Prayer flowers for the purpose of humiliating the darkness
in these Last Times

inspired by the Holy Virgin Mary

to Myriam van Nazareth
"Do know that Satan trembles and shakes with fear at the thought of the power I possess. He knows that power, and he knows his realm on earth would collapse in a split second if I were able to deploy My power in its fullness" (from a revelation by the Heavenly Mistress to Myriam on August 13, 2006).

"If a majority of the human souls should sincerely and wholeheartedly recognize and profess Me as Mistress of all souls the darkness would lose its distorting power over creation and all of its works of misery and destruction would become ineffective. Consequently the door to a world of Love, Peace and Happiness would be opened wide. Yes, there is a solid connection between the recognition of My sublimity in My overarching capacity as Mistress of all souls on the one hand and the unlocking of the fullness of My liberating power in glorification of the Most High Triune God and so as to crown the Works of Redemption wrought by the Christ on the other" (Mary, the Heavenly Mistress, to Myriam on July 14, 2023).

God gave the human souls the Promise that in the Last Times 'the Woman', the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception and Mother of the incarnated Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ, She who since 2005 has been making Herself known in Her overarching capacity as Mistress of all souls, will totally humiliate Satan and all of his works and plans of darkness, destruction, misery, suffering and chaos, for all creation to see, i.e. before the very eyes of all angels, saints, human souls in purgatory and on earth and all damned souls, as the ultimate sign demonstrating the fact that God’s Time has come to establish His Kingdom on earth and to crush all works of the darkness in the world once and for all.

She is to do so by virtue of a merger between the effects of a unique Divine Grace and the effects of the total and genuinely practiced consecration of human souls to Her for the purpose of crushing all and any effects of the realm the darkness has been trying to establish in the world as of the original sin and of establishing God’s Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice in and among all creatures on earth. This establishment will be the embodiment of the ultimate effects produced by the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ as the Man-God on earth.

The Holy Virgin has received the unlimited power to visibly accomplish this total humiliation of all darkness and of the sources thereof in the hour God will set for that purpose and which will also partly be determined by the intense and sincere desire of human souls that God may well and truly completely rule the world and the darkness in the world may lose the fullness of its power over the world. Mary’s power was deposited in Her by God as a treasury which yet needs to be unlocked, as the seed of a flower which yet needs to bloom, as a bomb containing an unparalleled explosive charge which yet needs to be set to be detonated. This unlocking must be done through the active commitment on the part of as many human souls as possible. The way in which this unlocking is to be prepared has been taught to the souls by the Heavenly Queen Herself in teachings, revelations and prayers.

The Mistress of all souls has been discussing the unparalleled power of 'the Woman' repeatedly in writings inspired by Her within the framework of Her Maria Domina Animarum Work.
Important teachings and revelations concerning this power and the unlocking thereof can be found in:

The ignored Light

The powerfrul foot of the Woman

Confession made by a demon at Mary’s command

Storm tetralogy against the realm of the darkness on earth (third offensive)

By order of the Heavenly Queen the following prayers are referred to as tools which may provide a direct help to the souls for making contributions to the unlocking of the tremendous power of 'the Woman' of the Last Times over Satan, his following and all works and plans he intends to implement and to harbour on earth, preferably through human souls who are willing to put their hearts, all of their actions and all they aspire at the service of the darkness.

Myriam, on behalf of the Mistress of all souls,
July 2023

Prayers to unlock the power of Mary
for the purpose of advancing the final victory over the darkness


