Important preliminary observation: The teachings concerning the strategies deployed by the darkness in its endeavours to distort God’s Works and Plans and to defile and counteract the souls on their journey towards their Eternal Destination with God are among the core themes constituting the very essence of the sublime Mission pursued by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mistress of all souls. Therefore the Queen of Heaven emphatically invites the souls to be aware of, and reflect on, the deep connection between the following writings on this website:


Motivation by the Mistress of all souls
as to Her ordering the publication of the testimony entitled

Confession made by a demon at the Holy Virgin Mary's command

in the year 2007

In May 2020 the Heavenly Mistress spoke to Myriam the following words referring to the confession made by a demon (the text of which follows further below), of which She made Myriam a witness on March 15, 2007:

"In My unlimited power over the demons God testified to the reality of the Promise about 'the Woman' who will crush the serpent's head provided a host of human souls who have consecrated themselves totally, unconditionally and for the entire duration of their lives to Her will sincerely desire Her to do so and will actively commit themselves to this desire to the effect that, in the deepest unity with Her Heart and therefore aspiring to achieve a stainless purity in their own hearts, creation may be delivered from all works of darkness.

In truth I tell you that the image of 'the Woman' with Her foot poised on the serpent's head is neither a fiction nor a mere figure of speech, but a celestial reality, which already is an established fact in accomplished reality (*).

(*) The Mistress refers to Her meditation under Teachings > Meditations > Accomplished and visible reality written in the year 2012.

However, in a similar way as the Redemption of the souls by the Works and Sufferings of the Christ must be unlocked inside every individual human soul by her own active collaboration through a life led in sincere, persistent following of Christ in all her inner dispositions, also the reality of the explosive demonstration of 'the Woman's' power over the prince of darkness and all of his works must be unlocked by the sincere, total and unconditional consecration of human souls to Her in a life in which every detail is experienced in a close unity with Her Heart, i.e. in a life which is led in a persistent following, i.e. imitation, of Her perfection in all virtues and therefore of God's basic Law, the Law of self-denying Love for God, for all His Works and Plans and for all fellow creatures, and thus in a disposition of persistent resistance to any temptation urging her towards giving in to dark works, thoughts, feelings and desires.

The hour in which the unlimited power of 'the Woman' over Satan and all of his works will be demonstrated for all creation to see will also be the hour in which the Christ's Works of Redemption will receive their ultimate glorification.

See, then, the two major Promises the God of Love made to His souls: Redemption by the Christ, and the visible crowning of the unlocking of these Works of Redemption in the hour in which 'the Woman' will, by virtue of the Divine Promise, prove that the Light is indeed almighty. The hour in which this will occur depends on the extent of total active self-surrender of souls to God through 'the Woman', thus crowning the word spoken by Jesus on the Cross: "Woman, behold Your son; son, behold your Mother".

I have given permission to publish the confession made by a demon at My feet upon my ordering him to do so, in order that souls may be motivated to commit themselves totally and for the entire duration of their lives so as to advance the hour in which the Divine Promise of the visible Triumph of 'the Woman' may be fulfilled. May this proof of My unlimited power over Satan's tools convince many souls to surrender to Me totally in all their doings and all their inner dispositions, in order that the Works wrought by the Christ, too, may soon receive their ultimate coronation".


as revealed by Mary to Myriam van Nazareth
Thursday, March 15, 2007

Preliminary observation

Particularly in the course of the years 2006-2007 the Mistress of all souls repeatedly granted Her Myriam visions in which She showed Her 'relationship' towards demons. She did so within the framework of Her teachings on the unique power granted to the Queen of Heaven, in order that the souls should derive hope and encouragement from this information in their heavy daily struggle against darkness. The Mistress of all souls labelled the greater part of these visions as 'private'. the following revelation, however, was released by Her to be published.

The following revelation is unique in this sense, that it is part of a long vision through which, in March 2007, the Mistress of all souls demonstrated to Myriam how She ordered 32 demons to throw themselves on their knees at Her feet, subsequently picked one of them and made him render a quite extraordinary confession. After this event Myriam was severely attacked by Satan. On several occasions Mary Herself later confirmed the truth of that which had been shown and said in this vision. The Heavenly Mistress later explained to Myriam She had granted this vision with the intention to reinforce the souls’ faith in the unlimited power held by the Queen of Heaven over the forces of darkness, so as to encourage them in their day-to-day struggle against the sometimes rather oppressing influences each and every soul will experience from the actions unfolded by the darkness in their lives.

Passages which are still labelled by Mary as 'private', will be rendered in this revelation as "(...)".

