The Holy Virgin Mary about the spiritual background
of the fifteen most devastating elements of darkness
in the history of mankind

Myriam van Nazareth

God created the world out of the perfect Love of His Heart. Divine Love is the essence and the fuel of all Life. Every creature was endowed with a germ of God’s Love. Therefore every creature is in the deepest sense of the word a Work of God. This made all of creation a network of Love, comparable to a network of points of light (every single creature) and channels of light connecting all of these points among each other. The major points of light in the network were the human souls.

The points of light in the network of creation are constantly nourished by flows of Divine Love, which are intended to maintain Life. The original sin caused the first major points of light (both first human souls) to be darkened to a high extent, due to the fact they had cut themselves loose from God (every sin is a violation of the Law of Divine Love) and were therefore no longer in a position to allow God’s Love, and hence Divine Life, to flow flawlessly and in a perfectly pure state. This is why, ever since the original sin was committed, the network of creation lost part of its luminous power.

With every sin committed from that moment onward the network of Love would be further disrupted. With every sin a human soul commits she gives in to an inspiration which cuts her loose from God’s Light and Love. Consequently her point of light looses part of its power, and the channels through which she is connected with her fellow creatures equally loose part of their luminous power. Every time a human soul fails to practice pure Love towards a fellow creature, no matter in what way, the channel connecting this soul with this specific fellow creature is darkened (we should picture this channel as the expression of all contacts, actions, words, thoughts, feelings and wishes flowing between both creatures). There is then a lack of true Love flowing between both these creatures.

In the course of the centuries the network of creation has got darkened in countless numbers of its channels due to billions of sins, vices and expressions of lack of Love. Countless channels have lost all light and therefore seem to be dead in their ability to let Divine Love and Divine Life flow. We might express this situation by using the image that creation, which initially was a paradise of Light, Love and Divine Life, in our days bears more resemblance to a dark wasteland which is constantly covered by a very thick layer of clouds, so much so that only few sunbeams touch the soil and many flowers never get to bloom.

Sin presents itself in an incredible diversity of shapes. No human soul would ever be able to compose a complete list of all expressions of sin. God is, and every single moment of every single day He experiences every expression of a lack of Love in this world as a torment which goes far beyond human imagination. God possesses an absolutely perfect and all-encompassing perception of every pain living in every single creature as soon as the latter has experienced any expression of lack of Love from a fellow creature. Day after day God’s Heart records billions of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pains suffered by human souls as well as billions of expressions of physical, emotional and mental sufferings from the animal kingdom. He perceives the disgracefully weak flow of Love reaching Him from His creation due to the fact this flow has got largely defiled somewhere in the network, and has even died completely at other places in the network.

This is why one day the Mistress of all souls said to Myriam that of the entire flow of Love God sends through the network of His creation every single day – and which should return to Him unimpairedly as if in a perfect cycle – only a few percent ever return to Him. Some human souls ennoble the flows of Love they receive from God: They carefully watch over this treasure, duly absorb it into their being in perfect accordance with the Divine Laws of growth and bloom, and are therefore able to send beams of pure Love through all channels they encounter on their journey through life (i.e. in all their contacts with fellow creatures of any species whatsoever). However, innumerable human souls allow their daily provision of Divine Love to go lost: They fail to incorporate it, except for the benefit of constructing the world of their own imagination and expectations and for the satisfaction of their own alleged needs, in other words they fail to let the flows of Divine Love flow on toward their fellow creatures, so we can say these human souls are robbing the network of creation every day. Thus the network keeps losing Life, true Life, day after day. The outcome is a world which has been drifting further and further away from God.

This 'drifting off' shows itself with many different faces. The Heavenly Queen describes these faces as clouds over God’s paradise, where 'paradise' is to be understood to refer to the whole of creation. In the course of the history of mankind innumerable sins have been committed, God’s Love has infinitely been disdained and put to shame. The Mistress of all souls inspired fifteen categories of sins which have been committed all through the ages on a very large scale, and are being committed even in our days, and which She considers to be the fifteen darkest clouds over creation. As a whole these fifteen constitute the major part of the layer of darkness covering creation and oppressing the souls most heavily. As the human soul is the only creature that can sin, very many other creatures, even nature, suffer heavily by the consequences of the human souls’ sinfulness and the disposition of human souls determines the degree of Light or darkness, harmony or misery, ruling all of creation.

The Mother of God emphasizes that the fifteen darkest clouds She has been meaning to expound on in the present teaching are not the only sins, but are indeed the ones with the most serious consequences for creation. Moreover She points out that the order in which these categories are presented in this teaching is by no means an indication for their relative significance as to the degree of distortion they have caused in creation. Besides we ought to picture these fifteen points as clouds which in some places overlap one another and can move across one another. Consequently many sinful actions committed in history will come under more than one of these clouds.

1st cloud over God’s paradise – wars, manufacture and distribution of weapons

God had intended His creation to be a kingdom of perfect Peace. In the spiritual sense of the word Peace is a state which demonstrates that a soul has to a great extent merged with the essential disposition of God’s Heart: She breathes the quiet of a being that experiences an unhampered flow of vital energy from God toward her and thereby knows unconciously that God is constantly living and acting in inner life. This means that a soul who experiences Peace within herself does not experience any resistance against Decrees issued by God regarding her life. If we picture the soul as a piece of land, we can say that, in the disposition of inner Peace, her soil prevents the bloom of any ill weed of resentment, dissatisfaction, discontent, restlessness, bitterness, jealousy, envy, hate or suspicion. All of these are emotions hampering the flow of true Love in a heart. True Peace of heart means acquiescing completely in God’s decisions. The ill weeds of all forms of discontent and envy were injected into the souls by Satan as of the original sin.

War is one of the major forms of conflict between souls, in which the latter turn against each other so intensely that they do not even hesitate to threaten each other’s life systematically and to completely destroy each other’s possessions. War is a major affront to God’s Law of true Love, because war replaces this Law by its absolute opposite, which is the culture of death, which, on top of this, is usually justified by worldly governments through the application of systems through which souls are rewarded in proportion to their willingness to kill and destroy. God intended the network of creation as a perfectly functioning system maintaining a constant flow of His Love among all creatures, particularly from Him through the human souls to all of their fellow creatures (fellow people and animals, even nature in general). War on the contrary, is a situation in which junctions and channels inside this network are most brutally damaged or destroyed altogether. This is why war constitutes a serious assault against God’s Basic Work: the system through which He attempts to complete all of His Works and Plans.

This Basic Work – the network of creation – can only meet the purpose for what it was originally created to the extent the components of this network (the junctions, i.e. all creatures) and the channels connecting the junctions among each other (all relations between creatures) can be kept perfectly intact and are enabled to keep functioning in perfect accordance with God’s Law.

War constitutes a human interference with this whole system, an interference which is all the more dramatic in proportion as greater numbers of people and groups or societies of people are involved, and in proportion as the acts of war are heavier (more destructive). We may well phrase it this way: War makes a serious mockery of the intentions God harbours towards creation, interfering with many points through which God could have accomplished His Works, and to begin with it is started on the basis of dispositions in human souls who are resisting God’s Law, who are geared completely to the satisfaction of worldly interests, and whose hearts thereby fail to harbour dispositions that are likely to promote a smooth flow of God’s Love through creation.

War can be waged only with the use of weapons. Through the ages tremendous capitals have been spent on the manufacture of weapons. This is where God’s Law of true Love is put to shame to the utmost: Man, who was intended to be the crown on creation and was therefore under an obligation to make God’s Presence felt towards all other creatures, is producing weapons on a large scale, well being aware of the fact these weapons have no other purpose but to systematically kill fellow creatures and cause damage to, and if possible completely destroy, their possessions. As such this already expresses a disposition which is directly opposed to God’s intentions. Moreover the manufacture of weapons constitutes a vast waste of raw materials which could otherwise be put to use for the accomplishment of goals which match God’s Plans and Works way much better than war does. Besides part of these weapons are deployed within the framework of criminal actions (please refer to the 10th cloud) and for the extermination of animals, which were also created by God to serve purposes within the framework of His infallible Wisdom (see the 13th cloud).

How deeply the spirit of darkness has penetrated this cloud is apparent from the truly diabolical nature of certain weapons. We merely need refer to nuclear bombs and nuclear missiles and to the tremendous destructions they cause to the network of Life in God’s creation, with desastrous consequences which often extend until many years after these weapons were deployed.

The arms industry and distribution expresses an organized intention to kill, which keeps reinforcing itself by its commercial character.

In the course of time people have been waging so many wars that it is downright impossible to assess what tremendous changes these wars may have caused to God’s initial intentions with the network of creation, nor to what tremendous extent this network has thereby developed differently than would have been the case if all junctions and channels within this network would have got the chance to develop by nature, i.e. in perfect accordance with God’s intentions.

2nd cloud over God’s paradise – ungodly political regimes and systems of thought

The history of mankind has known a wide variety of political regimes in which everything reminding of God was systematically banned from society. The most well-known are undoubtedly communism and fascism, yet also the many utterly liberally minded regimes are characterized by a large-scale ban on Divine principles of behaviour and aspirations, for the benefit of loyalty to poisonous materialistic motives. What these regimes have in common is the fact they urge people to aspire for the pursuit of purely worldly goals, whereas patriotic aspirations and/or the leader of one’s mother country often 'replace' God. The state’s subjects are systematically prevented from orienting themselves towards the deep Christian values and focusing their entire behaviour on the Divine Law of Love.

In July 2017 the Mistress of all souls said to Her Myriam in a private revelation: "Due to the fact the human souls have from the beginning been the objects of the battle between the Light and the darkness, history is basically the development of this battle and therefore also expresses the tremendous diversity in the human souls’ susceptibility to temptation. You can consider lessons in history to be the study of what the human souls have been doing with the guidance from the Holy Spirit, in other words: of the way they have been dealing with this guidance".