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Dawn of the Kingdom of Eternal Light,
As of Your Immaculate Conception from the Heart of the Most Holy Trinity until Your Coronation as the Queen of Heaven and earth, God glorified Your sublimity.
Behold my nothingness, throwing itself at Your feet in constant praise, for Your sweet name brings life and salvation where darkness, perdition and distress threaten me.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for Your mercy lets the sun rise over ailing souls.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for upon Your word the Holy Spirit infuses His Gifts of Bliss into the souls.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for every dark force is crushed underneath Your feet.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for Your intercession is going to save the Church of Christ from perdition.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for upon Your word the angelical legions will purify the world.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for upon Your word the gates of Heaven are opened up.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for Yours is the power over God’s Graces.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for to Your intercession countless souls owe Eternal Happiness.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for without Your perpetual assistance I am lost.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for underneath Your feet my sins and my vices are turned into dust.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for You are my Rescue in all distress.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for Your cloak is the shield of all persecuted souls who believe in Your power.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for Your name breaks Heaven open and makes hell tremble.
Be praised, Celestial Flower, for I have laid my journey through life and my destination in Your hands.
Oh Queen of all souls, be praised in Your infinite power for the rescue of souls and bodies in distress, for Your words of intercession are words of Eternal Life.
Be glorified, oh powerful Mother of God, in all Your children, who through the graces from Your hands have found the food of Life for all times and for all eternity.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, powerful Mistress of the angels,
Inestimable is the power You wield through the innumerable angels God has put at Your service.
On behalf of all human souls I implore You, do send Your angels to the earth, so that they may break open all hearts with the fire of their Love, for the establishment of God’s Kingdom among the souls.
Oh Queen of Heaven and earth, do satisfy my desire for a holy covenant between the angels and the souls on earth, so that God’s Plans may now be accomplished.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, powerful Queen of Heaven and earth,
In my misery and my distress I prostrate myself before You to glorify Your unlimited power, in order that Your rule may unfold over anything oppressing and depressing me.
Oh Mistress over everything that comes out of God’s hand, all Your words are as binding as if God Himself had spoken them. Therefore I implore You:
Oh Mistress of the angels, do command the angelic hosts to liberate my path through life from the pitfalls and threats of darkness and sin.
Oh Mistress over all demons, do humiliate at Your feet all and any forces of darkness, so as to make them feel that God has not set any limits to Your power.
Oh Mistress of my entire being, do cleanse my soul of all and any traces of sin, do cleanse my spirit of all anxiety, and do cleanse my heart of all inner strife, so that I may serve You with everything I am and everything I have, and through all and any words and actions of my life.
You possess a total power upon the Heart of God.
You have the power to transform my entire life and to reshape my soul into a garden in which God is well pleased.
Already Satan is cringing under Your foot, for God has delivered him to Your power.
I trust in Your total victory over all darkness in the hour in which souls recognize You as their Mistress called by God.
In You, oh Queen of creation, I put all my trust, for before Your power and Your glory will flee everything which does not proceed from God’s Light.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, Queen of the Last Times, highest step on the staircase to the throne of the Most Holy Trinity,
God’s Great Sign for the rising of the Light in the world,
Immaculate Woman called by God to crush all works of darkness and their effects in the world under Your foot,
Stainless holy Gateway of God’s Kingdom on earth,
I implore Your most powerful intermediary for the advancement of the final victory of God and His Works of Love, Light and Peace over all darkness in this world.
Therefore, be the infallible inner Guide in the hearts, so as to promote a profound purification of everything which stands in the way of a full bloom of God’s Law in the world.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Holy Virgin Mary, most sublime Work of wonder ever designed by God, Great Sign of God’s omnipotence over the darkness and all of its works and plans.
Before the face of my God, my Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier, I confirm the sacred covenant of my total, unconditional and lifelong consecration to You.
By virtue of this covenant I accept You without any restriction or condition as the sovereign Mistress of my entire being, of all developments on my journey through life, of all my works, of my entire inner life, of everything which was entrusted to me in this life and of all and any contacts with any fellow creature I may encounter.
Therefore I implore the exercise of the fullness of Your unparalleled power over all of this every single moment of each day and night, in order that no other force may ever get to rule over any aspect of my being or my life.
I especially profess Your invincible power over all darkness, both in my own life and in the entire world, for God has elevated You beyond reach above all He has ever created, and no force under God is able to resist You.
May by virtue of this my lifelong profession every element of my being, of everything which proceeds from me, of my entire life, as well as the entire world and everything that has ever happened in it, that is currently happening and that is yet to happen, be ruled entirely by the effects of Your power and therefore be entirely in the hands of God, for in You is the fullness of Divine Light, and God foresaw You as the Woman who is to crush the darkness and all of its works under Her foot.
I implore Your most powerful protection for myself and for the world. May the Divine Promise soon be fulfilled, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Oh Mary, immaculately conceived and eternally virginal Mother of the Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ,
God foresaw You as the Woman who will crush all works and plans of the darkness under Her feet.
I implore You, do bring to light all works wrought by the darkness and all plans ripened in the darkness, and do render them ineffective once and for all. Do also pervade with the Light of a perfect understanding and a genuine and unconditional remorse the hearts through which the darkness has been allowed to bring these works and plans into the world, in order that the total and final victory of God’s Light and Love may soon manifest itself.
This supplication I am bringing before You from an all-pervading desire for the glorification of the omnipotence of the perfect Love from the Creator of all things, and under the seal of the Blood of His Divine Son Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).

