Myriam van Nazareth

On June 7, 2007, the Mistress of all souls said to Myriam:

"One of the greatest messages of hope I could possibly convey to the souls is this: God's Plans and Works are perfect. They leave nothing unfulfilled. No questions remain unanswered forever. Everything is completed the way a jigsaw puzzle is completed. Man is troubled by many questions. Because it often seems as if such questions are not answered man tends to fall prey to the temptation of believing many things are meaningless or pointless.

I reassure the souls that in God's time all questions are answered. In the hour when she is judged by God the soul receives an answer to all questions she has been asking herself in the course of her past life. Thus in that hour she is going to see the full meaning and purpose of every detail of her life. God first and foremost judges the soul according to the extent to which she has fulfilled the Law of Love, but He also judges her according to the extent to which she has believed in His Wisdom and His Love and has trusted in the meaningfulness of all the things she could not see. (...)"

Every soul asks herself questions as to the actual purpose and meaning of life. To many of these questions the world does not provide satisfactory answers. As a matter of fact the world is downright unable to answer them, as the actual purpose and meaning of life is to be found on quite a different level than that of materials things: The actual purpose and meaning of life resides in the truth that every human soul is sent into the world for the purpose of helping to accomplish God's Works of Love through her entire behaviour and all her inner dispositions (thoughts, feelings, desires, aspirations). In order to accomplish this mission in life the soul must fulfil the Law of true Love in every detail of her life, in all contacts with fellow creatures and with God (in prayer, meditation, worship etc.) and through her entire inner life, in other words: In her entire behaviour and all her inner dispositions she must spontaneously and with rock-solid determination exterminate all darkness and in sincere Love dedicate herself fully to the advancement of the well-being of all her fellow creatures and the accomplishment of God's intentions. In all this the soul must remain fully aware of the fact the Plan God aims at completing for the benefit of all creation has to do with the establishment of His Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace for and among all creatures all over the world, and that this is therefore the Plan to which she is to make her very personal contribution. All human souls are tools through which God tries to accomplish this Plan.

To the extent to which the soul fulfils this mission she is actually making her life on earth meaningful in the way God has intended it to be.

The Mistress of all souls calls for launching the present menu item with a view to motivating souls to lead a truly fruitful life at the service of God's Works. The Queen of Heaven has already inspired several teachings related to this subject, which can be reached through the links a bit further below. These texts are therefore among the most vital ones the Science of Divine Life has got to offer.

Through the following teachings the Queen of Heaven wants to help the human souls acquire an acute awareness of the meaningfulness of life on earth, no matter what trials they may find on their path through life: