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Basic philosophy of the Maria Domina Animarum Work

Maria Domina Animarum is a Work of propagation based on the inspirations and teachings given to souls by the Holy Virgin Mary through Myriam.
This propagation aims at the total fulfilment of the Basic Divine Law, the Law of True Love, first of all through the golden way of total, unconditional and eternal consecration of souls, concretely applied and practiced day after day, and of all details of their lives to the Queen of Heaven and earth, and through Her to the Triune God.

In strict accordance with the desires and expectations of the one and only true God and in strict obedience to the inspirations and directives by the Heavenly Mistress of this Work, the Holy Virgin Mary, the Maria Domina Animarum Work emphatically and unconditionally takes a stand against:

  1. any form and manifestation of maltreatment, torture and tormenting of humans and animals;
  2. any form of racism and discrimination against fellow humans on the basis of their 'being different' in terms of race, skin colour, gender, sex, culture, language or social status;
  3. any conduct through which humans and animals are deprived of the dignity bestowed on them by the one and only true God and Creator, in whose Heart every creature is designed. This also includes any form and manifestation of neglect of people and animals;
  4. any form and manifestation of deliberate deception, falsehood, lies, propaganda and disinformation for the purpose of providing seeming justifications for a pseudo reality that aims at maintaining political regimes that harm God’s Works and Plans and the fulfilment of His Law of Love and thereby increase and promote the misery, suffering and chaos in the world;
  5. any form and manifestation of esotericism, threatening messages and end-time prophecies. The Heavenly Mistress of this Work strongly warns against these as cunning traps set by the darkness that thereby leads souls away from the reality of God’s Plan of Salvation and from the one and only true destination of the human soul. She completely and radically distances Her Maria Domina Animarum Work from all esotericism, threatening messages and end-time prophecies stating that through this Work She aims at the completion, within every individual soul, of the Redemption obtained by Jesus Christ for every willing soul, through the golden path of total consecration by the soul of all her life situations to God through Mary and the persistent, spontaneous and voluntary practice of this consecration in all practical situations of the soul’s daily life.

The philosophy of this Work finds its justification in the whole of the teachings and appeals the Queen of Heaven offers to souls through this Work. She has this philosophy presented more profoundly in a schematic overview of essential importance, which you can find here.

Through an all-embracing service to Mary
towards the eternal assumption into the Heart of God

Welcome at the info channel of the

the only authentic info channel teaching the
Science of Divine Life,
the system comprising all inspirations, teachings and prayers
given directly by the Holy Virgin Mary
to Myriam van Nazareth since 1997.

Proclaiming the Holy Virgin Mary as the
assisting the souls of the Last Times with gaining due proficiency
in leading a life of total consecration to Her and in achieving
the highest possible degree of fulfilling God’s Law of True Love
for the purpose of establishing God’s Kingdom of
perfect Love, Peace, Happiness and Justice
within and among all creatures on earth.

(★) IMPORTANT: Refer to the basic teaching True Love

Basic thesis: Fulfilling God’s Law through unconditional respect
for the inviolable dignity of every creature as a Work
designed in God’s Heart and as a bearer of an
individual mission in life intended to contribute to the
implementation of His Plan of Salvation.

Goal: Bringing forward the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth
through strict implementation of total consecration to Mary,
the Queen of Heaven and earth appointed by God to be the Leader
in the battle against the darkness for the purpose of assisting
individual souls with unlocking the Works of Redemption
wrought for their benefit by Jesus Christ.

Core message of the Mistress of all souls: click here
and the matching Special Revelation
The true purpose of Maria Domina Animarum.

The overall purpose pursued by the Queen of Heaven is also
wonderfully caught in Her consecrations for each day of the week,
which can be found here.

The major goals pursued by the Holy Virgin Mary
as the Mistress of all souls:

1. promoting a strict compliance with the
Divine Law of true self-denying Love, and
2. the battle against the darkness in all its forms.

Should therefore be regarded as basic teachings:

True Love

and the entire menu item Offensive against evil.