The following prayer was inspired within the framework of a vision complemented with a verbal revelation, granted by the Mistress of all souls in the night leading up to the commemoration of Her Birth on September 8, 2022.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Almighty Triune God, in whom lie both the Source and the Destination of all that has ever been sent into the world,
To You I profess my acknowledgement of the Divine Decree through which an unlimited power was granted by You to the immaculately created Holy Virgin Mary, the Woman, for the purpose of totally defeating all works and plans of the darkness, in order to complete the unlocking of Your infallible Plan of Salvation in the hour You have established.
So as to support my desire that this power may be fully and visibly unfolded I profess the Woman as the true Mistress of my entire being and my entire journey through life, as well as my intention to serve Her through every single detail of my life, in order that Your Divine intentions may be materialized.
I profess Her power as the Immaculate Conception, in which She was shown to Satan as evidence of the possibility for a created human soul to be perfectly holy and to be totally immune to the effects of his evil intentions.
I profess Her power in Her physical birth, in which You allowed even Her physical body to shine in the light of an absolutely untainted sanctity.
I profess Her power as the Woman, the Tabernacle of Divinity and therefore a bearer of the fullness of Divine Life in the shape of the Divine Redeemer.
I profess Her power as the Co-Redemptrix, in which capacity She demonstrated the perfect unity of Her inner life with that of the Divine Redeemer in representation of every created soul who is willing to put her being and her life totally and in complete self-denial at the service of unlocking Redemption.
I profess Her power as the Queen and Mistress, exalted above everything under Divinity, in which capacity She was shown to Satan as a Divine sign denoting the invincibility of a soul who has merged completely with the will of the almighty God.
Praised be the unlimited and unconditional power of the Woman over all darkness. May the full unlocking of Her power soon be demonstrated to the world in the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart leading up to the opening of the gate to Your Kingdom on earth.

The special revelation within the framework of which the above prayer was inspired can be found here: The powerful foot of the Woman


(Myriam van Nazareth)

My almighty God, only Source and Destination of all creatures and the only power that owns everything in this world,
Through the unlimited power of Mary, chosen by You to be the Queen of Heaven and earth for all eternity, I implore that the Divine Promise of the final establishment of Your Kingdom on earth may soon be fulfilled, in order that the omnipotence of the Works of Redemption wrought by Your Son Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the human souls of good will, may be completely unlocked.
May soon the sun rise over the day in which the darkness will be crushed under the powerful foot of the Woman who, as the only one among all created souls, was, is, and will forever be the absolute counterpart of Satan and his works of sufferings, misery and destruction.
My entire being and my entire journey through life I have surrendered unconditionally and irrevocably to Her as my Mistress and my Bridge towards the Kingdom of the Light that casts no shadows.
May She be enabled to rule unrestrainedly over countless human souls, so that Satan and his following may recognize in the exercise of Her power over our lives and our beings the signs predicting the final victory of the Woman, who was called to put all of their works to shame forever through the total service of the souls to Her, and to crush underneath Her feet all effects of those works.
May the effects of the unlimited power of Your most elevated Royal Daughter soon establish Her Queenship in countless souls, in order that, through Her Triumph, and under the pressure from Her foot, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ may come on earth and all darkness may be engulfed by the waves of the fire of perfect Love He unleashed on the Cross on Mount Golgotha for all eternity. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).

Call by the Holy Virgin Mary for the purpose of unlocking Her unlimited power over the darkness

MARY is God’s absolute Master Piece. In no other Work has God accumulated ALL perfections of His creative accomplishments. In Mary He did exactly this. Her being was never defiled, affected or marred by any imperfection. She is the Treasury of Divine Mysteries. She is 'full of Grace', which means that ALL Divine graces and gifts have been incorporated into Her being.
In Her all-embracing and overarching capacity as the Mistress of all souls the Holy Virgin already elaborated on this unique Divine Mystery of the perfect nature of Her being on several occasions.

