Ad Sanctam Trinitatem per Mariam
Ut adveniat Regnum Deum, adveniat Regnum Mariae, ergo


(To the Holy Trinity through Mary.
For the Kingdom of God to come, may the Reign of Mary come.
"All life finds its origin in Divine Love and is nourished, maintained, reinforced and, wherever necessary, healed by this Love. Therefore Divine Love is, in a manner of speaking, the power source of Life, the generator which produces Light and warmth. Wherever true Love does not prevail and is not unrestrainedly harbored, vital strength is lost.

Every human soul’s mission in life consists in maintaining and nourishing true Love and allowing it to flow through to all of her fellow creatures – fellow people, animals and all elements of living nature. To the extent to which a human soul does not allow the Light to get extinguished and the warmth to get cooled down inside of her, she truly is, within the framework of creation, a tool of Divine Love and a conductor for true happiness and true Peace among all creatures.

In a heart in which the Light and warmth from the power source of God’s Heart is not preserved, darkness and cold, misery, chaos, suffering, fear and despair are born, because deep down the heartbeat of God is silenced. Such a soul loses all life and, as a result, gradually kills all life in her surroundings as well. This soul turns herself into a cradle for one of the major delusions which are ruling this world: the deception that there can be no God of Love". (The Holy Virgin Mary, Mistress of all souls, February 2020)

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Through this Work, which was born directly from Her Heart and is nourished exclusively by this very Heart, the Holy Virgin Mary wants to teach and to educate the human souls with a view to helping them complete their quest for true happiness on earth in the most fruitful way possible, both for their own Eternal Salvation and for the advancement of the final establishment of God’s Kingdom of true Love and true Peace among all creatures. She draws the souls’ attention to a link, which will remain further below on the present welcome page, immediately following the announcement of the New flashes of celestial Light.

This website is the only authentic info channel teaching the Science of Divine Life, the system comprising all inspirations and prayers given directly by the Holy Virgin Mary in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls to Myriam van Nazareth.
This Work was established by the Holy Virgin Herself, who refers to it as Her Apostolate of true Love, true hope, encouragement and the fullness of Truth. The Work is guided and ruled only by Her.
Therefore this Work is rooted solely in Roman Catholic Marian mysticism. By Mary’s order this Work emphatically disassociates itself from all and any forms of esoterism, messages of warning and end time prophesies.
For the purpose of accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation with the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures on earth the Queen of Heaven and earth, who is the Immaculate Conception and the only human soul in whom the darkness never gained even the slightest victory, is by virtue of a Divine decision presented as the Holder of the all-embracing title of Mistress of all souls. The deep significance and purpose of this title are explained and justified extensively in the uppermost info and update bar at the bottom of this welcome page.

We emphatically caution against the fact that on the internet versions of the prayers and texts inspired to Myriam are circulating, which do not proceed from our current Apostolate. These versions must not be regarded as authentic Maria Domina Animarum texts, since many of these versions are based on erroneous translations or interpretations and are therefore not faithful and trustworthy representations of the theses taught by the Queen of Heaven. Such texts do not serve the purpose God is pursuing with this Work. Moreover some of those texts have given rise to far-reaching misconceptions about this Work and the content it is supposed to convey. As to certain misleading views and theses about this Work and its content, some of which even reach the degree of regular vilifications intended to harm this pure celestial Work, we refer to the second info and update bar at the bottom of this welcome page: Maria Domina Animarum sign of contradiction.

Purpose of Maria Domina Animarum

Myriam was called by the Queen of Heaven as Her mouthpiece to dedicate her entire life to developing this Heavenly Work under the strictest Heavenly guidance. From the outset Mary explained the purpose and significance of Her Maria Domina Animarum Work as the ultimate tool in the last stage of the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all creation. For the accomplishment of all His Works and Plans God wishes the human souls to contribute voluntarily, spontaneously, actively and unconditionally. For this contribution to be real and useful it must unavoidably be made in the form of an intensive, purposeful and profound commitment of the soul with all her being and all her life in the continuous battle against the darkness in the world at large and in herself, as the darkness never stops trying to prevent all Works and Plans of God from being accomplished.

The Mistress of all souls aims at providing intensive and profound teachings and guidance to the souls in order to help them achieve the greatest possible fruitfulness in their lives, their thoughts, their feelings and all their inner dispositions with a view to accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation. The Plan of Salvation is to be accomplished with the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, which will make the world a perfect reflection of the Kingdom of Heaven, pervaded with perfect Love and Peace among all creatures and in which all darkness is rendered completely ineffective. This being rendered ineffective is expressed in the Divine Promise presenting us Mary as the Woman whose foot is pressing on the head of the serpent to the point of eventually crushing it. The fulfilment of this Promise also means the accomplishment of all effects produced by the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ and the final establishment of the Kingdom of Christ, the Kingdom of God on earth.

This is why the Mistress of all souls is the ultimate and golden Bridge to the final accomplishment of God’s Law in the hour in which Christ will once and for all be unconditionally crowned King. Maria Domina Animarum is the way chosen by God for the education and guidance of souls in these Last Times toward their merger with the Heart of Christ. This merger is nothing other than the fulfilment of God’s desire that every single soul might grow to live in His image.

Therefore it is a great misconception to suspect this Work of straying from the Doctrine of Christ, which says that all salvation can come through nobody but Jesus Christ: The sole mission of the Mistress of all souls lies in helping the human souls perfect their becoming one with the Heart of Christ. In this respect we emphatically refer you to the menu item entitled Consecration to Mary > Consecration and Jesus. (this text is still being translated).

The Mistress of all souls aims at achieving an intensive sanctification of the souls that are willing to submit to Her guidance, in order that these souls may be able to accomplish their mission in life as small tools serving the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation – which is the actual purpose for which God sends EVERY soul into the world – in the greatest possible perfection. Therefore She focuses Her teachings mainly on three points:

  1. teaching souls how to abandon any form and expression of shallowness and exchange it for an ever growing in-depth experience of their being Christians;
  2. teaching souls how to abandon any form and expression of selfishness and egocentrism and exchange it for a perfect practice of self-denying Love towards all fellow creatures in the spirit of Jesus Christ;
  3. making souls aware of the strategies deployed by the darkness, of vice and sin, of the needs of God’s Plan of Salvation and of God’s ways to accomplish this Plan, and increasing the awareness of Mary’s unique power and mission in these Last Times, as the purpose pursued by God with this Work can only be made fruitful to the extent souls understand, accept, and whole-heartedly collaborate with, the purpose, the extraordinary significance and the Truth of Mary’s God-given capacity as the Leader and Guide of the souls in the battle against the darkness. That all of this is anything but a heresy is amply demonstrated by the Queen of Heaven Herself throughout the teachings She distributes through Her Maria Domina Animarum Work.

As early as August 6, 2005, the Queen of Heaven clearly outlined the actual purpose of Myriam’s writings:
MARY: "One of the major elements of My Myriam’s mission consists in bringing the doctrines of Jesus Christ to the human hearts and to teach people how to practice these doctrines in everyday life, by teaching them:

  • to recognize the theses of Christ in every situation of daily life;
  • to get to the bottom of their own doings and all their inner dispositions and, based on Christian doctrine, to assess to what degree these are carriers of virtue or vice, respectively;
  • on the basis of these findings, to refine themselves to such degree as to blossom into true sanctity through fully experiencing and practicing all virtues.

All of this in a perfect union with, and total consecration to, Mary".

On December 11, 2007, the Queen of Heaven further specified:
MARY: "Through the writings I sow in your heart I teach the Science of Divine Life. This Science aims at nothing less than a systematic exposure of all darkness and of all of the latter’s strategies and pitfalls. The Science of Divine Life aims at waking the souls up:

  • to God’s Laws,
  • to the expectations placed on all souls by God,
  • to the true sense and purpose of life,
  • to the incessant battle between the Light and the darkness,
  • to My exceptional part within the aforementioned battle, and
  • to the unknown depths of their own being."

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Teaching inspired by the Queen of Heaven

to Myriam van Nazareth

on January 23, 2020, feast commemorating the Espousals of Mary and Joseph

concerning the basic mission conferred by God to every human soul
and every soul’s responsibility for God’s creation

The Holy Virgin Mary rang in the following teaching with these words:

"God longs for one thing only: a creation filled with Love, Peace and Light. However, He wants to accomplish this Plan through the hands, hearts, minds and the free will of human souls. This is why the following teaching expresses the deep purpose and mission of My Maria Domina Animarum Work: to teach and educate souls so as to help them make their quest for happiness fruitful by collaborating with God in the best possible way".

to read the entire text of this extraordinary teaching please click here.

"Every soul is a rose out of God’s hand. I am the Gardener from Heaven. I want to make a holy covenant with each soul, a covenant which consists herein, that the soul consecrates itself ENTIRELY to Me: in heart, spirit, body and will, to complete the works of God, and that I give Myself ENTIRELY to the soul, so that the soul may unfold itself completely, and may bloom for the eternal spring that is the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth". (Mary - Mistress of all Souls, May 20, 2008)

"I am the unwithering Flower of Divine Life, the Queen of Heaven and earth. All worldly things, all sin and temptation are underneath My feet. I am the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of the Christ. In Me is the Fullness of Grace. That is why I am the Mistress of all souls, the God-given Guide to the Way, the Truth and the Life". (Pentecost Revelation to Myriam, 2016)

News and important Info

Why 'Mistress of all souls'



"Behold Mary, the immaculate Garden in whom We are well pleased and the Mistress of all souls. We have destined Her to be Queen over everything. Thou shalt eat of the fruits from this Garden in time and eternity, so as to be remodelled in Our image". (the Most Holy Trinity to every single soul through Myriam, April 2007)

The title 'Mistress of all souls' is not among the 'usual' names given to the Mother of God. It should be pointed out, therefore, that this title did not find its origin in a thinking human mind, but was reserved for these Last Times by God Himself. Although this title is firmly linked to Myriam or to the Maria Domina Animarum Work, respectively, neither Myriam nor this Work are the authors of the title 'Mary, Mistress of all souls'. Mary referred to Herself by this title for the first time in a revelation to Myriam on November 26, 2005, saying: "It is God’s Will that in this hour I should be revealed to mankind as the Mistress of all souls".

From the explanations given by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary on this subject it can be concluded that God has indeed reserved this title for these Last Times, whereas it was in force already in the hour of Mary’s coronation after Her Assumption into Heaven. Therefore, as the Mother of God has indeed revealed on various occasions throughout Her Teachings, the title of 'Mary, Mistress of all souls' clearly serves a special purpose within the framework of this last stage of the battle waged by the Light against the darkness, and there is every reason to regard this title or capacity as the pinnacle of Mary’s exceptional role in preparing the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. This is a Divine Mystery which is being challenged time and again, as is the case with everything with a special ability to vigorously counteract the devastating actions of the darkness and thus to considerably advance the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. The Most Blessed Virgin Herself has been mentioning this resistance, as She requested us to point out in several of Her inspirations.

On August 22, 2006, Mary revealed to Myriam the words spoken by the Most Holy Trinity in the hour of Her coronation as the Queen and Mistress of all creation. The Triune God pronounced these words before all the blissful lying prostrated at Mary’s feet:

"It is Our will that in this hour the following proclamation should be made to all inhabitants of the celestial spheres, of the earth, of the place of purification and of hell: This soul, MARY, the Immaculate Mother of the Word, is to receive, in accordance with Our age-old decree, the throne, the crown and the sceptre of unique power over all of creation. She will sovereignly rule all souls and inanimate creation. She is endowed with Our incontestable will and Our inviolable power and She is to rule in Our most holy Name. Her words shall be as laws binding Heaven, earth and everything beneath the earth. Her power is rooted in Our Divinity and She is to dispose of it freely and with all sovereignty. This is owing to the incomparable merits She has gained in the accomplishment of Her God-given mission and the perfect use She has made of the wealth of graces and privileges drawn from the source of Our Divine Life with which Her soul alone is endowed.

It is Our will that all souls serve Her eternally, giving Her obedience and glory. She is to possess absolute power to command all angels and all souls in Heaven, on earth and in the underworld. She is to enjoy their total subservience and obedience. Nothing in Our creation, animate or inanimate, will be able to resist either Her power or any of Her commands, whatever their nature or content. She will be known as 'Mistress of all creation' because We place everything beneath Her feet. Into Her hands we lay the completion of Our plans for the salvation of souls, the fruits of which have been laid open by the Son of God. Owing to the fullness of grace present in Her, She shall rule and govern with sovereign power and infallible wisdom. Second only to Our Divinity, She is to be the object of the highest honour.

As Queen over all creation and Mistress of all souls She is to fulfil the role of satisfying Divine Justice through mediation, reparation and completion. To enable Her to do this, all the treasures from the source of Divine Life, as well as all souls, shall be completely at Her disposal. She is to possess every power over the design, the effects and outcome of Our Divine Providence. Every act of obedience, veneration, honour and service shown to Her is to be deemed an act of obedience, veneration, honour and service towards Us directly, the Divinity. Anything that She is deprived of is to be deemed a deprivation to Our divinity, for this Soul is Our representative towards all souls. The foundation for the completion of Our Plan of Salvation has been accomplished in the coronation of this Soul. Not a single one of Her wishes shall remain unfulfilled, and all things present and future shall be subjected to Her irresistible power. Such is the decree of Our incontestable Divine Will".

The key to a correct understanding of the title 'Mary, Mistress of all souls', which has still got a bit of an unusual ring to it in the ears of some souls, is unmistakably hidden in the aforementioned words spoken by the Triune God: "Her power is rooted in Our Divinity". On December 22, 2006, Mary said to Myriam:

"My glory and power were to be complete at the time of My coronation and yet keep increasing eternally. God announced to the angels that My power was to be forever unique among all creatures. He called Me 'Queen over all creation' and issued the Divine Decree that this was to be proclaimed to all inhabitants of Heaven, earth, purgatory and hell. The true essence of the undertaking was this: He was crowning the divine attributes in a soul, as an unmistakable sign that He had created in this Woman an embodiment of One who had accomplished the highest attainable merger with Divinity. 'Queen' was the title of My glory, 'Mistress' the title of My power. 'Mistress of all souls' is the absolute crowning of My attribute as Queen over all creation. I am Queen over everything (under God) as a sign of the highest possible accomplishment of divine attributes in Me alone among creatures, and I am Mistress over everything (under God) as an expression of the highest power in which I am enwrapped".