Unique teachings aiming at banning hardly recognized sources of
unhappiness, darkness, suffering and misery from the world:
the entire menu item
God and the animals.

Further key issues:

What is the real purpose of your life on earth?

Core message of the Mistress of all souls

How to love God concretely in everyday life

About the judgment passed by God and life beyond it

Wisdoms of life:

Celestial whispers


Purpose and meaning of Mary’s capacity as Mistress of all souls:

On November 26, 2005 the Holy Virgin Mary pronounced this title for the very first time, saying to Myriam: "It is God’s Will that in this hour I should be made known to mankind as the Mistress of all souls". A bit later She added: "Calling Me by this title deals a telling blow to Satan".

'Domina' (Mistress) fully refers to Mary’s position and role as 'the Woman', the One who was designated by God to be the Leader, the Commander of the celestial hosts in the battle against the darkness aimed at the final accomplishment of God’s Plan of Salvation, the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth as the crowning event of the unlocking, within the souls, of the fruits proceeding from the Works of Redemption wrought by Jesus Christ.

This is the background for the proclaimed Promise of the 'Triumph of the Immaculate Heart' or the 'Triumph of the Woman', respectively, symbolized in the image of the Holy Virgin pressing Her foot upon the serpent (i.e. Satan and all of the works of darkness wrought by him).

As early as in the Roman era the Latin word 'domina' referred to 'the woman/mistress of the house', which in the title Domina Animarum refers to the Mistress of the house (the temple) of the soul and thereby also to the sacred covenant of total consecration of a soul to Mary, within which context the soul recognizes, follows and serves Her as the unconditional Mistress and inner Guide of her entire being and her entire journey through life.

The notion of Mistress of all souls also points to the fact the Holy Virgin Mary is not only the unconditional Mistress of the angels and of all human souls but also the unconditional Mistress of all the demons, the One who is invested with unlimited power over all and any sources and channels of darkness (evil, sin) in proportion as the human souls actively collaborate with Her.

The Holy Virgin derives this capacity exclusively from the unique position and role allotted to Her by God Himself within the framework of the implementation of His Plan of Salvation, for which purpose He gave Her an unlimited power to defeat the darkness totally and to help unlock the Works of the Christ within each soul who is willing to put her entire life and her entire being at the service of a self-denying fulfilment of God’s Law. This power has got its roots in the perfect unity of God’s Will and the Will of Mary.

The Mistress of all souls Herself indicated the right perspective necessary for the sacred covenant of total consecration to Her to truly be the golden path to God’s Heart:

Ad Sanctam Trinitatem per Mariam.
Ut adveniat Regnum Deum, adveniat Regnum Mariae.



(To the Holy Trinity through Mary.
For the Kingdom of God to come, may the Kingdom of Mary come.

This Work was established by the Holy Virgin Herself, who refers to it as Her Apostolate of true Love, true hope, encouragement and the fullness of Truth. The Work is guided and ruled only by Her.

Therefore this Work is rooted solely in Roman Catholic Marian mysticism. By Mary’s order this Work emphatically disassociates itself from all and any forms of esoterism, messages of warning and end time prophesies.

For the purpose of accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation with the establishment of God’s Kingdom of perfect Love and Peace among all creatures on earth the Queen of Heaven and earth, who is the Immaculate Conception and the only human soul in whom the darkness never gained even the slightest victory, is by a Divine decision presented as the Holder of the all-embracing title of Mistress of all souls. The deep significance and purpose of this title are explained and justified extensively in the menu item Maria Domina Animarum.

We emphatically caution against the fact that on the internet versions of the prayers and texts inspired to Myriam are circulating, which do not proceed from our current Apostolate. These versions must not be regarded as authentic Maria Domina Animarum texts, since many of these versions are based on erroneous translations or interpretations and are therefore not faithful and trustworthy representations of the theses taught by the Queen of Heaven. Such texts do not serve the purpose God is pursuing with this Work. Moreover, some of those texts have given rise to far-reaching misconceptions about this Work and the content it is supposed to convey.
As to certain misleading views and theses about this Work and its content, some of which even reach the degree of regular vilifications intended to harm this pure celestial Work, we again refer to the menu item Maria Domina Animarum.


