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    1. About perfection
    2. About sanctity
    3. About mysticism, suffering and the role of animals
  32. About the animals (1)
  33. About the animals (2)
  37. About the way to Jesus through Mary – total consecration to Mary
does not mean neglecting Jesus!
  52. On the origin of the Holy Virgin Mary
294. The soul is man’s vital principle – Mary’s way of transforming a soul
that is suffering deep down inside – Prayer of consecration –
With every soul who surrenders to Mary, the Mistress is enabled to
manifest Her power over the serpent
492. Christmas as a sign of God’s perfect Love
518. The Holy Virgin’s blessing as to 'Marian slavery'
536. What is Mary’s role as Mother and Mistress of all souls vs.
the role of Jesus our Savior?

Unnumbered letters

(For the sake of an easier identification
these letters will here be assigned a code starting with 'U')

  U1. Fighting depression and setbacks in life with the Holy Virgin Mary
  U2. When hope seems to be fading
  U3. Our offerings weaving robes of graces
  U4. A few words on Mary’s intentions through this Work
  U5. Where do I begin with this multitude of texts?
  U6. About consecration to Mary and the right guidance
  U7. About the importance of letting go
  U8. A few words on the attacks against Myriam in the light of Mary’s role
in these Last Times
  U9. The Queen of Heaven about the superior value of holy communion
received on the tongue
U10. When death of a beloved one seems imminent

Letter 1
About perfection


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

The many tasks the Mother of God usually gives me during the last weeks preceding Easter have made it impossible for me to enable you any sooner to partake in Mary’s Love. This is what I most definitely want to do now.

With every soul resides the obligation towards God to aim at perfection, and it is particularly delightful to find a soul who keeps this obligation in mind. Nevertheless the following should be taken into account:

The Mistress of all souls teaches us that perfection can be considered from a double perspective.

There is an absolute perfection, i.e. the one which has to transform the soul completely into the image of God, but there is also a relative perfection. Mary points out that every soul possesses her own specific gifts and talents and has got to fulfil her own specific mission in life. On account of personal restrictions, ordinarily the soul is unable to achieve absolute perfection while living on earth, because spiritual life is 'constantly in motion'. From one second to the next the soul can be overcome by melancholy, temptations, negative feelings and the like, which already make her drift away from absolute perfection.

Relative perfection, on the other hand, is the kind of perfection the soul can achieve in fighting her weaknesses as conscientiously as possible and in trying to defeat them, with the help from God’s grace.

This is exactly what Mary now wants to teach you. It will happen that God (or Mary) sends a soul along a specific path, on which the soul is given the task to perfect herself in the narrowest sense of the word. This is about absolute perfection, which this soul is expected to aim at, because God, or Mary, needs this soul for well-defined ('extraordinary', so to speak) purposes. Generally God in the first place wishes every soul to aim for relative perfection: She has got to try and come to terms with herself and find ways to deal with trials and temptations in a virtuous way. If she succeeds in doing so, it is absolutely possible that she is still far from being perfect in the absolute sense of the word, yet nevertheless – in God’s eyes – is leading a laudable life, because she had the will to become perfect within the framework of the task God expected her to perform.

Do allow yourself the time to grow towards perfecting your soul step by step. After you have given yourself to Mary, She is going to give you the porridge by the spoonful, and only after you have digested the first spoonful will She give you the second one. To Mary it is important that, with every task She gives you in daily life, you collaborate conscientiously, carefully obeying Her directives. Thus every day Mary invites you to aim at a level of perfection which is a little bit higher than the one you had to aim for the day before, and so on. One thing is now expected of you: trust, as well as patience with yourself. Gradually you will notice that the many things you loathe about yourself, will begin to decrease in number and eventually disappear. Serving Mary and Jesus impeccably, does not necessarily mean to be 'perfect', but to examine one’s own possibilities and subsequently to keep pushing one’s own limits back bit by bit.

Mary once used the following image when instructing me:

"The growth as Mary’s 'slave' (when referring to a soul by the term 'Mary’s slave', Mary means a soul of whom She expects an extraordinary obedience and subservience towards Her, because such obedience is absolutely necessary having regard to this soul’s lifelong mission and vocation) must be like a triumphant journey to My throne. The soul longs ardently for her Mistress, because she knows she can not live without Her, since by virtue of a Divine Decree her life is at My mercy. Therefore she spares no effort to get closer to My throne as quickly as possible. Only when the soul is lying prostrated at My feet will I be able to obtain for her the fullness of the graces I have provided for her to receive. This soul will undertake the triumphant journey in a joyful mood and will spare no pains. One day I may give her a minor task, the next day I may give her a very heavy one, but even if she performs the minor task in accordance with My will and with due observance of every virtue, to Me she has been 'perfect' that day, and her heart is at My feet already. To Me this is enough to fill her with everything she needs to be able to accomplish the plan God harbours for her".

Keep this image in mind. As soon as Heaven wishes you to perform special tasks, you will notice. For now it is important that you should come to terms with yourself, and that you should regard every contact as a task which has been conceived to help in guiding you towards perfection, for every situation in daily life is a new challenge for you to come nearer to God. In the meantime, do learn to gain insight into your specific weaknesses, and implore Mary that She may give you the strength to rise higher and higher above yourself, day after day. In God’s eyes a day spent with Mary in every single detail, in confidence, in obedience, in total surrender to Her and in Love, is a successful day. If you climb the mountain of spiritual growth step by step and without hesitation, you will reach your destination sooner, because at the top the glory of God’s and Mary’s Presence is awaiting you, yet in order to reach the top the journey must get a solid base, and solid bases need working on hard but slowly. You will be surprised how quickly things can suddenly change if one day Mary comes to meet you in a special way. Be trustful... You are on the right track, do keep following it in a state of joy.

I will pray for you in a very special way, so that the fruits of the days of the Passion may lead you to a resurrection. Be patient, for even the loveliest summer’s day starts with a very tender sunbeam on dewy meadows.

Lovingly, and at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Letter 2
About sanctity


Dear brother in Jesus and Mary,

Thank you for the questions you asked. Questions asked upon due consideration are very likely fruits of enlightenment.

As the Mother of God, Mary was redeemed in advance as of Her Immaculate Conception. This is exactly where the principle of Her Immaculate Conception lies: She was 'free from the original sin' as though through an 'advance payment' made on Christ’s Works of Redemption. This is the reason why She was able to blossom into a unique Paradise of virtues. On the basis of many visions on the life of Mary, both in Her childhood, in Her years as a young girl, and as a mature woman of various ages, I can testify that Her sanctity and Her total resistance to being tempted were legendary. You know that sanctity constitutes the stage of perfection as to the effects of Redemption the soul has helped unlock within herself.

In the 'Magnificat' Mary glorifies God exactly because of this 'advance' payment made for Her benefit in the field of fully accomplished sanctity. Mary is perfectly well aware of the fact She has been redeemed 'before the fullness of time' through a unique Divine intervention. Had this not been the case, then She would never have been allowed to carry God’s Son in Her womb. Thus God is Her Saviour as well, as She is a member of the human race. Moreover one must not forget that Mary sang the 'Magnificat' as an example of glorification, and that (which is hardly public knowledge) She did so on behalf of all souls of all the ages, because the redeeming value of acts of glorification was very well known to Her, and because She also knew that prayer, glorification, suffering and acts of Love, accomplished on behalf of other souls, releases secondary graces for those other souls (secondary graces are graces which can flow towards a soul because of the charity shown by a fellow person, and which become effective to the extent to which the former opens herself up to the effects of grace). Indeed, as of Her early childhood Mary was truly the Co-Redemptrix!

Sanctification is a complex process. It is not as if a soul were 'either holy or not holy'. There are countless stages of sanctity, somewhat comparable with a rose that unfolds its leaves, one after the other. Mary collected infinite merits, yet She offered them up as a whole for the benefit of all souls. She 'constantly increased in sanctity' in this sense, that through Her unique merits She let Her sanctity, which was already perfect, shine ever more powerfully. Do remember that also in Her revelations as the Mistress of all souls Mary demonstrates how Her sanctity is perfect and yet keeps increasing incessantly. She calls this a Divine Mystery in which, apart from God, only She partakes. In a certain revelation She says that everything which is Divine, is perfect, yet nevertheless, in its effects, keeps expanding incessantly, and that She who, as a unique privilege, was allowed to have a share in certain Divine attributes, also 'keeps growing' incessantly and for all eternity as far as Her glory, power and sanctity are concerned...

Dear brother in Jesus and Mary, how fortunate we are to have been allowed a foretaste of these Heavenly beauties.

Let us pray for each other, so as to be somewhat worthy of these graces.

Lovingly, and at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Letter 3
About mysticism, suffering and the role of animals


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

Since the Holy Virgin called me to Her service twelve years ago (reference is made to the year 1997), I enjoyed the privilege of being shaped by Her on a broad mystical path. Ever since, She has allowed me to see, hear and feel a lot of things and She has been giving me explanations on a great many Mysteries, which keep unfolding themselves within me. Thus, both through the inspirations and through the many other paths on which She is shaping me in 'Divine Life', She has made me understand why different mystics sometimes say 'different' things. Apart from the fact many 'mystics' do not proclaim theses by Divine inspiration (Pope John Paul II once said that 90 per cent of those who allegedly interpret theses from above, are in fact 'false prophets' and thus no mystics at all), authentic mystics as well sometimes pronounce views which seemingly do not correspond with the views pronounced by other authentic mystics.

Especially in the initial years of my being shaped by Mary I used to implore my Heavenly Mistress for explanations on this score, and one day She said to me this does fit in with God’s Plan and is due to the fact that mystics who are truly chosen from above have got different missions to accomplish, and that it is perfectly possible that, on account of the Plan Divine Providence has got with the souls, the emphasis of their announcements will lie on entirely different things. Furthermore She assured me that all of this is going to fall perfectly well into place as soon as the fullness of time has come. Moreover, thus Mary said, not every mystic has got the mission to give extensive teachings.

I must emphasize the fact that Mary has forbidden me to study the writings of other mystics, because She – and I quote – 'wants me to be perfectly pure and undefiled at heart and with a mind like a blank sheet of paper' and I am 'allowed to listen to HER voice only', meaning that I am not to pay attention to anything but the teachings and inspirations given to me by Her directly. Therefore I do not at all know the writings of Françoise. Yet I can tell you the following:

This soul is right. I know perfectly well that in the Last Times the greatest conciliation will spring from Love. How is it then, that the Mistress of all souls stresses so much the redeeming value of suffering?

A few things might become clearer to you if I tell you that in 1997 my vocation started with a long series of visions of Mary, during which the Holy Virgin initially showed Herself to me in Her overwhelming beauty as the glorious Queen (in those early days She already referred to Herself towards me as 'your Mistress', but not yet as 'Mistress of all souls'), but gradually She began presenting Herself ever more often as the Mother of Sorrows. As the Mother of Sorrows She started my mystical training, and She explicitly called me to a life of penance and 'co-redeeming suffering', to which She gave many shapes, each of which was developed on the basis of various gifts or various tasks. She invited me to link my consent up with Hers, and to do so totally, unconditionally and eternally, for 'She had very special plans with me'. Mary shaped my training in Her service ever more emphatically on the foundation of suffering, but... She also started to teach me systematically in the school of perfect Love.


On the basis of the things Mary taught me, I know that the greatest unity between suffering and Love is developed in the first place in the souls She has called Herself, yet God longs fervently for every soul to develop this unity to a certain extent. The soul will receive the ability to do this to the extent to which she actually longs for the accomplishment, within herself, of the unity with the suffering Christ and the co-redeeming Mary, and to the extent to which she really loves Mary and Jesus above all, right up to the degree of perfect self-denial. The 'wedding between God and the soul', as you call it in your mail, is the mystical wedding to which but few souls on earth are called, because the establishment of such a spiritual disposition does not work in every soul, for a number of different reasons and because only such souls will be called to this disposition, that have got very specific missions to accomplish:

A mystical vocation usually entails missions in the field of teaching God’s Truth as well as of doing penance in unity with Jesus or Mary (sometimes with both). These missions require the soul's ability and willingness to deny herself in order that the cross of her vocation may truly become fruitful. Evidently Love is the highest form of conciliation: without Love any suffering is totally unfruitful. As a matter of fact Love is the essence of Divine Life. Jesus called Divine Life upon the souls through very different ways, among others through the Cross, which teaches us nothing other than the highest possible form of Love: self-denial until death, with the intention that others may be better off for it in their souls, and that God’s Plan may be accomplished. That is why Mary presents Herself to us all as the Mistress of all souls and the Teacher and Guide in the field of the Science of Divine Life.

As to your second question: animal sufferings. Indeed, many animals suffer by the hand of man. God loathes this beyond expression: Animals, intended to be gifts of His Love, are despised and treated in endless ways like only the demons themselves could conceive. What value does the suffering of animals have? Like the Most Blessed Virgin, the Mistress of all souls, teaches, the suffering of animals has not got a redeeming value in itself, because as such the animals are not actively part of the Divine Plan of Salvation, BUT... the animals are brought onto man’s path through life with the intention that man should learn many things through his interactions with them. The way in which a soul deals with animals, shows God to what extent true Love has developed within this soul.

Let us not forget that after this life on earth, the soul is judged by the LOVE she has shown to her fellow creatures!

As such, animal suffering is useless, so to speak, unless human souls conscientiously offer it up. The Most Blessed Virgin Mary emphasizes the importance and the tremendous value of consecrating animal sufferings onto Her. This value is based on the principle that the sight of a suffering animal, if this sight causes pain in the human soul seeing it, sets a mechanism in motion through which Love starts flowing: the soul now suffers for the animal, as a substitute, so to speak, in other words: the soul draws the animal’s suffering into her own being, i.e. into the soul, which does play an active part within God’s Plan of Salvation. Thus the suffering is – as it were – transferred from a non participating vital germ (i.e. from the animal) to a participating soul (the human). Thereby this suffering is then fully integrated into the Divine Plan of Salvation.

(Note: As to animal suffering being 'spiritually devoid of usefulness' a reaction later reached the Apostolate, which made it clear that this statement had given rise to a painful misunderstanding. Letter of reply nr. 32 would deal with ths further in-depth).

Tremendously valuable and marvelous would be, and I would like to call upon all souls emphatically to do so, if a soul who witnesses the sight of a suffering animal, either in daily life, or on television, or even while hearing stories told about animal suffering, would immediately focus her heart on Mary and pray to Her ardently as follows:

"Mary, Queen of all creatures, I offer You all my heartache about this animal’s suffering, so that it may go through this suffering in the experience of Divine Love, and that this suffering may, on the merits of my heartache and my love towards this creature of God, be transformed into graces for the world".

If it is obviously about suffering caused through human intervention, one might add: "May the human who provoked this suffering, through this prayer be delivered from all darkness, and be healed through the outpouring of true Love".

A true spiritual offensive against animal abuse (in all of its – so often disguised and even legalized forms) would consist herein, that numbers of souls should say such a prayer regularly to Mary, especially on each such occasion.

I wish you a blessed Easter time. May the experience of the past days of Passion bring us all the resurrection from the grave of our darkness, and may we all accomplish within ourselves the highest degree of consecration to Mary, which indeed consists of our flowing over into Her so totally as to make our 'ego' die completely in order to be born again of Mary after the Spirit, like a resurrection from the grave of human imperfections for the beginning of true Divine Life.

