Important preliminary observation: The teachings concerning the strategies deployed by the darkness in its endeavours to distort God’s Works and Plans and to defile and counteract the souls on their journey towards their Eternal Destination with God are among the core themes constituting the very essence of the sublime Mission pursued by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mistress of all souls. Therefore the Queen of Heaven emphatically invites the souls to be aware of, and reflect on, the deep connection between the following writings on this website:



About the flowering of unwithering happiness

Basic Teaching by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to all souls –
through awakening to true happiness

Myriam van Nazareth

In the beginning was only God. Because God consists of nothing but Love, He wanted to create life outside Himself, for He craved for His Love to flow and to return to Him from the outside, in an eternal cycle which would give Him the utmost joy. Only living creatures have got the ability to let Love flow, since the true essence, the fuel of Life is Divine Love. Thus God created the angels, and endowed them with His perfectly holy Love, which enabled them to maintain true Divine Life. Thus the heavens were populated with a perfect chain of Light. Light is God’s state of being, a state composed of His perfect wisdom and the ability to maintain life in perfect Divine Love. Light is the ability to see all things as they really are. For the created souls it is therefore also the ability to see themselves as they really are with respect to God. Light is thereby also the ability to maintain Love in a holy state. Truly holy Love is the disposition which enables the soul to recognize God as the only Source of all Life, and therefore to place Him above all, including oneself, and to gear all actions, all thoughts and all desires to Him, that is: to gear everything that goes on within the own soul and all that flows out of it, exclusively to the achievement of Gods intentions.

One day God proclaimed His intention to create the earth, which He wanted to populate, among others, with man, a being which would be endowed with great holiness and would represent God and His Love on earth. God shared His intention with the angels.

Lucifer, the highest-ranking among the angels, started to put his own desires above God’s. He started to love himself more than he loved God. Because of this frame of mind his heart lost its pure connection with God’s Heart. Thus Lucifer cut himself loose from the perfect flows of Divine Love, and in so doing he gradually lost Divine Life. As a result, he was no longer able to allow Divine Love to flow from his heart to the other angels. This obstacle in the flow of the force of Divine Life weakened the entire chain of Light. Lucifer was envious of man, who in God’s eyes was to play such an important part within creation, and he rebelled against God, and drew many angels with him. On account of several acts of disobedience demonstrated by these rebellious angels against God’s Plans, they were banned from heaven, and henceforth they were to be called devils or demons.

God created the first man, gave him the first woman, and brought them together in the closest of bonds. They were to rule over creation on earth, and to let God’s holiness flow over the earth in the cycle of perfect Love, to which the first couple of humans was now admitted. God made a covenant with them, that they would experience all delights of Divine Life, yet in exchange they were to live in strict obedience to Gods rules. Lucifer, who with his entire following had been banned from heaven and would henceforth be called Satan, had sworn to take revenge for their rejection from celestial glory and to fight God and His Plans and Works throughout the ages, and he swore he was going to subject the earth to his rule. He whispered the temptation of disobedience against one of God’s prescriptions into the heart of the first woman, Eve, who in her turn seduced her man, Adam. Thus the first human souls committed the original sin. The consequences of this violation would like a heritage be transferred to all souls who would live on earth after Adam and Eve. The sacred covenant with God was broken. By virtue of a divine law, anything any soul does, affects the whole of creation on earth. Therefore, by virtue of this divine law, each human soul after Adam and Eve should aim at achieving two goals in life:

1) through life on earth the soul should acquire her own holiness (which both first souls had been given);

2) moreover, through a life of a certain duration on earth the soul would have to contribute to the realisation of God’s Plan, and each soul would after her life on earth be subjected to a judgment according to the extent to which she had contributed to this realization or had omitted to do so. This judgment would also decide on the soul’s eternal life.