Mary to Myriam: "I want you to write down what I am now allowing you to hear from the mouth of one of these enemies of the souls, for at My command he is going to speak on behalf of all demons. I want you to convey this testimony to the souls, for it will be a unique revelation of a milestone in the history of salvation in the last-stage preparations for the final victory of the Woman over Satan and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth".

I see Mary point Her right forefinger to one of the 32 demons lying prostrated before Her. With the toes of Her left foot She touches the ground to the left in front of Her and starts speaking to him:

MARY: "Throw yourself at My feet, right on this spot".

(In a split second I can see the demon get up and throwing himself on the ground on the spot Mary indicated before by pointing at it with Her foot).

MARIA: "All your thoughts are known to Me. I want you to start rendering an account, in a loud voice, of your inner experience of this contact with Me as well as of the relationship of all demons towards Me, and to do so in glorification of My power over all of you, as a confession for the sake of all your companions, and for the angels and this human soul to hear, as a testimony for the powerlessness of all dark forces against Mary, the Mistress of all souls. The slightest insincerity, untruthfulness or willed omission in your account will expose you to a terrible, everlasting punishment to My satisfaction. Speak!"

The demon is lying grovelling at Mary's feet (the head nearly touches the ground) and starts speaking in a loud voice, somewhat jerkily, anxiously and as if filled with fear. I start writing along as I hear the words, and report the phrases Mary wants me to report when typing them out afterwards:


"He from Above predicted us that the Woman is going to defeat us. For ages we have doubted this time would ever come, because our master (Satan) taught us how to gain ever more power over the human souls. In this age we rule them like we have never been able to before. We know all their weaknesses, and we undermine their faith and confidence to such an extent as to make them convinced that 'He from Above' does not exist.

We have succeeded in making most human souls believe that there is neither a God nor a devil, and that the earth is therefore only ruled by man. Now they believe they themselves are God, and they do everything we inspire them to. This is how we rule everything. We have been feeling so powerful... Nearly all of them are lying prostrated at our feet, without realizing who or what it is that rules them so totally..."

(he hesitates for a fair while, then proceeds):

"Since shortly we have been harassed by demands from Her... the Woman... In the hour when I was called by Her to appear before Her, I experienced an inner torture which was a thousand times more terrible than the fires of hell... (the voice gets increasingly tense, the sounds begin to sound like a cramped panting). Terrible!... She ordered me to throw myself on my knees before Her when I was still many yards away from Her... Nothing... There was nothing I could do... After She had beckoned me with Her finger to approach Her I was not able to do anything but go crawling on my knees towards Her feet like an insect...

What a humiliation! This power, this terrible power! And this powerlessness in me! Not being able to do anything but obey such deeply humiliating command by the Woman Who was perceptibly enjoying the total power She had over me... (...) Never before has She revealed Herself in such a way as the Mistress of everything. We would do anything to escape from this, but She wants it... Her terrible power! Even in thousands we feel like nothing compared to Her, and we shiver with fear at Her slightest movement, beck and call.(...) How terrible...

We, who used to enjoy so much the power we seemed to have over everything, are now forced by this Woman to throw ourselves at Her feet and to remain grovelling before Her and in Her Presence. She has humiliated us to the utmost.(...)

We cannot but obey all and any of Her commands immediately, for Her will has got force of law (...). Never before had I been able to believe that the power held by the Woman over us is so total, so absolute and so terrible, until I experienced myself the effect of lying grovelling at Her feet, completely at Her mercy (...)".

(he is now speaking as in a heavy inner struggle):

"If the souls really wanted to live virtuous lives and surrender to Her completely, we down there would all be lying moaning underneath Her feet the very same day, for that is what She wants: She wants to make all of us Her slaves. However, luckily the souls are so easy to tempt. What would we do without the countless billions of sins committed on earth every day? (...)

To us the punishments the Woman inflicts upon us are deep and shattering humiliations. She imposes them upon us because for ages we have been refusing to serve and obey Him from Above and Herself. (...) I must confess that the day is drawing near, on which She is going to taste the joy of laying our master himself underneath Her feet.

(meanwhile his forehead touches the ground; the Heavenly Mistress explains to me She is now letting him experience the hour in which Satan himself will be crushed underneath Her feet, which now causes him to tremble with fear)

It is a law from Above that everything and everyone is laid down at the Woman’s feet. Hell is in turmoil, for now She is ordering us to communicate the experiences we are making with Her to all the damned. Every damned soul shivers with fear at the prospect of being called at Her feet. Everything we have been working to accomplish for centuries, is falling apart in proportion as She would see fit to make larger numbers of us Her slaves".