Mary’s power, the central foundation of the 'title to end all titles', Her capacity as 'Mistress of all souls', is fully based on the perfect unity between Her Will and GOD’s Will and on the fact She has practiced true Love and God’s Law in true perfection for the entire duration of Her life on earth. The more a human soul practices true self-denying Love in an immaculate way, the more this soul is a stainless image of God. God will not refuse anything to a soul living in such perfect dispositions, as everything such a soul wants is in perfect accordance with what God Himself wants. This is the reason why Mary is in a state enabling Her to represent God’s Will towards all creation perfectly and without the slightest exception, and why She is also able to 'implement' God’s power in souls. Therefore the Mistress of all souls rightfully says She has received from God the power to 'remodel' or 're-create' souls, albeit on the proviso that the soul collaborates of her own free will, as it is a well-established fact that God will never violate a human soul’s free will.

The reason and logic behind the title 'Mistress of all souls' is clearly explained throughout Myriam’s writings. Essentially this 'capacity of all capacities' is based upon Mary’s vocation to be the Leader in the battle of the Light against the darkness (this is also why She is the Mistress of the angels), the inner Guide in every open heart, and the Teacher of the unparalleled profound teachings She Herself refers to as the Science of Divine Life. It should be emphatically pointed out that Mary’s title as the 'Mistress of all souls' is not the fruit of any rational human thinking, but is based on a request made by the Mother of God Herself, whereas She, through Myriam as Her mouthpiece and since the springtime of 1997, has been demonstrating this title to be a substantial element in the struggle for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth with the resurrection of Jesus Christ in each soul who is determined to opt for True Love and to actually live True Love in all and any details of her everyday life and in all of her inner dispositions. In a vision and the accompanying words given in the Easter season of 2016 the Queen of Heaven taught Myriam as follows:

"Mistress of all souls, the Woman holding the infernal serpent captive under Her feet, this is what I am because God has called Me to subdue under My feet all and any darkness in every soul who is willing to sincerely and uncompromisingly sacrifice her earthly life to the fulfilment of God’s Plan of Salvation, so as to open this soul up for the accomplishment of her vocation as a child of the Light, of Eternal Love, her vocation as a tool for the fulfilment of God’s Plan of Salvation. I am a soul’s Mistress to the extent this soul enables me to help eradicate from her life all darkness she has become so vulnerable to on account of the original sin, provided she voluntarily and actively participates in this process. in such a soul I am the One sitting on the throne the darkness has been usurping in all souls; in that soul I possess full freedom to help make the Christ’s Works of Redemption truly fruitful. This is why the Mistress of all souls is the Golden Bridge between the soul and her God".

God has bestowed upon Mary the power to intensively guide, teach, innerly reshape souls and to lead them towards the highest possible fruitfulness and to put all darkness to shame, to humiliate and completely defeat all darkness. In Her representation as the 'Woman' with the serpent underneath Her foot Mary is well and truly the Mistress, with complete power over Satan, his following and all of his works. Mary is called to innerly remodel souls - provided the latter collaborate with Her in this process - and to lead and guide them in order that this transformation might truly be achieved, in the meantime ensuring the fullest possible fruitfulness for the development of the individual souls and for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. In order to be able to do this Mary needs a power She can derive from God Himself directly. This power is sealed by the fact Mary’s Will is perfectly merged with God’s Will, by which, being full of grace, She is in a position to obtain anything which is likely to benefit God’s Works and Plans. That is what has made Mary the Mistress of all souls: She possesses the unlimited power of command, guidance, transformation, healing of the soul, and no force under God is able to resist Her, including the forces of darkness.

The title held by the Queen of Heaven as the 'Mistress of all souls' is by no means a mere theoretical name, nor is it the fruit of a mere rational argument. Since the beginning of Her being revealed in this capacity the Mistress of all souls has been inspiring many brief invocations bearing a special power. She emphasized the significance of some of them on account of the fact they are very closely related to the fulfilment of Her vocation (the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation in willing souls). Mary especially stressed the great power contained in every invocation addressed to Her as 'Mary, powerful Mistress of all souls'. On December 11, 2005, for instance, She said:

"Tell the souls that each time they invoke Me with Love and in the deepest veneration as 'powerful Mistress of all souls', I command the devil to prostrate himself at My feet".

It becomes clear from the entirety of the Teachings the Queen of Heaven has been giving for years within the framework of Her Science of Divine Life, that the 'capacity to end all capacities', the one as 'Mistress of all souls', is anything but a novel thing of marginal significance under the Marian skies, on the contrary, it must be regarded as being part of a Sign of God very specifically directed against the darkness, which is throttling this world more and more intensely from year to year. God’s final victory over the powers of darkness was promised to us. This victory will be achieved on the basis of the eternal merits gained by Jesus Christ’s Sufferings, Death on the Cross and Resurrection, and Mary is to be shown to Satan as the unmistakable Sign for the victory of perfect Love and sanctity over all darkness, in Her image as 'the Woman subduing the serpent (= all works of darkness) underneath Her foot'. She is the Woman who is going to embody the created human soul’s ability to achieve perfect sanctity and who wielded an unlimited power over the darkness for the entire duration of Her life on earth, by Her absolute refusal to get corrupted by any temptation. The 'Woman', Mary, is rightfully 'the Mistress of all souls', and as such She is to be the One opening the gate to the Kingdom of God on earth in every soul. To that end, however, She needs the complete surrender of as many souls as possible, through the sacred covenant of total, unconditional and lifelong consecration to Her, a consecration which is practiced sincerely and lovingly in every single detail of life, through all of the soul’s actions and inner dispositions. Such surrender fully signifies true following of Christ and seals the unlimited power of His Works of Redemption within the soul. This is the power which is to expel the darkness from this world forever. Mary, the Mistress of all souls, was given to us as the golden Bridge across the thundering torrent of our temptations. Let us enable Her to truly be our Mistress, so as to enable Christ, and not the darkness through all of its deceptions, to be our Lord in the deepest sense of the word.

In a special Revelation the Mistress of all souls defined the very core of Her Mission as follows:

Mary’s Mission as the Mistress of all souls

"He who is Eternal Love has sent Me, in these Last Times, with a view to preparing the souls of good will (*) to obtain their highest possible fruitfulness in accomplishing the Divine Plan of Salvation for all creation, i.e. in preparation for the final stage of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.
(*) The Mistress of all souls Herself defines a 'soul of good will' as a soul who is willing to merge her free will completely with God’s Will.

The history of salvation of the human race completely revolves around the battle between the Light of God and the darkness of Satan, who has set for himself the goal of defiling, distorting all of God’s Works and Plans and slowing them down to the utmost, as well as of infesting all human souls with his own dispositions in order that they might not serve God’s Works and Plans but his works and plans. Therefore it is decisive in view of the accomplishment of God’s victory – which God has promised to the souls – that the souls in these Last times be educated in the knowledge and understanding of the mysteries which directly concern this battle between the Light and the darkness.

This is why My Mission primarily consists of providing teachings and education geared to deepening the souls’ knowledge in the following fields:

  1. the ways to allow true self-denying Love to take root in the hearts, and promoting that this Love be practiced spontaneously and persistently in all details of the souls’ material life on earth and be disseminated towards all her fellow creatures including all of her environment;
  2. the nature and the countless faces of sin. I herewith define sin as any occasion on which the human free will is used to implement inspirations from the darkness in the form of actions, words, thoughts, feelings, aspirations and/or dispositions of the heart through which the soul serves any works or plans of darkness and thereby violates God’s Law of true Love and contributes to slowing down the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans, as every human soul is sent into the world for no other purpose but to lead a life as a tool for the accomplishment of the Works and Plans pursued by her Creator;
  3. the strategies through which the darkness is constantly attempting to deceive the human soul in order that the latter should lend herself to becoming an instrument for the accomplishment of the works and plans of the darkness, which are geared to damaging and destroying God’s Works and sowing chaos, misery and suffering all over the face of creation as well as to thoroughly distorting the network of Love God has brought about among all creatures and which He incessantly tries to nourish and to maintain through all interventions of His Love and His Providence;
  4. My role and actions in My God-given capacity as the Mistress of all souls. In this all-embracing capacity and by Divine authority I am to lead all souls of good will towards their highest possible contribution to the battle of the Light against the darkness, a battle which was put under My command so as to bring to full maturity the infinite fruits yielded by Jesus Christ’s Works of Redemption in the individual souls willing to collaborate with Me to that end;
  5. the most fruitful ways for the souls to collaborate with My guidance, through concluding the sacred bond of total, unconditional and lifelong consecration to Me. Total consecration to Me, the Queen of Heaven and earth and Bridge between God and the souls, insofar as it is actually lived in every single detail of life and in all inner dispositions, is the golden path proclaimed by the crucified Jesus, leading to the human soul’s ultimate destination of being an image of God.

Blessed are the souls who accept these teachings and allow them to mature in their hearts, for My words carry the ability to make Divine Life bloom inside the soul and sow in them the path to true happiness, the path to true sanctity for the soul who puts Divine Wisdom to use with all her heart so as to fulfil her vocation at the service of the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures, and to do so with the greatest possible fruitfulness.

I was sent to guide the souls of good will on this path, which is known to Me in its fullness and which I Myself as a soul, owing to the fullness of Grace I possessed, have completed as a paragon of perfection.

My Mission for these Last Times as the Mistress of all souls neither serves a purpose in itself, nor is it focused on Me personally. My Mission solely and exclusively aims at the accomplishment of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in the hearts. This accomplishment reflects what is referred to as 'the second Coming of Christ' and is intended by God to be the event crowning the Works wrought by His Messiah. God’s Kingdom on earth is actually built on a concatenation of fully grown fields of souls, in which the Divine Grain of Wheat has been allowed to fully mature. It is My Mission to water this Grain of Wheat in the soul’s field with the water of Divine Life and to teach the soul the most promising ways to till her field, so as to enable the Divine Laws of Growth to achieve their full effects in them. Each individual soul’s receptiveness will determine how fruitful My Mission is going to be in her.

Thus the Mistress of all souls is the Factor God foresaw for these times as His medium to teach the souls of good will the infallible ways to actually make the seed of Redemption sprout within them. I try to accomplish this Mission by shaping souls after the Model of My own soul and to lead the seed of their disposition to live true Love, to an unparalleled maturity. Blessed are the souls who open themselves up completely to this development, for they are the ones I can transform into torches of fire and arrowheads in the final battle to reconquer the Kingdom of God from the darkness, which has been challenging God’s rule over all of creation by replacing the Divine Law of Love within the souls by selfishness in its countless shapes.

The soul who allows My teachings to blossom inside herself is walking the golden path which is designed to lead her straight to the very Heart of God".

In conclusion, something to reflect upon:

The Teachings offered by the Heavenly Queen through this Work are centered fully around True Love as the essential force within God’s Creation and as the main criterion by which God measures the fruitfulness of each human soul and each human life for the accomplishment of His Works and Plans. The Mistress of all souls was and is foremost the Mistress of the highest sanctity ever achieved by a human soul.

True hope and encouragement are firmly embedded in each and every element of this propagation in that the Mistress of all souls keeps motivating every soul to the utmost to a personal dedication for the benefit of the accomplishment of her own salvation. Throughout Her Teachings She makes it very clear that every soul holds her own salvation as well as her own eternal destination in her own hand, and that the soul herself determines all of this through the extent to which, and the inner disposition with which, she manages to bring all her actions and all her inner dispositions into perfect harmony with those of Jesus Christ and of the Queen of Heaven and earth. The golden, most promising path along which this can be achieved is the path of total, unconditional, lifelong consecration to Mary which is practiced in every single aspect of life. Therefore, to the Mother of God, hope is not a disposition of passively expecting and waiting but a disposition of trustful and active dedication while being aware of the fact that, to God, the latter disposition serves as an open testimony to the sincere will to lead a life serving HIS Works, and nothing else. The Promise made by Christ is a sign of hope for the soul that is willing to make this Promise come true in her own life by persevering in the pursuit of True Love towards all her fellow creatures.

In Her Teachings through this ministry the Mother of God wants to model and shape souls in such a way as to enable them to make the most fruitful contributions to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation as well as of their own sanctification. That is why She teaches Her Science of Divine Life, in which the soul can find keys to an unparalleled depth of her understanding of a variety of Mysteries relating to spiritual life and to Divine Law. Therefore a major element of Her Teachings aims at deepening the knowledge about Mary’s most sublime and so little known capacities, in order that the soul may find a special motivation to surrender herself completely to the Queen of Heaven, who has the power to immensely advance the blooming of Jesus’ Works of Redemption within the individual soul, to the extent She is offered opportunities to truly influence the soul’s inner dispositions in daily life and to assist in reorienting those dispositions wherever necessary.

Who are we



The Mistress of all souls allows the following explanation to be published

The Maria Domina Animarum Work is a Marian Work of propagation and teaching, which owes its existence solely and exclusively to the teachings the Holy Virgin grants to Myriam, and through which Mary wants to invite Her children urgently to consecrate themselves totally and unconditionally to Her, with a view to accomplishing the mission God has entrusted to Her: to actively involve souls in the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation for Creation in the most fruitful way possible.

Various deplorable speculations are circulating about this Work and about Myriam. That is why the Mother of God now lets the following beam of light shine through this fog, in order that the latter may dissolve, for it is trying to preclude a Heavenly Work from accomplishing the mission it has received from the Queen of Heaven, it is trying to prevent Heavenly seed from turning into fruits, and it is turning souls away from that for which this Work was established: to help them bloom fully as children of God.

The Maria Domina Animarum Work was born of the vocation granted to Myriam van Nazareth by the Mother of God in 1997.

As of the first contact Mary started to model Her Myriam through a mystical transfer of knowledge, and She took full possession of Myriam’s heart, the ultimate purpose being that in God’s Time Myriam should bring Her teachings to the souls, so as to provide them with a more profound understanding of spirituality. Mary did not conceal that Her ultimate mission for these Last Times consists of being the souls’ Guide, Teacher and inner Transformer, so as to enable them to gain an ever growing in-depth experience of their being Christians and to contribute ever more actively to the development of the treasure of Redemption Jesus Christ has deposited inside of them.

In 2005 for the first time the Queen of Heaven presented Herself in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. Henceforth She would label the spiritual teachings and understandings with the concept of Science of Divine Life.

