Highly topical letter inspired by the Queen of Heaven

to Myriam van Nazareth

in reply to a question of the greatest significance


An English-speaking sister in Jesus Christ and Mary submitted a letter built around the following issue. As requested by the Mistress of all souls the former system of Her replying to letters and providing for a number of the answers to be made public was terminated as early as the year 2012. However, the issue raised in the following letter was judged by the Queen of Heaven to be so vital as to allow an exception to Her rule and to inspire a reply and order this reply to be published asap.

The question reads as follows:
"When reading the Special Revelation published in June on the occasion of the Russian-Ukrainian war I was very intrigued by the phrasing used by our Heavenly Mistress and Queen in Her introduction:
In my beloved Ukraine a war is waged, which was unleashed by Satan himself in an ultimate attempt to completely distort the whole world. This war is part and parcel of the final stage of the battle of the darkness against the Light for the purpose of obtaining the supreme control of the world as a stepping stone to the annihilation of creation.
To me these words are a regular wakeup call. As a matter of fact, so is the entire section on spiritual warfare. Has the world really reached the stage where the evil one is planning his final blow against creation?"

Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

The Most Holy Mother of Christ has allowed me to elaborate a little on the topic raised in Your question. In so doing She also wishes to highlight, and to refer to, Her recent account published as the special section on spiritual warfare.

The starting point of the answer might come as a surprise, but a while ago, replying to a question I had been asking Her for some time, the Heavenly Queen drew an unexpected parallel:

She said that the Kingdom of Heaven could be regarded as being built on a basic democratic rule, whereas the kingdom of Satan could be seen as built on the basic rule of totalitarianism. Democracy is a system of ruling based on participation of the people of a community or society in decision-making, whereas totalitarianism allows no individual freedom and is based on ruling through imposition of the will and the decisions of the one(s) in power. Let us apply these principles to the parties that are waging a never ending spiritual war over the human souls and creation as a whole:

God and His powers of the Light make it a rule not to impose their will on the human souls but rather to request the latter’s free collaboration, which, therefore, they can either grant or deny. Thus we can say that the development of mankind, or of creation as a whole, is largely determined by the way the human souls choose to deal with the options presented to them by Divine Providence. God, although almighty, does not impose His will, He rather prefers the individual souls to show Him what they actually want. This Divine attitude is based on His absolutely unlimited respect for each and every one of His creatures, as He regards every one of them as a work designed in His Heart and wrought through His absolutely perfect Intelligence and Wisdom.

So it boils down to God insisting on His Kingdom on earth to be ruled in the form we actually know as 'democracy'. To the extent the souls are willing to act upon the inspirations 'from above' they will be doing God’s will; to the extent they are not, they are opting in favour of God’s counterpart, which is the evil one, Satan, or by extension the forces of the darkness. Basically, this is indeed democracy: far-reaching freedom of the individual in the way of making his or her preferences known, and the Ruler (God) taking these preferences into account unconditionally while fully respecting the dignity of each and every one of His human subjects. Yes, judgment will surely be passed on every individual soul eventually, but not a second sooner than after the latter will have reached the end of her path through earthly life and after having made many decisions either in favour of God’s Law, or not. Every decision made by a soul in the course of her life is a matter of opting either in favour of Love (the Light, Divine Life) or for death (the darkness as the great enemy of Life and Love). The former denotes the soul’s desire to reflect the Heart of her Divine Maker, the latter denotes a lack of desire to reflect His Heart, which will make her prone to vice and sin and thus to failing to fulfil the mission God gave her in service to the accomplishment of His Plans and Works in the world.

The evil one, on the other hand, is a totalitarian ruler. He is constantly trying to impose his will on each and every individual soul and tries to exert coercion so as to prompt the latter to follow his inspirations and in so doing implement his decisions, which are geared fully to destructing all that God keeps trying to accomplish with a view to establishing a world filled with true, self-denying Love among all creatures.

Now look at the conflict which has been unfolding before our very eyes in all its unimaginable cruelty. This is not merely a conflict between states, between political views or between militaries, this is a conflict which is unequivocally testifying of the fact the spiritual history of mankind has reached the point where the darkness with its totalitarian goals is trying to crush democracy, individual freedom and all values which are inherent to mankind’s attempts to uphold Life as opposed to death, to uphold Love, peaceful coexistence and understanding as opposed to hate, contempt and aggression, to uphold respect and unconditional caring among creatures as opposed to disdain and utter disrespect for each and every fellow creature and for Life as the very signature of God – Eternal Love – Himself. The evil one, this totalitarian ruler, pushes his followers to the absolute summit of hate against all and any expressions of democratic values, and inspires them to proceed to destroying these expressions in the most brutal and barbaric conceivable ways.