Against the background of these celestial words we can regard ungodly political regimes as forms of organizing a state within which the leaders have shut themselves off from all inspirations by the Holy Spirit and make it very difficult, if not altogether impossible, for the subjects of the state to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit inside of them, as the Holy Spirit will never drive the human soul towards orienting her life towards accomplishing materialistic and other purely worldly goals. A soul who opens herself up completely to the guidance by the Holy Spirit will focus her entire behaviour and her entire way of thinking and feeling on the needs of Eternal Life and of the entire network of creation, which means concretely that her entire inner life and her entire behaviour will let themselves be motivated by nothing but true Love in all of its expressions.

Totalitarian regimes such as those under communism and fascism are not hesitant where it comes to organizing a state totally, firmly and unconditionally on the basis of an ideology which often systematically forces millions of people to sin against God’s Law of true Love and against all Christian values, thereby raising darkness and sin in its most various expressions to be the actual standard and securing these practices fiercely through strict legal enforcement. Every attempt by individuals and groups nevertheless to preserve Divine values are then punished mercilessly. This is how within certain political regimes it takes but a few years to have billions of sins (sin = every deviation from God’s Law of Divine Love!) committed which under other, non totalitarian, circumstances would not, or distinctly to a lesser extent, have been committed.

Totalitarian regimes often excel in the field of replacing God’s Law systematically by purely human laws, through which darkness is promoted and souls are distorted on a large scale by constant conflicts between the individuals’ conscience on the one hand and the laws and overt preferences expressed by the regime on the other, whereas dispositions of the heart in which God is well pleased and which can help accomplish God’s Works and Plans systematically become targets of threatenings and punishments. Therefore we can say for a fact that totalitarian regimes largely represent the kingdom of the darkness on earth. As a matter of fact totalitarian regimes often appear to be pure and simple laboratories of the evil one, presenting a context of living within which the darkness produces its effects unrestrainedly, thereby making life a hell on earth for every soul who is keen on staying focused on practicing and experiencing God’s Law of true Love.

The fact that God’s Law of Love is replaced by purely human laws and that God’s Plans and Works are replaced by the human and worldly goals pursued by the regime is what usually turns totalitarian regimes into genuine laboratories of darkness, in which murder, persecution, torture, maltreatment, humiliation, exploitation and very often the horrors, misery and chaos of warfare are truly part and parcel of daily life. This is what makes these regimes cradles for human lives which deviate tremendously from God’s intentions and goals. First and foremost God’s Basic Law, the Law of self-denying Love, is systematically throttled. To the extent to which this Law is quashed a society indeed transforms itself into a kingdom of Satan.

Totalitarian regimes derive the foundations of their organization from certain systems of thinking. The history of mankind has known various systems of thinking which caused great harm to God’s Plans and Works, even outside the framework of political regimes. We need only consider empirism and rationalism. Empirism states that everything which can not be perceived through the senses should be rejected. God cannot be perceived through the senses, therefore empirism makes it very hard to believe that there even exists a God. Rationalism says that everything which cannot be explained by logical thinking should be rejected. God cannot be explained by logical reasoning, therefore His existence should be rejected. Many systems of thinking are potential sources of arguments which seem to justify there is no point in believing that God exists. On top of this quite a few philosophers construed arguments by which they frankly believed to be able to 'prove' that God was to blame for all the evils and the misery in the world and that Christian thinking was responsible for the downfall of the western world. There is no way to estimate the damage all these thoughts have been causing to the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works.

In this respect the Mother of Christ points out most emphatically that it is a major fallacy to blame God for any kind of derailment, misery, suffering and chaos in this world, as all of these, without any exceptions, are the results of huma choices: Every time when a human soul starts using her free will for the accomplishment of works and plans of the darkness, derailments are bound to start occurring in the network of creation, manifesting themselves as misery, chaos, distortions, suffering and destruction. Wherever the free will of human souls starts to apply itself for the benefit of the darkness instead of the Light God’s Law of true Love is prevented from producing its effects in accordance with God’s Plan and His intentions and goals, and darkness is born.

It is impossible to assess the destructive effects a totalitarian regime produces upon the flow of Love. Not only will such regimes very often witness the fact that very often millions of junctions and channels in the network of creation are severely damaged, completely annihilated, and in the event of war even torn out of the network altogether, moreover it is impossible to assess what damage is caused in countless hearts which keep seeing around them piles of evidence for the fact that all expressions of Love are put to shame and are not seldom publicly sanctioned, thereby causing vast numbers of human souls to lose all faith in a loving God. Indeed, in a totalitarian regime daily life seems to prove that God could not care less about His children and that He gives Satan an infinite power and control over all aspects of life. Finding this out 'for a fact' will distort countless hearts, thus obstructing the flow of true Love and Divine Life most heavily.

The Queen of Heaven points out that life in a totalitarian regime must be regarded as a test of faith, and that all Love, true faith and true hope kept alive in hearts can develop a tremendous force which, eventually, will underline the final victory of the Light over the darkness. God does not foresake one single soul who is determined to keep His Law of true Love alive within herself. However, God’s protection and Love do not always become apparent through the channels and in the ways man would think they should appear, due to the fact the human soul’s final destination is not in this world but in Eternal Life. In this respect the Queen of Heaven points to the phenomenon of accomplished reality, i.e. reality which can not yet be perceived by human souls but which, by God in the sphere of the timeless, is considered to be accomplished, and She motivates every soul living under a totalitarian regime to harbour in her heart of hearts a hope which is so real that it actually bears the potential of generating already the Light by which the ungodly regime will one day be toppled.

3rd cloud over God’s paradise – colonialism

Colonialism is the system under which a country controls and governs another country (the colony), and the governing country uses the raw materials and other commodities which by nature belong to the colony, with the intention of enhancing the governing country’s own power and wealth.

Many western countries had colonies in the so-called less developed, less industrialized countries. However, colonialism witnessed countless harrowing situations in which people were systematically robbed of their dignity, exploited, subjected to slavery, expelled from their natural habitats and not seldom maltreated in more or less organized ways. The tremendous darkness which came forth from this system was only possible because the Law of true Love was broadly overruled, mainly for the benefit of material gain. This is a case of Love being forced to give way to the greed for material wealth, all of this purposely to the expense of Love and respect.

Colonialism opened the gate very widely to slave trade. In the colonies the local population was considered a fabulous source of labour power ready to be deployed in the governing countries or in countries affiliated with the latter. As a result, millions of people were torn away from their natural environment to serve masters in slavery far away from their homes. All of this resulted in the birth of a tremendous realm of darkness of debasement, humiliation, destruction of social relationships (among others of families), maltreatment, abuse, massive physical crippling and maiming including downright murder, exploitation, forced labour and unspeakable emotional sufferings.

Colonialism as we have got to know it in the course of more recent history has got its roots mainly in the 17th century. However, in far more ancient times similar situations ruled societies which came under the custody of other countries in one way or another, and which in very similar ways became systems of exploitation, slavery and the most various unbridled violations of God’s Law of true Love.

Apart from the devastating effects of the countless dark events and actions within the framework of colonialism this system gave birth to vast amounts of darkness by the fact that in the hearts of millions of oppressed souls and their families feelings of hate and revenge were generated against their oppressors and the lack of Love in all the latter’s actions. Colonialism played a major part in racism, which is deploying its effects in certain parts of this world even in our days, not least in the United States. In millions of hearts the dark memories of unloving treatments, relations and contacts have remained alive in a number of subsequent generations as the living fruits of the destruction of millions of junctions and channels in the network of God’s creation. One of the major slow poisons produced by colonialism is the lack of trust harboured by millions of people towards their fellow people as well as in the presence of a loving God. This situation has severely mortgaged the flow of Divine Life through the network of creation.

4th cloud over God’s paradise – slavery

Through the ages this world witnessed countless instances of slavery and slave trade. As early as in the centuries before Christ slavery was a widespread phenomenon, which we know, among others, by the information which was handed down through the ages concerning the fate of the Jews in Egypt in the days of Moses and even earlier. Not one single era in the history of mankind was completely free of slavery and slave trade. On a really large scale slave trade was a firm institution as of the 16th century, when millions op people were transferred as slaves mainly from western and central Africa to America, in the first place. Very well known and documented is the slavery of large numbers of people from Africa in the United States, until slavery was officially abolished in 1865, after the Civil War had ended.

The official abolition of slavery does not mean the darkness which was generated because of it would be dispelled from creation altogether: Ill weeds can be very persistent, and after the seed of ill weeds has been cast so amply it has a way of proliferating in the hearts for a long time. These ill weeds are very hard to eradicate once and for all. Thus the ill weeds of slavery have remained tough in very different historical contexts, as under totlitarian regimes which have given in to relentless persecution.

Slavery is very much the child of feelings of superiority towards those that are subjected as slaves. In the case of slave trade with people from Africa to America there was also an obvious element of racism, and in many hearts the dark character of this attitude was veiled by the conviction that colored people were not only inferior beings but that they had also 'a dark soul', in other words that they belonged to the devil. This is how the darkness managed to persuade even Christians into believing that treating negro slaves in ways beneath human dignity was 'justified' and 'approved by God'.

Years ago already, the Mistress of all souls said that not one single human being should be regarded as inferior, for that every human soul is endowed by God with a germ of sanctity. Just like a seed is a carrier of all vital principles and of the full potential of development of a specific plant variety, the germ of sanctity is the bearer of an extremely wide range of possibilities to let the soul grow in the image of God. This germ contains the blueprint, the basic construction plan, of Divine Life in the soul: the programme carrying the possible experiences and developments of Divine Life in the soul. This is why God can not approve of slavery: A being endowed with a germ from which Divine Life can blossom can never be another being’s slave, and this other being is not behaving in accordance with the Law of true Love if he/she subjects fellow people to a life of slavery by which these other people are robbed of their dignity.