Lovingly, and at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Letter 32
About the animals (1)

(this reply was written in reaction to a letter sent to Myriam
after letter nr. 3 had been published)


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

I infer from your letter that there must be some misunderstanding as to the words Heaven spoke on the subject of animal sufferings.

First and foremost I want to make perfectly clear that the Most Blessed Virgin very strongly disapproves of any suffering caused to animals by members of the human race. In order for everything to be understood the way it was actually intended, I should make the following points very clear:

1. Evidently the Church says that animals are 'living souls'. Neither the Most Blessed Virgin nor myself have ever contradicted this. You must not forget that the phrasing in these revelations is based on the Latin word 'anima', which, however, can mean 'soul' as well as 'vital principle'. On this score Mary makes a clear distinction, in the sense that man possesses a soul in the narrow meaning of the word, whereas animals have got a vital principle. The 'soul' in the narrow sense of the word is typical of the human being, because the soul is the 'steering principle' directing life while the human being is still on its way to God. Man alone participates in the Mystery of Redemption in an active way, and can be sanctified. This leads us to the second point:

2. If Mary says the sufferings of animals do not have a redeeming value as such because animals are not active participants in the Plan of Redemption or in God’s Plan of Salvation, She thereby LEAST OF ALL means to say that man would be free to abuse animals or to cause them any suffering, quite on the contrary! By saying this She actually emphasizes the fact that man must take up his responsibility, because:

a) Since animals do not have a 'soul' in the actual, narrow sense of the word, they cannot sin. Therefore man is held responsible towards God whenever anything in any relationship or contact between man and an animal does not run in accordance with God’s Law, i.e. whenever this relationship or contact is not a bearer of genuine Love. I take it this will – among other things – appear very clearly from Mary’s Teaching The Fire from Heaven as well as from several revelations given by the Mistress of all souls;

b) God foresaw man to be His representative towards all creation. This unmistakably means that man is supposed to represent towards the animals the following Divine properties: unconditional Love, the sense of caring, tenderness, softness, warmth and Light.

c) God created the animals out of Love for man, in order that man might rejoice in the animals, and for the animals as living beings of a different nature to serve man as sources of instruction in the experience and practice of virtue. Mary says so unequivocally. This simply means that any man who abuses animals, will be called to account for his behaviour before the Divine Judge, who has made him the guardian of all creation, and therefore the guardian of all animals.

3. In a revelation the Mistress of all souls very clearly says that

man is responsible for anything that goes wrong in creation, even in the animal world. On account of man’s sins certain animal species are aggressive; on account of man’s sins animals devour each other; on account of man’s sins the relationship between man and animals has become so heavily distorted that many animals have got no faith in man, mistrust him and take flight when being approached by a human being, etcetera... Even on account of man’s sins many animal species only or mainly eat meat! All of these words were spoken by Mary Herself.

Dear brother, my heart bleeds when seeing how animals suffer by the cruelty and indifference of man. My heart also bleeds if messages and teachings from the Heavenly Queen of creation and of Love are so misunderstood that souls might even regard these Heavenly words as justifications for the cruel behaviour of people towards animals!

Mary never argues in favour of the fact that people who cause animals suffering should be allowed to continue to do so, quite on the contrary.

If you should be granted the mystical grace of being fully one with the Heart of the Most Blessed Virgin for one single second while She experiences the sufferings caused to animals by man, so may God stand by you to survive this second. If ever a soul should believe the Queen of Heaven to be heartless as to the relationship between man and animals, so may God come to this soul’s rescue in the hour of the judgment passed on her life after Divine Mercy has allowed this soul to experience the fullness of Truth, as regards the behaviour God expects each and every human to deploy towards the animals...

Dear brother, I have always loved animals very dearly. Ever since the day the Mistress of all souls began to grant me mystical visions on series of elements from the Mysteries of God’s Heart, the fire of this Love towards the animals has been flaring up in my heart even higher, because now I have had the privilege to experience the Love burning in Mary’s Heart towards the animals. I was allowed to experience this Love for no other reason than to enable me to catch the depth of Mary’s intentions in the exactly right words while writing down Her Teachings.

The fact Mary keeps calling upon mankind for a radical turnaround of man’s state of heart towards the animals, should prove to you how important it is to Her that people should dramatically change their attitude in their relationships with animals.

I am not acquainted with any other revelations apart from those which Mary sends to the souls through my own soul.

However, word has it that Heaven has never before expressed Itself so clearly on this subject (the attitude God expects every human to uphold towards the animals) as is currently the case through Myriam van Nazareth. This ought to make us understand a few things, viz.:
  1. that the relationship between man and animals is extremely important to Heaven;

  2. that the relationship between man and animals must be MUCH MORE important for the developments within God’s Plan of Salvation than most people are inclined to believe, and

  3. that the current state of affairs in this field must have grown increasingly worse in our day and age.

Dear brother, Mary calls upon mankind to turn to a totally new, unconditionally loving behaviour towards the animals, and time and again She keeps stressing what major positive change the atmosphere of living on earth would experience if man were indeed to represent God towards the animals the way He actually is: as the Sources of Love. That is why I extremely regret all and any misunderstandings that might rise on this subject, as they tear my heart apart. I fervently hope these words, which – they too – were inspired to me by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, may reassure you, and that you may thereby regain peace of heart.

I suggest that, as of today, you and I would unite in our hearts and souls in fighting this so extraordinarily important battle for the establishment of unconditional Love towards the animals, sacrificing ourselves totally to Mary, the Mistress of all souls and Queen of creation. Be assured that I, for one, would give my life for the well-being of the animals. That is the extent of the vow I made towards the Mistress of all souls, as She Herself is the One who impressed this attitude upon my heart. The hour has now really come for mankind to stop and reflect upon the damage it is causing to the effects of Divine Love by dealing with the animals the way man is currently doing (commercially, but also way too often in private life). Love is the fuel of true Life. There is no way a soul who despises this Love or denies it in her own behaviour, could ever justify this in God’s eyes. Everything which is created by God, is a bearer of elements of Divine Love. Woe unto those who try to maim the Works of God. Thus it says in God’s Law.

Lovingly, and at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Letter 33
About the animals (2)


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

It gives me joy that a few issues as to the fate of animals have been solved. As regards your most recent question about what happens to animals after their life on earth has come to an end, I can share the following knowledge with you, which I acquired through the Queen of Heaven.

I perfectly understand your concern at the thought that animals would not themselves benefit from the fact their sufferings can favour human souls (provided there are souls who produce much Light through their total surrender to God and their fervent prayers). I myself used to be very sad at the same thought. However, when a few years ago I was granted some remarkable (beautiful) experiences with several animals, I felt so strange about all this that I started praying very ardently to the Mistress of all souls for an explanation as to the questions which had come up in my heart. I would like to share with you the essence of the answers I received regarding a cat, because it is definitely important.

One day one of my cats was taken ill. It occurred to me this animal suddenly started to display a rather peculiar behaviour: It seemed as though she wanted to show me things, to give me some kind of signs, one after the other. After persistent pleading on my part, Mary explained that this cat, in her illness, was truly 'acting upon inspirations from above' to make clear to me certain things about her inner being and about the extent to which God Himself works even through an animal. On Father’s Day, a day I regard as being the feast of the Eternal Father in Heaven, I consecrated this cat to the Eternal Father, out of gratitude for the extraordinary experiences I had been granted so far during her illness. Right on the stroke of midnight (therefore, in the moment in which the 'day of the Eternal Father' came to an end) she died, lying in my lap, while I was incessantly praying to Mary and whispering little words of love to the cat, to which she responded with a remarkable serenity. This hour of death seemed to me like a token for the fact Mary had accepted my consecrating the cat to Her and consecrating all experiences from the past days related to this pet, and that She wanted to confirm it – all this against the background of the things Mary had been teaching me in the course of those days. A peculiar thing was the fact the cat, having regard to the nature of her sudden illness and to the symptoms thereof, should actually have suffered quite heavily, yet came across as unusually peaceful and quiet, up to the very the hour of her death. What had Mary said?

Mary said to me that a suffering animal bears its suffering quite differently from the way most people do. Man easily lets himself be led by ration, so that his own rational faculties soon become his worst enemies: his suffering increases manifold through his brooding over it or his analyzing it, and his tendency to imagine all kinds of visions about his future. The animal, on the contrary, allows for its being to be connected to God’s Heart, just like that. It suffers, indeed, but it deals with this very differently, so that the sufferings get an entirely new meaning, so to speak. One might almost say: 'Unconsciously and unwittingly the animal sacrifices its sufferings to God from the bottom of its heart'.

It is self-evident that this does in no way justify the ill behaviour of a human being that causes an animal to suffer. On the contrary:

God not only experiences Himself the pains and burdens of the suffering animal, but the origin thereof as well. This means the animal’s suffering is 'poured into' the Heart of God, 'provided – in a manner of speaking – with the signature of the human being causing this suffering'. This is a Mystery one might express like this: God, although He embodies the fullness of glory, suffers terribly from all this. His infinite Love has provided for some 'compensation' in the sense that the suffering animal, which is connected to God’s Heart 'in a pure way' anyway and experiences His Love 'in a pure way', is taken up into God’s Heart even more deeply.

What happens, then, when the animal dies? Mary said to me that, when an animal dies, it returns to its Creator, 'loaded' with everything (good as well as bad) it has received from human beings. The vital principle (the animal’s 'soul' so to speak – Latin 'animus/anima') returns into God’s Heart forever, and – in a manner of speaking – experiences there in its own way that which, for human souls, is called 'Heaven'.

In the animals God shows us, more than in anything else, how great His concern for His creatures actually is. The animals understand this intuitively, and do so much quicker and much deeper than most human souls do. The human souls can learn so much from the animals, yet so often despise them. Even on this score it can not be denied that God prefers to speak through the uncomplicated and to hide His Secrets in it. The great lesson for human souls is undoubtedly this: that they should come down from their throne of conceit in order to find back the connection with God and the mysteries of true happiness by learning to have eyes for the real wonders of creation: not for that which is chased after by science and technology, but for that which God has hidden as incredibly many-sided treasures of Love in the 'small' living beings (animals, flowers...).

Let us pray together for the beam of Light like the one that hit Saul on his way to Damascus. May this beam impress an indelible mark on all our hearts, so that we may discover true Love, which makes itself noticed in so many things on our journey through life, even in the smallest flower, in a stray dog, in a house cat, etcetera... To express it by an image: With every element of a Divine Mystery which is revealed to a heart, a new layer of the rose of God’s perfect Love for His creation unfolds. How is it, then, that of all creatures the human soul, the 'crown of creation', often stays blind to all of this, her whole life long?

God’s Love is as marvelous as the human soul has turned blind. May God heal our blindness, so that our hearts, too, may be healed. He has given us treasures way beyond measure. Almost all of them have been buried by us under the earth of our worldly attachments.

Lovingly, and at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Letter 37
About the way to Jesus through Mary – total consecration to Mary does not mean neglecting Jesus!


Dear brother in Jesus and Mary,

With pleasure I herewith come to your aid as regards your remark that you live completely focused on Jesus, and are by no means able to consecrate yourself to Mary. You ask for an explanation as to your point of view.

As a matter of fact I could be very brief in dealing with your remark or question, as in a great number of the writings the Most Blessed Virgin is giving to the souls through Myriam van Nazareth the unfathomable richness of total consecration to Mary is dealt with. Nevertheless I should like to point out once again a few of the essential elements of the profound sense and meaning of consecration of a soul to Mary.

  • First and foremost I should like to refer you to The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth, in which chapter 5 elaborates on the relationship between Jesus and Mary, especially for these Last Times. Do read these pages carefully, not so much with your mind, but with the heart. It is only in the heart the Holy Spirit reveals the true Light;

  • It is a major error to believe that one would be holding something back from Jesus in consecrating oneself to Mary. Except for persisting in sin, no greater insult and no greater pain are conceivable to Jesus than the insult and pain caused by a soul ignoring His Mother or refraining from offering Her the reverence, the Love and the confidence She is worthy of in God’s eyes. I remind you of the story about Saint Gertrude (see the end of letter nr. 9).

  • Jesus Himself laid the roots of consecration to Mary when, while hanging on the Cross, He spoke: "Woman, behold Your son; son, behold your Mother". Through these words He entrusted all mankind to Mary, thus turning His Mother into the Bridge between the souls and their final destination: the Heart of God. Total consecration to Mary is therefore nothing but obedience towards Jesus, and expresses the fact the soul does appreciate His ultimate gift to the souls, the gift He prepared for us during the last stage of the accomplishment of the Mystery of Redemption, in that hour of all hours. For whatever reason would the soul who receives a fully prepared Bridge out of God’s hands, prefer to work her way up to God swimming through the tempestuous water of life?

  • Saint Grignion de Montfort is to be regarded as the 'spiritual father' of total consecration to Mary. This saint’s doctrine was fully recognized by the Church.

  • God called me to a life in direct service to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary Herself called me to a life of battle at Her service and of announcement of the fullness of Truth about Her, and educated and instructed me for that specific purpose. One can hardly go on the assumption that God Himself would lead a soul astray.

  • In the Gospel it is pointed out how Jesus said to Nicodemus that man had to be born again, from the Spirit. Wherever, in our writings, there is mention of rebirth, this has not got anything to do with reincarnation, but with the fulfilment of Jesus’ thesis: With the total consecration to Mary God offered the souls the opportunity for an exquisite rebirth from the Spirit, for the soul who surrenders completely to Mary is completely reshaped by Her, like in a rebirth for a new life with an entirely new approach to life.

  • The effects of total consecration to Mary constitute one of the major Mysteries of the Last Times. God has reserved this way to a fulfilled life exactly for these times which He has foreseen to be the worse in all the history of mankind: the times during which Satan would try to devour the souls in great numbers. God prepared for us this wonderful way in and with Mary in order to enable us to partake in the fullness of His Mystery of Redemption. The soul that is not prepared to surrender completely to Mary thereby shows to God a lack of interest in the fullness of His gifts.

  • God offers the souls the opportunity of consecrating themselves completely to Mary as a marvellous path through the wilderness of life on earth. The soul who notices this soft and peaceful presence and guidance on her path through life feels such a difference that she can not understand how she has ever managed to get through the chaos of life without being crushed altogether. Of course God does not forbid a soul to go directly to Jesus. However, it is His wish that it be announced in these Last Times that the fullness of Salvation can be achieved more readily if the soul goes her way in unity with Mary, because She is the embodiment of perfection in a created soul and therefore the Great Sign of Hope. In Mary the souls receive the Sign that there is a way for the created soul to defeat evil and to enable the rose of sanctity to unfold itself without any restriction. Undoubtedly the fullness of Redemption can also be achieved by the soul who goes directly to Jesus under all circumstances and also applies all the rules of virtue in everyday life, but why should souls hesitate to opt for the way which can lead them to God’s Heart in the gentlest possible way, thereby showing to God that they recognize and appreciate the greatest among His gifts, His genuine Masterpiece? Total consecration to Mary is the absolute crown upon Divine Mercy. Is it possible to receive the summit of Mercy while bypassing the Mother of the incarnated Mercy?