Behold, then, the goal of each human life on earth: each soul is on earth for the purpose of contributing to the achievement of the great Plan of God. What does this Divine Plan aim at? From the very beginning God wanted each human soul to achieve, during earthly life, a state of perfect salvation (holiness), that is: a state of perfect unity with God’s Law and God’s Will, a state of unviolated divine life force, so as to be able to admit the soul to life in heaven. This would mean that the soul was to lead her life on earth in a disposition enabling an unhampered flow of Divine Love and Divine Life. This intention is called the Divine Plan of Salvation. The achievement of this Plan of Salvation would mean that God would be enabled to establish His Kingdom on earth: thereby the earth would truly become part of the Kingdom of perfect Peace and perfect bliss, just as it exists in heaven.

The original sin blocked the way to holiness for the human soul. God predicted that man’s life on earth would be hard. Although up to this day souls tend to consider this decree to be a punishment, God concealed in it His Masterplan of Love: through a holy way of dealing with all suffering, trials and burdens the human soul was to reconquer her original state of holiness and to help establish God’s Kingdom on earth. This is the true meaning of life on earth.

Thus, all souls were to collaborate in establishing God’s Kingdom on earth, and to reconcile completely with God. However, Satan had not forgotten his oath of devastation, and started sowing a true terror of the most various temptations into the hearts. The human souls grew more numerous, and sin grew accordingly. On account of the original sin and of the souls’ inability to let true Love flow, the force of Divine Life within souls grew so weak, that man lost the ability to perceive in his heart God’s existence and His Works, as well as to understand the meaning of his own life on earth. Love got increasingly contaminated, and sinfulness kept growing faster and faster, for any sin is committed only in a moment of feeble love for God.

Each and every Divine Decree remains in force until it is fulfilled. Even before the creation of man the Creator ordained that His Son Jesus Christ would incarnate at some point in the history of salvation, with a view to uniting with human nature and to admitting the human soul completely to Divine Life. To this end, God would create a Woman, Mary, whom He would liberate entirely from the consequences of the original sin, so that She might be able to bear the Son of God in Her womb in a state of perfect holiness. Mary, the Mother of God’s Son, would therefore be born as the Immaculate Conception.

Since mankind as such clearly was not able to lead God’s Plan to its achievement, God decided that the Incarnation of His Son would serve a very specific purpose: Jesus Christ would, through a life in perfect holiness and by preaching God’s Law, teach mankind how to reconcile with God. Moreover, through the stainless sacrifice of an unparalleled suffering in body, heart, spirit and soul He would redeem the debt of mankind towards Divine Justice to such a great extent that a new foundation of coexistence between God and His souls could be laid: the New and Everlasting Covenant. This redemption of debts toward Divine Justice is called the Redemption of human souls: on account of the excessive sinfulness and the inability to repair sins by its own efforts, the human soul after the original sin was separated from God indefinitely. Through God’s intervention in Jesus Christ as Saviour the gate to eternal bliss was again unlocked.

The New Covenant made it possible again to enter heaven. To God, the New Covenant was a new path to the foundation of His Kingdom on earth. The original Law was still in force: the only sense of each human life was still the soul’s contribution to the achievement of this great Divine Plan, AND the achievement of her own sanctity. This means that each soul is to bring Redemption to fruition in her own life. God makes a demand to each soul: the soul is granted one life on earth, with a duration that is only known to God and that is set by Divine Wisdom on the basis of the task the soul is to accomplish during her life on earth, according to God’s Plan. Before the end of her lifetime on earth the soul is to aim for the maximum fruitfulness to achieve the goal to which she is called (the specific task the soul is to complete within God’s Plan of Salvation). The soul can only achieve this maximum fruitfulness by uniting herself completely with God’s Will and God’s Laws. The way has been demonstrated by God’s Son Jesus Christ, and by the Helper whom Jesus had promised to souls: the Holy Spirit. The great heritage of a life in full fruitfulness would be: a high degree of happiness even on earth, and eternal bliss thereafter.

