given to the souls by Mary, the Queen of Heaven

through Myriam van Nazareth

August 20, 2022

"You are experiencing a time in which the dignity of God’s creatures is violated more than ever before. Within the framework of the present Revelation let Me merely highlight the human soul. Her dignity is linked up with the germ of sanctity every single human soul is provided with and which contains the blueprint of the human soul’s ability to actually become and remain a reflection, a living image, of her God and Maker.

To a very large extent the Last Times are characterized by unparalleled attempts of the darkness to deploy human souls for her assaults against the dignity of all creatures. Maintaining, unconditionally respecting and duly appreciating the dignity of each and every fellow creature is what enables the human soul to fully bring to fruition her ability to live in the image of God. This is why this ability is the great target of the assaults on the part of the darkness. Satan aims at totally annihilating everything which reminds him of God, His perfect Love and all His glory, and he has sworn to leave no stone unturned in his attempts to separate every single human soul from God.

For the entire duration of My life on earth I have constantly wielded an absolutely total, unrestrained power over Satan and all of his attempts to break within Me the ability to live in the image of God and to separate Me from an impeccable practice of God’s Basic Law, the Law aiming at the perfect and unconditional practice of true unselfish Love. That is why the God of infallible judgments elevated Me to be the Queen and Mistress of all creatures, for you see:

Every human soul, without any exceptions, is called upon to live in such a way that the effects of her inner life and all that emanates from her, i.e. the dispositions of her heart, are enabled to perfect within her the ability to live as a reflection of God’s Heart. According to the infallible judgment God has been pronouncing on the past life of each single human soul that has ever lived on the face of the earth not one single human soul but Me ever answered the Divine call one hundred per cent in every single situation, in every event, every encounter with fellow creatures, every single detail and every single moment of her life as of the hour of birth until the hour in which the physical body was called to return to God’s Heart.

God’s Basic Law is practiced by a human soul unconditionally and one hundred per cent to the extent to which this human soul has been practicing true self-denying Love towards all her fellow creatures spontaneously, actively and voluntarily in an absolutely impeccable way. This means that, under all and any circumstances, in all events and situations and in all and any encounters with fellow creatures this human soul is a stainless mirror of the Presence of God Himself in her entire behaviour and all of her reactions towards her fellow creatures as well as in the most secret dispositions of her inner life, so much so that this soul is able to make God’s Presence tangible for every fellow creature. This is what it means when I say every human soul is called upon to be a living reflection of God Himself. This is the very mission the first human souls were sent into the world with: to be the custodians of all creation and on God’s behalf and in perfect accordance with His own dispositions to radiate all around them the Light and Love of God Himself.

The human soul is to practice God’s Basic Law perfectly, spontaneously and voluntarily. This means she is not to do so because anybody – not even God – is forcing her to, but because she is actually spontaneously harbouring the very same desires as God harbours. God has judged that no single soul but Me ever made her free will merge with His own Will one hundred per cent in every single detail and at every single moment of her life on earth. As God’s Will is absolutely perfect this judgment actually means He judges My will as having been perfectly identical to His own Will at any given moment of My life on earth. Do understand correctly the significance of this:

God’s Will is the Source of every expression of His Works and the motor of His omnipotence. As My will is perfectly merged with the Will of God this means My power is unlimited. Therefore My capacity of all capacities, My overarching capacity as the Mistress of all souls, is truly a title allocated by the infallably judging God to confirm that, among all creatures, I am the one with the greatest ability to represent Him towards all human souls, and by extension towards all creatures.

God took Me up into Heaven in the fullness of My being, both My soul and My physical body, and crowned Me to be the Queen of Heaven and earth, thereby elevating Me above all creatures because in His eyes the value of a human life as to the accomplishment of His Works and Plans is determined by the extent to which the soul has merged her will with His and has therefore accomplished His Will in every detail of her behaviour and of her inner life (thoughts, feelings, aspirations and all inner reactions to every single event and situation of her life).

I was not only elevated to be the Queen of Heaven and earth on account of My being the Mother of God’s Son: In that case I would have been granted this title as a mere unique gift by God. First and foremost, however, I was granted this title on acount of My life-long voluntary commitment to an impeccable practice of God’s Law and thus of God’s Will, in every detail of My actions and of all My inner dispositions. God regards this as an indisputable sign of My all-pervasive desire that God’s Law might be perfectly accomplished. This sign led Him to issuing His decree that henceforth I should be known as the one and only Mistress of all souls – in Heaven, on earth, in purgatory and in the regions of darkness – and thus as the One possessing an absolutely unparalleled and unconditionally implementable power over all these souls, a power which consists of an unparalleled influence on God’s Heart, an influence, however, which I can only exert to the fullest in proportion as human souls are willing to merge their will with mine, which is identical to the Will of God.

