offered to the souls by the Holy Virgin Mary

through Myriam van Nazareth

on September 19, 2021

"On many occasions already I have had you write about God’s Plans. Apparently many souls do not fully understand what I mean by this. Hence the following explanation, because a correct understanding is essential for the soul to te able to fully merge her behaviour and all her inner dispositions with God’s expectations to such an extent as to fruitfully accomplish her mission in life, which is none other than rendering service to helping these expectations come true.

What are God’s Plans?

God designed a Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation of all times. He had provided for His creation to be a realm in which all His creatures on earth – human souls, animals and all living elements of nature – would live in perfect harmony, and in which the human soul was to be the custodian of all creation and therefore responsible for keeping the presence of God tangible among His creatures.

The original sin, the first violation of God’s Law by human souls based on their opting in favour of their own desire in preference over God’s desire, was a violation of the sanctity God had provided for the human souls to possess.

God had intended the human soul to be a holy being, meaning that she was to be one with God’s dispositions to such an extent that her entire behaviour and all her inner life would bring salvation upon all of creation. This salvation is nothing but the total fulfilment of the Law of true Love, which would result in everything proceeding from the human soul automatically producing its effects in such ways that it would appear to proceed from God Himself.

Every human soul was to pass the flow of perfect Love from God’s Heart on to all her fellow creatures in a perfectly undefiled way. Original sin made the human soul lose a great part of this ability on account of the fact her inner dispositions were no longer automatically focused on God, but enabled the darkness – the absolute opposite of God, embodied by Satan and his following after their rebellion against God – to influence them, thereby defiling and slowing down the flow of God’s Love through creation and even bringing the latter to a standstill in ever more places in proportion as the transgressions by human souls against Divine Law continued to increase.

Therefore God designed His Plan of Salvation, the fulfilment of which was to ensure the return of perfect harmony between all His creatures with the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. God’s Kingdom on earth is the atmosphere of life provided by God, in which Divine Love flows through creation without any impediments because human souls no longer enable the darkness to produce its effects on account of their perfectly fulfilling God’s Law of true Love. This is only possible if the human souls again merge their inner dispositions, their entire way of thinking, feeling, desiring and aspiring totally with God’s Heart, the way it was prior to the original sin.

God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world as the Embodiment of Divine Law in order to urge the human souls most emphatically to completely return to the unity with the Heart of God. His living example and His matching teachings were to be crowned by an absolutely complete and absolutely perfect Passion, because God had provided that trials and elements of inconvenience and suffering voluntarily accepted by a soul in a human body and endured with unconditional self-denying Love and offered to God in a sincere desire that He may transform them into Light that will rob the darkness of its effects would help accomplish His Plan of Salvation. Of every human soul it is expected that she will imitate the Christ in the dispositions of His Heart and in the spirit in which He has endured His Passion.

The sinfulness of mankind has not decreased since Jesus Christ lived on earth, quite on the contrary. This is why God expects each human soul more than ever to radically orient her own inner dispositions – her entire behaviour, her entire way of thinking, feeling, desiring and aspiring – towards making God’s intentions come true.

My own eternal Mission consists in preparing the human souls for the accomplishment of God’s Plans through providing them in-depth teachings in the mysteries of Divine Life as well as through inner guidance inside each heart that accepts Me unconditionally and totally as her Mistress for the purpose of deepening the example and the doctrine provided by the Christ. This must be accomplished in the Last Times, in which mankind is now living, through a persistent battle against the countless effects of the works of the darkness, which make themselves visible and felt in the world through all expressions of suffering, misery, chaos, injustice and a general atmosphere of strife and widely spread feelings of meaninglessness.

God’s Plans are the intentions harboured by God since the original sin for the benefit of all creation, which aim for nothing else but the complete restoration of the state of holy harmony among His creatures and are to result in the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, an atmosphere of life which is identical with the one that prevailed in creation as of day one and was lost when the human soul committed the original sin.

So God’s Plans consist in reverting mankind to the state of undefiled sanctity it had originally received from God yet that mankind itself denied through her own violations of the Law of true Love.

The accomplishment of God’s Plans will be embodied by the reversion of creation to a state of cohabitation among all creatures in an atmosphere of stainless harmony and thus lacking any feeling of meaninglessness, for in that state the human soul will rediscover the only purpose of her life on earth: the impeccable service to God by a perfect practice of His Law of self-denying Love and service towards all creatures God had entrusted to the human soul from the outset.

As Mistress of all souls I have the mission and the power to help unlock the Works of Jesus Christ in the human souls, in order that the purpose of the Christ’s life on earth may be fulfilled: that all human souls might once and for all opt in favour of serving God by perfectly imitating His example, and against every force hostile to God’s Works, and that in so doing they might truly help accomplish God’s Plan of Salvation, for reverting creation to the state of the paradise of true Love created by God is the sole responsibility of the human souls: It is through merging their intentions, desires, aspirations, thoughts and feelings and their entire behaviour with the Heart of God that God’s Kingdom on earth must be established. There is no other way to purify the world of all suffering, misery, chaos, injustice, inner strife and meaninglessness".