  • You write that you are unable to consecrate yourself to Mary because you 'want to be free'. However, all writings through Myriam van Nazareth explain exactly how much total consecration to Mary is the greatest form of real freedom. The soul can only be free to the extent to which she is sanctified. That is just what total consecration to Mary is about: its very purpose is sanctification. As a matter of fact Mary is the Bridge from the soul towards God, from the scar of the original sin towards healing through a virtuous life in the Heart of the Queen of Love, the Bridge from being a slave to worldly thinking, feeling and living towards the perfect freedom of the soul in unity with Mary, who is the Golden Gate to God’s Heart. If Mary speaks of Her 'rule', and of souls as 'servants' or even 'slaves of Her Love', She means exactly this: The soul must enable Mary to rule within her over all susceptibility to temptation and all weakness, and must be willing to put herself in Mary’s service to such a great extent as to allow herself to be set free in doing so.

    I would like to avail myself of the image Mary once used when instructing me: The soul is a prisoner in a dungeon of worldly seductibility, weakness and vice. Mary is waiting outside in front of the door, carrying all the graces the soul needs to acquire new light, nourishment, peace and happiness, and to be perfectly liberated from all her worldly attachments. However, the door to the dungeon can only be opened from within. The soul herself must unbolt the door by wanting to be set free by Mary. If she does (by signing her bond of service towards Mary), Mary will enter and subject to Her one by one all things that keep the soul imprisoned. As a matter of fact I must point out that God Himself has decreed all this: He has made Mary the Commander of all celestial forces, for Satan to be humiliated by a created soul. The accomplishment of the Plan of Salvation is realized by our putting ourselves in Mary’s service in order to complete within ourselves individually the Redemption bought by Jesus, for Mary has received the power to guide and to correct uninterruptedly the process of Salvation within each individual soul who surrenders to Her completely, until the soul has reached the Heart of God. A marvellous gift...

I would like to conclude this letter quoting from the last paragraph from Storm Writing nr. 44, because this piece of text actually says it all:

"There is no way you can ignore Mary and follow Jesus at the same time, for Mary is part of Jesus: She gave Him His Body and Blood, Her Heart is completely united with His, and She has received use of His power, wisdom and perfect sanctity. Jesus can not give Himself completely to a soul whose Love and reverence for Mary are insufficient or barely existent. God has intended Mary to be the Great Model for all human souls. The soul who does not accept Her as such, can not call herself a Christian and can not be sanctified to the fullest extent".

Dear brother, I would very much like to experience the wonder at which Heaven, and especially Jesus Himself, would rejoice so very much: that another soul has begun to discover, in her heart of hearts, the inestimable value of surrendering herself completely to Mary.

Lovingly, and at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Letter 52.
On the origin of the Holy Virgin Mary


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

Having regard to the fact the Queen of Heaven has called upon me as a little tool of Her glorification and a little mouthpiece for the propagation of Her teachings, your question gives me a great deal of joy. Indeed, on September 8, 2006, the Mistress of all souls gave me the delight of imparting to me the words spoken about Her by the Most Holy Trinity, in which it says, among other things: "We are creating Her from fire of Our fire". A marvellous revelation, with respect to which Mary would explain a bit further down the track: "Quite a few things will yet be reconsidered in the field of mariology".

I avail myself of the following phrasing drawn from your letter, because an overwhelming Divine Mystery is hiding behind it:

"Adam and Eve came out of God’s creating hands directly, without any human intermediary.

The second Adam also came out of God’s hand directly, through the overshadowing by the Holy Spirit. The Son of God has but one Father, the One who is in Heaven.

Could this not be the case with Marjam as well: that She, too, has got but one Father, the One who is in Heaven?"

Mary has communicated to me a fair bit as to the roots, the Mysteries, the nature of Her marvellous soul, etcetera. Some elements of these treasures I am not allowed to share with the souls just yet, because a great many souls are not ready to accept the fullness of Truth the way it should be accepted, nor to understand it (this is how Mary Herself phrases it). As to your gratifying question, I am allowed to give you the following answer the Mistress of all souls has me convey in the form of a teaching.

The very first human souls, Adam and Eve, were conceived immaculately. After all God intended to let the human souls live in Paradise on earth until they would be allowed to return to Heaven in accordance with His Decrees. Being the first created souls they had neither a father nor a mother on earth. God was indeed the only Father of Adam and Eve. Evidently the second Adam, Jesus, also had but one Father, the One who is in Heaven. He was given a human Mother. This Woman, Mary, had to be conceived immaculately, otherwise She would not have been in a position to carry the Second Person of the Deity inside of Her so as to enable Him to start a life in a human body, which He needed in order to accomplish Redemption in accordance with Divine Law.

In Mary, for the first time after Adam and Eve – apart from Jesus, who after all was Divine in nature – God created a human soul He would entrust to the womb of a woman (Anne) without any human intermediary. Dear sister, to me it is a joy and an honour to be allowed to share with you a few elements from the visions and teachings imparted to me in this respect:

From a human perspective (biologically speaking, I mean), the Most Holy Virgin Mary had Saint Anne for a mother and Saint Joachim for a father. Let us now briefly consider three stages:

1. Prior to Anne’s conceiving

2. At Anne’s conceiving

3. During Anne’s pregnancy

1. Prior to Anne’s conceiving

God created the Holy Virgin’s soul without the slightest stain. This soul had already been shown, in a seminal state, to the angels, and had been defined to them as the future Mistress and Queen of the angels. She was predestined to be the Mother of the incarnated Second Person of Divinity. In the meantime God had been systematically sanctifying the latest generations of the line preceding Anne and Joachim. Anne and Joachim themselves were souls leading virtuous lives and withdrawing more and more deeply into a life of prayer, although Joachim possessed large quantities of sheep for many years, was professionally occupied with these sheep most of his time, and was therefore obliged to maintain frequent contacts with other souls.

When God’s time had come, he subjected both these souls to a thorough purification. Anne’s soul in particular was homed in to God completely, so much so she no longer took any noteworthy interest in worldly things. Although Anne and Joachim had once been very well-to-do, at some stage they would rather quickly start losing a great deal of their possessions and were therefore under the obligation to sell increasingly large parts of their flock of sheep.

Some day Anne was granted a vision in which she and Joachim were called upon to prepare themselves for a child.

2. At Anne’s conceiving

This is how Anne conceived. Anne and Joachim were immersed in deep ecstasy. There was no biological union, however this was concealed from their perception. All that was left behind in their minds about it was a mere sensation (like a memory they were unable to express in words) of a very deep contact with God, so that they were absolutely convinced the expected child would not be an 'ordinary' child. Anne and Joachim were not allowed to become aware of the fact no biological union had come about between them, because according to God’s Plan of Salvation no soul in those days was allowed to know that Mary had not come into the world in the 'usual' way, for two reasons:

  1. The moment at which the Messiah was to come had yet to remain a secret, as the effect of this grace of graces depended, among other things, on the faith of the chosen people;

  2. According to God’s Plan of Salvation the time to reveal Mary’s exceptional nature to the world had not yet come. Even during Mary’s lifetime but few enlightened souls would be allowed to see Mary’s real sublimity with the eyes of the soul (meaning: in a mystical way). This was the case, in the first place, with Saint Joseph and the apostle Saint John.

3. During Anne’s pregnancy

For nine months Anne had enjoyed the privilege to remain perfectly free from sin. In a manner of speaking her soul was kept away from all sin by the effects of two factors:

  • through the Divine privilege of becoming the mother of the One who was to become the Mother of the Man-God;

  • through the permanent effects emanating from the perfectly holy soul of Mary she was carrying inside her womb. After all, perfect sanctity is perfect Love, precludes any sinful inclinations, and keeps the soul like enveloped in an impervious light.

As to Her Immaculate Conception Mary also revealed the following to me:

God granted Mary the unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception because She was to carry the Man-God in Her womb. On this Immaculate Conception He also based the sacred nature of the total consecration to Mary He would make known to the world centuries later. One could safely say that the souls who consecrate themselves to Mary really totally and unconditionally, are born again of Mary for a new life. This consecration is a perfectly sacred bond sealed by Mary’s Immaculate Conception, for the latter actually embodies God’s seal on each soul who, through practicing her consecration to Mary on a day-to-day basis (complete self-denial), puts herself at the service of the Mystery of Redemption in the most perfect way conceivable, just like Mary Herself did ("May be done to Me according to Your word").

Mary could never have remained perfectly stainless if She had been born of a mere human union, for in that case Her Immaculate Conception could not have had its effects in the fullness of sanctity. As of Her Conception Mary was filled with an ocean of Divine Glories (hence Her name, in Aramaic 'Mer-i-am' = 'Ocean of power, sanctity and glory'). If Joachim had been the actual father, the germ of imperishability in Mary’s body would not have remained intact, for in that case She would have been the carrier of human characteristics from the genes of two parents, and consequently Her body would have been subjected to the laws of evolution on the basis of hereditary human characteristics. This development never occurred in Mary, because in Her, the perfectly imperishable and immutable Divine characteristics got the opportunity to produce their effects. Everything of a Divine nature remains unchanged, will not perish, but keeps expanding eternally, like the Mistress of all souls teaches it, so that its glory (which is already perfect in itself) shines ever more powerfully in its effects.

I have even been allowed to see evidence for this in visions: In one vision several years ago Mary, in the course of mere seconds, showed me Herself in subsequent stages of Her life, ranging from Her early childhood until shortly before Her 'transition' to Heaven. I was not able to notice even the slightest sign of aging. The very young girl, the young woman, the adult woman and the 'mature' woman always showed this very same perfect, ravishing, 'supernatural' beauty. The features of Her face, hands and feet (naturally I never saw any other parts of Her body unclothed) were always features of an absolutely perfect beauty, which as the years progressed could at most be described as 'increasingly more mature', despite Her very tough and exhausting life. Clearly God wanted to see to it that, at each and every stage of Her life on earth, Mary would 'physically develop along somewhat normal lines' in the eyes of those who saw Her, because God’s Plan of Salvation did not yet allow souls to notice before the time was ripe that Mary was not an 'ordinary woman'. As I mentioned before, but very few souls in Mary’s time understood, owing to a mystical gift, that Mary 'was only human on the surface'.

Mary’s perfect inviolability was based on two very strong foundations:
  • on the features She had 'inherited' directly from God, and which were therefore imperishable;
  • on Her own unshakeable will not to deviate in the very least from doing God’s Will, so that not a single sin was committed which could have affected the integrity of Her soul.

Therefore the answer to your question is quite clear: Yes, Mary had but one single Father, the One who is in Heaven. The major implication we can derive from this is certainly the following: As the Mistress of all souls announced a few years ago, She was 'divinized in the order of grace'. This, too, emphasizes the logic behind Her being revealed in these Last Times as the 'Mistress of all souls'. Which created soul could possibly possess a greater glory and exercise a greater power over the souls than the One who proceeded directly from God’s Heart, 'inherited' – to the greatest extent possible for a soul – His features, and was allowed to be so completely united with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit in Their Works, because Her will had been identical to the Will of God right from the beginning? God’s Will is, however, the Source of all creation, Redemption and sanctification. As the Mistress of all souls revealed, as a matter of principle the Eternal Father reserved for Himself the power of creation, on account of the fact only the Being that has no beginning is in the true sense of the word in a position to 'create'.

Mary possessed the power to work miracles, simply owing to the fact Her Heart, mind and soul were merged with God as perfectly as such merger is at all possible for a created soul. Every one of Mary’s thoughts possessed the power of God’s Will. Nevertheless She always implored God that She might act as if She had never possessed this power, and would thus be using it as rarely as possible. The wonderful merger of perfect sublimity, power, Love and humility further multiplied the effects of Mary’s glory. Her power could not have been any greater than it was, because of Her perfect unity with God’s Will.

Dear sister, Mary was created from fire of God’s fire. Who could ever separate fire from fire but God alone? Need we be surprised then, that Mary should partake in everything that is Divine? The Mistress of all souls is indeed the greatest gift to the souls since Christ’s Work of Redemption. Blessed are we, who have received the opportunity to witness this Mystery. The greatness of this gift we will only be able to realize when we will be in Heaven, for as is the case with every Divine Mystery the fullness of this treasure does not become visible to the souls as long as they are on earth. This, too, testifies to the perfect nature of God’s Love, for all-embracing knowledge makes faith unnecessary, and faith is pre-eminently the source of merits for our journey through life.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Letter 294
The soul is man’s vital principle – Mary’s way of transforming a soul that is suffering deep down inside – Prayer of consecration – With every soul who surrenders to Mary, the Mistress is enabled to manifest Her power over the serpent


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

Life has got its own peculiar ways of pointing things out to us. The more we are puzzled the more urgently we would need answers and a clear view of our future. However, as long as our mind is in a whirl and our heart in turmoil, we are not able to think clearly. This is the way the world sees it, but actually it all goes way beyond this. Inner turmoil not only prevents the mind from thinking straight, it also prevents the soul from opening herself completely up to the right inspirations from above. In proportion as a soul allows herself to deviate from what is spotlessly right, and starts allowing herself little compromises every now and then, she may gradually turn into a system that needs cleaning.

The soul is a human’s principle of life, created by the sublime Intelligence and Wisdom which is God, and is equipped with the ability to remain geared to God’s Law for the entire duration of her life on earth. She must receive and assimilate the ongoing streams of graces God keeps sending her way. These graces strengthen her, enlighten her, yielding her a clear understanding of many situations in life, or at least a more accurate perception of the decisions God may expect from her. Any element by which our behaviour, the words we speak, our thoughts, feelings, desires or states of mind deviate from God’s expectations of us, somewhat clogs the channels through which we receive His inspirations. Consequently the soul may suffer an increasing loss of vital strength as well as of her ability to actually live what the Mistress of all souls refers to as 'Divine Life'.

Dear sister, I know your heart is saddened at the experiences you have gone through during the past three years. You are therefore very much in need of a completely new peace of heart. The Queen of Heaven is actually calling upon you to give yourself thoroughly to Her as Her servant. There is not any cause for you to be afraid of surrendering to the Most Holy Virgin as of today, since the decision to do so is definitely going to take you a major step further in the development of your inner life. Mary has Her subtle yet absolutely perfect ways to transform a soul who is suffering deep down inside. No matter what mistakes a soul may have made, no matter how stained or defiled she feels, the Heavenly Mistress merely wants to hear a prayer of consecration like the following one, spoken while kneeling down at Her feet, straight from the heart and truly acted upon from that moment onward:

"O Mary, Mother of Jesus and my Heavenly Mother, I herewith beg You to accept me as Your sincere, hopeful and loving servant.
I give myself, my soul, all my thoughts, all my emotions, all my wishes and desires, everything I am and everything I have, all my memories, all my inner sufferings and physical ailments and disorders, all the burdens of my entire life, my entire past, my present and my entire future, to You as an unconditional consecration, for me to be henceforth an instrument of Divine Providence towards all my fellow-creatures.
Do use me as You deem right by the perfect Wisdom God has granted You for all eternity.
Do obtain for me God’s Mercy and forgiveness for the mistakes I have made, as well as the graces I need to be entirely purified up to the very depths of my soul.
Please be henceforth the Guide on each and every one of my ways, and the Mistress ruling all of my inner states and the course of my life.
Do accept me as Your property, so that I may enjoy the protection of Your infinite power over all influences and works of darkness, and that I may from this day onward live in an ever enhancing state of sanctity.
May Your power obtain me the strength, the wisdom and the will to lead a life that is fruitful within God’s Plan of Salvation for all mankind, and the Love that will prevent me from ever turning away from You, whom I henceforth accept as my Queen and my Mistress".