The serious nature of the darkness engendered by slavery is expressed very clearly if we consider the definition the Mistress of all souls once defined 'true Love' by. It is a good thing to point out that this is basically true for every single one of the fifteen 'clouds' discussed in the present teaching. However, the Queen of Heaven reminds us of this definition most emphatically regarding slavery and slave trade, because this definition is very suitable when it matters to make people understand the extreme depth of the darkness in which slavery and slave trade are enveloped:

Living in true Love is living in such a way that the soul, through all of her actions, omission, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, all of her inner dispositions and the aura enveloping her entire being, conveys
  • Light
  • warmth
  • feelings of security
  • inner peace
  • brightfulness
  • hope
  • relief
  • encouragement
  • trust, confidence
  • vital strength
  • zest for life
  • feelings of meaningfulness with respect to life as such
  • enhanced feelings of individual dignity, and
  • the intuitive certainty of God’s proximity

onto the journey through life to be made by every single fellow being Divine Providence guides onto her own path, no matter for how long or in what form such encounters present themselves, and that she harbours nothing but positive feelings and thoughts towards these fellow creatures and wishes the latter nothing but happiness and bloom on every level of their being and in all situations of their lives.

If we consider works of darkness such as slavery and slave trade against the background of this definition of 'living in true Love' it becomes very clear to what degree slavery is a relationship, a pattern of dealing with one’s fellow person, which is conceived and organized by nobody but Satan himself.

5th cloud over God’s paradise – racism and persecution

Racism is the attitude harboured by the human being who is filled with unloving dispositions towards people who belong to a different race, in the conviction that one’s own race is superior in comparison with the race those other people belong to. The human being prone to racism expresses his disposition through prejudices, discrimination, hostility, hate, contempt, and not seldom all kinds of violence ranging from persecution to murder. Through the ages racist dispositions have played a major part in the deplorable situations ruling colonialism, slave trade and slavery, as well as in systematic persecution and genocide within the framework of totalitarian political regimes. We will deal with persecution a bit further.

Racist dispositions have got far reaching spiritual consequences, not only because of the fact these dispositions are in every possible respect in violation of the Divine Law of Love, but also due to the impact they have on the atmosphere of entire societies, in which the lack of Love towards entire groups of fellow people can thereby be unawarely be regarded as 'normal'. Even though expressions of racism are often legally sanctioned this does not necessarily prevent them from generating darkness 'under the surface' and sowing this darkness in abundance into ever more hearts as long as such dispositions are kept alive. This turns racism into a cancer poisoning the network of creation, which was made by God as a network through which His Love is to flow like fuel nourishing all life.

History has shown us examples of so-called philosophical and even scientific 'evidence' for the legitimacy of racial theories which purportedly 'demonstrated' that certain racial characteristics were ’superior' and others 'inferior'. Such theories have brought a tremendous darkness upon the world, through which they have seriously harmed the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for the establishment of God’s Kingdom of true Love and Peace on earth. Racial theories passing judgment on the 'inferiority' or ’superiority' of certain racial features are never inspired by God but by the great enemy of Eternal Salvation of the human souls and the well-being of all creation. Let us remind ourselves of the words spoken by the Holy Virgin, by which She said no being is superior as such and no being is inferior as such.

Every single soul has got an infinite value. A human being’s dignity in the eyes of God is determined by the extent to which this soul meets this value through her behaviour and her aspirations. No human being has got the right to judge any fellow person in this respect. Every creature, both human and animal, has got its own specific characteristics. It has got a specific value the way it is, irrespective of its characteristics, precisely because it was born of God’s Intelligence and Wisdom in order that it would serve His Plan with creation just the way it is. The Mistress of all souls once said in a Revelation:

"So often a soul deprives her fellow creature of its dignity because the latter is allegedly 'different' or because she considers it to be 'inferior'. I emphasize that not one single creature is inferior. Every creature has been made with specific characteristics because Divine Wisdom judged this to be right, in accordance with God’s specific intentions. The soul that deprives a fellow creature of its dignity by treating it in a way which does not agree with the Law of Love, is actually criticizing God’s Works and detracting from the effects thereof, as well as rejecting Divine Wisdom. (...) Always be aware of the fact a creature is the way it is because God needs these specific characteristics for the accomplishment of His great Plan of Salvation. Always bear in mind that a person is born in a specific place, belongs to a specific race, etcetera, because according to God’s Plan he had to be born in that place and has a specific mission to fulfill within his particular society and race. Respect all this, because it is God’s Work, which is governed by an infallible Intelligence which greatly surpasses human intelligence".

Racism nearly automatically joins hands with persecution. Persecution means treating a group of people in a discriminating way, especially on account of the race to which these people belong, or of certain religious or political convictions. Persecution always carries components of hostility, oppression, terror, violence, expulsion from the original environment, and large-scale imprisonment. Well-known examples are those in which large numbers of people are concentrated and forced to live in ghettoes, reserves or camps, in which they not only live separated from their persecutors but are also very often the objects of well-aimed survey and control. This is what happened on a large scale with, among others, the Jews and the American Indians. Persecution essentially expresses complete intolerance: People manifestly oppose the Creator, who decreed that people possessing characteristics and features which differ from their persecutors should freely live in the same territory as the latter, and the persecutors react to this with a behaviour which overtly shows their unwillingness to see and to deal with those 'other' people, even the fact they take offence at those other people’s presence or proximity. This disposition is disgraceful for children of God. Instead of meeting their basic vocation as children of God by helping their fellow people fulfil their own mission in life (equally serving God’s Plans and Works), persecutors prevent the people they persecute from living up to their vocation in life.

A special kind of persecution which has also brought a great deal of darkness upon creation yet is much more hidden, is the persecution of Christians by people who allegedly share their own faith. The Queen of Heaven has been warning for years through Myriam about Christianity putting itself in great danger through the persecution carried out by many who consider themselves to be Christians yet in reality practice the Law of Love as well as the vices in a very tepid way, and in the meantime persecute fellow Christians who take their vocation as children of God very seriously and are therefore very adamant in their attempts to strictly practice the traditional Christian values. Already in the initial days of Myriam’s vocation at the service of the Mistress of all souls the latter warned about the fact Her Maria Domina Animarum Work would meet with a great deal of incomprehension and would be the target of defamation and denouncing, purely and simply due to the fact the teachings and revelations the Mother of God wanted to give to the world through this channel of Her making are so profound that Satan was going to regard them as a major offensive against his attempts to weaken Christianity from the inside, i.e. by undermining the Christians’ determination in practicing the Law of true Love and in accepting theses which can potentially cause fatal harm to the darkness, especially the theses about the true role and position of the Queen of Heaven in the final stage of the battle of the Light against the darkness.

The Mistress of all souls Herself refers to the whole of the allegations to which Her Maria Domina Animarum Work has been exposed through the years as 'persecution'. She calls all of this attempts by Satan himself to silence a Heavenly Work and points out that Satan avails himself eagerly of human souls who fail to motivate themselves to practicing in their own lives the theses proclaimed by the Mistress of all souls about 'being a true and fruitful Christian': Satan can very easily tempt such souls into assaulting that which does not sit well with them (because their conscience is very well aware of the fact they are ignoring desires harboured by Heaven). This special kind of persecution generates vast amounts of darkness because it directly slows down the completion of a Heavenly Plan which was conceived for the purpose of bringing the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth forward. this is not a matter of persecution due to differences in race or political opinion but due to fundamental differences in the dispositions of the hearts and in the perception of the necessary depth in applying oneself to accomplish God’s goals for the benefit of creation. The battle of the Light against the darkness will not be won as long as compromises, however small they may seem, are made in the field of living a well practiced consecration to God. In the course of the centuries many souls inspired by God were exposed to defamation, denunciation and persecution. These expressions of persecution, too, have prevented vast amounts of Love from flowing through the network of creation so as to help fill it with new Light, and have thus slowed down the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation.

6th cloud over God’s paradise – genocide

Genocide is the act of intentionally and systematically exterminating a group of people based on the latter’s race, nationality or faith. Thus every person possessing the characteristics of the targeted group is automatically labelled as 'the enemy' and thus becomes a target of persecution and extermination attempts. Often no stone is left unturned to prevent children from being born within the targeted group, so as to promote the systematic extermination of the group and to work towards wiping the latter off the face of the earth altogether. Genocide is very closely linked with racism and persecution. Through massive murder and systematically boosting hate it has injected tremendous amounts of darkness into the world and consequently caused great harm to the network of God’s creation.

Genocide is nothing short of a deliberate attempt to completely exterminate certain groups of people having specific characteristics, or to make these people’s lives so difficult that their numbers are bound to decrease as soon as possible.

Probably the best known example of genocide in the history of mankind are the legally organized extermination actions carried out by the German national socialist regime against the Jews. Also the actions against the Indians on American territory in the pioneering days count as genocidal, as millions of Indians were expelled from their natural environment, killed in bloody battles, made victims of famine, and many died 'passively' on account of infectious diseases which had begun to spread on American territory with white people as carriers.

Groups of people that ever committed genocide have tried in any number of ways to justify their actions. Whatever reason they stated, no reason can ever justify genocide in the eyes of the Creator, as genocide invariably proceeds from hearts that are driven by the will to kill, to expel and to destroy for the sake of satisfying some personal or wordly interest or other. This means that always a lack of Love is at work. Every lack of practicing God’s Law of true Love is a sin committed on purpose. Wherever this occurs on a large scale there is organized darkness involved. Genocide can tear millions of human souls out of the network of creation prematurely, i.e. before God’s time has come for these souls to be detached from the network in the hour in which God’s Wisdom would have provided for it to happen by virtue of a Divine Decree.

There is no way man can justifiably assume the right to make himself master of life and death. The moment in which a human soul’s life is to end should be determined by God alone, as He is the only One who, in His infallible Wisdom, knows which moment is suited best to withdraw a human being from physical life, in view of Eternal Salvation of the soul herself and of many others with whom she maintains contacts or she has ever been in contact with, and in view of the Divine Plan of Salvation in general. Genocide, as well as war, can therefore become a serious violation of Divine Wisdom and may dramatically alter the plans God harboured with regard to many souls and entire groups of people.

