Special Revelation with vision and explanation
granted by Mary, the Mistress of all souls

to Myriam van Nazareth

on June 1, 2021

"Today, on this first day of the month dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of My Son, your Redeemer, I am showing you this special image so as to enable you to see the crowning moment of the Last Times from the purely celestial perspective.

Through you I grant the souls this image as an encouragement to those who, in spite of the most various opposition from the darkness in its most various forms, are doing God’s Works in compliance with My teachings, advice and inner guidance.

The soul is doing God’s Works if she focuses all her behaviour and all her inner life – feelings, thoughts, desires, aspirations and attitudes – totally, unconditionally and for the entire duration of her life on the fulfilment of God’s Law of true Love, without pursuing any self interest and any increase of her own prestige in the eyes of her fellow person, and perfectly in the spirit of Jesus Christ, i.e. the spirit of self-denying Love for God and for all fellow creatures, of sincerely rendering service and of the all-pervasive desire for the visible accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans of Love, Peace and Justice in all of creation, in and between all creatures, and in full awareness of the fact her own mission in life consists of a persistent, voluntary and active collaboration to all of these Works and Plans.

I remind every human soul of the fact she receives her one and only life on earth for no other purpose but to put her hands, mouth, spirit, heart and will undividedly at God’s disposal in all and any events, situations and contacts, for the entire duration of her life, in order to help accomplish His Works and Plans in the world by making His presence and actions felt by all her fellow creatures.

Describe the image I am showing you".

I see the image of a supernaturally beautiful female being that radiates a dazzling light in all directions. The light appears to proceed from a source outside this being, and is reflected in a perfectly unhampered, unattenuated and undistorted way in all directions through Her Heart, as if Her Heart were a centre in which the dazzling light, which flows into it like a bundle of rays, is broken and reflected in all directions.

Her entire being is radiating in this very light. Her feet seem to be bathing in a pool of blazing fire, which in itself spreads a dazzling golden light.

Under Her feet I see a vacuum of darkness, as if the Woman’s feet were not resting on any matter but on a pitch dark emptiness.

The female being now softly speaks to me the following words:

"Behold your Heavenly Mistress, the One who is speaking to you, Mary, the Woman, the Queen of the Last Times, the One who was chosen by God to be the Tabernacle of His Son Jesus Christ the Redeemer, He who, fulfilling a Divine Mystery, was born of Me so as to take the shape of a human and to cast into each human soul the seed of her Redemption and to sprinkle this seed with His Blood, in order that the seed might blossom.

The actual individual blooming must come about by the voluntary, spontaneous, persistent active commitment of each individual human soul through offering a life that she leads in compliance with the dispositions of the Christ: unconditional Love and a genuinely desired self-denial with a view to fulfilling the Divine Law and to unlocking the effects of His Works, both in the world at large and in the individual soul.

The form of offering invested by God with the greatest possible power of glorification to, and unlocking of, His Light, is that of consecration of the soul’s entire life and being to the Triune God of Eternal Love through the Woman, wo among all created beings is the perfect embodiment of all effects of His Law.

Behold the Light, which flows into My Heart from the Source of Eternal Love, and in the power of a perfect, stainless, self-denying Love and of an all-pervasive desire for the fulfilment of Divine Law and of all Works and Plans of the Triune God is reflected from My Heart upon all of creation in a perfectly unhampered, unattenuated and undistorted way, in order that the darkness may see the unlimited power of the fullness of grace and of the fullness of Divine Love and may be put to shame by it, and in order that all human souls of the Last Times may witness the embodiment of the fullness of grace in a created human soul who has practiced the Law of Love in its absolutely perfect form.

The Woman practiced God’s Law of Love under all and any circumstances and in all and any situations of Her life in a physical body, in all and any contacts and encounters with all and any fellow creatures, and in all of her inner dispositions, which were never even for one single moment geared to any other goals than the glorification of God’s Heart, the perfection of His Will and the absolute necessity of completely fulfilling His Law of Love and all of His Works and Plans, which are simultaneously the Source and the Destination of all true Love, true hope and true faith.

Behold My feet, bathing in the fire of the absolutely perfect Love, the feet beneath which in the hour in which God’s only Truth will be glorified, the hour in which the effects of the Law of perfect Love will be fully unlocked, all works and plans of the darkness will be turned into dust in the power of invincible Love. The darkness is allergic to Love. In the fire of the fullness of Love, a fire which, in God’s hour, will radiate from Me without the slightest restraint, all darkness, the prince of all darkness and his entire following, and all effects of their works and plans will be scorched beneath My feet and turn into total emptiness, in order that there may be nothing left but Divine Light and all effects of God’s perfectly unlocked Works and Plans.

That is the Triumph of the Woman, whose vocation it was to be the Great Sign of invincibility of Divine Love, which within Me is embodied to the highest degree any created soul could ever express. This is why, as of the hour of My Immaculate Conception, I was God’s unique Tabernacle of fire and Love, of Light and Truth, of Wisdom and purity, a Tabernacle that was sanctified by the Son of God who became My Son in a physical body, and was sealed by the Holy Spirit.

In that hour, which is accomplished already in accomplished reality, the Woman, the Tabernacle of the Most Sublime Triune God, is to spread God’s power and Light all over creation in order that the Redemptive Works of the Christ may be unlocked in the fullness of their effects and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, God’s Kingdom of perfect Love, perfect Peace, perfect happiness and perfect Justice within and between all creatures may be established and the earth may become the reflection of God’s Kingdom in the Heavens, a reflection so ardently desired by God.

Then the one and only true God will be glorified in the Woman in the fullness of grace, which will be visible for all creation, Her, who will visibly bear witness to the omnipotence of the Light over he darkness, of immaculate self-denying Love over selfishness, over elevation of self, over indifference and hate in all of their shapes, and in whom God will have the unconditional, life-long, impeccable practice of His Law praised as the greatest possible perfection of sanctity which could ever be achieved by a created human soul.

Then the marriage between God’s Will and the will of the human soul, embodied by the Woman, will be shown to all of creation as the cradle from which the Man-God Jesus Christ could rise as the Fruit for the purpose of accomplishing God’s Mystery of Redemption as the seed enabling the final bloom of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Then creation will see that the Woman truly is the rebirth of paradise of earth, which was lost due to sin and which was to be restored within the One who led a life putting all and any sin totally to shame, in order to usher in the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth in God’s hour, so that the effects of the Christ’s Works of Redemption might be visibly completed to the praise and glory of His unparalleled sublimity.

Do believe in this image and in My explanation of it, as it embodies the Triune God’s deepest desire. Not one of God’s desires remains unfulfilled when His hour has come. Nothing of that which is incompatible with His Heart will remain standing in that hour, for in that hour the goal and purpose for which the Works of Creation were once begun will be fulfilled: the final bloom of creation as a mirror of the Heart of its Maker. Blessed are the human souls who will have contributed to the fulfilment of this Mystery, for they will reap a harvest of fruits the existence of which they are not yet able to suspect, because they will have believed in Love and will have harboured and cherished it as the only true sense and purpose of their life".