The work of propagation the Queen of Heaven started through Her Myriam, revolves around the teachings She is giving by the name of Science of Divine Life and also focuses on the deepening of knowledge about the true nature, the true glory and the largely unknown extent of the power of the Queen of Heaven, all of this against the background of Her transferring in-depth understandings of God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls in preparation for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Mary’s teachings, offered by the name of Science of Divine Life, contain unique Truths, never unveiled before, about Divine Mysteries, Mysteries about the deep nature of the soul, about the unparalleled nature and power of Mary, insights into the deep nature of all virtues and vices, ways to a deeper self-knowledge and to the discovery of the deep nature and the deeper goals of God’s Plan of Salvation and of the strategies of darkness aiming at undermining God’s Plan of Salvation in and between souls. Mary shows souls the way to true happiness, by unveiling numerous misconceptions and aberrations, and through teachings concerning all elements of God’s Truth and the deep meaning of the Doctrine of Christ. As the Mistress of all souls Mary is called to guide the souls to a deep and right understanding of the true Christian experience of the path of life, all this with a view to the souls’ achieving the highest possible fruitfulness for their lives on earth, within the framework of the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation.

The Science of Divine Life can be defined as 'the science of spiritual life and the soul’s abilities to live in the image of her Creator'. She is teaching this 'Science' through an extensive volume of writings: books, more succinct instructions, texts for meditation, prayers, letters of reply (which were discontinued a few years ago) and a great many Revelations, in which Mary unlocks the depths of spiritual life, with the intention to lead souls to the accomplishment of their vocation as children of God. The Science of Divine Life teaches the souls a great many things that may be very useful to them in everyday life:

  • What goes on inside the souls, and why
  • what does God expect from the souls, in concrete terms
  • how can each soul derive an optimum benefit from her 'luggage' (talents, but also trials etc.) on her path through life, so as to be able to accomplish her true vocation and thus lead a fruitful life at God’s service
  • What promises has total consecration to Mary got in store for the souls, and for what reasons is this consecration the golden path to follow Christ

and a lot more.

In 2008 for the first time the teachings given by the Mistress of all souls were introduced on the internet. This was not intended by the Mother of God, as Her initial intention was for Myriam’s vocation to blossom secretly and for the fruits of Myriam’s mystical 'education' to be made known to the world no sooner than after Myriam’s death. This is why, initially, She only allowed for Myriam’s spiritual guide and a small group of people around the latter having proven to possess a sufficient spiritual depth, to gain knowledge of Myriam’s existence and works.

Why did Mary not intend to make these unique treasures of spiritual knowledge and insights known on a large scale in Myriam’s lifetime? Because, as Mary would soon explain, "any worldly contact and all knowledge gained by the world about the existence and works of a mystical instrument in the latter’s lifetime is like pure poison for the latter".

Nevertheless Mary, in spite of Myriam’s reluctance to be presented on the internet for the first time, allowed the new development to come through, saying "I will make it My Plan".

Much to Myriam’s regret, and even more to Mary’s regret, in certain circles the conviction is circulating that a great favour has been shown to Myriam and to this Work by retrieving Myriam from her life in seclusion. Only after their lives on earth have been completed it will be revealed to these souls by the Divine Judge Himself how much damage and headwind this development has caused to Myriam and to the Work, because it has in an unforeseen manner changed the direction of a road provided for by Divine Providence: a Heavenly Work in full bloom has been exposed to the panoply of foggy influences from the world.

What can you find on this website, and what not?

Through this website the Queen of Heaven and earth, the Mother of Christ, addresses Herself to all souls who are driven by a sincere willingness and fervent longing to deepen the experience and practical application of their being Christians. The Maria Domina Animarum Work is a Work of Marian teachings, which is not a fruit of any human decision but of an invitation by the Queen of Heaven Herself. The Work is established and built exclusively on a huge volume of mystical teachings Mary has been giving to Her 'apostle of the Mistress of all souls' since the year 1997. These teachings, which are offered by the Mother of God as a perfectly coherent system under the name of Science of Divine Life, constitute a serious call and a profound guide for the soul to enter into an uncompromising covenant with the Mother of God, by virtue of which the soul declares her willingness to fully go for the accomplishment, under the utmost and very thorough guidance and support on the part of the Mother of Eternal love, of a holy life, with the intention of contributing to the advancement of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. To the soul who is willing to wholeheartedly devote her entire being to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans for the benefit of this world, Maria Domina Animarum can offer a spiritual goldmine of teachings, hope and encouragement. The soul who is not willing to fully commit herself to this struggle, because she fails to recognize or to accept a maximum contribution to the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans and the completion of her own spiritual fruitfulness as her true purpose in life, will not find on our website what she is looking for to meet her expectations in life.
The Maria Domina Animarum Work addresses itself to souls, who take working on themselves on the path towards perfection as to their sanctification very seriously. The accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation is in urgent need of souls who are willing to put their entire life and their entire being at the service of God’s Works, and to whom it is more important to give to God than to receive from God. The entire Science of Divine Life demonstrates that this is the only right choice for the soul who has truly understood for what purpose the human soul is on earth.

In certain circles Myriam, the Work and the content of the teachings were, and are still being, contested, slandered and even branded as heretic. There are several reasons for this, the main ones being:

  1. the mystical nature of the source of these teachings, which sometimes causes souls, sometimes even ministers of the Church, to approach some elements of the content rather cautiously, despite the fact that each word originates in the Heart of the Mother of God Herself. This Work was called upon to proclaim the fullness of Truth without any worldly compromises nor concern for other people’s perception of things, i.e. the Truth like it was laid down in God’s Law for all times. It has been typical of mysticism throughout the ages that it proclaims teachings which many souls at first do not seem ready to accept. Moreover on a few occasions this Work has been accused of anti-Christian intentions, which slanderers allegedly gather from certain words and even from some images on our website. Certain souls even do not hesitate to interpret those so-called signs as hidden tokens demonstrating that Myriam "is a false seer (or 'a false prophet', respectively) and an instrument of the darkness". In every single phrase of the writings offered on this website we take a firm stand against anything that is even remotely associated with the darkness and its deceiving ways, and in favour of true Love. It is utterly deplorable, and typical of the devious strategies of slander applied by Satan, that even souls who are so keen on presenting themselves as 'advocates' of Christian thinking, appear not even to be able to recognize true Love, nor to distinguish it from true darkness. Satan keeps availing himself of the same strategy throughout the ages, through which he once inspired that Jesus Himself was an instrument of Satan. How painful it must be for Heaven when Christians start a crusade trying to convince each other of the fact that signs of Light 'are actually signs of darkness'...;

  2. the very deepening insights offered in the Science of Divine Life, which sometimes strike the world as a bit unusual. In the spiritual context the world has fallen prey to an ever growing superficiality and modernism, which is hostile towards any teaching stressing the necessity to return to the roots of God’s intentions. On top of this the Heavenly Mistress keeps pointing out that the Science of Divine Life tends to appeal to souls’ conscience so profoundly that the darkness will leave no stone unturned to prevent souls who discover these teachings from believing in them, accepting them and complying with the directives contained in them. The profoundness displayed throughout the Science of Divine Life makes the latter a great enemy in the eyes of the one who keeps blinding the souls to Divine Wisdom. Consequently, it would appear to be preprogrammed that our Work should have to cope with headwinds;

  3. countless mistakes in the field of linguistics, i.e. in translations of the texts, which are originally written in Myriam’s mother tongue, Dutch. In the initial German translations countless passages were discovered, of which the content appeared not to be an exact copy of the source text, and quite frequently even contained statements to the contrary. This gave rise to shameless defamations and accusations of heresy directed against Myriam, the slanderers judging that 'such heresies could never have been inspired by Heaven'.

With certain circles all of this has succeeded in putting this Work in the twilight zone, which caused the Mother of God a lot of sorrow and has literally extradited to the darkness the tremendous grace the souls have been receiving through this Work.

These developments have put the Queen of Heaven in the right, and have made it very understandable why, initially, She provided for Her Myriam and the fruits of Her inspirations never to be made known to the public on a large scale, for Myriam’s entire lifetime on earth.

God will always have the last word. Mary has withdrawn Her Myriam to lead a life in complete seclusion, just like it was meant to be from the outset, and as of 2012 the Work has gradually been returning to the roots of the initial years of Myriam’s vocation. All incorrect translations were removed from the website and are gradually being replaced by fully rewritten translations which perfectly match the original inspirations given by the Mother of God. Due to circumstances not intended by us – and especially, not intended by the Queen of Heaven – incorrect versions of the translations are still being circulated, of which we can in many respects not guarantee the authenticity as to their content and linguistic reliability. Out of respect for the Mother of God and for the merciful God, who out of pure Love allowed for these unique original inspirations to be distributed among the souls, this Work most emphatically points to the necessity that writings, which do not bear the identification data referring to their only unique source, viz. the Belgian Apostolate by the name of Maria Domina Animarum Work, or the website’s name, respectively, should not be used, distributed, purchased or sold, and this advice should be taken on board first and foremost from the purely spiritual point of view.

Is our present activity contradictory to the fact the Queen of Heaven originally intended the writings within the framework of the Science of Divine Life not to be made known on a large scale during Myriam’s lifetime? It is not, since on account of Mary’s having allowed the Work to be introduced on the internet, we are under a double obligation:

  • The development which was made possible by the never intended entry on the internet can not be reverted. The elements of darkness this development has been soliciting as side effects, must be invalidated out of sheer respect for God’s Works. Worldly eyes will easily be tempted into the conclusion that a Heavenly Work that withdraws from the scene, thereby gives evidence of the fact it is not a genuine Work from Heaven. This situation would indubitably be manipulated by the darkness to undo within the souls any effects of the Love, hope, encouragement and Truth we have so ardently been spreading ever since the initial years of our Work. The Mother of God has been most emphatically forbidding us to enter into any polemics, saying that "discussions are the devil’s laboratory". As She told Myriam one day: "God’s Truth is not debated on, it is thankfully and lovingly accepted, and applied". Even in the early days She said to Myriam: "You need not defend yourself, I Myself will testify to the genuineness of the teachings, as well as to the authentic nature of your vocation and work". This is why this Work is not fighting with those who present themselves as enemies of either the Work or Myriam personally, it simply fulfils the mission and tasks the Mistress of all souls has entrusted to it. This Work is not under any obligation to justify itself to people, only to God. This is how the Mistress of all souls always wanted it to be.

  • The inspirations we are favoured to distribute, are holy, and possess the ability to inflict tremendous damage upon the darkness. This is exactly the purpose for which this Work was initially established. If clouds move across the sun and block its light, this does not mean the sun is no longer there. Criticism on Heavenly teachings is merely a work of people who have been allowing themselves to be irritated by the Light. Just like the fog can only dissolve under the sun’s influence, a soul’s blindness can only be cured by true Love.

All of this is a matter of sincere Love for God’s Works. The Plan the Mistress of all souls harbours as to Her Science of Divine Life is part and parcel of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of the souls, the ultimate goal being the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. It is a matter of genuine, true and pure Christianity to keep an open eye for the manipulations of the darkness, which leaves no stone unturned to defile mystical works and make them appear untrustworthy, in order that they may be avoided and mistrusted and their fruitfulness may be destroyed. This is not compatible with every soul’s only real vocation, which consists herein that she should serve God’s Works, in order that the latter may be accomplished. God wants to need every one of us, to confirm and accomplish His Works and Plans, and understanding this is exactly the golden thread running through everything the Maria Domina Animarum Work has got to offer to the souls.

More detailed information on the background of our Work can be found in the menu item The MDA Work.

The fact that, despite Mary’s initial intention to have Myriam lead a life in perfect seclusion, this Work is allowed to bring the fruits of these unique inspirations to the souls in our days, is a grace, and we are determined to work on the blooming of this grace. The present text was inspired and released by the Mistress of all souls with the intention that the souls may understand against what background they are to consider this Work. This is the only way for us to help accomplish the miraculous Work the Mother of God started in and through Myriam in 1997. Heavenly gifts are accepted thankfully and lovingly, and are used as weapons to help deliver the world from the darkness and misery that have been sowed all over it by spiritual ignorance, blindness and sin.

♥ ♥ ♥

It may be useful at this point to present a few of the statements the Queen of Heaven has had Myriam commit to paper throughout the years, by way of a further outline of the background against which our Work was established and is trying to accomplish its mission at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation for the benefit of all souls of good will.

In a letter of reply to a soul the Mother of God once had Myriam write the following words: "Our Maria Domina Animarum Work has but one single reason for being: It was established to act upon God’s call through Mary as the Mistress of all souls with the purpose of providing the souls with the extensive and profound teachings inspired by Mary to Myriam, so as to gear them up for the battle under Mary’s command, for nothing short of the liberation of souls from the devastating effects of original sin is at stake. After all the original sin is what has given Satan such power over the human souls. Mary possesses a power that is infinitely greater than the power held by evil, but every soul individually must surrender to Her for the final stage of the development of the Works of Salvation wrought by Christ to be accomplished. The motivation for this goal and the teachings about the ways to achieve this goal, constitute this Work’s real reason for being".

The Maria Domina Animarum Work was established by the Mother of God as an Apostolate of teaching, for the purpose of proclaiming the fullness of Truth and to help the souls expose the countless veiled stratagems of the darkness and its strategies intended to blind the souls. This Apostolate expressly abstains from offering 'tailor-made truths' focusing on the views of human souls or based on such views. This is why, for the last several years, this Work and Myriam have been the targets of severe attacks, slandering and even threats, even though we have never attacked anybody: Our Work’s mission is to spread teachings inspired by the Mother of God, not to judge individuals.

The darkness can stand neither the Truth nor the exposure of human, secular thinking and actions. All of this is never going to prevent us from straightforwardly pursuing the mission Myriam has received from the Queen of Heaven. If this Work were a work of people, it would probably have dissolved itself by now, having regard to all this disappointing darkness – disappointing, because it comes from souls who consider themselves to be Christians. However, we are dealing here with a Work from the Mother of God. Mary will not surrender to the evil one. Ultimately She can not even be defeated by him, but God is patient. Mary is fighting for the happiness of souls, even if many will turn Her present down. She could never give up this fight, after all She is the Mother of True Love.

Our Work’s reason for being is largely rooted in the soil of Christianity itself, or rather in the way Christianity is applied in our days by many Christians: Christianity is perishing by human, secular thinking. This is why this Work has received from the Mother of God the mission to promote thinking in accordance with God’s Laws. Unfortunately this way of thinking is lacking to a great extent even in many spiritual works. This is one of the reasons why Myriam and the Maria Domina Animarum Work are so wrongly understood, if understood at all, by quite a few souls, and even regarded as a threat in certain circles, a threat which must be fought with all possible means. Unfortunately all thinking, feeling, ways of looking at things and all aspirations in our modern world have fallen prey to the darkness. The Christian who lets himself be led by such thoughts, feelings, considerations and aspirations is bound to lose contact with God’s true intentions for the benefit of all souls. The Maria Domina Animarum Work keeps warning incessantly against this, but reaps manifestations of very harsh hostility in return from certain circles.