Totalitarianism will always try to crush any expression of free will and to eradicate in the hearts any traces which might one day give rise to individuals opposing the will, and the decisions of the one(s) in power and the rule the latter has/have established as the one and only law and standard. This attitude towards the subjects of the state is in direct conflict with the basic principle God Himself established from the beginning of time: that His creatures should at all times possess a free will which is inviolable and will under no circumstances be disregarded by Him, in spite of His having the power to deny His creatures anything at all times. This makes any totalitarian regime incompatible with the Will of God and therefore conducive to accomplishing the works and plans of the darkness.

A few months ago the Queen of Heaven assured me, and I am quoting Her words most truly, that the regime which has launched this war and to which, obeying Her order, I will hereinafter refer to as 'the aggressor state', is one of the most evil regimes the history of mankind has ever seen. By evil regime She understands a system of ruling of a human society by the implementation of values which are not conducive to the fulfilment of God’s Law of true Love (true Love being extensively defined in the Heavenly Queen’s basic teaching True Love) but which on the contrary contribute to the accomplishment of the ultimate plans and works of the darkness, which focus entirely on the destruction of God’s Works and Plans in the world through unrelenting attempts to undo all and any effects generated by acts, words, feelings, thoughts and aspirations of unselfish Love born of the free will of human souls that are willing to collaborate with their Divine Maker for the purpose of enabling Him to establish His Kingdom of perfect Love, Peace, Justice and happiness among all creatures on earth. Every soul who decides to serve the works and plans of the evil one, the prince of the darkness called Satan, is an accomplice to the latter’s all-embracing crime against God’s Law.

An evil regime is therefore not merely a set of political rules characterized by consequences which are potentially damaging to a number of people, it is essentially a set of rules implemented by people in power or by a person in power, respectively, which were designed through the latter people’s or person’s free will to achieve some purpose(s) or goal(s) which is, or are, not compatible with the actual purpose or goal of any human soul’s life on earth, viz. leading a life at the service of fulfilling God’s Basic Law of true, self-denying Love and abstaining from acting, speaking, thinking, feeling and aspiring in any way potentially serving the works and plans of the darkness. Consequently, due to the fact an evil regime is not geared to fulfilling God’s Law of true Love it will automatically generate darkness, hate, destruction, and give birth to a variety of values which, if made the legal standard to be harbored by every subject of the regime, become a breeding ground for the most various sins and vices resulting in misery, unhappiness, strife, insecurity, fear, suffering and contempt for life and for all and any expressions of Love and of individuals’ desire to experience the tangible presence of their God, the Source of all Life, Love, happiness and security.

It is a basic thesis advanced by the Mistress of all souls that each and every human soul is on earth for one purpose only: to contribute, through all her actions as well as through all her inner dispositions throughout her journey through life, to the completion of God’s major Plan for all of creation – the establishment of an atmosphere of life on earth which would perfectly mirror the atmosphere of eternal life in Heaven, an atmosphere characterized by the total absence of any chaos, misery, suffering, death, unhappiness, fear, strife or insecurity, an atmosphere which can be made possible only to the extent to which greater numbers of human souls whole-heartedly desire to implement the Divine Law of perfect Love so truly and so persistently that the world can actually become a living embodiment of the Presence and actions of God Himself, who IS absolutely perfect Love.

Another basic thesis taught by the Queen of Heaven says that, whereas God expects every single human soul to be willing to offer her own free will to the accomplishment of this ideal, God’s eternal opponent, Satan, the evil one, the prince of the darkness, is unabatedly trying to inspire each and every human soul to act, speak, think, feel and aspire in ways that are exactly opposed to the ways of acting, speaking, thinking, feeling and aspiring that are required to make God’s great dream of universal happiness among all souls on the foundation of a flawless fulfilment of His Law of true Love come true.

As through the ages the evil one has succeeded in making countless human souls live in ways that have dramatically altered the general atmosphere of thinking, feeling and aspiring which God, Eternal Love, has been trying to instil into all human hearts all along, ever greater numbers of souls are facing ever greater difficulties to pursue the ways of true Love, which entail the spontaneous inclination to abstain from many worldly desires and to focus on the goals pursued by God Himself, and ever greater numbers of souls tend to dedicate their entire life to the pursuit of material goals: wealth, material possessions, obvious signs of power and status.