So what is the soul to do in order to lead a truly meaningful life? Each soul is to complete three main tasks:

  1. The soul is to discover her true vocation, in order to be able to live her life really geared to her goal. This means the soul must reflect upon the question: what is my specific task within the whole of God’s Works? Your vocation has not got anything to do with the occupation you exercise in this life, it is the task God has given you as a contribution to the achievement of His Plan. Your true vocation was laid in your heart by God. You can find it there, provided you give priority to God over anything else in your life. The soul that remains attached to worldly things will be hampered by the perception of all things around her, to discover her true vocation in the very core of her being. That is why many souls lead lives which, in God’s eyes, are as good as useless: they never discover their true vocation within God’s Plan, and wander through life like a ship cast adrift, unable to find the port of destination and thus drifting on an ocean, without bearings. Souls that are willing to make efforts for God’s Works, sometimes tend to look for acts of heroism to perform. Let us not forget, however, that any soul can be great in God’s eyes by simply performing her daily duties in true virtue. A soul’s vocation is not always an eye-catcher. Consider EVERYTHING, any situation, any meeting, to be a new task that God gives you and of which you have got to make the best so as to move towards the accomplishment of His Plan.

  2. The soul is to make the best of her talents, gifts and faculties. Your soul is supposed to conform the faculties and capacities you have been given for the purpose of performing your specific tasks (vocation) in this life, to God’s expectations, and to use these faculties and capacities for the achievement of the specific goal for which your soul was sent into the world. Remember the Gospel about the man who gave his talents (in the biblical sense: coins) to three servants: two of them gained more talents beside the original ones, the third one hid them in the earth. If you leave your talents unexploited, you are actually hiding them in the earth: you entrust them to the earth (allow them to be polluted by worldly influences). Consequently your life will become useless in God’s eyes. The soul is supposed to use her talents, gifts and faculties to do God’s Works and to help achieve the great Plan of Salvation.

  3. The soul must lead a holy life. A holy life is a life which brings salvation onto the own soul and others, and which thereby contributes to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. It is a life lived by a soul that maintains the full flow of God’s Love. The way of a holy life essentially contains four major tasks:

(1) The pursuit of all virtues. The way of all virtues has been extensively elaborated on the inspiration of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary in the book Spring blossoms on the Tree of Life (Myriam van Nazareth – this book has not yet been translated into English; its title is a mere translation of the original title).

(2) Avoiding anything harmful to God’s Works. Basically this means that each soul is expected to actively aim at living in unity with God’s Will and God’s Law in all and any actions or omissions, and to actively participate in the battle against all darkness. In the first place this means: trying to avoid all sin and vice, being watchful as to any temptation, and learning to recognize the own weaknesses, shortcomings, bad habits, etc.

(3) Making the most of all suffering, trials and burdens. The Law of Divine Mercy has provided for the possibility for the soul to redeem her debt towards God through any suffering while in a physical body. There is one proviso: the soul shall truly accept any suffering, burdens, trials, illnesses and heartaches. That is: the soul shall suffer these without any protest or resistance, without complaining, and without abusing these sufferings towards other creatures (for instance: by consciously arousing pity). Moreover any suffering must be consecrated (sacrifice). By far the most effective way of doing this, is by performing the total consecration of your entire being and your entire path of life to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Thereby you put your entire life with all its misfortunes and sufferings at the service of the Co-Redemptrix, who was granted by God the command over the completion of Redemption and God’s Plan of Salvation.

(4) The pursuit of Divine Life. Pursuing Divine Life is part of the vital duties of each soul, as appears from the celebration of Holy Mass, in which, during the Offertory, it is said: "We may partake of His Divinity, Who partook of our humanity". The ultimate goal (perfection) of truly holy life is Divine Life. In fact, Divine Life is tantamount to this: decreasingly allowing the senses of the body to be the starting point of your actions and thoughts, and increasingly making the senses of the soul to be the sources of your actions and thought: 'hearing' the voice of the Holy Spirit in His inaudible inspirations in the very core of your heart, and learning to see through the real essence of all events in life, of all situations, of all fellow creatures, through the superficial appearance and right to the very depth of things. It means: rising above any worldly experience, learning to see much more than the things your physical senses reveal about your reality. Divine Life is conveyed by Love, purity and perfect inner peace. We could also refer to all of this as 'supernatural life': living with the heart so fully immersed in God’s Heart that, even while performing one’s daily duties, one’s heart is constantly geared to God’s interests, His Works and Plans.