God is Lord of all life. How, then, are we to understand phenomena like genocide? Very simply by realizing God does not interfere with the exercise of man’s free will. Thus, if human governments decide to wage war, proceed to genocide or to persecution or any form of actions devoid of Love, large numbers of human souls can act upon such decisions by systematically practicing the greatest forms of darkness, and millions of human souls can be stirred up against one another. This is why, in the course of history, the world has had a multitude of opportunities to make the most various places lok like a large-scale laboratory of Satan, a kingdom in which the darkness rules and God seems very far away.

7th cloud over God’s paradise – systematic maltreatment

Years ago already, in Her great offensive of Love entitled The Brooklets of Salvation, the Mistress of all souls defined maltreatment as follows:

Any behaviour or any effect brought forth by such behaviour on the part of a human soul regarding a fellow creature, which is in violation of the Law of Love and to which one or several of the following elements apply:

  • the fellow creature’s being is used for a purpose God has not intended it for;
  • the fellow creature’s being is treated in a way meant to cause suffering, or of which the human soul should know it is likely to provoke suffering;
  • physical, mental, emotional or spiritual harm is caused to the fellow creature, or the behaviour can cause such harm;
  • the fellow creature is affected in its dignity as a creature of God.

The fellow creature is prevented from fulfilling the part God has foreseen for it within the framework of the great Plan governing His Creation.

Maltreatment always changes the direction of the victim’s path through life in an unintended way, in other words: The victim is delivered to unwanted changes in lifestyle (for instance due to physical handicap, illness, mental or moral trauma) and not seldom loses faith and trust in a loving God and in Love itself. No man is able to guess in how many millions of human souls through the ages a brutal treatment devoid of Love, often involving systematic humiliation, has given rise to the extinction of all and any fire of Love in their hearts, making souls who, initially, were gentle and loving, get transformed into furnaces of resentment, vengefulness, hate, aggression and depression.

There is systematic maltreatment if maltreatment is no longer a one-off, but is being, or has been, practiced on a large scale and/or for an extensive period of time. The greatest darkness in this respect that history has ever seen was generated in concentration camps, prison camps, and through torture within the framework of political intolerance. Millions of lives have been completely destroyed in this context, and countless families totally disrupted.

The Queen of Heaven points to the fact that by systematic maltreatment She does not only mean maltreatment between human souls but also the countless instances of it the world has witnessed so far, in which it proceeds from human souls to the detriment of animals. In several writings, among others – yet certainly not only there – in The Brooklets of Salvation She emphatically referred to the tremendous influence from the treatment of animals upon the state of Light and darkness in the whole of creation. The fact that animals are not in the true sense of the word bearers of a ’soul' but of what is referred to by Mary as a 'vital principle', does in no way detract from the fact that in God’s eyes, maltreatment against an animal is in the true sense of the word a sin. The countless instances of maltreatment against animals in this world brings tremendous amounts of darkness down upon the world, for every act which is directed against a fellow creature – man or animal – and which is not filled with sincere Love serves the darkness and can darken certain channels within the network of creation. We must never forget the network of creation is not only composed of channels joining human beings, it also consists of billions of channels joining human beings with animals. Day after day all acts of maltreatment committed by human souls against a fellow creature of whatever nature fill the network of creation with billions of dark clouds, and vast amounts of Love and trust among creatures as well as towards God are shattered because of them.

Each life in this world is exposed to the suffering generated by the faults and flaws inherent to material life. It is a basic Christian virtue to help carry every fellow creature’s cross. In concrete terms this means that in God’s eyes the value of a man’s life is determined, among others, by the degree to what man has filled his relationships and contacts with all fellow creatures on his journey through life with a spontaneous, intentional and persistent practice of self-denying Love and service. Maltreatment does exactly the opposite: The human soul who maltreats a fellow creature makes the latter’s cross heavier or creates for the latter new crosses which were never intended by God. Consequently this fellow creature’s material life is needlessly made tougher than it was meant to be, and on top of it this fellow creatures’ confidence in its fellow creatures as well as its own experience of Love is put on trial fairly heavily and, in many cases, is largely or completely shattered.

8th cloud over God’s paradise – materialistic thinking

The human soul is sent into the world by God for the purpose of living a life in a physical body. This body has got needs, which must be satisfied if the body is to remain alive. As soon as man succumbs to the inclination to give in to physical needs in excess of the degree necessary to keep the body alive he is, in fact, already crossing the threshold to materialism. In the actual sense of the word, however, there is 'materialistic thinking' if man focuses all his thinking, his efforts and interests more on the material side of his life than on his spiritual life. Life in a physical body claims a major part of our attention because our bodies are exposed to a great many external influences, through the senses and from the stimuli proceeding from all physical processes. Yet life in the physical body is but a minute fraction when compared to the duration of the soul’s life. The soul is on earth for a life which is merely a transition to Eternal Life. Eternal Life is the stage of a soul’s life which begins after God has made the vital processes ooze out of the physical body in the hour of physical death.

The soul’s destination, the goal of her journey through life, therefore lies not in this life on earth but in the extension thereof after the body’s death. It is therefore a bad investment if the soul allows the major part of her thoughts, interests and efforts to be drawn to the interests inherent to life on earth. If man’s thoughts, interests and efforts are to a large extent geared to his life on earth he is neglecting the interests of the soul. Yet the main purpose for which God sends the soul into the world lies in the development of the higher spiritual faculties, which is tantamount to developing the soul into the image of God through a strict, unconditional and persistent concrete practice of the Law of true Love in all contacts and relations the soul maintains with all fellow creatures she encounters on her path through life, even in those cases where the contact is very brief and/or a one-off, and in all events, situations and circumstances of her life on earth.

The fact countless souls have been focusing their lives on the material aspects inherent to their bodies has brought inestimable amounts of darkness down upon creation. Materialistic thinking has yielded the most various fruits of darkness. Materialistic man lives in such a way as if all ends with this life on earth and that, consequently, he has got to get everything he possibly can out of this life as far as material goods are concerned: money, wealth, standing, status, prestige. This is how relentless competition, hate, envy, exploitation, pointless and wild mass production and innumerable others patterns of nonsensical behaviour and aspirations came into being, all of which try to tempt man into focusing on one thing only: reaching out for the top according to the standards of worldly thinking, which deviates quite a bit from the intentions and goals God has been harbouring for man from day one. The developments of materialism with its countless expressions tend to kill in man all Love for God, for creation, for his fellow man and for his non human fellow creatures. Society is being totally robbed of its spirit, its true ’soul'. God is being banned from the world and killed mercilessly in the hearts.

The seed of materialistic thinking has been multiplying itself in the world in countless forms, all of which have killed or maimed Love systematically in innumerable souls and have made God’s creation drift off very far from God’s original intentions. For instance, human society based on money gave birth to the world of advertising, which deceives and manipulates countless people and keeps creating any number of false (i.e. pseudo) needs. In a similar way materialism distorts creation by promoting drugs and other harmful substances on account of their yielding vast material gains. Materialistic thinking also defies the laws of nature and pushes people towards giving human goals priority over the decrees of Divine Providence. The ensuing imbalance in creation makes a powerful contributing factor in the birth of situations such as famine in certain parts of the world, among other things due to the exhaustion of soils and the exploitation of the population in certain areas.

This is exactly where the immense danger of materialistic thinking as the predominant way of facing reality lies: Love and Divine Intelligence and Wisdom have to make way for short-lived financial profits. This is all the less logical because, as the Mistress of all souls once phrased it, that which man perceives is merely a minor part of the fullness of reality. Nevertheless materialistic thinking seems to go on the assumption that the things man is able to perceive are actually all there is. This is exactly why a materialistic vision of life is an expression of narrow-mindedness and is incompatible with God as the Centre of all thinking, acting and aspiring. Materialism is like a chain with which countless souls are tied up and thereby prevented from living lives at the service of the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation.

9th cloud over God’s paradise – human thinking and human interests

God gave man the faculty to reason, as an auxiliary to add meaning to the things he perceives around him. This 'perceiving' as such can be coloured very differently depending on the attitude and inner disposition of the perceiving human. As long as a human soul seeks for the true purpose and meaning of her life in God and in her own role within the framework of the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans she will, in a manner of speaking, 'think the way God Himself thinks', in other words, she is then truly receptive to the inspirations from the Holy Spirit, and she will truly see and perceive her environment as a Work of God or at least as something for which God has a specific purpose or which may potentially serve His Works and Plans, provided she herself (the soul) lives a life of self-denial focused on God and on the accomplishment of His Works.

As soon as a soul begins to regard her environment as a whole which serves worldly purposes or which is to satisfy her own worldly needs her thinking is stained by elements of short-sightedness, ignorance and folly. As every soul has her own subjective environment, worldly thinking, too, can express itself in a great many different ways. This is how countless schools of thought and attitudes towards life come into being and how phrases like 'every man has his own truth' get coined. Whoever, in a world in which so many different ways of thinking are living side by side, tries to announce God’s one and only Truth, gets accused of impinging on the freedom of the vast crowds of people who are thinking differently. This is why announcing the true Christian ways of thinking has often been accused of limiting people’s freedom of thinking and acting, on account of the fact the rules of true Christianity mark boundaries wherever people are about to violate the Law of true Love.

From the most various angles of liberal thinking Christianity has been reproached for the fact the rules of virtue impose restrictions on the freedom of acting. A devastating consequence of this line of thinking was born in the shape of a widespread tendency to argue sin away: Ever less actions, patterns of behaviour, thoughts, feelings and aspirations are considered to be ’sinful'. Consequently even inside Christianity people are brought to a false sense of security as far as their soul’s state of grace is concerned. Things become very dangerous if people are discouraged from taking the Sacrament of Confession and the rules of a stainless respect for God, for Holy Mass and for the Sacraments seriously. Be aware that the Mistress of all souls also regards all expressions of modernism in the Church of Christ as veiled expressions of human – i.e. worldly – thinking.