The ideal way to a soul’s blooming in the image of God is therefore her perfectly imitating Me in the pursuit of a perfectly sinless life, in other words of a perfect practice of the Law of perfect sanctity, which is tantamount to rendering all works and plans of the darkness in one’s own life ineffective. Perfectly holy is the soul who flawlessly practices the Law of true Love in all situations of her life and in her deepest and most secret inner dispositions. This was indeed the secret of the perfection in My own life on earth in the eyes of the Divine Judge: that at any point of time and under any circumstances I fulfilled God’s Basic Law of self-denying Love to perfection and that, in so doing, the dispositions of My heart were absolute reflections of the Heart of God Himself.

This is exactly why My Heart is merged with the Heart of Christ – the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary – and why I am the Tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity, the Bride of the Holy Spirit and the Ark of the New Covenant. This is why not one single human soul ever surpassed Me in contributing to the accomplishment of the Works and Plans God has been trying to accomplish in the world ever since the creation of man. Within the framework of this acomplishment I was, among other things, the perfectly usable key in God’s hand to the door leading to the Redemption of the human souls by the Christ.

All of this constitutes the true justification of My coronation as the Queen of Heaven and earth and My being raised to be the Mistress of all souls.

Through the years I have been pointing out that glorifying God’s Works and Plans is able to develop a tremendous power. This is owing to the fact such glorification shows God that human souls are merging their will with His Will and are thus demonstrating their willingness to be deployed as tools for the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans, for you all know that God prefers to accomplish His Works and Plans through the voluntary collaboration of human souls. Be well aware of the fact that God regards Me as His absolute Work of Wonder, and that therefore a life in total, unconditional surrender and consecration to Me is considered by Him to be the golden path through life. I am God’s greatest Work of Wonder on account of the unique gifts and abilities I have received from Him for the purpose of accomplishing a unique mission in life as the Mother of the Divine Redeemer as well as on account of the fact I brought these unique gifts and abilities to their full fruitfulness in an absolutely perfect way by leading My life upon the guidance by inner dispositions which were perfect reflections of the very Being of God Himself.

This is why God most emphatically has Me point out to you all that every act of glorification towards Me produces the effect of a flash of lightning splitting hell and rendering some work of darkness anywhere in this world ineffective, or preventing a plan of darkness from being executed. Glorifying God’s greatest Work of Wonder means glorifying God’s being perfect and glorifying the greatest expression of Divine Light. No human soul on earth is able to fully fathom the power the Divine Creator has invested Me with and which, on account of the perfect accordance of My will with the Will of God, I am able and allowed to exercise unrestrainedly and unconditionally for the accomplishment of My unique eternal Mission as the Queen of the Last Times and as 'the Woman' underneath whose feet all works and plans of the darkness are to be crushed for the purpose of finally establishing the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and His perfect Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice on earth.

Satan dully realizes the inestimable danger to his own plans and works which is contained in the glorification of My sublimity, which found its pinnacle in My unique capacity as the Queen and Mistress of all creatures in the implementation of God’s Works and of His Plan of Salvation for the Last Times for the purpose of perfectly unlocking the effects of the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ. He also harbours this unspeakable fear for every attempt by a human soul to follow Me persistantly in the fulfilment of God’s Basic Law of self-denying Love and in flawlessly respecting the dignity of every single fellow creature.

Verily I say that hell trembles and shakes each time a human soul kneels down before Me in glorification to the sublimity of the Divine Works I embody, and that it also trembles and shakes with every action, thought, feeling and desire through which a human soul totally surrenders to Me for a life at the service of the One who has got the unique Mission of adding every action, thought, feeling and desire filled with light to the treasury of celestial graces for the purpose of establishing God’s Kingdom on earth.

My capacity and title as the Queen of Heaven and earth and as the Mistress of all souls are neither fictions nor mere symbols, and least of all they are heresies, but on the contrary they are the feet which are to press Satan and his works and plans of death, misery, suffering and chaos down to the ground in order to crush them once and for all for the purpose of preparing an eternally visible resurrection of the sublimity of the one and only true God in the awareness of the human souls. I am the Great Sign in the heavens, the Promise of the new springtime, the Woman through whom God wants to, and will, show Satan that the soul who remains faithful to Him in perfection acquires an unparalleled share of His power, and that he – Satan himself – who tried to usurp this unparalleled power without ever fulfilling God’s Law, is now delivered into the power of the Woman who for time and eternity embodies Divine Law in Her own being. Therefore, follow Me, and do lead your lives as collateral to be used in the hour in which, with your collaboration, the Woman is to complete Her Mission".

Words given to Myriam by Mary, the Queen of Heaven and earth and Mistress of all souls,
August 20, 2022

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