It is up to each individual soul: Either she will take God’s side and decides to promote His Works for the benefit of the souls, or she is going to opt for the world, secular thinking and aspiring, thereby promoting the works of darkness. Myriam has opted for a life at the service of the Queen of Heaven. There is no room for compromise when the Salvation of souls is at stake.

Countless are the works or apostolates which have perished by worldly thinking and secular influences. All the more this is true of a work whose roots are completely in mysticism: In such a work human opinions and human-secular influences act like pure poison. Those who try to interpret the fruits of a mystical work by human or worldly views, actually envelop this work and its fruits in an atmosphere of impurity and stimulate souls to doubt the authenticity of this work and its sources. Such a soul is not doing God’s Works.

A few years ago the Mother of God inspired Myriam the following brief instruction by which She intended to explain some details on the background of Her Work. Let us now present this brief instruction in its entirety:

Ut adveniat Regnum Dei, adveniat Regnum Mariae
(for God’s Kingdom to come, may Mary’s Kingdom come)


The Maria Domina Animarum Work -
A way of God towards the Paradise of true hope

In these Last Times God has Myriam van Nazareth proclaim Mary, the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven and Earth, as the Mistress of all souls.

This Apostolate was established through an appeal on the part of the Queen of Heaven. Its Works are based exclusively on mystical inspirations.

The ultimate objective of this Apostolate is to accelerate the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

God’s Kingdom on earth is the Kingdom of perfect Love, perfect Peace and perfect sanctity of the souls, in which Creation is restored to its original state of perfect sanctity and perfect harmony among all creatures. This harmony has been lost through the original sin committed by the first human souls, and has been further distorted by the sins of all ages. The establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth actually means the enthronement of God in human soul, through a transformation of attitudes and dispositions toward the true Love for the fullness of God’s Truth, thereby renouncing all and any works of darkness.

How can God’s Kingdom be established on earth? God has Mary call upon souls through Myriam, to opt for a perfect, conscientiously lived consecration to Mary and following of Mary in Her highest, all-embracing capacity as Mistress of all souls (Domina animarum omnium) as She is now proclaimed by God. In this capacity Mary is now obtaining for the souls that are willing to surrender to Her completely, a profound transformation towards the highest possible fertility at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation, the purpose and full accomplishment of which is to lie in the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth.

What procedure is the Mistress of all souls applying? In Her actions through this Apostolate, which She calls "My Apostolate of the Latter Times, Apostolate of true Love, of true hope, of encouragement and of the fullness of Truth", She is pursuing mainly the three following paths:

  • the internal transformation of souls. In every soul the Mistress of all souls aims at completing the Works of Christ by seeking to fully use and fertilize the immeasurable merits of these Works of Redemption in the individual soul. This requires the total dedication of the soul’s free will to Mary. This complete surrender is the narrow bridge toward the perfect consecration to Mary;
  • the teachings in the Science of Divine Life. By this term the Mistress of all souls refers to the extensive whole of Her writings, Revelations, prayers, letters, instructions, etc., inspired to Myriam. The Science of Divine Life teaches the mysteries of spiritual life and those concerning Mary’s soul, it imparts elements of knowledge about God’s Plan of Salvation and His Works, and teaches the golden path to holiness;

  • the creation and animation of the Chain of Light. By 'Chain of Light' the Queen of Heaven means the harmonious linking between souls meeting in prayer and in the exchange of views on the Science of Divine Life in a spirit of service to God’s Plan of Salvation. This 'meeting' is not to be understood in the first place in terms of physical proximity, but in the sense of being connected in their hearts and in their objectives. Through the Chain of Light Mary also aims at realizing a rebirth of perfect solidarity among souls, as it was very much alive in the days of The Acts of the Apostles. In those days the roots of Christian life were laid by the young Christian community. Through the Chain of Light the Mistress is longing for a revival of that foundation. The Queen of Heaven allowed me to inform the souls extensively on Her Chain of Light in the menu item Mary’s Chain of Light.

What is the Maria Domina Animarum Work or what is the Science of Divine Life NOT? Repeatedly, nonsensical rumours and judgements are spread as to the works presented through this Apostolate. The Mistress of all souls and the teaching inspired by Her have not got anything whatsoever to do with the following:

  • We refrain from spreading any esotericism. The Science of Divine Life and the proclamation of the Queen of Heaven as Mistress of all souls is not at all esoteric, it is a pure fruit of Catholic mysticism. The Mistress Herself, on the contrary, in many passages throughout the writings, has us strongly condemn all and any utterances of esotericism and pillory such utterances as traps and delusions applied by the darkness. Throughout the writings any works of darkness are uncovered and strategies to combat them are listed. The theses spread by Myriam are based on pure Christian knowledge, which is deepened by the Queen of Heaven owing to Divine grace.
  • We spread no heresies. The Mistress of all souls has explain in several places throughout the writings that this Work is based entirely on mysticism and thus offers a lot of deepening considerations and complementary perspectives on the Christian inheritance. Mysticism is downright characterized by the fact it also conveys more profound insights, extensions and prospects which, at the time of their being propagated, are not yet part of general thinking. This is because in every era God’s Spirit has announce precisely that which is conducive to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation. Therefore, this is not a question of spreading heretical ideas, but about knowledge and perspectives of thinking that are only now being released as Heavenly seed for the souls.

A recurring subject of the incomprehension is the way Mary is presented to the souls, in Her unique sublimity and glory as Mistress of all souls. We remind you that there have been many saints who have described Mary in a sublimity that transcends far beyond the biblical image of the Mother of Christ. These are anything but statements contrary to the Bible, on the contrary, here we are dealing with a Heavenly proclamation, which now, in our days, is considered by God to be absolutely essential and urgent.

  • We are not into Marian reverie. Reverie is all about practicing a seeming glorification, which is based on imaginary love. On the contrary, this Work spreads teachings on the golden path to holiness. This path is that of the perfect following of Mary, and therefore the perfect imitation of Christ, because Mary is the mirror of perfect Love, the embodiment of perfect Redemption and sanctification and the Bride of the Holy Spirit, and as a fully accomplished image and likeness of God She is the major Sign of complete merger with the Heart of Christ like God wants the souls to aspire for. Her fullness of grace is what made Her Divine Motherhood possible. The reverie ends exactly at the point where trials emerge. The soul that is not able to go beyond the level of reverie will not whole-heartedly accept the trials of life, because she is not able to actually live the self-denying Love that is required to do so. The writings spread by the Maria Domina Animarum Work teach exactly this: True Love, acceptance and consecration of all trials as gifts from God.
  • The Maria Domina Animarum Work is not a sect, quite the contrary, it is a Work created directly by the Mother of Christ, which is intended precisely to deepen the understanding and knowledge of the doctrine of Christ.

The Maria Domina Animarum Work endeavors to spread the fullness of God’s Truth, nothing more and nothing less. Every word in the writings is given directly by the Mistress of all souls, which immediately precludes the dissemination of any darkness. This is why the Queen of Heaven Herself says that through any intentional misinterpretation of this Apostolate in fact not 'only' the Apostolate or Myriam are attacked, but She Herself, Mary, is. From the very first days the rules of life to which the Mistress of all souls subjected Her little instrument were the foundation on which the entire Work has been built since the year 1997.

Our work is aimed at every single soul, because God wants every single soul to have a share in His Kingdom. It is out of the fullness of His love that in these godless and dark times, God prepares this inestimable gift for the souls. Each soul is at liberty not to accept this gift, or to slander it as 'not originating in Heaven'. We do not judge anyone. However, everybody has got to justify their decision and their resulting behaviour and dispositions before God Himself. One thing, however, we should like to invite the souls to reflect upon: A Work of God is too great and too sublime to be left unnoticed, let alone to be represented as deceitful, and even more so if the slanderer has not at least taken a representative cross-section of the writings up in their heart.

Sin has called down the night of all misery upon Creation. God is Light. In the Mistress of all souls He is showing the souls the dawn, the sunrise of complete rebirth in Creation as a whole and in themselves. The Maria Domina Animarum Work’s sole reason for being consists herein, that it should proclaim this dawn and the paths leading towards it. This is why the Mistress of all souls is proclaiming and shaping in and through this Work the era of true hope.

Some background as to the objectives of this Work

As already mentioned, the Mistress of all souls calls Her Maria Domina Animarum Work the Apostolate of hope, encouragement, Love and the fullness of Truth. These four basic elements are fountains of Light and therefore carriers of true Divine Life for the souls. Where the Light springs up, the darkness is awakened as well, because Satan has vowed he would not let a single human soul remain God’s property. In the Mistress of all souls he, too, recognizes the fullness of the power of his glorified Enemy, the chosen Daughter of God, whom he fears beyond words, because She has been defeating him completely from the beginning, and because in Her, God’s Will rests as in a tabernacle of Divine Mysteries.

Evil is all too well aware of the fact that, in the Mistress of all souls, God has prepared for him a response that can cost him a lot of souls, especially as the Maria Domina Animarum Work is encouraging the souls, is offering them true hope, is teaching them elements of the fullness of Truth, and is also exposing plenty of untruths, lies and deceptions that are brought into the world by the forces of evil. Therefore it need not surprise anyone that Satan’s inspirations to fight and oppose the Maria Domina Animarum Work are extremely intense and devious. Mary warned Myriam about this years ago already, but She also predicted a true explosion of Light through this Work.

Now as to our objectives:

  1. Mary called the Maria Domina Animarum Work to be "My apostolate of true Love, unshakable hope, encouragement and the fullness of Truth". For the activities and objectives of the Maria Domina Animarum Work this means, in plain terms:

True Love: All the writings attest to the incredible Love of God and are intended to bring to bloom in all souls this true, selfless, pure Love for God, for the Mother of God, for all of God’s Works and Plans and for all fellow creatures, and to kindle this Love incessantly, and to open up within every soul all the ways along which this soul may discover, experience and fully utilize this Love and learn how to spread it around;

True hope and encouragement: All the writings demonstrate that nothing is lost, provided it is offered to the Heart of the Queen of Heaven by fervent Consecration, and that souls only perceive around them the pseudo reality of the works of darkness which try to make them think that all is lost for them. Myriam’s writings point to the fact that in the accomplished reality of God all the darkness has already been defeated by God through Mary, the Woman with the serpent underneath Her feet;

The fullness of Truth: The writings of Myriam teach the Truth about God’s Mysteries, about the true nature of the Mother of God in the fullness of Her glory, and unveil all possible forms of deception, of aberration, of spiritual blindness, as well as the countless devious strategies of evil, and many other things. Through these elements of knowledge, which are explained to the souls in a unique profundity, the Mistress of all souls aims at opening up many souls to God’s Works for the Last Times, not only so that they may be able to better understand them, but above all so that they may be able to actively participate in their accomplishment.

  1. On several occasions in the writings of Myriam reference is made to the triangle of spiritual fruitfulness: Love - suffering - obedience. The Maria Domina Animarum Work has got the task to help the souls to enhance the effects of this triangle in themselves:

Love: As indicated above, true Love is the ultimate subject of all the writings within the framework of the Science of Divine Life. True Love is indeed the essence of God and thus the essence of all His Works. Thus, all Divine Mysteries and all secrets of spiritual life are ultimately based on Love. Therefore the Science of Divine Life is essentially a system of teachings about the deep nature of Love and the application of it in the soul’s life.

Suffering: The writings keep shedding light upon the unsurpassable redeeming and sanctifying value of the consecration of all trials and sufferings to the Mistress of all souls;

Obedience: The Maria Domina Animarum Work itself operates in full accordance with the rule of a strict obedience to the Heavenly Mistress, who is the true Author of this Work. In strict obedience the soul contributes to the compensation of the 'non serviam' ('I will not serve') of the fallen angels. This is why strict obedience makes a powerful counterweight to any temptation that is acted upon all over the world. The Myriam writings discuss the value of obedience on frequent occasions.

  1. The Maria Domina Animarum Work has been called by Heaven to help souls 'learn how to think along different paths' so that they refrain from worldly thinking and feeling and get into the habit of thinking and feeling in the footsteps of Jesus and Mary. This is the path to spiritualization. The fact that the Queen of Heaven regards this as extremely important, helps to explain, among other things, Myriam’s resolute attitude against any modernism: Modernism in all its expressions is utterly deplored by the Mother of God because, among other things, it leads souls away from God in very concealed ways in order to put man in the centre of attention, and because it demands a lot from Divine Mercy in that many graces have to be released to compensate for the loss of grace suffered by the souls through modernist dispositions and celebrations of Holy Mass. The souls can find this clearly explained in several places in the Myriam writings.

  2. The Maria Domina Animarum Work has got the task of helping souls enhance their feelings of responsibility towards God. The Science of Divine Life offers Souls the utmost education on sanctification. The Mother of God expects from every soul that comes into contact with these writings to try and bring into practice in their everyday lives all the things they learn in these texts. A soul that comes into contact with these writings and nevertheless turns her back on them just to get involved again in more superficial forms of spirituality – this happens quite often, usually because a soul does not feel up to complying with the tasks she is invited to take on in the Science of Divine Life or because she is not willing to apply the effort to devote a life of persistent sanctification – has got God to answer to. After all it is God Himself who has provided the souls with these unique gifts for the completion of their Salvation.

  3. Only after several years Myriam received the order from the Queen of Heaven to spread the inspirations, which had initially been used only within a small group of people. The dissemination of the writings in the printed form was only agreed upon by Mary after quite some time. The Maria Domina Animarum Work is under no obligation whatsoever on the part of the Queen of Heaven, who is the only Mistress of this Work, to disseminate writings in a printed form, as our main mission lies entirely elsewhere.

    The Maria Domina Animarum Work and Myriam are responsible only for the writings that can be read on this website or that have been launched after 2012 (date of the complete restructuring of the Work) on the part of the original Belgian Apostolate, and that are provided with the present identification data as issued after 2012.