On February 14, 2023, the Holy Virgin Mary
complemented the following exhortation with a Special Revelation,
which you can find here.


by Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Mother of Jesus Christ

"Sisters and brothers of Christ, if you want a world free from misery, from suffering, from chaos, from injustice, from war and from strife, then put an end to each and every form of tormenting, torturing, abusing and debasement of fellow people and animals, and respect each and every living being’s full dignity as a work designed by God to fulfil a specific and meaningful mission in life and a specific and purposeful role within the whole of creation with a view to accomplishing God’s Plan of Salvation, which is geared to bringing perfect harmony among all creatures and happiness to all of you, both on earth and in the hereafter.
Each one of you is to contribute towards achieving this happiness, for God works through your hands, mouths, hearts and minds towards the accomplishment of His Law of true Love in the world.
Practice a sincere self-denying Love towards every fellow creature (fellow humans as well as animals) you may encounter, and this world will shake off its darkness to make room for a large-scale birth of the Light and true happiness for all creatures, for the degree of harmony, true peace and true happiness within creation is determined by the extent to which the human souls actively, spontaneously, sincerely and unconditionally fulfil God’s Law of true Love". (granted to Myriam van Nazareth in February 2022).

An in-depth presentation of what Heaven understands by True Love was provided by the Queen of Heaven in Her basic teaching True Love.

Within this framework reference should also be made to the entire menu item Ongoing appeals.


On the occasion of the Russian-Ukrainian war:

See category:
Spiritual warfare

In the same context: highly topical letter of reply:
Is the evil one planning his final blow against creation?

Suitable special prayers:
the numbers 1665 (Storm prayer for the restoration of Peace)
and 1689 (Urgent supplication to obtain the protection of mankind
against plans harboured by evil),
which can be found

Against the backdrop of the current developments in the world
we emphatically recommend the following prayer 1706:


(Myriam van Nazareth)

Holy Virgin Mary, You to whom the Divine Messiah has entrusted the custody of the human souls, I implore Your most powerful intermediary in the hearts of human souls who, before the eyes of Eternal Love, have acquired the leadership or government over a nation or a state or have usurped such leadership, or who hold a high or influential position within such leadership.
The Creator of Heaven and earth has entrusted to the human souls the custody of His creation and the upholding of His Law of Love as guarantee for the preservation of a sacred harmony within His creation.
Every soul who partakes in the leadership of a nation or state is therefore towards God a bearer of a great responsibility.
I entrust to You every human soul who:

  • in any way whatsoever abuses a position and function within the leadership or government of a nation or a state;
  • fails to fulfil this function or to fill this position in accordance with the Divine Law of True Love;
  • by virtue of this function or position exploits or in any way whatsoever harms, deceives, distorts, destroys, manipulates or threatens states, peoples, social groups, individual creatures, raw materials, commodities and commerce;

and who due to all of this does not serve God’s creation and God’s Law but the darkness, and who in so doing promotes or helps maintain all misery, suffering, chaos, strife and insecurity in the world.
May through Your powerful action inside the heart of each soul who, anywhere in this world, plays a role within the leadership or government of a nation or state:

  • any threat of war, destruction or any plan or work whatsoever deployed by the darkness be broken;
  • all souls concerned gain awareness of their inner dispositions, come to a total and final conversion, and
  • every political regime which is serving or is likely to serve the plans and works of the darkness be rendered ineffective once and for all, in order that the whole world might become a genuine reflection of God’s intentions.

Firmly trusting that the God of Eternal Love will never allow His creation to fall prey to Satan’s works of destruction I implore You: Do seal by Your most holy hands the entire world with the Cross of Jesus Christ, which has forever delivered the darkness to God, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (make the sign of the Cross).

Teaching within the framework of the battle against the darkness,
whose works are presenting themselves in today’s world
in their full ugliness:
The ignored Light.