(he continues in a terrible inner struggle):

"To us it is a shattering experience to be compelled to watch the angels’ blind submission to the Woman. Seeing HUMAN SOULS kneeled down deeply at Her feet, however, is a torture beyond expression, for every voluntary submission by a human soul towards the Woman enhances the effects of Her boundless power. Hearing a human soul greet Her in deep self-humiliation as 'Mistress' makes us go hysterical. That is why Her being acknowledged as 'Mistress of all souls' by many humans would mean the absolute end of us.

If the hour should ever come in which the human souls understand and recognize that the Woman is their Mistress, Her power will split hell and we will all be lying at Her feet for all eternity... I confess and acknowledge: The Woman is the absolute Mistress of everything that lives. She has got all power, also over us demons. In the hour in which the human souls acknowledge this and live by this awareness, the whole of creation will tremble and shake on its foundations, and our rule will be over".

(thus an unidentified demon speaking in obedience to Mary’s command).

(The diabolic figure now remains silent. Mary, who has all this time been looking down on the figure at Her feet, and Who is radiating beyond words with dignity and power, now speaks):

MARY: "You shall return to hell. I want to hear you repeat this confession using exactly the same words before your master, Satan, for all the damned to hear. Subsequently I will decide on your fate. Go!"

I see and hear how the diabolic figure desperately starts cringing at Mary’s feet, begging Her for mercy. After having looked down upon him for a few moments She merely repeats Her last word: 'Go!'. I see him disappearing like a dark shadow that gradually becomes invisible.
The remaining 31 of the 32 among whom Mary had picked one individual can for the entire duration of the vision be seen lying prostrated towards the Mistress’ feet with terrified expressions on their faces, trembling with fear in the expectation of the decision She is going to take regarding their fate. As of the moment in which the demon who had been chosen by the Heavenly Mistress started cringing at Her feet, begging Her for mercy as if terrified to death, I saw these 31 remaining companions, as in servile submissiveness, push their foreheads to the ground. For a few moments I am now presented with an image which truly depicts the Woman of the Last Times, from Whom emanate a dazzling Light and a scorching all-pervasive power. These 31, too, are finally sent away by the Mistress speaking to them in a very strict tone of voice, and subsequently She says to me:

Mary to Myriam: "Those I have forbidden to become active on earth again for as long as it will please Me. They will remain paralyzed as to the fulfilment of their eternal mission until I will explicitly revoke My decision. Do realize that for Satan this serves as a permanent testimony to My total power over him, for he is now obliged to experience the fact that some of his servants are no longer able to execute his missions yet are unconditionally subjected to the ban I have imposed upon them, and which I alone have the power to revoke. Do understand that their infernal master will cruelly punish them for this, yet nevertheless they will not be able to escape obeying My punishment for even one single moment. This, too, will demonstrate to Satan the unlimited power I wield over him".

Brief explanatory note:

In a number of visions in the course of the years 2006-2007 the Mistress of all souls displayed to Myriam Her power to render demons permanently ineffective just as She pleases, referring, however, to the Law of Divine Justice, meaning that this is an extraordinary grace which must be 'earned' or 'paid for', respectively. She showed me:

  1. how She punished demons by first ordering them to assume a material body and subsequently to throw themselves at Her feet to praise Her power over them while remaining on their knees in front of Her for a duration determined by Her command and humiliating themselves before Her in various ways;
  2. how, after some time, She sent the punished ones away, ordering them to remain on their knees in hell and in Her honour for the duration imposed by Her and audibly continuing to praise Her as 'the Mistress of all souls'.

Mary assured me (...) the punished demons are by no means able to interrupt their praises to the Mistress of all souls for as long as She has ordered them to, as Her power over them prevents them from discontinuing them even for a single moment. Mary explained She can only impose such punishment upon demons insofar as Divine Justice justifies Her doing so, and that this depends on the depth of souls’ consecration to Her, on their expiations, their offerings and the extent to which they acknowledge Her being the Mistress of all souls.

N.B.: Mary allows me to mention the fact that, while I am typing this extraordinary revelation after I have been allowed to experience it, the computer on which these Revelations are collected, starts showing weird kinds of disturbances (among which an uncontrollable jumping of the cursor across the display in all directions...).

Final observation

The Mistress of all souls has granted the above vision as a particularly impressive confirmation for the fact the time is drawing near in which the image of the Heavenly Queen pressing Her foot upon the serpent from hell will become a perceptible reality. However, this image is already a reality as we speak, not only in the eyes of God but in general, in those events where the Mistress of all souls renders works wrought by demons ineffective to the extent to which the consecration and surrender of souls to Her allows Her power to become visible.

Mary’s power is unlimited, yet it is to varying extents inhibited in its effects by the Law of Divine Justice: Mary’s power can be expressed noticeably only to the extent to which mankind sanctifies itself.