The latter brings us to one of the most absolute conditions for leading a holy life: the necessity to recognize the tremendous danger of ignorance. Since the original sin the souls have lost the ability to perceive God’s presence in their lives, and to remain connected to God in the core of their hearts. Ever since, the souls live in ignorance as to many things. This is not due to God’s failing to teach them:

  • first He taught the souls through the prophets;

  • subsequently He sent His Son Jesus Christ in the world;

  • Jesus promised His young Church that the Holy Spirit would be sent, and the latter came on the day of Pentecost;

  • throughout the New Covenant God taught the souls through:

         * the Holy Spirit

         * the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

         * the daily inspirations and interventions of Divine Providence

But: souls are blinded by the pseudo reality they perceive around them. Throughout the ages souls have constantly been led away from God, in that:

  • thinking (in science, philosophy, economics, politics) is fully based on the things and interests of the world and material life within the world;

  • feeling divine reality within the hearts is made impossible. God, His Works, His Plans, His Mysteries, His Presence and His Love can not be perceived with our senses. Neither can they be scientifically proven. Therefore Divine Life and everything related to it is regarded as nonexistent, and all faith in it rejected as ridiculous and naive. God is banned from His creation. The consequences are there for all to see: lack of inner peace, feelings of unhappiness, senselessness, aimlessness.

God’s Light wants to lead souls to awakening, watchfulness as regards God’s Plans and Works, their own position and role within these Divine Plans and Works, and the reasons for their own unhappiness, lack of peace and infertility on the spiritual level. As I pointed out earlier, souls no longer perceive God and His Presence like they used to in the early days of creation. Sin is to blame for this, as it drives the soul away from God. Therefore the soul can only wake up if insight is gained into Satan’s strategies.

Satan tries to catch all souls by endless chains of temptations. He studies each and every soul, learns about the specific needs and weaknesses, and gears his works of destruction to his findings. His intention: to lead each soul away from God, so that it might no longer make any positive contributions to God’s Works (the achievement of His Plan of Salvation), but can be fully integrated into the destructive works of evil.

In the so-called Storm writings, among others, Mary has had Satan’s strategies extensively explained. Essentially we may say that his principal intention is this: to catch each soul and make her the prisoner of one or several of the following states of mind, lifestyles or personality problems:

(1) He endeavours to hold souls in blindness. The souls are blinded to the fullness of God’s Truth, because the original sin has banned God’s Wisdom from them, and every each sin increasingly weakens them by cutting them off from the flow of God’s Light and Love. Satan abuses this, by inspiring souls that God does not exist and that even he (Satan, evil, sin) does not exist. That is how he manages to have souls commit sin in an unbridled way and to turn blind to all temptation, evil, vice and sin. It seem like anything is allowed. Thus he brings ruin upon mankind, and souls begin to live on the basis of: 'I only live once, so I might as well try and make the most of it for myself (even at the expense of my fellow creatures)'. It is of the utmost importance that the soul becomes aware of the fact that anything a soul does, says, wishes or fails to do, repercutes on the whole of creation. Each sin, but also each good deed, influences the whole of creation. This demonstrates the big invisible reality within God’s Plan of Salvation: I do not see the consequences of my actions, but these consequences are very real, and their effects are everlasting.