As early as in August 2006 the Mistress of all souls said:
"The Most High created everything, and as the absolute and unsurpassable crown on all things created He provided for the creation of My being. In Me He accumulated all possible elements of perfection. In a manner of speaking, in Me all elements of creation are stored and brought to their respective perfection".

In March 2009 She spoke the following words in this context:
"Never forget that in Me, Mary, the Most High accumulated all perfections that have ever come out of His hand, and that therefore I represent the fullness of His creative, redemptive and sanctifying Works. This is why in these very last times I am being proclaimed as the Mistress of all souls, because the time for a total glorification of God’s Works has now come".

In August 2020 She added:
"I am the Master Piece of God’s hands, the Being He invested with the fullness of grace and in whom all perfections of His creative omnipotence were allowed to incarnate. I am Divine Life incarnated, fully accomplished spiritualization incarnated, and therefore an unlimited offense to the darkness".

In June 2023 the Heavenly Queen expressed towards Myriam Her desire to inspire a prayer for the purpose of inviting souls to address Her with words composed as a sort of glorification to Her sublimity, Her perfect nature and Her power, and She motivated Her desire as follows:
"If a soul glorifies the unique perfect nature of My being she thereby helps unlock the unparalleled power God has hidden inside this perfection. This unique power is so unimaginable and so terrible to the forces of darkness that there is nothing which terrifies the demons more than the glorification and, through it, the unlocking of this power.
Therefore I emphasize My desire that the following prayer be used intensively in these times, which more than any time in the history of this world are characterized by menace and destruction on the part of the forces of darkness. By so doing the souls can bring forward the Triumph of the Woman as promised by God and the accompanying establishment of His Kingdom on earth, and actually lay under My feet all works and plans of destruction and misery wrought and harboured by Satan and his following.
I remind you that in My feet God concentrated the fullness of His power in order that in His Hour I may humiliate under My feet the darkness once and for all, and for all creation to see. That which is called the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart is the Triumph of the complete fulfilment of Divine Law, the Law of true self-denying Love.
In truth I also say the souls can compare My power to a bomb invested with the ability to destroy Satan’s realm on earth in one single explosion. This bomb was prepared by God Himself, but it must be set off in a collaboration between His Grace and the determined choice of human souls in favour of the fulfilment of the perfect Divine Law of Love".

These words were followed by the inspiration of prayer flower 1717. The Queen of Heaven also wishes to refer to Her earlier inspirations about the supreme value and significance of unlocking Her unparalleled sublimity and power over all darkness, among others:

The ignored Light

The powerful foot of the Woman

Storm tetralogy against the realm of the darkness on earth (third offensive)

The Mistress of all souls points to the fact it is most useful and advisable to combine the following prayer with prayer flower 1688 (Tribute to the power of the Woman), as both of them combined make a formidable weapon against the forces of evil.


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Holy Virgin Mary, unrestrainedly powerful Queen of creation, You who are elevated above all, invincible Terror of the demons, I prostrate myself before You, who among all things created are the embodiment of the omnipotence of the only true God of Love.
Do offer to God my praise to You as a ransom to unlock Your unlimited power as the Woman of the Last Hour over Satan and his following and all of their works and plans of darkness, misery, suffering and destruction which threaten the whole world and myself.

Mary, magnificent and most sublime Heavenly Queen, only created soul possessing an unlimited power to command demons to leave the world and cast themselves into the eternal abyss;
Mary, magnificent and most sublime Heavenly Queen, only created soul elevated by God to be the uncontested Mistress of the angels, You who possess an unlimited power to command angels to liberate the world and individual human souls from the menace by works and plans of the darkness;
Mary, magnificent and most sublime Heavenly Queen, only created soul invested by God with the Immaculate Conception and therefore the absolutely perfect Tabernacle of Divine Light;
Mary, magnificent and most sublime Heavenly Queen, only created soul who has led an absolutely sinless life and are therefore God’s eternal Sign of total power over all darkness, all sin and all temptation;
Mary, magnificent and most sublime Heavenly Queen, only created soul whose will was completely merged with God’s Will every single moment of Her existence, and will stay merged with it forever, God’s Will being the very core of Divine omnipotence;
Mary, magnificent and most sublime Heavenly Queen, only created soul whose every single word is a bearer of the absolutely unlimited power of intermediary and advocacy with the Most Sublime God, who is the only Source, Destination and Master of all things alive;
Mary, magnificent and most sublime Heavenly Queen, only created soul who, by virtue of God’s Will, was allowed to merge with the Christ and is therefore feared by the darkness as the embodiment of a power and a glory which are elevated infinitely high above all creatures;
Mary, magnificent and most sublime Heavenly Queen, only created soul who has fulfilled Divine Law of True Love to absolute perfection and is therefore among all things created the very opposite of the darkness;
Mary, magnificent and most sublime Heavenly Queen, only created soul in whom all perfections of created nature are concentrated and to whose power God has therefore not set any limits whatsoever, for all eternity, unconditionally and irrevocably;
Mary, magnificent and most sublime Heavenly Queen, only created soul predestined by God to be the Woman who, in representation of the human souls, is to express the Triumph of Divine omnipotence by humiliating Satan under Her feet once and for all in the hour set by God.