This may well be the place to draw the souls’ attention to some excerpts taken from another text (which was written several years ago but never translated into English so far), shedding some light on the true nature and purpose of the Maria Domina Animarum Work:



Myriam van Nazareth

On the rejection of the fullness of Truth about Mary
as a rejection of Divine Love and Mercy

Inspiration by the Holy Virgin Mary
as a testimonial to
The Veracity of the Maria Domina Animarum Work
and the necessity of the proclamation
of Mary’s sublimity

"For those who do not want to believe, every light is dark"
(Mary to Myriam, February 14, 2010)

In the present specification the Most Blessed Virgin Mary has us put forward a reply to a number of arguments some souls have been availing themselves of, thus demonstrating they have not understood the purpose nor the content of our Work, and by which both this Apostolate and Myriam’s vocation, mission and writings are rejected, criticized, slandered and even branded as heretic, without the souls concerned having ever committed themselves to any serious in-depth reading of these writings nor ever having taken these writings in with an open heart, inspired by a genuine Love for God and for Mary. The latter observation is paramount, as it appears unequivocally that most, if not all, of our critics are seriously lacking in true Love of Mary. This document may lead the souls to a true understanding that is likely to correct any erroneous perceptions and misinterpretations on their part. The Maria Domina Animarum Work is solely the fruit of many years of mystical acquisition of knowledge by Myriam’s heart and soul straight from the Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Everything that is announced through our Work is therefore based on Heavenly Truth. May this statement once again be illustrated by the present text.

Through the centuries many souls have fallen prey to the vice of criticizing, attacking, refusing and even demonizing theories or statements forwarded by saints and mystics. This is the case even in our days, and most vehemently so. Most of us know the statements claiming that any veneration of Mary exceeding superficial piety is tantamount to an aberration, heresy, idolatry, even an expression of occultism.

The Maria Domina Animarum Work is based on the mystical revelations, instructions, and teachings received by Myriam from the Holy Virgin Mary in Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls. The Holy Virgin announced She is revealing Herself in this capacity in our days because God’s time for it has now come. As the Mistress of all souls Mary is – as She Herself phrases it – revealed in this most sublime of all Her capacities, which is intended to be the corner stone of the system of knowledge that God has allowed to be proclaimed throughout the centuries with reference to the Pearl of His creation. In this capacity Mary teaches the Science of Divine Life as a complete system of knowledge pertaining to the true life of the soul, the life in the fully blooming germ of sanctity, which God deposits into the soul and which enables the latter to develop after the image of God. The full accomplishment of this development is the fullness of Salvation and sanctification.

The Mistress of all souls is the capacity in which God has now reveal Mary in the fullness of Her unparalleled sublimity and holiness, as the representative of the absolutely accomplished bloom of the germ of sanctity, as the most perfect blossom in the image and likeness of God a created soul could ever become. Therefore it need not surprise us that our apostolate, or Myriam individually for that matter, are bound to be subjected to attacks, all kinds of criticism, disbelief and incomprehension from specific corners which are bent on displaying the absolute pinnacle of devotion to Mary like our apostolate and Myriam have been so fervently advocating and teaching, as a possible aberration.

This painful rejection of that which Mary Herself calls "the greatest gift to mankind since the Incarnation, the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ" (the perfect Marian consecration and the works motivating souls to bring such consecration into practice) has given rise to the present manifesto, through which Mary reveals Herself as 'the unappreciated Paradise' and in which She emphasizes that the rejection of the fullness of the Truth about Her nature, Her true sublimity and the necessity of the supreme Marian devotion and total consecration to Mary in these Last Times is tantamount to a rejection of God’s Love and Mercy, of God’s greatest concession to the human souls since the establishment of the New Covenant, even a rejection of the completion of the New Covenant in each individual soul.

It is painful how frivolous this indispensable step in the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls is rejected and attacked by certain souls. Time and again it appears that souls attacking, criticizing, rejecting or even demonizing the theses and teachings proclaimed through our Work by the Mistress of all souls, pass their judgments before having studied the entirety or at least a wide range of Myriam’s writings. Mary has us point out that not one single writing by Myriam van Nazareth can ever be assessed separately, as all these writings together constitute a consistent system of which all elements complement one another.

An example: The essence of the revelations about the 'how' and the 'why' of Mary’s capacity as Mistress of all souls was collected in the manifesto entitled The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth. No soul reading the latter manifesto will be able to judge the deep value and the profound truth contained therein without considering its content in the full context of the Science of Divine Life. To be able to do so it is necessary to also assimilate the content of other writings by Myriam. Any misunderstanding concerning theses from the writings by Myriam van Nazareth is often simply due to the mystical nature of these proclamations. As will emerge upon reading the present text, it is possible that renewing, complementary or more detailed elements of knowledge taught to the souls along a mystical path are not yet properly understood at some point because they are not yet part of established theology. This does not necessarily mean, however, that these elements of knowledge must be incorrect or do not originate in Heaven.

Mary warns about the fact that any demonization of revelations and of any more in-depth knowledge God allows to be provided in these Last Times with regard to Her true sublimity is inspired by Satan, who will envelop such acts of demonization in one of the most cunning traps he has ever conceived: It turns out that he inspires this conviction preferably to souls who consider themselves to be true Christians, and that he infuses into these souls the conviction that they have got the mission to guard their fellow man from dangerous aberrations and deceptions. These souls regard themselves as true defenders of Christianity. Mary now invites Her truly consecrated souls to form a prayer chain for the benefit of these souls, so that the latter may accept the fullness of God’s Truth the way it really is: as the greatest gift of God’s Love since the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Let us consider the most important arguments the critics of our Apostolate, of the proclamation of Mary as the ever so powerful Mistress of all souls and of the highest degree of Marian consecration prefer to avail themselves of. Such criticism would seem justified on face value, if considering them against the background of the roots of Christian doctrine, but they are not, if we consider the whole of this revelation by Mary Herself and of the history of Salvation after the Works of Jesus Christ as Man-God on earth.

1. New Revelations had better be mistrusted. The Bible says it all anyway

Our Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. This doctrine represents God’s only Truth and was laid down in the Gospel. How is it then, that this first argument advanced by critics is wrong?

First, the Mistress of all souls has us point out that in fact more than ninety percent of all revelations of recent decades are 'wrong', that is, have not been inspired and circulated by Heaven. Some healthy reserves are therefore required. Such reticence is no longer healthy, however, if the good is thrown out with the bad, in other words, if it results in rejecting the authentic celestial inspirations coming through instruments that have really been chosen by Mary (or Jesus) for fear of being misled, or even worse, attacking them and representing them as untrustworthy. Some critics shamelessly label authentic instruments of Heaven as 'self-proclaimed prophet', thus falling prey to one of the most devious traps set up by the darkness: They make themselves the judges of their fellow man, thus exposing themselves to full Divine Justice.

No soul can bring forward any excuse in the Face of God for criticizing or even demonizing the works of a genuine instrument of Mary or Jesus, making such an instrument appear untrustworthy and, as the case may be, even keeping other souls from having faith in these works. God has provided each soul with a germ of sanctity, which enables them to distinguish good and evil, Truth and untruth and take in the relevant inspirations from the Holy Spirit. To the extent the soul preserves its purity it will be able to open up to the understanding of elements of God’s Truth at all times.

It can not be overemphasized: Real instruments of Mary are fully aware that they would condemn themselves if they were not to proclaim the full Truth, if they were to lead souls astray or were in any way falling short of their obedience to Mary (or Jesus), to which they are obliged to the fullest extent possible.

The argument saying the Bible says it all, expresses a lack of knowledge about the deep essence of God’s Plan of Salvation and about the execution of His Works. As a matter of fact this argument disregards the Works of the Holy Spirit in the Church and denies the promise of Jesus that He will send the Holy Spirit, that is, that after His Ascension the Church was going to be taught the fullness of Truth, because (as Jesus said): "I have many more things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now... The Spirit of Truth will guide you into all the Truth".

The Gospel is the beginning of the doctrine of Christ, the beginning of the New Covenant. Those who believe that God would ever begin a work without ever completing it, underestimate and misunderstand the true depth of God’s Love. Jesus came to earth to establish His Church as the only true Church of God, based on His teachings in the Eternal Truth. He has, however, expressly pointed to the fact His Works as the Man-God were just the beginning.

The Holy Spirit has come, once visibly in the outpouring of the Pentecost fire upon the Apostles in the Cenacle in Jerusalem, and afterwards countless times in the invisible, on the mystical path in the works of the Church and in individual souls that were or are called upon by God and were or are guided in the accomplishment of their vocation by Jesus or Mary.

The Works of the Holy Spirit have also revealed themselves in the centuries after Christ in holy souls such as, for instance, Saint Grignion de Montfort, Saint Bonaventura, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint Bernardinus of Siena, Saint Alphonsus de Liguori, Father Kolbe and a number of others, who all gradually received and revealed knowledge of Mary that reached far beyond the few words that have been written about Mary in the Gospels. The critics of our Work should not forget that several of the saints who have expanded the knowledge about Mary were proclaimed doctors of the Church. To disregard the doctrines preached by these saints on the unique sublimity of Mary is therefore tantamount to a rebellion against the Church’s decisions, through which these doctrines were adopted and became the basis for the saints’ appointment as doctors of the Church.

Moreover, the thesis that everything ends with the Bible is tantamount to a failure to acknowledge the Church’s dogmas about Mary and several papal encyclicals in which the sublimity and power of Mary were gradually unveiled for the souls or alluded to, respectively, and were presented as truths of faith. In several papal texts through the centuries Mary was presented to the souls as the necessary and essential step or the necessary and essential bridge to Christ and as the vital figure in God’s Plan of Salvation (among others in Her role as Mediatrix of grace).

The Holy Spirit keeps working incessantly through the path of mysticism. Mysticism is one of the greatest gifts from Gods to mankind, because through it ever new elements of knowledge or extensions of existing knowledge about elements of God’s Truth and mysteries have been offered to mankind, through individual souls in direct contact with Jesus or the Most Holy Virgin. Through the centuries, mysticism has always served as an important source of nourishment for the extension of the Church’s theses on God’s truth. Therefore the critics of our Apostolate are guilty of denying God’s gift of mysticism, because the Science of Divine Life, as it is now taught by Mary as Mistress of all souls, is exclusively the fruit of a mystical transfer of knowledge.

Souls that reject or demonize our Apostolate, the true sublimity of Mary as Mistress of all souls, or simply the higher degrees of Marian devotion, fail to recognize an important element of God’s Works, viz. the fact that God elaborates His Plan of Salvation step by step, and has new knowledge revealed gradually to enhance the well-established knowledge of Divine Truth. If God were to reveal the fullness of His Truth all at once, no soul would stay alive, because all souls would constantly be dragging a load of indigestible knowledge which would rather destroy them than make them stronger from the inside out against all risks threatening the soul and its sanctification. In addition, a natural development of God’s Plan of Salvation would be impossible if the knowledge of God’s Mysteries were transferred to the souls all at once. Mary points out that, since the original sin, the souls are no longer able to make use of this knowledge in its entirety at once, and that, on account of the original sin, they are no longer worthy of the full infusion of this knowledge.

This is the only reason why, time and again, souls are being called upon the mystical path to lead lives at the exclusive service of the proclamation of this knowledge. It is expected of these souls that they should surrender their entire life to the One who is calling them, so that, through the sacrifice of their entire being and their entire life, in a disposition of the utmost consecration, they may make the Works for the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation known to all mankind. This is also the only reason why, in 1997, Myriam was called upon by the Holy Virgin to live a life at Her service, and shortly afterwards was subjected to years of 'recruitment' to be an apostle of propagation. The whole of all teachings and writings granted by Mary to the souls through this apostle is referred to, by the Holy Virgin, as the Science of Divine Life. Mary calls these teachings, which She is revealing in Her highest capacity as Mistress of all souls, 'the crowning of God’s revelations about Mary and the about the mysteries of the soul and of God’s Plan of Salvation'.

In addition, according to God’s Plans it is necessary that each era should go through its own development. Each new revelation must pass through two phases:

  1. It must be believed in. Often it takes decades, sometimes centuries, for this phase to get completed on a fairly large scale. The history of Salvation of the souls shows us many examples of mystically gifted souls, who were initially vigorously antagonized, were depicted as suspicious and untrustworthy, slandered and even demonized, but at a certain point of time (once the fullness of God’s time had come for their works to be accomplished) were accepted. In many cases, these souls, who were initially so violently criticized, are after a long time canonized, several among them even appointed 'doctors of the Church'.

  2. Only then it becomes accepted knowledge. Theology is a complex of knowledge related to faith. At every point in history this knowledge will consider every new element of information – for instance the ones reaching the souls through mystical sources – against the background of knowledge which, at that point in history, is regarded as accepted. At certain points of time God reveals new elements of knowledge that are part of His Eternal Truth. Often these new elements of knowledge will not allow for any explanations from established theology, or 'do not seem to really fit in with established knowledge'. Therefore, these elements of knowledge are sometimes rejected as inaccurate or unlikely. Owing to the Works wrought by the Holy Spirit in the souls even these generally accepted elements of knowledge develop, so that, at given points of time, they are extended. This explains why newly revealed knowledge of God’s Eternal Truth can be rejected at one time, but some time (sometimes only centuries) later suddenly do seem to fit in with established knowledge. This is how it goes with almost any element of knowledge conveyed to the souls through the mystical way.

At present the history of Salvation is passing through the phase where some of the knowledge disclosed in the context of the Science of Divine Life, especially the knowledge regarding the sublimity and power of the Most Holy Virgin Mary and on Her capacity as the Mistress of all souls, may/can be rejected or even refuted by some theologians because they allegedly 'do not (yet) fit in with the established knowledge of God’s Truth and the Christian faith'. Therefore the current inability of certain souls to accept some of the theses proclaimed through this Apostolate, or to recognize the truth and the authenticity thereof, is not saying anything as to their truth in God’s eyes. Because here we are dealing with knowledge revealed by the Holy Virgin Mary Herself, it is only a matter of time before the works accomplished by Mary through Her apostle will also receive their place within established theology. This does not mean, however, that this is going to be the case within the nearest future.

Considering the infinite extent of God’s Truth – God Himself is infinite, and everything Divine is multiplying incessantly – and thus of the Science of Divine Life, the revelation of all elements of the knowledge of God’s Truth, and therefore also of the elements of knowledge pertaining to the true sublimity of Mary, must take place in very many sequential steps.

Having regard to its extent and the marvelous variety of its content, God’s Plan of Salvation could not possibly be fully revealed to the souls all at once. The souls would not be able to 'digest' this, and besides this would be in violation of the law of Divine Justice. Indeed: The sinfulness of souls makes them too blind to understand these things easily. Now, however, the time has come to lead the New Covenant to its true Divine fertility. This is exactly God’s purpose with revealing Mary as the Mistress of all souls: This is the time in which the Works of Christ should be accomplished in the individual souls through the mediation of Mary in Her highest capacity as Mistress of all souls.