The above prayer was given the number 1197 in the collection Mary’s Flower Garden

I can understand you are currently not feeling very confident as to giving yourself completely to Mary, because you feel you have been inviting endless chaos into your life. However, it is exactly the souls that are emotionally cast adrift that She is waiting for. You love the Queen of Heaven, but feel unworthy of Her. We all are. Do not let this keep you from surrendering to Her, because She has the power to make you a completely new person and to restore your inner peace. She will gradually transform the way you look at your life and at everything around you. What you now need most, is some time out, a period of meditation and quiet around you, praying silently, making your heart one with Mary, opening yourself up to the wonderful things She so ardently desires to do inside of you. This is what the Mistress would like you to do:

  1. Consecrate yourself to Her, using the prayer above. By that act of consecration you actually give Her the opportunity to use Her tremendous power to help transform you completely;

  2. Make any effort needed to get the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Confession with a Roman Catholic priest. In this Confession you speak out all that is on your heart and the mistakes you feel you have made;

  3. Look for an opportunity to retreat for a few days or a week (or the duration that works for you) in order to regain your inner peace. During this period you actually speak all that is on your mind, not towards people, but towards Mary, in the confined silence of your heart (i.e.: not necessarily aloud);

  4. Our Heavenly Mistress would very much like you to discontinue any physical relationship. In Her own time She will inspire within your heart the direction in which She wants to guide you. This measure is absolutely necessary for you to purify your inner states. As soon as you will be able to feel you have regained your inner peace and purity, and things have become clearer in your mind, you will begin to feel much more confident in the future, which is important for you in order to be fruitful as a servant to our Heavenly Mistress.

You will find the Mistress of all souls to be the greatest asset in your new life. Soon you will find out that a soul’s life on earth is infinitely more fruitful in the eyes of God if she gives herself completely to Mary. The Queen of Heaven then multiplies all the offerings the soul makes to Her in the course of her life as a servant of Mary, by Her own perfect Love, after which She presents these offerings to God in order for them to be united with God’s Works. This way the servant contributes to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans on earth and sanctifies herself in the process.

With each soul who gives herself away to Mary, the Mistress’ power can be displayed more explicitly. It is through this process that She gets the opportunity to actually press Her foot against the serpent’s head. She will keep doing this until the number of consecrated sacrifices from Her servants justify Her applying the fullness of Her power to actually crush the serpent. Mary’s foot crushing the serpent’s head is the image denoting Her absolute power (i.e. the unlimited power She derives from the complete merger of Her will with the Will of God) over all evil and darkness, and proves the Truth of the vocation God has given Her for these Last Times. She is actually preparing this final display of power through Her revealing Herself as the Mistress of all souls. Mary is now revealed as the Mistress over all darkness proceeding from Satan and his following and manifesting itself through and within human souls. She therefore wants to be able not only to display Her unlimited power over the evil outside of us, but especially over the evil which is trying to rule us from within. Her being acknowledged by a soul as the latter’s Mistress, is tantamount to Her being enthroned within this soul and starting to turn all traces of evil remaining within this soul into Her slaves.

Dear sister, the aforementioned image may be a source of motivation to you. It can inspire a great deal of hope and courage if:

in any difficult moment, a soul tries to visualize the fact that the Mistress is actually ordering the serpent within the soul at Her feet in order to subjugate it to Herself. The serpent here denotes the whole of all temptations, mistakes, ill judgments, negative and sinful inner dispositions, evil inclinations and torturing memories, whereas Mary’s foot is the symbol of Her power over the soul and all that tries to lead the latter towards evil or makes her lose hope and faith. Now, every time you feel bad, depressed, lost, desperate, or displeased with yourself, clearly visualize Mary is placing Her foot on the serpent (the evil spirit) which is trying to separate you from God’s Light and Love. Your desire that Mary should really do this inside of you, will enhance the exercise of Her power over you, which will lift you up. Gradually you will be able to actually feel these influences taking place, because that is really what is happening then.

I am very confident that your life is soon going to find the way on which it is meant to proceed from this day onward. It is Mary Herself who invited you to write your letter, because She had been wanting to work Her wonders within you, but could not really reach your heart. Do kneel down at Her feet and give yourself to Her, you will notice that your real life, the one God has been hoping you would lead, is about to begin. A life at Mary’s feet is a life in the shadow of true sanctity, Love, Light and real hope. It will be my great joy to prepare your consecration to the Mistress of all souls in my own prayers.

Lovingly, and at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Letter 492
Christmas as a sign of God’s perfect Love


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the seasons greetings. In my turn I wish you the true Peace of Christ. As a matter of fact, the Infant Jesus is not merely born in the commemoration of the distant Bethlehem in those days of yore, but in the most concrete way in our own souls.

A child that is born must also be enabled to grow up, for that is what it has come into the world for. It needs the mother’s milk, and later it is going to need the food that will enable the blood to give strength to the entire being and to equip it for the human being’s life and works on earth. The soul can derive all of this to an inexhaustible extent from this marvellous celestial pond that God has been filling all along throughout the ages with the water of Divine Life. This pond is called 'Mary'. It is She, too, who gives birth to Christ inside the souls, in order that He may be able to take these souls along with Him in His own 'growth'. In Christ’s birth of Mary inside the soul, God’s Son shows Himself completely as the soul’s Brother: He lets Himself be planted inside of the soul in order that, in a manner of speaking, He may help her accomplish her journey with Him inside of her, and to repeat His own journey, while He is constantly trying to motivate her from within to come as close to His way as possible in every possible respect. This way He is suffering inside the soul and with her, while He is preparing for her a gift she is, in most cases, never ever going to recognize: the gift of living in a unity of heart with God.

Actually this is the deep meaning of Christmas: the birth of Christ inside the soul in order that He might grow inside of her and that He might be able to repeat His entire life within her, with all of His miracles, but also with His Cross. In all of this only this single force is at work, this force God’s Being consists of: true Love, which only longs for the completion of our Redemption and sanctification.

Thus God is fully a God of Life, Love, Light and hope. His adversary tries to bring us exactly the opposite; especially he would have us believe that these opposite things should actually be the true standards of our lives on earth: death, hate or sin, darkness and discouragement. All of this dies in proportion as the soul opts for the following of God and His Works in her own daily life. This is why our life on earth appears to be a constant struggle between the Light and the darkness: Our whole life long these opposite forces keep trying to seize the power within the soul. What is at stake, is Eternal Life, true Redemption, the soul’s sanctification.

This is one of the main reasons why the soul is in such great need of the Presence, the rule and the guidance of the Queen of Heaven in her life. No Being is more familiar with God’s Mysteries, the secrets of His Works inside the soul, and no Being has got Her power and ability to bring God’s Works to their utmost fruition within the soul. This is why Mary is referred to as the Bridge between Heaven and earth, between God and the souls: She carries the fruits from the Divine Orchard into the soul, and guides the digestion that is necessary for these Divine fruits to agree with the soul and not to harm but to nourish her. Indeed, imperishable fruits nourish for an imperishable Life. They only go bad in a place where the oxygen from the Holy Spirit is replaced by the fermentation of sin because the soul has been nourishing her soil with the indigestible fruits of the world.

God is Love. If He should be anything else even for one single per cent, we would all die at once under His Works, for the soul is created in such a way that only that which consists of Love and absolutely nothing but Love, will agree with her. The power of God’s Presence would singe us if even as little as one per cent of His Being were not Love, for the beams of Love are constructive, and burn the darkness inside of us. However, as every lack of Love already bears the seed of sin, the soul may experience a fire of temptation, which makes ill and kills. If there were as little as one single seed of sin in God, He would already not be able to confer true Life, and everything which springs from the source of His Heart would immediately perish with a force through which it would kill itself. In that case it could be said that God Himself would be killing His own Works in His own creation. This would in itself completely preclude all Redemption and sanctification of any soul, the New Covenant would be completely devoid of all sense, and Jesus’ Life and Suffering on earth would have been entirely in vain.

If we bear all this in mind, dear sister, our heart can hardly do anything else but rejoice, for then we automatically see that God could not possibly ever harm His creation. Would God allow His Son to be born again inside every soul of good will if He were not to bring the absolute fullness of Life? Would Christmas be useful if God Himself were to influence the effect of His Son’s Birth within the souls in a negative way, by allowing, even for a split second, that anything but perfect Love and perfect Life would flow towards His creation?

Maybe these reflections are able to make you think for a moment about the deeper sense of Christmas, and about what it means that 'God is Love'. These reflections also make us realize how true it is when, in these days, the Mistress of all souls is warning us against anything which is not compatible with God’s intentions. Anything which is not undivided Love, does not undividedly originate with God. God never concludes marriage with any force which is cheating Him with the darkness, no matter whether the latter does so out in the open or behind closed doors. This is exactly why the Mistress of all souls is sent to us: in order to teach us how to distinguish between Light and darkness in any circumstances. Thus She is constantly giving birth to Christ within the souls in an everlasting Christmas.

I wish you a gracious Christmas!

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Letter 518
The Holy Virgin’s blessing as to 'Marian slavery'


Reverend Father, dear brother in Jesus and Mary,

With great joy I have read your letter with a question to the Mistress of all souls regarding the foundation of a religious congregation in honor of the Immaculate Conception with the vow of Marian slavery in Mexico.

The Marian slavery is a very great thing. You will have noticed in the texts on our website that the Queen of Heaven brings us the expression of God’s Will that Mary should in these Last Times be known and venerated as the Mistress of all souls. This is a very great thing, for it is the true expression of God’s promise that 'the Woman and Her children' are eventually to crush the serpent’s head.

Saint Grignion de Montfort already in the 18th century realized the necessity that souls should consecrate themselves unreservedly to the Mother of God, whom he actually referred to as his Mistress – and quite justly so, having regard to the fact She (the Signum Magnum, i.e. the Great Sign!) now makes Herself known as the Mistress of all souls. Indeed, when considered in its true depth, what does this really mean: 'Mistress of all souls'? The Mistress of all souls is 'the Woman' who is given to all souls as a Model and Example of sanctity, hence the great significance of all souls consecrating themselves totally and unconditionally to Mary. Mary, the Queen of Heaven and earth, Mother of the Redeemer and the unique Wonder of mystical merger with Christ, was immaculately conceived in order to be able to be the most holy Tabernacle carrying the Son of God, and lived a perfectly spotless, completely virtuous life.

God gave Her the title of 'Mistress' because She is equipped with all capacities and all elements of power and Wisdom She needs in order to be able:
  • to guide in absolute perfection all souls on the path to sanctity, like God expects of every soul;

  • to assist every soul in the process of inner transformation on the basis of an enhanced self-knowledge and an increased awareness of her own ways of behaviour, ways of thinking, frames of mind, expectations etcetera, all of this against a background of an increasing knowledge of virtues and vices, good and evil. This knowledge is conveyed to the souls in a conclusive system of mystical knowledge Mary has given the name of Science of Divine Life, i.e. the entirety of all writings (teachings, prayer texts, letters of reply...) the Queen of Heaven has been inspiring to Her Myriam for fifteen years come next Easter;

  • to make every soul ready for an optimum contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, and thus to the battle of the Light (God’s Truth) against the darkness (satan’s works of destruction, deceit and blinding souls to the fullness of Truth).

For many centuries God has concealed Mary’s true greatness, because on the basis of spiritual mysteries that no living soul was worthy of knowing, this served His great Plan, which eventually was geared mainly to the eternal Salvation and well-being of all souls. Mary Herself, in Her unparalleled humility, even forbade Saint John the Evangelist to mention, in His Gospel, any elements of Her greatness, which he as one of very few souls on earth, had been favoured to fathom to a fair extent.

In the Easter season of 1997 the Mother of God called me for the first time. She did so in what I may very well refer to as a lasting mystical storm, an ongoing series of daily mystical contacts through which She transformed Her Myriam completely so as to turn her into a perfectly workable instrument of Her Will, ready and able to receive Her instructions and overwhelming inspirations and to spotlessly transfer these to all souls in an atmosphere breathing the very inner constitution of Mary Herself: self-denying Love, unshakeable hope, a constant aspiration for the encouragement of souls suffering under the burdens of daily trials, and the fire of defending the fullness of Divine Truth against the countless defiling influences from the world and worldly thinking.

Reverend Father, the Mistress of all souls is very pleased with your initiative to found this congregation, as it would carry the potential – if its 'philosophy' (the so-called Marian slavery) is duly implemented – to function as a great sign towards the forces of darkness and the deceitful ways of all modernism in this world. Venerating the Mother of God in the miraculous Prerogative of Her Immaculate Conception, and surrendering one’s entire being and entire life to Her (i.e. 'Marian slavery') in this capacity as the purest and holiest among all created souls of all times, is indubitably the most valuable way of rendering reparation to God for all and any indifference and contempt from souls towards God’s Works.

It need not surprise you that your finding our Maria Domina Animarum webpage had the effect of making you feel immediately identified with the texts. The very core of the message God wants to bring to the souls through His revealing Mary as the Mistress of all souls, is basically none other than the utter implementation of Marian slavery. Through Her many teachings in the Science of Divine Life the Queen of Heaven and earth has for quite a few years now been pointing out that God has entrusted Her with an everlasting mission of guiding all souls towards the very summits of sanctity, in a very consistent following of Christ, and that She was therefore given unparalleled qualities, privileges and powers with a view to transforming souls so as to enable the latter to again approach to the highest possible extent the state of sanctity the human soul enjoyed prior to committing the original sin.

Now then, bearing in mind:
  1. that each soul is on earth for two purposes only: to accomplish her own sanctification in order to be able to return to God for the experience of eternal Salvation and Bliss, and to make her individual contribution towards the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation;

  2. that the soul on earth is under the constant influences from darkness that are attempting incessantly to drive her away from achieving both aforementioned purposes;

  3. that, therefore, the soul is in need of Heavenly guidance;

  4. that God considers Mary to be the perfect Guide for all souls, and that from Her Immaculate Conception onwards She was prepared to act upon this calling through all the ages;

  5. that God regards it as vital that the soul should perform all her actions, and receive all her graces of her own free will, because it is a Divine Act that God will never interfere with the free decisions the soul makes as regards the way she lives and tries to achieve her path towards accomplishing both purposes in life;

  6. that the soul will therefore only benefit from Mary’s working inside of her if she actively collaborates with this Heavenly intervention and guidance;

  7. that, however, following Mary can only yield results to the extent the soul actually surrenders to Mary in every possible way,

it need not surprise us that 'Marian slavery', as the Mistress of all souls points out in Her teachings, is considered by God the golden way for any soul to reach perfection and thus accomplish the aforementioned purposes in life. It would therefore appear like following Her teachings in the Science of Divine Life would be the logical thing to do for any soul who is serious about making the very best of the time she has got on earth, as every day is a gift by God which holds its own treasures for the soul’s perfection and thus for the soul’s being able to increase her resemblance with the image of God. Mary’s calling is exactly this: gradually transforming each soul who is willing to collaborate with Her, into an image of God.

Marian slavery is actually nothing but total, unconditional and everlasting consecration of one’s entire being and one’s entire life to Mary, making the solemn vow that She will be enabled to use every aspect of the soul’s life to the fullest to help advance the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, which, as we know, is to be completed with the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Peace and Love on earth, in the process of which the Queen of Heaven and earth will visibly defeat the serpent from hell (humiliating and paralyzing Satan, and exposing his works of darkness). Slavery towards Mary is actually, in the very depth of its meaning, a process of the soul’s total liberation from the tyranny of sin, of darkness, of evil habits, of all and any factors throttling her acting and being like a worthy child of God.