In proportion as larger numbers of souls adhere to the ways of thinking, feeling and aspiring inspired by the darkness the general atmosphere of life in the world as a whole will be affected negatively, meaning that feelings of serenity, peace and invigorating Love will gradually be suppressed in favour of an atmosphere of insecurity, tension, fear, meaninglessness, forlornness and a paralyzing lack of empathy among creatures. This is the atmosphere which breeds sin and vice and makes increasing numbers of souls lose every sense of sound moral values – the latter basically meaning that they lose touch with that which God expects every individual soul to be like and to live by.

See how this gives rise to the many vices, sins and crimes we witness when observing the acts performed, and the values harboured, by a totalitarian regime: boundless corruption, theft of means to the detriment of the ordinary people to the point of neglecting the development of the state’s infrastructure and the provision for the needs of the less favoured for the sake of amassing personal wealth (thereby violating a basic element of true Love, which is self-denial and subordination of one’s own purported needs to the real needs of others). For years on end the Queen of Heaven has been calling materialism (the way of life and the way of thinking according to which the material needs and interests inherent to living in the physical world receive the lion’s share of the individual’s attention and efforts) one of the major pitfalls set by the evil one, a dungeon in which he locks away the souls who have opted for the satisfaction of worldly interests and have willingly separated themselves from God in the process and thereby from the path leading to eternal happiness.

Materialism is also a highly addictive drug: The souls who get hooked on material possessions, interests and goals and on any expressions of worldly status will soon end up craving for the latter as the actual purpose of their lives and as the measure of their value as a human being. This is how worldly ideologies and doctrines are born. Their seeds are enabled to ripen whenever souls tear their thoughts, views, feelings and aspirations loose from the thoughts, views, feelings and aspirations God tries to instil into every soul He designs in His Heart, which is the fountain of Eternal Wisdom and Love. This is also how Satan captures and recruits his slaves and ensures himself of their 'loyalty' to his works and plans. This is also how Satan impresses his own image on the hearts of human souls, eventually transforming them into demons in the shape of humans.

Throughout the history of mankind evil has been sowing dissent among human souls in an endeavour to make them less valuable as tools in the hands of their only God, the God of true Love who wants nothing other than to accomplish His Plan of Salvation with the establishment of His Kingdom of perfect happiness and a total absence of misery and suffering in and among all creatures. The Mistress of all souls pointed to the fact the human souls are currently witnessing the signs of an all-out assault by the evil one against all and any traces of the values which are bearers of the potential of Divine Life in this world, i.e. the values which, to the extent to which they are persistently cultivated, nourished and harboured, are the true bearers of the blossoms and fruits whose seeds Jesus Christ once sowed into the fields and gardens of creation.

The 'aggressor state' has uninterruptedly been providing evidence for the fact its regime is inspired, nourished and driven by evil, as it demonstrates unequivocal intentions to destroy Love and to sow misery, suffering, insecurity, hopelessness and fear in its stead. It generates nothing but destruction and ruins, both materially and emotionally, even spiritually, it kills works of God in the shape of creatures (both human and animal), up to the point of systematic genocide (i.e. intentional extermination on the basis of the victims belonging to a different people, state, race or culture etc.), it does not refrain from killing opponents of the regime as well as people who are deemed dangerous to the regime or who publicly denounce the one(s) in power (and not seldom does this killing in barbaric ways), it tortures God Himself physically and morally in countless creatures, it degrades any variety of signs of human dignity through rape, torture and in the most various forms of barbarism and terrorism. It goes to any lengths trying to kill the free will of human souls who appear to be opponents of the regime by locking them away in penal institutions which are notorious for maltreatment, robbing them of every trace of human dignity. It makes a mockery of God’s Law in the most shameless ways any human mind could ever design.3%C/p>

To top it all, all of these actions are willingly, wittingly and purposely concealed and seemingly justified by a well thought-out system of totally irrational and shameless propaganda devoid of all sense of reality, as the regime is established on a foundation, a system of thinking and a world view which all have their roots in fantasies of world dominance, of a messianic vocation of the regime and its ruler(s) and nourished by an obsessive paranoia of being constantly threatened by alleged enemies who are expected to attack, harm and try to destroy the regime at any given moment. All of this are elements of the strategy the evil one himself has been deploying all through history.

A totalitarian regime seems to 'need' enemies to bolster its existence and its aggressive nature. Even if no other party is actually planning to harm the regime, the latter still wants to believe there is such a party or parties, and will promptly invent threats allegedly directed against the regime to seemingly justify its own belligerent attitude, which ultimately finds its origins in imperialistic goals. By way of reminder, imperialism is the policy of extending a regime’s or a state’s power, wealth and influence through extending its territory to the disadvantage of other (usually neighbouring) states.