Satan manages to lead a vast number of souls to the conviction that God does not exist and, consequently, does not do anything. Indeed, whereas the works of Satan are mostly visible (all signs of misery, suffering, abuse, sin, etc.), God’s Works are usually invisible: for example, the often hidden actions of Mary as Mediatrix, Advocate, Mistress of all souls. I refer to a revelation given by Mary on January 24, 2008: "The Works of Divine Light are like an iceberg: ninety per cent of them are invisible, only a small part can be seen. When the average soul perceives an effect of God’s Works, the latter have usually been going on for quite some time. Only the soul that is somewhat blossomed out, becomes aware of God’s Works in her life more rapidly". On October 13, 2006, Mary already said: "True faith is the conviction that reality is much broader than the limited part of it which man is able to perceive using his senses. So much happens outside of man’s perception and outside of his consciousness. Divine reality is the field of the many mysteries that evolve in the spheres of the invisible. Divine Wisdom and Divine Providence guide all this. Nearly the whole of My power is exercises in the invisible. All My relations towards the angels, towards the demons, and towards the cores of life of all souls take shape in the invisible. The reality of the world is only a small fraction of reality". On November 22, 2006, Mary spoke: "The world as it forces itself onto the souls day by day, is not the Divine reality, but a collection of human doings inspired by Satan, who endeavours to pull the souls away from everything divine, and wants to see the souls lose their dignity". On May 22, 2008, Mary said: "It is My duty for the end times, to replace the souls’ spiritual cloudiness by Divine Life".

When God’s Light shines in the darkness the soul starts to grasp the true sense of things. We can refer to this process as coming to awareness, ideational realisation. The Light has shone already, with the Life and the Teachings of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit has enlightened the young Church, but darkness has made its smoke screen increasingly nontransparent, through all kinds of currents and systems of thinking (in politics, science, philosophy) and trends and developments in society (industrialization and technological developments, and all things ensuing from them).

(2) He endeavours to seduce souls to materialism. This is the way of approaching life and the way of thinking on the basis whereof all attention goes to material needs. Man was created in a material body needing certain things to survive. It is therefore inevitable that the physical body should enjoy a certain minimum of attention. What Satan aims at, however, is that each soul should be occupied with her body and its material needs to such an extent as to forget that not the body is meant to be brought to full bloom, but the soul. Man IS a soul, but HAS a body, not the other way round. The more man is preoccupied with his body, the more he will tend to neglect his soul, and thereby also his relationship with God, who lives in the soul and performs His Works in the soul.

(3) He endeavours to seduce the souls to hedonism. As soon as the soul does no longer live mainly for the achievement of God’s Plans, she tends to focus on herself. She will then feel a tendency towards gear all her actions and wishes to experiencing agreeable things. In this process she will let herself guide by the signals her body perceives after any experience. This way she can get addicted to alcohol, smoking, food, certain kinds of food, sexual experiences, the 'kick' of certain games or activities, etc. The craving for excitement and pleasure lead to malnourishment of the higher functions of the soul, and the latter loses all contact with God’s hidden Works inside her. Life feels 'empty'. Furthermore hedonism incites the soul to fleeing from anything which may entail suffering and burdens. Thus the soul robs itself of the golden key to her sanctification and to the gate of God’s Kingdom on earth.

(4) He endeavours to seduce the souls to arrogance and pride. This frame of mind opens one of the shortest roads to downfall. The haughty soul soon tends towards disagreement, disunity, lack of solidarity, lack of understanding for the fellow man, lack of forgiveness, and even self-deification. She raises herself above her fellow man and lets herself be gradually cut off from God’s assistance, in that she gets so self-complacent that she automatically assumes that her own behaviour is perfect.

How powerful these four states of mind and lifestyles are. They are the fruits from the seed Satan tries to sow so abundantly into all souls. The whole of society has been affected by all of this down to its deepest layers. These frames of mind or lifestyles are like four thick branches on a tree. For each of these branches smaller branches and twigs will sprout, and eventually they form fruits which look lovely, but inside they worm-eaten: they are useless as food for the souls, and an abomination in God’s eyes. The twigs and fruits all bear names such as: disunity, competition, lust for power, lust for status and prestige, craving for riches, unbridled satisfaction of needs (and of the endless pseudoneeds of life in a highly developed society). All of these tendencies and aspirations are the building stones of a pseudo reality, the ten per cent of the iceberg that visibly rises above the water, whereas ninety per cent of reality is supernatural and therefore remains invisible. Man sees nothing but this pseudoreality, and allows this small fraction of reality (material life) to entice him to cherish the view that anything which costs an effort or which is not able to satisfy his short-term pseudo needs, is useless and senseless. Behold a few fatal consequences of this view for the soul:

  • man loathes any situation in life which does not yield him any pleasure, and pleads in favour of euthanasia, uses painkillers lightly, etc.;

  • he refuses to accept the dispositions of Divine Providence in his life, searches for the pleasures of sexual intercourse, but aborts the fruit thereof;

The list can be extended endlessly.