In the elements of knowledge conveyed through this Apostolate God wants to reveal Mary in Her true sublimity, because in our days this revelation denotes the last stage of the accomplishment of His Divine Plan of Salvation. God has provided for Mary’s true sublimity, power and sanctity to be revealed in these very Last Times, because within the framework of the struggle of the Light against the darkness He considers this to be necessary. Mary points out that this revelation was prepared step by step through the centuries after the Ascension of Christ, in the works of saints, in papal texts and Marian dogmas and in the mystical works of souls that were or are destined to write such works, and that this revelation has now reached its final stage, in the Apostolate She Herself has established through the little instrument She refers to by Her own Aramaic name 'Mer-i-am', as a token of the fact that She Herself has called this little instrument and that the latter is accomplishing these works in the context of a mystical merger with Her in Her capacity as Mistress of all souls.

2. In Her capacity as Mistress of all souls God reveals Mary as:

  • the perfect Teacher, who makes the souls acquainted with the doctrine of Christ, God’s Truth, in all its fullness and depth, gets to the bottom of all elements of this doctrine and is in a position to provide the souls with the knowledge they need to be able to actively participate in their own sanctification. She is now teaching the souls the Science of Divine Life as an unprecedented exploration of the knowledge of the rules, which has got the potential to bring the completion of every soul’s spiritual life. After all the life of each soul on earth has but this single purpose: to lead the soul to the highest possible spiritual fruitfulness, in order that the soul may achieve perfect sanctity and may be in a position to contribute in the best possible way to the accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, which is to result in the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. The foundation for God’s Kingdom on earth has been built by Jesus Christ, now it must be completed by the souls under the guidance of the Mistress of all souls.
  • the Golden Bridge to the Heart of Jesus Christ, and therefore to true Salvation. God has created a perfect mystical unity between the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, a mystical merger which has made it possible for Mary to be the Co-Redemptrix — She suffered Jesus’ pains and heartaches in Her own being in a secondary, mystical way, because She was the first One to be called upon to 'complement in Herself what was lacking in the Sufferings of Christ'. Likewise he has also created a perfect mystical marriage between Mary and the Holy Spirit. In earlier centuries already Mary was announced by saints and in papal writings as an emergency bridge to Salvation. Jesus has accomplished Redemption for all souls. Nevertheless, Redemption must be 'unwrapped' in each soul individually. Mary was chosen by God to accomplish this. To that end She received an unlimited power over every soul which, however, can only be deployed with the soul’s active co-operation, meaning: If the soul puts her free will completely at the service of God’s Works. However, God has entrusted Mary with the command over these Works, by presenting Her in our times in Her following capacities:

* as the Commander and Mistress of those who defend God’s Light against the darkness, meaning: the Mistress of the angels and of every soul that is ready to make use of Her guidance by surrendering her entire being and life to Mary in the most perfect consecration possible. God has made Mary the Mistress of all souls. Yet only those who surrender to Her completely will reap the fruits of this fact.

* as the Bearer of an unlimited power to render the works of the darkness ineffective, to unfold the process of sanctification within every soul and to obtain graces for every soul, in order that the latter may be able to develop her highest possible strength towards the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation. The soul can indeed be sanctified by going to Jesus Christ. However, God prefers the soul to go to His Son through Mary, because in so doing, the soul can substantially increase her merits: By showing faith in the fullness of Truth about Mary the soul brings God the highest possible glorification and adoration, because in Mary, God has treasured up the fullness of His Works of creation, Redemption and sanctification. This makes Mary the living mirror of God’s Omnipotence. Total consecration and the highest glorification to Mary surpasses any other adoration of God, including each way which leads directly to Jesus (i.e.: each way of reverence and contact circumventing Mary).

In all Her activities Mary does not at all refer to Herself. She always refers to God. It is Jesus Himself who spoke these words from the Cross:

"Woman, behold Your son; Son, behold your Mother".

By these words He gave Mary to the souls as the Bridge to their Eternal Salvation, and the souls to Mary. Through these words spoken by Jesus from the Cross the total consecration of souls to Mary was sanctified. The Man-God spoke these words as one of the elements of His great legacy to the souls, in order that the latter may never bypass Mary on their way to God. By these words Jesus did not sideline Himself, He merely confirmed the total merger between Mary and God’s Heart, His mysteries, His power, in other words: Mary as a perfect Guide to God and as the absolute crowning of His Works.

I could not possibly overemphasize it: the revelation of the most profound knowledge of the true sublimity and power of Mary as the Mistress of all souls does not in any way refer the role and position of Jesus Christ within God’s Plan of Salvation to the background. Moreover it is tantamount to an aberration to demonize the unique glory, sublimity and power of Mary as an untruth and to depict total Marian consecration and the highest degree of devotion to Mary as aberrations. In so doing even many centuries-old theses, which have been adopted within the Church, are robbed of all credibility.

3. Did not Mary always remain in the shade?

Indeed She did. The souls can not get acquainted with Mary’s true nature by reading the Gospel alone. All knowledge we possess about Her we owe to the complementary information which has been passed on to us through the Works of the Holy Spirit, that is: along the path of mysticism. This mystical information – thus Mary says Herself – is now being crowned in the proclamation of Mary as the Mistress of all souls. That Maria, despite Her extraordinary, unique sublimity, has long remained a great unknown One, has got a variety of reasons:

  • Because God provides a time for every revelation to be given, and the revelation of the true sublimity of Mary was not yet provided for to be granted in the first centuries after Christ, it was reserved for our days, the time just preceding the completion of God’s Plan of Salvation.

Firstly, there was the risk of confusion among the souls, which would most likely weaken the roots of early Christianity. Indeed, the first Christians had to be fully oriented towards Christ and already had to cope with the heavy criticism from those who remained Jews. If, on top of this, any information about the true sublimity and the unique sanctity of Mary had entered the public domain in those days, this would have caused confusion, as Mary Herself revealed to me:

"Many would have thought of Me as a goddess which would have been a disadvantage to the flourishing of the Works of Christ, for general attention had to be drawn to Him in His capacity as the Redeemer, the Son of God".

Secondly, the mystery around the perfect nature of Mary as the greatest Wonder of God is so great, so sublime and so comprehensive that all knowledge about it had to be revealed in many successive stages. I already pointed out in this text that this has been done through the centuries, in many revelations by saints, by mystics, and by a number of works that were presented by the authorities of the Roman Catholic Church. Now the time has come to further complete this knowledge which has been gradually collected, and to deepen it in an unparalleled way. This is not only the logical continuation of the development God set in motion centuries ago, moreover Mary Herself confirmed this to Myriam.  

  • Because Mary Herself did not want to be put in the limelight

I already indicated it in the previous paragraph. During Her life on earth already, Mary possessed a wisdom that far surpassed that of any 'ordinary' soul. Her understanding of God’s Works and Plans were infinitely greater than those of other human souls, because She needed these understandings to bring Her unique vocation as the Co-Redemptrix with Jesus to its full fruitfulness. This is how She knew that God’s time had not yet come for Her true sublimity to be revealed.

Mary Herself always wanted to remain in the shade. She did not emerged from the shade on Her own account, it is God who decided to highlight Her. He now displays the fullness of Mary’s Light, because She was made the Guide in the process of Redemption and sanctification of the individual souls and therefore of the development of God’s Plan of Salvation. This is how God elevates those who prefer to see others in the limelight, rather than themselves. He has provided for Mary to be the Mistress of all souls to catalyze, in these Last Times, the accomplishment of His works within the souls. To that end He had to let Mary emerge from the shade, because the souls are not able to actively participate in their inner development under the guidance of someone whose nature is completely unknown to them. A soul’s dedication and consecration is always based on the confidence this soul puts in the One she surrenders and consecrates herself to. A soul will not find the confidence necessary to fully surrender to Mary as long as she does not know a thing about Mary’s true nature, sublimity and power. This is why God had to turn the spotlight on Mary in this time.

Mary has indeed always withdrawn behind Jesus, and is still doing so. Her works are entirely at the service of the original Works of Christ. Because the Works She is accomplishing and guiding are Works of God, a lot of elements of God’s power and Wisdom were put at Her disposal. The fact that Mary lets Herself be revealed in the fullness of these sublime capacities through Myriam van Nazareth does not mean that She is pulled out of the shade unjustly. What it does mean, is that God wants it to be done in our days because His time for it has now come.

4. Marian devotion is idolatry, even occultism

Souls that make use of this thesis have not at all understood the relationship between Jesus and Mary or between Mary and the Most Holy Trinity. This statement provides the most incontestable proof of ignorance as to the true nature of Mary and the essence of God’s Plan of Salvation for these Last Times. All Myriam writings together provide an overwhelming amount of material which abundantly proves the absurdity of this thesis. In this respect I would like to point to the following comparison the Mistress of all souls once phrased:

If you compare Jesus with the sun, Mary and Her Works would be the rays. It is the rays that bring the sunlight to the souls. How, then, could Mary Herself be anything other than Light? Mary is the Mother of the Light (Jesus Christ). Marian devotion is the glorification of God’s absolute Masterpiece, glorification of the supreme holiness (the Immaculate Conception), glorification of complete and lifelong sinlessness. Is a soul that for the entire duration of her life remained free from all sin, any iniquity, any faults or any negligence, not the absolute antithesis of darkness? How, then, can the veneration towards this soul ever be called 'occult' (= 'dark', serving the darkness?) In this context I should point out right away that the words 'veneration towards this soul' do not refer to any idolatry; that it is not a matter of glorification of a soul in itself, but of that which is represented by this soul. Mary’s soul represents the greatest fullness of sanctity that could ever be accomplished by a human soul. Therefore in the fullness of sanctity one does not worship any soul, but God, who has made it possible for this soul to possess such sanctity.

Occult is everything that is related to the darkness, thus with Satan. Just like Jesus Christ is the antithesis of Satan, the antichrist, God has made also Mary the antithesis of Satan: She is the Woman holding the infernal serpent (Satan and his works of darkness) under Her feet, as a sign of Her unlimited power over him, over the effects of all works of darkness, over sin, over any temptation. By making also Mary the antithesis of Satan, like Jesus Himself is, God has testified to the mystical unity between the Hearts and the Works of Jesus and Mary. Mary is thus, as much as Christ, the absolute opposite of 'occult'. Thus the veneration towards Mary is nothing but a veneration towards the Light in its deepest core: veneration towards the mystical union with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit. For this same reason Mary is rightly, justly and in the most perfect sense of the word the Co-Redemptrix.

Mary was chosen by God to be the stepping stone to His greatest Work: Redemption. That is why She became the Mother of the Man-God. It is why, on account of Her sacred Sorrows, sacrifices and prayers She was involved completely in His Works of completing the opening up and 'unfolding' of the souls, and why, in these Last Times, She has received the power to accomplish this vocation. In all of this Mary embodies the Light of God Himself. For this reason, in Mary the soul venerates the Light of God, His greatest Mysteries (Redemption, the Immaculate Conception...) and His Masterpiece and thereby the absolute opposite of the darkness, the occult.

The thesis that Marian devotion would be tantamount to idolatry, also shows a complete ignorance as to what Marian devotion and total consecration really mean. Mary has never made Herself equal to God, nor has She ever done so in the teachings She is giving in Her capacity as Mistress of all souls. She explicitly puts Herself and all of Her Works at the service of God’s Plan of Salvation for the souls. Once Mary gave me the following explanation for a vision in which I saw large numbers of angels lying prostrated at Her feet: "In Me the angels worship the glory of God, who brought about within Me all these wonderful elements of glory, this dazzling beauty and this overwhelming power". (Revelation by the Mistress of all souls, August 22, 2006).

In another place Mary points out that She must not be 'worshipped', because She is a created soul, but that God’s Law requires that She should receive the highest reverence, because God has accumulated in Her the perfection of all His created Works and She represents His Works towards the souls.

The soul that gives the highest reverence to Mary and consecrates herself totally to Mary, thereby renders the highest glorification, worship and consecration to the Most Holy Trinity. 'Idolatry' would mean that the soul would be oriented towards Mary in everything and would actually forget God in the process. In true Marian devotion this would be completely impossible, because Mary represents God’s Works and was intended to guide the implementation of His Plan of Salvation in these Last Times. It is impossible to commit any idolatry by bringing the highest possible reverence to the Crown upon, and the Representative of, God’s Works, as in so doing one is actually worshipping and glorifying God Himself. On several occasions Jesus already told me emphatically that it deeply saddens and hurts Him if souls go to Him while circumventing Mary, or fail to venerate Mary in a proper way.

Whether the soul commits idolatry is determined by the state of mind in which she venerates Mary and surrenders to Her. If in so doing one completely repudiates God and His Works and Plans, Marian devotion is empty and meaningless. If one throws oneself down at Mary’s feet and confesses one’s recognizing Her as one’s supreme Mistress with the intention to thereby ensure that one’s complete self-sacrifice for the benefit of God’s Works and of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth might achieve its highest possible fruitfulness, one is not committing any idolatry but is rendering the most sublime worship to the true God. The Mistress of all souls is not the gateway to any idolatry, She is the gateway to the Kingdom of God. Whoever prostrates himself/herself before Her, enters into the Kingdom of the true God through Her. How then could this soul be committing idolatry at the feet of the Mistress of all souls? Let us keep in mind, in this respect, that 'prostrating oneself at Mary’s feet' is equally done by undividedly and completely surrendering to Her guidance through a life of total consecration.

5. The Mistress of all souls is not recognized by the Church

This is not yet possible. An official ecclesiastical recognition of mystical phenomena usually does not take place while the latter are still ongoing. The reason is as evident as it is sound. The Church can not recognize mystical phenomena while they are still in progress because the contents of the message conveyed by them can not be known in its entirety while they are ongoing. As long as Heaven continues to deepen this revelation of the Science of Divine Life and of Mary’s most sublime capacity, nothing is expected from the souls but a complete openness to the Light of the Holy Spirit who reveals within the hearts of good will what brings Light and what brings darkness, what emanates from God’s Truth and what does not.

The Mistress of all souls invites all souls who have doubts as to the veracity and the genuine purposes and goals of our Apostolate to assimilate, with their hearts, as many as possible of the teachings, prayers and other writings that Mary has Myriam publish, and then, after Mary has had the opportunity to sprinkle the incomparable perfume of Her Love in their hearts through these texts, to consult with their hearts as to where these revelations actually come from, and whether they are then still as inclined to reject the total consecration to Mary as the greatest blessing for the souls in these Last Times.

Some final considerations

The gift of Love that God prepares for the souls with the writings propagated by this Apostolate lies in the fact that the souls are now shown:

  • what purpose they are really living and fighting for, what purpose the trials and troubles of their lives on earth are actually serving, and how they can help make all of this fruitful and useful;
  • what the absolute crowning of God’s Works of sanctification (Mary) looks like;
  • that it is worthwhile to deny oneself completely in a fight against God’s enemies, if this fight is led by a soul who has received the unlimited power to be leading it (Mary).