To You I surrender myself entirely and undividedly, oh most holy Treasury of all perfections out of God’s hand, You who were elevated by God to the throne of the only Queen of perfection and who are therefore feared by the prince of all darkness as the embodiment of the end of his power over the human soul.
May God’s Hour, in which Your foot is to crush all works of the darkness once and for all, be brought forward, so as to exalt the God who has concentrated in You these infinite manifestations of the most sublime glory, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).

"I have repeatedly told you that every human soul is able to deal blows to the darkness by professing Me as the greatest Work of Wonder God has ever wrought. The words I am now going to speak in your heart are charged with the power to help render the darkness ineffective once and for all. Do regard them as a powerful weapon from the arsenal I am drawing upon in the current Last Times for the purpose of humiliating Satan totally and breaking his power over the human souls once and for all.
May the souls keep realizing that God made Me among all living things the embodiment of everything that is totally opposed to all capacities of Satan and all of his works, and that therefore each and every open profession of My capacities is able to help fully unlock the concrete effects of My God-given power over the effects of the works and plans of Satan in the world"
(Mary, Mistress of all souls, July 2023).


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Holy Virgin Mary, only created human soul in whom God embodied the fullness of all His Works of wonder,
For the purpose of humiliating every force of darkness and all and any works the darkness has ever wrought in this world with a view to damaging Works of God and to leading human souls to eternal damnation I profess Your sublimity as a perfectly unlocked beam of Light from God’s Heart.
I profess You as the immaculately conceived and eternally virginal Mother of God’s Son Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Redeemer of every soul who is ready to put her life at the service of the fulfilment of God’s Law.
I profess You as the only human soul in whom the practice of selfless Love has reached absolute perfection.
I profess You as the Queen of Heaven and earth, elevated infinitely above all, called and crowned by God to perfectly fulfil the unfulfilled role of the first human soul as the queen of creation, for in Your perfection God has avenged the original sin.
I profess You as the Woman of the Last Times, under whose feet every single work and every single plan of the darkness was crushed already during Her days on earth, and whose power will make hell tremble in the hour in which God will open up the gate to His Kingdom on earth and the Works of Redemption wrought by Your Divine Son Jesus Christ will receive their ultimate coronation.
I profess You as my Heavenly Mistress, my inner Guide to perfection as a tool in God’s hand for the purpose of glorifying the infinite greatness and Love of my only God, the Source and Destination of my life on earth.
I profess You as the Mistress of all souls, called by God to help open up the fields of human souls for the Divine seed of the Christ, in order that they may yield wheat to nourish God’s Kingdom on earth.
May Your perfection arouse in souls the desire to become living signs for the omnipotence of the Cross over all darkness.

After She had inspired prayer flower 1718 the Holy Virgin spoke again as follows:
"May the souls find in this prayer the infallible tools with which, through a faithful following of Jesus Christ and total surrender to Me, they can help force the darkness to its knees.
I am also giving you the following words of prayer, which can be regarded as constituting an extraordinarily powerful, all-embracing invocation with the potential of enveloping the imploring soul in a cloud of protective Light, to the extent to which this soul surrenders to Me totally and trustingly. In this sense, in a way these words also constitute a prayer of consecration.
I emphasize that these prayer flowers have the ability to develop an extraordinary power within the framework of the final battle for the liberation of the world from the effects of the destructive plans and works of the darkness"
(Mary, Mistress of all souls, July 2023).