"All life finds its origin in Divine Love and is nourished, maintained, reinforced and, wherever necessary, healed by this Love. Therefore Divine Love is, in a manner of speaking, the power source of Life, the generator which produces Light and warmth. Wherever true Love does not prevail and is not unrestrainedly harbored, vital strength is lost.

Every human soul’s mission in life consists in maintaining and nourishing true Love and allowing it to flow through to all of her fellow creatures – fellow people, animals and all elements of living nature. To the extent to which a human soul does not allow the Light to get extinguished and the warmth to get cooled down inside of her, she truly is, within the framework of creation, a tool of Divine Love and a conductor for true happiness and true Peace among all creatures.

In a heart in which the Light and warmth from the power source of God’s Heart is not preserved, darkness and cold, misery, chaos, suffering, fear and despair are born, because deep down the heartbeat of God is silenced. Such a soul loses all life and, as a result, gradually kills all life in her surroundings as well. This soul turns herself into a cradle for one of the major delusions which are ruling this world: the deception that there can be no God of Love". (The Holy Virgin Mary, Mistress of all souls, February 2020)

"Every soul is a rose out of God’s hand. I am the Gardener from Heaven. I want to make a holy covenant with each soul, a covenant which consists herein, that the soul consecrates itself ENTIRELY to Me: in heart, spirit, body and will, to complete the works of God, and that I give Myself ENTIRELY to the soul, so that the soul may unfold itself completely, and may bloom for the eternal spring that is the foundation of God’s Kingdom on earth". (Mary - Mistress of all Souls, May 20, 2008)

"Every soul is a rose out of God’s hand. Yet so many souls allow their petals to wither and fall off, leaving only thorns, on which both their fellow creatures and God hurt themselves.
Such a soul, now being a thorn bush, can only grow new petals after she has fertilized the soil of her heart with the sincere desire to become a servant to God and to all her fellow creatures, and she has started watering it day after day with the tears of sincere remorse over her faults, her indifference, her lack of Love and her selfishness and self-centeredness. Only then can this soil become truly receptive to the sunlight of God, which can restore the blooming power of the soul as a rose". (Mary, June 19, 2021)

"I am the unwithering Flower of Divine Life, the Queen of Heaven and earth. All worldly things, all sin and temptation are underneath My feet. I am the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Mother of the Christ. In Me is the Fullness of Grace. That is why I am the Mistress of all souls, the God-given Guide to the Way, the Truth and the Life". (Pentecost Revelation to Myriam, 2016)

News and important Info

With the Mistress through the year



Dear sisters and brothers in Jesus and Mary,

From the outset the Queen of Heaven has intended Her Maria Domina Animarum Work to be a Work of teaching and an invitation to the souls to actively collaborate towards their spiritual bloom, the perfection of their ability to actually develop after the image of God. How far the soul is going to progress in this process of spiritual flowering will depend on her own active, spontaneous, intentional commitment and her own determination to accomplish within herself the fulness of Divine Life.

The Mistress of all souls was given to each and every soul also as a Mother, and in this capacity She longs for each soul to develop to the highest possible degree, so as to deserve Eternal Bliss. In order to help the souls accomplish this Mary invites them to more actively find their way through the tremendous wealth of texts She is offering through Her MDA Work.

This is why henceforth the Maria Domina Animarum Work will use this News and important Info section for the purpose of uploading visible updates only on the occasion of special teachings and invitations. You are invited to check with the bar entitled The Voice of Grace on a regular basis for information as to special updates and announcements.

Apart from that the souls are invited to avail themselves of the calendar hereinafter, which can help them throughout the year in their efforts to actually live more consciously the milestones marking the lives of Jesus and Mary, as well as a number of the outstanding capacities of the Queen of Heaven.

This invitation is a loving stimulus given by the Mother of God to each of Her children, and moreover it is meant to help achieve the final return towards Her original intention to continue Her Myriam’s spiritual training through a life of seclusion, which is further enabled by maintaining a different system of announcing updates compared to the system used in the past.

