by Mary, the Mistress of all souls


given on November 1, 2021

to Myriam van Nazareth

"So many souls say 'I'd rather not be lost'.

How much more would it please God if they should rather say:

'I want to leave nothing undone so that in the hour when judgment will be passed on my life God may say to me that He has found in my life nothing other than situations, events and encounters in which I have allowed all my doings, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations to be driven by nothing but a sincere desire to serve Him through a flawless fulfilment of the Law of true self-denying Love'.

Truly serving God is done only by sincerely, unconditionally and totally unselfishly loving and serving every fellow creature and supporting the latter in all of its physical, mental and emotional needs.

A soul who tries to fulfil the Law of true self-denying Love in all and any situations, events and encounters of her life will most assuredly not be lost. There is only one extra thing she needs in order to be perfect in the eyes of God: that she should never defile her inner life by any thought of her own eternal destination, but on the contrary should focus on nothing other than the well-being of all her fellow creatures and an imminent fulfilment of the desires harboured by God Himself.

God’s desires can only be fulfilled to the extent to which human souls make His Presence, i.e. all effects from the Works originating in the Source of perfect Eternal Love, unequivocally felt by all their fellow creatures through all that proceeds from the souls’ inner lives.

In the eyes of God there is no way the human soul, provided by Him to be the crown upon creation, can disgrace herself more than by failing to fulfil the Divine Law of true Love flawlessly in the deepest dispositions of her heart and in all of her encounters with every fellow creature, for through every such failure she is guilty of another impediment in the flow of Divine Life through the entire network of creation.

In the hour in which the final judgment is passed on her life a soul who lives from an all-pervasive desire to be a perfectly disinterested channel of Divine Love towards all her fellow creatures lays a treasure filled with raw materials for the preparation of salvation and graces down at the feet of her Divine Judge. The value of this treasure in the eyes of God determines the value of her past life, the degree of her sanctity, and therefore automatically the form her Eternal Life is going to take.

God’s Love and goodness are unparalleled: He does not keep the measure of His appreciation hidden, provided in the hour when He passes judgment on the soul’s life He is able to derive from the dispositions of the soul’s heart that she has been harbouring but one desire: to be a perfect mirror of the One who has created and redeemed her and sanctified her every moment of her life through all intermediaries of His Providence.

Such a soul has recognized, accepted and aspired to totally fulfil the one and only purpose of every human soul’s life one earth: to be the image of her God. In so doing she has merged her will with the Will of God and made her life on earth perfectly fruitful, for every human soul is on earth for the sole purpose of putting her entire behaviour, all her words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations completely at God’s disposal as tools for Him to fulfil His Works and Plans with.

Do live each and every moment of your life on the basis of this knowledge, for it carries the golden key to your own sanctity, your own Eternal Bliss, and the completion of the unlocking of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation. Making her own personal contribution to this completion is every soul’s individual responsibility and the only purpose of her life on earth. The soul who collaborates towards this for the entire duration of her life will not be lost, for she has loved the Light and Love more than she has loved the darkness, and in so doing has glorified Jesus Christ’s Works of Redemption in her own life and has helped unlock the rich fruits of these Works for all creation".