(Myriam van Nazareth)

My Heavenly Mother Mary, I profess You as

  • the Holy Virgin,
  • the immaculately conceived Mother of the only incarnated Divine Redeemer and Messiah Jesus Christ,
  • the Queen of Heaven and earth,
  • the Woman under whose feet all works and plans of the darkness have been crushed as of Her Immaculate Conception, and will keep being crushed until the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth,
  • my Heavenly Mistress and Mistress of all souls by virtue of God’s Will.

Be my impenetrable shield of Light and Fire, each moment of my life, and my Queen and Mistress in time and eternity, as a bridge towards my God.

♥ ♥ ♥

In Her ongoing appeal nr. 6 (Emergency appeal by the Queen of Heaven to the souls in preparation for God’s Kingdom on earth), which can be found here the Holy Virgin, among other things, speaks words which contain the whole purpose of the total surrender of souls to Her in the framework of the battle against the darkness in this world:

Make a whole-hearted use of the golden path God has provided for every soul to help turn her life into a regular factory producing valuable raw materials for the preparation of graces for the benefit of the world: In every detail of your inner life and of your entire behaviour, practice a strict consecration to Me, the Queen of Heaven and earth, the Woman who, by way of fulfilling the Divine Promise, is to crush Satan’s head in close collaboration with the souls given into Her custody.

The Triumph of My Immaculate Heart is nothing but the visible Sign provided for by God to denote the total victory of True Love over all works of the darkness, so that the golden fruits of the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ may be unlocked. Strict consecration to Me is not merely saying a prayer, it is a lifelong and continuously practiced offering of all trials and tribulations of life to Me, through which the soul accepts Me as her undisputed Mistress and inner Guide towards a perfect unity of hearts with the Christ. It is a covenant of transferring genuinely accepted, self-denying and sincerely loving actions, words, thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations to Me, in order that I may merge them with My absolutely perfect Love and unity with the will of God Himself and thus may offer them to God with a surplus value, as building bricks for the foundation of the Triumph of the Woman, through which the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth is to be rung in.

In the hour in which mankind would recognize Me unconditionally as the Mistress of all souls by virtue of a Divine decision the power of Satan over this world would not hold its own for a moment longer, for in this capacity of all capacities I fully represent the power of God over the destination of the fruits of the behaviour of all souls, including all works and plans of the demons.

There is no other way to completely fulfil God’s Law than the way of self-denying Love, and in proportion as this Law is fulfilled more completely the darkness will increasingly lose its grip on ever increasing numbers of human souls. The hour in which God’s Kingdom on earth can be established once and for all is not determined by any targeted intervention on God’s part, but by the extent to which human souls fulfil the Law of True Love. Therefore do not postpone being a channel of Light and warmth to every fellow creature God allows to touch your journey through life, whether the encounter be short-lived or of a longer duration.

Thus your presence will create a piece of paradise everywhere you go, in the hearts of your fellow creatures. In these fellow creatures a new spring of Love and hope will start to bloom, and ever more doors will open themselves to the entry of the Kingdom of God, which will ring the death bell for all suffering, all misery, all chaos and all injustice in this world.

Then, in that hour, Jesus Christ will for the first time be able to see that His unimaginable Suffering for the sake of true happiness in all of creation has not been endured in vain".

By order of the Queen of Heaven this text is supplemented by Her Special Revelation of July 11, 2023:



Special Revelation by the Holy Virgin Mary

on July 11, 2023

to Myriam van Nazareth

"God has elevated Me above all things created, so that among all created beings I am the most exalted one, second in rank after the Triune God Himself – the Eternal Father, the Divine Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The unparalleled sublimity of My being has invested Me with a unique power. Unlocking this power, i.e. the activation thereof, can produce effects which would be devastating to all works the darkness has been accomplishing and is still accomplishing in this world, and which are at the basis of all and any misery, suffering and destruction afflicting creation, as well as to the plans harboured by the darkness for the purpose of engendering misery, suffering and destruction and for the accomplishment of which the darkness needs the collaboration from human souls.