The history of mankind has witnessed many philosophies which regard human thinking and human perception as the only sources of knowledge and wisdom and no longer allow for God and His Works to play any part. Human, worldly thinking is geared fully to the things of the world. Here we find materialism with its countless corollaries, among others egoism, greed for financial gain, deceit, relentless competition, all kinds of dishonesty. Many philosophies hardly allow for thoughts which are geared completely to the accomplishment of God’s interests.

If a great many people prefer human, worldly thinking (in other words: thinking which focuses on human, worldly interests, often specifically on personal interests) over thinking in accordance with Divine Intelligence and Wisdom major deviations from God’s intentions come into existence. These manifest themselves in many different fields. To name but two striking examples:

Natural healing methods and natural medicines are suppressed on a large scale by organizations which manufacture and distribute chemically prepared medicines in vast quantities. God made His Intelligence the working force in the laws of growth and bloom which govern nature and in the specific metabolism in every plant species, in every herb, in every flower, a metabolism which results in the production of substances of which a great many possess specific healing powers. These products of Divine Providence are sometimes disregarded, yet very frequently controverted rather harshly and discredited in favour of ’solutions' which are prepared as results of purely human reasoning and then promoted in vast quantities because their manufacture and distribution are organized on such a scale that they yield fortunes. Usefulness to mankind and to maintaining the harmony within creation and the harmony created by God in the bodies of man and animal is thus intentionally made subordinate to the aspiration for financial profits. In other words: Man – meant by God to be the crown of creation and the mirror of the dispositions of His own Heart – has been allowing creation to fall prey to the darkness for the purpose of pursuing the latter’s goals.

Moreover, through devious inspirations Satan has succeeded in silencing people’s consciousness on a large scale by having human laws issued which overtly approve of actions which, in God’s eyes, are actually abominations. An example with serious consequences for the accomplishment of God’s Plans and Works is abortion, an act which is legally allowed in many countries, which gives rise to people believing it can be performed without the slightest objection. The human soul’s conscience was programmed by God in such a way that, by nature, every soul is able to live in accordance with God’s Law. If a worldly law stipulates a certain act, which is not in accordance with Divine Law, can be performed without any penal sanctions attached, many people’s conscience with respect to this specific action can indeed be put at ease, so much so that the soul may implicitly assume this action is not only allowed by worldly authorities but also by God Himself. This way the world witnesses millions of sins and vices committed day after day without a soul being aware of the fact the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation is being severely thwarted and its completion deferred, all of which results in the misery, chaos and suffering in this world being prolonged and even further increased.

Human thinking is automatically imperfect because not one single human possesses the ability to know and understand reality in its fullness, nor to assess without fail the consequences of all his actions for the accomplishment of God’s Plans. Only God has got the faculty of seeing the fullness of reality in all its details. On top of this human interests are very different from God’s interests. God conceived His Plan of Salvation with a view to establishing His Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace on earth, and Divine Intelligence is able to guide all developments in the world in such a way the behaviour of all human souls together would actually be able to give birth to God’s Kingdom on earth. There is one proviso, however: all human souls should unconditionally and totally be geared to God’s Heart. Reality, however, is such that through the ages billions of human souls have been pursuing their own interests, which were fully associated with the worldly, material needs they believed they had and which therefore automatically differed – often to a very high degree – from God’s interests. In today’s world this process goes on unabatedly. This is why countless developments in this world have been drifting off from God’s visions and intentions to a very great extent. In the teaching entitled The Divine Judge sentenced the Mistress of all souls elaborated on this subject fairly extensively.

10th cloud over God’s paradise – criminal behaviour

Criminal behaviour is any way of behaving which is prohibited by penal law because it jeopardizes a society’s health (i.e. its secure functioning). The notion refers to behaviour which deviates from that which serves as the standard in society. In the spiritual sense behaviour jeopardizes a society’s health if it hampers or blocks the flow of Love among creatures. A great many elements of criminal behaviour are carriers of selfishness and possessiveness, in other words of elements inspired by materialistic thinking. The Queen of Heaven has been pointing out to what great extent materialistic thinking counteracts and slows down the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans.

Criminality is unfailingly in violation with God’s Law of true Love, as criminal behaviour aims at satisfying the perpetrator’s personal material needs or alleged needs and will in various ways always cause harm to the normal development of fellow creatures’ lives. People who become victims of criminality always experience the necessity to change the course of their lives in some way or another, so that their lives are no longer in accordance with Divine Providence. This is clearly the case, for instance, in victims of vandalism, theft, maltreatment, drug addiction, blackmail and many other types of criminal behaviour.

The appeal exerted by the darkness on souls is so great because the darkness always deludes the souls into expecting and pursuing an easy life, a life filled with pleasures. The forces of darkness entice souls through the temptations of money, possession, power, recognition and unbridled physical pleasures. The soul that gives in to these temptations ends up on the wrong tracks of vice and sin, e.g. criminal behaviour. Through the ages criminal behaviour has got the opportunity to inject unspeakable amounts of darkness into creation, due to the fact so many souls primarily, often even exclusively, expect their lives to yield worldly benefits. In a world in which all souls would live their lives only aiming for a perfect harmony with God’s Law of Love without letting themselves be blinded by the material temptations and deceptions from purely worldly influences and without allowing their conscience to be silenced by the erroneous thoughts of the world, which totally eclipse God’s Law, criminal behaviour would not get a chance to emerge, for in such a world God’s Law would rule and all hearts would whole-heartedly let themselves be inspired to pursue and harbour nothing but actions, thoughts, feelings and aspirations contributing to the completion of God’s Plans and Works.

Criminal behaviour not only yields darkness because of the nature of the actions themselves and because of the harm they cause, but also because of the feelings of insecurity they sow in many hearts, which can make Gd’s Presence in creation seem highly unlikely. A world which is widely ruled by feelings of insecurity because dark behaviour seems to rule daily life easily gives rise to the conviction that the world is a kingdom of darkness instead of a Work of God. In proportion as such conviction gets the opportunity to take root in ever more hearts mankind can increasingly fall prey to a general atmosphere which may strangle every motivation to do what is right and to experience Love in all details of life. As a result, the layer of darkness covering creation will grow thicker and many souls will get the impression that the resurrection of the Light is unobtainable.

Criminality is a behaviour of all times, because ever since the original sin man has constantly been influenced by inspirations from the darkness trying to make him serve the interests and plans of the evil one through every element of his life. This is why criminal behaviour is always about pursuing interests and goals which are not in accordance with the interests and goals of God. Criminal behaviour never contributes to maintaining or improving harmony within the network of creation: On various levels it will always cause harm to this network and to the flow of Love through this network.

11th cloud over God’s paradise – man as master of life and death

Orginally the human soul received from God both the mission and the ability to make His Presence felt by all creatures. As long as the original sin had not been committed the human soul was indeed able to preserve this ability. The latter was merely based on a perfect accordance between the perfectly pure soul’s disposition at heart and the disposition of God’s Heart, which is the disposition of true Love. The original sin caused a breach in the harmony between the human hearts and God’s Heart, because this sin had demonstrated the fact that the first human souls’ free will was no longer in line with God’s Will.

As long as man’s free will was in perfect accordance with God’s Will man would automatically be able to 'administer' creation the way God had intended him to. The only human soul who ever maintained this perfect accordance for the entire duration of her life on earth was the Holy Virgin Mary.

The lack of perfect and total accordance between the human souls’ free will and the Will of God is what makes the human soul unfit to be mistress of life and death, all the more so because man’s understanding of the intentions harboured by God regarding every single detail of the network of creation is but fragmentary. Nevertheless man has been making himself master of life and death ever since history began. In this respect the Queen of Heaven not only refers to murder in the general sense of the word, but also to various forms of actions which are permitted legally by many worldly governments and which have been causing serious harm to God’s Plans and Works, especially abortion, euthanasia and contraception.

Through abortion, euthanasia and contraception people are either torn away from life on earth before God’s time to end it has come or prevented from even beginning their life on earth, which God had foreseen and which therefore had a place in His Plan. On the basis of His infallible Wisdom God lays down the lifespan of every human soul on earth and provides for specific souls to live at specific points within the network of His creation. No man is able to imagine the magnitude of the imbalance arising when millions of people are torn away from life prematurely by euthanasia, and when the births of millions of others are prevented by abortion and contraception.

12th cloud over God’s paradise –
sacrileges and desecrations of Sacraments and Holy Masses

We can picture sacrilege as follows. 'Holy' means: invested with the ability to bring salvation upon creation. This ability is associated with a certain dignity. When this dignity gets defiled there is talk of sacrilege. This dignity gets defiled whenever a human soul envelops the 'holy' thing in darkness straight from the heart, by using it or dealing with it in ways that were not intended by God or that lack the respect a 'holy' thing is to be approached with.

The Holy Virgin once pointed out how much Light is generated by sincere glorification and tribute. Inversely, much darkness has been generated through the ages by human souls receiving Sacraments and attending Holy Masses in unworthy ways. The Sacraments are like points where God and the souls meet, and Holy Mass is an opportunity to commemorate the Christ’s Works of Redemption. Holy Mass acts as a powerful counterbalance for the darkness. If Holy Mass should disappear from the face of the earth altogether, the earth would soon irreversibly become the kingdom of Satan. We must never forget that the Christ’s Work of Redemption is the key which has opened the lock on the door leading to Eternal Bliss for the human souls. By attending the commemoration of the Sacrifice of Redemption the soul shows God her desire to become one at heart with the Works of Redemption wrought by the Man-God.