The visions of the punishment of demons by Mary which the Mistress granted me quite intensively for some time in the years 2006-2007 speak volumes. However, these visions can not (yet) be published, because – thus Mary Herself – the state of grace of mankind does not permit to do so at this point. I, who have been granted these visions, testify to the Heavenly truth thereof, and therefore testify to the unlimited power of the Mistress of all souls over each and every source of darkness and over each and every plan of darkness.

These visions are anything but mere phantasies, they are undeserved gifts of grace through which I, unworthy soul, was allowed to behold a prefiguration of that which already is an accomplished reality and some day is to become a perceptible reality: the Woman’s final Triumph over the darkness. She already has defeated the darkness completely in Her Immaculate Conception, but She is to repeat this victory once again in representation of all souls, in the hour in which Satan will be visibly lying under Her feet, totally humiliated and defeated. This is nothing short of a Divine promise the effects of which the Mistress of all souls has demonstrated to Her servant for the benefit of the latter’s training on the ultimate level of service to the Queen of Heaven in Her most sublime capacity.

As for me personally, it took me quite some time to come to grips with the idea I was repeatedly granted the ineffable ecstasy to see my Heavenly Mistress in a display of power one can hardly imagine nor express, during which demons, the embodiments of all the misery of this world, were actually compelled to lay kneeling and bowing deeply at Her feet at Her command. I would see only later She was granting me this gift of grace in order to enable me to persevere in conveying to the souls the message of a perfect hope, and to keep doing so on the basis of a personal experience which had been impressed upon the very depths of my heart.

Mary has me urge all souls to show blind faith in the Mistress of al souls, in order that She may be enabled to effectively make hell tremble. Nothing less than the happiness and peace of all mankind is at stake, as well as the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Addendum in November 2022: The Heavenly Mistress has us emphatically refer to the teaching She has just released, for the purpose of promoting a concrete unlocking of Her unlimited power over the darkness: The ignored Light.

The Holy Virgin also allows the following statement from Her Revelation of November 15, 2006 to be published, in which She referred to recent visions in which She had demonstrated Her unlimited power over demons:

MARY: May these signs, which I make known to the souls through the visions I have been granting you, serve as an encouragement for those who choose to follow Me. If only they knew how often I force a demon to his knees in their everyday lives and, because of this, how many things run quite differently than these souls would expect. The souls consecrated to Me lack faith and trust in My unlimited power. This is exactly why I grant them the favour of visions demonstrating the ways in which their Mistress makes demons Her slaves. Who else but God possesses the power to do this?"


Twelve powerful invocations to Mary to be used fighting the darkness

  • Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls, I deliver all darkness to Your power.
  • Mary, powerful Mistress of my soul, to Your feet I deliver the demon who is trying to tempt me into doing/thinking/wanting this.

    This invocation was given by Mary on December 12, 2006, to be said by a soul every time she is tempted, and She added:

    "Satan’s humiliation will become complete, for then it will be Me who will force him to throw himself before Me".

  • My Mistress, I glorify Your power, in order that God’s Kingdom on earth may come.

About this invocation Mary said (Revelation by the Mistress of all souls
on May 18, 2007):

"This invocation exerts a tremendous power upon God’s Heart, for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth is inextricably linked to the acknowledgement of My unlimited power, which symbolizes the total victory of the human soul over all darkness".

  • Praised and glorified be Mary, the powerful Mistress of all souls, in Her victory over the darkness.

Mary requests the above invocation to be spoken every day at noon,
preferably while kneeling down.

  • My powerful Mistress, deign to enter into the very core of my being, so that I may be able to storm the gates of hell with You inside of me, for Your appearance puts all darkness to flight.
  • Mary, powerful Heavenly Queen, I am all Yours, protect me from all evil.
  • Mary, my powerful Heavenly Mother and Mistress, deign to invest me with Yourself, for You are the impenetrable rampart of Divine Light.
  • Mary, most sublime Heavenly Queen and Mistress of all souls, do deploy Your unlimited power over all darkness which threatens me and my family.
  • Mary, our most sublime Mistress, Chosen One of our God, do deploy Your unlimited power over all darkness.
  • Immaculate Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of the Light of the world and Terror of the demons, deign to display Your invincible power over all evil. Do dispel all darkness in the Heavenly glow of Your glorified being. Do give birth, inside all Your children, to the radiant Cross of Jesus Christ and His dazzling Love.
  • Oh Mary, our immaculately conceived Co-Redemptrix who is going to crush the devil’s head, I offer all my sufferings to the redeeming Cross of Jesus and lay it down into Your Sorrowful Heart, so that they may be transformed into holy Light which blinds Satan.
  • Oh Mary, reflection of Divine Light, do rule the heart of every person, so that no soul may ever again fall prey to eternal darkness.