Gradually, through the ages, Mary’s role within the fulfilment of this major desire of God has been revealed. Never before, however, was it made known in all of its implications to such an extent as now, in our days, through the revelation of Mary as the ...

... Mistress of all souls. In this all-embracing capacity the Queen of Heaven is introduced to the souls as the last and great Sign of hope for the final defeat of the one who is the source of all misery on this earth. Blessed are those who will be able to give themselves to the Mistress of all souls in total consecration, i.e. in slavery towards the ultimate implementation of God’s Law of Love. Indeed, Marian slavery = slavery towards Her who is intended by God to be for all eternity the Mirror of His Love, the Mirror of absolute sanctity, the Bearer of His Law. Marian slavery is therefore in the deepest sense of the word slavery to the most natural of all cravings: the soul’s innate need to grow after the image of God, just like Mary was, as of Her Immaculate Conception, the image of God in the most absolute perfection ever to be accomplished by a creature.

Marian slavery would indeed be any soul’s ultimate contribution towards the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, and therefore the golden path to the liberation of both the soul herself (who, through total consecration, actually becomes Mary’s 'slave' – meaning: a soul serving Mary, and through Her, God’s Plan of Salvation, through an unlimited surrender of herself) and of all creation from the impact of God’s enemy.

Therefore your being called to establish a new congregation venerating the Immaculate Conception and making the vow of Marian slavery is indeed a genuine inspiration from God’s Spirit. The Mistress of all souls will bless, protect and promote your efforts, as they constitute a useful step for the advancement of Her great Work in these Last Times. I will most ardently accompany you from heart to heart with any prayers and sacrifices our Heavenly Mistress may be so gracious to expect me to lay down at Her feet for your benefit.

May I humbly ask for your sacerdotal blessing for the 'Maria Domina Animarum' Apostolate and all souls the Queen of Heaven leads towards it.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Letter 536
What is Mary’s role as Mother and Mistress of all souls vs.
the role of Jesus our Savior?

(the following letter is the expression of Mary’s inspiration in reply to a question brought forward by an American sister in Jesus and Mary).


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

Thank you most kindly for your very interesting letter, which I have just brought before our Heavenly Mother.

As it happens, a rather extensive answer to your question(s) can be found in one of the writings I have been favored to write upon a delightful inspiration from the Mother of Jesus nearly five years ago, (the manifesto referred was written in 2008) and which in English is entitled The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth. It would be most interesting if you could read the said manifesto.

It is indeed of the utmost importance that souls should unambiguously understand that Mary was intended by God to be pre-eminently the Bridge between Him and the human souls, the Bridge across which graces are 'fed' into the souls in a way surpassing any other way, 'laden' with the purest Love. One day the Mother of God explained Her role to me in the following, very revealing image:

Imagine yourself being in a chapel, near a stained-glass window consisting of many different colors. Outside a radiant sun is shining in a cloudless summer’s day sky. The light would be dazzling and blinding for you if you looked at it outside the chapel, but inside, near this stained-glass window, you can look at the window without being even in the least blinded, but on the contrary you will be ravished, marveled at the colorful spectacle unfolding itself in front of you, in the window as well as on the floor. This is the way Mary operates: The dazzling Light of God’s graces is 'modified' (expressed more accurately: 'abated') by Her in such a way that it is, in a manner of speaking, guided into your soul and heart like a tailor-made piece of celestial work. The colors symbolize the way Mary breaks the fullness of grace granted by God up into a multitude of spiritual influences and effects that very softly and gently pervade the soul and help build her up without shaking her up due to her inability to readily take in all the good things God has in store for her.

As a matter of fact on account of the original sin the human soul is no longer able to fully utilize God’s beneficial actions in her inner life without any effort to open herself up completely to His Presence. Now Mary is like the filter feeding all gifts from God into the soul in a way the latter is able to softly assimilate and digest them. The soul is then delighted at them and nourished by them instead of being overwhelmed by them and thereby falling prey to 'spiritual indigestion'.

This is why the Queen of Heaven likes to summarize Her role towards the souls as "the One who keeps trying to innerly transform the soul in such a way and to such extent as to enable the latter to gradually be elevated again to the state of grace she possessed prior to the hour in which the original sin was committing, which was a state of smooth and 'automatic' communication with God’s Heart and of an ardent longing to satisfy His Law of Love to the fullest".

This image actually sheds some extra light on the concept of Mary being the Golden Bridge between God and the souls: She carries God’s Light (His graces, His Truth, His teachings and so forth), into the souls in such a way the latter can actually grow and develop by them instead of being shaken up by them. She knows each single soul so thoroughly, and knows so infallibly and exactly what every individual really needs (i.e. in the spiritual sense of the word), that She is able to focus on each individual’s growth with the fullest efficiency and that She is in a unique position to actually represent God’s Workings, His intentions, even His Presence, towards the souls. In this sense Mary is like a true and spotless Mirror of God. This does not mean She replaces God or Jesus, it does mean, however, that She was intended by God to link every soul up with God, so as to enable Him to reach every single soul exactly the way He wants to and needs to.

Evidently, and I say this most emphatically, God would perfectly well be able do all these things by Himself. He would not need a created soul (neither Mary nor any other soul) to do these things for Him. The essence of the matter is, however, that God wants to need the souls for anything He does in the way of favors and graces for the souls’ benefit. This is exactly the most marvelous evidence for God’s perfect Love: He, the Almighty One, wants creatures to take part in His perfect Works! Therefore this also proves God’s intention to bestow the utmost glorification upon His favored Daughter, Mary, the Mother of His Son and our Mother, and Bride of the Holy Spirit: Indeed, God not only wants to need Her the way He wants to need any other soul, He actually wants Her to be what we might call the crucial Factor in His Works of Grace towards mankind. Let me clarify this even further:

Jesus paid a very high ransom to redeem our souls, and His Mother was invested with the power and the mission to enable the souls to actually accomplish (or reap, respectively) the fruits of this ransom through their own effort. The souls should be fully aware of the fact Mary’s role – which, let us never forget this, She was requested by God Himself to assume! – is the extreme gift God has been wanting His souls to accept and to collaborate with to the fullest. Everything God wants His creatures to have or to experience, He prefers to channel towards the souls through Mary. This is also why we refer to Mary as the Mediatrix of Graces.

God could, naturally, contact any soul directly, still He prefers to pave all ways of His communication towards a soul through Mary, because according to the terms of His Law, this is the perfect and most fruitful way: The soul who is the most sublime on account of Her having fully received and assimilated His special unique gifts to Her, is equipped for an eternal vocation as a Guide, a Teacher, a Bridge, a Transformer, ready and able to prepare every individual soul for an optimal digestion of the nourishment God wants the soul to have so as to bring her to fruition for Eternal Life, for the full accomplishment of her Redemption which we also refer to as 'sanctity'.

The concept of Mary’s being by Divine vocation the Mistress of all souls is actually based on this whole system: She is invested with exceptional powers, Wisdom, Love and knowledge and understanding of Divine Life, of Divine Mysteries, as well as of all and any elements of spiritual development. She owes this to Her Immaculate Conception AND to Her firm will to never violate any element of God’s Law of Love, briefly put: to the merger of Her unique prerogatives with the merits of Her exceptionally holy life while still on earth. Thus, within God’s Plan of Salvation Mary is like the necessary (because this is how God Himself wanted it to be) Companion to Jesus in the Works of Redemption and sanctification of souls, in that:

  • Jesus has performed these Works in the fullness of Divine Love like a Key put into a lock with the intention of opening up the soul’s full potential of sanctification, and
  • Mary was and is still being deployed by God as the hand turning this Key in every individual soul who is really willing to be opened up. To that end She is equipped with all it takes to transform the soul exactly the way the latter needs to be changed as far as her inner dispositions are concerned.

This is the way God has wanted His Plans to be deployed:

JESUS, His Son, as the necessary 'Divine + humanized' Factor
accomplishing Redemption,
MARY as a Representative of the most sublime and holy of souls
as a 'human + sort of divinized' Factor preparing every willing soul
to really coin in on the Works of Redemption:

The perfect marriage between God
(the Holy Trinity, of which Christ is the Person operating Redemption)
the soul (Mary) preparing in a most sublime and everlasting joint effort
the marriages between God and ALL souls.

This is why this system is truly conclusive:
Mary as the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of the Savior, the Co-Redemptrix, the Mistress of all souls,
and the necessity or at least the desirability for the souls to consecrate themselves fully and undividedly to Mary:
It all adds up and none of these elements go without all of the others.

As Mary had me point out earlier: A soul can indeed accomplish sanctification without Mary’s intervention, i.e. without giving herself to Mary in total consecration, but why should the soul swim all the way through the tempestuous waters of life while there is a ready-made perfectly steady Bridge (Mary) for her to cross many of the most hazardous patches on her itinerary through life? Ever since the original sin was committed every soul has had a hard time making the very best of all the graces she received/receives during her life, due to this 'leak' the original sin has sprung in the foundation of every soul’s inner being. God has foreseen the Mother of His Son to be like an emergency kit for the repair of any flaw in our inner constitution preventing us from blooming to the extent God originally enabled the soul to bloom. Why then should any soul not gratefully make use of this aid?

Consecration to Mary, provided it is sincerely lived to the fullest in all and any details of life, can be like a life insurance for Eternal Life. Our daily trials are like the premium we pay for this insurance, and we may rest assured that each of the instalments paid with Love and in due acceptance of the decrees of Divine Providence on our path through life, will be regarded by God as gold coins if it is paid by the soul through the Heart of His perfect Daughter, for She will supplement it with Her perfect Love and, if given the opportunity, She provides all of the soul’s actions and inner dispositions with Her signature.

Dear sister, in God’s revealing Mary as the Mistress of all souls we are actually dealing with a treasury we may consider to be unmatched by anything since the Works wrought by the Man-God on earth and the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit shortly after the Messiah’s Ascension. This whole concept is so unique because it brings together a multitude of pieces constituting the jigsaw puzzle which is the Divine Plan of Salvation. The writings inspired by the Mistress of all souls to Her Myriam (although Mary presented Herself literally by this title for the first time in November 2005), have been collected and developed since the spring of 1997 and meanwhile amount to some 6,000 pages in my mother tongue (Dutch). A large part of them have not been translated into English as yet, nor have all of them been translated and released in any other language for that matter. In proportion as translations are ready to be released the souls will be able to get a more encompassing impression of the unique wonder and the conclusiveness of the entire system. In this system, to which some years ago Mary Herself gave the title of Science of Divine Life, Her role within God’s Plan of Salvation is thoroughly developed.

These writings were never intended to be used for theological purposes nor to be studied and analyzed rationally, they were and are intended for the average soul looking for helpful means to gain a more in-depth understanding of many elements of life as constituents of the soul’s growing towards sanctity, towards the eternal experience of God’s Presence. The Science of Divine Life does in no way contradict any of the theses of Christian Doctrine, on the contrary, it is intended to enable every soul to better understand the latter and to more readily apply it in daily life. None of these writings can ever be fully understood by analyzing them rationally, they must be unlocked in the soul’s heart of hearts, where God reveals His Truths and buries the key to their being unveiled. This is another thing proving the fact Mary was intended by God to 'complete' the accomplishment of every soul’s Redemption by the soul’s enabling Mary to fully transform every element of the soul’s inner life which is in need of transformation, in order for the soul to be able to actually complete Christ’s Works (i.e. unlock all fruits and effects thereof) within herself.

I sincerely hope these lines may be of some help to you in your efforts to shed some Light around you. Showing souls the way to a good understanding of the value of consecration to Mary is like showing them the most fruitful stepping stone towards spiritual growth and bloom as a gift of which the significance could never be completely fathomed by any soul. This unique value is not a thesis we are forced to believe, it is as yet 'merely' a matter of faith with an unparalleled potential of opening the treasury of Eternal Bliss for the soul who accepts and uses it the way it was meant by God to be. Time will tell how much Light this system will actually have sown in how many souls. For the time being all of this is a secret kept veiled in God’s Heart.

Like all things that are truly priceless, this system of knowledge and understanding is not imposed on the souls, it is revealed to them softly accompanied by the Works of inner guidance by the Mother of God Herself, in every soul who voluntarily opens up to Her and to the teachings She so graciously gives because God in His infinite Wisdom has judged the time to be ripe for them. It is all a matter of how God’s Plan of Salvation develops and when He sees the opportunity to deal the darkness the decisive blow. This is where our true mission lies in this time so marked by deception and appearances.

I embrace you cordially from soul to soul, in the immense Love of the Queen of all hope,

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


P.S.: As I was informed by the diligent souls at the Apostolate secretariat before, you inquired about the meaning of the Latin phrase 'Laudate Mariam'. The English translation would be "I praise You, Mary" or "praise be to You, Mary". Every once in a while the Mother of God likes to avail Herself of Latin phrases, especially in invocations, because these phrases are reputed to be the most powerful in Latin, the official language of the Roman Catholic Church. Mary points out that it is part of Satan’s devious plan to expel Latin from liturgy and devotion altogether because he knows how powerful the Latin phrasings are.

Unnumbered letters

Fighting depression and setbacks in life with the Holy Virgin Mary


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

Thank you sincerely for dropping me these lines straight from the heart.

The Mother of God has urged me to go into a retreat for an indefinite period of time on account of a number of tasks She wants me to accomplish within the framework of the Apostolate. Nevertheless She allows me occasionally to answer letters from people with sincere hearts, that are going through a rough patch. This is how it works: We try to really be one big family, because that is what it was like when it all started out with the Church right after Jesus had ascended into Heaven. This is why I would first and foremost like to embrace and welcome you as a sister on this journey through life.

Many souls in our days have fallen prey to depression and similar states of affliction, and their numbers are increasing rapidly. This need not be a surprise to anyone, bearing in mind the chaotic state our world is in, as well as the fact that it would appear the darkness is prevailing in positively any element of life. This is a delusion, however, as in point of fact the Light is actually constantly restoring the balance. However, as Mary keeps emphasizing, the danger lies in the fact that the Light whispers its Works and actions, whereas the darkness is constantly roaring and shouting. This is why we may tend to believe there is nothing left in life but darkness. Remember it well: This is merely what it would look like, appearances are deceptive.

Dear sister, the fact you are clinging to your faith makes you vulnerable to the attacks from 'below', as the evil one very easily finds instruments and tools in abundance to cut his holes with, and he prefers to do so through the ones we care about the most, as their opinions are usually of some importance to us. Do never give up believing in God’s Love and in the fact He is never going to stop straightening every inch of your path just before you intend to walk on it, and attracting your attention to the position of every stone on it, lest you stumble over it. This is why we must never forget to keep an open heart, because this is where God and the Mother of Jesus make Their Presence felt: not in our minds, but in our hearts. Most of us will most likely never see Jesus or Mary, nor really understand the way They act in our lives, but our heart knows They are there, and working for our benefit. This is God’s Intelligence at work within every soul, but most souls have allowed a multitude of worldly influences to cover this innate faculty in dust. This dust is composed of all constituents of worldly thinking, feelings, aspiring... and tends to prevent God’s Light of Love and hope to actually reach our hearts.