The modernized Church does not like this to be said, but by order of the Queen of Heaven I have to keep testifying of the truth which states that Heaven prefers Holy Communion to be received in the one and only form granting the fullness of the grace with which this Sacrament was invested: directly out of the priest’s hand onto the tongue, the receiver kneeling down whenever possible (if kneeling down is difficult physically, the receiver should kneel 'at heart', in other words in a disposition of sincere humility), and being fully aware of the fact one is about to meet God Himself, and therefore in a disposition of sincere Love and purity. Whereas purity is the disposition expressing the extent to which the soul is a mirror of God’s own heart and she is able to reflect God’s Light all over her surroundings, the soul should not even receive Holy Communion if she has not spoken a sincere confession right before Holy Mass – thus the Mother of God. The Holy Virgin emphasizes the fact that vast amounts of darkness have been brought upon creation by innumerable Holy Communions that were received in disrespectful ways. Moreover tremendous concessions were made to the darkness by celebrating abridged versions of Holy Mass, by omissions in the liturgy when compared to the old traditional version thereof, even by rephrasing traditional liturgical texts.

The Mother of God also points out that vast amounts of darkness generated by sins were not completely dispelled from creation due to the fact that a great many confessions never bore the fruits God had provided for them. The Sacrament of Confession was intended by God to replace darkness by Light because of a sincere reconciliation of the confessing soul with God and the sincere aspiration to persevere in avoiding to commit the violations henceforth. In the Advent of 2018 the Mistress of all souls inspired Her Ten Commandments for a truly holy Confession (published as theme nr. 3 in the menu item entitled Tribute to God’s Works). Within the framework of the present teaching Clouds over God’s Paradise She points to the fact that in very many confessions spoken through the ages some of the conditions contained in the aforementioned Ten Commandments were never met, thus preventing the conversion of darkness into Light as intended by God, and that, on top of this, the souls concerned remained completely or partially stuck in their darkness.

A great deal of darkness has kept oppressing creation due to the countless confessions that have remained incomplete because many souls lacked the spiritual depth to be able to recognize in themselves the most various 'hidden' violations against Divine Law. By 'hidden' violations the Queen of Heaven means the many faults, vices, imperfections and omissions committed by countless souls due to the fact their awareness about sin is very weakened. As such this has got many different causes, among others the atmosphere prevailing in many societies in which God’s Law is largely pushed into the background, as well as the tremendous influence of materialistic thinking. Moreover for any number of reasons many souls appear not to be able to examine themselves openly and honestly and to recognize and acknowledge their own faults, and in certain cases they also appear not to be willing to transform their patterns of life and their habits so as to achieve a greater harmony with God’s Law. The Holy Virgin points to the fact billions of sins – not seldom serious ones – were never confessed due to the fact the perpetrator failed to become aware – even did not want to become aware – of the fact the violations were actually sins. In this respect Mary refers to countless negative and dark reactions and dispositions in the hearts of human souls towards fellow creatures, which negative and dark reactions and dispositions were never confessed. Such reactions and dispositions are part of cloud nr. 15 in the present teaching.

The Mother of God also emphasizes that many sacramental confessions have generated but little Light, if any at all, on account of the fact they were spoken for selfish purposes, i.e. with a view to being delivered from guilt which might potentially prevent the soul from entering into Eternal Bliss. The fullness of the Light proceeds only from a confession to the extent to which the latter was spoken with the main intention of embracing the insulted God with the Love of a sincere desire to perfectly abide by His Law and to help repair the damage caused to the network of creation by honestly loathing the fact one has failed to perfectly honour God’s Law of true Love.

Within the framework of this twelfth cloud reference should also be made to the direct enhancement of the darkness generated by the celebration of black masses and other rituals in honour and veneration of Satan. Such masses and rituals constitute a direct antithesis to the adoration and glorification of God, and give a clear signal to God indicating that certain human souls, although intended by Him to be members of mankind as 'crown on creation', directly repudiate and deny their God, Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier, and adamantly reject His Love and His Works which aim at the establishment of His Kingdom of Love and Peace on earth and at the completion of individual Eternal Bliss. Souls who succumb to the inspiration to participate in satanic veneration are unequivocally saying to God they do not set store by the things which can and want to expel the misery, chaos, suffering and injustice from this world.

Mankind was promised the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, a Kingdom of perfect true Love and perfect Peace among and within all creatures. This establishment is to be rung in by the Triumph of the Woman, who in that hour is going to crush the infernal serpent’s head under Her foot. As God will not impose anything to man He expects as many souls as possible to surrender to the Woman in total lifelong consecration, in order for His promise to be fulfilled. These souls totally consecrated to the Woman are to sincerely and adamantly deliver to Her the works of the darkness, in order that She may be able to render these works totally ineffective as a clear sign to the evil one that his rule over the world, which was a Work of God from the outset, is over. The Sacraments as points where God and the souls meet, and the Holy Masses as an overt tribute to the Works of Redemption wrought by Christ as the Man-God, were given to man as powerful weapons to render the darkness ineffective and actively assist in the preparation of the establishment of God’s Kingdom. To the extent to which these weapons are rejected the final victory of Eternal Love will be deferred. It is up to us, human souls: Do we want a world of true Love and perfect Peace inside ourselves as well as among all creatures, or do we want the present world filled with misery, chaos, suffering and injustice to go on developing in the same direction because not the Light but the darkness is allowed to work the buttons?

The darkness can soon be broken for good in this world, but to do this it takes as many human souls as possible to give an unequivocal sign to God that mankind is unconditionally taking sides with Him.

13th cloud over God’s paradise – extinction of animal species

God created all animal species as well as all species of plants, trees and flowers in order that the human soul that was intended to be the crown on creation might rejoice over the extraordinary, inconceivable diversity characterizing the paradise He had made for her with a view to enabling her to live in a world which would be a reflection of the Paradise of the Heavens. The tremendous diversity of the Garden of Eden expressed the Creator’s unimaginable Love. Many millions of forms of life inhabited the earth. Science estimates the current number of animal species on earth to amount to nearly two million. Year after year thousands of species are 'discovered', which are then given names for the first time. However, it was established that through the ages many thousands of animal species which used to exist have vanished altogether. In this respect the Queen of Heaven points out the following:

God had made His creation with an absolutely perfect harmony ruling among all forms of life. The perfect nature of this harmony was guaranteed by the Law of true Love, which saw to it that Divine Life got the opportunity to flow out of God’s Heart through the entire network of creation without any restraint. Due to the original sin committed by the first human souls the Law of true Love was no longer able to run its course flawlessly, and a first imbalance arose in creation. Due to all subsequent sins committed by human souls (Cain’s killing of his brother Abel, etcetera...) the imbalance grew greater and greater. This imbalance had devastating effects on the harmony among all creatures as well as on the vital strength of the network as a whole. Contrary to the purely biological view the Holy Virgin states that many animal species disappeared from the face of the earth due to direct and indirect effects of the increasing impurity of the human souls:

By direct effect She means the direct weakening of the vital strength in many channels of the network of creation due to the fact many junctions in the network (the human souls) lost a great deal of their ability to let the force of Life flow freely. By indirect effect She means the imbalances which have arisen in nature on account of this influence from the ever growing impurity of human souls, which affected the animal kingdom to an unfathomable extent, thus also contributing to the gradual extinction of many animal species because the latter were no longer enabled to live in an environment that was fit for them (an environment destined for them by God Himself).

However, yet another abomination features among the direct effects: the extinction of many animal species by direct actions from man, by large-scale hunting, poaching and the likes, motivated by the aspiration to gather wealth. Well-known is the hunt for rhinos because of their horns, and for elephants because of their ivory tusks. Man, who was intended to be the crown on God’s creation, is systematically exterminating fellow creatures for purely materialistic purposes, in other words: Love is killed for the sake of money. However, God had a plan for every single animal species. All forms of life together make a perfect system. Every time a specific form of life is exterminated it is torn out of the network of creation altogether, which is a network composed of flows of Love. The killing of every single being means extinguishing a junction in this network. Under normal natural circumstances every single animal, just like every single human being, dies in God’s time, i.e. exactly in the hour provided by Divine Wisdom. In reality, however, a great many animals do not die a natural death in the hour provided for by God, but are killed by direct human intervention. Killing individual animals can already disrupt the network of creation. Exterminating entire species goes way further: In the latter case we are dealing with a disruption of the entire system to an extent never intended by God. In this case a purely materialistic human intervention devoid of Love prevents Divine Intelligence from producing its full effects in creation, thus preventing God from allowing the power of His perfect Love to produce its full effects towards maintaining and improving creation as a visible Work of God.

Science keeps trying to explain all things by natural influences, yet overlooks one tremendous major factor which is not perceptible by the senses and can therefore never be calculated, yet constitutes an indisputable reality: the sins committed by the human souls. It is also sin that was responsible for major climatic changes in creation. The Mother of God emphatically states that God had meant the world to be a paradisical system in perfect harmony and balance. A perfectly balanced system does not 'need' any major fluctuations in an endeavour to find a new equilibrium...

In certain respects the explanations given by the Queen of Heaven are in no way in accordance with the views which are in force in biology, archaeology etcetera. I proclaim Her theses in all objectivity because She emphatically tells me to. With my entire being and my entire life I bear testimony to the fact they express the Truth in the words She teaches me.

Heaven deeply regrets that the human soul, in whom God had put so much trust, has been denying true Love to such an extent – and keeps doing so unabatedly – that she was able to give preference to short-lived material needs she believes she has, such as the unbridled hunt for material gain, over true Love, which God wanted to express through the vast diversity of His creation with all forms of life, and that she would do so in the most callous ways. Sometimes man 'justifies' his urge to kill animals by referring to the 'aggressiveness' displayed by some animals. The Holy Virgin emphasizes that not one single animal species used to be aggressive: In the Garden of Eden all forms of life lived in perfect mutual harmony, in a way similar to the description rendered by the prophet Isaiah with reference to the messianic age, the state creation will be in when God’s Kingdom will be established on earth for good. Heaven wants to take creation back to the atmosphere which ruled the Garden of Eden: a life of perfect harmony among all forms of life based on the perfect practice of the Law of true Love. This Law was severely violated by the original sin, and all forms of life became victims of this violation.