Mary only wants to lead souls to the victory over themselves and over all dark influences and attachments in themselves, so as to be able to confront Satan with this fact: "This is what a soul looks like after she has surrendered to Me and has therefore enabled herself to let Jesus Christ be born again inside of her". The result as God has intended it, should be this: In the end Satan must acknowledge that both God (Jesus Christ) and the perfect human soul (Mary) have defeated him. Every soul can be actively involved in this battle, thus learn to discover the meaning of all things, consequently find true inner Peace and even while still on earth experience a happiness which, previously, she would not believe existed.

Blessed is the soul that is able to recognize Mary in this sense as the perfect bridge between God and the souls, and reciprocates this unique gift on the part of the creating, redeeming and sanctifying God by accepting and appreciating it. Not every soul seems to be able to do this, for the souls have let themselves be blinded for too long to still be able to easily accept that God would go that far to prove His Love and His desire for every soul to gain Eternal Bliss.

Not everyone is willing to accept this highest revelation of the sublimity of Mary. This presupposes:

  • a great openness to the expansion of the established knowledge of God’s Truth;
  • a great love for Mary and for God’s Works (Mary is the greatest of God’s Works);
  • a great faith in the constant action of the Holy Spirit in souls who are called upon to enter upon such a mission, in order to help bring God’s Plan with the souls to its completion;
  • a great resistance to the temptation to reject this profound new revelation.

It should be taken into account that the highest revelation of the true sublimity of Mary arouses Satan like nothing else ever could, and that he is bound to make every effort to keep this liberating knowledge, this highest proof of God’s Love, far away from the souls and to make sure that it will not take root in many souls. He knows that if Mary’s capacity as the Mistress of all souls were to gain currency on a large scale and Science of Divine Life were to make its way into general acceptance, this would mean the end of his kingdom on earth. It is therefore of paramount importance to fathom one’s own heart and conscience as soon as one notices inside oneself any trace of disbelief or resistance as to this revelation, and to be careful if one feels like sharing this wonderful gift from God with other souls: Some will mercilessly condemn this gift, because the disposition of their hearts and souls is not yet ready to properly appreciate these gifts from God. It is wise not to confront such souls with the absolute cream of the revelation of Mary’s sublimity right away, for instance the teachings presented in The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth, before they have got the opportunity to get 'eased into them' through the 'more gentle' expressions of Mary’s Love in many of the other writings by Myriam.

Whoever attacks Myriam van Nazareth and our Apostolate presents the Holy Virgin Mary Herself as a liar or a fraud, because Her words and Her mystical transfer of knowledge constitute the very foundation of our entire Work. It is a good thing to consider the following:

How can a soul call herself 'faithful' or 'religious' and in the meantime reject a large part of God’s Truth? Certainly, it is good to 'be careful with private revelations', but had the souls who proclaim this thesis as a general warning not better be just as careful as far as their own attitude of disbelief or reluctance regarding the Works of the Holy Spirit and God’s Love is concerned? If all the good is rejected with the bad on account of the mere fact the bad constitutes a vast majority, how then is God ever to complete His Works through the creature He once intended to be His hands on earth: the human soul?

Who can ever believe to be a true Christian and in the meantime reject the Truth about the true sublimity of the Mother of Christ in the conviction this is a heresy, and thus deny the Mercy of Christ, which makes it possible for this extension of the knowledge of Mary’s true capacities to be presented to the souls as a gift in their fight against the darkness? Let us never forget that Jesus Himself gave Mary to the souls, and the souls to Mary, with the intention that the souls may find through Mary the way to completing the Works of Christ within themselves. It is impossible to truly love Jesus and in the meantime push His Mother aside or refuse to fully accept the sublimity and power given to Her by God.

How can souls seriously be longing for all misery to be banned from the world and from their own lives and in the meantime want to deprive the Bridge over which God has chosen to fight all misery, viz. Mary, of its foundations? It is noteworthy that, of all people, especially the souls that refuse to acknowledge Mary for the One She really is, should very often fall prey to the greatest internal struggle and do not seem to find the true Peace of Christ in their hearts, because these souls cut themselves off from major supply channels of grace, attach conditions to their glorifying God since they fail to recognize the sublimity of God’s Masterpiece – and make themselves easy victims of Satan, who does not find in them the One he detests even more than he detests Jesus Christ: Mary in the fullness of Her power over all darkness. The reason why he detests HER even more than he detests Jesus lies in the fact Mary embodies all this glory and power in spite of Her being a created soul.

Many souls are obviously not capable of really appreciating the true value of true, profound devotion to Mary in the way God requests this of the souls in these Last Times. Some of these souls are obviously not able to give Mary’s true sublime position its proper place within the whole of our Christian faith, others obviously do not want to do this for the most various reasons. May this text help both categories of souls understand that their Love for God can not become perfect as long as they do not allow this part of the knowledge of God’s Truth to become part of their conception of the world. Disbelief as to Heavenly teachings is tantamount to the rejection of a gift from God. The New Covenant can not be fully accomplished in the soul that declines God’s Love and Mercy. It is never too late to open one’s heart to this gift yet.

As far as the Maria Domina Animarum Work is concerned it might be relevant, in conclusion, to refer to a little yet far-reaching prophecy the Mistress of all souls made to Myriam personally in the early days of this Work, when She predicted Her Maria Domina Animarum Work would be a sign of contradiction. In December 2007, when Myriam received Mary’s initial inspirations for the extraordinary manifesto The Dawn of God’s Kingdom on earth, the Queen of Heaven corroborated Her earlier prophecy by speaking the words: "You shall advance the proclamation of My capacity as Mistress of all souls by writing a text for which I will guide you in your heart of hearts. You are going to experience so much Light that this proclamation will be truly full of Divine grace. To that end you will use My own words. This mission is part of the great offensive of the Light against the darkness. The fruit of this mission will be a sign of contradiction. Be prepared that it is going to create another motive for persecution against you and this Work. This very persecution will testify to the quantity of Light this fruit is going to bring into the world. This is why it is going to glorify Me and God Himself, who was the Author of this fruit as of the day the concept of My soul came into bloom in His Divine Heart. To you I give the key to the orchard. Start preparing the fruit to be picked".

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,

Her Maria Domina Animarum Work

Dealing with animals: Another way out of the darkness

A bit further down the Queen of Heaven extends a very important
invitation to a prayer aiming at the restoration of Love
in human souls when dealing with animals

special prayer day on the 4th of each month



Myriam van Nazareth

The Mistress of all souls emphatically points to Her profound teaching in Teachings > Brief teachings > Clouds over God’s Paradise > 13th cloud: Extinction of animal species, and requests that the two following Revelations be published by way of introduction to the appeal which is the object of the present category. In the first one of both Revelations She refers, among others, to the annual World Animal Day on October 4:

Words spoken and released by the Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of creation, in September 2019:

"God entrusted all of creation to the human soul’s care. Therefore man holds a vast responsibility towards God as regards all elements of nature and the harmony among all these elements: animals, vegetation, environment, even the weather conditions and atmospheric disruptions, the subsoil and the seas.

The harmony among the various elements of creation is severely disrupted on all levels. The explanations offered by science with respect to these disruptions are inevitably incomplete and inaccurate, as science is only able to observe the tip of the iceberg – only a small fraction – of life and of the effects of the laws of life: The bulk of it is part of the imperceptible spiritual life, which has got a vast impact on the material elements of nature yet can not be measured by science. Nature suffers tremendously by the effects of the original sin and the ensuing billions and billions of human sins and results of vices and darkness in the human hearts. This darkness keeps growing thicker day after day and oppresses the human hearts as a constantly increasing weight. However, the human hearts have grown too blind for God’s Laws to even be able to recognize the deeper causes of their feeling burdened or oppressed.

This is why in these Last Times, the Times destined by God to be the direct preparation for the establishment of His Kingdom on earth, it is of paramount importance that the human souls should become fully aware of their true mission in life at the service of the accomplishment of God’s Works and Plans on earth, and of their vast responsibility for the harmony in nature.

The state the world is in, with all its disruptions of the harmony between all creatures, is determined to a major extent by the countless expressions of true self-denying Love in the human hearts.

Therefore I emphatically call upon the souls to keep reflecting deeply on all of this, and to become aware of the only right way for human souls to deal with the environment and with the animals. This is why I also request that the souls should, in their hearts, add a spiritual component to the annual World Animal Day, which the world has set on October 4, in the awareness that special attention to practicing true Love towards the animals is one of the least well-known and of the least recognized, yet nevertheless one of the greatest forms of tribute to God, who created the animals as tools for the perfection of man’s spiritual dispositions, and therefore as gifts of unsuspected significance.

In truth I point out to the souls that they will never experience true happiness and true Peace on earth if they keep failing to opt radically for the dispositions of self-denying Love, sincere willingness to render service and unconditional respect towards all fellow creatures, irrespective of the race or the form of life to which these creatures belong. I also refer to the appeal I launched in this respect in the month of May 2019". (so far the words spoken by the Queen of Heaven).

In May 2019 already the Mother of God had Myriam launch the following appeal to the souls:

Urgent appeal by the Queen of Heaven, May 2019:

Every maltreatment, every neglect and every lack of sincere caring Love in any way whatsoever from human souls towards animals defiles and weakens the effects of God’s Love within the entire network of creation and enhances the control wielded by the darkness all over the world.

By maltreatment, neglect and any form of lack of sincere caring Love towards any fellow creature (human and animal alike) man himself increases all misery, chaos, sufferings and injustice in the world.

The cause of all misery, chaos, sufferings and injustice in the world is sin. Sin is any form of violation on the part of a human soul against God’s Law of true Love.

The Queen of Heaven reminds the souls most emphatically of the fact that sin is not only committed against fellow humans but also against animals, as God has provided for every animal in this world an indirect role within His entire Plan of Salvation, and that the life of every single animal as well as every single contact between humans and animals are Works of Divine Providence, which are intended as contributions to the completion of His Plan of Salvation.

This is why, in this world, day after day vast amounts of darkness are created by lack of Love towards animals, as every animal constitutes a small node in the network of creation and, consequently, every lack of Love in humans’ behaviour towards an animal can considerably undermine the network of creation and therefore render direct service to the works of the darkness.

Therefore, with a view to advancing the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace on earth, the Mother of God launches an urgent appeal to every human soul to practice sincere and true Love and care when in contact with animals. Through every act of Love towards an animal and every whole-hearted contribution to alleviating an animal’s vital needs a human soul makes a concrete contribution to the accomplishment of the Works God is constantly trying to complete through the human souls all over the world.

The darkness in this world can definitely be defeated, but this victory over the darkness can only be gained to the extent to which the human souls practice concrete, true, self-denying Love towards every single fellow creature, man and animal alike.

Every day billions of contacts between humans and animals occur in this world. All protection of the welfare of animals, all loving care for animals and all loving interaction with animals therefore possess the potential to make vast contributions to creating a better world, for this is the difference they make in the whole world day after day: either billions of flashes of Light, or billions of injections of darkness into the entire network of all contacts and relations among creatures.

Man alone is holding all happiness in this world in his own hands. Every aberration finds its origins in sin. Sin is the opposite of God’s Law of true Love. Sin on the one hand, and Love an the other and, are the fully opposite forms as to the use a human can make of his free will.

God never imposes anything on man, man himself decides what God will be able to accomplish in this world. It is all a matter of orientation: either the soul orients herself towards true Love, or she orients herself towards selfishness. For every single creature the sole reason to be is the mere fact it has got a specific role to fulfil within God’s Plan, a role which is ultimately geared to realizing a greater happiness for creation as a whole. This is why man, the 'crown upon God’s creation', is under the holy obligation to fight for this happiness along with all of his fellow creatures, and to fuel this fight with the celestial force that keeps flowing straight from God’s Heart: true, self-denying Love.

What God expects of man, is a behaviour and dispositions of Love, for as of day one God has been expecting man to make God’s Presence felt by all creation.

Invitation to prayer aiming at the restoration of Love
in human souls when dealing with animals

On December 20, 2011, within the framework of my finalizing the original version of the Brooklets of Salvation the Mistress of all souls invited the souls to organize monthly prayer days for the well-being of the animals, intended mainly to further exactly the conversion from those dispositions which prevent human souls from treating the animals with sincere Love, as this is a prerequisite for creation to return to really being part of God’s Kingdom.

The monthly prayer days were to be held on the fourth day of each month. As the first one of these prayer days the Queen of Heaven requested Saturday February 4, 2012, as a special symbol in two ways (thus explained by the Holy Virgin):

  • St. Francis of Assisi, the great saint who, among other things, is famous for his Love towards the animals, is celebrated on the fourth day of October;
  • February 4th is the feast of St. Veronica, the saint who wiped Jesus’ Face during the Way of the Cross, thus symbolizing the fact every soul is called upon to clean the image of her fellow creatures in the eyes of all creation, as an act of sincere Love in an endeavour to promote full understanding, acceptance and unconditional Love amongst all creatures in all directions.

Let us join hands on the fourth day of each month, in a true offensive of Light in a field in which incredible amounts of darkness are brought down upon this world: the field of the attitude and actions of human souls towards the animals. God has entrusted the human soul with the responsibility to care for the maintenance of a holy creation, actually, in a manner of speaking, through representing Him towards all creation. We can only do this by representing His Heart, which is full of Love and caring.


Invitation of December 20, 2011
from the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mistress of all souls,
to organize a chain of prayer with a
prayer day for the well-being of the animals

on the fourth day of each month

On the occasion of the inspirations elaborated in the writing by Myriam entitled The Brooklets of Salvation (English translation yet to be finished) Mary calls upon the souls to organize a chain of prayer, in that on the fourth day of each month souls would pray and consecrate their day to the Holy Virgin for the well-being of the animals in this world.

In The Brooklets of Salvation the Queen of Heaven teaches the souls the unsuspected importance of the animals in their indirect role within God’s Plan of Salvation for the human souls. Mary points out that God created the animals for a variety of reasons, one of them being rooted in the tremendous role played by the animals in the development of human souls as to virtuousness and sanctification.

Therefore in God’s judgment it is literally disgraceful and dishonouring to a human soul and an insult to God’s Love if the soul treats an animal badly, neglects it or approaches it in any unloving, selfish or indifferent way whatsoever.

That is why the Holy Virgin now urgently calls for the organization of the aforementioned days of prayer, in order to implore graces for the conversion of human souls that treat animals in any way not corresponding with God’s Love, and for the liberation of the animals themselves from all these forms of misery which is inflicted upon them by human souls, who within Creation were intended to be the crowns upon God’s Works and the representatives of His Love.