Each vice, each moment in which the soul gives in to a temptation, leaves a feeling of impurity, of contamination. This feeling opens the soul to experiences of dissatisfaction, vague feelings of unhappiness. A few sources of dissatisfaction:

  • materialism. I discussed this earlier. The soul is tempted to give in to endless series of pseudo needs, and keeps longing for ever more and ever newer things. Soon the soul gets stuck in the feeling (often unconsciously) that she is becoming the prisoner of a web which is growing bigger and bigger. She becomes a prisoner to the fever of her own wishes, which keep growing and growing. The more wishes that remain unsatisfied, the more the soul experiences the feeling of being suffocated. One of the major dangers of this development lies therein, that it is a breeding ground of crime;

  • lack of forgiveness. One can safely say that a soul that does not forgive, slowly commits suicide: she is consumed by resentment. Never forget that God forgives trespasses to the extent that the soul has herself forgiven others who have trespassed against her. This means that the soul that does not genuinely forgive her fellow man, exposes herself to the risk of having to pay for her own violations for a long time, because Divine Mercy will meet her to a lesser extent than it would have if the soul had forgiven her fellow man herself.

  • disunity and dividedness. Jesus already said that he who sows disunity, is not doing His Works. We can therefore easily understand why the soul that lives in disunity, disrupts the peace between people, or sets people against other people, will not feel good, often without realizing why: this soul serves the works of darkness.

  • jealousy and envy. Many souls let themselves be seduced to being blinded by outer signs which would indicate that the fellow man is better off than they are. These souls feel unhappy because, subconsciously, they believe that fate (Divine Providence) is discriminating them against their fellow man. The soul that is the most sensitive to such feelings, is the one that lives superficially and thus does not know the tremendous riches inherent to the inner quest for the elements of Divine Life. The envious soul is a soul that is constantly looking over the fence of its own garden to compare the gardens of other souls with hers. This makes her forget to work in her own garden and to discover the beauties which God has hidden in it. Envy and jealousy underlie competition, gossip, badmouthing, slander, and the tendency 'to live the life of one’s fellow man instead of one’s own life'.

  • blindness to the own faults and weaknesses. Many souls are convinced they are always right, and tend to find innumerable motes in the eyes of their fellow men, whereas they fail to see the beam in their own eye. The soul who is blind to her own faults, loses the sound tendency to work at her own improvement. Yet it is often the own faults and weaknesses, the points on which the soul can most easily be tempted, that leave in her the feeling of dissatisfaction. Each time the soul gives in to a weakness (a habit which is likely to harm the soul, an element of her behaviour as to which it hard for her to resist temptation), it is possible that she gets a bad feeling about herself. Satan turns her into a double victim: the first time by giving in to the temptation, the second time by the poor self-image this creates deep down. This procedure also works in the spheres of the unconscious: it is possible that the soul repeatedly gives in to weaknesses, does not recognize these weaknesses, but nevertheless gets a bad feeling about herself. Often this feeling keeps growing so intensely that one day the soul gets convinced that she is worthless and that her life is a failure.

  • not accepting the trials of life. Many souls turn their own lives into hell in that they allow themselves to be consumed internally by harbouring a concealed form of protest against the course of their lives. Often they keep complaining about the 'scourge of fate' for years, and allow themselves to be robbed of all light-heartedness on account of all the troubles they experience on all sorts of levels. They have not understood that precisely these troubles prove that God cares about the growth of their souls, in that they are constantly given new opportunities to follow in the footsteps of Christ. They are very susceptible to the misapprehension that God does not love them, which in many cases makes them give up faith and hope.