The Mother of God emphatically states that the human soul is responsible for all derailments in creation. How are we to imagine this? God made His creation to be a network in which all living creatures are the junctions and all relations between the various living being the channels linking one junction with another. Everything is linked with everything, therefore all elements influence one another mutually. The greatest junctions in the network are the human souls. God incessantly sends His flows of Love (which are bearers of Life) through the whole system and sends them in the first place through the biggest junctions, the human souls, so as to be distributed from there to the other, smaller junctions (among others, the animals). For the human souls this creates a major responsibility, for in a manner of speaking they constitute the first 'filters' in the network. The reason why the human souls are the junctions which receive the first and biggest flows of Life, lies in the fact the human souls are the only direct actors in the development of God’s Plan of Salvation. All non human living beings are the indirect actors: They play their parts within God’s Plan of Salvation primarily through the way in which human souls deal with them. This is exactly why all creatures are so important within creation: Their presence plays a part in the billions of times when all human beings in the world deal with their non human fellow creatures every single day, and react to their presence and/or to their behaviour. Dealing with, and reacting to, one’s fellow creatures happens against the background of various dispositions of the heart, which determine the degree of purity of the various human souls in the eyes of God.

To the extent to which these first 'filters' (the human souls) are very receptive and function impeccably, God’s Love will keep flowing steadily towards the smaller junctions. The greater the number of big junctions (human souls) that are 'clogged' (darkened) the more the smaller junctions (in the first place the animal kingdom, besides all other elements of nature) will suffer from a perturbed influx of Life. This is how we are to imagine the meaning of Mary’s words where She says that the human souls’ sins are the prime responsible factor for the disruptions of creation: imbalances in nature, even in the climate. Sometimes you can hear people say 'the elements (nature) are turning against man'. This saying can very well be understood against the background of the explanations given by the Holy Virgin: The inconceivably vast amount of violations committed by human souls against God’s Law of true Love causes terrible shocks within the network of creation, which, among other things, give rise to serious atmospheric disruptions and natural catastrophes. The Queen of Heaven has been pointing out abundantly that all of this is not in the first place to be regarded as effects of physical laws but as the effects of spiritual laws.

As long as Love would flow through creation normally, everything would work exactly in accordance with God’s original intentions: A flawless flow of true Love in all human souls would result in a flawless flow of true vital strength towards all other junctions in the network of creation. All animals and all other components of nature would be able to assimilate the fullness of vital strength from God’s Heart (the force of true Love), resulting in a situation in which all living beings would live in perfect harmony among one another. A flawless flow of Love means being perfectly free of sin, and therefore the absence of aggression and of feeling of discord, hate, any urge to fight, any tendency to attack or kill. As early as in the book entitled The Brooklets of Salvation the Mistress of all souls inspired the thesis that aggression in the animal kingdom was aroused by the original sin and the subsequent sins committed by the human souls.

It is an utter disgrace that many human souls (who were granted by God the ability to reflect the dispositions of His own Heart, i.e. perfect self-denying Love!) should rather regard the animals, for which they bear such great responsibility, as objects and/or as potential merchandise than as living beings that God has provided with feelings, with a species-specific intelligence, with a series of capacities which also bear the mark of their Creator (God), and especially beings that God made out of Love and for the purpose of playing specific roles in the process of the spiritual perfection of the human soul. Every individual animal is a junction within the network of creation and, as such, constitutes an embodiment of elements of God’s Love. A human soul that kills animals will be judged by God on the basis of the disposition of her heart and of the intention underlying the act. According to the Holy Virgin every single day God judges many such cases as violations against Love and therefore as nothing short of sin. Man usually disregards this, which is why it is only very rarely confessed. Therefore, on a daily basis this context is a source from which countless clouds of dark dispositions are injected by human hearts into the network of creation.

The original sin was the first major serious offence against God’s Law of Love. Every subsequent sin enhanced the violation. Animals cannot sin, only the human soul sins. Sin is most intimately linked with every deviation from Love. Wherever sin takes root selfishness, the urge to compete, aggression, even the urge to kill arise. True Love is Life, sin breeds death, and even offsets the inhibition to kill. Whoever truly loves will not kill. The fact animals can be aggressive is due to the human souls’ sinfulness, for God did not create one single animal with aggressive tendencies. The fact man has been proving capable of completely exterminating animal species and thereby completely repudiating so many Works of Love wrought by his Creator and disrupting His Work of Creation to such great extent is one of the greatest conceivable instances of man offending his Creator, and it is also one of the least known and recognized instances. The darkness this has called down upon creation is beyond expression.

14th cloud over God’s paradise – pollution and disruption of ecosystems

An ecosystem is the community of all plants and animals cohabiting in a specific area or habitat, along with all complex interactions and relationships between them and their environment. In fact God has provided a great many separate ecosystems as parts of the big whole that is called creation, each of these ecosystems depending on specific physical and climatological conditions which can be very different. As long as all components of creation would function and interact flawlessly in accordance with God’s Law and His Intelligence every ecosystem would constitute a perfectly harmonious whole within which all relations would be built in perfect accordance with the Law of Love. All things life and death would be governed exclusively by Divine Law and Divine Providence. However, there is a major disturbing factor: Of all creatures it was the human soul, which God had provided as the crown upon creation and which, through a stainlessly holy disposition, could have been a mirror of God’s Heart, which, through committing the original sin, caused a breach in the flow of Divine Life through creation.

Originally, the way God provided it to be, an ecosystem is a system in which all components and their behaviour and needs are perfectly dovetailed and to which every component makes its own specific contributions in the most sensible way possible, due to the fact the Intelligence working in God’s laws of growth and bloom is enabled to produce its full effects both inside every individual component and mutually among one another. As demonstrated before (in Cloud nr. 13) the original sin committed by the first human souls gave rise to the first derailments in nature. Further derailments came about on account of subsequent sins committed by humans. There are yet other ways through which man constitutes a major threat to the various ecosystems:

The materialistic view of the world and life found the rapid succession of technological and scientific discoveries and developments to be as many invitations to industrialize entire societies. Industry soon gave rise to pollution, depletion of soils and raw materials, the replacement of green areas by traffic roads and built-up areas, and consequently the disruption of many ecosystems all over the world. Animals are expelled from their natural habitats by deforestation and noise pollution, plants and trees are sacrificed to major industrial exploitation, etcetera. The consequences can best be imagined if one realizes that every ecosystem is built as a network of thousands, often millions of junctions with millions of mutual connections. If such an ecosystem is partly disrupted or damaged by industrial exploitations or by deforestation many of the junctions are torn out of the system and many mutual connections are brutally destroyed. Divine Intelligence is no longer able to produce its effects in accordance with Divine Providence, and the system is disrupted, poisoned, weakened, and may eventually be facing death. This is what we are seeing happening in this world on a large scale: Certain areas are transformed into wasteland, with soils which are thoroughly poisoned and hardly contain any life. God never intended any area to become like that. God is life, and He does not create anything but life in its fullness. A wasteland with poisoned soils is a symptom of death.

As little as a few centuries ago the overall vegetated area in the world (virgin forests and other natural areas) amounted to several times the total green zone area in our times. Moreover industrialization has been severely polluting soils, waters and air, as a consequence of which nearly all ecosystems on the planet are now being threatened massively by many unintended chemical reactions, leading to even greater disruption. Certain sources of this disruption are insidious and barely traceable, for instance radioactivity.

The Mother of God points to a special additional consequence resulting from the disruption of nearly all ecosystems in the world: God provided for His creation contain many thousands of plants, flowers and trees which, on the basis of specific species-characteristic metabolisms, are endowed with the ability to produce substances that display healing powers for the treatment of human and animal suffering. In order for these plants, flowers and trees to be able to develop these healing powers they must get the opportunity to grow in soils, near waters and under skies which are in harmony with God’s laws of growth and bloom. Disrupted and polluted ecosystems make it increasingly harder for these conditions to be met. Also in this respect giant gifts of Divine Love are destroyed by the human soul. This destruction is emphasized even further through direct human interference based on economic and political regimes which influence and manipulate in different ways the use and protection of purely natural medicines and the 'raw materials' of which they consist. This is another source from which, especially in the course of the last few centuries, tremendous amounts of darkness have been brought down upon creation.

Through the large-scale pollution of land, water and air and the disruption of many ecosystems man has been showing to God that he sets much greater store by short-lived material profits for the satisfaction of worldly needs (which he thinks he has) than by Divine Love. The beauty of a flawlessly functioning ecosystem does not yield any profits and seems uninteresting for souls who appear to have lost all connection with the Heart of God. Whoever opens his heart to God’s Presence when walking through nature can learn to feel God’s vicinity in the form of a delight which can grow into an experience which is able to show him the real treasures of life. However, through the ages man has been further and further disrupting creation and robbing it of countless marvels, and he – who was intended to be the crown upon creation! – has been making himself the greatest enemy of creation, and thereby the greatest enemy of the most encompassing Work made by the God of Eternal Love. Thus the human soul becomes a threat to God’s Works of Love and is feared by animals as if he were not a mirror of God’s Presence, but of the darkness. In a way very similar to what the human soul has being doing to the animal kingdom this, too, is one of the major insults man has ever inflicted upon his Creator. Man has allowed the world to drift off very far from the image God had in mind for His creation, and is guilty of creation no longer being governed by the Law of true Love but by the laws of worldly interests and transient needs, all of this to the detriment of the animal kingdom and the ecosystems, in which God unfolded the unparalleled diversity of His Love.