This is why Satan fears the unlocking of My power above all things, and this is also why he goes to any length to undermine within human souls any faith and trust in the greatness of My power in creation and to attack with the utmost tenacity any proclamation thereof. No way is more fruitful to him to keep thwarting the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace on earth than the path of inspiring human souls to resist the truth of My unique sublimity and power.

The larger the number of human souls that surrender to Me voluntarily, spontaneously, wholeheartedly and sincerely so as to put their lives – i.e. their entire behaviour and even their most secret thoughts, feelings, desires and aspirations – at My service in all and any details, the more power will I be able to deploy to render the darkness in the world ineffective so as to be able to justify before Divine Law the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

In truth I tell you that any doubt as to the reality and veracity of My unique sublimity and the fact I have been elevated above everything under God, and of the unique and unlimited power associated with this sublimity, originates with the source of all darkness, Satan himself, who is My absolute opposite in the battle between the Light and the darkness, between True Love and sinfulness.

This battle between the Light and the darkness began when the human soul was created, in particular as of the moment in which the first human souls acted upon the inspirations from Satan who managed to make them relinquish complying with Divine Law, so that they committed the original sin, which resulted in the fact that in human nature the spontaneous inclination to perfectly meet God’s expectations was violated. This battle expresses the eternal opposition between the spirit of True Love as embodied by the Divine Son Jesus Christ incarnated on the one hand and Satan, the absolute and boundless darkness, the absolute opposite of True Love and therefore the source of all hate, destruction, defilement, degradation, misery, suffering, chaos, injustice, unhappiness, fear, forlornness, torment and death on the other.

After Divinity had granted Me to become and to stay, in a mystical way, perfectly merged with the Heart and the inner life of the Christ, the Son of God who was physically born of the perfectly holy Tabernacle of My maternal womb, this very Christ, while in agony on the Cross of Salvation, entrusted Me to all human souls for all eternity, and placed all human souls under My custody and guidance. In so doing He underlined, confirmed and perpetuated My power and My status as a being that was to be and forever to remain elevated above all things created.

The unique privilege of My Immaculate Conception – which enabled My entire being to become the unique Tabernacle of Divinity – was followed by a life I voluntarily and persistently managed to keep clean of all and any sin. This means I have kept the perfect sanctity of My being as the only Immaculate Conception perfectly undefiled and unviolated by an absolutely perfect unity of My will with the Will of God Himself by a perfectly stainless compliance with Divine Law.

This is exactly where the perfectly unlimited nature of My sublimity and power originated:

My perfect incorruptibility, the state of My never being defiled by any sin, refers to My wielding an unlimited power over any force which for the entire duration of My life kept trying to separate Me from God and from Divine Law. Through this incorruptibility I managed to complete My life on earth in a disposition of total power over the darkness, a power which in not one single moment and under no circumstances ever got violated or rendered ineffective. This also means My will was perfectly merged with the Will of God Himself, who is the absolute opposite of all darkness. This is tantamount to My pursuing exactly the same goals as God did, for the entire duration of my life on earth and without the slightest interruption.

You see, the Will of God is the motor of Divine power. This is why, already during My life on earth, I shared in in God’s power to a unique extent: From the outset My will, My desires and My goals were identical to those of God Himself.

This is why it is impossible for God to refuse Me anything, all the more so as under all and any circumstances My aspirations invariably lie strictly within the general goals pursued by God’s Plans and as I invariably take account of any limitations ensuing from the Law of Divine Justice: This Law determines whether, and to what extent, desires and aspirations harboured and pursued by human souls on earth as well as developments in the world in general are favourable for the eternal future of the soul concerned, for fellow creatures with which this soul is in contact, and in view of the development of God’s Plans with creation.

Because of the perfect merger of My will, My understanding and My desires with those of God Himself a refusal by God to implement any of My desires would mean He would be denying His own Will, His own desires, aspirations and Plans. This is impossible, because the Will, desires and aspirations of God are absolutely, unconditionally and irrevocably perfect and therefore must be accomplished, as Divine Law and God’s Plans are to be fulfilled because of their Divine nature. Indeed, they are geared to the completion of creation. By this I mean:

In a manner of speaking Divine Law and God’s Plans automatically work towards the perfection or completion of everything God has once started but which has been drifting away from its perfect nature initially intended by God due to interferences from the material world. By 'interferences from the material world' I mean any influence from the darkness which leads human souls to counteract Works and Plans of God, to corrupt them, make them deviate from their goal and purpose or to either damage their accomplishment or, if in any way possible, destroy them or distort their effects to such an extent as to prevent them from being recognized as proceeding from God.

