present and active in everything that fosters the essence of His being, which is Love, and practices it in its own life, glorifying it through its entire way of life.

As She imprinted it onto my heart for me to be able to understand Her lessons exactly the way She intended them, the Mistress of all things created is the embodied summer fruit from the springtime blossom God showed to the angels way prior to Her Immaculate Conception, when He announced to them the Plan of creating the perfect human soul. Indeed, just like in nature the promising signs of spring allow themselves to be transformed into the delightful reality of summer, thereby acting upon the works of God’s Intelligence which is active inside of them, the promising Blossom of God’s 'dream' has unfolded itself to become the delightful Fruit of the glorified Mary, on account of the perfect obedience of this Blossom towards the Law of Eternal Love.

Mary was and is perfect Love, breathes perfect Love, and allows perfect Love to flow unimpairedly through Her entire speech and all Her being. As of the celestial Queen’s Immaculate Conception there existed between God and Herself a merger which goes far beyond human imagination. In point of fact one might express it this way: Whoever sees Mary can imagine that God, if He were a physical being, might exactly look like She does. Is it not said that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul? It is highly remarkable indeed that there is a striking resemblance between the eyes of the Man-God and those of His Mother: this soft expression, this tenderness, this enchanting blue beauty, this glance with which both Mary and Jesus seemed to embrace Their surroundings, to kiss it and to draw it into Themselves, so much so that every pure heart which saw this glance was left transfixed, as if enchanted and pulled away from the soil of the earth.

The Creator glorifies everything that has fully served His Plans. Let us just remind ourselves, as the Mistress has been teaching all along, that even an animal in the hour of its death takes back to God’s Heart everything it has experienced and 'stored' in the course of its life on earth. Basically this means that even the mouse glorifies the tree root at which it once gnawed, and the sheep the grass it derived its nourishment from, for these animals’ hearts have rejoiced at these gifts. All of these glorifications have but one single Source: Love, and one single purpose and sense: glorifying Eternal Love, and therefore God. In proportion as the living being has been more important to other living beings – especially in proportion as it has been of greater assistance with the others’ spiritual development – this glorification seems to be enhanced.

Let us become aware of the flows of salvation (to put it in even clearer terms: the flows of perfect Love) Mary left to this world in the course of Her life, for this is how we can begin to understand why God has glorified Her to the highest possible degree, up to the point of assuming Her into Heaven body and soul and crowning Her to be the Queen and Mistress of all creatures, thus becoming the bridge between God and all creatures. We could say that the value of a human life in the eyes of God is determined by the extent to which the soul has nurtured in all her fellow creatures the impression that she has nothing to offer but Love, Peace and feelings of security, and that her presence with them has made their lives more beautiful, more enjoyable, better. Viewed from this perspective it can be well understood why in the eyes of God Mary’s life was absolutely perfect, as throughout Her life She contributed to the highest possible extent to opening up these feelings in all Her fellow creatures, including the animals.

August is the month of Mary’s glorification. This month we commemorate Her as the Queen and Mistress of all things created, as the Queen of the angels, as the Mediatrix of all graces, as the immaculately saint One who was assumed into Heaven even with Her body, the physical element of one’s being which is usually regarded as strictly earthbound. Thus, in Her capacity as the Great Sign of God, She would forever be able to radiate His Glory upon the souls. This is how Mary fully embodies the delightful Promise of the Woman pressing Her feet upon the serpent, the latter symbolizing all and any works of darkness. Exactly in this image the Queen and Mistress of all creatures – angels, human souls and demons – is the embodiment of the summertime fruits engendered by the springtime blossoms (Works of the Light on the path of the most promising accomplishment), which were originally designed in God’s Heart.

With the Christian resides the obligation to imitate Christ in every possible thing and in every possible way, so as to lead a life which is able to serve the Plans and Works designed and wrought by God. Alas, this imitation is very often hardly practiced where the glorification of Mary, The Masterpiece of God, is concerned, whereas yet Jesus Himself glorified His Mother to the highest possible extent: He entrusted all souls of all times to Her custody, and did so while hanging on the Cross of their Redemption. In glorifying the Queen of Heaven as of Her Immaculate Conception the Most Holy Trinity drew so deeply from the wells of perfect Love that no human intellect could ever fathom the effects of this Divine tribute to a created human soul. Therefore it need not surprise us that many souls fail to actually well and truly grasp the truth of the sublimity of the Queen of Heaven and of God’s attitude towards Her. If the Christian likes so much to believe in the reality of Eternal Bliss in Heaven, why then is it so hard for him to believe in the reality of the Works God has accomplished in the soul whose merits have never been surpassed and will never be surpassed for all eternity?

August as the month to glorify Mary, is the month for the glorification of God’s Masterpiece and therefore for the glorification of God’s Love, who created Mary to be a mirror of that which He actually intended to accomplish by His Works of creation, Redemption and sanctification. In Mary we see how true it is that God’s Works and Plans are perfect and that every single impurity, every single imperfection in creation if not designed in God’s Heart but is born of the shortcomings and imperfections of human interference.

May August immerse us in the uplifting Light of God’s Love, so that we may be able to recognize and love the fullness of the Truth, for only the fullness of the Truth is able to deliver us from the effects of the pseudo lights which tend to dominate our human condition.

Myriam, July 2012