The following calendar is based on the writings entitled Gems of Grace and The Veil of Gold, which you can both find under Teachings > Books.

Lovingly at the service of the Mistress of all souls,
Her Maria Domina Animarum Work



January 1
Mother of God – Ark of the New Covenant

January 3
Most Sacred Name of Jesus

first Sunday after New Year’s Day
Epiphany of Jesus Christ

third Sunday after Christmas
Baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan

January 23
The Espousals of Mary and Joseph

February 2
Candlemass (Presentation of Jesus in the Temple)

around February 5
The Flight into Egypt

February 11
Appearance of the Immaculate Conception at Lourdes

February 20
Mary, Mother of Tears

Ash Wednesday
The Forty Days of Lent

approximately six weeks after the Baptism of Jesus
Wedding at Cana

March 19
Saint Joseph

fourth Sunday of Lent
Mid-Lent Sunday

March 21
Beginning of Spring

March 24
Holy Archangel Gabriel

March 25
The Annunciation

last Sunday before Easter
Palm Sunday

Thursday after Palm Sunday
Holy Thursday

Friday after Palm Sunday
Good Friday: Christ’s Death on the Cross – Mary Co-Redemptrix

Saturday after Palm Sunday
Holy Saturday

first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring
Easter: Resurrection of Christ

around Easter (upon the Mistress' request: on Wednesday after Easter)
Finding of the twelve year old Jesus in the Temple

first Sunday after Easter
Divine Mercy Sunday

April 26
Mary, Mother of Good Counsel

second Sunday of May (Mother’s Day)
Mother’s Day (also feast of Mary’s Motherhood)

Thursday after the fifth Sunday after Easter
Ascension of Christ

Saturday after Ascension
Mary, Queen of the Apostles

seventh Sunday after Easter

May 24
Mary, Help of Christians

May 31
Visitation of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

first Sunday after Pentecost
Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

second Thursday after Pentecost
Feast of Corpus Christi

June 8
Mary, Seat of Wisdom

second Sunday of June (Father’s Day)
Father’s Day (feast of the Eternal Father)

third Friday after Pentecost
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saturday after second Sunday after Pentecost
Immaculate Heart of Mary

June 27
Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help

July 1
Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

July 22
Saint Mary Magdalene

August 2
Mary, Queen and Mistress of the angels

August 5
Mary, our Lady of the Snows

August 6
The Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor

August 13
Mary, Refuge of sinners

August 15
Mary’s Assumption into Heaven

August 15–22
The days of Mary’s unique Glorification

August 22
Mary Queen of Heaven and earth – Mistress of all souls

Saturday before last Sunday of August
Mary, Health of the sick

August 31
Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces

Saturday after the feast of St. August
Mary, Comforter of the afflicted

September 8
Birth of the Holy Virgin Mary

September 12
Feast of the Name of 'Mary'

September 14
Exaltation of the Cross

September 15
Mary, Sorrowful Mother

September 24
Mary, Ransom of captives

September 29
The Holy Archangels

October 1
Feast of the veil and the protection of the Mother of God

October 2
Feast of the holy guardian angels

October 7
Mary, Queen of the Rosary

October 16
Feast of the Purity of Mary

October 31 (further to the Mistress' request in October 2018)
Mary, Queen of Divine Light

Month of forgiveness and reconciliation

November 1
All Saints’ Day – Mary, Queen of Saints

November 2
All Souls’ Day – Mary, Advocate

Saturday preceding the third Sunday of November
Mary, Mother of Divine Providence

November 21
Presentation of Mary in the Temple

Sunday before the first Sunday of the Advent
Feast of Christ the King

fourth Sunday preceding December 25
Beginning of the Advent

December 8
Mary’s Immaculate Conception

December 18
Expectation of the Holy Virgin Mary

December 25
Christmas: Birth of Jesus Christ

December 27
Apostle St. John

December 28
The Holy Innocents

first Sunday after Christmas
Feast of the Holy Family

December 31
New Year’s Eve