Special Revelation by the Holy Virgin Mary

to Myriam van Nazareth

July 18, 2022

"For so many years I have been teaching the souls the Basic Divine Law, the Law of self-denying true Love, as the great standard by which God judges the value of every human life.

So often I read in human hearts the question: 'How am I to love God, as I am neither able to see nor to hear Him'? Therefore I want to present to the souls ten points of reference they can focus their lives on so as to truly fulfil the Basic Law of God in their lives.

1. You can kiss, caress and love the Triune God by every touch, every action, every word, every feeling or thought filled with pure self-denying Love towards any fellow creature. Do not ever forget that God’s perception is all-embracing, which means that He feels EVERYTHING a human soul does or fails to do, says, feels and thinks with regard to any fellow creature, for that He perceives every single detail of EVERY physical and emotional sensation of EVERY single creature in His own being.

2. You can love the Triune God in every sign of a sincere and genuine respect for all life and for the dignity of every creature, for every creature is a bearer of the signature of its Creator. Every sign of respect for the dignity of any fellow creature is perceived by God as a direct sign of respect towards Himself. Inversely, every lack of respect for a fellow creature, any form of maltreatment and any form of neglect to the detriment of any fellow creature is perceived by God as a direct lack of respect for Him, or as an act of maltreatment or neglect directed against Him.

3. You can love the Triune God in every victory over a temptation, a weakness or a bad habit, for to Him such a victory is like opting in favour of Him, of His Law and His Light, and against the darkness.

4. You can love the Triune God by constantly aspiring to spread more and more Light day after day, both all over creation and towards every single fellow creature you may encounter in any way whatsoever, through harbouring positive feelings, aspiring to be a source of strength, joy, peace and encouragement to any fellow creature, and by harbouring a sincere trust in the final victory of the Light over the darkness.

5. You can love Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Father, by bearing any trial and any cross of life in HIS spirit, viz. in a disposition of genuine acceptance, of self-denying Love and of a sincere and all-pervading desire for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

6. You can love Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Father, by imitating Him in not harbouring any grudges nor any hatred against your fellow creatures, but on the contrary forgiving them whole-heartedly. Sincere forgiveness can be the final key on the door to their understanding and realizing their own faults and sins, to a genuine and lasting remorse and to their desiring to achieve a sincere conversion, to make reparation and to make amends.

7. You can love Jesus Christ, the Son of the Eternal Father, by aspiring for an understanding of your own dispositions, your own mistakes, and harbouring a genuine remorse and a desire to make amends for any way you may ever have caused harm to any fellow creature or have inflicted misery upon the latter.

8. You can love the Holy Spirit through any abstention of worldly thinking and desiring, and of any inclination to regard materialistic goals as the actual purpose of life. Materialistic goals die in the hour in which the physical body dies. In that hour the human soul appears before her God and Maker for the purpose of being judged according to the degree of her Love and the degree to which she has contributed to the accomplishment of God’s Works of Love in the world.

9. You can love the Holy Spirit by sincerely loving the one and only Truth of God, which does not tolerate any lies, any deceit or any corruption.

10. You can love the Holy Spirit by making Love the only drive for all and any of your reactions, actions and decisions in every situation, every event, every encounter and any circumstances, and by reacting, acting and deciding strictly towards influencing both your fellow creatures and God’s Works in a positive way".