Once again look at the evil one, who of his own free will and against all logic adopted an imperialistic attitude when he swore he was going to take creation and all human souls away from their Divine Maker, thus making himself the ruler of God’s creation. From the outset he aspired to do so by poisoning every single human soul and inciting the latter to rise against her true Divine Lord and Master and His infallible Law of Love. This attitude and these aspirations harboured by the evil one are nothing but imperialism, the inclination to usurp territories (i.e. the Kingdom which God by nature possesses in all of His creation) in order to obtain their natural resources (i.e. every human soul and all actions, words and inner dispositions living in and proceeding from all souls together).

Everything the evil one fails to subject to his rule he tries to destroy so as to make sure his enemy (God) will not be able to use it for His own purposes. Do you see the parallel in the ongoing war with the 'aggressor state' relentlessly sowing death and destruction with a cruelty and barbarism only Satan himself is able to inspire? Let me emphasize that by 'barbarism' the Queen of Heaven understands the disposition in which humans, states or regimes tend to resort to sadistic practices in any form and to regard such practices as a purpose and a goal in itself, thereby totally ignoring the dignity of creatures as works conceived by God for the purpose of fulfilling specific missions within His creation. Acts of barbarism are unequivocal signs of the fact the one(s) committing them have completely parted with their basic vocation as children of the God of true Love and with their heritage as bearers of God’s signature in their souls.

Our Heavenly Mistress wants me to make reference to the unparalleled intensity of shelling way beyond the 'normal' goals of a military operation, the massive destruction of civilian dwellings and infrastructure, the countless unspeakable expressions of sadism, torture, rape, atrocities which do not even exclude innocent children and animals, a total lack of reliability due to the regime’s habit of violating every single international law and regulation and breaking every single agreement it has signed itself previously, a large-scale devastation of fields, theft of the produce of the land and far-reaching disruption of the process of allowing millions of people to benefit from harvests, all of this backed up by shameless propaganda devoid of all sanity, a propaganda which is orchestrated and organized to the point of making it a regular industry of misinformation and lies backing up the rulers’ views, actions and goals.

The propaganda fabricated by the 'aggressor state' is a schoolbook example of a system of lies and deceptions which lack all bearing with reality but serve one single purpose: to make the regime appear as the embodiment of the only reality and truth under God’s heaven. Modern cyber technology further enhances the effect of propaganda through massive and global spreading of fake news intended to artificially add some special, magic glow to the regime by creating a 'reality' which does not exist at all, which is tantamount to an intentional massive global deceit. The evil face of propaganda gets even worse if it gives rise to sedition, i.e. if the advocates of an evil regime poison each other to the utmost against the alleged 'enemy'. No regime abiding by the Laws of God would ever get so thoroughly mired in darkness and cause such tremendous suffering in such large numbers of creatures.

I have mentioned the totalitarian regime’s obsessive paranoia before, and should add that in the Queen of Heaven’s infallible view yet another factor is at play here: She attributes such feelings and inclinations partly to cries of the conscience of every soul involved in governing or in backing up the regime, a conscience which, deep inside, is very well aware of the yawning chasm between the goals pursued by the ones in power on the one hand and the expectations of God’s Law on the other. Souls who persevere in not playing by God’s rules are constantly warned by their own conscience, through which the Holy Spirit will keep trying to make the erring soul aware of her aberrations and thus of the fact she is not fulfilling the mission God sends each and every soul into the world with: the mission of fulfilling His Law of true, self-denying Love towards all fellow creatures in all aspects of the guilty soul’s behaviour and of her inner dispositions.

If you observe all actions and the entire way of thinking and aspiring displayed by the 'aggressor state' in the ongoing war you will clearly notice any number of signs bearing testimony to the fact Satan himself is the source of inspiration as well as the implementer of the unparalleled atrocities, terrorist and barbaric behaviour, and the entire attitude, frame of mind and world view of the ruler(s). Satan, the pre-eminent totalitarian ruler and imperialistic force, invades the territory of a custodian of values ruling God’s democratic Kingdom and goes to any lengths to destroy as many of its elements as possible, to poison its natural resources, to annihilate everything he possibly can, to establish his own rule of fear and terror, to wipe the territory off the map as a sovereign part of the world order God Himself prefers His Kingdom to be ruled by, and to eradicate the subjects’ dignity as works of God’s Love in the process.