15th cloud over God’s paradise – negative and dark reactions

The fifteenth cloud is probably the one which remains the most hidden, yet it is definitely not the one with the least impact on the whole of creation. There is no way of telling how much darkness has been brought upon creation through the ages by all kinds of reactions to events, situations, circumstances, developments and fellow people – or generally speaking: fellow creatures – through which or through whom people have, or feel like they have, experienced harm, suffering or damage. In the first place these reactions contain elements of hate, jealousy, resentment, cursing, malediction, lack of forgiveness, refusing to reconcile, and general dissatisfaction which has been darkening the soul’s entire spiritual life.

Innumerable souls harbour dispositions of dissatisfaction, which can surface in any number of ways. To a great extent this dissatisfaction is born in the experience of a yawning chasm between that which God expects of the soul on the one hand, and the soul’s own expectations and visions on the other. Through the ages this chasm existed in billions of souls, due to the fact their hearts and their goals were/are insufficiently geared to God and to accomplishing His Works and Plans, yet on the contrary were/are mainly geared to pursuing worldly interests. The soul’s conscience warns about the occurrence and the maintaining of this lack of accordance between that which the soul expects of her life and that which God expects of it. The soul’s conscience is the regulatory mechanism which is constantly trying to keep the soul on track as to complying with God’s Law and His expectations, and which is constantly trying to remind the soul of her mission in life, her true vocation, which is the purpose for which she was actually sent into the world.

In the course of the centuries a great many souls' conscience has been living in a constant state of alert. A soul experiences such a state as an inner restlessness, which very often gives rise to feelings of dissatisfaction. Very often this dissatisfaction is taken out on fellow creatures: The dissatisfied soul tends to maltreat her fellow creatures or to harbour bad feelings towards them, because she often feels cheated and discriminated against by God. She refers to all kinds of signs she believes she sees during her contacts with fellow creatures as foundations for the assumption that these fellow creatures are experiencing a happiness God has been depriving her of. As her heart is not entirely focused on God this will soon result in jealousy and subsequently in the tendency to compensate this 'injustice' by all kinds of feelings and reactions directed against the well-being of fellow creatures. The fact the well-being experienced or allegedly experienced by fellow creatures is able to sting a soul already indicates this soul is harbouring selfish dispositions, a deep-rooted tendency to claim for herself everything she regards as good or agreeable, and to even demand from God that He should reserve this good or agreeable thing for her alone. This is why all of this is well and truly about feelings and reactions which inject darkness into the network of creation. The Holy Virgin points out emphatically that, on a global scale, this occurs millions of times day after day.

The human soul was created by God to lead a life in His image. In concrete terms this means that the human soul is supposed to practice a true self-denying Love in all details of her life, both towards all her fellow creatures and towards God and all of His Works. Besides the human soul was created with the ability to make her free will perfectly merge with the Will of God. This automatically means a spontaneous, active, deliberate, loving, unconditional and persistent acceptance of all events, situations, circumstances and developments of life, and of all characteristics typical of fellow creatures. This means that everything and every fellow creature is regarded and accepted unconditionally as a Work of Divine Providence. This also means that the soul accepts unconditionally that every creature possesses and receives that which God regards as necessary for this creature to be able to fulfil its mission in life as perfectly in accordance with His Plan of Salvation as possible.

A soul who lives unconditionally on the basis of such disposition will never feel discriminated against in comparison with another creature, and will never blame either God or any fellow creature for any differences she notices exist between this fellow creature and herself. A soul who is focused entirely on God’s needs instead on satisfying her own needs or the needs she thinks she has, will be much less prone to falling for the temptation of feeling deprived and will therefore less easily allow dark reactions against her fellow creatures to be born inside of her. As a matter of fact this soul is not primarily living for her own benefit, but as a tool for the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans. As, on top of this, she is convinced that God’s Wisdom is infallible and His Love for all creatures is indivisible and perfect, she feels absolutely certain that everything is well and useful for God’s Plans to the extent she collaborates with God whole-heartedly.

A soul who reacts to her environment in a way which even slightly deviates from the Law of true Love is in violation of God’s Law and is in a way repeating the disposition harboured by the fallen angels under Lucifer, who rebelled against a Divine Decree. Dispositions such as jealousy, resentment, revenge and inner lack of Peace in all its forms, essentially grow on a lack of acceptance of God’s expectations towards one’s own life, and therefore on a state of rebellion against God’s Law.

In the course of the centuries billions of negative reactions from human hearts have been causing dark clouds to rise over creation. A great many of these dispositions were never recognized as sinful by the souls concerned. These dispositions are sinful because they are bearers of seeds from which many sorts of ill weeds of vices and all kinds of violations against God’s Decrees emerge. Through the ages innumerable spiritual gardens were overrun by ill weeds, which were not recognized as sinful due to the fact that, to eyes which tend not to look any deeper than the surface of things, it would seem there still were flowers. These flowers appearing on the ill weeds are mere expressions of self-deception, self-delusion, and therefore very often of deception and delusion of fellow people. Self-delusion is but rarely recognized as a source of darkness.

Countless are the souls who, in the course of time, surrendered to the darkness to such an extent as to become bridges of darkness under innumerable circumstances and in innumerable contacts with fellow creatures. No doubt the fifteenth cloud over God’s Paradise is one of those which are the least easily recognized as dark clouds. To a great extent this has got to do with the fact that, rather often, negative and dark dispositions and reactions inside the heart not only remain hidden (i.e. go unnoticed) to the soul concerned, but do not even become visible while they are producing their effects against their fellow creatures. The Heavenly Mistress has us point out an example which is hardly known in modern Christianity, and is not even take seriously by many souls: malediction.

The Queen of Heaven defies malediction as the effect generated by dark dispositions at heart, through which a human soul wishes darkness upon a fellow creature, an object, an event or a situation and she desires ardently that this fellow creature, object, event or situation may be delivered to the spheres of power of the darkness, all of this with the intention and the desire that the cursed object or being may fall prey to adversities, suffering, destruction and/or death. Basically a cursing soul desires that that which she curses might fall prey to the devil, in other words she actually desires that all and any aspects of the life of the fellow creature she curses might be controlled and ruled by the darkness. Thus the cursing soul transforms herself directly into a bridge across which Satan is enabled to go to the cursed thing or living being using the shortest possible path. If we bear in mind the darkness has got but one single goal, i.e. to harm and damage so severely that it might possibly result in destruction and death, it becomes clear that malediction is nothing less than attempted murder from the most concealed corners of the heart. This crime goes unnoticed by human criminal law, but – thus a formal explanation given by the Queen of Heaven – under God’s Law it is nothing short of a deadly sin, due to the fact that, in the very depths of her heart, the cursing soul desires that the object of her malediction may be eliminated and/or may be delivered to the unlimited control from the darkness, or that it may be cut loose from God’s protection, Light and Love, which will automatically expose it to the threats of suffering, destruction and death.

Therefore, in God’s eyes malediction is one of the most serious assaults against God’s Works, as this sin finds its origin in a lack of satisfaction and acceptance (and therefore in rebellion against God’s Decrees), which results in desiring that the fate of that which is cursed may be unrestrainedly put into the hands of the darkness, and which is fully geared to eliminating that which is cursed. Moreover all of this is done on the basis of a full-fledged deception, for in the hidden parts of her heart the cursing soul surrenders unrestrainedly to reactions of which she is well aware that, if she should produce them quite overtly, they would give rise to persecution under criminal law. God, however, who is like a perfect X-ray device able to see right through anything, registers malevolent dispositions of the heart as just as dark as crimes which can be discovered by worldly justice. What is more: Seriously dark dispositions which are maintained in the very depth of one’s heart are judged by God as being dispositions generating deliberate deception, both towards the fellow creature and towards God Himself.

Final consideration

The Queen of Heaven has been pointing out that all darkness generated by mankind through the ages can, even today, still be evened out in its effects by sincerely consecrating it to Her. The whole of the fifteen clouds over God’s Paradise as inspired by the Mother of God in the present teaching has been enabling the infamous adversary of God’s Works and Plans to gain countless victories. The latter can, even now, still be transformed into pseudo victories, provided as many human souls as possible lay this darkness into the Holy Virgin Mary’s hands from the very bottom of their hearts. The Holy Virgin can still enwrap all of this in the unlimited transformative power of Her perfect Love. This consecration is part of the all-encompassing mission in life for every soul who sincerely consecrates herself to Mary and, in so doing, deliberately, actively and voluntarily becomes a soldier in the never ending battle of the Light against the darkness. Such consecration can be initiated, for instance, on the basis of prayer nr. 1471 (Storm prayer in reparation for the most oppressing darkness throughout the history of mankind), yet it must in the first place be practiced in all details of everyday life, by harbouring the sincere and overarching aspiration that God’s Law of true Love might rule everything and be victorious in everything.

The soul who is truly consecrated to Mary is a soul who voluntarily, unconditionally and persistently partakes in the battle against the darkness, but who does not wage this battle but lives it. This means this soul spontaneously lives from a heart which is totally and in every detail of life geared to the fulfilment of God’s Plans with the whole of creation (the completion of the Plan of Salvation, which eventually aims at nothing else but the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth). Thereby in every possible respect she spontaneously lives in such a way as to be a flawlessly functioning channel through which God’s Light and Love is enabled to flow towards all her fellow creatures. Therefore this soul fully lives for self-denying Love, she is a living glorification to God’s Love, and she spontaneously abhors everything which might serve as food for the darkness to accomplish its works of chaos, suffering and destruction. The soul who lives like this does not contribute to the clouds of darkness further oppressing creation, on the contrary she does her utmost to be a mirror that is as spotless as possible and reflects God’s Light upon her entire environment. This aspiration not only marks the mission in life pursued by the soul consecrated to Mary, it should be recognized and practiced as a basic mission inherent to being a Christian. There is no other way leading to the Heart of Christ, the Redeemer of mankind from the effects of the darkness.

Myriam, Lenten season 2019
(date of completion of the original version in Myriam’s mother tongue)