Our daily crosses are, unfortunately, inevitable, as due to the original sin every soul is under the obligation to contribute to God’s Plan of Salvation to be completely fulfilled. This is what the New Covenant between God and the souls, as finalized on the Cross by Jesus, is all about: We have received the grace of complete Redemption and eternal bliss, but are to that end to follow in Jesus’ wake, which entails the necessity of carrying our crosses and loving our fellow creatures and God unconditionally, whatever it may take, including being persecuted through all kinds of being ill understood by our fellow man. Our daily trials should therefore not be considered to be our enemies, in truth they are our dearest friends, for they are the torches shining into our darkness and leading us the way to real happiness, for this is what God has in store for you, for me, for all of us who truly believe in God’s Love and in the invaluable gifts He extends through our daily trials, and act upon this belief.

This does not at all mean the sufferings you are going through would not be real or should be ignored altogether. On the contrary, you can transform them so as to make them work for you. Consecrate them to the Blessed Virgin, simply saying to Her you are having a very hard time, that your mind is in a whirl, your heart is troubled, you are hurting because your closest ones do not understand you and are therefore even increasing the burden you are carrying, that you are having trouble living with yourself or respecting the person you currently are, and... that you lay all of this and so much more which is oppressing you consciously or unconsciously, down at Her feet, trusting in Her tremendous power over all expressions and actions of the darkness in your life. What does this actually do?

By speaking these words, or words to that effect, you are actually pouring out your heart at the feet of the Queen of Heaven, confessing before Her your weakness, your inability to become a spiritually fruitful soul without Her supporting you. She is then going to take your entire being with all of its burdens up into Her Heart, covering it with Her perfect Love, and make it an active part of the Works towards completing God’s Plan of Salvation. You then become an active little cogwheel in this vast Divine machinery, and will yourself get purified in the process, because Mary is going to gradually transform you, cleaning your heart, giving you new confidence, making you feel that it all matters and that you can do it, and that nothing is going to get the better of you as long as you will share every detail of your life with Her. Talk to Her inside your heart, plain and simple, as if She were your very best friend living inside your heart, always there for you because you want to be there for Her, too.

This, in very simple terms, is what consecration to the Most Blessed Virgin is all about: It is a holy covenant through which a soul gives herself completely and unconditionally to Mary, laying her entire life, all her experiences, burdens, sufferings etcetera, down at Mary’s feet as raw material the Queen of Heaven will gratefully use within the framework of God’s system of graces and Salvation for the benefit of all mankind. What is expected of you then, is Love, dedication and faith. Mary is going to give Herself to you to the extent to which you will actually be giving yourself to Her, meaning: to God’s 'needs', as God is in need of means enabling Him to make His Love actually work in this world.

The misery can most certainly vanish from the face of this earth, but to that end we humans have got to give ourselves and our lives unrestrictedly to God’s Plans, preferably through total consecration to Mary. Keep this in mind: Mary is the One keeping Satan under Her feet. The evil one may defeat us every once in a while, but he can never defeat Mary. If we give our dark experiences to Her, we are actually giving all demons involved to Her as well. This is how Mary’s rule over the effects and works of the darkness is firmly established through our giving them to Her.

As it happens, there are several prayers, written on Mary’s inspiration, that might encourage and support you. One of them would be the one with number 1227, which you can find under the menu item Mary’s Flower Garden. The prayers with the numbers 834, 842 and 1196 may also interest you, as they implore a special protection from the Queen of Heaven.

Dear sister, do not give up hope, what you are going through is meaningful. This world has never seen a day which was not preceded by a night, and no night has ever been allowed by God not to kneel down before the light of dawn. This is a Divine Law, which – let us never forget this – is equally effective as far as our mental or emotional health is concerned. Whenever your fellow persons may through their words, actions, facial expressions, etcetera, cast a shadow over your days or darken what little sunshine may be left for you, remember to share this with Mary, who has got the power to use this sorrow of yours for the benefit of the culprit’s conversion and understanding, as well as for the benefit of your emotional healing. This is how God turns darkness into Light, distress into inner peace, sorrow into hope, misery into happiness. The lock is in God’s Heart, the key is called 'unconditional, unselfish Love', the operator moving the key is called 'the steady will to make my contribution towards a better world'.

I warmly embrace you and would most emphatically want to encourage you to hang in there, as your days, as dreary as they may well seem to be, are the coins you are paying for your future happiness with, but in order that they may actually do so, you have got to deposit them into the right bank. This bank is called 'Immaculate Heart of Mary'. The deposit account is entitled 'total and unconditional consecration of all my burdens'. It will be a privilege for me to henceforth carry you and your beloved ones with me in my little heart, to help entrust you all to this furnace of Love which is Mary, the Mistress of our souls. God loves you, and knows your heart is eager to open up to a new spring. Do believe in Mary, this celestial stronghold against all storms in life, and remember that no matter what you will ever give Her, She has already prepared a hundred times as much to be given to you. As long as we are here on earth, our garden will experience spells of autumn and winter. The garden that is being prepared for your soul in Heaven, is the one with countless unwithering flowers, each of which bears the name of some trial we once buried in Mary’s Heart. May spring truly smile at your heart.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


When hope seems to be fading


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

Thank you very much for your letter. I do apologize for not being able to reply any sooner. That is just the way it goes: It is our dear celestial Mother who chooses the moment when this or that letter can be answered. At any rate, even in the event a soul has got to wait a bit, the intentions brought forward in a letter are always brought before Mary right away. Thus we are actually joining hands (and hearts) in silence as from the moment a letter is read. I have always been marveled at the thought our celestial Mother is like a satellite merging two points into one, even though they are sometimes so far apart on this earth.

Everything you read on our website originates with the Holy Virgin. So far I have been guided by three priests consecutively (both former spiritual directors are deceased), who were – and is, respectively – very ardent advocates of the mystical fruits I have in my nothingness been favoured with. In Belgium, where I live, the Church is not very prone to making statements regarding mystical phenomena while they are still ongoing. In the meantime, as my former spiritual director used to say, "souls should feel in their heart of hearts that it is actually the Mother of God who is speaking to them through all of these texts".

Our beloved Mother in Heaven is the best Medicine where it matters to clean ourselves. The past is like a bundle of chains trying to hold us firmly exactly where we are, preventing us from taking off to where our soul belongs: in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. We should never forget that not only our "days of yore", but even the hours as recently as yesterday belong to our past, and each and any memory can prevent us from outgrowing the person we are right now. Once Mary said to me a soul should begin each day in a frame of heart as if it were the only day of her life, so as not to allow any memories, any fears, any uncertainties due to experiences about our weaknesses etcetera, to hold us back. Indeed, we are often our own worst enemy, and failure can be programmed within our own heart due to a lack of self-confidence "because once we used to not do things the way we should have...".

Every morning, with the rising sun, we get the opportunity to become exactly the soul we always wanted to be, deep down in our hearts, and there should not be any obstacle preventing us from believing we can do it, the least of all an obstacle within ourselves. Our Heavenly Mother can cure us of this ailment. Whenever She looks at a soul She sees a garden with flowers and stones. She teaches the soul to look at herself from such an angle she sees the flowers first, not the stones, and even if the garden had but one single flower, Mary will stress this one point of fruitfulness and beauty to such an extent the soul will end up believing in her own potential. This is the way to uplift a soul who has been suffering because of her own mistakes in the past: She is not confronted with her weaknesses, but with her potential for improvement. This resurrection of self-confidence is often tantamount to a removal of the worst obstacle to a soul becoming a different person.

I will gladly pray for your family. Do consider yourself part of a spiritual family created through our Mother Mary, who is the Queen of hope. I wish you many more hours of joy, peace and encouragement reading the Heavenly texts I have the privilege of sharing with all my sisters and brothers in Christ. May the Holy Virgin, Mistress of our lives to the extent we let Her, fill you with trust. In the meantime do not forget that consecrating your sufferings and heartaches to Mary can turn the key to unlock the door to the souls surrounding you, because this is how it works: Consecration – sharing your sufferings with our Heavenly Mother, praying Her She may use them for the production of graces – is actually our spiritual gift to our beloved ones, enveloping their hearts with a warmth that originates with God Himself, for He is the Bestower of new Life.

Do hang in there, because nothing is lost unless we give up the battle, and even if we do not see results right away, we should never be misled into believing that nothing is happening. The greatest wonders are wrought in the hidden parts of the souls.

In loving embrace, at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


Our offerings weaving robes of graces


Dear brother in Jesus and Mary,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honest letter. I will most certainly pray for you and your loved ones, and will most gladly do so. Surrendering to the Mother of Jesus truly is a golden path towards perfecting ourselves in spite of all our weaknesses. As soon as She starts working inside the heart, and we really give Her the room to do so unrestrictedly, the soul can feel herself changing, first and foremost in the different way she starts looking at things around her. Sometimes things are made more difficult for us because of the obstinate behaviour of people we love, people who mean a lot to us. The fact a person turns away from faith does not necessarily mean this person is bad, but that is just the difficulty: Such a person is blinded, and because of his/her not being bad, we have a hard time convincing them they are mistaken when turning away from God.

Dear brother, we live in a hard time, and now it matters more than ever before for us all to join hands in faithful prayer and consecration. The Queen of Heaven can do very very much for our well-being and our inner peace, but she needs us to share our sufferings and heartaches with Her, by just telling Her we want to try and bear them for Her sake, so that She may use them as material to obtain graces, especially for our beloved ones. In so doing we are actually giving them a spiritual gift: We give them the fruits of our sufferings and heartaches, and Mary is the Satellite bridging the gaps between us and our loved ones’ hearts and souls. This is a wonderful mystery that goes to show how Mary can turn darkness into Light, misery into joy, rainfall into rainbows of hope and beauty...

God is very patient with everyone of us, but the way we use our free will is very important to Him. Our true sign of hope lies in the fact we can be sure our offerings are not lost, even if we do not see any results right away. They help 'produce' graces, which are, in a manner of speaking, woven around the souls of those we are praying and hoping for, and one day this little robe of graces may warm these souls in such a way they are actually touched by this warmth, because after all, this little robe is of Divine origin and is actually nothing but Love. Love is Life, engenders Life, and breeds the seed that will eventually transform souls into gardens testifying of God’s Presence here on earth.

Dear brother, my heart is with you all, I will faithfully lay your intentions down at our Heavenly Mistress’ feet, knowing that She is going to clothe them with Her perfect Love. I sincerely hope our website may bring you many more hours of comfort and hope, as all you can find on it springs from the Holy Virgin’s Heart, the ever so powerful channel through which God prefers to share His gifts of Life with us, poor souls.

Do take care, and be convinced my little heart is always ready to help you bear the crosses life holds in store for you on the path to paradise, for that is where we are heading. I embrace you all, lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls, the Mother of our Redeemer,


A few words on Mary’s intentions through this Work


Dear brother in Jesus and Mary,

Maria Domina Animarum is an Apostolate created by the Queen of Heaven Herself. Its roots date back to the year 1997. It was established in Belgium, where Myriam has her 'cradle'. As such, geographically speaking, the Apostolate does not have 'affiliates' abroad, BUT the Mother of Jesus did provide for a marvelous spiritual counterpart in Her creation of the so-called 'Chain of Light'. By the Chain of Light the Mistress of all souls intends for people of all nations who feel dedicated to Her cause of modeling souls after God’s image, to join hearts and in spite of their geographically living wide apart, to join all their efforts of prayer, contemplation and purification of inner dispositions towards fighting all darkness and misery in this world.

It is Mary’s determined intention to bring souls towards a much more profound understanding of their inner dispositions and the ways to mend them wherever necessary, in order to enable them to truly follow Jesus. It is our mutual Love and a steady Love towards all and any fellow creatures that is going to serve as a constant nourishment for the Chain of Light. Through our solid belief in the workings of this Chain, although it is invisible and living strictly on a spiritual level, Mary wants to forge souls from all over the world together like a chain to which God Himself has given the power to tie works of darkness anywhere in this world.

This having been said, it is our firm conviction that your very heart is the place to start: Do hold on to the tremendous hope Our Lady is giving us in Her teachings and prayers, as they are a golden path to the Heart of Christ Himself and a powerful magnet attracting the Holy Spirit. Once a soul allows to be thoroughly pervaded with them, he/she is going to shine this Light from above through to all fellow creatures. Always remember that souls who feel alike will be drawn towards one another by Divine Providence Itself. All this is God’s Work: HE provides the water and the boat, we are the oars that are meant to move the boat along so as to make the journey fruitful, for it is HIS LOVE which makes the water flow.

We wish you very uplifting hours exploring the Heavenly gifts we feel so privileged to spread around.

Most cordially in the Mistress of all souls, Whose sublime joy it is to see more and more of Her children eager to make Jesus’ efforts and Sufferings worth while.


Where do I begin with this multitude of texts?


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

Thank you for your most encouraging message and your heart-felt interest in joining the wonderful Work the Heavenly Queen is trying to accomplish through Her children in these troubled times.

The teachings in the framework of the Science of Divine Life are indeed overwhelming by nature, as the Mother of Jesus intends them to open up the very bottom of our souls. The unique thing is, that any one of the texts you pick up to start reading can serve as a stepping stone towards an increasing understanding of the entirety, as all of them are marvelously interconnected so as to constitute one consistent whole.

Many of the texts inspired by the Queen of Heaven to Myriam have not been translated into English as yet. Translations are constantly under construction, but the work is tremendous and only few hands are there to perform it.

We are specifically working on a compilation that will, in a manner of speaking, serve as a common thread through the teachings. Due to a number of setbacks all of this is taking way more time than expected, but God willing we will hopefully be able to launch it in the near future.

In the meantime we gladly invite you to klick on the info bar TO BE OBTAINED, situated at the bottom of our welcome page (the one reading INFO AND UPDATES PLEASE SEE FURTHER BELOW at the top) and take your pick: This section indicates texts which can be obtained in the .pdf format upon your simple request. More texts to be obtained are yet to come. We would very much appreciate your prayers in support of our work, as it is wide-ranging and, being of celestial origin, rather delicate as far as translations are concerned. Initially the Mother of God did not intend for translations to be performed, nor for the propagation of texts to be taken in hand for that matter, during Myriam’s lifetime. Due to events beyond our control translations were started prematurely by sources which were not approved of by the Mother of God. This is why only texts emanating from the Maria Domina Animarum Work seated in Belgium should be trusted.

That being said, do feel free to browse the section TO BE OBTAINED and inform us of the texts you would like to obtain.

Do also check the PRAYERS section regularly, as the marvelous prayers are solely inspired by the Queen of Heaven Herself, and translations are inserted into the prayer sections as frequently as possible.

In the meantime we wish you a most fruitful Christmas season spiritually. May the Star of Bethlehem, embodied by the Queen of Heaven, guide you to Christ our Savior and bring you a rock-solid inner Peace and the experience of true Love.

Lovingly at the service of Mary, the Mistress of all souls guiding every soul of good will into the Heart of God,

Myriam and the Maria Domina Animarum Work

About consecration to Mary and the right guidance


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

Thank you for your request. It surely is an enriching and uplifting experience for the soul who is ready to answer the grace of getting to know her Heavenly Mother the way She actually is, as She truly is the golden Bridge across any gaps the soul may find on her path through life. Our entire life is a journey which is meant to end in Paradise. It is also a journey filled with opportunities to sow the seeds of Paradise right here on earth. The Queen of Heaven is a Godsend for those who welcome Her as a Companion on this journey, as She knows all pitfalls and all unexpected bumps jeopardizing the soul’s homecoming with God.