  • allowing the mind, not the heart, to be the source of all actions. In the course of the last few centuries our society has been increasingly founded on intellectual reasoning, analyzing, investigating and proving. The main factor, the one that tries to direct the true core of all life and all events, is GOD. Precisely this Factor is banned from the hearts. Living from the HEART, the centre of all communication with the supernatural, is made virtually impossible in modern society. However: the soul that reasons about everything, searches for intellectual explanations for all kinds of things, and does no longer grant God, the big Unprovable One, a place in her life, never finds inner peace. How could she, after all this soul fills her house with nothing but darkness.

Recognizing the enemy, is the first step towards victory in the battle. Recognizing him is a gift of grace, which is the fruit of a lot of loving prayer and of a deep and genuine longing to do God’s Works. True, lasting happiness can only bloom on the foundation of the five following developments:

(1) ideational realisation. It is important that the soul should pray to gain some insight into God’s Plans and Works. This knowledge sets the soul free. Precisely for this reason, in these end times Mary is sent to the souls as the Mistress of all souls: She teaches souls as to aspects of God’s Truth which have not been known to man so far. This knowledge opens unknown possibilities for the soul to blossom out into flowers of true holiness. This knowledge teaches the souls about the ins and outs of many things they find on they daily path, and instructs them as to the value of many things which, without this knowledge, could seem useless or pointless. Living in this modern society with all its confusion and lack of love, seems totally senseless to souls who fail to realise that there is an immense reality living above all this: the mysteries of Divine Life which keep developing their effects 'above their heads', and within which they play their own roles, with any of their actions, in each word they speak, in any desire emanating from their hearts or living inside of them.

(2) detachment. As long as the soul is attached to things, events, situations, developments, memories, relationships, habits, possessions etc., she is a slave to her own fate: with every change in her life this soul is cast adrift and gets insecure, anxious, infertile for God’s Works. Many souls live in the past, fail to let go of their deceased relatives or friends, are slaves to certain needs, etc. These souls come to a standstill in their spiritual growth, do not fulfil their vocation, waste the time God gives them to do His Works, and become easy targets of feelings of dissatisfaction, nostalgia, protest, resentments and bitterness.

(3) forgiveness. Most probably there is no weapon more powerful against Satan than forgiveness towards fellow man. When two souls are set against each other, very often their inner constitutions become life-long slaves to Satan, because of feelings of resentment, bitterness, hate, vengeance, impurity of heart and mouth, and most likely sinful actions against each other. As soon as one of them starts to genuinely forgive, this chain is broken. Suddenly Lights starts to flow between these souls, initially in one direction, in many cases after a certain amount of time in both directions. The soul who extends the hand of forgiveness, experiences feelings of true liberation, because abundant streams of God’s Grace start to flow into her heart. She finds back true inner peace.

(4) reconciliation with God. Each and any soul can slip up, in big things but also in small things, each day. This puts her in a position of guilt towards God. That is why it is necessary to aim at living your life in such a way that 'each day your bill with God is fully settled'. You can do this through sacramental confession, but because this is not possible every day, you can also do this – pending the opportunity to confess – through acts of genuine reparation, through compensation towards your fellow creatures, through concrete acts of Love towards your fellow creatures, through aspiring to live a holy life, and by consecrating your faults, weaknesses, sins and omissions to Mary straight from a repentant heart, begging Her that She may obtain you the grace of a forgiving heart and the opportunity to make a sacramental confession, in God’s time.

(5) knowledge of, and faith in, God’s aids. God is ready for you, each hour of the day and night. He cares about your life and your fate much more than you would ever dare to dream. He can not grant you a life without trials, for in doing so He would not do you any favours: a life without trials is a life without opportunities to acquire merits, thus an empty, unwritten book – worthless. How, then, does God come to your aid? Through:

  • Divine Providence. Nothing happens 'by coincidence'. There is no such thing as coincidence. Things happen at certain times and in a certain way because God’s Wisdom endeavours to send the factors which are likely to cause the given event or situation, in a specific direction. Only free will of the souls involved is able to counteract this process, to the extent that souls do NOT listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit deep down in their hearts. God does not provoke calamities, only people can do this, by using their free will in ways that deviate from the Divine Will. God provides in such a way that, provided you obey His guidance within you, your eternal salvation can be guaranteed. Therefore it is necessary for you to genuinely accept all developments on your daily path, without protest;

  • Divine Mercy. This is a system through which God sometimes goes a long way to meet a soul. If God wishes you to achieve something, it is quite possible that He meets you half way, or even beyond, if He sees that you are too weak to reach the objective by your own efforts, but you are driven by the genuine longing to reach it. One of the aspects of Divine Mercy is the Sacrament of Confession: God forgives the soul that genuinely longs to be purified and to experience His Love. In order to be eligible for the experience of Divine Mercy it is necessary that the soul makes a true effort to obey His Law and His Will in EVERYTHING she does and aspires for.

  • Total consecration to Mary. The possibility to witness a complete turnaround in your life by surrendering your entire being to Mary, is called by Mary Herself the biggest gift from God to the souls since the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. This leads us to the following:

In order to find the true inner peace and unwithering happiness, and to maintain them, the soul needs Heavenly guidance and protection. Why? Because God sends each soul into the world to contribute to the achievement of His Plan of Salvation, and each soul therefore automatically participates in the struggle between Light and darkness. As appears from all revelations and writings that Mary develops through Her Myriam van Nazareth, God has commissioned MARY to complete the realisation of the Works of Christ, the realisation of God’s Plan of Salvation, in collaboration with the souls. The proviso to fully share this Divine gift, is the total, unconditional and eternal consecration of your entire being and your entire life to Mary. The deep sense of total consecration to Mary is elaborated, among others, in the brief text Total Consecration to Mary. True Joy for you and the World. In these end times Mary is called to further open the souls to the Light, in order that those who give themselves totally to Her, should learn to recognize the darkness around them (the world), the strategies of Satan, and the darkness within themselves (worldly attachments, worldly thoughts and actions, bad habits, weaknesses), and should be so well nurtured with Mary’s perfect Love and virtues, that they get the strength to fight all darkness with fire. Mary is the Dawn breaking the night, the strength fulfilling your life with joy and hope.

The absolute summit of attributing meaning and sense to things, is the total offering of all tribulations of your entire life to Mary, in order to allow Her to unite them with the Body and Blood of the suffering Christ. Thus your entire life is made part of God’s Plan of Salvation, which includes all ages and all souls.

The central driving forces that God lays into each soul, are Love, Faith and Hope. Together, these forces give true peace of heart (the Peace of Christ) as bearers of true fruitfulness for everything the soul does for God’s Plan of Salvation. Living in true Love, in genuine faith and in unshaking hope, truly sets the heart free and makes the soul happy. This outcome is expressed in joyfulness, inner peace, enthusiasm and vigour. The soul that truly loves God and all her fellow creatures, that unshakably believes in God’s Works of Salvation and in His aspiration to lead every soul to eternal bliss, and that expects that shall be done to her according to the extent of her genuine longing for God’s eternal Presence, will experience, even while still living on earth, the complete liberation of anything that oppresses the soul. Oppression is a fruit of the works of darkness. God’s Light makes the soul aware of His infinite Love, and therefore immerses her, while still on earth, into the expectation of the bliss of Paradise. Mary is the Full Moon in the night, and the Dawn of the new and everlasting day in spring. The soul who allows Mary to guide her on her way out of darkness, is infallibly led to the Light of the Noonday Sun (Christ), and can no longer be reduced by any worldly influence, thought or memory, to the experience of dissatisfaction. The soul that surrenders herself and her life to Mary’s total rule, experiences, while still living on earth, the bloom of unwithering happiness.

On June 5, 2007, Mary as the Mistress of all souls spoke:

"The true peace of heart is possible only to the extent to which the soul is aware of heavenly reality. By this I mean that all adversities of daily life are no longer able to actually trouble the heart if the soul is aware of the fact she is supported by forces that are far above the things of the world and of which she can become part as soon as she is completely at peace with God and with His Law of Love".

In and for Mary, the Mistress of all souls – Myriam, June 2008