Mary points out She has chosen the days of prayer to be held on the fourth day of each month on account of the symbolic value of the fact the patron saint for the animals, Saint Francis of Assisi, is commemorated on the fourth day of a month (October).

May as many souls as possible be touched at heart by this Heavenly invitation. There is far more at stake on these prayer days than most human souls are able to imagine. According to the Holy Virgin the struggle against all behaviour towards animals which is not in accordance with God’s Law constitutes a very important part of the struggle against darkness in this world altogether, so much so that mankind can not be delivered from its misery as long as the attitude of countless souls towards the animals is not dramatically changed. Hence Mary’s invitation to launch an ardent spiritual fight in this field. The dignity of the animals as well as the dignity of the human souls is at stake.

At the service of the Holy Virgin Mary as the Mistress of all souls,


by Myriam van Nazareth

this prayer is intended, among other possibilities, to be prayed on the
'prayer days for the well-being of the animals',
as requested by Mary in Her invitation to the souls on December 20, 2011

O Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of God’s Creation and Mediatrix of all graces,

God created the animals for the human soul’s joy and for the perfection of her ability to develop a holy behaviour.

Every day this gift from God is dishonoured countless times all over the world through the unloving behaviour of human souls towards animals.

On account thereof the flow of Love and Divine Life through the whole of creation is heavily distorted, and from day to day the darkness spread all over mankind because of the burden of sin is intensified.

O Mother of Mercy, on behalf of all mankind I urgently plead with You for Your powerful intervention. Through the infinite power of Your perfect Love, do multiply the strength and the effect of every good deed, every act of Love committed by human souls anywhere in this word for the benefit of animals, so that the Light of awareness and conversion may be poured upon mankind in an explosion of Love:

  • for the liberation of animals from the darkness of abuse in any form whatsoever by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals from the darkness of neglect by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals from the darkness of any form of unloving or indifferent behaviour by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals from the darkness of any materialistic behaviour by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for mercy towards animals which are abandoned or rejected by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for mercy towards animals which have not got enough to eat due to any human soul. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals which are the victims of debasing experiments and other degrading actions committed by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals which are the victims of poaching by human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for the liberation of animals which are the victims of exploitation for the sake of human pleasure, in the field of sports, or for whatever profitable purpose. Our Father + Hail Mary...

  • for mercy towards animals which are the victims of expulsion from their natural habitat for any reason whatsoever benefiting human souls. Our Father + Hail Mary...

O Mother of God, powerful Defeater of all darkness, of all sin and of all temptation, I offer You my today’s trials for the outpouring of graces of mercy and conversion for all human souls in this world who have not understood that only the human soul’s Love for all her fellow creatures – fellow people as well as animals – is able to save the world from its misery, and who have not understood the value of every animal within God’s Works and for their own inner Peace and happiness.

Do break within all these souls the power of temptation to any unloving or selfish behaviour, to any attitude of indifference and to any attitude of materialism to the detriment of animals, so that these souls may convert and the world may be liberated from the misery which is the bitter fruit of the death of the soul’s Love for her fellow creatures that Divine Providence has admitted on the path of her life for the sake of her happiness and her Eternal Salvation.

In order to obtain these favours I now beseech You:

  1. do obtain an explosion of Divine Light and Divine Love within all souls;

  2. do break the power of Satan, who in countless human souls has killed the Love for their fellow creatures or has been poisoning these souls daily in order for them to enhance the effects of his works of darkness also in their behaviour and their attitude towards the animals, and

  3. do obtain us the grace that through this prayer all animals in this world may experience God’s Love and mercy, for the glorification of the Love with which He keeps the whole of Creation alive.

Maria Domina Animarum sign of contradiction



As from the very hour of Myriam’s calling in the year 1997 the Queen of Heaven very overtly warned about the fact the Maria Domina Animarum Work and all of the texts and prayers it would be spreading would most definitely be signs of contradiction, due to the fact that:

Firstly, this Work and the texts originate with a purely mystical Source (the Queen of Heaven Herself), which to a lot of human souls constitutes a first stumbling block to trusting and believing them intrinsically, as none of it can be proven using any worldly means such as science or logical reasoning. This Work and the texts are mere instruments of the heart, not of logical reasoning, because God Himself operates through the heart, the center of Love, Love being the sole Divine force of creation, redemption and sanctification;

Secondly, this Work and the texts and prayers are inspired for the very purpose of being tools deployed as spearheads in the battle against the darkness (the forces of evil and their works of deception!) in these Last Times, and will therefore by nature inevitably be exposed to fierce attacks from all kinds of forces which are deceived into operating as channels of doubt, distrust and disruption for the purpose of slowing down the ultimate preparation for the final victory of Divine Love in this world. Through the centuries, our world has been increasingly manipulated by darkness of thoughts, feelings and aspirations as opposed to the Love, Light, Peace and Hope generated by God Himself. The emphasis in Maria Domina Animarum’s texts and prayers on self-denying Love, hope, encouragement and Divine Truth make this Work and its fruits not only a serious wakeup call for human souls of good will, but equally a target for the poisoned arrows from any force of darkness;

Thirdly, this Work and the texts and prayers are unique in their concept, owing to the fact they are not the products and fruits of human reasoning but of direct celestial inspiration, which in the perception of many makes them, in a manner of speaking, incompatible with the general ways of thinking and perceiving which have been taking root among the majority of human souls, as many are no longer familiar with approaching things the way a human soul was meant to do by God, i.e. without the interference from human or worldly thinking. A great many humans have lost all empathy with God’s purposes and goals;

Fourthly, the Queen of Heaven most emphatically warned about the fact Her stressing the major importance and significance of total consecration to Her would be a bone of contention making many souls hesitant on account of their reluctance to surrender themselves and every detail of their lives totally and unconditionally to a strict inner guidance by a Being they are unable to see and who cannot promise them tangible rewards during their physical lives. This is the reason why Mary has been interweaving Her vast volume of teachings with solid arguments for the significance of total Marian consecration in preparation for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth, the messianic age ruled by the fullness of complete, unconditional and self-denying Love among all creatures;

Fifthly and certainly not the least important of these five reasons, this Work and all of its products and fruits highlight the invaluable role of the Mother of God in Her God-chosen capacity for the very Last Times as the Mistress of all souls. This highlight tends to make certain human souls suspicious as to the authenticity of Maria Domina Animarum and its products as fruits from a Heavenly Source. This is why throughout the texts the Heavenly Mistress Herself goes to any lengths to produce a most solid system demonstrating the logic and truth behind Her title and capacity as the Mistress of all souls. Mary, the Mother of God, was not mentioned by this title in the Holy Book for the one and only reason that God’s Time for it had not yet come: the basic doctrine of Jesus Christ was first to take root in many hearts. Mary was to be revealed in Her true sublimity and in the unlimited effects of Her fullness of grace in these very Last Times, the times which are to culminate in the Woman’s foot crushing the head of the serpent from hell and the enthronement of the Christ as the King of creation for all eyes to see. The Mistress of all souls is therefore not in the least a competitor with Jesus Christ, quite the opposite: She is the underestimated – because not very well known as yet – last step of the stairs to the throne of God being erected in this world once and for all.

The Mother of Christ warned Myriam from the onset never to forget that even Jesus Himself was most fiercely attacked and mistrusted by many in His days on earth due to the mere fact His words originated with the Source of Divine Wisdom and would not make even the slightest compromise with worldly thinking and expectations.
The texts and prayers inspired to Myriam are absolutely not comparable with most texts and prayers from other sources, exactly because they come from an 'ususual' (unearthly) source and target the darkness in a most unveiled way which may time and time again incite people to revolt against them.

To be obtained



Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

In proportion as writings conveying the mystical texts of Myriam are being translated into English, they are made ready to be obtained in the .pdf file format upon request at [email protected].

A writing will be available for distribution in the .pdf format as soon as its cover image is displayed here.

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We hope you enjoy and find these strolls through the fields of Mary’s Eternal Spring as uplifting as Myriam finds them to be while having the privilege of sowing them.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,

Her Maria Domina Animarum Work.


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Fasting-Passiontide invitation

Fasting is all about cleansing oneself of things which may be regarded as waste or as a burden rather than as an asset contributing to life. Fasting in the proper spiritual sense of the word takes this concept to the highest level: It is about cleansing the soul of any inherent darkness, of the roots of any unwanted ill weeds of vice, sin and unwholesome habits, i.e. of anything that is likely to prevent a soul from leading a life in the image of God.
The Passiontide is not purely by coincidence an extension to Lent: Jesus Himself set the example for a perfectly holy life led on the basis of the purest dispositions of the heart, topped off with His redemptive Sufferings through which, in the deepest spiritual sense, He crucified the effects of all works of darkness for the benefit of every soul who would be willing to merge her will with the Will of God and thus lead a life as a reliable tool for the accomplishment of God’s Works and His Plan of Salvation.
The present booklet is intended to provide some guidance and help to make the journey through Lent towards Mount Calvary and a resurrection of our souls for true Life more fruitful. Approximately thrirty prayers are included with a view to make it easier for the soul to merge her heart with the Actors of the Passion: the Divine Redeemer and His Sorrowful Mother.
The booklet ends with the sighs from the Heart of the Divine Redeemer as presented in the menu item Mary invites > Passiontide.

With the Mistress through the year



Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

From the outset the Queen of Heaven has intended Her Maria Domina Animarum Work to be a Work of teaching and an invitation to the souls to actively collaborate towards their spiritual bloom, the perfection of their ability to actually develop after the image of God. How far the soul is going to progress in this process of spiritual flowering will depend on her own active, spontaneous, intentional commitment and her own determination to accomplish within herself the fulness of Divine Life.

The Mistress of all souls was given to each and every soul also as a Mother, and in this capacity She longs for each soul to develop to the highest possible degree, so as to deserve Eternal Bliss. In order to help the souls accomplish this Mary invites them to more actively find their way through the tremendous wealth of texts She is offering through Her MDA Work.

This is why henceforth the Maria Domina Animarum Work will use this News and important Info section for the purpose of uploading visible updates only on the occasion of special teachings and invitations. You are invited to check with the bar entitled The Voice of Grace on a regular basis for information as to special updates and announcements.

Apart from that the souls are invited to avail themselves of the calendar hereinafter, which can help them throughout the year in their efforts to actually live more consciously the milestones marking the lives of Jesus and Mary, as well as a number of the outstanding capacities of the Queen of Heaven.

This invitation is a loving stimulus given by the Mother of God to each of Her children, and moreover it is meant to help achieve the final return towards Her original intention to continue Her Myriam’s spiritual training through a life of seclusion, which is further enabled by maintaining a different system of announcing updates compared to the system used in the past.

The following calendar is based on the writings entitled Gems of Grace and The Veil of Gold, which you can both find under Teachings > Books.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,
Her Maria Domina Animarum Work



January 1
Mother of God – Ark of the New Covenant

January 3
Most Sacred Name of Jesus

first Sunday after New Year’s Day
Epiphany of Jesus Christ

third Sunday after Christmas
Baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan

January 23
The Espousals of Mary and Joseph

February 2
Candlemass (Presentation of Jesus in the Temple)

around February 5
The Flight into Egypt

February 11
Appearance of the Immaculate Conception at Lourdes

February 20
Mary, Mother of Tears

Ash Wednesday
The Forty Days of Lent

approximately six weeks after the Baptism of Jesus
Wedding at Cana

March 19
Saint Joseph

fourth Sunday of Lent
Mid-Lent Sunday

March 21
Beginning of Spring

March 24
Holy Archangel Gabriel

March 25
The Annunciation

last Sunday before Easter
Palm Sunday

Thursday after Palm Sunday
Holy Thursday

Friday after Palm Sunday
Good Friday: Christ’s Death on the Cross – Mary Co-Redemptrix

Saturday after Palm Sunday
Holy Saturday

first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring
Easter: Resurrection of Christ

around Easter (upon the Mistress' request: on Wednesday after Easter)
Finding of the twelve year old Jesus in the Temple

first Sunday after Easter
Divine Mercy Sunday

April 26
Mary, Mother of Good Counsel

second Sunday of May (Mother’s Day)
Mother’s Day (also feast of Mary’s Motherhood)

Thursday after the fifth Sunday after Easter
Ascension of Christ

Saturday after Ascension
Mary, Queen of the Apostles

seventh Sunday after Easter

May 24
Mary, Help of Christians

May 31
Visitation of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

first Sunday after Pentecost
Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

second Thursday after Pentecost
Feast of Corpus Christi

June 8
Mary, Seat of Wisdom

second Sunday of June (Father’s Day)
Father’s Day (feast of the Eternal Father)

third Friday after Pentecost
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saturday after second Sunday after Pentecost
Immaculate Heart of Mary

June 27
Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help

July 1
Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

July 22
Saint Mary Magdalene

August 2
Mary, Queen and Mistress of the angels

August 5
Mary, our Lady of the Snows

August 6
The Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor

August 13
Mary, Refuge of sinners

August 15
Mary’s Assumption into Heaven

August 15–22
The days of Mary’s unique Glorification

August 22
Mary Queen of Heaven and earth – Mistress of all souls

Saturday before last Sunday of August
Mary, Health of the sick

August 31
Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces

Saturday after the feast of St. August
Mary, Comforter of the afflicted

September 8
Birth of the Holy Virgin Mary

September 12
Feast of the Name of 'Mary'

September 14
Exaltation of the Cross

September 15
Mary, Sorrowful Mother

September 24
Mary, Ransom of captives

September 29
The Holy Archangels

October 1
Feast of the veil and the protection of the Mother of God

October 2
Feast of the holy guardian angels

October 7
Mary, Queen of the Rosary

October 16
Feast of the Purity of Mary

October 31 (further to the Mistress' request in October 2018)
Mary, Queen of Divine Light

Month of forgiveness and reconciliation

November 1
All Saints’ Day – Mary, Queen of Saints

November 2
All Souls’ Day – Mary, Advocate

Saturday preceding the third Sunday of November
Mary, Mother of Divine Providence

November 21
Presentation of Mary in the Temple

Sunday before the first Sunday of the Advent
Feast of Christ the King

fourth Sunday preceding December 25
Beginning of the Advent

December 8
Mary’s Immaculate Conception

December 18
Expectation of the Holy Virgin Mary

December 25
Christmas: Birth of Jesus Christ

December 27
Apostle St. John

December 28
The Holy Innocents

first Sunday after Christmas
Feast of the Holy Family

December 31
New Year’s Eve