My mission consists in guiding and teaching human souls so intensively that all and any developments which may at some point have caused harm to Works and Plans of God, or may have counteracted them or are still doing so or might yet do so at any point of time in the future, can yet be influenced in such a way as to enable the goal originally aimed at by God to be achieved. I have to do so through acts of 'reprogramming' the spirits and hearts of human souls, i.e. by bringing their ways of thinking and feeling closer and closer to God’s Heart, with their active collaboration. This is exactly why I needed to be elevated above all things created, and this is also the very reason why I needed to possess a total and unlimited power against which the darkness can do nothing whatsoever.

God never set any limits to the deep nature of My power. I can dispose of this power in its fullness, unconditionally, irrevocably and for all eternity. Only one single limit was set to the effects of My power: the limitation imposed by the Divine Law of Justice, according to which the factual implementation of My power – as well as the implementation of the power of God Himself, to be sure – will be noticeable only to the extent to which human souls actively, voluntarily and spontaneously collaborate towards the fulfilment of the Divine Laws and Plans and/or, in the concrete details of their lives, show themselves willing and ready to collaborate towards this fulfilment, as well as to allow themselves wholeheartedly and without any resistance to be guided by Me both innerly and through My teachings and appeals.

I was elevated by God to be the Queen of all creation. Each and every force under God is subjected to My will. To the forces of the darkness this truth is a never ending torment, a nightmare leading them to utter despair. This is why they so shamelessly and with such unparalleled audacity exploit the human souls that are ever so susceptible to temptation, by inspiring them the delusional conviction that the omnipotence and the perfect Love of God are mere fairy tales or lies, and that the sublimity and the unlimited power of Mary, who was elevated by God Himself infinitely highly above these very forces of the darkness, are equally lies and that any herald of My unique sublimity and power is a heretic.

The truth of My unique sublimity and power received its absolute crown in God’s desire that now, in the ongoing Last Times, I should be made known in My overarching and all-embracing capacity as the Mistress of all souls. This capacity constantly reminds Satan of the fact:

  • that God has elevated Me beyond reach above everything, including him – Satan –, his following and all his works and plans;
  • that God has given Me an unlimited power to guide all human souls in the spirit of Jesus Christ for the purpose of helping to fully unlock the power contained in the Works of Redemption wrought by the Christ and of shattering the power of the antichrist once and for all;
  • that I am truly the Woman of the Last Times, the One who, in collaboration with the human souls who conclude towards Her the sacred covenant of consecration at the service of the accomplishment of God’s Works and of the fulfilment of God’s Law, is to crush Satan’s head, i.e. the embodiment of the darkness and of all its works and plans, under Her foot as the supreme sign of Her power over everything which has been trying to prevent God’s Plans and Works from being accomplished.

The Woman of the Last Times, the immaculate Queen whose feet completely subdue the serpent of all works and plans of the darkness, is among all things created the only perfect embodiment of Divine Law. Divine Law is the supreme tool of Divine omnipotence. That is why My power has no limits and why I am invincible to all and any forces under God. This is why I am the golden way towards depriving the darkness and all its works on earth of any power. Not I have elevated Myself so high beyond reach and not I have given Myself such perfect power. Nor has the will or the imagination of any human soul attributed these privileges to Me. God Himself is the author of all of this, in order that the humiliation of everything hostile towards God and His Law, and thus towards True Love, may become absolutely perfect.

Blessed are therefore the souls who accept My sublimity and power wholeheartedly and unconditionally and who actively collaborate towards unlocking them, for they are the ones who will inherit the merits of having contributed to the accomplishment of God’s perfect Works and Plans in creation.

It is My will that the words you have just received from My Heart be recorded as a Special Revelation as well as be inserted into the special prayer category I recently revealed to you".
(The Heavenly Mistress refers to Unlocking the power of Mary to advance the coming of God’s Kingdom on earth)". (The Holy Virgin Mary to Myriam, July 11, 2023).

The Holy Virgin also requests that reference should be made to the words spoken by the Most Holy Trinity on the occasion of Mary’s coronation in Heaven, in The Most Holy Trinity about Mary