Consecration to the Queen of Heaven is an unparalleled grace, provided it is actually lived in every single detail of life. We may safely label it as a "24/7 duty", but it is definitely one that fills the heart with true joy and vigor to the extent to which the soul accepts the mission as a consecrated soul with all and any consequences: the mission of being a tool in Mary’s hands, which will automatically mean being ready and willing to fight all darkness both within oneself and around every bend in the road.

Basically it is all a matter of selfless Love towards all our fellow creatures and towards anything we may come across on our journey, for that is the only way the soul can defeat any untoward influences and maintain the impetus required to be a light and a little sunbeam. This is why we should not 'enforce' consecration with our fellow persons, but rather see to it that we are a stronghold of moral support, guidance and motivation at all times, truly being a little model of true Christianity. Christianity is not merely an institution out there, it is a disposition which has got to be lived within our own hearts, it must be alive and therefore perceptible to every fellow creature. Helping people consecrate themselves to Mary and actually living this consecration does by no means end with speaking words of consecration, it is a matter of showing them what it is like to be consecrated in the very depth of one’s heart. It is a marvelous way of showing people how God will transform a heart that is in focus with His Heart, remodeling it in His own image.

As to finding a good priest: Myriam knows from experience that the Mother of God will go to any lengths to send the right guide onto one’s path. Finding the right priest is mainly a question of listening to the voice of Divine Providence. To the extent to which a soul is actually tuned in to God’s 'radio station', she will understand and do things properly, i.e. the way God expects her to, because this 'radio station' is always transmitting signals which are geared to making souls understand the language of God’s Heart so as to enable them to do His Will and be fruitful for His Plans and Works. As you manage to merge your intentions with God’s intentions you will find that His Providence will prepare a priest for the special mission of guiding and accompanying you on the extraordinary journey to the very Heart of the Mother of God.

Mary is now revealing mysteries which are not generally understood by most souls. This is by no means due to the fact these mysteries would deviate from Christian thought, on the contrary, it is just because they are 'unusually profound', actually revealing the very core of what being a Christian is all about, way beyond the surface. The Queen of Heaven is doing so in an attempt to model Christians into 'in-depth Christians', as it takes a profound understanding of the very core of actually being a Christian to make Jesus’ Sufferings really fruitful for all of creation. Every one of us is longing for a better world. There is only one way to achieve this: that we should all become better Christians, day after day. Our journey is a journey of ongoing perfection, so as to be truly ready to inhabit the Kingdom of accomplished perfection which is Heaven, in the meantime sowing a bit of Heaven along our way...

It is self-evident you can count on our prayers and any efforts we may be required to accomplish on our own journey through life, as this is what being Christians is all about: We must be there for one another as junctions within a network of Love, not being near to each other physically, but from heart to heart. We are all aiming for the same goal: being little spots of hope for our God, helping Him to make His big dream come true, which is nothing less than making this world a realm of Love, Peace and joy which reflects the Kingdom of Heaven itself.

Annexed we have the pleasure of sending you the very valuable file entitled Reversing the darkness, intended as an urgent invitation to fight a spiritual battle against the misery in this world. Do feel free to distribute it to souls of good will, as it is a powerful tool to contribute towards making our world a better place.

We embrace you and everyone willing to join your highly appreciated efforts, from the bottom of Mary’s Heart. She is actually craving for souls who are ready to fight all misery and chaos in this world through the example of their own inner dispositions, souls that make Jesus’ Sufferings worthwhile by actually helping Him to truly redeem this world from the shackles of darkness.

May God’s Love and power guide and support you all along. Never give up the good fight, as it will eventually make a difference to many.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


About the importance of letting go


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

Thank you for sharing your feelings with us. The Queen of Heaven keeps emphasizing the importance of letting go. This is far from easy to accomplish under all circumstances of life, as we live in a world which will leave no stone unturned to keep us captured in all things of a material nature, i.e. in all things which are likely to divert our attention from that which really matters: our Eternal Life.

Man tends to live on the assumption life begins and ends with the things he sees and hears around him. The Mother of Christ, however, once justly pointed out the things we can perceive through using our senses are merely the top of the iceberg. By this She meant that only a minor part of reality can be taken in through our senses, the remainder (say, to pursue on the image just referred to: the 90 per cent which are veiled from our eyes due to the fact they lie under the surface) are of a non tangible nature. The fullness of reality is therefore a world of which by far the largest part is 'beyond us'.

This is why faith and trust are of paramount importance: A soul who truly believes, is a soul who spontaneously and quite naturally goes on the assumption that God is doing far more than man is able to see, and that this 'doing' is an all-encompassing act of Love aimed at benefiting the whole of creation. Now if you keep in mind that God’s intentions are focused mainly on the Hereafter (the infinity is of far greater significance to Him than an earthly life of a few dozen years), you can easily understand that, and why, the larger part of His actions for your benefit will be accomplished without your ever seeing them during this life. God therefore measures a person’s faith by the extent to which the latter manages to spontaneously believe in God’s Love, and thus in His urge to design developments which are likely to guide a soul in the direction of His Heart.

This is why it is so important that, especially on those days when our lives seem to cloud over, deep down in our hearts we maintain a feeling of certainty that the sun is still shining. in fact it is, and it always will be, in this reality the Mistress of all souls refers to as 'the accomplished reality'. The 'accomplished reality' is the all-embracing reality, of which the soul on earth is able to perceive but a small fraction (this latter fraction being the visible reality). The accomplished reality is associated with the timeless. That which we do not see yet, may very well already be accomplished in its fullness in God’s Heart. We as humans living on earth, however, need the development of the history of Salvation (= the progression of time) to discover how one element of the accomplished reality after the other flows into visible reality.

All this means that many things are 'in the making' without our seeing it yet. To God it bears witness to a soul's believing in His Love if the soul succeeds in living, deep down inside of her, as though all the good things God has in store for her were in fact already part of her life. This is 'blind faith', and is very amply rewarded by God. This is so because a soul practicing blind faith is actually saying to God: "I need not see, I just know You are preparing Paradise for me, for You are Love and nothing but Love".

Man was deprived from a full perception of 'accomplished reality' when the original sin was committed, because man had thereby shown to God that he had stopped believing blindly that God is Love. The major achievement of a human soul is therefore this: that she develops a disposition of heart which truly enables her to spontaneously, unreservedly and without any restrictions know for sure that, in spite of all and any seeming ill developments at any point in her life, God is actually designing for her the shortest possible way towards the gate of His Paradise. The 'shortest' way is not necessarily the way of the least pain, but it will always be the way leading through the most fruitful orchard. Picking as many fruits as possible during the time granted to the soul within God’s infallible Plan, there is her mission in life.

This picking will on many occasions be a hard job to perform, but it will definitely be rewarding, for the Master of the orchard is Eternal Love, and every piece of fruit you pick with a heart filled with genuine Love will yield you treasures no eyes of flesh have ever seen.

Dear sister, there are days on which life will unavoidably be a burden. God allows for such days to accompany us on our journey towards Him because the ways we deal with these burdens from the bottom of our hearts are, in His eyes, the witnesses of our actual true dispositions towards Him. Now if you realize that God judges a soul’s earthly life by the fruits this soul has yielded through her sincere Love for God and for all her fellow creatures, you will understand that the cloudy and rainy days on our journey through life may very well be considered to be presents from God which are even unmatched by our sun-covered days.

This is why the Queen of Heaven keeps emphasizing that a soul will gain her major improvements on the way to sanctity in those moments when she manages to overcome the darkness of life by cultivating an inner sunshine, i.e. a brightful disposition of heart, which consists of this magical mixture of Love, faith, trust, true hope and a rock solid inner certainty that all is well because its outcome is designed by God to yield eternal bliss to the extent the soul allows her inner sun to rise and to remain high.

This is the mystery of happiness for the soul while still on earth: The heart must aspire for a merger with its Divine Maker to such an extent as to actually become a mirror of HIS dispositions, which proceed from nothing but the purest, most sublime Love. If the soul aspires to live every single moment of her life in this image, the sun will remain high in her inner sky and even her dreary days will seem like summer. There, too, you can see 'the accomplished reality' in action: A soul who manages to live as in a permanent spiritual summer is actually already living in the front yard of Paradise. The lack of prospects offered to her by the world surrounding her will not be able to truly affect her, i.e. it will not be able to put her down, as her heart is actually in tune with the Heart of God Himself.

Dear sister, these words come to you upon waves of Love flowing from the Queen of Heaven’s Immaculate Heart. She is the One God in His unparalleled Love has given us as a perfect Bridge between our hearts and God. Encouraging our hearts which are incessantly tormented by the trials of life is one of Her most powerful tools to accomplish Her mission of opening souls up to reaping the full effects of their Redemption wrought by the Christ. The most exquisite way for us to assist Her in the completion of Her mission – which, let us never forget this, is nothing short of ushering mankind into the messianic era – is our ongoing attempt to practice a life of deep faith in God’s never ending Love for us and His ardent longing to being able to rightfully take us into His Eternal Paradise. Therefore, never give up the fight, for it is extremely brief if we compare it to the eternity which is awaiting us if we can prove we have truly trusted in God’s loving us even in the hours of our greatest ordeals. May the Mistress of all souls get the opportunity to complete Her mission inside your heart at all times. Your inner life will harvest a never ending summer in exchange.

Annexed you will find a number of newly translated prayers, all of which pertain to the trials of life and a fruitful way of dealing with the dispositions of a tormented heart. May they inspire and encourage you especially in hours of darkness.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


A few words on the attacks against Myriam
in the light of Mary’s role in these Last Times


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

In the very beginning of her vocation by the Queen of Heaven Myriam was told by the Heavenly Mistress Herself that the texts she was going to write and distribute upon Her inspiration were bound to cause quite a stir among the souls. Even before the first word was ever written the Heavenly Mistress predicted to Myriam that the latter herself would become a sign of contradiction because she was going to be an instrument to be used for driving spears right into the areas in which the evil one likes to operate the most: the areas directly linked with the dispositions of heart of the human souls and the ways they are used to look at their lives and at the world at large.

The Heavenly Queen predicted She was going to use Myriam as the pen that was to write words which would irritate Satan himself to such an extent he was going to go to any lengths trying to destroy Myriam, her credibility, and thereby all the Works the Mistress of all souls would be injecting into the souls as novel – meaning: way way deeper – ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing all that is necessary to become active 'in-depth' Christians in the deepest possible sense.

Mary did not mince matters, even predicting to Myriam that her consent to be the spearhead in this 'Marian revolution' would wake up slander, misrepresentation and completely (sometimes even deliberate) false understanding of the teachings, revelations and any other kind of texts. In this context Mary emphasized that all words of slander directed against Myriam would actually be tantamount to slander against HER (the Queen of Heaven), as Myriam does not write a single word of her own accord: Every word Myriam writes originates in the well in Mary’s Heart. Myriam’s mission is one of the most encompassing and strictest self-denying obedience at the service of a Work God Himself needs to complete in these times. (...)

The Mistress of all souls received from God Himself the mission to prepare the final stage of the victory of the Light over the darkness, a stage which is to be crowned by the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth and the inception of the so-called Messianic age. In that hour the Queen of Heaven will be displayed to Heaven, earth and hell simultaneously as the One predestined by God to open up the fullness of the Truth about the Divine Glory of Christ and His Works of Salvation in the human hearts, and as the Representative of every human soul that is truly willing to defeat all darkness inside herself. That will also be the very hour in which She (Mary) Herself will be displayed to all of creation as the unmistakeable Sign of the final victory of the created human soul in the fullness of sanctity: The Woman humiliating the prince of darkness under Her feet as a token of the created human soul who has completely defeated all the works the darkness has ever directed against the human souls.

Jesus Christ has prepared the tremendous gift of Redemption for all souls who are actively and spontaneously willing to defeat the darkness within themselves, and Mary is to crown this Work of Redemption by acting as the key that has the power to open the doors of willing souls so as to enable them to enter into the paradise of real freedom: freedom from the slavery towards evil and darkness, the slavery towards their own weaknesses and their susceptibility to temptation, and thus the slavery towards the prince of darkness himself.

God had several willing holy souls to prepare the way we are now so privileged to go. Saints like Grignion de Montfort, Saint Bernard, Saint Maximilian Kolbe and others, who lived their lives providing evidence of Mary’s unique role within the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation. There was also Saint Catherine Labouré at Paris, about whom the Mistress of all souls once said she has revealed words on which Mary would elaborate later, through Myriam. In 1997 Mary started to prepare Myriam for a life at Her exclusive service, which was to find its actual fulfilment in the all-encompassing mission of making Her known as the Mistress of all souls, the title expressing the full powers She has received from God to guide and train souls towards the greatest possible ability to open themselves up completely to the fullness of Redemption. Redemption is not a matter of receiving the gifts of Christ in a passive way, it is a matter of active, spontaneous, deliberate engagement to offer up one’s whole life to the service to God’s Plans and Works. This is where the Mistress of all souls comes in, as a Heavenly Guide and Leader, steering every willing soul right into the Heart of Christ and thus preparing the final victory of the Light (self-denying Love !) over the darkness (sin, which is the expression of every lack of true Love).

Many souls will never understand the teachings given to this world by Mary in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. The reasons for this are manyfold. One of them lies in the false translations which are circulating even this very moment. Another, extremely important, reason lies in the nature of the teachings itself: They are so uniquely profound that a lot of souls will never understand them the way they are meant by the Queen of Heaven Herself. We know even priests who do not understand them correctly, and yet other priests who have been stirred up against us through channels which have not refrained from resorting to the most devious allegations meant to silence Myriam and Maria Domina Animarum altogether, which is why the Heavenly Mistress recurrently emphasized to Myriam that the texts should not be distributed to just anybody, as Satan himself is furious about them and leaves no stone unturned to lead people into understanding them incorrectly or not at all, and rebel against the origin of the texts, which – let us never forget it – is Heaven itself. This is due to the fact these texts MUST be very profound so as to provide souls with the knowledge of God’s Truth which inevitably goes beyond the words we know from the Gospel.

It had to be so because these Last Times preceding the final victory of the Light are in need of souls with a rock-solid faith in the fullness of the Truth, among others about the unique sublime role of Mary as the Mistress of all souls. Mary is the very symbol of the created human soul who, through a life of stainless virtue and self-denying Love, defeats evil completely. This is why it is extremely important for the souls to know Her in the fullness of Her nature, so as to be able to follow Her in their persistent attempts to lead holy lives. The time for this to be revealed without any further restrictions has only just begun (in 1997) because – thus the Mistress of all souls said in the initial days – God decreed His time for these revelations and teachings to start just then.

The title 'Mistress of all souls' will not be found in the Bible. Nevertheless it has got its precedents in writings by saints and mystics centuries back. Even in those days there were enlightened souls who overtly referred to the Mother of Christ by the title of 'Mistress'. Many souls in our days avail themselves of this title as a means to label the Maria Domina Animarum Work as an inspiration which comes from a corner opposed to that from which God would operate. This is a shameless allegation, as it is directed right against God’s intentions for these Last Times. The full knowledge about Mary in Her sublime role as the inner Guide of the souls towards the full disclosure of their salvation MUST now be revealed. If not, the evil one will never get finally defeated. That is what he himself knows all too well, therefore he stirs up as many souls as are willing to listen to him right against our Work, which is not a Work of humans but a Work of God Himself, a necessity in preparation of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. The Mistress of all souls is in the deepest sense of the word the Woman with the serpent from hell under Her feet. She is the full Moon reflecting God’s Light in the dead of night, which symbolizes man’s willingness to let himself be infected by the deepest darkness in all of his inner dispositions.