In proportion as voices are raised, through which the Spirit of God tries to appeal to the aggressor’s conscience and to warn the latter of an obvious departure from God’s Law, the aggressor responds with ever more impressive threats based on, and nourished by, the irrational belief the regime is being threatened by a different world view with the intention of destroying the 'aggressor state' and its people. These voices are depicted as originating in the mind of Satan, seemingly justifying the aggressor state’s further stepping up its aggression (verbally and, if and when the occasion arises, also militarily), up to the point of threatening with nuclear retaliation.

As early as in the first weeks of the ongoing war the Mistress of all souls started to draw my attention to a rapidly growing number of signs pointing to the extent to which the dispositions and behaviour of the 'aggressor state', its regime and its ruler(s) were displaying a complete profile of the dispositions, values and goals harboured and pursued by the evil one himself, and demonstrated the incredible extent to which this profile and all of its 'fruits' point towards being a formidable weapon in the hands of the evil one. She linked this observation to Her earlier teachings in which She pointed to Satan’s ultimate plan, according to which, in the Last Times, he was going to exacerbate his war against all Works, Plans and values pursued by God.

Dear sister, it would be a dangerous error to regard the war in Ukraine, or the invasion of Russian forces in Ukraine, as a mere worldly, political or military event and to underestimate, or altogether ignore, the spiritual component thereof. The Queen of Heaven points to the fact that not flesh and blood are at work here, but Satan himself. In ways similar to God deploying souls willing to fulfil His perfect Law of true Love and His Works of pure Light Satan is occupying the minds and hearts of human souls to elaborate his own thoughts and act upon them in the form of atrocities and any kind of acts of darkness. This is exactly why our Heavenly Mistress launched Her extremely important teaching, revelation and prayers for the purpose of spiritual warfare.

As to the nuclear threats the 'aggressor state' deems necessary to keep reiterating: Do pray ardently for the grace of understanding, self-knowledge, conversion and remorse for any soul who is lending herself to be part of this process of menacing the 'evil enemies of the aggressor state', for the Queen of Heaven reminded me of Her earlier teachings explaining that, whenever a soul harbours any dark intention or desire in her heart, in God’s eyes she has actually implemented this dark intention or desire. In plain terms this means that a soul who would actually want to deploy nuclear arms against a purported enemy, has in the eyes of God actually committed mass murder and the annihilation of His creation, for if this soul should get a concrete opportunity to turn her desire into a reality without any fellow person being able to prevent her from doing so, she would actually proceed to an action which would potentially kill or harm millions of fellow creatures and destroy unknown areas of land, which are in themselves works designed and created in God’s Heart for an infallible purpose.

Every one of us was sent into the world here and now for the purpose of contributing to the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth through fulfilling His Law of Love in every detail of our lives. God’s Kingdom on earth will be founded on a democratic rule in that, whenever it can be established, it will not be owing to an act of God imposing His will on human souls but owing to the desire of a large number of souls that God’s Law may finally be materialised into an atmosphere of life which reflects the Heart of Eternal Love. The evil one hates all democratic rule. He is a totalitarian by nature, and if he gets his way he will root his own inner dispositions of darkness deeply in the soils of all human hearts, creating a kingdom of utter darkness, sin, vice, hate, death, misery, suffering, mutual cruelty, indifference, lies, deception, a dictatorship of evil with materialism as the guiding rule, the culture of death as the general purpose of life, sin as the law determining the fate of each individual, and insensitivity as the yardstick measuring each individual’s value as a subject of the kingdom.

The evil one is fiercely recruiting the tools through which he wants to achieve his goal of the ultimate annihilation of God’s creation, poisoning many of the seeds intended by God to bloom as the foundation of His Kingdom on earth. It is these tools we can see accomplishing his perfidious and destructive plans day after day.

To help achieve the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, which is the dream of God Himself, is the only purpose of our life, a purpose worth living and engaging ourselves for. It is of paramount importance that each and every one of us should not put up with the whims of individuals and regimes which keep proving they are nourishing the works of the one who, throughout the history of mankind, has been constantly trying to thwart God’s Plan of establishing a world order which intends to guarantee every single creature’s happiness. Any regime that lends itself to accomplishing the works and plans of the evil one must be 'detoxified', cleansed of the poison instilled by the evil one into the minds and hearts he has captured to waste their lives doing his works. Let us be well aware of the fact that contributing to this is one of the main reasons why every one of us is living here and now. Let us make our God proud, and render the plans conceived by the evil one ineffective. That is what spiritual warfare is all about.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,

Myriam, August 2022

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