Maria Domina Animarum has thus throughout the years been the victim of a great many violent attacks. In all places where the Heavenly Mistress tries to spread Her seed of exceptional spiritual knowledge the evil one stirs up souls against it. The evil one knows very well he MUST find human allies going vehemently against this Work because if he does not his kingdom of darkness will be over soon. The Mistress of all souls once prophesied to Myriam that, if really many human souls were to accept Her teachings (the Science of Divine Life) unrestrainedly, the satan’s realm would collapse in no time. This is exactly why he sets great store by spreading the poisonous thoughts about this Work allegedly not having its roots in the Light. This is the way through which he is adamantly preventing many souls from following the Mistress of all souls and serving Her goals (which are the goals pursued by God Himself, nothing more, nothing less). (...)

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,


The Queen of Heaven about the superior value of
holy communion received on the tongue


In the course of the years between 2008 and 2010 mainly, the Mistress of all souls had Her servant Myriam write a few striking theses on the difference – as God Himself sees it – between holy communion received on the tongue and holy communion received in the hand. These theses were presented as themes within the framework of several letters of reply. We offer them as four different pieces to be reflected on:

* 1 *

It is infinitely more important to follow the old traditional liturgical customs as well as the reception of holy communion on the tongue while kneeling than most souls are willing to believe. Many souls are complaining about the fact the world’s misery is growing so fast. Well then, I emphasize that a great deal of the world’s misery would simply vanish into thin air if only all Christians were to opt with determination for receiving holy communion on the tongue. This is the thesis announced to me by the Queen of Heaven Herself, who, as you know very well, merely represents the vision of Jesus Christ. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Receiving holy communion on the tongue, as well as following the old, traditional liturgical customs, words, etcetera, open up such vast sources of grace that the effects thereof would draw the light for thousands of conversions to the earth;
  2. Receiving holy communion on the tongue as well as strictly abiding by the old traditional liturgy presupposes a certain spiritual bloom and a certain maturity in the experience of true Love, true hope and true faith in the soul. This means that by strictly pursuing these practices (old liturgy + reception of holy communion on the tongue) – provided they would be practiced on a large scale – the Christian community would be sanctified rather thoroughly.

* 2 *

By virtue of papal decisions the priest is not allowed to refuse reception of holy communion on the tongue. Should you experience any difficulties in this respect, then the best thing to do would be to look out for a holy Mass in which you get the opportunity to receive communion on the tongue. Do try not to give in to any temptation to set store by any reactions from fellow people, for receiving holy communion on the tongue is far more important than I could ever express in words. Moreover, do consider this: It makes a great difference for the salvation of the soul whether she receives holy communion on the tongue or in the hand. If you set store by human reactions in your surroundings and hence receive holy communion in the hand, it may be a good thing to realize that those who, through words or glances or in any way whatsoever, have been persuading you to refrain from receiving holy communion on the tongue – which is by far the most gracious form – will not be there to support you or to speak in your favour in the hour when, after having completed your life on earth, you will be asked by the Divine Judge to elaborate a little on your motives for opting in favour of receiving holy communion in the hand.

Never forget that it is anything but immaterial how a soul receives holy communion: The way in which a soul receives holy communion is not merely an action, it is the expression of a disposition of the heart. Now that you know how important it is to receive holy communion on the tongue the decision in favour of it will be regarded by God as an act of Love. Do consider then, that Love is the standard by which every soul is judged after death.

May I help you make the right decision by motivating you to picture every reception of holy communion on the tongue as a rose you offer Jesus? With each time you receive holy communion on the tongue, rejoice over yet another rose added to the previous ones, thus seeing the bunch of roses grow. In exchange God will prepare for you vast rose gardens in His Kingdom. In the meantime do implore the Holy Virgin Mary that She may make the scent of every single rose you collected spread all over your rose garden, so as to help you cleanse yourself thoroughly of any adverse effects from your past.

* 3 *

In December 2003 I implored the Queen of Heaven that She might obtain for me the grace of receiving an answer to the question which appears to be very much alive in many souls: whether it is of equal value to receive holy communion on the tongue or in the hand. Then, on December 24 I was granted a vision in which I saw Mary Magdalene during her encounter with the risen Redeemer near His tomb. The Most Holy Virgin Mary spoke:

"After His resurrection My Jesus spoke to Mary Magdalene as follows: 'Do not touch Me'...". What He meant to say was that, since His Great Sacrifice on the Cross had been completed He was no longer to be touched by hands which had not been anointed. His disciples were allowed to touch Him, because they were the first ones who had been ordained to priesthood by Christ Himself".

After having spoken these words Mary explained that, as of His Resurrection, the Body of Christ is a glorified Body and that, in holy communion, we will forever be dealing with exactly this glorified Body.

As I was so deeply moved by the aforementioned vision and the words to match, I implored the Heavenly Mistress to be granted the grace of actually sensing what it means to Heaven when a soul receives holy communion on the tongue, and I spontaneously begged Her that, while receiving holy communion on the tongue, God might consider me as a little representative for all mankind, as if all human beings were actually simultaneously receiving holy communion this way. Two days later I got my answer, and it came in a rather surprising form:

When I was kneeling down before the priest who extended holy communion and the latter laid it directly on my tongue Jesus granted me a brief vision, in which I got to see Him holding a stem filled with white lilies and speaking to me these words: "Now the union with Christ is complete", as though He were actually saying: "May those among you who have hitherto received Me in their hands henceforth notice the difference, for here I am, holding the bouquet of the celestial wedding, a token of the most sublime purity for the soul". To me this was an experience which was not to be forgotten lightly.

Many souls, even those who are firmly convinced nothing is lacking in their experience of being Christians, fail to see why there should be any difference whether holy communion is received on the tongue or in the hands. Many priests have lost all understanding as to this difference as well. It is not that these souls are ill-willed, it is just that they are the victims of a very tough battle on the part of the evil one, who for centuries has been going to any lengths to demean holy communion received on the tongue. In our days, especially since the large-scale rising of modernism in church around the end of the sixties of the last century, he has been stepping up his efforts in this field tremendously just because he knows there is not very much time left for him to act. He knows very well that, by inspiring souls to receive holy communion in a form which deviates from the one invested by God with the fullness of grace, he will be able to rob souls of vast amounts of graces.

Even though holy communion was received in the hand also as early as a few centuries after Christ, I must point out the evil one was making fierce efforts to get his way also in those days and God never preferred communion to be received in the hand. Even back then the evil one inspired all kinds of thoughts about receiving holy communion on the tongue not being superior in any way whatsoever. Let us never forget that for the entire duration of the history of salvation he has been making inconceivable efforts to make souls do things in ways that would make them go against God’s preferences and cut themselves off from Divine grace. Even Christ Himself, during His life on earth, was made the victim of large-scale insinuations and was depicted as being an infamous blasphemer and a tool of Beelzebub.

Right after His glorious Death bloody persecutions against the Christians were rampant. The evil one kept pursuing this one single goal: the Christian faith, doctrine and philosophy of life had to be eradicated and depicted as a heresy that was directly opposed to God’s Law. In our days a community of faith will not get easily eradicated, so it is rather undermined in the most refined ways, among other things by defiling and demeaning the most gracious mores and customs and gifts handed down to mankind by God Himself. This is what we are witnessing with respect to holy communion. There is no way I could ever overemphasize it:

The only form of receiving holy communion which is advocated by Heaven Itself and is invested with the fullness of grace is the form by which the three following conditions are complied with:
  1. it must be received directly on the tongue.
  2. while receiving it the soul should – if at all possible physically – kneel down, and in the event of any physical impediment the soul should be in a disposition of debasing herself completely before God in the heart.
  3. it may only be received directly out of the hands of a properly ordained priest.

I emphasize and guarantee that all of these instructions were given to me by nobody other than the Queen of Heaven Herself.

* 4 *

Whenever holy communion is extended only in the hand a soul can feel free to refrain from receiving it and take spiritual communion instead. The Mistress of all souls does not like holy communion to be received in the hand, because God Himself prefers it to be received on the tongue while kneeling. The Mistress keeps stressing this, and also explains why. The reasons lie in the field of paying tribute and respect to God and of not challenging the Law of Divine Justice. If receiving holy communion in the hand can for some reason or another not be avoided the Queen of Heaven requests the soul, if the latter chooses to receive it, to do so while offering her pain or disappointment in full honesty to Her as an act of reparation. If the soul prefers not to receive holy communion in that form, even on a Sunday or a special liturgical feast on which the Christian is supposed to receive holy communion, God will not hold this refusal against her, provided it is inspired by pure Love and respect towards Him.

Behold the overarching lesson every soul should keep her eyes fixed on:

The increasing tendency to receive holy communion in the hand is one among many of the ways of deception inspired by the evil one. One day the Mistress of all souls spoke to Myriam the following remarkable words:

"Surely, the evil one can shake the apple tree like a raving lunatic, and yes, he can actually make apples fall off, but in the end it is Divine Providence that determines where exactly they will fall. God makes everything work His way, and if no apples are sacrificed no final harvest can be gathered. God never allows all of His apples to be shaken off the tree. The most precious ones He will always harvest Himself, in His own good time. What we are expected to do, is mainly to consecrate, to forgive and to be patient".

It is important to bear in mind at all times that the Light (i.e. the power of God) always has the last word, in all matters. Whenever the darkness (i.e. the forces of evil) would appear to be winning the war, in truth they have already lost it, for it is only a matter of time before God is going to have the Woman – the Most Holy Virgin, Immaculate Mother of His Divine Son, and Mistress of all souls by Divine proxy in these Last Times – press Her most powerful foot on the serpent from hell and crush all of its works and all effects thereof so as to ring in the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth, in which the Works of Christ will receive the final crown of blossoms gathered by souls who have dedicated their lives to accomplishing the victory of the Light through completely merging their free will with the Will of God, which is the source of Divine Law.

This is why even being 'compelled' to receive holy communion in the hand can be turned into a victory for the Light, by simply consecrating one’s grief over it to the Holy Virgin. She – the Woman of the Last Times, God’s major symbol of infinite power of a created human soul over the darkness – will take delight in investing this consecration with the infinite power of Her immaculate Love and presenting it to God as a sign of human desire for His Kingdom to be finally established. The triumph felt by the evil one is but short-lived and transient, it will eventually be crushed under the Mistress’ foot along with billions of other works wrought by the darkness.

The human soul’s heart is a formidable weapon: It can work earth-shaking wonders of Love to the extent it is oriented towards the Heart of God and driven by the sole desire to make sacrifices in favour of the completion of God’s Works, or adversely, it can be a tool for committing spiritual suicide to the extent it is geared to making the evil one’s fantasies come true by turning itself against God’s Basic Law of true Love or by failing to collaborate with it, respectively. The choice is ours to make.

When death of a beloved one seems imminent


Dear sister in Jesus and Mary,

Sorry to hear about your relative dying. It is always hard facing the probability of an imminent parting of ways. One day the Queen of Heaven said we must regard the pain associated with this experience as an injury sustained by the heart when emotional pathways which, in a manner of speaking, have gotten intricately interwoven between two creatures (whether humans among themselves or between a human and an animal, it does not really matter), get separated by death or by suspected near-death of one of them. This can be a healing experience, however, owing to the fact the feelings proceeding from such developments tend to open up connections between the creatures involved wider than they were prior to the experience. The 'widening' of these connections give rise to some sort of purge of emotions and, to the extent the hearts are duly oriented towards Eternal Love (God), to a regular spiritual upliftment. It is a Mystery of Divine Love that the toughest experiences in life are bearers of the greatest potential of spiritual growth and bloom. It is exactly in such Mysteries that the true dimensions of Divine Life become the most apparent.

On another occasion the Mother of Christ said we may picture every life (again, no matter whether human or animal) like a candle burning. God provides for a certain amount of wax, and life itself, along with the creature’s potential of Love, provide for the burning process. The speed of burning can be slowed down as well as, inversely, boosted by the most various influences provided by life itself and by the day-to-day provisions of Divine Providence.

Inevitably the hour comes, in which our personal candle is nearly fully consumed in the fire of life. Emotionally this may be the onset of a time that is hard to deal with. For God, however, this is a time in which the specific plan He harboured with the creature concerned is about to get its final accomplishment. This is why, spiritually, this time is actually a cause for joy. It is usually not a joy that is perceived as such, because our experiences are linked up with the material world we live in and less with God’s reality. Each life is a Divine Plan in the course of being developed and completed. When the time comes, in which this Plan has done whatever it was supposed to be doing or in which God judges it best to be wrapped up, life will enter its final stage. That stage is another challenge for those who will be left behind, as they are then expected to help optimize the preparations for the moment of transition.

The Mistress of all souls makes no secret of the significance of duly preparing the last stage of life in the spiritual sense. This is why She inspired quite a few powerful prayers to be used for the eternal benefit of a soul that is presumably approaching the horizon of her path through life. Down below I will provide a list of fifteen prayers that make a valuable little bunch of celestial flowers to be offered in favour of a fellow person whose end on earth is assumed to be drawing near. These prayers are intended to support the person involved by, in a manner of speaking, accompanying them on their last miles with the scent of words which have flown straight from the most sacred of all hearts ever created (the Queen of Heaven, by whom personally all prayer flowers are inspired to Myriam).

It is a most encouraging and inspiring thought to know hat the Heavenly Mistress once said God is very sensitive to a soul 'enveloped in the perfume of His most sublime and chosen Daughter', by which She meant a soul who is consecrated to Mary and has been practicing this state of consecration in all everyday situations, contacts, encounters and circumstances of life on earth, and/or a soul who, through acts of charity, was clothed by a fellow person in this perfume through speaking the sacred words of Marian prayers. This is the case inasmuch as these prayer are said from a heart that is truly committed and focused on Divine Love. Divine Mercy will then be unlocked in a special way, no matter what kind of life the dying person may have been through, provided there is some good will left.

The actual destination of a soul who is about to leave this world is a mystery of which the outcome is strictly a matter of God’s intentions, the needs of His global and all-encompassing Plan and yet other factors. Nevertheless there is a challenge in it for those who will stay behind, as the extent of their faith and their commitment to preserve the effects of true self-denying Love for the benefit of the dying one can and will make a difference as to the 'quality of life' in 'the other world, the only one that truly matters'.

Be convinced of our prayers, and never forget: To the extent a soul is consecrated to the Mistress of all souls and does live her consecration in the practice of everyday life, she is a living prayer for the benefit of all her fellow creatures, as a truly practiced Marian consecration is a channel of never extinguishing Light. This is both a matter of Christian duty and a real joy, as this is what Christian life is all about: spreading the Light, and turning it back on wherever it would seem to be dying.

In the original letter of reply a list of fifteen prayers was presented here. In the meantime, however, we think it even more valuable to refer to the following composition intended to support both the beloved one who may be preparing to meet the only true Destination of life on earth, and those who are left behind: do refer to Preparing for the end of life.

272, 338, 396, 514, 548, 558, 778, 798, 917, 1080, 1122, 1194, 1259, 1378 and 1497.

In the meantime, open up to the unique embrace by the Queen of Heaven and God’s blessings, and accept our heartfelt wishes and ongoing spiritual support.

By order of the Mistress of all souls, and at Her service,